Erotic story: Afternoon with the Wrestling Team, part 2

By N Y

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As the final whistle blew, the hundred or so fans who were here for the the match between us and the local Catholic college stood up and applauded. I smiled and high-fived my graduate assistant and Oliver, my senior heavyweight who had just won the final match. We had bageled the opposition and the Bobcat faithful were milling around the gym.

Being a wrestling coach here is kind of like being a politician – it’s my job to shake hands, schmooze with boosters, chat up parents of my team members, identify potential recruits, and so on. Our opponents were seriously over-matched but the guys had listened to my warning not to run up the score and to win with class. They did their duty on the mat and I was doing mine now.

My mind was elsewhere, though. Unlike the opposing team, which was handled with relative care by my wrestlers, there was someone in this building getting unceremoniously reamed by them and it was my buddy Chris.

My cock had been in a state of suspended half-hard animation as I thought about what was going on in the locker room. I got flashbacks to my JV days, when I used to have a problem with popping boners on the mat. Back then it happened to everyone, even the straight guys, though obviously it happened to me more often. After the first couple seasons, though, I had become both desensitized to the body contact as well as much more serious as a wrestler. In competition I could honestly say that sex was not on my mind, and that was also true as a coach. It wasn’t until the final whistle blew that my thoughts would start to wander to the barely dressed jocks surrounding me.

When the last stragglers finally left the gym I all but ran back to the locker room. As usual, Oliver went straight home to change, so I didn’t need to worry about seeing him, and my graduate assistant had a date tonight so he also skedaddled out of there as soon as he could. I knew the only people remaining were the ones who had fucked, were currently fucking, or were about to fuck Chris.

The damp, musty smell of the locker room hit me harder than usual as I walked in. I took a quick look around. Matt and Thomas were in front of their lockers, fully showered and dressed, shooting the shit and joking around as they finished packing up their stuff. I heard the shower running, so I knew at least one guy was in there as well.

Thomas saw me walk in. “Hey coach,” he said.

“Hey Tommy,” I responded. “How’d it go?”

He and his teammate both flashed wide smiles. “Fucking awesome.”

I glanced down at my crotch. My boner was now obviously showing through my suit pants. “Good. Is anyone else here?”

“Yeah, Peter’s in the shower and Trey is in your office. Maybe if you hurry you’ll catch the end of it.”


I walked over to the shower area and popped my head in. I couldn’t help but admire Peter’s body as he washed up. His cut cock looked bigger than usual, hanging half-hard about five inches. His dark blond pubes were covered in suds; he must have just soaped them up. He reached into his ass crack to clean that too and then turned around, rinsing off his crotch. Eventually he noticed I was there. Like his teammates, he broke into a huge smile.

“Hey coach, great idea you had to bring Chris in,” he said as he continued cleaning up his hole. I was really hard now.

“Good, I’m glad you had fun.” I sounded like my dad. “Can you make sure to lock up when you leave?”

“No problem.”

I made one final survey of the locker room before I started over to my office. Even though the door was closed, as I got closer I heard the telltale sounds of Chris moaning like a bitch in heat. Chris was always loud when he had a dick in his ass, which never failed to turn me on, but the fact that I could hear him from here meant that Trey was really railing him.

I thought back to when we first met. I was semi-closeted and used to making the first move, but he had somehow picked me out as gay and we ended up going home together. Since then we had been effectively dating, though neither of us had any desire to formalize the relationship.

I found pictures of Chris in high school and he was a scrawny, somewhat nerdy twink, but adulthood had been good to him. Now he the kind of guy girls call “adorable” and if he were straight would surely be married to some cute Midwestern girl and have a couple kids already. He was 5’9″ and maybe 140 pounds soaking wet, but he had grown into a nice, lean body thanks to lots of running and swimming. He had pale white skin and was mostly smooth aside from brown hair on his crotch, pits, legs and forearms. He liked to complain that he could never get muscles like mine, but he was just what I was looking for.

