Erotic story: Taking my son to the gym part two

By Tom R

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We stepped out into the main area of the gym, and I could tell this was going to be interesting. I was used to getting a few stares of my own of course. I had a fairly tight tank top on and a pair of tight workout shorts that definitely showed off my ass and my package. But it was pretty clear that all eyes were on my young son standing next to me. Jake looked pretty amazing in a tight white sleeveless t shirt that really showed off the definition he had in his chest.

Erotic story: Taking my son to the gym part two

His tight abs were apparent as well since the fabric clung to his body so closely, and the hem of the shirt ended about an inch above his shorts. The shorts which, I now realized, might actually be too small after all. They were obscenely tight and the back of the legs barely covered his ass cheeks.

If they were any shorter the straps of his jock would probably be visible. And it was pretty clear that the erection he had from the events that had just occurred in front of our lockers had clearly not fully subsided. So here I was, with this hot muscled teenager in tight clothes and sporting very visible wood, walking out into a small crowd of horny studs who were already getting of on checking out each other left and right. I won’t say you could have heard a pin drop in there, but there was an obvious lull in conversation.

If Jake was aware of the attention, he didn’t really acknowledge it. He stepped over to the stretching area and started working his arms a little to get ready. I did the same, quietly and made a point to notice a few of the guys who were there that day. One I noticed in particular, Sean, because he and I had played around on several occasions here. He was a lot of fun and incredibly hot, but also very sweet. He was probably about 20 or 21, though I had never asked. Blond and blue-eyed with hair cut very close to his head, he easily could have been a model in fitness magazines or fashion ads.

But he was a student and I think he worked nights as a waiter somewhere. He clearly took pride in his body though, and today he had eschewed a shirt altogether, as many of the guys there did, and just wore some tight spandex workout shorts that came to about mid-thigh. The waistline got a little lower in the front and anyone who cared to look was treated to the sight of a very faint trail of hair going from his navel down underneath the sweaty fabric, which bulged out substantially just an inch or so below the top of his shorts.

I remembered well that he had an impressive cock and loved to have it sucked down to the hilt, as I had done many times. He also loved to have his ass played with, and I recalled one hot afternoon in the sauna when myself and another stud each had two fingers in his hole. The other guy had been holding his cheeks apart with his free hand while I used my other one to play with Sean’s slightly fuzzy balls. The kid had been writhing in pleasure as we worked our fingers up his ass slowly, and he shot a huge load all over his tight stomach without even touching his cock. Sean noticed me staring I think because all of a sudden he turned and winked at me as I was going through a few stretches. I smiled back and realized that my cock had begun to swell again from the recollection of that hot scene. I turned to look for Jake, but he had already moved over into the weight area and was sitting on a bench starting a set with some dumbbells.

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His legs were spread as he straddled the bench, and the shorts were so short that the pouch of his jock was visible to anyone on either side of him. What a little showoff, I thought. He knew that he could just barely get away with wearing those. I six months I bet they wouldn’t fit at all. I just smiled and started my own set nearby. As I expected, it wasn’t too long before someone approached Jake and asked if he needed any help with his workout. He had just been getting himself set up for some light curls and he said that it would be great to have some help keeping his back straight. The stud who had offered to help was about 35-40 and his name escaped me, though he was a regular. He also had no shirt on and was one of the guys who liked to oil up before he worked out, so his hard muscles had a nice shine to them. His shorts left little to the imagination and he was clearly happy to help Jake out with whatever he needed.

Jake was obviously enjoying the attention and cast several glances at the older man’s pouch before he stood up and faced away from the guy. Jake started some curls and asked his new friend if he could help keep his back straight. The hunk placed his hands on Jake’s waist, his palms covering the inch of bare skin that showed above his waistband. Jake kept moving his arms and this hot stud stood right behind him looking over my son’s shoulder at the tightening muscles in his chest and arms. I could see the guy was very slowly moving his fingers, one by one, underneath the top of Jake’s shorts and jock. Soon all four of the bodybuilder’s fingertips were hidden under the two layers of elastic. Jake hadn’t missed a beat and kept on bringing the dumbbells up, alternating one and then the other.

