Erotic story: Workout Buddies

By Alex Martin.

I remember it so vividly, like it didn’t really happen. Of course, you always remember something either a lot better or a lot worse than it really was. Somehow it was both better and worse than I had expected. I’d never been intimate with another man before. I mean, in my dreams I had, over the phone or in chat rooms, yes, but not really, not physically. The way it happened was so surreal, too. It couldn’t have been planned any better…

I happened to be out of town for work for a few days. Back then the company was doing well so they didn’t mind if I included the weekend days to do some sightseeing, if I wanted to, so I did. The hotel was average, but it did have a small fitness facility. I should say fitness room, but it looked like it had all the necessary equipment. I tried to work out just about every other day. I wasn’t able to get down there but one time during the week, so I figured I’d workout on Friday and Sunday, to make up.

I didn’t expect it to be busy on Friday right after work, and it wasn’t. There was one other guy there, and it looked like he had been there for awhile because his was sweating and his muscle shirt looked soaked. He wasn’t Mr. Olympia, or anything, but he didn’t look like he had an ounce of fat on his body. His legs were good-sized, which I appreciated because a lot of guys spend so much time on their upper bodies that they’re legs are kinda scrawny. I watched him do a few leg lifts, while I was stretching.

You could see the small lines of sweat and the moist hair on his legs as he worked them out. Thoughts went through my head, both of them. I was starting to get a little aroused, so I stopped stretching and went over to the bench. I figured I’d do a few reps with not too much weight to tell my body that the heavy stuff was coming. Not that I worked out with anything too heavy.

I’m not a cover model or anything myself. I’ve been working out pretty steady for about 2 years now, but I was really out of shape before I began, so let’s just say that I’m in a little better than average condition. I’m working out not to get ripped, or anything, but to be in better shape. Lose those last few pounds around the gut to expose the abs that I must have somewhere hidden underneath. My legs and butt are definitely my best features. I did a lot of walking when I was younger, but I’ve always had big, long legs. They’ve responded to working out much more quickly than the rest of my body. They’re pretty chiseled. You can see the different muscles in my thighs and calves when I walk. My butt’s tight and sticks out just the right amount, especially if I wear the right clothes. You see why I noticed his legs. I guess that’s a big turn on for me.

Then, of course, what isn’t, right? Anyway, when the guy got up from the station, I was surprised. He looked much younger than I originally thought. He was probably only a few years older than I. He had that manly, sharp look to his face that I wish I had. I have more of a baby face, but that has its advantages, too. He was dark-haired and around 6′ tall. I was adding more weight to the bar and our glances met. He smiled broadly and I smiled back.

“Hey, how’s it goin’?” he said.

“Good, how you doin’?” I replied nodding my head up and down.

That was the extent of the conversation at that time. Guys don’t really expect you to answer the question “How’s it goin’?” anyway. It’s just like saying “Hi!”, so it wasn’t an awkward moment or anything, but just a male bonding kind of thing. Just saying that we’re a couple of studs working out our bodies, like guys do.

I figured if I didn’t get started doing some serious lifting soon, I’d end up taking it easy and not doing much of anything. I didn’t want the other guy to think I wasn’t into working out, or anything, like I was there for some other reason. Not that he would. It’s just that paranoia thing, not realizing that not everyone thinks the way you do. Back to the bench with heavier weights.

I gradually increased the weights until my last set of about 5-6 reps of a really heavy weight. I hadn’t thought anymore about this guy and didn’t even know if he were still there or not, until I heard him speak to me.

“Need a spot, dude?” he asked.

I work out all the time alone, so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem, but I didn’t want to seem rude.

“Yeah, if you don’t mind,” I replied nonchalantly, to cover up my nervousness.

“No problem. It’s always better to have a little help workin’ out than to hurt yourself.”

“Cool. I’ve lifted this amount before, but you never know. A different routine for me. You know, I don’t usually work out after work. Hey, better safe than sorry.”