I thought his tight, lean body was really sexy. He was flexible, so I could do him in all sorts of strange positions. And of course he had that prototypical bubble butt. His ass was small, firm, tight and made to be fucked. Unlike most of the guys I had hooked up with the past he was also really butch – so much so that I didn’t see it coming when he pressed his knee against mine at the bar that first night.

At any rate, now we had a good thing where I got to fuck him pretty much whenever I wanted (he would probably describe it as him getting to get fucked pretty much whenever he wanted). Every once in a while I’d suck him off but usually the routine for me was get naked, get blown and then plow him until we both came. I loved watching him whimper with pleasure while I fucked the cum out of him, which would usually take me over the edge myself. On other days we just enjoyed hanging out watching TV with a beer.

The idea for today came to me after the one time we had a threesome. We were out at the same bar where we had originally met and Chris started chatting up a guy who was in town for an academic biology conference. He looked around our age and was a recent Ph.D. graduate from our state’s other major university. He was in between his and my height and weight, probably about 5’11” and 165 pounds. He had a blond buzz cut and was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off his pecs and guns, tight khaki shorts and a pair of ratty white tennis shoes. He looked like my wrestlers probably would in a few years if they kept in shape.

Before we knew it the three of us were back at Chris’s place and it became clear there were two tops and one bottom in the room. Chris became an absolute animal when we spit roasted him – he couldn’t get enough. He ended up swallowing two loads, getting two more dumped him his ass, and splooged all over himself twice. At 3 am we finally passed out in a heap. At 11 am I woke up to the biology guy sucking me off and then we did it all over again, fucking Chris from both ends and then showering together. It was fucking hot.

Of course, if today went well then that night was going to be put to shame.

The whole back story about how I figured out the half of my team was gay is not relevant for our purposes… let’s just say I caught a few of them in compromising positions one night in the locker room. Maybe that’s a story for another day.

I quietly opened the door and made my way inside. My office looked like a bomb had gone off in it. My desk chair was overturned, one of the sofa cushions was on the other side of the room and there were towels and clothes strewn across the floor. Chris and Trey were so into it that neither guy noticed I had come in. At long last was able to start rubbing my now fully-hard cock after not being able to touch it all afternoon.

Chris was laying on his back on the exercise table getting reamed by Trey, the senior 197-pounder. Chris was moaning pretty loud and had his legs wrapped around the hairy, muscled wrestler’s torso. His arms were hanging limply at his sides, rocking back and forth with every thrust from Trey. Trey was determinedly railing him, leaning over at about a 45-degree angle staring him straight in the eyes. Sweat had beaded up on his forehead and was dripping every few seconds onto Chris; he was either still sweaty from his match or had gotten himself that way while dicking the team’s bitch for the afternoon. Probably both. I looked more closely at Chris and noticed that he had quite a bit of cum on his face. He had wiped most of it off his eyes and mouth but there was still some on his cheeks, forehead and chin.

I had just had enough time to take it all in when Trey leaned over further and said something to my buddy. I couldn’t hear what it was, but almost immediately Chris reached down and started maniacally jerking himself off. It became clear he hadn’t cum all afternoon because only a few seconds later he let out a loud yelp and proceeded to blow an absolutely massive load that sprayed over his head and then gushed out onto his torso. Trey almost burst out laughing at the sheer volume of splooge that he was fucking out of Chris but kept on firmly pounding him. With each ram from Trey’s fat pole more cum cascaded out of Chris’s six-inch dick until he was finally spent. It was probably a 30-second cumshot. When it was all over Chris put his head back and let out a loud, long sigh. This had obviously gone as well as I had hoped.

Once the waves of Chris’s orgasm had subsided I closed the door behind me with a bit of a slam so they would know someone had come in. Both of them turned to face me. Trey was unfazed and flashed a shit-eating grin as he kept fucking Chris. It was almost like he had done this kind of thing before.

