Erotic story: Workout Buddies part 2

By Alex Martin. Part one here.

We were back on the bed watching the movie again. By now, the stud’s butt was a deep, deep red. You could heard his quick, shallow breaths in between each smack of the paddle and his strained counting and thanking. The strokes were coming less quickly, but just as forcibly. I didn’t realize it, but I was almost in a trance, fixed on the screen. I was rock hard again and gently rubbing my cock. I forgot all about Mike being there. I didn’t understand why I was so excited by seeing a person apparently in pain. Then, the next stroke of the paddle came down and then the next, as the coach picked up speed.

The stud was groaning animalistically, then he started jerking uncontrollably. The coach stopped paddling him and the other guys helped him stay on the bench. The camera panned to his cock, which was swollen almost as red as his now tender butt and jutting out like a lance. Come was spewing out like a fountain, landing on the bench and his declined torso. I didn’t feel so weird after seeing that. The guy, actually, was getting off to it. Apparently, so was I. I came back to reality and remembered where I was and with whom and what we just did. Mike must’ve liked it, too, since he was erect and fondling himself.

OK, by now it should’ve been obvious that Mike was gay or, at least, a lot more experienced than I was with guys. Come on, he watched gay porn, enjoyed helping other guys get off, he’s so open and forward. Well, maybe I was just naive, or maybe I just wanted not to think about it, but I felt like it was the first time either of us had experimented with guys, although he seemed to know exactly what to say and what to do. I didn’t feel taken advantage of, or trapped. I was loving it and it just felt so good, so when he offered up the idea that we try a little of what we’re watching, I was more than game. I wondered what it felt like to be spanked by another man, especially as hot as he was. I pictured it in my head. My butt up in the air and his strong hand coming down hard on my butt. His bicep flexing as he reached up and back and swung down upon my cheeks. I was getting flushed just thinking about it. I thought that it would hurt, but it must feel better than it would hurt.

“I’ll go first,” he said, and he got off the bed and walked over to me. I knew I wanted to do it, but I was weak with excitement, or anxiety, whichever. I didn’t really know what he was doing or what to expect. I wasn’t sure if he meant he’d spank me first, or the other way around. He told me to come over to the edge of the bed. I did and he proceeded to lay his body over my lap. I started breathing heavy just from feeling his tight, hard body against mine. He skin was so hot and a little moist, as it touched mine.

He laid with his prick poking the bed in between my thighs and my hard-on resting flat against his hips. It was such an awesome sight. Here was a man’s butt right in front of me. I didn’t have to worry about anyone noticing that I was checking it out or totally into it. It was like two perfectly rounded hills with a hidden valley in between. It looked so smooth, but I didn’t have the courage to actually let loose and squeeze and feel his butt cheeks like I so wanted to.

“Go ahead, I’m ready,” he turned up and said to me, again with a suspicious smile.

I couldn’t believe I was going to do this, but there was no way I wasn’t. I raised my right hand and tapped his butt, not too hard, but enough to emit a smacking noise. It was like electricity. I felt this rush go through my whole body as my hand made contact with his left butt cheek. It felt like all the hairs on my body were standing straight up. He didn’t moan or jerk or anything, so I figured the next one could be harder. I reached back further, up to my head, and came down with a swift, firm smack. He let out a tense grunt, but didn’t act like it hurt. I slapped him again, this time his right cheek. I saw how you could see my handprint on his naked buttocks for a few seconds after each slap. I was enjoying it so much. It was such a new thrill for me. I continued on smacking his bare ass, harder each time, alternating between each cheek, then smacking both of them. I picked up speed and intensity. I knew he was feeling them now, as he jumped a little with each smack. His plump cheeks were starting to redden and the heat from his bottom I thought would burn my hand.

Smack! Smack!! Smack!!! I rained down three hard hits. He squirmed and grunted, rubbing his hips against my throbbing cock each time. I could feel his cock still hard in between my thighs. I could feel the tip of his dick rub against my thigh, leaving a small line of precome, as he jumped a little with the last slap. The last slap that seemed to echo throughout the whole room, the entire hotel. As if I just entered the situation, I instantly tensed up and felt uncomfortable. I worried that others would hear me spanking him. I started to sweat and my heart started beating faster than it already was. The air seemed so thick, and I swear that I could still hear that last slap reverberating around the room and ringing in my ears.

