Taking my son to the gym part 3: cumming in the shower

By Tom R

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Jake made his way toward the empty showerhead and I was following him. The gang shower room was somewhat steamed up since every head was running and probably had been for a while, but everyone in there could still see pretty clearly, and it was definitely easy enough to check out the guys as I walked toward my son. There were a few who were going about showering, looking as if they were alone at home instead of sharing a showerhead with another muscle stud and standing less than 20 feet away from two dozen others. But others guys were enjoying the obvious benefits of a crowded shower room.

Even just walking through to my own spot, a few soapy bodies briefly brushed up against my own. There was always a lot of contact in here, and walking through the showers with a hardon was a pretty clear signal to anyone that you might be interested in having some more contact.

Usually I’d scope out a hot stud alone at a showerhead and join him, and pretty soon we’d be stroking each other’s soaped-up cocks playfully and helping each other get clean wherever it was needed. But right now the only person alone at a showerhead was going to be my son, Jake. Jake had also been brushed up against a few times as he made his way through the steam-shrouded crowd. I was a few feet behind him when I saw a younger guy with huge pecs gently grab onto Jake’s shoulder with one hand to slow him down and reach out to grab my son’s hard cock with his other hand.

The guy stroking Jake was himself getting a soapy handjob from the older bodybuilder who was sharing the showerhead. Jake stopped and allowed the stud to slowly fist his dick, which seemed to be getting even harder than it had been before. The guy moved his other hand from Jake’s shoulder to his chest and began to play gently with my son’s nipple. Both Jake and his admirer let out a soft moan. I was standing a few feet away and felt a hand move along my hip and slide down to my balls. The base of my hard cock rubbed against the guy’s wrist as he massaged my big nuts gently, using his longest finger to rub that sensitive area right behind my scrotum as well. I glanced over quickly and saw that my masseur was a guy in his thirties who I had messed around with a few times before.

He was getting blowjob from his shower buddy, but I knew from the past that he had a thing for big balls and loved to play with mine, so he probably couldn’t resist grabbing them since I was standing near him watching Jake. I smiled at the guy and stepped back toward him a little to make his reach easier, but my eyes quickly returned to my son who was continuing to enjoy the attention of the young stud with the amazing chest. In fact, Jake had moved one of his hands up to caress the guy’s pecs and return the nipple stimulation he was getting. The stud’s older shower buddy, who had been jerking the younger guy off, kept his hand on the guy’s cock but moved closer to Jake so the three of them were almost facing one another in a triangle. The older guy moved his free hand to Jake’s lower back and began slowly rubbing the area right above Jake’s ass, slowly pulling my son a bit more toward himself and his buddy at the same time. After a moment, his hand began to move down and he was kneading one of Jake’s muscular buttocks. My son had his eyes closed at this point at had a dreamy smile on his face.

I noticed that Jake’s other hand was now playing with the older guy’s rather large cock as he continued to feel up the chest and abs of the guy who was pleasuring him. He was enjoying every second and the whole scene was incredibly hot. The hand playing with my balls began to move to my cock, but I used my own hand to force it back down. Watching my son get jacked and felt up by these two shower studs just a few feet away had me so turned on, I was afraid I might shoot my load right there.

And I didn’t want to cum just yet. Slowly but deliberately, Jake began to back away from the two hot men he was in the shower circle jerk with. They both smiled at him and gave his dick and ass one last squeeze as he smiled and gave them a nod of his head. His slightly dreamy looking face turned toward me, and looked down at the hand playing with my balls, my rock hard cock which would have been slick and wet even if we hadn’t been in the shower. He also must have noticed that the fellow with his hand on my dick was engaged in some fun with his own shower partner, and said,