“Yeah. I’m actually glad you came in. I’m here on business and I’m trying to stick to my routine, but I usually work out in a gym and have other guys spot me all the time. I just feel like I can push myself harder if I know that someone’s there to help if I need it. OK, well, let me get over there.” He moved behind the bench and told me that he was ready. Too bad he had on shorts that went down to right above his knee. Otherwise I might’ve had a sneak peek at his equipment. Nah, no such luck. I lifted the weight off the supports and slowly lowered it while breathing in, then exhaled and lifted it up. It went up with some effort, but I knew that I’d probably be struggling for it by the 6th rep. Sure enough, pushing up the 6th felt like it was going to be impossible. That’s when he put his index fingers under the bar and started encouraging me.

“Come on, you can do it. Get it up. You got it, dude. Almost there. Almost. Just a little more. Push! Flex those pecks! Come on!!”

“I can’t do it! Give me some help!”

“Damn!” I exclaimed as he took the weight and help me put it on the supports. “Damn! I couldn’t get it up. I can’t believe it!”

“How long ya had that problem?” he chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I guess I’ll try again on Sunday.”

“You here for the weekend?”

“Yeah. You?”

“I’m checking out on Saturday, so I wanted to get in one last workout before I took off.”

“By the way, I’m Alex. What’s your name?”


“Good to meet you.”

“Yeah, you too.”

“You know, if you need help working out, I’ll spot you. I’m probably done for this evening anyway. I’m just a little discouraged.”

“If you’re not going to work out, sure I can use your help. I’m just about to do some presses myself. Can you add 25 on to your side?”

Talk about feeling like crap. I couldn’t even do 6 reps of it and he’s adding on 50 lbs. to start his workout. Oh, well. I least I can watch him as he worked out. That seemed like a lot more fun than exercising myself.

“Sure. Let me know when you’re ready.”

“Ready,” he said as he lifted the weight off the supports.

He had no problem benching it about 8 times. I watched as him arms flexed and his face scrunched up. He began to sweat again. For the next set he put his feet up on the bench, with his knees bent and his heels pushed back almost to his butt. Yes! Those lovely long shorts just fell down and gave me a good view of his quads. Too much material to show anything else. Maybe from the side I could see more. To my delight he had me add a few more pounds on. Wish granted, I thought. I could see a little more from the side. I expected to see his underwear, but I couldn’t. I could see just below where the thigh meets the butt at that delicious little groove. Oh well, maybe next time.

Through all this I didn’t even think about the growing erection that I was getting. I was wearing mesh shorts, shorter than his and a muscle shirt that wasn’t long enough to go much past the top of my shorts. Fortunately, I sagged my shorts a little, but I could tell I was getting excited. He wouldn’t even notice. Again, that paranoia. He’s not thinking anything sexual right now, so, of course, he wouldn’t notice. He didn’t notice. At least, he didn’t say anything or give any looks, so I was relieved. Unfortunately, my erection wasn’t subsiding. When he wasn’t looking I quickly, forcefully squeezed it. That took away the throbbing for a few seconds. Then, he stuck his hand under his shorts and adjusted himself. I heard something that sounded like a snap and figured he must’ve been wearing some kind of jock strap, which would explain why I didn’t see any underwear. It was totally not suggestive, so I didn’t read into it.

When he was done with that set he got up and a quick look at his pants jolted my attention. I noticed that he had more of a bulge there than before. I guess it wasn’t exactly a bulge. He had that anyway because of the jock tightly keeping everything in one spot, but now I could see something thick branching off from the bulge. It had to be his dick. It must be getting hard. Or maybe it was just an illusion. You know how those black mesh shorts can be when you move. I got excited and nervous all at the same time. I realized I had probably been staring at his crotch for what felt like an eternity, although it was probably only a second or two. I looked up and he had that broad smile on his face again. It almost looked a little silly or mischievous. I don’t know. He was definitely attractive, though. Especially when he smiled.

“I need a drink. Is there a fountain ’round here?” I asked, trying to end the “moment” that was probably just a figment of my imagination.

“Yeah, there’s fountain over there”, he said, pointing towards the door.

The fountain was right next to it. Yeah, duh, I knew where the stinkin’ fountain was. I walked over hastily and got a drink. A long drink. Then another one. Then I almost choked on the water.

