Erotic story: Winning chocolate

By Justin Balancier.

Laura and I were barely adults when we got married. Laura was eighteen, I was nineteen and our son Adam was a year old. Adam is now twenty and away at college. Jason, who is seventeen, is graduating from High School next June. Laura is a stay at home mom, who volunteers at a local hospital.

The construction business has me, Scott Dalison, steeped in a labyrinth of security for my family, and I may never find my way out. It’s all good though, we lack for nothing.

I earn more than decent living as an onsite construction foreman. It is normal for me to come home with sawdust, concrete and sweat on my clothes. My wife tells me I am a hunk, but she is known to exaggerate. My hair is sandy brown, hazel eyes and stand 5′ 10. At thirty nine years of age, one might say I’m on top of the game in pretty cool shape. At least, that’s what Laura says.

The house we own is a newly constructed colonial at the end of Font Clair Terrace, in Glendale, a North Baltimore suburb. Up to that time we were renters, but now property owners.

The property next to us belongs to Gibson – They are black. Their house is unique and constructed of wood, stone and glass. There is a rock wall along the back of their garage, with an iron gate leading to a well maintained garden. A sign hangs on the stone that reads – “Eddie’s Gate”

Eddie Gibson is a striking black man with the polished look of a saint. He is about my age maybe a year or two older and we get along like brothers. We help each other with yard work and hang out together shooting baskets and playing ball with our kids. We sometimes act like awkward teen agers when we are alone.

Eddie’s wife Madge is an attractive classy lady with a great personality, who dabbles in Real estate and is a terrific cook. She and Laura have become very close friends. The Gibson’s have two grown children – a guy and a girl. Daniel, has his own apartment, and is entering the National Guard next month. His sister Charlene is already in medical school; studying to become a doctor.

One afternoon Eddie was cutting his lawn shirtless wearing only shorts. He has legs like an athlete and I am a bit jealous. I took notice and wanted to see more. Don’t ask me why — I just did,

We have been neighbors for several years now and yet, over the last couple of months, I wanted to be near him as much as possible. I didn’t know it at the time, but Eddie was developing similar feelings towards me. But nobody talked about it. I’ll tell you how we discovered that.

The day when Eddie was mowing his lawn, I was wearing beige shorts and a green summer shirt. I wanted to ask him something, so I went next door. Before going however, I removed the shirt and went over bare-chested. It sounds dumb I know, but we are alpha dudes.

“Hey, bro — want some help” I asked Eddie.

“Naw, I’m almost finished but thanks any way” he replied.

“Hot day — want a beer” Eddie asked.


He stopped mowing and I followed him through the garage and into the kitchen. We sat at the kitchen counter. I was a little sweaty and my chest was moist. I sensed Eddie’s eyes looking at me in a cruising way. But I could be mistaken about that. He often looked that way.

“Bet I can beat you at arm wrestling” He said to me.

“Bet you can’t”

“You’re on dude. If I win you have to finish cutting my grass. Eddie said

“Ohh man, you have yourself a deal here, because you’re going to lose. Then you have to cut my lawn. Do we have a deal or no deal?-

“You’ll get your ass kicked on this one.” Eddie replied. “Sure bro, it’s a deal.”

“We’ll see,” I said

Eddie took my hand and touching him was electrifying. We were flesh to flesh using the countertop for support. His hand was stronger than I imagined it would be. We held tight and clasped our fingers together. He was strong but I was luckier and pushed his hand down to the table and won.

“Damn you’re good Scott – I didn’t think you could do that.”

“You’d be surprised at what I can do.”

Eddie’s scrutinize my face and we stared at one another saying nothing. He was still holding my hand and leaned into me pushing each other back and forth just a little.

Like a magnet and without hesitation he kissed me or maybe I kissed him. I don’t remember exactly. It was nothing faggy or passionate just a “so there!!” peck on the cheek. Hold on now, we’re not gay.

We took our beer bottles with us downstairs to the rec room and began wrestling around on the floor like a couple of guy scouts. Our shirts were off and our bodies were moist pressing against each other.

I wanted to touch him all over, but didn’t think it was a good idea. Then I started to get aroused and there was no hiding it. I put my hand between Eddie’s thighs in a wrestling move and he grabbed hold of my butt for leverage. Hs hand stayed there for what seemed a little longer than necessary then he flipped me over.

“Damn that’s sweet” — he said to me.

“Oh yeah,” not sure what he was calling sweet.