By the time he was finished, the guy helping him had his fingers covered to the second knuckle by Jake’s tight shorts. His fingertips would probably be touching the top of Jake’s jock pouch, but I couldn’t quite tell. Jake turned his head slightly and thanked the guy. As the stud pulled his hands back he also stepped forward a little and whispered something in Jake’s ear. I saw my son’s eyes get a little wider as the two of them moved part. As the muscled older guy walked away I could see that he had a huge erection clearly visible in his ultra-tight shorts. Jake had a smile on his face. He came over to me and offered to spot me on the bench press. As we were putting on the weights, he looked up at me and started to say something, then stopped.

“What is it?” I asked.

“That big guy…he was just really hot. Did you see how he was putting his hands in my shorts?”

I allowed myself a bit of a smile. “Yeah I did, Jake. I was a little surprised. That was a pretty bold move to pull on out the gym floor, even for this place. You could have asked him to stop if you wanted.”

“I know,” he said. “The guy even asked me under his breath if it was okay. But it was cool, I didn’t mind. It was pretty hot actually.”

Jake seemed to be looking to me for approval. I wasn’t going to make him feel bad for anything. “As long as you’re okay with it, son. And yeah, it looked pretty hot from where I was standing too.”

Jake smiled. “It was even hotter at the end when he pulled me in closer and I felt his hard cock press up against my ass. I didn’t really even get to see it but it felt huge.”

I just chuckled and lay down on the bench. Jake stood behind the bar and helped me lift it up and over my chest. As I did my set I couldn’t help but glance at my son’s shorts, which were almost right above my head. The legs were so short I could see the edge of his pouch inside, and the fabric of his outer garment clung to the pouch pretty closely. Jake must have been a little bit hard because he was bulging out more than he had been earlier (thought not as obviously as hard as when we had been in the locker room). He was probably boning up thinking of that oiled bodybuilder’s cock pushed up against him earlier. I wondered if that guy would be around later. I has seen him in action a few times but never had a chance to mess around with him myself. His tool was impressive and he loved to fuck.

I didn’t bottom that often but enjoyed doing it if the guy fucking me was really hot. To be honest, I really get off on being fucked. Usually I’m the top if I get into any ass play here at the gym, so on the rare nights that I do go out with friends to a bar or a club, I’m usually looking to be on the other end of things. I thought back to the last night a few buds and I had gone out, about four months ago. I had chatted up a few guys but no one that had really got me going. It was late and another friend of mine and I had decided to head back home. I was pretty drunk and the whole ride back in the car all I could talk about was how I needed a big cock up my ass. My buddy (who, sadly, only liked to bottom) was sober and just kept making fun of me, which just frustrated me more. By the time he dropped me off I was worked up, horny, and still pretty bombed.

I knew Jake was home because his coat was in the hallway, but it was almost 3 AM and he had probably been in bed for while. I went to my bedroom and stripped off my sweaty clothes. I decided that I needed to get off or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I went to the bottom drawer of my dresser and took out a shoebox that was in the back. Inside was a large dildo I had bought a while back for times just like tonight, when I needed a man’s cock inside me but there wasn’t one available. Usually I only got this big toy out when Jake was staying at a friend’s house, since I tended to get rather loud when a cock, real or not, was sliding in and out of my hole. But that night I really needed it. Bad.

I lay back on my bed and grabbed the lube from my nightstand drawer. I quickly greased up my asshole but I did take a few minutes to enjoy sliding a few fingers in and out, getting it ready. I put some more lube on the dildo itself, as well as my own rock hard cock, and pushed its head inside my ass. Fuck, I remembered how good that felt that night, stroking my own hard cock while I pushed and pulled that nine inch toy in and out of my slick hole. I tried to keep quiet but I know in my drunken, horned up state I probably let out at least a few loud moans. But I was in such a blissed out state I didn’t care. The climax I had was probably the best one I had had by myself in a long time.

I shot six or seven times and two of them hit me in the face. My body was rocked and I might have even passed out for a moment. I remembered pulling the dildo out of my ass and pulling a sheet up over me and then the next thing I knew it was the morning. The next morning I awoke to my son’s voice asking me if I wanted any bacon and eggs for breakfast. I slowly opened my eyes at the same time as I felt the dildo and bottle of lube next to my legs. I was suddenly glad that I had the sheet covering those up, as well as my cum-drenched stomach and lubed-up soft cock. Jake and I were open about things, but some things are still a little embarrassing no matter what. I muttered that I would love some breakfast, right as I came to the full awareness that I had a decent hangover. “And some coffee,” I added.