Chris looked much less comfortable with the situation despite just having blown the load of his life. He glanced down at his cum-covered torso, back up at Trey fucking his brains out, and then over at me, with a look on his face that mixed lust, pleasure, embarrassment, fatigue, and sheer sensory overload. He was still getting rocked back and forth with each ramming from Trey’s dick. He wiped some of the cum off his face and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

Trey was first to speak up. “Hey coach, great idea you had here. Chris here is taking it like a champ.” He smiled again and gave me a thumbs up, fucking Chris’s ass all the while.

“My pleasure. I’ll wait for you two to finish.”

That seemed to be the cue for Trey to pick up the pace and get his rocks off. He got that determined look on his face again as he took hold of Chris’s legs and yanked them up so they were on top of his shoulders. Chris moaned softly as he was repositioned in a way that let Trey get even deeper into his abused hole. Some of the cum that had puddled up on his abs leaked off onto the exercise table. While Trey went to town on him Chris’s look of worry and fatigue started mellowing out and he closed his eyes, enjoying the ride.

It wasn’t long before Trey’s body started to tense up and it was clear he was going to blow. He gave Chris a couple solid smacks on the ass, put his head back and then bred my buddy for what was probably the fourth or fifth time that afternoon. Trey’s body shivered as he dumped his nut into Chris’s guts. Trey’s thick legs and ass looked awesome after the exertion of the match and the fuck session – in fact both he and Chris looked damn good. Chris gazed wide-eyed and slack-jawed at the wrestling stud who was making him his bitch. I noticed he was getting hard again.

After Trey was finally finished unloading he let out a loud sigh and perfunctorily pulled out. I had never seen Trey’s uncut pole hard before and made sure to take a good look – it was thick, wet and mean-looking, just about the same size as my own. I wanted to get on my knees and taste it but instead just tossed him a towel. “Nice job, now go get cleaned up.” Trey winked at me and walked out without saying anything else – he hadn’t said a word to Chris since giving him permission to cum.

Now the two of us were alone. I made my way over to my buddy, who had been truly fucked into oblivion. He was lying on his back with his legs still held up, as if he was waiting for yet another wrestler to come in and ram his hole, which looked red and cummy. His pale white ass cheeks had large red splotches on either side, like he had been spanked more than a few times. His hair and armpits were sweaty and his abs, chest and face were glazed with the splooge he had just blown on himself, and probably some of the other guys’ as well.

His cock was also fully hard again even though he had just shot his load a few minutes earlier. He had a dazed look on his face, though his eyes did light up a bit as he acknowledged me. I put two fingers on his hole and pushed them in. There was actually still a little resistance, though he didn’t react much to it. When I pulled out they were covered in cum – mostly, but not exclusively, Trey’s.

“Ben…” he started, but then the sentence trailed off.

“Damn man,” I said. With my wet fingers I scooped some of the copious amount of cum off his torso and stuck it in his mouth. He almost instantly swallowed it up. I smiled. “It looks like my boys did a real number on you.”

He didn’t say anything, just nodded.

I grabbed my crotch and asked, “Ready for one more?”

He nodded again. He had kept his legs up but I motioned for him to get off the table. He gingerly hopped off and stood next to me. He was usually chatty and outgoing, but it was clear he had truly been fucked into oblivion and appeared as cowed and submissive as I had ever seen him. I almost felt bad before remembering that this is exactly what he wanted.

Cum was now dripping from his body and onto the floor so I tossed him a towel. Without saying anything he started wiping himself off. He reached back to clean up his hole but I stopped him. “Don’t, just do your torso.” He complied, again without saying anything.

I took off my suit jacket and hung it on the back of my desk chair, then started loosening my tie. “So how many guys came in here today?”

“Seven.” His dick visibly twitched.

After my tie was off I unbuttoned my shirt. My hard cock was bulging out of my suit pants and had dripped so much precum that a wet spot was showing through the dark material. I guess I would need to get these dry cleaned. “How many times did you get fucked?”

