Erotic story: Sunday sucking with my best bud

By G. Freemen

He started as a work-mate, then a friend, then a best friend, and now, well I guess I could call myself his cock-buddy.

First I have to tell you that I’m a married guy and so is he. Our wives don’t know about this — or maybe they do — but we’re discreet and we all get along so well, nobody wants to destroy what we have!

Erotic story: Sunday sucking with my best bud

Four years ago, we moved to San Diego for business — which was supposed to be for a two-year term. I was in management and a little bit of a workaholic. By that I mean, weekdays I was all about work, but the weekends (for the most part) were work-free. I moved there alone, and my wife joined me 4 months later as she had to complete a few projects.

It was at the end of my second week when I was sitting in my office at 10:30 PM reviewing some of the projects that were underway in my department, but fatigue got the best of me and I was starting to nod off. I heard some voices down the hall, so I perked up, and made myself look awake! The voices came closer and soon two guys were passing my office; one — an associate manager I had been introduced to that week, who happened to be talking with one of the night cleaners.

As he passed my office he said a quick hello, but then returned — walking backwards — asking me why I was still at work. I asked him the same question, and then invited him in to sit down. “Sorry man. I was introduced to so many people last week, I forget your name”.

“Todd” he said as we shook hands again. “Brendan” I responded. I took a quick look at him with his suit jacket thrown over his shoulder; thick, tanned and hairy forearms — 5 o’clock shadow; a handsome man with dirty-blonde hair and a deeper speaking voice. He threw the jacket on the chair beside his and sat down, leaning back, legs sprawled in front of him and then raised his arms over his head letting out a huge yawn.

“Shit man, I’m sorry. This has been a long day”. Then he asked what I was working on, and we talked for about 15 minutes when he asked if I wanted to go around the corner for a quick drink before we headed home. I happily agreed and went off only to find that the bar was closed for a private function. He offered his place as an alternative, so we both hopped in our cars and were there in no time. When we got inside his small but trendy home, he told me to get comfortable while he made a quick change, and in a few minutes, came back into the living room wearing sweat pants and a black t-shirt. I was envious as I was sick of wearing my suit. “Fuck — no fair man — I have to sit here in my suit while you get to be comfortable – sheeeit”, I said as sarcastically as possible.

“My house — I get to do what I want”, he laughed. “Seriously — if you want to get casual, you can put these on — I’ve got some shorts in the other room”. Without giving me the chance to respond, he stripped off his sweats revealing the tip of his cock sticking out from the bottom of his t-shirt. “Here take these, I’ll be right back”.

I had to laugh. It was a little funny watching his bare ass walk away from me to get his shorts on — but hey — at least I got to be comfortable. I had just finished taking off my socks and dress pants, and had my thumbs in the waistband of my briefs when he returned wearing his jogging shorts. I hate wearing underwear with my sweats but didn’t know if I should have my naked cock where his was just a minute earlier. But, as if he was reading my mind, he said “Oh, go ahead man. I’m always commando when I wear sweats — and these shorts he said pulling the one leg up revealing his penis for the 2nd time in the last 5 minutes!

I stripped off my briefs, standing there in my dress shirt, and grabbed his sweats. Just as I was about to step into them, he grabbed them from me and smelled the ass of the sweats. “Oh, thank god they’re clean”. He laughed and I laughed, then he said, “Oh, and don’t worry, I jerked off in them this morning but it’s all dried up. You won’t feel a thing” he said with this huge devilish grin.

“Ewww”, I said throwing them in his face.

“Just kidding” he said throwing them back at me, and we both started to have a good laugh while I slipped into his sweats and unbuttoned my shirt from top to bottom.

We sat on his couch together, sharing a couple of shots and a few beers and getting to know more about people at work, and our personal lives. I found out that he was in a relationship and getting married within a year, and that we both played soccer (football) and would have to find a team to join. What was supposed to be a 30 minute drink ended up being 2 hours. “Shit man, I have to get going. I hadn’t paid attention to how much I’d been drinking, but when I went to get up, I fell back on the couch. “Oh fuck, I can’t drive home. Can you call me a cab?”

“Brendan, just stay here for the night. Go to your place in the morning, get changed and go straight to work. Its okay bud — I’ll get you a pillow and blanket”.

I stretched myself out on the black leather couch, and just as I was closing my eyes, Todd came back into the room throwing a pillow at me followed by the blanket. He walked up to where my head was resting and asked if everything was okay. As I looked at him in a daze, I couldn’t help notice that the head of his cock was just peaking out the bottom of his shorts. The last thing I remember is pointing to his penis, and with a drunken giggle, passed out.

I always had this automatic alarm clock inside my head, so not matter how I felt, or how tired I was, I always woke up at 6:30AM. This morning was no exception, but it just took me a little longer to get off the couch. I was more tired than hung-over, but it was Friday, so one day of work to go, plus I had to drive home to get changed^Å.or so I thought. Unfortunately, I fell back asleep and at 7:45, Todd was shaking my body awake to get up.

With no time to get home to change, Todd loaned me one of his white shirts, a pair of boxers and socks and off we went to work together. I drank a gallon of coffee which took me through a really busy day of meetings, the last one of which Todd was in. When everyone else had left, Todd asked if I wanted to call it a day and come back to his place for dinner which was a great suggestion and I readily agreed.

On the way home in his car, we chatted as if we’d known each other for years, When we walked into his house, I followed him to his bedroom, planning to give him his clothes back and slip on my dirty ones. So, we continued chatting while we both slipped out of our suits until we were both naked when we just stopped. There we were, facing each other and it looked like we were looking into mirrors — except for our faces; both similar builds, same hair color, a little hair on our stomachs, exact same colour and amount of pubes, same sized cut dick, and hairy legs.