“Save some water for me, dude,” Mike said, boxing me out of the way, like we were vying for a rebound in basketball. He probably was a good player.

“Sorry. Didn’t know you were thirsty.”

“All that excitement makes me thirsty.”

“Excitement? Oh, you mean, working out.”

“No, the excitement. I saw you getting a hard on watching me bench press.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb. You were staring at my crotch a few seconds ago.”

Damn! I guess he did notice. What could I say now? Umm . . .

“No, dude. Hey, I’m a young guy and I haven’t had any in awhile. I get hard-ons all the time. They pass. See?”

I gestured and looked down at my crotch. I was limp as could be. I was scared and it’s hard for me to stay hard while I’m scared. I mean, this hot guy just caught me staring at him. Maybe he’ll let it go. Nope.

“Dude, it’s OK. Look, you lookin’ at me got me all turned on, too,” he said, gesturing to his cock, which he grabbed with his right hand to show how full and plump it was. I thought about how uncomfortable it must have been in that tight jock and how much larger it would be just hanging loose. It started to grow from him jerking on it. Instinctively, I started to grow, too. Now, there was no denying it.

“OK, you’re right. It’s just that I’m into being fit and you’re pretty buff. I’ve been working out and it excites me when I think I could look as good as you do.”

“Dude, it’s alright”, he said, as he put his arm around my shoulder, like he was my best bud. “Guys bodies are hot when they’re all in shape. You like my bod, huh?”, he asked, as he removed his shirt.

Did I like his body? SSShhhhwing!! He was totally hot. He had a nice six pack and distinct pecks that weren’t too big, making him look like a gorilla. He was smooth, except for some dark, thick hair that gathered around his naval and headed southward. His tight body was glistening with sweat and his nipples were these hard little nubs. I wanted to reach out and feel his body, his skin, how firm his muscles were, but I didn’t.

“Well, whaddya think?” he asked again.

“You look . . . great,” I stammered. “How long have you been working out?”

“I started working out in high school. I was into sports and that’s what we did a lot for practice. Come on, you played some sports didn’t you? You look like a great football player. Even basketball, with your height?”

“No, I didn’t play. Wasn’t really into that. I was more into computers and stuff.”

“Your loss. The locker room was great for catching some hot bods, I tell ya. A couple of times a group of us guys even jacked off together.”

“What you mean? I mean, how’d that happen?”

“We were pretty bummed about losing this game against our rival and I suggested it would make us feel better. We were all real good friends and had seen each other naked all the time in the showers.”

“Still, wasn’t that pretty bold. Didn’t you feel, like, nervous, or anything?”

“Yeah, I think we were all pretty nervous. Didn’t stop us from blowing our wads, though. We didn’t form a circle, or anything. We kinda turned away from each other and whacked off. It was great. The next time we did it, though, we watched each other as we jacked off. That was awesome. We blew our loads all over the place. We only did it about 3 times. I woulda been game to do it all the time, but they weren’t into it as much. Or they didn’t want it to be known. I mean, the one guy would jack off all the time. He’d stay behind in the locker room, in the shower. I’d be over his house and he’d be in the bathroom for 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there. The dude was so into beating his meat. I was too, don’t get me wrong, but I was open to having a little more fun. You ever jack off with anyone else?”

“Nah. Never had the occasion. One time maybe I could’ve. My best friend told me how his dad had caught him jackin’ off. Then, he asked me if I ever did it. I said, ‘No.’, because I was . . . I don’t know . . . stupid or ashamed or something. That was the end of that conversation. It never came up again. I wished I would’ve told the truth. I jacked off all the time.”

“You still do it now, don’t you?”

“Oh, yeah. Not like 5 times a day or anything, but regularly, I’d say.”

“Me, too. Hey, why don’t you . . . ”

Just then the door opened and a petite woman walked in.

“Hey, guys”, she said, flashing both of us a smile. She smiled more at Mike seeing his well-developed torso.

We smiled back, but we weren’t interested in her right now. Mike quickly threw on his shirt.

“Boy, that was a good workout,” I said, a little loudly so the woman would hear.

