Erotic story: The Jocks series, part 4

By Mark James

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We had an away game in another city and were paired 2 to a room. My roomy was Augie. So far as I knew he was straight as an arrow although according to Jerry he was never averse to having his cock sucked.

Erotic story: The Jocks series, part 4

By the time we arrived, got checked in and ate dinner it was late. The team had a 10:00 P. M. curfew so nobody was going out on the town tonight.

I walked into the room and there was Augie lying on the bed with his legs spread wide and his cock standing erect between his legs. He was watching a straight porn film on the TV. His arms were lying on the bed and he was using his groin muscles to make his 8″ uncut cock flip up and down.

“Hi, Tommy.”

“Hi. I can see you are having your own party.”

My own cock had come to attention immediately upon seeing him lying on the bed and was certainly visible.

“Yeah man, I’m horny. I don’t know why but being in a hotel room always makes me horny and so does the tension before a game. If I don’t do something about it I will never go to sleep tonight. Just ignore me.” He said as he started jacking his cock.

“It’s a little hard to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room,” I said as I took off my clothes.

“What 800 pound gorilla?” he said.

Augie wasn’t the brightest guy in the world.

“I meant it’s hard to ignore you lying on the bed jacking off.”

“Yeah your cock seems to agree. It’s as hard as mine. Does my hard cock turn you on?”

“Well something certainly has.”

“You want to help me out. There is a rumor going around that you not straight at all and that you have finally come out of the closet. Is there any truth to that?”


“Good because I could use a good blowjob right now. Why don’t you blow me?”

“I thought you were straight.”

“I am. I don’t want your cock, but you obviously want mine and I’d never mind a good blow job. Are you any good at sucking cock?”

“I don’t really know. I’ve had no complaints.”

“That’s what I heard.”

He brought his feet up to just below his butt and let them splay out sideways, thus spotlighting his large erect cock.

“Kneel right here man and blow me.”

So I did. I knelt on the bed between his legs and went down on his cock and took it in my throat all the way to his pubic hair as I fondled his balls with my fingers and then drew my lips slowly up and down his shaft.

“Oh fuck, yeah man, that’s the way to suck cock.”

I don’t know what he expected but it wasn’t what I was giving him. He must have been ready to pop because after just a few minutes of my hot mouth on his cock he was ready to come. So I stopped sucking.

“Fuck man, why did you stop,” he said as he tried to grab his cock to finish himself off.

“No,” I said as I grabbed his hand and prevented him from jacking himself.

“What do mean no, mother fucker. It’s my cock.”

“And you asked me to suck it. Are you gonna let me or are you gonna just jack off the first chance you get?” “You’re right, sorry.”

I put my hand around his cock, and used my thumb to spread the pre-cum oozing out of his cock around the head of his cock.

His body jerked and he said, “Fuck man, oh yeah, do that some more.

I leaned over and licked his cock up one side and down the other and then I licked the head of his cock. Then I slid my lips around his cock again and took him to the hilt and held him there and licked his shaft.

He pushed down on my head and said, “Oh, I love it when you do that.”

I left his cock and sucked and licked on his balls, sucking each one in and out of my mouth.

I pushed his legs up over his torso and massaged and licked on his perineum.

My tongue slipped into the crack of his ass and licked on his asshole.

“Oh, God, fucking shit, no way.”

I alternated between licking his balls, his perineum and the crack of his ass for about 10 minutes. I pushed his legs up over his head, spread his cheeks and licked and sucked on his asshole.

His cock was pointed right at his mouth, not a quarter of an inch away. I reached into his crack with my thumbs and pried open his anus and stuck my tongue up it as far as I could and pushed on his hips as I did so, driving the head of his cock into his mouth.

He just opened his mouth and sucked on the head of his dick as I ate out his ass.

I finally let his legs drop back to the bed and said, “Well you can’t say any longer that you have never sucked cock, even if it was your own.”

I went down on his cock again and held it for a while. He kept trying to hump my mouth, so I pulled back about half way up his shaft and stopped there. He flexed his hips and fucked my mouth. I loved it.

I lay down flat and pulled him over so that I was on the bottom. He didn’t stop fucking my mouth. He just shifted into a more comfortable stance and rode me with a vengeance.

Finally he said, “I’m coming” and tried to pull his cock put of my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his body and pulled his cock down into my throat and he came and came. I swallowed and swallowed and kept him there until I felt his cock softening and I released it.