“Why you stoppin’, man? What’s wrong?” Mike said. His words shooting like a harpoon and dragging me out of my anxiety attack.

“Uh, nothin’. I’m alright. Just . . . uh . . .”

“Alright? You’re not even hard anymore. It was just starting to feel good, too.”

“Sorry, I . . .”

“Oh, I know what you’re doin’. Tryin’ to tease me a little, huh? Well, you know what happens to teasers don’t ya? They get their asses beat.”

with that he jumped off my lap, sat down, and had me over his lap in what seemed like a split-second. I felt like I just got off of a park merry-go-round. I didn’t know which way was up and which was down. My stomach felt a bit queasy. I felt vulnerable, with my butt turned up for everyone to see and my face stuffed into the bed. But I felt warm, too.

“No, I think people can hear us,” I chimed, in an endeavor to stave off my impending beating.

“Don’t worry. Nobody’ll hear. Unless you cry like a baby, anyway.”

It just seemed like seconds ago that I was in control and relishing the enjoyment of spanking Mike. Now, I was far from any control. I couldn’t control Mike, the situation, or my own emotions. Mike seemed mean and rough and insensitive. I was scared. Scared someone would suspect what was going on in here. Scared I wouldn’t like it. Scared Mike wouldn’t stop when I wanted him to. Scared I would cry. Scared . . .

“Just relax. You’ll love it,” Mike whispered into my ear, reassuringly. For a brief moment, I relaxed. I exhaled submissively and loosened up my flexed body.




Without warning, Mike attacked my bottom. No small slaps to begin with, to warm me up. No pauses in between to check how I was doing. He just wailed on my ass. And it hurt. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it would feel good, but all I could feel was the sting from his hand as it slapped my flesh. I was humiliated. Being spanked by a man, and not even taking it like a man. I jerked and winced after each slap.

Again, I heard the slaps echoing. I wanted to cry out for him to stop, but I couldn’t, for fear that someone was listening and would know what was going on. I tried to squirm away, but he gripped my hand and brought it behind my back, pinning me down. I flailed my legs and tried to push off the bed, but it didn’t matter. He had some kind of lockdown on me. All the while, he didn’t stop beating me, and beating me hard. I was about to let out a cry and plead for him to stop, when I realized something. Something that shocked me and made me go totally still and silent.

I had a huge hard-on.

How stupid I was. Here, my body was fully enjoying all of the sensations. The pain, the heat, the feeling of being dominated, the sexual energy that sparked each time he touch my bare ass, the blood that was rushing to the top of my skin, the sweat on my brow. My throbbing erection was proof, undeniable proof. Not only to me, but to Mike, as it rubbed against Mike’s thighs, which he kept close together so I could feel the friction and be stimulated even more every time that I jerked. He wasn’t stopping because he knew that I was enjoying it. The problem was my mind, my paranoia. I was preventing myself from deriving pleasure from something that I had only lived out in my dreams. How could I not like being over the knee of someone like Mike.

Intelligent and sexy with a perfect body. Yet, even as he continued to beat my ass, I now realized that he was gentle and caring. I wished I could’ve seen how it looked. Me over his knee and his muscular arm pounding me. His pecs flexing as he brought his hand down to deliver a stinging pain that was transformed somewhere between my butt and my brain into pleasure. Now, I started really enjoying it. I started moaning sensually and pushing my ass up to meet each hard whack. He picked up intensity, but only for a few more minutes. Then he stopped.

“Sorry, I gotta stop. My hand’s killin’ me and your ass has to be on fire,” Mike said, disappointingly, out of breath. “If you want, I can use somethin’ else?”

“Naw, that’s OK. I’m good.”

Mike was right. My ass was killing me, but my cock was still throbbing. I could feel it between his thighs. I started grinding my hips into his lap. He leaned back and started rubbing his cock against the side of my hip and butt. Then, I felt his hand on my tender butt. He grabbed it strongly and it felt like he was holding a flame to it. My cock hardened even more as he molded my sore behind with his strong hands.

