Erotic story: Tight end for wide receiver

By Jean-Luc Aim.

“Ummm! Yeah! Fuck me, dawg!”

That was the sound of the bottom getting his hole drilled by the big-dicked top. My eyes were half-closed as I watched the scene unfold on my laptop; a bright glow in my dark room. It was about 9pm and I was horny as fuck. I stroked my fat 9.5 inch dick, stopping to squirt more lube on my encircling fist as I was circumcised. We’d been on a road trip for the last three days and had only arrived back on the grounds of Narcissus College that morning.

I was a tight end for the Narcissus Neons. I stood 6’3 and weighed in at 230 lbs. Nearly the entire team was black, and dark-skinned. I was one of the few lighter-skinned bruthas. But I didn’t mind. I loved dark-chocolate. In the stillness of my room at our Neons frat house, I stroked my dick faster; the earbuds in with volume up high. I was practically in the scene with those two bruthas. Then, I heard a floorboard creak loudly. I jumped up and saw my teammate, Mikey, standing there.

Mikey was a wide receiver. He was a sexy dark-skinned dude: 6’1, 209 lbs; and in that moment I finally figured out just how big his dick was. I’d always seen it dangling when we were all naked together in the locker room but had never seen it hard. He stood in the doorway to my room, partly illuminated by the hallway light and the silver moonlight streaming in through my curtains. His thick 8-inch dick was in his hand, his shorts (the only article of clothing he was wearing) pulled halfway down his thighs.

“Shit, Mikey. What…?”

“Shut up, Dre,” he said quietly. He walked over to where I sat on the edge of my bed and pressed his dick to my lips. “Suck it.”

Without a second thought, I engulfed his fat dark dick. He was uncut, and I felt the foreskin slip backward over the corona. He moaned and clamped a hand to the back of my head. I gave in and swallowed more of his shaft. Fuck it! It was no time to be modest. I swallowed him to the root like a cock-hungry whore. I hadn’t cum in nearly three weeks and it was an opportunity like no other. I moaned satisfaction.

“Damn, Dre! Fuck!” he breathed, holding my head still and fucking my face.

I relaxed my muscles and let him slide back and forth through my throat until spit dribbled from my lips. He pulled his dick free and it was coated with my drooling saliva. He leaned down and kissed me. I dragged him onto the bed and we got in 69 position.

“Ooooooh damn!” I moaned.

His mouth was talented. I watched him bob up and down the length of my shaft for a few moments before resuming my work on his. I moaned. He moaned. My dick throbbed. I sunk a wet finger into his hair-rimmed ass and he moaned deeply. I felt like I was going to cum right then and there. I pulled free of his lips and positioned him on his back, legs up. He cooed when I dug my face in his ass. He had just showered too. I could smell that moisturizing body wash he always used. I went all out, sucking and tongue-fucking until he was begging me to stop; his legs vibrating and his dick dripping precum.

I pressed my cock-head to his hairy hole. I looked into his eyes and he nodded. I pushed forward slow. The head barely wedged inside and he winced. I reached over near my laptop and took up the lube. I fingered some into his ass then smeared plenty on my dick. I tried again. He still winced but I got most of the head in. I slowly moved back and forth, easing my way in.

“Wait, wait. Stop!” he yelled. I pulled back and he jumped to his feet; his hand covering his ass. “Your dick is fucking big!” he chuckled.

I lay on my back, my hard dick standing straight up. He took the opportunity to straddle my waist. He aimed my dick at his hole and pushed back. I entered him slower than I would have liked but it felt damned good as he took the head and a few more inches without complaint. I gripped his firm round buttocks and moaned as more of my dick slid up inside him.

“Oh fuck, Dre. You’re all the way in me,” he whispered.

“Yeah, Mikey. Ride my dick.”

Slowly, he moved up and down my fat hard pole. I pushed my hips upward but he shook his head.

“Nuh-uh! You stay still, bruh,” he said.

He arrested my hands above my head and rode faster. I closed my eyes and savored the pleasure of his tight, warm, wet ass sucking on my dick; clenching and releasing as he got into his rhythm. I locked my hands behind my head as he got into squat position and impaled himself on my dick. I was so fucking hard that it hurt. His ass felt so silky smooth. I knew I was going to nutt if he kept riding me like that.

“Oh fuck, Dre!” he grunted, rolling off my dick and onto the bed. “That dick good!”

“Want some more?” I asked.

“Gimme a break for a minute.”

“Ok. Eat my ass while you’re waiting,” I said, pulling my knees to my chest and exposing my hole.

He grinned. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, knelt and feasted. Fuck! He knew how to eat ass. He spread my cheeks and sunk his tongue in deep. He kissed, licked and sucked. My hole tingled with pleasure, and opened up as he pressed two fingers all the way inside me.

“You gonna let me fuck?” he asked.

“Hell yea!”

He lubed up his fat dick and my hole then pressed in. He sank in smoothly; my hole more accustomed to getting drilled out than his. He grunted deep and manly with every thrust. He pushed me up on the bed to get better leverage and his dick slipped balls-deep in me.

“Yea, Mikey! Fuck me,” I whispered.

He leaned down and kissed me. I sucked on his tongue and grunted into his mouth as his thrusts became more powerful. He was lancing through me like a hot knife through butter; pulling almost completely out before ramming his full length back inside. I locked my legs over his neck and he got into squat position.

“Ahhhhh fuck! Daaaaamn, Mikey!” I groaned.

Mikey was pounding me good and deep. His pelvis slapped against my buttocks. His dick hit my spot. My dick throbbed like crazy. I reached up and tweaked his nipples. He hammered me faster. His eyes closed. He grunted then roared; slamming deep inside me. I felt his dick pulsing, flooding my ass. He collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. We kissed gently then he pulled out.

My dick was still hard as steel. Mikey sucked on the protruding buds I had for nipples. I loved getting my nipples sucked. I moaned and gasped, stroking my dick faster and thrusting upward; fucking my fist.

“I’m gonna nutt!” I gasped.

Mikey swiftly straddled my waist and impaled himself on my dick. I slammed upward for a few thrusts, and he cried out in pain-filled pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck, Mikey! Ugggghhhhhhh fuuuuck!” I bellowed, erupting inside of him.

He leaned down and kissed me. I sucked hungrily on his lips, cupping his round ass-cheeks; jiggling them; slapping them. I slowly churned my hard dick in his ass until he rose up off me; cum dripping from his pouted hole. He rested on his back with his hand guarding his hole; which no doubt felt the mix of pleasure and discomfort that a proper fucking always brought. I pulled Mikey to his feet. It was after 11pm, nearly midnight. The frat house would be asleep after the road trip we’d had. Boldly, we walked naked to the shared bathroom at the end of the hallway.

Mikey and I made out for what seemed like hours under the cascade of warm water; hands exploring; dicks hard like two thick logs. Nipples, dicks, assholes, even fingers and toes all got taken care of orally once we returned to the bedroom. I won’t reveal who was the more dominant top but by the time we were done, both our assholes were aching.

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