Erotic story: There for everyone to see

By Gearlikeglass

“If you love me right. We fuck for life. On and on and on.” – Tove Lo (Talking Body, 2014)

I fucking hate gym class. I’m sorry, Physical Education. Gym teachers get pissed when you don’t call it Physical Education, so I make the extra effort to call it gym. I was always picked on and usually picked last. I was probably the worst at dodge-ball, which they made us play with volleyballs every time it rained. It was raining today. But at least now gym was over and I can get on with my life.

You wouldn’t think I would hate gym, but gym teachers are dicks except to their pet athletes and every kid in the class seems to turn into a dick when the game is on. You would think I’d be considered kind of a jock. I swim, so I’m not in the in crowd with the football players and all that. I’m an ok swimmer, but nowhere near the best on the tem. I usually end up on B relays, and the best I can do is third or fourth place in a race, but it’s still a lot of fun. I’m a nerd too. I read and study and do well in school. I guess I identify more with the nerds.

My name’s Cam Couty. It’s really Cameron, but everyone calls me Cam. I’m only a sophomore, but by drinking protein shakes and working out hard with the team, I’ve started looking a little better. I catch my reflection in the mirror and sometimes I don’t know who’s looking back at me. Sometimes I think girls do double takes in the hallway. I think I’ve caught some guys too.

The problem is, it’s when I think the guys are looking that my heart flutters. The problem is, Nolan Point, the captain of the swim team, is the one that makes my heart flutter most. He’s the one that struts around the pool and the school like he owns the place, which he practically does. He’s the one that I imagine above me, grinding into me and my balls ache and my dick is as hard as steel and then he grinds into me with one more stroke and I’m right on the edge and I shoot and shoot and shoot. See what he does to me? The problem is, he doesn’t even know I exist. The problem is, the closest we ever get is when he’s three lanes away at practice.

He stands on the pool deck in his wild patterned, just a little baggy, Tyr drag suit. He is cocky, proud, adorable, and unbelievably hot. A tiny sliver of black Speedo shows above and underneath the drag suit and contrasts with his bronze skin. How he looks so tan in the middle of winter is a mystery to me. He has the swimsuits slung low enough on his hips to be almost criminal. Even though he wears two suits and one of them is loose, his balls, his bulge, and the head of his dick are all clearly visible.

In my fantasy, there’s the usual splashing and training and the coach yelling and I tightly close my eyes and will it all away. When I open my eyes, they’re all gone. Everyone has vanished. Except Nolan Point. He stands, hands on his hips, goggles tucked under his leg band and hanging down toward the deck. He looks at me and tips his head back twice, inviting me forward. I am hypnotized and cannot resist the draw. Good sense keeps me at a safe distance, but close enough that when I outstretch my arm I can just reach his chest, which I graze with my fingertips all the way from his collarbone to his navel. I have to shuffle a bit closer to reach lower.

My finger slows as I hit his treasure trail. Tufts of blond match his skintone. Camouflaged by being the same color, I didn’t realize how thick it was as I continue the trace downward. Time slows until I reach the knot that barely keeps his suit on. Time stops but I don’t. The waistband is loose enough I can pull it out toward me and see without obstruction what Nolan really doesn’t try to hide. It’s gorgeous, tucked neatly and barely fitting in the pouch. I don’t get long to stare, though the image is burned indelibly into my mind. He grasps my waist and tugs me roughly in toward him so that first our mesh covered cocks touch, then our chests, then as much of us as possible.

The object of my passion has got me feeling strong but vulnerable and I go totally limp in the effort to let him know he can do, he can take, he can have anything he wants. It’s not so much that he’s aggressive, it’s that he’s unstoppable. He’s not just keeping his attention on my mouth. He’s biting at my jawline, my neck, licking at my cheek, running his fingers through my hair. He’s doing everything at once and my brain is so overloaded, I can’t do a thing. Maybe it’s better that way. There’s heat everywhere, and I feel Nolan stiffen and lengthen. I’ve been hard all along.

The head of his cock manages to poke itself out of his drag suit. I feel like I am melting into the floor, then I realize I’m only melting to my knees so I can pay attention to the part of him that’s been exposed. I’ve never had my lips on a cock before but I’ve run through it in my mind so many times you could probably still consider me an expert. I touch the opening at his tip and pull precum up and up and a bead forms in the middle of the strand. I let it fall onto my tongue then suck my finger clean. It’s sweet and fills my senses.

