Hairy guy dominates friends mouth: face fucks him

The guy getting his dick sucked in this scene is a cocky fucker: he’s got a nice long dick, a laid back attitude and a young bearded man who has nothing on his mind but giving him the perfect blowjob. And the top isn’t afraid to aggressively use his mouth for his pleasure.

The sucker gets the top’s dick real wet with his mouth, saliva everywhere, using his lips and hand to get some real good stroking action going on the top’s shaft. Half way through the top decides it’s time to get more aggressive with the mouth around his dick, moving his big dick so that he can fuck that mouth. He even slaps the sucker around the face to show who’s in charge!

After turning the sucker into a total submissive cock-bitch, he dumps his load straight into his open mouth. It’s so hot: he doesn’t even give the sucker a choice in the matter.

Frederick Smith

Dominant cock tops are my meat, its so hot when a man uses your mouth and doesnt give a fuck about your gagging

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