“Yeah, dude,” Mike said back, just as loudly. “I’m gonna take off, get cleaned up. See ya!”

“Yeah, uh, see ya,” I said, with my heart falling heavy. I was so into our conversation and now it was clearly over as the door swung shut and Mike disappeared.

“Have a nice work out,” I shouted to the woman.

“Thanks!” she replied. Although, I think she sounded a little disappointed that we were leaving. I would’ve stayed and kept her company, but she wasn’t my type, and my mind was somewhere else. I just wanted to go to my room, strip, and jack off like there was no tomorrow.

I opened the door, rounded the corner to head to the elevators, looking very sullen and depressed.

“Dude, it took you long enough,” I heard Mike say.

I looked around and saw Mike holding the elevator for me. Oh, yeah!

“Sorry, I didn’t . . . want it to seem suspicious or anything”, I said, almost saying that I didn’t know that he wanted to continue the conversation, but I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t interested, or that I would give up so quickly.

“You wanna stop by my room? Finish that conversation? Or something?”

“Sure,” I said, almost hesitantly and regretting immediately that I paused for that split second. “What floor?”

“5. Room 523.”

I hit the floor button on the elevator. We didn’t say anything while we were there in the elevator. He just smiled at me and we chuckled a little. The doors opened and there was a family waiting there. I quickly thought about it and realized that I was safe. I didn’t have a hard-on, yet.

“Excuse us,” Mike interjected, as the family forced themselves on the elevator before waiting for us to get off. “I’m all the way down the hall by the staircase.”

I wanted to run, but, of course, I didn’t, although we both walked at a very good stride. I could tell that he didn’t want anyone to see us both going in his room. Or maybe that’s the paranoia again. His room looked just like mine, except he got the king bed and I was stuck with the two doubles. That’s just my luck. Maybe my luck was changing. Yes, I’d say so.

Mike drew the blinds closed and fumbled with one of the lamps. Before I could speak he was down to his jock strap. I just gazed at it. I’d never worn one, not being much into sports.

“Like it? I wear one every now and again. It turns me on just putting it on. Wanna try it?” Mike asked.

“Do you think it’ll fit?” I asked, stripping to my boxers.

“Yeah, it’ll stretch. I know you don’t mind a little sweat, do ya?”

“No, not at all.”

Here was the moment. His jock was already stretched out and the head of his cock was totally out of the pouch. Then, off they went. His penis flapped up against his hard stomach as the elastic waistband left its grip on his hard dick. He wasn’t huge or anything, but it looked perfect for his body. He was probably about the same size as I, around 7″ or so, although he looked bigger because he was smaller than I was. He flung them at my face. My reflexes were fast, but I still managed to drop it. Again, I hesitated at the waistband of my boxers. I’d never done this before. It’s was a rare occasion when I was seen naked by other guys. Here goes. Down went my boxers. In a mad rush, I picked up the jock and squeezed into it. It was pretty tight, but felt good. I was so turned on. It was sweaty and uncomfortable, but in a sexy, exciting way.

Mike was just looking at me and smiling that smile. He had his hand wrapped loosely around his hard rod, stroking it slowly. He came over, still stroking, and squeezed the head of my penis that was pinned down above the waistband. It felt so good. I never had another guy touch me before. I’ve had women touch me. I’ve had sex before with women, and, believe me, it was great. I love it. But it felt so different know. So much deeper in a cosmic kind of way. It was part sexual, part bonding, part . . . I don’t know. It just felt so good.

“Take off that prison and let me see that thing,” Mike half-whispered, pulling at the waistband. I took them off and he stared at my dick and smiled. I blushed a little with all that attention from another guy who had a hotter body than I.

“Guys’ bodies are so hot aren’t they?” Mike stated, eying me up and down. “You wanna watch some porn while we jack off?”

“Sure. But won’t your company find out. I wanted to catch a couple of them, but they get charged to the room and it’s on the company card.”

“It’s charged to my personal card. We’re cool. Let’s see . . .” he said, as he turned on the TV, accessed the hotel’s menu, and perused the XXX videos. “I watched this one last night. It was so hot,” he said, when he scrolled over the one entitled “Hot Latin Hunks”. I see he has international taste, I thought to myself.