He never said another word but laughed. I thought he was joking about something.

We were up on our feet yanking arms and necks and trying to overpower one another. I placed my thigh firmly over the bulge in Eddie’s crotch and pressed on his legs in a wrestling maneuver.

We pulled each other down to the floor and I landed on top of his semi-nude body holding down his shoulders. He was smooth and exceptional to touch. I didn’t want to let go of his impressive black body. Nothing would have made me happier than rubbing him from head to toe. It was just something that I felt like doing.

We stayed in that position for a few seconds. Eddie didn’t struggle to shake me off. He laid there like he was resting with me on top of him. I could feel his cock growing under the weight of my dick resting on his crotch. And like always, we said nothing.

He jumped to his feet and we both stood up. “I gotta finish the lawn. I’ll be over to cut your grass tomorrow. I don’t know about you bro, you’re awfully strong today. You beat me twice in a row.” Eddie said

“I think you are letting me win.”

“Oh you do, huh?”

“Yeah” I mumbled – “I do”

I thought I never would be able to live out my fantasy of having him naked, but now it seemed obvious we were beginning to think alike. I found myself in uncharted waters and it was emotional. It was gay.

“Are you okay?” Eddie asked.

“Sure, I feel all right. You’d have to toss me around more than that to wear me down”

“I can do that, but the lawn needs finishing before Madge sees it.” “You’ve got yourself a toss around date bro” He said to me.


“Later bro.”

“It was an innocent way that Eddie and I connected. We have been neighbors for a long time. Now a physical attraction was beginning to emerge. I wasn’t sure how to handle it. I didn’t want to make an enemy out of my best friend. We certainly were not faggots. But maybe there’s a little gay in the best of us. – Who knows?

Madge had been showing new homes to perspective buyer for the last several days. It was a busy time for real estate and she loved doing this. Saturday was “Open House” for Property currently for sale and Madge got into the middle of everything.

Today Eddie was home alone in the garage tinkering with his car

Laura was slicing corn beef for lunch. It was noon. She was making sandwiches on homemade rye bread still warm from the oven.

“Scott, go see if Eddie would like to come over for lunch. I saw him earlier by the garage and I know that Madge is working.

“Can you go ask him? I’m not wearing shoes. I’ll finish slicing the beef.”

“Is he still in the garage?”

“Don’t know…I’ll text him”

I sent the following text to Eddie… “Corn beef sandwiches. Laura said to drag your ass over here and join us for lunch – no excuses”

Eddie was here a few minutes later. He and I sat at a small table in a bay window just off the kitchen. Laura brought in sandwiches, coffee and three mugs.

“Hon, can I help you with anything? I asked

“It’s under control – just have to get the potato salad” “Need anything else?” she called out.

“Don’t think so.” I replied – I turned to Eddie and asked “Do you need anything else?”

“I do – but you won’t find it in the kitchen.”

“Great corn beef”! Eddie said to Laura – “Corn Beef is my favorite.”

“I know, Madge said it was your favorite.”

Laura went back into the kitchen to get potato salad and napkins.

I whispered to Eddie – “I thought rump roast was your favorite.”

“Smart ass.” He replied


“Well what?

“Just talkin bro – just talking.”

“A-huh,” he mumbled taking a bite of his sandwich.

Eddie was wearing a pair of worn jeans (tight, I might add) and a clean white tee shirt. His dark bulging biceps against the snow white shirt was indeed a fetching sight. I was almost jealous, but the thought quickly faded.

I was dressed much the same only wearing shorts. I have the hard body of a man and hiker legs of a rock climber. The soft reddish-blond hair on my thighs peeked under the material. Eddie kidded me about being a hairy Scotsman, which of course I wasn’t. My chest was golden tanned without the seventy style chest hair. Maybe that was his attraction to me.

Underneath the table I brushed my leg up against his leg and neither of us moved. He placed his napkin on his lab and touched my thigh with his hand. I could feel him playing with the hair on my leg. He was definitely coming on to me and it excited me. I was petrified that Laura might see what was happening, but she paid no attention to us. Moments later, his hand was back on the table and only our knees were touching. We finished lunch with homemade cookies.

“Thanks for lunch Laura – just great” he said

I better get back to the garage, I’m trying to get a tire off and switch it with the spare. Do you have different size socket wrenches? Eddie asked me.

“Yup, I do -I have a complete set of socket wrenches. I will get them for you. Do you want any help with the spare?”

