Erotic story: Taking my son to the gym

By Tom R

Jake and I walked into the locker room, and I could tell right away he was impressed.

“Wow, this place is huge!”

I told him about how it had originally been two locker rooms that were combined. There were a maybe five or six guys that we could see in the locker area, all in various states of undress, and all very hot. Jake kept looking around, as if he didn’t know what to focus on. I took him over to where our lockers were. There were a few guys in the locker “nook” across from ours who were changing back into their street clothes after showering. They all froze when Jake and I came over and opened out lockers.

“Damn,” I heard one whisper to another, “how old do you think that kid is?”

“He’s gotta be 18,” another said, “Or they wouldn’t have let him in. I wonder if that’s his dad with him.”

“You think a guy would bring his son here if he looked like that? That kid’s gonna have every eye in the place on him”

I’m not sure they knew I could hear them, but I could. I had to agree. Just walking by the main part of the gym on the way to the locker room had made me realize the exact same thing. But there was no turning back at this point.

Jake asked if I could show him around before we changed since the locker room was so big. I smirked, knowing he just wanted to check out all the naked or half-naked guys he could before we went to work out, but I said sure.

We walked by the sink and bathroom area and then walked past all of the rows of lockers. Down one almost empty row I saw a guy sitting on a bench naked, and there was another guy, also naked, standing next to him with one leg up on the bench, almost behind the sitting guy’s back. The standing one had his hand on his cock, which was big and probably half hard already, and was saying something quietly that sounded like “uo like that, huh?”. The one sitting down was looking right at the other guy’s cock and had a sexy smile on his face. The dude stroking his cock looked up for a second as we walked by but quickly returned his attention to his admirer. Jake slowed down for a second but I quickly said, “come on I’ll show you the Jacuzzi” and ushered him into the wet area.

The Jacuzzi really was a nice one, it seated about 8 and you could change the settings of each jet individually. There were two guys relaxing in it now, both with their eyes closed.

Jake asked if we could sit in there after we worked out to relax our muscles, and I told him sure, that was one of my favorite things to do. We stopped on the other side of the room where there were glass doors going into both the steam room and the sauna, and from there you could see down the short hallway where the shower stalls were as well as into the gang shower area. The showers were full, every head that we could see from out vantage point had a guy under it. Some of them were clearly watching each other and some were just getting soaped up, not paying attention to anything else. What most of the guys were looking at, as was Jake, was the shower head in the corner, which had two guys underneath it. They were both very well-muscled and probably about 35-40 years old and somewhat hairy. They were facing the same direction and one was washing the other one’s back. They were talking too quietly to make out the words, but their tone was the same as if you heard two guys talking on the street, very casual and masculine. They were also both sporting full erections. My son’s mouth hung open for a second at the sight, and I heard him take a deep breath. The fellow washing the other one’s back started moving his hands around to his friend’s chest and washing his very large pecs. He had to move closer to reach all the way around, and his hard cock pressed up against his buddy’s tight, round ass as he did so. From where we were standing it looked like his cock just slid right up in between the other guy’s cheeks. A few of the other guys in the shower who were watching began soaping up their hardening cocks little bit more as these two muscles guys continued to talk casually. The hands of the one doing the washing moved lower, to his friend’s tight abs, and he washed them with a few up and down motions, going from the under the guy’s nipples right to the base of his hard cock, causing it to bounce up and down a little.

“Come on Jake, let’s go back to the lockers and change,” I said as I patted him on the back and ushered him away from the admittedly hot scene going on. As we walked back to the row of lockers he said, “Man, Dad, those guys were hot! And so built…you think I can ever get like that?”

“Jake, I’m sure you can do anything you want to if you’re willing to work hard at it. But that does take a lot of work to get your body like that, and it’s work to maintain it too. You know, son, your body is pretty impressive right now the way it is…not many fif…guys your age look as good as you do. You should be proud.”

“I am, for sure. But it’d be so hot to look in the mirror and see a body like that staring back at me. I wish I had been at the shower next to them so I could have checked them out a little more.”

