Erotic story: The Jocks series, part 2

By Mark James

(check out part one here)

The next afternoon I was at his house. I was just wearing a pair of shorts and flip flops. He answered the door. He was wearing a pair of low slung Levis and an unbuttoned blue shirt that was not tucked into his pants. He was a nice looking guy and had a great hard-muscled torso. I looked at his crotch and saw he had a hard on.

Erotic story: The Jocks series, part 2

He said, “Come on in,” and walked into the living room.

He walked across the room toward a couch. As he went he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He turned and sat down on the arm of the couch and his big hard on stuck out of his pants, his shirt was caught between him and the couch and his beautiful torso was bare. I could not take my eyes off of his cock.

I thought to myself, “I bet he would let me suck his cock.”

He started stroking his cock and said, “I asked you over here so you could suck this. I have always thought you were as queer as a three dollar bill but were trapped by circumstances. Was I right?”

I just leaned over the arm of the couch and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking. It was heaven. This was just what I had been wanting, cock, hard, beautiful cock to put in my mouth and suck on.

I stopped sucking. I rose up and looked him in the face and started kissing him. He kissed back with passion. I pulled him off the arm of the couch and stood him up. He let his shirt drop off his shoulders to the floor. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his mouth some more. Then I started kissing him all over his face.

I dropped to my knees and again took his dick in my mouth and licked it gently up and down its length. I pulled his Levi’s down his legs and took them off. He was not wearing any shoes so he was totally naked.

I stood up, guided him to the couch and said, “Lay back and spread your legs.”

I took off my shorts and got down on my knees between his legs. It felt so good. I had this beautiful body, cock, balls and ass in front of me to service. I pulled his body forward on the couch and pushed his legs back toward his torso, exposing his asshole and allowing me to get to it, his balls and cock with my mouth. He grabbed his legs and held them in position. I leaned forward and took his balls in my mouth and sucked on them slowly and gently for a few minutes.

Then I put my mouth around his dick and took all of him and slowly sucked up and down as I played with his balls.

I let my hand slip forward and started to stroke the crack of his ass and between his balls and his asshole. He started to moan. I then started to lightly stroke his asshole with the tip of my finger. His body started to writhe and he moaned louder.

I took his cock in my mouth all the way down to the pubis and moved my hands to his torso and stroked his abs and chest.

Then I licked his cock from its tip down its length, licked and sucked on his balls, licked the space between his balls and his ass while his body writhed and started licking the crack of his ass. I pulled on his legs and put his asshole in a better position to be licked. I licked around his asshole, first one way and then the other, never licking his asshole.

I asked, “What do you want, Jerry?”

I licked his asshole. He loved it and so did I.

I said; “Push out with your asshole.”

He pushed out as I pushed my tongue in like a spear and my tongue went into his ass a little way. He yelped and moaned and, for a while, I did little but tongue-fuck his asshole.

I stood up and said, “Turn around and lay on your back with your legs on the back of the couch.”

He stood up and grabbed me and kissed me and said, “You are a great cocksucker.”

He lay back down on the couch with his head in front of my crotch. I got on my knees, stuck my cock in his mouth and mouth fucked him with my cock. I then leaned forward and started sucking on his cock in a classic 69 position. We bobbed and sucked and licked and moaned.

He said, “Let my lie on the sofa. Straddle my chest and let me suck on your asshole while you suck on my dick.”

He did the same licking and sucking with my asshole as I did with his and we were both moaning and groaning with the sensations we caused in each others body.

I got up and said, “Let me lie on the couch with my head on the arm of the couch. Then straddle my chest and fuck me in the mouth till you cum.”

We got into position and he started fucking my mouth with nice firm smooth strokes.

He said, “You have a hot mouth you cocksucker. I bet you love the feel of my cock down your throat. You love being mouth fucked by a real man don’t you, you fag.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth long enough for me to croak, “Yes sir, this fag loves being fucked by you.”

Then he went back to fucking my mouth.

He said, “I am gonna cum, fag. You are gonna get a full load of man juice down your throat. Take it all and swallow it, you cocksucker.”

He quickened his thrusting and then thrust his dick all the way in my mouth as he shot successive waves of cum down my throat.

This was just what I had been dreaming about. He leaned down and we french kissed. He got a little of his cum back.

He got up and said, “Lie on the sofa with your feet on the floor and spread your legs while I suck you off.” He got on his knees between my legs and stroked the inside of my thighs with the tips of his fingers as he sucked on my balls.

The he went straight for my asshole and licked and sucked while I moaned and tossed.

He then took my cock in his mouth and started sucking like a vacuum cleaner. He was playing with my asshole with the tip of his finger.

I said, “I’m cumming.”

He stopped and said, “No you’re not. Not yet.”

Then he went back to sucking some more and sticking his finger part way up my ass hole. He did this 4 or 5 times.

Finally I yelled, “Let me cum.”

The next time I said, “I’m cumming,” he kept sucking and at the same time he rammed one finger all the way into my asshole and massaged my prostate. I let out a loud yell and shot off and came and came and came. That was the most erotic and sensational ejaculation I ever had.

We lay side by side on the couch and French kissed and stroked each others body for the next half hour.

He said, “I guess we settled the question of whether or not you were gay.”

I said, “I always knew I was gay I just had no one to be gay with. Does this happen with all of the guys on the team?”

He said, “No, half of them just like a blow job, but the other half, well, that is another story for another time. Some of them have wild fantasies about when where and how they would like to suck your cock. They said you always appeared to be the ultimate straight heterosexual so they never tried to come on to you. Even some of the guys who just like to get sucked have fantasies about being sucked by you.”

I said, “If they only knew my fantasies about sucking them. I guess it’s not too late.”

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