Guy in shirts fucks raw in shop storeroom & cum facial

When you’re out shopping you just never know what that handsome, well dressed young shop assistant was doing ten minutes ago. He might have just been fucking another customer in the back room, bareback, before pulling out and shooting his cum all over his tongue and face. Sounds unlikely? Well, wait until you watch this video and then get back to me on that.

The top here is dressed so smart, he must work in a pretty swish shop, and he’s eager to get his dick into the friend (or customer!) he’s sneaked into the backroom. He fucks the guys mouth until he gags on it, then pops open some moisturizer and squirts it on his hand… It’s emergency lube! The bottom stands up and lets the top slide his dick inside him, kissing all the while, as he’s gently fucked.

Then it’s time for the top to cum: so the bottom drops to his knees and waits patiently, tongue sticking out, waiting for the twink top to blast his spunk over his face…


I think I know this guy


So dish!

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