“Five. I sucked off Rich and Michael and then the others fucked me.”

“Don’t tell me any more, I want to hear about it while I’m doing you. Get down and untie my shoes.”

I wasn’t sure why I wanted him to do that – I had never made that kind of request in the past – but he didn’t say anything as he kneeled down on the floor and untied them for me. He was in prime cocksucking position but I had him stand up again. I kicked my shoes off, unfastened my belt and slipped out of my suit pants and boxers. Finally I took off my socks.

When we stood naked next to each other it was clear how much bigger and stronger I was compared to him. I had four inches in height, 50 pounds in weight, and 2 inches in cock size – both length and girth – on my buddy. I was also hairier than he was. I had a few days of stubble on my face and hair on my upper chest, legs, ass and crotch. He was mostly pale while I was naturally quite a bit tanner. But the real difference was in attitude. We were both masculine guys with hard bodies and hard cocks, but anyone seeing us here would have known which one of us was about to do the giving and which would be receiving. As usual he couldn’t keep his eyes off of my dick, which pointed at a 45-degree angle straight at his face.

“Ben…” he said, but again he trailed off.


He looked like he was considering his thoughts. “Nothing, never mind.”

“No, what? You looked like you wanted to say something.” We had shared pretty much everything the last few months and I wasn’t used to seeing him clam up.

He squirmed a bit and gulped before continuing. “I just wanted to say that was the fucking hottest thing I have ever done. You have no idea.”

I cracked a smile. I had thought about having us both take a shower so he could get the cum and sweat off his body, but after hearing that I changed my mind. “Well now the pleasure’s going to be mine. Get down and suck my cock.”

He instantly fell to his knees and shuffled over to me. He started with my balls, looking up at me while he teabagged my sack one nut at a time. I appreciatively ruffled his hair, feeling an entire afternoon of sexual tension begin to ease away as he started blowing me. His hair was damp and sweaty, but then again so was mine. My crotch probably smelled pretty ripe by then too.

He worked his way up the base of my dick, getting the whole thing nice and wet. Once he got to the tip I put my hand on the back of his head and slowly but firmly worked my head and shaft into his mouth. As usual he had no problem inhaling the whole thing and I let out a long sigh when I felt his nose on my pubes. I let up my grip on his head a bit and then started guiding his mouth back and forth across my meat.

I always liked to watch him as he sucked me off. He would look up at me intently as I pulled almost all the way out so you could see the edge of my cockhead, then plunge it all the way in again. It looked physically impossible but his throat took my dick again and again and again. I was really getting riled up as he stared up at me the whole time. The boy was made to suck cock. I bet those inexperienced underclassmen never knew what hit them.

He was giving his typically amazing blow job but what I really wanted was to find out what his ass felt like. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and without saying anything, headed over the couch. My cock looked and felt more engorged than usual as it waved back and forth. I sat down on one of the remaining cushions and waited to see what Chris would do. Without any encouragement he positioned himself over me and lowered himself gingerly onto my dick.

ven after the epic fucking he had gotten from my guys, he winced and needed a moment to acclimatize to my cock in his ass. He let out a satisfied sigh when he hit bottom, though, as did I. We had done this dozens of times before but I always loved the feeling of watching him take my dick and like it. He was looser than usual but it still felt great. I wondered what he thought about the fact he had taken six cocks up his ass today. For whatever reason the thought of fucking such a slut – or more charitably, maybe it was just the thought of all the other hot jocks that had fucked him that day – made me even more horny.

He started to bounce up and down on my meat but I put my hands on his shoulders and pressed down to stop him.

“I want you to walk me through this afternoon,” I said.

“What do you mean? What do you want to hear?”

“Whatever you want. I just want you to tell me what my guys did to you.” I wanted to get off not only to fucking my buddy, but to hearing him describe all the things my wrestling jocks had done to him. It was the closest I’d get to participating and watching in person.