“Jesus man, you’re good. I loved that.”

But he got up and went into the bathroom and took another shower. He came back out dressed in briefs, said, “Good night,” went to bed and was asleep almost immediately.

While he was in bathroom, I had donned one of the hotel terrycloth robes and had lain down on my own bed.

“Well, he probably will be so embarrassed in the morning he won’t want to speak to me. Probably be gone before I wake up,” I thought as I lay there playing with my cock.

There was a soft knock at the door. I opened the door and there stood Wayne, the team trainer.

“Hi Tommy, coach said I was to come by and give your thigh some electrical stimulation with the Tens machine before you went to bed tonight and again in the morning about 8:00. Can I come in?”

“Sure, come on in. Don’t mind Augie, he is sound asleep.”

“How do we do this?”

“Lie on your back on the bed and let me connect the pads it the appropriate place and them just lay there while the machine does its work. You can take off the robe or keep it on and I will just need to open it far enough to place the pads.”

I just took off my robe and lay on the bed while he was unpacking his machine and setting it up.

He turned around to place the pads on my thigh and saw my erect cock sticking up in the air.

“Sorry, nothing I can do about my erection. It just happens.”

He gulped, and said hoarsely, “I can work around it.”

I glanced at his crotch and there was a large bulge there. As he was placing the pads and connecting the electrodes it seemed that there was an unusual amount of contact with my cock.

As he turned up the vibration he said, “Let me know when I should stop.” and casually laid his hand palm down on my stomach muscles.

I raised my head and looked at what he was doing and it tightened my abs. His hand couldn’t resist caressing them.

“That’s high enough,” I said after awhile.

“OK,” he croaked, but he didn’t move his hand from my stomach and couldn’t tear his eyes away from my cock.

I took his hand from my stomach and placed it around my cock as I said, “I think this is where you want your hand.”

He said, “Huhghn,” in his throat as he stroked my cock.

After a while I reached down and pushed the back of his head toward the head of my cock and said, “Suck it, I know you want to.”

He leaned over me and sucked on my cock. It must have been his first time because he wasn’t very skilled.

“Is mine the first cock you’ve sucked?”

He nodded assent as he sucked.

I said, “Take your clothes off?

He didn’t ask why, he just did it.

God he had a beautiful body, long lean muscles, hard stomach, nice black bush and a 7” cut cock.

“Come here,” I said.

He moved to the top of the bed next to me.

“Get up here and straddle my chest. No, the other way, facing me.”

I reached behind my head, too the pillow and folded it in two and placed it behind my head. It put my mouth right in front of his cock. I grabbed him at the waist and pulled him toward me and at the same time buried the entire length of his cock down my throat.

“Oh fuck, that’s so good. I don’t believe this is happening to me.”

I deep throat sucked his cock, going back and forth.

About a minute later he said, “Shit, I’m gonna come.”

So I stopped sucking and let go of his cock.

“Did you like that?”

“Shit Tommy, you know I loved it.”

“Could you do that to me?”

“I think so.”

“Turn around, put you cock in my mouth and then lean forward and suck on my cock while I suck yours. When you come, come in my mouth. When I come you can decide whether you want to take my come in your mouth or to pull away before I come.”

After a little hesitation he found that he could get my whole cock in his mouth and was doing a reasonably good deep throat. It was good enough to get me off anyway. I was very careful not to create too much sensation with his cock or he would have come immediately, so when we did come we came almost together. I swallowed down his cum and he tried to take mine, but he had to let it run out of his mouth or he would have gagged. It is an acquired ability.

The stimulation treatment came to an end at about the same time we did. Wayne got up, got dressed, undid the pads and packed his equipment. I came up behind him, turned him around and gave him a long, passionate French kiss. His mouth opened to my tongue just as his opened to mine, he was a fast learner.

“See you at 8:00 in the morning, good night, I said as he left.”

I don’t know what Augie heard, or whether he was really asleep, but he was lying on his back with a big bulge in his briefs and thrashing around in his sleep.

I couldn’t resist. I pulled down his briefs and delicately so as to not wake him, sucked his cock until he filled my mouth with a fine cum load. He immediately stopped thrashing and his breathing became regular as he settled down into deep sleep. I got a wash cloth, cleaned him up and pulled his briefs back over his cock.

I went to bed.

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