I’m so excited I’m shaking, and I dive back onto Nolan, hooking the fingers of both hands into his swimsuit waistband and weighting it down for better access. Once I manage to pop his cock out I’m able to swallow down and fill my face. I suck and suck, dragging my tongue back and forth along the shaft on every upstroke. Nolan never says a word. He doesn’t have to. I can read his eyes. When mine meet his, he twists his head and manages a blissful smile. There’s more than him just getting sucked off in his expression. There’s more than a hint of love.

“Cam? CAM!” A voice snaps me out of my fantasy and back into mundane real life. Another problem. Mundane real life has me sitting on a locker room bench after gym class sporting an obviously raging hard on. Mundane real life has two wrestlers in front of me. Daydreaming in the locker room is never a good idea. I slowly become aware of laughing and it’s directed at me.

“Our little fag has a boner.” Hey. I’m not a fag. Wait. How do they know I’m a fag? My mind races and the wiring between my brain and mouth is struggling to keep up. All I do is stammer nonsense.

“Aw. He’s probably daydreaming about Point’s cock again.” Hey. How do they know I’m daydreaming about Point’s cock?

I stand, in an effort to conceal my excitement and defuse the situation. Not the best idea I’ve ever had. I concentrated to try to freeze time and make everyone disappear like I do with Nolan. It didn’t work.

“Stay the fuck away from us, homo.” The two wrestlers came closer and one pushed me. Hard. I fell over my feet and tripped, striking my head on the bench. Everything went black. My eyes opened back up reflexively, immediately. Though it seemed like only an instant, a lot of time must have passed. The wrestlers were gone and the locker room was empty. I stayed curled in a heap on the floor, their words ringing in my ears. There was no way they could have known. How could they have known? I am a fag. I am a homo. I am madly in lust with Nolan Point.

Coming to and clearing my head was an effort of will. As I challenged to focus, I noticed something on the bottom of the bench. There was a heart and two names, Allen and Corey, scratched into the wood. I traced the heart with my fingertip and felt my body tingle. I think I know who they are. The only Corey I knew graduated from Central two years ago. I was in eighth grade and was swimming JV. He beat this kid Allen and won the state championship for Central. Could they have? Were they? Empty hollow voices and footfalls echoed through what I was sure was an empty room. I could barely make them out at first but they soon became clearer.

“…yesterday…amazing…we did was so fucking cool…”

The voices got louder, as did their steps.

“I’m part of you now, Corey. We’re brothers. We have a bond that can’t be broken,” one of the voices said.

“When can we do it again?” said the other.

“Whenever the fuck you want.”

Two of the hottest swimjocks I could possibly imagine emerged into my view, towels draped around their necks. They sported chlorine kissed hair, broad shoulders, fine muscles that showed every line, strongly outlined pecs leading to abs ridged enough to show shadows, and cum gutters that left enough space between skin and swimsuit that if you soaked them, it would dribble right down through the hole and disappear. They stepped over me as if I wasn’t even there and began fumbling over their combination locks, continuing their conversation.

From my vantage point on the floor, they both looked bigger than life. Both went about their business as if it were perfectly normal to have a kid on the floor under their feet. They tied their towels around their waists in a loop and dropped their swimsuits. It was a hell of a view. I figured I’d break the awkward silence, even though it only seemed to be awkward for me. “Uh, hi.”

The two studs immediately stopped what they were doing and looked down on me. “Hey, what’s up?” they said simultaneously. It was as if play had been pressed on a recording.

“I’m Corey.”

“I’m Allen.”

Two hands reached down to lift me to my feet and steadied me as I stumbled back and forth, regaining confidence in my legs.

“Um, you’re the two who…”

“Fucked on that bench. Yeah.” Allen was clearly into letting me know.

I choked. “Not exactly what I was going to say.”

“No. I’m sure not,” Corey said, comfortingly. “Welcome to our world, Cam. What you’re part of is a very specific kind of residual, intelligent haunting. The intensity of what happened here is imprinted on this place. Actually, that bench there.” Corey pointed at the bench I had been under. “When we’re through, go look up ‘Stone Tape theory’.”

“How do you know my name?” I asked

“Because we are then and we are now,” Corey answered. “There’s a lot of good energy here. It gives us everything we need. It tells us things. It told us you needed our help. You may not believe it but we fuck on that bench constantly. Forever.”

“You must be in heaven.” I swooned.

“We are. But we’re also very much alive. We’re already ghosts and we aren’t even dead,” Corey said. Corey and Allen high-fived at their realization.

“So why did you call on us?” Allen pressed.

