Erotic story: Texas Football Bros part 2

By Chase Ree. Check out part one here.

The day after Christmas, my older brother Drew and I loaded up his pickup and drove out into the country towards the lake for a hunting trip. Jeff and Duncan had texted me that morning and were also en route, as the four of us had a three day trip planned.

It was nice to be done with school for a few weeks and kick back in the woods with my buddies.Drew and I hadn’t completely acknowledged our assfucking adventure we had together last time we went out into the great outdoors but he’d planned this trip so I knew in the back of my mind that he was looking forward to more.

“Bring your buds too, the more the merrier” he’d told me over Thanksgiving weekend when we planned it.

So here we were barreling down the winding country roads that lead to the lake, two coolers stocked with beer and three bottles of Wild Turkey, camo jackets on and orange baseball caps on our heads. We’d both grown out some facial hair over the winter holiday and passed beers back and forth in the bed of his pickup.

“Man, it feels good to be away from it all” I said, watching the trees pass by out the window.

“And let loose with the boys!” Drew added, letting out a howl.

Him and his wife had been going through a bit of a rough patch and I could tell he was ready to be away from it all for a few days.

We arrived in mid afternoon to the campsite, started setting up and building a fire. Jeff and Duncan arrived soon after, pulling up in Duncan’s ’89 Bronco.

“Sup fellas?” Drew asked, shaking their hands. “Drew”

“Duncan, nice to meet ya”


Everyone got settled in and we cracked open some beers. We talked for awhile about the season, our plans for next year. Duncan and Jeff had set up their tent next to ours, and the sun started to go down around us. It wasn’t too cold of a night so we decided to go take a hike through the woods, taking a couple whiskey shots first.

“Those beers are goin right through me man” Jeff said, stopping near a tree to piss. Knowing Jeff, I could’ve predicted that he’s pull his jeans down around his ankles while he pissed. Duncan whistled and slapped his ass. Drew chuckled, sipping his beer.

“Ya know bro, that aint a bad idea” Drew said, and stepped up right next to Jeff and pulled his jeans down too. Duncan and I both gave some “ooohhhs” and “aaahhhs”, I gave Drew’s hairy ass a nice big slap. Jeff shook his ass, taunting us. We all had a good laugh, both of them pulled up their jeans and we went on our way, four guys alone in the woods.

Later that night we sat around the fire, passing the whiskey and shooting the shit. None of our phones had service, mine was just dead in the truck. We all kept getting drunker, and the fire was so hot that we were in T-shirts at this point. Large, thick trees circled the campsite and there wasn’t any wind on this mild winter night so it felt pretty nice out.

Being young, drunk college dudes our conversation turned to chicks. Even though I’d fucked all three guys around the fire up the ass and also gotten fucked by two of them, we all still enjoyed a nice drunken talk about girls.

“Dude, when I was your age I remember meeting this chick at the bar, fucking blonde Harley chick with tig `ol bitties like this and a fucking tongue ring. This chick was poor white trash but damn did she give good head” Drew said, leading to us all erupting in laughter. “You ever felt that before? A tongue ring on your dick?”

I shook my head.

“I have dude” Jeff said, grinning and nodding his head. “Shit’s awesome”

“Ya know what’s awesome, having a girl finger you in the ass” Duncan said, grinning and looking me in the eye, a knowing look. He raised his eyebrows for a second and bit his bottom lip, taunting me. I chuckled and looked at the ground for a second.

“That is the fucking truth. Nothing beats that feeling” Drew said, also looking at me with a knowing grin. Even though this was an inside joke with Drew and I, he had no idea that I’d ever been with a dude before, much less Duncan and Jeff. I took a long pull from the whiskey bottle and smiled to myself.

We kept feeding the fire each time it periodically started to die down and continued with our usual drunken banter.

“Wait, Chase, truth or dare?” Duncan asked, giving me a mischievous smile.

“Truth” I replied, giving him a cocky glance.

“What’s the biggest thing you’ve had up your ass?” He asked, Jeff erupting in laughter.

“A fucking cucumber, with you two goons” I said, shaking my head.

Drew cracked up. “Lose a bet little bro?” He asked.