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“Sure,” Jake said. “I uh…thought you might have had someone over last night, but I guess not.”

I knew I must have been noisy. “No,” I said, “I was just…I just drank a little too much is all.”

Jake smiled and said “okay, well, everything will be ready in about 10 minutes” and walked out toward the kitchen. I realized I must not even have locked the bedroom door last night in my haste to get busy with myself. I got up and put away the remnants of the previous night’s fun and then walked to the bathroom to clean up. Staring at my naked body I could see where each spurt of semen had landed. I realized there was still dried cum on my face. I laughed because Jake had probably seen that when he was talking to me. But he never mentioned it.

I was shaken back to the present as Jake helped me put back the weight on its rack. I realized as I sat up that my little recollection had given me a hard-on in my gym shorts and it had probably been pretty visible to everyone. Jake confirmed my suspicion when he patted me on the back and said,

“Great set, Dad, looks like you were really enjoying that.”

I looked at him and we both laughed. We stood up and walked over to the incline bench press, which Jake was fan of. Sean, the younger guy I knew from before, was just finishing up there. I had intended to spot my son on this exercise, but before I knew it Jake had asked Sean if he would mind helping him out. Sean just looked at Jake, and then at me and said,

“Sure…um…is this your little brother Gary?” I knew he was only joking, as I had mentioned to him before that I had a kid.

“Thanks for the compliment Sean but no, this is my son Jake. He’s eighteen and just joined up here. He’s hoping to get some more serious weight training at this place.”

“Cool! This is a great gym, Jake, you’ll like it. And it will be great to have another guy around my age here. These old fogies don’t know what’s hip in the world these days” he said, teasing.

“F you, kiddo,” I shot back and punched him in the shoulder playfully, “call me when you can rent a car.”

I walked over to another weight bench and let Sean help Jake out. They instantly struck up a conversation and seemed to get long really well. They moved on to a few other weight sets and Sean was giving Jake some tips, with Jake occasionally doing the same for Sean. I got focused on my own workout and eventually noticed that they were back at the incline bench press.

“Let’s try this again,” I heard Sean say, “But this time let me spot you from the front. I can help keep your arms in the right position that way.”

Jake got positioned on the bench, lying back at a 45-degree angle, and then Sean straddled the bench over Jake’s knees and helped him lift the bar. As Sean moved forward to reach Jake’s upper arms better, he had to straddle the bench wider, and eventually his crotch was pushed up against Jake’s. Jake slowed his reps a little bit, and I could see them both looking into each other’s eyes intently. It was already becoming obvious with Sean’s spandex shorts that he had an erection. Jake was quickly following suit. When Jake finished his set Sean helped him replace the weight, but they still didn’t move from where they were. Jake’s hands stayed on the bar as he and Sean started to rub their fabric-covered hard cocks together with slow, subtle movements.

Sitting on a floor mat about ten feet away, I was getting hard myself watching this scene. So, I noticed, were a few of the other guys nearby. One stud in the corner was watching and pretty openly rubbing his cock through his cotton shorts. After a minute or so, Sean scooted himself forward a little more so that he was sitting right on top of Jake’s cock. This also had the effect of making his own erection clearly visible in his tight shorts. He obviously had nothing on underneath them and I could make out the outline of his cockhead and the thickness of his shaft.

Each of his balls was also outlined as his legs were spread wide over the bench. He was slowly letting Jake hump his ass through their workout shorts, and doing his best to make sure my son’s cock had some friction on it. Jake, hands still gripping the weight bar, had his eyes closed and looked like he was in heaven. He opened them again and stared right at Sean and licked his lips. Sean gave him a big smile and slowly moved off of his, putting one hand on Jake’s chest and keeping it there and he helped Jake stand up with the other hand. Jake seemed slightly self-conscious about his own fully-aroused state but Sean clearly didn’t mind if anyone was looking at them.

“Thanks buddy,” he said as they walked toward me. I stood, realizing I was pretty much done with my workout. “I’m glad we could help each other get a good workout.”

“Yeah definitely,” Jake said to him. “We should do that again sometime. Are you all done?”

“I’ve got about ten more minutes to do. But yeah, we’ll do it again. I’m sure I’ll see you in the locker room in a bit though. Looks like you guys are all finished up out here?” he asked, looking at both of us.

“I think so,” I said. “You all done Jake?”

