Erotic story: Wrestling team try outs

By Leather Dude.

I met Todd at wrestling try-outs. My dad was big into sports and thought I should try out for a bunch of things to see what I liked and maybe make some friends at my new school. I went to the all-boys Catholic high school my freshman year but got thrown out – but that’s another story. I was never one for team sports but had run cross country at my first high school and was a gymnast during middle school.

Todd and I were the same weight and we got paired up by the coach. He had more experience than I did – I had never wrestled except messing around with friends a few times. Todd flipped me right over and had me on my back before I knew what happened. I twisted around quickly and we continued to grapple. He was very aggressive and had much better upper body strength that I did. I liked it.

I liked this sweaty blond guy with the steel blue eyes rubbing himself all over my body and I was hard as a rock. And he was too. When he finally pinned me, my legs were in the air and his hard bulge was pressed into my ass. I was red in the face and so embarrassed for being boned up in my tight 80’s era gym shorts that I excused myself and headed to the locker room to pull myself together and splash some cold water on my face.

After try-out were over, I headed out to my bike and as luck would have it Todd’s bike was right next to mine. He asked me what I thought of wrestling and I shrugged and said it didn’t matter because I didn’t think I’d make the team. He offered to show me some more holds if I was interested. It was still summer and I didn’t have anything better to do and I was interested in getting sweaty with Todd without a coach yelling at us, so I said yes and followed him to his house. Turned out he only lived about six blocks from me.

We headed up to his attic where he had some old mats on the floor and a bench press set up. It was not air conditioned up there so it was hot as fuck. Todd got right to it, stripped his shirt off and took me down. I was laughing because he took me by surprise. Todd slowed down and talked me through the moves as we went along and showed my how to get out of various holds and was genuinely very helpful.

At some point I had also lost my shirt and the skin on skin contact had us both super hard but we didn’t talk about it, he just ignored it like it wasn’t happening. After a while, I was so horny I thought I might blow in my jock if this went on a minute longer. We took a breather and Todd went to get us some water. We he came back upstairs, he was only in his red Bike jock strap walking confidently like it were no big deal.

As a Catholic school kid, modesty was the norm and I was totally shocked by his near nudity. When Todd saw the look on my face, he was straight-forward, “Dude. It’s like 90 degrees up here and you can’t tell me you’re not dying in those polyester gym shorts. Just lose ’em. I obviously don’t give a shit.” So I did. His style worked for me and I liked him more and more.

When we hit the mat again, I sprung a boner as soon as he made contact. I was on my belly and he seemed to take every opportunity to grab my ass or rub his very hard cock against my body. I got bolder, too. We weren’t wrestling so much as sliding our lean, sweaty 18-year-old bodies over each other and palming each other’s cocks. I figured he was about as big as me – a solid 6 inches and with a nice big ball sack.

He didn’t grab at my cock much – Todd was more into sliding his meat between my exposed ass cheeks humping me like a horny dog at every opportunity. I wanted to suck his cock so badly and I was pretty sure he wouldn’t object. In a burst of determination, I flipped him onto his back, twisted my torso around on his so my face was over his crotch, pulled back the pouch and took his whole 6″ cut cock down my throat. Now he was the one speechless from surprise but he just put his hands on my head to encourage what I was doing. I had been sucking a couple buddy’s cocks since the 6th grade, so I had plenty of experience and knew how to manage my gag reflex.

His first load of cum rocketed out within two minutes of me slobbering on it and I swallowed it all while my dick exploded from the sheer excitement, still in its jock pouch, smearing my jizz onto his smooth neck and chest. While Todd caught his breath, I spun around and licked my jizz off of his chest. I always ate my load – I was a little obsessed with eating cum even then. When I found my mouth over his we looked at each other and he smiled and said, “I think you’ve done that before.” I blushed and got up, not able to find my tongue just yet.

It all happened so fast and I was still processing that I had just sucked a load of jizz out of my new wrestling team friend within two hours of meeting him. I started to laugh at myself and Todd chuckled too. He was laying on the mat on his back propped up on his elbows – sweaty and sexy. He had the beginnings of a 6-pack on his smooth stomach, meaty pecs that I was really jealous of and a smile that just lit up his boyish face.