“No, fucking Jeff lost that bet..” I started to reply, then realized I had voluntarily stuck it up my butt. “And then I lost the next one and he made me do it too”. I covered. It occurred to me that I didn’t really know why I had to hide any of this from Drew, after all we’d fucked. I guess it was because he hadn’t mentioned it since it had happened and I wasn’t sure if we were on the same page. Even I sometimes wondered if what us guys did together made me gay. I shook off the feeling and decided just to get drunker and let the night happen.

“Alright Dunc, truth or fuckin dare?” I asked him, grinning.

“Dare” he said, staring me in the eyes.

“I dare you to stick this whiskey bottle up your butt” I said, tossing him the nearly empty bottle.

Drew and Jeff both let out low “ooo”s, Duncan laughed.

“Sure thing bro” He said with a cocky smile. He dropped his jeans and grabbed the bottle, bending over a little bit. He spread his ankles as wide as he could and leaned on his chair. Reaching around he lined up the top of the bottle with his ass and started pushing it in. His hairy ass cheeks swallowed the top of the bottle as it disappeared into him. Duncan looked back at me, grinning. I felt my cock start to snake down the leg in my jeans, getting hard as I watched his ass take it in.

He pulled it out after a minute, setting the bottle down next to him. He kept his jeans around his ankle though, sitting down. I noticed his dick had gotten semi hard in the process.

“Alright Chase, I dare you to drink from that bottle” Jeff added, cracking up while he said it. Feeling cocky, I agreed. I stood up and took the bottle and drank the rest of the whiskey, tasting Duncan’s butt on the bottle. Everyone erupted in laughter, Drew gave me a pat on the back. “Nice job bro” he said.

We all chuckled for awhile and finished our beers, the night wore on. “I’m ready to hit the sack” Drew finally said, and we all nodded in agreement. Drew and I headed to our tent, Duncan and Jeff headed to theirs.

I crawled into the tent next to Drew after taking a leak and laid down on the sleeping bag next to him. He was laying on top of his, he’d stripped down to his boxers. I followed suit and we laid there for a second listening to the sounds of the night.

“Dude, I can’t believe you drank that bottle after it had been up his ass. Mad props, you’re the man” He said, reaching his hand over to me and giving me a light slap to the abs.

“Aint no thing, I never lose a bet” I added, turning over onto my stomach.

“Just like me aren’t you?” He asked, turning over too and facing me. It was dark in the tent but from the moonlight I could see his face, smiling.

“Man, it’s gettin stuffy in here, I gotta let my ass breathe” I said, pulling my boxers down beneath my hairy ass cheeks.

Drew pulled his down too. “And that feels much better. Now I feel like I’m on vacation” He said, grinning.

“You gotta pretty big ass there bro, no lie.” I said, reaching over slapping it and making it jiggle a little bit. “Look dude, it keeps moving! It’s like fucking jello” I said, and we both laughed.

“So is yours bro” He said, grabbing my ass cheek and making it move. He pulled my ass cheek back and forth a couple times, I felt my butt hole stretch a little and it sent a tingle up my spine.

“Can’t believe you stuffed a fucking cucumber up this thing.” Drew added, grabbing it more. He got up onto his side and reached over with both of his hands and spread my ass cheeks apart, inspecting my butt hole. I moved my legs further apart.

“Yeah bro, it wasn’t too bad. Once it filled me up it made my cock explode” I added.

“Yeah, I remember that feeling…” He said, looking over at me. He laid back down on his back and I looked over and noticed his cock was sticking straight up.

My ass still tingling with excitement, I pulled my boxers all the way off and climb onto his lap, my legs on either side of him. We faced each other, his boner poking my butt. I reached behind my butt and took a hold of his cock, gave it a couple squeezes and then lined it up to my asshole. Drew grabbed both of my butt cheeks in his hands and spread them open as I sat down on the head of his dick. My ass was so sweaty, his dick had been precumming already, and I didn’t even need lube for his cock to start sliding up my hairy ass. We both moaned, low and almost at a whisper as I sat down on his hard dick. I could feel his large member reaching my prostate, my cock sticking straight out. Once I felt his pubes on my gooch I knew he was all the way in. Drew reached one of his hands from my ass cheek and gave my cock a squeeze. I moaned.

I started going up and down, slowly, his cock sliding in and out of my butt.