“Oh, yeah . . . yeah . . . huuuuh . . . that feels so good,” I muttered in between my shallow breaths.

“Yeah, you have a fine ass,” Mike said, continuing to massage and soothe my tender butt. “Especially when it’s bright red.”

“Yeah, you like my ass, don’t you?”

“Yeah, it’s so tight and round. You would feel so good.”

I was so into what he was doing that I didn’t pick up on what he said. I just kept grinding away. When he slipped his fingers between my butt cheeks and quickly and lightly ran them up and down I was in pure ecstasy. It felt so good to be touched in such a deep, dark, unexplored area. When he stopped I made this whimpering sound, like a dog makes when you stop petting him. That was my plea for him to not stop stroking that area of pleasure so foreign to me. Then, I felt this awesome pressure in between my cheeks.

I thrusted back against what felt like his thumb. He pressed on my hole and it drove me wild. He steadily pulsed his thumb on my pleasure ring, pushing deeper each time I pushed back. I reached back and spread my cheeks to expose more of my hidden valley to him, granting him full access to the remotest part of my body, while still gyrating my hips. He pushed even deeper in and I could feel my anus gripping and releasing his thumb to his rhythm.

I couldn’t believe all of the sensations that I was feeling. My butt still was pleasurably sore from the earlier spanking. His thumb felt so good as he pushed it in me. My cock was racing to climax as I pumped it between his muscular thighs. His body felt so warm and solid as I lay upon his lap. My mind and body went into overload. I didn’t hold back this time, but let out a loud moan. I didn’t care if anyone heard. It felt so good.

“I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come. Yes . . . uh, uh, uh . . . uhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I groaned as I unloaded between his legs. It was so powerful, it almost hurt to come so hard, and I lay exhausted over his lap when I was finished.

“Sounds like you enjoyed that, dude.” Mike stated humorously, patting my butt. “I almost thought you weren’t into it. You had me worried for a moment.”

“Apparently, I am.” I replied, bashfully, peeling myself off of his lap and sitting up. I had myself worried for a moment, too. As I sat, my butt reminded me of its condition. “I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

I looked over to Mike. I stared at his face and, again, noticed the strong lines and manly look he had, even with that heart-melting smile. I was a little embarrassed for looking so long, but he didn’t stop smiling. I glanced down and saw a shimmering stream running down his chest and gathering around his navel. I looked at his softening wet prick and the juice that was thickening in his pubic hair.

“Looks like you enjoyed it just as much as I did, huh?” I asked.

“No doubt. That was awesome. Hey, I hate to admit it, but I’m starving and a little tired, too. Wanna get a shower and go out and get something to eat?”

Now that I thought about something else besides my sexual enjoyment, I realized that I, too, was famished, but I asked myself if it were a good idea for us to go together and get something to eat. I didn’t voice that to Mike, though.

“Why don’t we order room service or something? Stay in and have more time. I mean, your flight leaves tomorrow morning, right? So, we don’t want to waste any precious time that we could be doing . . . other things, you know? I want to return the favor.”

Mike liked the idea, and I was glad to show my willingness to satisfy him just as much as he did me. I was glad I didn’t have to face the outside world, too. Everything was just too perfect in the safe confines of the hotel room where I didn’t have to worry about disapproving looks, or feeling like everyone’s looking or staring at us, although they probably wouldn’t be.

We hopped in the shower and cleaned off, too tired and hungry to do more than just casually touch each other’s bodies. I felt so close to Mike. The closest and most intimate I’d been with anyone, male or female. We had some kind of connection, and it was more than physical. I reached out to him and gave him a hug.

It was awkward, but intense. We were face-to-face and Mike edged his lips close to mine and gave me a small, almost innocent, kiss. When I opened my eyes, Mike was grinning at me, still holding me close to him. He let go and I instantly felt a rush of cold air around my still moist body. As we continued drying off I thought how it all started. I was so glad that I decided to workout, even though I got frustrated and gave up on working out for the day. Funny, how it ended up I got a really good workout after all.

“What are you in the mood for?” inquired Mike.

I knew he was talking about food, but my mind raced to other things. I thought I sure could’ve went for some really good and hot…

Part two here

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