“Come on, Dad, we don’t want somebody to take our empty spot over there,” indicating the sole empty showerhead with his eyes. He hadn’t necessarily spoken the words quietly, but the running waters served to drown out most other sounds around us. Still, I couldn’t help but notice that the eyes of Jake’s two muscles studs bulged out a little bit when they heard Jake call me “Dad.” Jake does resemble me to a fair degree, and once the notion was introduced I’m sure that there was no doubt in their minds he was my son. Judging by their age difference, I figured that the two guys had found that older-younger sex connection that I know a lot of guys are into, whether they were actually an item or had just now hooked up in the showers. Hell, I enjoyed that quite a bit myself with young guys like Sean. When I got past 30 or so, I found that there was something overwhelmingly hot about a youthful stud’s body pressed up against my own, the feel of his tongue in my mouth, his cock in my hand, my dick in his ass. So I knew what these two studs were thinking when they looked even more turned on knowing that there was a real father and son who were (I had to finally admit it to myself) cruising the shower room of a gay gym together.

Their eyes followed us as we walked over to the showerhead and Jake turned it on. We were both already pretty wet from where we had been standing before, but Jake stayed under the spray for a few seconds and stretched his arms up, letting the warm water run down his worked-out body, soothing the sore muscles. Seeing him like that, head leaning back, every muscle from his arms to his legs stretched and outlined, his hard cock and big balls shaved smooth, water running down his whole frame…fuck, my son was hot. I knew it wasn’t something fathers were really supposed to think, but I had been subtly checking him out all day and I really just had to admit it to myself. Jake opened his eyes and saw me staring at him. My cock was still standing at attention, and he looked down at it for a moment before he said,

“Why don’t you rinse off all that sweat, Dad, while I get cleaned up. I know you’re probably as sore as I am after working out, and this hot water feels amazing.” He stepped aside and reached over to the liquid body wash dispenser as I moved under the warm spray. He turned to face me as he rubbed his hand over his shoulder and chest, lathering himself up, and spoke so only I could hear him. “This is fuckin’ hot, Dad. Did you see me with those two guys over there? I’ve never had two guys with their hands on me at the same time…I had to stop or I was gonna cum right there.”

I guess even after all I had seen today, and learned about in the past week, it still surprised me a little to hear my son talk about sex firsthand like this. But I was glad he knew he could.

“I almost came just watching you guys, Jake. And I’m sure they would have loved to have you shoot your load all over them.”

“I wanted to enjoy it in here for a little longer though…” Jake said as his attention was drawn away by the sight of another guy getting his cock deepthroated in the corner of the shower room. The young dude was moaning loudly as his buddy crouched in front of him took the whole length of his cock in his mouth. He grabbed the back of the cocksucker’s head and pushed the stud’s nose into his pubes. I saw Jake’s soapy hand move down to his cock and begin stroking it slowly as he watched the two guys, who were only about ten feet away. He turned most of the way away from me so that he was facing toward the corner where the two guys were. He looked back over his shoulder at me and said,

“Dad could you wash my back for me? My shoulders are a little sore from the workout.”

“Sure thing, buddy,” I said as I got some soap from the dispenser. I moved most of the way out from under the water stream so the soap I was lathering up wouldn’t wash away too quickly. Jake turned back to watch the two studs go at it. He was still just slowly stroking, but his hand hadn’t left his cock since he started. I put my hands on his shoulders and massaged the muscles as I spread the soap around. I thought it was hot that I could feel the muscles in his right shoulder tense and loosen slowly as he jerked his dick, and his motion quickly synched with the pressure and release of my gentle rubbing. Jake was about 6 inches shorter than me, so even though I was standing behind him we both had a view of the action going on in the corner. By this time the cocksucker had pulled back off his friend’s erection and was fisting the guy’s cock as he licked the head.

The one standing up looked down and was caressing the side of the other stud’s head, his neck, and his throat. He put his hand under the guy’s chin and must have pulled upward a bit, because the cocksucker stood up an faced the other stud, their hard cocks touching in between them. It was clear to me from the way the guy who had been getting sucked was looking at the other one that there was definitely a dominant and submissive role distinction there. As if to confirm that, the guy who was in control turned the cocksucker around and pushed him forward up against the other wall that formed the corner.