“Bro..” He whispered, his eyes rolling back into his head. I knew my ass was tight as fuck, I hadn’t been rammed in at least a couple months. All the fears I had of my hidden craving for an ass pounding went out the window as we started fucking. I reached back and grabbed his balls, tugging them sort of gently and holding them in my hand as his huge dick fucked me.

“Ah, shit buddy I’m gonna blow…” He whispered, moaning louder.

“Go for it man, unload it in me..” I said, letting my ass move up and down on him, my cock flopping onto his abs, my precum leaking onto his happy trail..

Drew let out a huge moan and grabbed my hips, thrusting up into me, his ass had lifted off the sleeping back and he drove his cock up into me. I started stroking myself, and feeling his cock slam into my prostate made me blow my load all over him, shooting ropes of jizz onto his chest and face as he moaned in ecstasy. We both were sweating balls and panting, catching our breath, his cock still up my ass.

“Damn dude, you are just…” Drew said, moving his hands up my abs and onto my chest, rubbing me affectionately.

I pulled off his cock and felt his jizz coming out of my ass. I collapsed next to him, my ass covered in jizz and his whole body covered in mine, sweaty.

“I fuckin needed that man” I said in between breaths.

“You’re tellin me man, you’re tellin me…”

The next morning we all got up pretty early, brewing some coffee and cooking some breakfast sausages on the fire. I got up before Drew and joined Duncan and Jeff around the fire, it was kind of a chilly morning but the weather forecast had said today was supposed to get pretty warm.

“Hear you boys having some fun last night” Duncan said, sipping his coffee. He and Jeff both laughed.

“No shit, my ass aches” I said, laughing. I turned around and pulled down my pants and spread by butt cheeks. “See?” I said, and we all had a good laugh.

“Jealous, Jeff here passed the fuck out as soon as we got in the tent” Duncan said, punching Jeff in the arm.

“A little drunk last night, huh Jeff?” I asked, teasing him and giving him another punch to the shoulder.

“Well tonight I guess you fellas will just have to keep me up” He said, giving us a mischievous grin.

“I think we can do that” Duncan said, nodding. He sipped his coffee. “Alllll night long” He added, and we all cracked up laughing.

Drew emerged from the tent looking a little hungover. He slipped some jeans on and walked over to us, giving my ass a big spank. “How ya feeling this morning bro?” He asked, grinning.

“Like a million bucks” I said. “A million fucking bucks”

We hiked through the woods that day, eating lunch by a waterfall. Duncan and Jeff mostly threw the clay pigeons around and goofed off, Drew and I were concentrating on the hunt. We were field duck hunting and got about three each, not bad for a casual hunt. It was all good fun though in the end, and by early evening we were walking back up to the campsite. We strung up the mallards in the back of Drew’s pickup while we all cracked open our third and fourth beers of the day.

We threw some burgers on the fire, watched the sun disappear behind the trees and made some small talk while we ate. After dinner, Drew pulled out a bottle of whiskey and we passed the bottle around, celebrating another successful day.

“This is the life right here” I said, looking up at the stars. “No school, no job, no 5am sprints on the field..”

“No women” Jeff added, and we all laughed.

We got drunker, as usual, and Duncan always gets cocky when he drinks and he started making bets with us. “Jeff, I bet I can do more pull ups than you can.”

“No way bro, look at these guns” Jeff replied, pulling back his T-shirt and flexing his biceps.

“Nah, look at THESE guns” Duncan said, flexing his arms too and standing next to Jeff. “Which ones are bigger?” He asked, looking over at Drew and I.

“I don’t know man, I guess you’ll have to see who can do more pull ups” Drew said, sipping his beer.

They both walked over to a nearby tree branch and started rapidly doing pull ups next to each other on it. Drew and I stood up and walked over, counting out loud.

“Twenty three, twenty four, twenty five..” We counted, both of them getting slower and slower. Duncan, for all his cockiness, was lagging a little behind Jeff.

“Thirty two, thirty three, thirty four..” We continued, both of them sweating. Finally Duncan hit thirty eight and then let go, landing back down on his feet and panting. Jeff made one more than him and then let go too, wiping sweat off his forehead.

“I guess I got bigger guns dude” Jeff said, grinning.

“No way, you did ONE more than me, that doesn’t mean shit. Besides, I’ve drank like twice more than you tonight” He added, punching Jeff in the arm. Duncan pulled off his T-shirt, still out of breath and sweaty.