“It was a short workout but pretty intense, so I think I’m good.”

“Great. Well I guess we’ll see you soon, Sean. Thanks for helping Jake out.”

“I didn’t mind at all, man. Thanks for bringing him.”

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“Yeah, Dad. Thanks. This will be a great place to work out, I can already tell.”

As we walked back toward the locker room I could see that Jake was still pretty aroused. I didn’t blame him. Sean was hot guy, and I had been hoping that I might get to mess around with him a little bit today. But I had a feeling Sean was probably going to be focused on Jake if we did indeed see him in the locker room later. Which was fine, since they seemed to connect in a meaningful way. There were certainly other guys here who I wouldn’t mind having some fun with. Just then I realized that, more from habit, I was already thinking about the kind of fun I was going to get up to in the showers or wherever else. I forgot that Jake was going to be with me. At this point, I wasn’t under any illusions about what my son wanted and expected to happen in the locker room. But I was still wondering how I should let it go down. He didn’t seem to mind when I saw the muscle stud tease Jake’s mouth with his wet cock when we first got here.

And he let Sean get him hard and dry hump him in front of most of the gym. It was pretty clear that my son didn’t mind an audience. But how would I feel watching him take things farther, as he no doubt would want to do very soon? And what about myself? Should I leave Jake to his own devices, say in the steam room, while I found a guy to play with in the sauna? I felt like I should keep an eye on Jake to make sure he didn’t get into anything he couldn’t control, but I also wanted to get off too. Could I have sex in front of my son? This is what I was thinking about when we got back to the lockers. The thoughts were troubling, but they were clearly striking another nerve as I once again found myself rock hard in my gym shorts. Jake already had his shirt off and was opening up his locker.

I started to undress, not really caring that my cock was erect since Jake was facing away taking off his shoes. Jake was down to his jock when he turned to me and said how nice it would be to take a hot shower and get all the sweat off. I agreed and couldn’t help but watch as he pulled down his sweaty white jockstrap. I noticed a wet spot on the front and realized that it must have been Jake’s precum which had leaked out during his hot session with Sean on the weight bench. Jake was still hard and I was taken aback for a moment since I had already forgotten he had shaved himself smooth. This sight of his hairless, sweaty fully hard cock was something to behold.

It was probably about 7 inches and thicker that I thought it would be. Seeing a man’s cock on my son wasn’t something I had totally expected. The contrast of the smooth skin all around it made it even hotter to look at. I was pretty openly checking out my son’s dick and he didn’t seem to care. He tugged on it a few times and asked,

“Do you really think it looks okay with everything shaved?”

“I think it would look fine, son, no matter what. You have a great cock.” Did I really just say that to my own kid?

Jake seemed genuinely touched by that. “Thanks, Dad. But I think it’s genetic.” He indicated my own erection with his eyes.

“I guess it is,” I mumbled, suddenly more turned on than I had been all day. I could feel my cock throb and I saw a bead of precum form at the tip of the head. I instantly thought back to an hour earlier when Jake had had a hard cock rub precum all over his lips, and I suddenly felt glad that Jake was not sitting on the bench right in front of me, as it would have been very tempting to play out that same scene again. But Jake was closing up his locker and looked like he was ready to go. He grabbed his towel and, instead of wrapping it around his waist, just hung it over his shoulder. He obviously wanted to show off his cock. I closed up my locker and also tossed my towel over my shoulder. My son and I walked through the locker room toward the showers, both of us will full erections displayed. We got more than a few stares, and a few guys walking in the other direction “bumped into” one or both of us a bit obviously. Jake didn’t mind, and neither did I. We got to the gang showers and saw that, because of the busy hour, every shower head had two guys using it. I sighed and thought that we might have to use one of the individual stalls since the shower room was so full. It would be too bad, since I felt sure Jake was looking forward to being in there with twenty-plus hot muscle hunks, all of them soaping up their worked out bodies. I was hoping for the same thing, of course. Just as I was about to say that we needed to go down the hallway with the curtained stalls, two of the guys at one showerhead shut it off and walked over to the towel hooks and began to dry off. There was room for both of us now.

Jake looked at me and said, “Well, Dad, it looks like we’ll have to share.”

He hung up his towel and walked over to the empty spot, catching a few stares from the other showering studs on the way. His cock was still rock hard.

After a second, I hung up my towel and followed him.

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