“I don’t need…I mean, I…” As I answered, Allen and Corey put an arm around each other, and the lifting of their hips was enough to make their loosely tucked towels fall to the floor.

“Maybe we could start by helping each other out?” The pair tipped their heads toward their cocks, which were rapidly inflating.

Just like they pulled me off the floor, this time they pulled me into them. My first kiss with a guy. And it was with guys. Hot as fuck guys. Two tongues wrestled in the embrace to start. Then I got my bold on and it was three tongues writhing and slurping around.

“Our guy is coming out of his shell,” Corey mumbled.

“And still dressed. Let’s get Cam more comfortable,” Allen added. They lifted my shirt over my head and yanked at my shoes and pants. I marveled at Allen and Corey. Allen was six inches of marble, heavily veined, and so hard the head of his cock was nearly flush against his navel. Corey was a shade or two darker, with a thicker, darker bush, and an equally hard but less vertical hard-on. With shaking hands, I reached out to grab both of them.

“See Corey,” Allen gasped, “he’s a natural.” Allen and Corey both reached out to grab mine.

Allen pointed at Corey and wagged his finger, causing Corey to nod in response. Corey let go of my cock and moved behind me, kicking his towel across the floor as he did. I kept shuddering from the attention my cock was getting. Allen made it better, bending down, grasping my sack, and engulfing me. At that same moment, there was a teasing lick and bite behind me. Then a diving tongue. A tongue licking at my hole, sopping it with spit, teeth nibbling at my ring. I had no idea I would love it so much.

“Fuck baseball. Why isn’t this our national pastime?” I thought I had said it in my head but apparently I had blurted it out, because Allen and Corey both laughed. The feel of them laughing on my cock and asshole was amazing.

Allen pulled off for a moment and winked. “We know everything you’re thinking.”

“Everything?” I questioned, suspiciously.

“You want us both to fuck you,” Allen said.

“Probably a lucky guess.” While Allen and I talked, Corey kept digging deeper into my hole, tracing it with his finger and then spearing back in, causing me to twitch.

“You have a fantasy where you tightly close your eyes and will everyone away. When you open your eyes, they’re all gone. Everyone has vanished. Except Nolan Point.

“Fuck me,” I said, not in the way that I was asking him to fuck me, rather with that hushed monotone drawl you use when you are in absolute disbelief.

“We’re here to help you, not fuck you. Besides, breaking in your hole is Point’s job.”

Allen went back down on my cock. I held on to his split ends for dear life as he slurped the precum that was draining from my slit, spreading it wide with his tongue in an effort to get it all. A strand was leaking from Allen too, swinging obscenely from the ridge of his cock head. I swiped at it with my index finger and brought it to my lips. The taste was enough to bring me to the edge. The tongue ramming into my hole was enough to push me over.

“Allen. Allen. Slow down. No. Stop. Corey. Corey. I’m coming. I’m cummmmming.” Allen had no intention of slowing down or stopping. Neither did Corey. My whole body convulsed as I pitched headlong into the best feeling I’d ever had. All I could do was whimper and shout “Fuck!” over and over. Allen kept sucking and added a deep growls as he pulled out the last few drops. My cock twitched uncontrollably and I gasped for air as my orgasm subsided.

Allen stood and put his lips to mine, squeezing my load through his teeth. We roughly swapped the snowball back and forth. It took a few seconds, but Corey joined in the sharing. Enough spit had been added that there was plenty to split three ways.

“Ours,” Allen hissed, quickly sucking everything he could from me, giving me a push out of the way, and continuing the kiss with Corey. They could tell what their rejection did to me.

“Don’t feel bad, Cam. We need yours, you need ours.” They made a big production of swallowing then each wiped their mouth clean with the back of their hand. “You good to go?”

I nodded ascent while Allen and Corey pushed me to my knees on the towel. We made eye contact as they towered over me. Allen grabbed my head with his gigantic hands and kept it in place. I instinctively knew I’d better open wide and loosen my throat. They slipped their cocks into my mouth. Allen had to push down on his to guide it in because it was so stiff. They started slow, real slow, only half plunging, letting me get used to them. They picked up their pace, moaning and grunting as they did. My jaw was aching, from their steel forcing open my mouth and their balls slapping against my chin. It was awesome. I was loving every minute of their pounding lip stretching and face-fucking.

“I’m about ready, Cam. We have to shoot at the same time. You’re going to have to swallow it all at once. That’s important.” I was hardly in a position to argue. Why would I even want to? “You ready, Corey?”