I just smiled as we opened our lockers and pulled out our bags. Not just because of what Jake said, but also because I knew who both of the muscle guys in the shower were, and knew that Jake would probably be seeing them closer very soon.

I took of my shirt and t-shirt, glad to get out of my work clothes. As I sat down to untie my shoes I looked over at Jake. He was facing away from me, toward the aisle and the lockers across from us where the guys who had been staring at him before were just zipping up their bags. Jake already had his shirt and shoes off and was starting to unbutton his jeans. Looking past him I could see the guys watching him undress and relishing every moment. As I pulled off my shoes Jake pulled down his jeans and stepped out of them. As I have before, I had to admire my son’s beautiful ass. It was muscular and tight but still had a little bit of roundness to it. As he bent slightly over to pick up his jeans I realized he has that kind of ass where you wouldn’t even have to spread his cheeks that much to get to his hole. I could see it as he grabbed his pants. Suddenly I thought to myself, “what am I doing checking out my son’s asshole?” I guess it was just force of habit, watching the guy changing clothes right next to me. The way we all behaved here it was easy to not even be conscious of checking out everyone.

Just then I noticed that the reaction of the guys across from us had changed. One of them let out a little moan and the other one’s hand had drifted to his own already hard cock beneath his khakis. I wondered if Jake had an erection, but I couldn’t tell because he was facing away from me. I just laughed to myself, since it wouldn’t surprise me after what he had just seen in the showers. But I knew Jake’s cock, even hard, probably wasn’t so impressive that it would warrant an audile moan from these guys. I had seen them both here before and knew they had seen their share of young guys’ bodies and cocks in all stages of hardness.

I stood up to undo my own pants and Jake gathered up his jeans and shirt to hang them up in the locker. He turned toward me and I saw that he was sporting a semi-erection. But I was so surprised by what else I saw that I took in breath suddenly. Jake’s pubic region was completely bare. There was nothing but smooth, pale skin above his cock and around his balls. I had just seen him naked a few days earlier at the fitness center and his pubic hair was all there. When had he done this? It must have been this morning, I realized. It must have been because he knew we were coming here. Jake must have noticed my muted gasp, or else just seen my eyes staring at his bare cock. He smiled and took on a mock “defensive” stance.

“What, Dad? Can’t a swimmer shave off his pubes if he wants? Lots of guys on the team do it. It’s no big deal.”

“Not of course not,” I stammered, resuming taking off my pants. “I was just surprised, that’s all. It makes you look so…different.” I was about to say “so much younger” but I decided not to vocalize that. It was true though. With a clean shave both on his face and groin, my son might almost be mistaken for a tall twelve or thirteen year old. One with great muscles, certainly, but it was all a bit jarring for me. He must have know that this would attract even more attention to him here. Why else would he have chosen today to do it?

The two guys across from us finally got going as Jake slid his jockstrap on. Their eyes didn’t leave Jake’s body until they rounded the corner of the row of lockers, though. I pulled on my own jockstrap, suddenly becoming aware that my own cock had reached a state of semi-erection as well. It must have been from seeing those two guys so turned on by my son. Jake pulled on some shorts that I’m sure I hadn’t seen in the laundry for at least a year or more. They were a little tight on him, and didn’t really come down over his thighs at all, but in truth it was pretty much in line with what a lot of guys here wore to work out. Again, I realized how much thought and planning he had put into coming here today. He never worked out in shorts that small and tight at the fitness center near our house.

I pulled on my shorts as Jake sat down to put on his shoes. At that moment the two guys from the shower who Jake had been admiring came around the corner. They were both still naked, just carrying their towels, and still had hardons. They stopped at our section of the lockers and noticed Jake staring at them. What Jake hadn’t known was that both these guys had lockers in the same section we did. In fact, one of them had one of the lockers that was between Jake’s and mine.

“Hey hot stuff,” one of them said to Jake with a smile, “you mind if I step around you so I can get to my locker?”

“…um…no” stammered Jake and moved to stand up.

