Bottom cums HANDSFREE from being fucked bareback

It looks to me like these two guys are on a cruise-ship- and participating in the practice you just just HAVE to do when you’re at sea- fucking on your balcony! The top is an older, jock-type hunk and the bottom is a pale white, ripped roughneck. An odd, hot pairing indeed.

The top fucks the bottom bareback, sliding his dick in easily, quickly building up a thrusting rhythm as the bottom wanks himself off. The bottom obviously realizes he’s getting close to shooting and stops wanking- but it’s too late- and a few thurts in his ass are enough to tip him over the edge and get his dick shooting long, white ropes of cum HANDSFREE!

A few seconds later his friends moans and his thrusting changes and BLAM he’s shooting his own cum deep inside the bottom’s ass. And when he pulls out a thick, white crop of cum falls out the bottom’s ass and SPLATS onto the camera. It’s absolutely PERFECT!

Jeffrey Hughes

Well if I was wondering if he really came in his ass those last seconds tell me the answer. I should be grossed out I guess but it made me cum

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