“Well, you know you never said what the loser of the bet had to do” I added, having an idea. “So I guess me and Drew get to decide”. Duncan shook his head, but I could tell he wasn’t gonna relent too much.

Drew and I walked away and put our arms around each other in a huddle. We whispered, looking back over at them, both shirtless now and eyeing us skeptically. Drew and I came to a decision and walked over, both grabbing cans of beer from the cooler.

“Alright Dunc, you gotta do a two-beer waterfall…” I said, pausing for suspense. Drew and I looked at each other and laughed. “Down Jeff’s ass crack” I finished. Jeff’s face lit up with a triumphant smile.

“That ain’t shit” Duncan said. “Bring it on boys”.

Jeff pulled off his jeans and stood naked, bending over and spreading his legs apart. Duncan kneeled down behind him, putting his hands on the back of Jeff’s legs. He barked into Jeff’s ass a few times, making us all crack up. Drew and I got on either side of Jeff and started pouring our beers down his lower back, the stream running down his hairy ass crack. Duncan’s mouth was wide open, his face in Jeff’s ass and his chin resting below his ass hole. Once the beer started flowing Duncan stuck out his tongue and swallowed the beer, half of it going all over his face.

“Holy shit that’s cold” Jeff said, laughing.

To Duncan’s credit, he swallowed almost all of the beers, Drew and I poured out the last of them onto Jeff’s ass.

“I can one up you guys” Duncan said, giving us a sly grin. He stuck out his tongue and starting licking all the way up Jeff’s ass crack, sopping up the rest of the beer, his tongue leading all the way up to Jeff’s lower back. Drew erupted in laughter, putting his fist over his mouth giving me a look of disbelief.

Jeff shook his ass a little bit as Duncan finished up. Duncan wiped off his mouth with his arm and stood up, putting both of his hands in the air triumphantly. “Take that bitches. I bet you couldn’t do that” He said, looking at me and Drew. Duncan knew I’d sucked ass before, but we hadn’t really fully gotten Drew in on any of the action.

Drew surprised us both when he said “Fuck yeah I could.”

We all looked at each other, grinning. Drew took off his shirt and threw it into the grass, getting on his knees behind Jeff.

“You know what, I’ll do it too” I said, pulling off my shirt. “Bend over Dunc, you’re about to get some beer poured down your ass” I said, kneeling down next to Drew.

Duncan and Jeff each grabbed a beer and held it behind their backs as they bent over in front of us, both of them now naked. Drew and I looked at each other, smiling. He patted me on the back. “Let’s do this bro” He said.

Jeff started pouring first, Drew opening his mouth right under his ass, sticking out his tongue to catch more of the beer. I noticed his tongue had started touching Jeff’s butt hole as the beer streamed down.

Duncan started next, and I’d sucked Duncan’s ass many times so this was no big thing for me. The beer was ice cold as it barreled down Duncan’s hairy ass crack, my chin resting on his gooch as the beer fell into my mouth.

After chugging the entire beer I put my hands on either of Duncan’s ass cheeks and started licking his crack, Duncan wiggled his ass tauntingly at me while I licked up the beer from his ass.

Drew laughed a little, and I looked over to see him doing to the same thing to Jeff. His tongue stuck out as we licked and sucked the beer off his butt, licking all the up to Jeff’s back. His hands spread Jeff’s butt wide open as he licked back down, cleaning out Jeff’s ass thoroughly with his mouth. I continued doing the same thing to Duncan. My cock had started hardening as my face dug deeper into Duncan’s hairy bubble butt.

Drew slapped Jeff’s ass cheek and stood up, his arms in the air triumphantly. “I fuckin did it y’all” He added, smiling. I stood up to, revealing my boner poking out of my jeans.

“Like my ass bro?” Duncan teased, reaching out and swatting at my dick playfully.

“I mean… I dunno” I said, smiling. I reached for the whiskey and took a long swig. Everyone laughed, and we passed around the bottle. “Actually boys I could use a little more of that” I added, and I knew by that sentence that I was definitely drunk. I normally would feign disinterest, especially around Drew. But who fucking cares? I thought. Drew, even though he was my brother, was like us. We’d all fucked, why not just let it all hang out?