“Hey don’t get up, it’s fine. You need to get your shoes on, I’ll be fine” the guy said as he placed a hand on Jake’s shoulder both to keep Jake from standing up and to steady him self as he stepped over Jake’s shoes and gym bag on the floor. This of course meant that the guy’s hard cock was right at Jake’s eye level and waving back and forth as he moved in front of my son. I took a few steps back so that he could get to his locker, and also so I could get a better look at the expression of raw lust that flashed across my son’s face when as this thick hard shaft glided just a few inches from his face. It was incredibly erotic. The other nude guy went to his locker, closer to where I was standing now and chuckled to himself.

Jake slowly put on his shoes, careful to not miss a moment of the show he was getting. The guy, still standing extremely close to Jake, was absent-mindedly playing with his dick while rummaging through his locker with his other hand. Meanwhile, the guy next to me had his back to Jake, had one leg up on the bench and was bending over drying off his calf and foot. Jake had a clear shot of this guy’s large balls and his asshole, both of which had a fair amount of hair on them. I saw the guy clench his ass muscles a few times and flex his hole. They both were clearly putting on a show for Jake since he was so obviously captivated. I could already see that my son’s cock was fully hard and straining the limits of his jockstrap and nylon shorts.

“I haven’t seen you here before buddy,” the guy next to Jake said, “you just get signed up?”

“Yeah” Jake said after a moment, “I came here with my dad.” He indicated me with his hand, still fixated on the dude’s cock.

“Oh, how bout that” he said as he turned slightly to look at me and smiled, with one eyebrow raised. “Your daddy’s bringing you here to show you how things work at the grown-ups gym, huh?”

“Yeah, it’s great,” said Jake slowly. The guy then turned back toward his locker. As he did that, the round purple head of his eight inch cock brushed across Jake’s cheek and lower lip. His mouth has been slightly open and he moved his lip slightly to follow the man’s cock as it moved away. I saw Jake’s chest contract as he inhaled sharply and it looked like a little blood rushed to his face.

The guy’s voice got a little bit lower as he grabbed a shirt out of his locker, “I’m sure we’ll all enjoy helping you learn how to work out that young body as hard as you can…” He then moved so that his cockhead was right at Jake’s mouth. The lower ridge of it glided across Jake’s lower lip and the top of it was touching my son’s upper lip. Jake, looking up, right into the guy’s eyes, opened his mouth a little bit wider. I saw his tongue move forward and touch the older man’s dickhead right at the piss slit. The guy took his free hand and trace’s Jake’s jawline with his thumb and forefinger as a little bit more of his cockhead slipped inside my son’s mouth.

“Mmmmm,” he whispered, “I’ll sure be looking forward to the next time I see you, guy.” At that moment he moved his hand away from Jake’s face and touched it slowly to his engorged penis, careful not to move its head away from my son’s wet tongue. He squeezed it slightly about halfway up the shaft and the moved his hand down toward the tip. My own cock started to leak and I saw the precum ooze out of this stud’s slit and onto Jake’s tongue and lower lip. After his hand reached the flare of the head and a good amount of the clear fluid was on my guy’s mouth, he moved it from side to slide slowly to spread it around and then stepped back slightly. A thin, wet rope of the sticky substance stretched from Jake’s mouth to the stud’s cock. It broke as he stepped farther away and turned back toward his locker. He started to put on his shirt, ending the tense sexual moment that had been playing out in front of me.

Jake licked his lips and closed his eyes, exhaling and sitting up straight. He opened his eyes and looked right at me, as if he was wondering what I might say or do. I just looked at him for a second and took a step toward him.

“You ready to go work out?” I asked softly. We both could clearly see the other was hard as a rock. Jake looked at my shorts briefly and then back up at me. “Yeah if you are Dad.” He put on his shoes quickly, and we both closed out lockers and walked away from the bench where the two muscle hunks were now getting dressed.

My cock was just barely starting to go down as Jake at me and said “I hope you were okay with that…that was so hot, Dad, I swear I was about to cum in my shorts.” I just put my hand on Jake’s back and said, “It’s fine, son. It was pretty hot to watch too, and as long as you’re okay with it, so am I. Now let’s take some of that energy and go work up a good sweat, huh?”

My son and I walked out of the locker room and out onto the gym floor.

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