Fire Island: a gay mecca just hours from New York


I’ve just got back from an early summer adventure on Fire Island, and boy did I have a horny time… Fire Island is a slim (seriously, you can walk across it in about five minutes) but long island that runs parallel to Long Island itself, in the state of New York in the USA.

It’s a couple of hours by train from New York City, and the two gay towns, Cherry Grove & The Pines, are accessible by a short ferry ride after that. It may sound like a hassle to get to, but it’s worth it.

Let me tell you why.

Nude sunbathing
Fire Island: a gay mecca just hours from New York

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as chilling out under the summer sun, and even more so when you’re as naked as a go-go dancer at the Cock. There’s a stretch of beautiful beach between the two gay towns where you’re free to get completely naked without judgement or fear. It’s a great place to hang out and make new friends, as you lie back on the clean sand and take occasional dips in the sea to cool off.

You can also sunbathe naked at the Belvedere, which is a men-only clothing-optional hotel in Cherry Grove. Just don’t be surprised if fellow guests offer to suck your tanned dick- it’s a pretty cruisy place to hang out.

The underwear parties
Fire Island: a gay mecca just hours from New York

Infamous party promoter Daniel Nardicio throws a balls-to-the-wall party every Friday night at the Ice Palace club in Cherry Grove. It’s an underwear party, and you won’t get into the party proper without wearing some. Which is a great way to break the ice- wearing nothing but underwear and a smile is a fantastic social equalizer.

As well as enjoying a sea of practically naked bodies of every shape and size (with enough six packs to get me racing to the gym the next day), there’s a backroom that gets VERY busy around 1am. So much so that it seems half the dance-floor has scampered back there.

And just like Vegas, what happens in the darkroom stays in the darkroom. Until you bump into the same guy the next day and do it all over again.

The Meatrack
Fire Island: a gay mecca just hours from New York

The space between the two gay towns, Cherry Grove and The Pines, is called the Meatrack. It’s a forest of sorts, with some well-worn tracks that give access between the towns without the need to traipse along the beach.

It’s a beautiful nature walk, but you’re also likely to come across men randomly wandering the dunes and forest trails, looking for horny new friends to hook up with.

There’s daytime fun to be had- I myself saw two completely naked men fucking bareback in full view of anyone who happened to be walking past. And when night falls the place is hopping, with dozens of men jerking, sucking and fucking- and more than happy for you to join in.

House parties
Fire Island: a gay mecca just hours from New York

There’s plenty of bars and events to go to each night, but it’s really about the house parties. Pools and hot-tubs are a standard fixture at most houses in the Pines, booze is always flowing, strangers are meeting and hooking up within minutes- and all under the gorgeous summer sun.

Getting an invite is as easy as smiling at drunk men on the boardwalks and getting dragged to their place, or chatting to people on Grindr and getting invited over to their latest hot-tub orgy.

And then, once you’ve made some new buddies, just let yourself get dragged from house to house, drinking up the free booze and sucking every pretty dick that gets thrust your way.

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