“There’s these 4 guys that work this construction job together and they start jackin’ off together and end up doin’ all kinds of stuff. I blew so many times almost nothin’ was comin’ out.” They ended up doin’ all kinds of stuff, huh? With my cock as hard and wanting attention as it was and with his hot body, I would’ve done all kinds of stuff, too. If he would’ve grabbed a condom and rolled me over on my stomach, I wouldn’t have resisted a bit. Hell, even if he hadn’t grabbed a condom.

We decided on one called Locker Room Lust. Fitting, wasn’t it. The guys were so hot. We propped ourselves up on the headboard and we talked about what we liked about their bodies as we fisted ourselves. Although, truthfully, I was more interested in watching his hand slowly slide up and down his hard cock. I asked if he liked to do it dry or if he wanted some lube. He said he liked it dry and would use a little spit, if needed. Just like me, great.

It was about 15 minutes into the movie and it started getting really hot. I was already having to stop every few strokes so I didn’t come. Mike was doing the same thing. I looked down at my dick and rubbed the precome all over my swollen head. I looked over at Mike and he was leaning over and dribbling some spit onto his tip. I gripped even tighter and stroked rapidly. I almost came from just watching him work that spit into a froth. I had to take it easy. I didn’t want to come first. Back on the screen there were naked guys in the locker room jacking off, then helping their friends out. I looked at Mike and we got closer to each other on the bed. We were both right-handed so it worked out that we could get pretty close. My elbow was touching his left elbow and our hips were close. Our legs were spread so we could fondle and pull on our balls, so our knees were touching. At first his hairy leg next to mine was irritating, but then it felt really good and got me even closer to coming. Now I could see his dick even better. He was cut like I, had that slight curve and a big head. It was great. Then, he took his hand off his own dick and reached across and moved mine out of the way. He began to stroke my cock, first very gently, then increasingly tighter and faster. He was really good at it. I was too. After all, I practiced every day for so many years, I should be a pro.

I was so caught up in how good he was making me feel that I forgot that his cock wasn’t being attended to. He smiled at me, as if knowing that I just realized this, and I slipped my hand under his and began to stroke his cock. He felt so good. It felt just like my own, only different. I could tell that he liked it because he started breathing heavy and thrusting his hips forward a little. We were so into each other that we weren’t even watching the movie. We could’ve saved the $7.95, probably. I’m glad we did order the movie. It provided some good fuel for later on.

His cock was smooth and firm. The skin of his dick felt so silky. I loved tightening a little as I reached his head, so my fingers flipped the rim of his glans on the upward stroke. I worked all of his pole, from the wet slit to his thick pubic hair. I was about to come from all the excitement and he was too, so I dropped my hand down and fondled his balls. I rolled them in my fingers, then pulled roughly at his sac. He did the same to me and it helped to delay our orgasm. With his left he reached up and began to circle my chest and my nipples. He pinched them one at a time ever so slightly, causing me to laugh a little. Then, he pinched hard and pulled on them. I moaned softly and exhaled rapidly as he began to pull harder. I was so close to coming and it felt so good and I didn’t want him to stop working me to that point.

“Don’t stop, please. I’m gonna come. Oh, it feels so good. Oh, yeah . . . oh . . . oh,” I moaned as he touched me.

He turned his body toward me so he could work me at a better angle and it was even more pleasurable. I wasn’t definitely going to come. I stopped stroking him, closed my eyes, and prepared myself. He kept working me, stroking me. Long stokes, then short ones concentrating on my head, then long ones again. He was driving me crazy. I couldn’t control my breathing or my moaning. I moaned loudly and told him I was going to come. He pinched my nipple harder and sped up. A few strokes later I came. My eyes were rolling in their sockets and by body was spasming as wave over wave of ecstasy took me over. With each wave I shot a milky stream in the air and onto my chest and stomach. It was so intense. He continued to milk me until I stopped moaning and was slumped over breathing heavily, until just watery, sticky jism leaking out of my pulsing cock was all over his now loosened fist.