His jock pouch was still pulled to the side of his cock and balls, which were still glistening a little from my saliva and his jizz. I realized we were both still rock hard and without a second thought, I crawled up between his spread legs and went down on him again. Todd moaned as I set about using all my cock sucking skills on him. His cock was truly beautiful – it was about the same length as mine, but where my cock was really thick and had a blunt head, his was more proportionate with a nice fat mushroom head that made me want to swirl my tongue around the glans.

He started to get close again quickly – as all 18-year-old boys will – and to slow it down I started to work on his meaty balls and licked his taint. When I slid my tongue a little further down and hit his pucker he gasped sharply and shuddered a little. I thought he didn’t like it but as I pulled my tongue away he breathlessly said “Dude, do that some more. Please.” His head dropped to the mat with a thud as I pushed my tongue into his ass again. I lapped at his hairless pink hole and got it nice and wet while Todd writhed around and pounded his clenched fists on the mat.

I’d had my ass fingered and fucked before, so I knew what he was feeling and could tell this was his first time. So I wet my index finger and kept up my work on his hole while I engulfed his cock again and did my best to get that puffy mushroom head into the back of my throat. Todd twitched when his cock head popped through and it forced my finger all the way into his ass. That sent him off on a wild orgasm that had him thrashing about as I followed his body to keep his cock in my throat and my wiggling finger lodged in his ass and tapping his prostate. I pulled back so I could taste his second load – which was creamy and copious, but a little acrid. I pulled off and savored it a bit before swallowing it.

Todd laid on the mat, exhausted, eyes closed and breathing hard. I had ignored my cock but needed to get off in the worst way. I kneeled over Todd, still between his legs, and jerked a load out of my fat teen cock that blew a massive amount of cum all over his cock, balls and stomach in less than a minute – I was so worked up. My orgasm was super intense and I doubled over so that my face was again an inch from his cock. I lapped up all my cum, being careful of his sensitive cock and then collapsed next to him on the mat. After we recovered a bit, both still staring up at the roof, Todd said, “Wow, I never thought I’d lose my cherry to a guy” and we both laughed.

Todd suggested we go downstairs and get into the A/C and take a shower and I jumped at the chance to get out of the hot attic. We grabbed our sweaty shorts and shirts and bound down the stairs two at a time. The cold blast of the A/C felt amazing. And Todd wasn’t at all shy or at all weird after getting off like the repressed, guilt-laden Catholic school boys I’d blown, which was a nice surprise. Nor was he shy about sharing the shower – not in a sexy way, more like two dudes in the gym locker room. We talked about other stuff like when we’d be getting of drivers licenses and what kind of car we were saving up for while we soaped up and rinsed off. He grabbed me a towel and we headed to his bedroom, which I hadn’t seen yet.

We talked some more while we dried off and I learned he was an only child, his parents were divorced and he lived with his mom who was a stock broker. She worked a lot and he could pretty much do what he wanted.

His room wasn’t huge but big enough for a queen sized waterbed, desk, dresser, a little dorm fridge and a bench press in the middle of the open space. It was a typical mess with clothes strewn about and stuff. My clothes were all sweaty and I didn’t have anything else to put on. He offered to lend me something and told me to look in his dresser and find something. The first drawer I opened was a jackpot: spandex wrestling singlets and shorts and jock straps.

While Todd grabbed us a couple Gatorades out of his fridge, I pulled out the singlet in our school colors. He grinned and told me it would fit and I should put it on. My cock started to chub the minute the silky, clingy fabric slid over it. I put it on without a jock so my bulge was pretty obscene – my cock filled out before the rest of me. Even if a six in cock sounds average, when it’s also six inches around and hanging on the frame of a 125-pound teen all of 5’7″ tall, it stands out more than you might think. I stared at myself in the mirror on the back of his door for a bit. I felt sexy and turned on. I had tree trunk legs from cross country and my daily sprints delivering the newspaper to the big houses around our local golf club.