“Yeah, I’m close. He’s working on me hardcore. This kid is fucking amazing.” I beamed with pride, though you probably wouldn’t be able to tell because I was gagging, choking, and tears were streaming out of my eyes. Then I braced myself. “Aw fuck. Fuck. FUCK. Here it comes,” Corey warned.

“Take it,” Allen snarled.

I felt their cocks pulse and struggled to make sure I caught everything that was shooting and pouring and filling me up. I was able to keep the suck on while not spilling a drop. Allen leaned in close to my ear. “Nolan Point has a crush on you, Cam Couty.” He put his palm on the top of my head and his fingertips on my chin to close my mouth. “Now. Swallow.” He used his thumb and index finger on my neck to be sure I did.

I wouldn’t dream of wasting a drop. As soon as their seed slid down my throat, it was as if I was jolted by a thunderclap and a massive electric shock. I bolted upright from the floor, fully clothed, soaking wet, with the inside of my mouth bitter and tingling.

I stumbled through the locker room dazed. I managed to get to a sink so I could splash some water on my face. I could scarcely recognize what I saw in the mirror. What stared back was fucking hot. What stared back was a stud, every bit the stud as Allen and Corey. Ten more pounds of lean muscle than I remembered, which made me look more like a senior, a college senior, than a high school sophomore. Was I transformed by Allen and Corey or did they merely cultivate my own newfound confidence? Whatever it was, it fucking rocked. I flexed and stretched the cuffs of my shirt sleeves.

The door to the locker room groaned like it always did and then a couple times more as my teammates filed in to get ready for practice. I splashed my face again to clear my head. I needed to get ready too. Instead of moving to be with my usual friends, I headed back to where I had encountered Allen and Corey. I went to where Nolan was. Instead of swimming with the B group, I jumped into the A group. I went to where Nolan was. Though it was unspoken, I lingered in the shower instead of racing out as fast as I could like I usually did. So did Nolan. We wound up being the last ones getting dressed. I sensed opportunity.

A fold and roll of my towel turned it into a rat-tail, a formidable locker room weapon. As Nolan was modestly facing away, I popped him on his back with a flick of my wrist. He turned to face me with a start, his soft cock slapping against his thigh underneath his boxers.

“Fuuuuuuck me,” he cringed, arching his back at the sting.

Emboldened by his demand, I bored my eyes into his. The pause was incredibly uncomfortable and absolutely dripping with tension.

“You want me to, Nolan?” I delivered the line without even the slightest hint I was joking.

“Dude, what the?” Nolan laughed nervously.

“Or maybe you want to fuck me. Wanna wrestle for it?”

His laughter subsided. Our game had suddenly become deadly serious, and Nolan’s seriousness matched my own.

I shed the towel and went into my best, over the top, grappler wrestler pose, crouched with one foot in front of the other and both hands clawed forward. Hesitant at first, Nolan mirrored my stance and we shuffled toward each other in approach. It wasn’t until my hands were draped over his shoulders that I fully realized the situation we were in. We both figured it out at the same time. He pulled to escape but without much effort. I grasped him hard. He pulled back some more, but really halfheartedly. I just grasped him harder until I prevailed. I brought his lips closer, so they could press into me.

Nolan is unstoppable, and he’s exactly as I thought he would be in my fantasy. He’s not just keeping his attention on my mouth. He’s biting at my jawline, my neck, licking at my cheek, running his fingers through my hair. He’s doing everything at once and even though my brain is so overloaded…I am able to do the same right back. Tired of standing, we moved to the floor, spreading out and lying on the towel.

In the middle of our heavy petting and crazy make out session, I stopped dead in my tracks.

“There’s something we have to do, Nolan.” I fished a key out of my swim bag and went back down on the floor, sliding under the bench that was next to Allen and Corey’s. “That one’s theirs. This one’s ours.”

“Huh?” Nolan had no idea what I was talking about.

As neatly as I could, I scratched a heart into the wood. Then I scratched the name Nolan. I handed him the key and he scratched the name Cam. I didn’t have to say a word.

“Nolan Point. Give me a kiss for luck before every race. Go to prom with me. Be my first.” He put his finger to my lips. “Yes, yes, and yes.” He paused. You and I have started a journey, Cam Couty.” Nolan moved his finger from my lips to brush the hair out of my eyes. I lifted my head to meet his gaze. “Look at me, Cam.” He gently stroked my forehead. “A spectacular journey. A journey together.” He wiped away the tear that was rolling down my cheek. “A journey that is there for everyone to see. A journey that won’t ever end. Are you ready to take it with me?”

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