The other guy obviously knew what was coming since he spread his legs a little bit and grabbed onto one of the towel bars that were mounted on the wall nearby. By this time my hands had moved to Jake’s midback, and my thumbs were on either side of his spine while my fingers were massaging his lats. I was a little bit shocked at what was going on over in the corner. While there was a lot of groping and hand action that went on the showers, and it wasn’t uncommon to see guys getting sucked off, it was sort of an unspoken rule that most of the fucking took place in the sauna or the steam room.

There were even dispensers labeled “moisturizer” in both of those places that were filled with lubricant to make the sweaty fuck sessions even easier. My friend Todd at the front desk had thought to install those a year or so ago, and they had come in handy for me on several occasions. When it became clear that these two guys were going to fuck in the showers in front of everybody, I realized I couldn’t remember having seen that happen before. I don’t have that thought too often at this gym, but then again this was also the first time I was washing my son’s back while he jerked off.

Certainly a day of firsts, and I wondered how many more firsts there would be. I was standing a little bit back from Jake on purpose, since I was still rock hard and I didn’t want to have my cock rubbing up against Jake’s hip or back. It certainly would have felt good, but that was a line I knew I was not ready to cross at the moment. I knew Jake was eager to explore gay sex, but I didn’t think that he should be doing it with me. I didn’t want him to feel obligated to do that in any way, so I was careful not to give him any signals that he might perceive that way. But right now Jake’s attention was focused on the two guys getting ready to take it all the way.

The one facing the wall bent forward a little bit more as his friend got some soap from the pump and began rubbing his hands on the stud’s smooth, hot ass. He was standing so that everyone in the shower room who was watching could see him spread his buddy’s cheeks and start fingering his puckered, shaved hole. The stud, who clearly loved having his ass played with, was moaning softly. My hands moved down to Jake’s lower back and waist. My fingertips were right above his hipbones and my thumbs were at the top of his buttocks. The muscles there were as tight as his shoulders had been. He was still jerking his cock and turned his head back to me and said,

“I can’t believe this guy’s gonna fuck the other one right here, Dad. This is so fuckin hot…I wanna see this guy get his ass fucked right in front of me.”

“You excited to see this guy get fucked, Jake? You wanna see his buddy shove that big cock up his ass?” I couldn’t believe I had just said that, but dirty talk was always something I loved and it just sort of slipped out. Jake moaned softly as my thumbs kneaded the top of his glutes. He seemed to like the way I we were talking too.

“Fuck, yeah. I wanna watch him get fucked. I’ve never seen anybody really get fucked before.” His head was still turned back toward me, but he could still see the guys in the corner too. The top had two fingers in the other guy’s ass and was holding his own cock with the other hand, rubbing it up against one of the bottom’s ass cheeks. He slowly pulled out his fingers and used both hands to spread the stud’s ass and moved close behind him. The muscle studs moved so everyone would be able to see the standing guy’s hard cock go into his buddy’s ass. The guy teased the other one’s ass with his cock, rubbing it up and down his crack, and moving the head across his hole without pushing it in.

My hands shifted position and now I had both of Jake’s glutes in my palms, though they were still more to the side of his body. I massaged them as vigorously as I had the rest of his muscles. They were so tight and perfectly sized, my cock was starting to ooze precum from what I was feeling and what I was watching. The guy who was about to get fucked was going wild, moaning, and then shouted “Fuck me, Vic” to his friend.

Jake turned his head back to me again and said “Mmmm…that guy’s so hot to get fucked, isn’t he Dad?”

“Fuck yeah, son, he wants that big cock up his ass right now.”

Jake stepped backward a little bit, and the tip of my cockhead started to brush against the small of his back. I moved my body to one side, both because I still wanted to keep things at a certain place between Jake and I, and also because I thought if my dick were rubbing up against Jake’s back I might shoot a load all over him. So my left hand moved up to Jake’s shoulder to keep him from stepping father back, and his left side was leaning back on my right side. My right hand was still massaging Jake’s glute, and he was using one hand to massage his balls while the other one jerked his cock. My own cock was sticking out right next to Jake. I resisted jacking myself off and instead I started rubbing Jake’s chest slowly with my left hand. We both quickly relaxed into this new position, and we were now able to hear each other more easily and still keep watching the hot fuck scene taking place in front if us.