I could’ve just closed my eyes and went to sleep right then, but I didn’t want to leave Mike hanging and I didn’t want to miss his orgasm and me making him come, so I opened my eyes and looked at him. Again, he was smiling that silly smile. At this point, it was a dream coming true. I wanted to move down and suck on his shiny cock, my first cock, until he exploded in my mouth, but I still wasn’t sure if he was into that. There are probably a lot of guys that jack off together, but don’t do anything else.

I reached out and grabbed his rock hard dick. I was happy that I could now be undistracted with my own pleasure and I could fully work his rod. I started fast and hard and he loved it. I, too, turned toward him and starting rubbing my hands all over his upper body, over his muscular chest and his ripped abs.

He felt so firm and tough. It was making me hard again. I pinched his nipples with my hand, then I decided to make a move to something else. I leaned over and licked his nipple. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t even think about what would happen or what I would do if he didn’t like it. The low groan and grunt of approval invalidated that concern anyway. He liked it. I got the hint and started to nibble gently on his nipple, then circling it with my tongue, all the while I was stroking him methodically.

His breathing was getting faster and his chest was heaving up and down. Sweat was on his forehead and soaking his eyebrows. I looked at his sexy face, with his eyes closed, and watched as he contorted it and told me he was going to come. I clamped down on his nipple with my teeth, but didn’t speed up my stroking. I could tell he wanted it faster, just like he did me, but I know how good it feels to not give into the urge to speed up, so I kept up my pace. He groaned and almost began to whimper, then he exploded like a volcano.

He shot his load 5 times in the air, matching each groan and body contortion. A part of one of his shots of come hit my cheek, as I was sucking gently on his nipple after he had started to come. His juice was all over my hand and ran into his pubes and was mixed with the dark hair on his belly button. It was a beautiful sight and I didn’t want to stop, but I slowly stopped stroking and just squeezed him gently a couple of times.

Mike smiled again and opened his eyes.

“Thanks, dude. That was awesome,” he said almost out of breath.

“You were strokin’ me so good. It was great.”

“You want a wet towel to clean off with?”

“Relax, you just came. And guy was that an awesome orgasm. You even got some on my face.”

“Sorry, dude. I was just into it.”

“No, you don’t have to apologize. I guess stuff just kinda happens, you know.”

“Yeah, it does. Hey! Look what’s going on in the movie.”

I looked at the screen and the scene was a dingy-looking locker room with a young, well-hung stud on his hands and knees on a bench with his butt up in the air. The bench was wide enough for him to have his legs spread just enough so that his sac was hanging like a cowbell in between his legs. A man that looked like he was the coach approached him. He had a long wooden paddle in his hand and he was slapping it into the palm of his left hand. With every slap the young stud jumped a little. It looked like his butt was already pink and you could almost make out a hand print. We must’ve picked up in the middle of a good, long punishment.

A few other young studs were there watching and laughing. They were also naked and stroking their long, hard cocks. One of them was Latino, as Mike pointed out to me. His cock was long and hard and uncut. The camera focused on it for a minute as he stroked it and pulled his foreskin back down over his cock and then up over the head again.

I was already aroused from jacking off Mike, but was really turned on now. I looked over at Mike and he was rock hard once again and starting to play with himself. Mike was really into a fun time, I thought. Then, suddenly, CRACK!! I looked up at the screen and saw the coach bring the paddle up into the air, apparently after delivering the first hit. The young man groaned out, “One, sir. Thank you, sir.” Just in time for the second swing, which sent the stud off balance. The coach shouted at him to get back on the bench and keep still. One of the other younger guys shot a long string of jism onto the floor of the locker room and sighed as more poured out of his dick and ran over his hand and dripped down his thigh and onto the floor. The coach told the other guys to hold the young stud in place.

I looked over at Mike again and he was looking at me and smiling that goofy smile again. I smiled back and we both quickly got up and went to the bathroom to cleanup. We didn’t want to miss this. As we came out of the bathroom and headed for the bed, Mike slapped me on the butt. It stung, but made me feel warm and a little dizzy, too. I turned around and smiled at him. He smiled back…

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