Todd noticed my big legs and bubble butt, too. He said my lower body and his upper body would be the perfect mix. Todd had pulled on a different jock that must have been laying on the floor someplace. He was fucking hot. I took a few gulps of my Gatorade and found myself drawn to the bench press for some reason and sat down on it. It felt so masculine to have one right in your bedroom – no wonder he had great pecks and arms.

I’d never lifted free weights and asked him about it. He suggested he could help me beef up before school started if I wanted to come over. He told me to get up and he’d show me how to lift properly. He laid down under the loaded bar and lifted it off its rest and started powering through a set. It turned me on so much and apparently it did him, too, because I could see his beautiful cock growing in his jock as he lifted.

When he racked the bar up, I knelt down and pulled his dick out of the jock again and started jacking it. We were both ready to go again and I wanted to blow him on his bench. I worked on his balls and then down to his ass again. Now that it was fresh and clean, I got way more into it and munched on his little pucker for a while and had him moaning and writhing around again.

Once his hole was relaxed enough, I prepped my finger and slid it in slowly while I sucked up and down on his cock. His precum was flowing and it was so slick and sweet. I used some for lube and added a second finger to his ass. I was really surprised he was letting me do that? All the boys except the one I fooled around with first freaked out when you touched their buttholes. And Todd hadn’t made any move to touch my cock or ass in a way that might lead me to believe he was interested in reciprocating. He seemed like another horny straight boy that was too horny to give a shit the he was letting a dude blow him ? but he wasn’t going to blow me in return. I was used to that situation and I didn’t care – I loved sucking cock. Especially nice big ones.

I got up and then slid my spandex covered crotch against his cock and balls for a bit. He liked the way it felt and admitted that its part of what he liked about wrestling – the feel of the singlet and rubbing against another one. I was leaking so much pre that it had formed a huge wet spot and soaked through up near my belly button. I smeared it on my fingers and went back to work on his ass and cock. He was less of a firecracker this time and I was taking my time because I wanted to see how far I could go pleasuring his ass. I peeled my singlet down with my free hand and started stroking my cock. It was slimy and slick from my precum and I bent my torso to keep Todd’s cock in my mouth while I sat on the end of the bench with my dick pointed at his hole.

I was super flexible thanks to all my middle school years in gymnastics and could even get my cock-head in my mouth but not much more, so this was easier and more fun. I pulled my two fingers from his loosened hole and edged my cock to the opening and pushed in a little. Todd didn’t object so I pushed a little more. After a slow couple minutes, I was balls deep in Todd’s ass and I was in heaven. He started to push back on my cock, greedy for more of that intense feeling deep in his ass, and I picked up pace with my hungry mouth on his cock.

We were both close and I pushed hard into him a few times triggering his prostate creating a torrent of cum into my mouth. His ass clamped so tight on my cock base that it almost hurt as I blew my load in him. When I came, I involuntarily pulled off him and the rest of his cum splattered all over his chest and abs. I pulled out and bent forward to lick up all his cum, then knelt down to lick the cum off the bench and from his still-spasming hole.

Again, Todd laid still in post-orgasmic bliss and said “Wow. I’m really glad you tried out for wrestling today, man” and we both busted up laughing. Just then we heard the electric garage door opener signaling that his mom was home. We pulled on some clothes and got ourselves together so I could meet his mom.

That all happened in 1986. Todd and I are still good buddies but live in different cities. He married young and we’d stopped fooling around long before then. He liked sex with women – I was the only dude he every messed around with sexually and we never talked about how much he obviously liked my dick in his ass. But I sucked him off whenever he wanted all through high school, which was almost every day and twice a day on weekends. I even got his cock up my ass once – but he wasn’t into that. Didn’t like feeling my cock smacking his abs while I bounced up and down on him like a dirty slut (though he did shoot a load in my ass).

I am still a cum eating cock-hound and hope to swing on Todd’s dick again someday. In fact, I’m staying at his house the next time I go to see my family and his wife will be away. Who knows what might happen … except now we’re both hairy daddy types with beards.

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