“Yeah he can’t wait to get fucked by that big cock, Dad. He wants it so bad.”

I could feel my son’s heart beating faster with my hand on his muscular chest.

“He loves having a cock up his ass, Jake…feels so good up there.”

The guy in front of us shoved his cock up his buddy’s ass in one motion, eliciting another load moan from the one getting reamed. They started in on a steady motion, and Jake and I could both see the cock moving in and out of the guy’s ass from where we were standing. It was fucking hot. Without thinking about it I had moved the heel of my hand to the small of Jake’s back and my fingers were now in between his cheeks, my fingertips feeling the end of his coccyx.

“You like getting fucked Dad? You like having a big cock up your ass?”

“Yeah, son, I’ve told you that before…I love to get fucked.”

“What’s it feel like when another guy’s cock is fucking you?”

“Fuck, son, it feels so fuckin good, when you can feel him going up inside you and your ass is full of that hard cock.”

The guy fucking his friend started moaning, and I could tell he was going to cum. Jake’s hand was jerking his cock faster and I thought he was probably going to shoot too. I knew that if anything touched my cock the same thing would happen to me, but I loved having my hand on Jake’s chest as he jerked off and I wanted to keep it there. My other hand moved just a little bit and my fingertips felt that soft area that was right behind Jake’s hole. I thought about when I had seen his asshole in the locker room earlier and how small and puckered and hot it had looked. I wondered if my son had ever been fucked.

“You ever been fucked son? You ever have a guy’s cock up your ass?”

“No Dad but I wanna feel it so bad. I want a guy’s big cock up in my ass.”

“Yeah? You wanna feel this ass get fucked, guy?”

Both the guys we were watching began to moan, and I think the guy getting fucked started to cum. That must have sent the guy fucking him over the edge, since he shoved his cock all the way in and kept it there as he unloaded his sperm in his buddy’s ass.

My two longest fingers made contact with Jake’s asshole and I massaged it just a little bit.

I put my mouth close to his ear and whispered, “You wanna feel cum shoot up inside you like that, Jake?”

I felt his hole tighten up all of a sudden and his ass muscles clench. He moaned and jerked his cock as I used my other hand to hold him back against me. For the first time, I watched my son shoot his load. It came out fast and in five or six spurts, shooting out onto the shower room floor with the soap suds and the cum of a few other guys who had been jacking off to the hot scene as well. Jake’s hand kept fisting his cock the whole time, and his eyes were half closed as he gasped for air. I was past turned on watching him, feeling him cum and I moaned as well as I held him close.

I didn’t have a full orgasm but when I looked down at my cock I saw some cum oozing out of my piss slit. Jake’s body relaxed as his orgasm subsided. He exhaled deeply and I rubbed his chest one last time and stepped back a little bit, into spray of the shower again. He turned back toward me again and we both stood under the water, letting the sweat we had worked up wash away. I was starting to feel a little weird about what had just happened. I wasn’t sure if I had crossed a line or not by letting my fingers stray back to Jake’s hole. But when I looked at him and he flashed me that beautiful smile I knew everything was okay.

“Thanks, Dad. That was pretty hot, yeah? Not just watching those guys fuck, but us talking like that and all. That really got me going…”

I wasn’t sure what to say except “You bet, son.”

“Maybe we can try that again sometime? Like watch a porn together at home or something?”

“Sure,” I said, already fantasizing about trading sex talk with my son while watching a fuck movie. “I think that’d be pretty hot too.”

“Cool.” He said.

The shower room had begun to clear out a bit after the fucking was over. Many of the men in there had shot their loads while watching and made their way back to the lockers with satisfied smiles and softening cocks. The two guys were still in the corner, slowly helping each other clean up and kissing under the water. It was actually quite a tender sight to see, and I hope that Jake noticed it too. I didn’t want him to think that sex was all just thrusts and moans. But there would be plenty of time for him to learn that too.