He had a weird look on his face but said okay. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he started to reconstruct what happened that afternoon. To get his attention I let go of his shoulders and tweaked both of his nipples at the same time, pretty hard. He yelped.

“So first Rich came in,” he said. Almost involuntarily he started fucking himself on my pole. With all the splooge that was inside him we had no need for lube. “Neither of us really knew how it was going to work and we stood there for a little while before he asked me to blow him.”

“What did you think of him?”

“He was cute. He was pretty sweaty, nice body, normal cock but it was pretty thick.”

“Did you swallow his nut?”

“Yeah, he came in about 30 seconds.”

I started laughing. “That’s my boy. I bet you swallowed every time, didn’t you?”


I started meeting his up and down motions with my own upward thrusts. Our bodies made a soft “thwap” and he groaned every time I hit bottom.

“How about Michael?”

“Same thing, he just wanted to get sucked off.”

I didn’t say anything, just kept ramming him and waited for him to keep telling me more.

Chris seemed to understand and sighed, maybe out of frustration or maybe out of pleasure. He put his hands on my shoulders for balance. His toned chest and abs were glistening with sweat and his hard dick pointed straight up in the air. It was starting to leak precum. His balls hung low and touched my body every time I thrusted.

“I took a little longer that time. His dick was thinner and longer.”

“Just like him,” I said.


“How’d his load taste?”

He rolled his eyes because that’s what I’d say sometimes after he sucked me off. “Fuck you.”

“You wish. No really, how did it taste?”

“You know I fucking liked it.”

“Atta boy.”

“Then Carl came in.”

“I bet he didn’t just want a blow job.”

“No. That kid is something else.”

“Did he talk shit to you?”

“Yeah. He came in naked and sweaty, already with a hard-on. He made me suck him off and then he fucked me on this couch.”

“Show me.” I stopped my thrusting and let Chris gingerly get off my dick.

“You need to get off the couch first.”

I complied.

“He told me to get on all fours and stick my ass out,” Chris said as he positioned himself. I thought it was so hot that Carl had just fucked him right here. I positioned myself behind him and imagined my cocky redhead wrestler doing Chris doggystyle.

I put my cockhead on his hole, held it there and then and slowly moved it around the edges, teasing him until he started whimpering. “Come ON…” he said.

“I bet Carl didn’t toy with you like this, did he?”

“No, he just rammed it in.”

That was my cue to do just that. Chris and I both yelled out a loud “Fuck!” at the same time. I started fucking him fast and hard, pretending I was Carl roughly breaking the team’s bottom bitch in for the day.

“So he was fucking you from behind like this?”

“Yeah,” he said, panting. “And when he got close to cumming he grabbed my hair.”

Chris’s back arched as I copied Carl’s move and took hold of his short brown hair. My balls slapped loudly against his thighs as I picked up the pace. “Oh fuck yes,” he said. “Right there. Oh God…” He started talking gibberish as I hit his prostate over and over again. I knew I was going to need to slow down or I’d bust my wad too early to hear about the rest of the guys.

I pushed all the way in and held it there, then leaned over until my chest was on top of his back and our heads were next to each other. We had a sloppy makeout session for a minute or two. I felt the sweat on his back on my chest hair. His mouth tasted like cock. Once I was away from the cumming danger zone I slowly, very slowly, started fucking him again.

“So I guess he dumped a load in your ass. Then what happened?”

“Matt and Thomas tag teamed me.”

I did not see that coming. “Fuck, man.”

“Yeah. They both came in with their singlets on. It was fucking hot. I blew them both on the couch and then they took turns on me on the exercise table.”

I pulled out and flipped Chris over so he was on his back. I put my dick back in his hole and then picked him up with me still inside him. I liked being strong enough to be able to do that. He had a horny, pleased look on his face as I walked us over to the exercise table and placed him down on it.

“Like this?”

He smiled. “Yeah.”