I reached over to Duncan and turned him around. He got on his knees on one of the camping chairs and stuck his ass out. I pulled my pants down, freeing my boner, as I got on my knees behind him and put my face into his butt crack and made a motor boat noise, inciting laughter from the guys. I spread his ass cheeks and went to town like I’d wanted to all weekend, sucking and licking his ass. He moaned. I lost myself in his ass, tonguing his hole and licking all around it.

I felt a warm breath on my butt and felt two hands grab my ass cheeks, spreading them apart and starting to lick. I looked back to see Drew’s face buried in between my butt cheeks as he acquainted himself to my butt crack with his mouth. I moaned, my cock sticking straight out like an arrow. The hornier I got the more I went to town on Duncan. Jeff walked behind Duncan’s chair and stood in front of him, putting his cock into Duncan’s mouth.

Here we were, four drunk college football dudes sucking dick and ass in the woods. Duncan had swallowed Jeff’s cock whole, Jeff’s eyes were rolled back as he moaned. Drew was sucking and licking my ass all over. I could feel his tongue poking my ass hole as his hands squeezed my cheeks.

This went on for awhile, our sweaty bodies rubbing on each other as our mouths explored our hairy bodies. My tongue went down from Duncan’s ass onto his balls, I took them in my mouth and sucked on them, reaching around to his cock and stroking it. He moaned.

“Suck my dick bro” Duncan whispered, his voice low and husky, using his breaths in between bobbing up and down on Jeff’s cock. He moaned again as I sucked his hairy ball sack.

Duncan turned around so that he was sitting in the chair, my face in his lap sucking his dick as Jeff stood next to him, Duncan blowing him. Drew was still going to town on my sweaty ass crack, but got up after a minute and got on his knees in front of Duncan with me. Drew started sucking Duncan’s balls as I blew his dick, and we alternated back and forth, licking either side of Duncan’s shaft and taking turns sucking parts of him. Duncan moaned louder and louder, still blowing Jeff’s cock furiously, all of us sweaty and smelling extra strong after two days in the woods.

Jeff pulled out of Duncan’s mouth and kneeled behind Drew, sticking his face into Drew’s big hairy ass crack and rimming him. Drew moaned, I could feel his warm breath as we shared Duncan’s cock with our mouths. I felt Drew reach his hand over to my shoulder, giving it a squeeze and pulling me closer, both of us moaning and sucking. Our lips brushed against each other’s as we crossed paths on Duncan’s balls and cock, moaning and breathing onto each other. Duncan had his hands on each of our heads, running his fingers over our buzzed haircuts.

“Ah, fuck fellas… keep it going…” Duncan said, moaning.

Jeff got his face out of Drew’s ass and got on his knees behind him, lining his cock up to Drew’s ass. Drew moaned even louder, reaching one of his hands back and spreading his own ass cheek to let Jeff in easier. I saw him back into Jeff’s giant cock, slowly sliding in.

“Oh.. fuck.. man that feels good” Drew whispered, under his breath.

We continued sharing Duncan’s cock, our tongues grazing each other’s as we circled our mouths around his shaft. Jeff started sliding in and out of Drew’s butt, giving his ass a big smack. Drew continued moaning, digging his fingers into my shoulder as he panted and got rammed up the ass. As we both licked and sucked on Duncan’s cock we met in the middle with our mouths, and kissed. Our tongues explored each others mouths as we starting making out, his arm pulling me closer.

“Love you bro” I said, giving him another kiss. He smiled.

I had an idea though, and got up from Duncan’s lap, leaving Drew sucking on his dick. I got down near Drew’s ass, where Jeff was pounding him, and started licking on Jeff’s cock as he went in and out of Drew’s butt. Jeff moaned. I tugged on his balls and he pulled his dick out of Drew’s ass and into my mouth. I tasted Drew’s ass as I sucked on his cock. Jeff went back and forth for awhile in between my mouth and Drew’s ass, tasting his butt and sweat and precum all in one. Jeff pulled his cock out for a second I leaned down into Drew’s ass and licked his hole, then watched Jeff’s cock slide right back in. Drew’s ass hairs wrapped around Jeff’s dick as he pounded him.

As I sucked on Jeff’s cock and Drew’s ass, I felt something rubbing on my butt. I was on all fours, and looked back at Duncan on his knees behind me. He gave my ass a quick lick and spit on his cock then started pushing it up against my hole. I spread my legs and ass wider and stuck my butt out for Duncan to start ramming. It felt huge and hard as it slid into me.