“Hey there…”

I turned around as I simultaneously heard the voice and felt a hand on my ass. It was Sean, the hot young guy who had been “assisting” Jake out on the gym floor.

“I just caught the very end of the show…too bad I didn’t finish up my workout when you guys did,” said Sean.

I wasn’t sure if the show he meant was the two guys in the corner, or me and Jake. Sean continued to massage my ass as he moved to stand in between Jake and me. I noticed that he was sporting a half erection that was still growing. It might have had something to do with that fact that I was still pretty boned up and Jake’s cock, while softening, was still a hot sight to look at too.

Sean surprised me by reaching out with his other hand to grab my son’s cock. The two of them locked eyes and again I saw that spark that they had shared out on the gym floor.

“Are you guys interested in relaxing a little in the hot tub?” Sean asked. “I just need to shower for a few minutes first.”

“That sounds great,” I said. “I’ll tell you what, I think I’ll just go hop in now and give you guys a little room here to finish getting cleaned up.” Jake looked at me and smiled as a stepped away and moved toward where the towels were hanging. Sean still had Jake’s cock in his hand, and they both were fully erect now. Jake had just shot a load a few minutes ago and was already up again. The wonders of youth.

I grabbed my towel and walked over to the Jacuzzi. I was looking forward to relaxing in the hot bath, but I was also looking forward to watching Jake and Sean in the shower together. Holding my son against me and having my fingers on his smooth hole had been fucking amazing, but the sight of him getting attention from the two studs when we first walked into the showers was still stuck in my mind. I thought about what it would be like to watch Jake go all the way with a guy. I found myself again wondering what kinds of experiences Jake had already had. I thought about him getting sucked by a hot stud. I thought about him sucking on a big dripping cock like the one that had briefly touched his lips earlier in the afternoon. I thought about Jake’s sweet pink hole with a cock pressed up against it, slowly easing its way in as my son moaned and writhed in the grip of the hot stud who was fucking him. I hoped he and Sean would have a little fun in the shower, or somewhere else where I might be able to watch them.

“Penny for your thoughts, Hardy guy.” I looked up as I got to the Jacuzzi and saw my friend Todd, who had helped get Jake signed up for a membership earlier that day. He was naked and sitting on the edge of the tub with his legs in the water. Todd and I had been fuck buddies for a while, but it had been close to a year since the last time we had played around. I had forgotten how amazing he looked without any clothes on. I realized his comment must have been referring to my hard cock, with had started to ooze again as I imagined watching my son suck and fuck right in front of me.

“My thoughts are so filthy you need a couple rolls of quarters, Todd. Is there room in there for me?” It was a rhetorical question, since the hot tub was big enough for 8 guys to sit in comfortably. Currently Todd was the only occupant.

“Yeah, get in here, fucker,” he said and laughed as I stepped into the water. “So how’s your guy doing? Does he like the place?”

“You tell me,” I said and gestured over to the shower room, which could be seen pretty clearly from where we were sitting. Jake and Sean were still standing under the shower. Jake had Sean’s cock in his hand and was slowly jacking it while playing with his shaved balls. Sean was massaging Jake’s ass with one hand and his cock with the other. Sean looked out and saw me watching, and then pulled Jake in close and kissed him deeply. Jake’s hands wrapped around Sean’s body, and I noticed one moved down to Sean’s ass and began kneading it just as I had been kneading Jake’s earlier.

Todd exhaled slowly and began to stroke his hardening cock as he slid all the way into the Jacuzzi next to me.

“Damn, Gary, he’s one hot little fucker. Is he gonna put on a show for us?”

“I think he might, yeah.”

“You cool with than man? Watching your son do that?” Todd reached over under the water and started stroking my cock as we both watched Jake and Sean.

“Yeah, I am,” I said. And I realized that I was.

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