I reached down to start playing with his dick. First I rubbed his precum around his cockhead a bit and then spit in my hand and started jerking him off. He closed his eyes and had a satisfied smile while I took care of his dick – no wonder, as it was almost certainly the first time all day someone had touched his cock. At six inches it wasn’t the longest in the world but it was thick and definitely fun to play with, especially while I was fucking him. Many a time I had jerked the cum out of him while I pumped my own load into his ass.

But we still had a ways to go yet. I let go of his tool, then grabbed and spread apart his knees as I started fucking him again at a moderate pace. “Were they sweaty?”

Chris tried to snap back into reality. “Yeah, they came straight from their matches.”

I smiled thinking of him reveling in licking and smelling my wrestlers’ rank post-match crotches. “Where did they cum?”

“First Thomas fucked my ass and Matt fucked my face. Then they switched.”

I reached down and stuck three fingers into his mouth. Again he involuntarily started sucking on them. “You liked being plugged from both ends, huh?”

He nodded, still with my fingers in his mouth. I took them out and wiped them on his torso. “They looked kind of like twins, huh?”

“Yeah, but Matt’s dick is bigger. He wanted Thomas to cum on my face, and once he did that then he came in my ass.”

“Fucking hot. So how many is that? Three in your mouth and two in your ass?”

He nodded again.

“I bet your ass was getting pretty sloppy.”

He didn’t say anything, just looked straight at me while I pistoned his hole. More precum appeared on his slit, which I scooped with my index finger and licked up.

Chris continued the story as he took hold of his cock and started jerking himself off. I did nothing to stop him. “Peter came in as Matt and Thomas were walking out. I was lying on my back with cum dripping out of my mouth and ass, so yeah, I probably looked pretty sloppy.”

“Just because you looked slutty didn’t mean you didn’t look cute though,” I added.

He was visibly having trouble keeping his train of thought as he pleasured himself while I fucked him. “Peter came in wearing a towel. I didn’t realize how stacked he was.”

“Nice dick?”

“Yeah. He fucked my face on my knees. I could barely fit it all in my mouth. Then I rode him on the sofa.”

This was fucking good. I imagined walking in to see Chris bouncing up and down on Pete’s thick wrestler cock on the couch.

“Then he did me doggystyle. Trey came in and stuck his dick in my mouth while it was happening. I had no idea it was coming.”

So my buddy was spit roasted by the captain and vice captain of the team. I bet they gave him no mercy and he liked it.

“So how much cock was that? 15 inches?”

“Oh my God. I guess. I was totally filled up. Trey is huge, almost as big as you.”

That’s right – almost. That got me going and I knew I was nearing the point of no return. I leaned forward and pressed his knees firmly onto the exercise table. He was pinned onto the table and spread eagle but his arm still had some room to jerk himself off, which he was doing furiously. I was giving him long, hard thrusts now and my breathing was starting to get heavy as I reamed him. The whole time he was looking me straight in the eyes.

I knew we wouldn’t last long so I told him to wrap it up. “Okay, and how about Trey?”

“Fuck, he looked good. He smelled good too.” As in, he was really sweaty. “His balls were fucking huge. I licked them and sucked him off. He put me on the exercise table and then fucked the shit out of me. Just like this. You saw it.”

I did see it. And now I was doing the same thing to him right on that same table. I was officially over the edge. I held my load in as long as possible, rammed him one final time while all those images ran through my head and then let out a yell. I dumped eight, ten, twelve, who knows how many jets of cum into my buddy’s hole. That was his cue to blow his own wad, which spurted once over his left shoulder before gushing out onto his abs. His ass constricting milked even more cum out of my dick. I leaned down and stuck my tongue as far down his throat as it would go. It was more of a devouring session than a makeout one.

Eventually I started to get my normal consciousness back. I slowly pulled my softening dick out of my buddy’s abused hole and staggered backwards onto the couch.

“Holy shit,” we both said in unison, and then we both started to crack up. I guess there wasn’t much else to say.

Until the next time, at least.

Gregory Henderson

Great hot jock story

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