I adjusted positions and moved over next to Drew, so now we were on all fours next to each other. Our sweaty arms and shoulders touched as we both got pounded up the ass. I looked over at him moaning in pleasure and put my arm around his shoulder and neck. He leaned in a we started making out as we got our asses handed to us by Duncan and Jeff.

“Damn bro, this is just…” Drew said, not even able to finish. He just grinned and moaned.

I felt Duncan pull out of my ass and looked back and saw Jeff and Duncan switching places. Jeff smacked my ass and played with it for a second as he started sliding his massive cock up it. Drew moaned as Duncan gave him a quick rim job.

Soon we were both getting rammed again, my whole body was sweating and my cock was aching for relief, but I knew if I even touched my dick it would explode. The way Jeff’s cock filled my ass up was incredible, pounding against my prostate.

“Alright boys, it’s definitely our turn” Jeff said, pulling his cock out.

We switched places, I lined my cock up to Duncan’s ass and Drew did the same to Jeff. Drew grinned at me and gave me a fist bump as we started stuffing our cocks into their asses.

Duncan and Jeff took it like champs as we pounded them, our bare cocks sliding in and out of their holes. I knew I wouldn’t last any longer.

“Bro.. I’m gonna… Cum..” I managed to say, my voice almost a whisper.

“Yeah man.. cum in my ass” Duncan said, pushing his ass back to make me cum. With that, I shot my load deep into his ass, jizz exploding into him. I moaned loudly, almost yelling as I unleashed everything into him. Drew grabbed my shoulder to steady himself as he pounded his jizz into Jeff’s ass too.

I could see Duncan and Jeff both jacking off as we finished in their butts, jizz streaming out onto the grass under them. We were all panting and covered in sweat, ass and jizz.

“Well baby, that was a nice poundin” Jeff said, cracking open a beer and grinning.

“You’re tellin me, you boys know how to do it” Drew said, fist bumping Duncan and Drew, and wrapping his arm around me. He pulled me into his chest, almost in a headlock like he always has done, and gave me a brief, rough kiss on my cheek.

Still butt ass naked and sweaty, we all sat down and cracked open some beers, fed the fire, and joked around into the later hours of the night.

Eventually we crawled into our tents, Drew and I lying next to each other. I pulled the sleeping bag over us and we laid there side by side. He draped his arm over me as he moved onto his stomach.

“Love you bro” He said, falling asleep.

“Love you too buddy, love you too” I said and we both drifted off to sleep.

Late the next day, Duncan and Jeff piled into Duncan’s Bronco with their backpacks.

“See ya back at school bro” Jeff said, giving me a hug.

“See ya’ll soon” I replied, and they drove off. Duncan waved out the window.

Drew and I took down our tent and packed up his pickup.

“Damn, my butt sure is sore.. but I wouldn’t want it any other way” Drew said, grinning at me. We both cracked up laughing and got in the truck, driving back home.

School started again, and it was back to the grind. We had a break from football until practice started again but with all my schoolwork I was pretty busy.

Duncan, Jeff and I were wolfing down our burgers one day during lunch in one of the cafeterias just chatting about random shit.

“So what are you fellas doing this Friday?” Duncan asked with a mouthful of food.

Jeff imitated his voice with food in his mouth and Duncan punched him in the arm. “I’m serious guys, cause I have some news” Duncan continued.

“And what might that be dude?” I asked.

“Well, ya see, it looks like my roommate is gonna be gone this weekend. He’s driving home for someone’s birthday or something” Duncan said, and we all grinned and looked at each other.

“Well looks like we gotta get some whiskey..” Jeff said, raising one eyebrow up and grinning.

“And like a trillion beers, knowing us” I added, and we laughed.

Duncan leaned in to whisper. “And we’ll have some butt sex” He said, and we all cracked up laughing.

“No shit bro, you don’t have to say it out loud” Jeff said, punching Duncan in the arm.

We finished our lunches up and started going to our respective classes. “See you fellas tomorrow” Duncan said, walking away. He winked. I flipped him off and grinned at him, and walked outside towards my class. Next class was Bio, three-hour lab where I’d tune out the professor and pretend to take notes and stare off into the nothingness of the classroom and think about what I would do to Duncan and Jeff when Friday night came around…

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