“Sure” he answered

We walked next door and went into the garage – only we didn’t stay in the garage, we moved into the house and sat on the floor. Eddie locked the door behind him.

“I want that” – I said looking at his crotch. I had spent a lot of time looking between his legs, and now I had the nerve to ask for it.

“I kinda had that suspicion. I know what you want” – He replied.

Eddie unsnapped his jeans and moved aside his under wear. His black cock came popping out from underneath and already growing hard. “Is this the chocolate you’re looking for?”

He was standing up and I was on my knees without thinking about it. I had never been a cock sucker before; but there are many things I have never done before. However this job came natural to me.

His cock was big – long black and big. I tried, but could not suck it that well. Over and over I tried to suck the juice out of him. Finally I got the knack of it. He closed his eyes pumping my face and telling me to suck it good. He clasped the back of my head with his hands. “C’mon take it… Your mouth feels great. Where did you learn that bro?” he asked

“I didn’t. I’m in neighbor training. I’m certainly not guided by experience, it’s my screwed up hormones and it’s my closeness to you” I answered

“Closeness to me? – Like how?” he asked

“Like you touching me. I welcome it, and bro you are the only dude I would let touch me”

“Okay – yeah okay…” He put both hand carefully on my head and held me like I was fragile. How ridiculous is that? I’m far from fragile.

Eddie leaned back arching his hips and slowly road my face like a bronco cowboy. His cock slid around exploring my mouth searching for the right spot to dump a load. “Hummm fuckkkk he mumbled.”

I gulped trying to take it, and trying to breathe. I was afraid I was slurping like a girl and I wanted to be firm like a man would do it. So I worked my slippery smooth tongue being tight with my lips, and not delicate about anything. This was fuckin easy now.

“Hold on — hold on brother,” he said to me. I’m getting awfully close and you are going to make me cum in your mouth if you’re not careful. And you wouldn’t like that”

“Go ahead and do it – I will like it, do it” – I managed to mumble with his cock still in my mouth.

“I will Scott – I will come in your mouth, but not this time.”

Instead he slid my shorts off and I was naked from the waist down. He touched between my legs.

“Scott bro, you’re quite a package. Real fine. I’m impressed” He took my dick into his mouth and his black lips held on to my cock like a vice. It felt wonderful and all the time blowing me, he was fingering my butt hole. I didn’t complain, I let him do it. He was an alpha stud and I was his equal. Alpha’s need to fuck and I wanted him. I was game for anything.

I never had cock inside me, but I liked the feeling of something in my ass as long as it wasn’t too big. Up to now, it had only been a finger (well, a couple of my fingers) in the solitude of the night when I am alone. As a younger guy, I would slide a greased pealed banana up there and fantasize about getting fucked. But it was something I never told my friends about. I didn’t want to be labeled a queer.

“You want to fuck me — don’t you Eddie?

“Certainly do bro and badly man. – I watch you walking around your pool showing off that fine-looking butt and I have been secretly aching to get a piece of that, even tho I knew it would never happen” He confessed.

“I never thought he would say something like this – but, it sounds okay to me. Take my butt and use it man” I told him

“You sure?”

“I’m sure” I answered. “I think about it a lot.”

“That’s weird bro” – he said to me.

“Weird!!! “Why? Are you upset? I’m not a faggot man. If you’re pissed at me…”

“Scott, don’t go getting funky on me now. “I thought it was weird that we were thinking alike. We do things together. I gotta fuck you man.” He said

“Are you game” – Eddie asked rubbing the hard cheeks of my ass.

“Feel free to have what you imagine” I said

“Can you imagine this black cock inside you?”

“I suspect that I’m about to find out. Yup, I can take you bro, just go easy.”

I didn’t especially care to have that tar pole shoved inside me, without knowing whether I could take it or not. But I wanted to try.

I stretched out on the floor and Eddie stared at me with a unique look. “Scott, – you’re awesome man – fuckin cool body. I can’t believe that I’m getting this, tear this shit up.”

“Just don’t tear up my ass too much. I have to go back home still in one piece looking clean with no fuck stains in the shorts”

“I will stop anytime you want. We do have a shower in this house you know…so cool it.”

He ran his hands up and down my body, squeezing my nipples and touching my crotch. He squeezed my thighs and rubbed my legs clear to my ankles. It felt like he was taking inventory of my body with his strong hands worshipping me. No woman would ever do that.

“Roll over Scott” he said and reversed me lying face down. He stuck a yellow sofa pillow under my stomach and began kissing the cheeks of my ass. (Maybe he was licking. I couldn’t tell) He lubed my hole and started finger fucking me. First one finger – then two and eventually three fingers went inside me.

“How we doing?” He asked

“What do you mean, We” – “You aren’t the one with a hand stuck in your ass” I said jokingly.

Eddie cracked a shitty grin and pushed my legs further apart. This must be what it feels like getting raped, only I was looking forward to it. In a matter of seconds, his fingers were gone and his cock was going inside me. And I didn’t like it… It was big and he stretched me going in which hurt. Jesus I thought, “why do gay men think fucking is so great?” It wasn’t long before I found out.

“Easy – easy – man, let me get used to it – your cock is hard. This hurts like hell.”

“It’s supposed to be hard, you dumb shit.”

My thoughts went back to the banana I pushed in there when I was a kid, but this certainly was no banana. This really hurt.

Eddie stopped but left his cock inside my lubricated hole. He began rubbing my back with his hands and told me to relax. “You’re too tense, Scott. Relax, I won’t hurt you – never – never would I hurt my crackle brother” he said to me.

“Yeah, well…Tell that to my ass.” Anyway, I relaxed completely and let Eddie have his way with me.

He worked his black magic the rest of the way inside me, and didn’t move. I didn’t move either. He stayed lying face down on my back filling me like a corked bottle. With his face next to mine and I could feel his breathing on my neck. The pain was gone and it felt okay having Eddie inside me. In fact, it felt good, really good.

He pounded away, hung on to my hips, bit into the back of my neck and his breathing increased like a marathon runner. I knew enough about fucking to `fuck back’ so I rose to meet every thrust. That good feeling turned to unbelievable. I was on the edge of shooting my load by not touching myself. I thought guys need to be stroked in order to get off. Didn’t know it could happen with a dick inside ones butt. Jesus, I loved this feeling.

“Oh God ” Eddie screamed as he unloaded a burst of cum that filled my ass to capacity. His cock kept pulsating emptying deep inside me. I could feel his cum flooding me and it excited me in a whole new way sexually. I raised my butt off the floor accepting every drop. He pulled out slowly and dropped down beside me. He cradled my hips between his thighs and rested across my naked back. “Fuckin awesome”, he mumbled and hugged me tight.

Eddie held my cock and began to stroke it. “I will get you off,” he said.

His hand was forceful and his stroking made me feel wonderful; so I just rested and let him go to town on my raging dick. It didn’t take long before I was spurting gobs of cum on my arm and chest. My warm juice trickled down into my pubic hair.

“Phew – look what you made me do” I said to him. That was probably the worst comment I could ever come up with. It was stupid and so dumb. I wish I hadn’t said it.

“Feel better?” He asked “You shot a hot load there, never taking his attention off my body. The twinkle in his eyes returned. It was always there especially when he looked at me. This is wild and crazy. I thought to myself…”Jesus, now I’m gay and fuckin around with a queer neighbor.” But that thought didn’t last long either. It was all good.

I reached for a tissue to wipe the `sticky cum’ off my chest and Eddie caught my hand in mid-air.

“Let me do that,” and wiped away the spent cum sticking to my chest and legs. “Awesome cool – Eddie mumbled and kissed my stomach and licked the head of my cock which was beginning to soften and pushed out the last drop of cum. The drop disappeared inside his mouth.

Liquid was beginning to leak from my butt and I didn’t want to get it on the carpet. I had a lot of little sperm guys swimming around in my ass, so I wiped my crack with a paper towel and got up rather wobbly to my feet.

“I have to get out of here and go hit the shower” I said

`Me too” he answered. “You can shower here and we can do it together”

“Ummm that’s not a good idea. I wouldn’t want anyone to catch us together in the shower. “I better go home”

“Sure – good thinking” Eddie agreed

I wiped one more time and was pulling my shorts up when Eddie turned me around. For a split second I felt something was wrong. It was a different type of look and I felt uneasy.

“Seriously, Scott I have to know that everything is still okay between us.”

“Absolutely everything is perfect. Geeze bro, don’t scare me” I replied

“I hope so. You are my best friend and that’s important to me. After all, I just fucked you bro and my nutt juice is leaking out of you.”

“I know, let it leak, you’re not getting it back. It’s Important to me too – extremely important.” I turned around and whispered in his ear – “faggot”

He laughed and slapped me on the ass – “get outta here”

I left and ambled over the freshly cut grass. I was alive in ways I didn’t think were possible.

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