“Holy shit” we said together. “Amazing isn’t it”.

Todd, in his gregarious way shouted, “Brother” and in an instant our naked bodies were hugging tightly together and in the same instant, separated. We laughed, a little awkwardly, when I asked Todd for my own clothes back.

“Brendan, I threw them in the machine before we left this morning. I’ll just throw them in the dryer and we’ll be good to go”, and he was off buck-naked down the hall. I raised my arms to stretch and got a whiff of my pits, remembering I hadn’t showered in the morning so decided to step into Todd’s bathroom and take one. As I stepped under the warm water Todd started talking to me about the weekend. When I popped my head out from the curtain, there he was sitting on the toilet talking freely while taking a dump. I decided then and there that we were heading towards a “best-buddy” relationship.

When I stepped out of the shower, Todd threw me a towel and stepped in to take one himself. While I was drying off, we kept talking and decided to spend the weekend together. He had called his girlfriend to say that he wouldn’t be available Friday or Saturday, but they’d get together on Sunday. When he stepped out of the shower, he grabbed my damp towel to dry himself off quickly, then threw on the same shorts he’d worn the night before. “Your boxers will be a dry in a minute — come on into the kitchen. Hey Brendan, its cool having you around. I feel like I’ve know you for years, and you’re as comfortable as me walking around nude. Outside of my brother, you’re the only guy I’ve felt comfortable enough doing that with — I mean in my house. On the team — well — that’s another story!

So we hung out for the weekend, sometimes clothed, sometimes not, and we continued to hang out frequently. About 4 weeks later, he had a party at his place on Saturday night, and I ended up crashing on his couch. (I was getting to feel like a teenager) and his girlfriend stayed over which of course she did lots of times. She and I had hit it off which made my friendship with Todd even better. Early on the Sunday morning, she was up and dressed and out the door – even coming over to me to say goodbye. She managed a clothing store, and was off to set up for a big sale.

After she left, I went to the washroom to take a piss and was soon joined by Todd. “I’m still tired man, I have to sleep for awhile longer”, I said.

“Brendan, why don’t you crawl in with me. The bed’s way more comfortable to sleep on than that couch.”

Without giving it a second thought, I crawled into his bed and we were soon asleep. When I woke up about an hour later, he was sprawled on his back, one leg on mine, on top of the sheets — and — hard as a rock. I took a good look at his body — so much like mine — his hard cock as a little longer and fatter than mine I think; I had the urge to touch it. For some reason, I didn’t think he’d mind, `cause he was just about the most open guy I’d ever met.

I reached over and let my fingers brush against his hairy sack, then lightly ran it up the length of his cock and back down again, resting my hand on it. Suddenly I heard Todd’s voice, “Good morning” he said in his great, deep and surprised voice.

I looked up at him and he was smiling at me. “That feels kind of nice actually. Keep doing it. It’s a nice way to wake up”.

I knew exactly what he meant, so I just kept lightly brushing the length of his penis and his balls, squeezing the tip of his cock every once in awhile and looking up at him to make sure he was approving his best buddy playing with his cock. “I haven’t done this with a guy since high school” I said.

“Same here” he replied. “Do whatever you want, it’s feeling great”!

This feeling of closeness came over me. As I lightly stroked his cock, he started running his fingers through my hair, and giving out little sighs here and there. His caressing fingers started to apply some gentle pressure, moving head down towards his cock. I looked at him and heard him say, “I’m okay with it if you are”.

“Well, I don’t know if I want to suck you off, but I wouldn’t mind tasting your penis.” With that, he pushed my head down to his cock. I lifted up his hard cock, and put my lips and nose into his bush and breathed in his man scent for a few minutes. Then I moved down to his balls where he spread his legs a little allowing me access to sniff and lick and gently suck those balls into my mouth.

I looked up at Todd’s face which was in ecstasy with this warm beautiful and manly smile encouraging me to go on. I grabbed the base of his cock and started licking the head, then worked my way down slowly, just licking it with my tongue. I then maneuvered my body so my head was resting on his stomach while I started sucking on his cock. He shoved his cock in my mouth, holding my head tight for a little while, and then released it. I started to play and to suck. He tasted great and it felt completely natural sucking Todd. I knew this wasn’t just a taster, this was going to be the full deal, and I knew I wanted to swallow his cum.

He grabbed the base of his cock and started jerking it, and I put my hand on top of his to join him. While I sucked his cock, I would also lick the fingers of his hands which he sometimes put in my mouth along with his cock. Things got faster, I sucked harder, he pumped faster and when he was about to cum, he started pulling his cock out of my mouth but I grabbed it and made sure it stayed inside. Then^Å.he shot. Oh my god — he shot warm wonderful streams of semen in my mouth that tasted more sweet than salty.

I kept him there until he was completely soft, but he kept gently rocking his softening cock in and out of my mouth and I guess we fell asleep. About an hour later, I woke up with my head still resting on his stomach, and him with his hand resting on my head. Without looking up at him, I grabbed his semi-hard cock and brought it to my lips. Then I heard him say, “Uh oh, round two^Å.oh man, I never knew this was going to happen. Just hold on for minute Brendan, I have to take a leak”. Then off he went to the washroom, and I heard him draining his bladder.

When he returned he stood beside the bed and said, “Actually, I’m a little hungry. How about I make us some lunch and then — you can we can watch the game and you can suck me all afternoon if you want”, hitting me with a pillow and taking off down the hall.

We strutted into the kitchen and he made an afternoon’s supply of nachos and chicken wings. We didn’t talk much while he cooking, but we were sure grinning a lot. Finally I broke the ice. “Look Todd, I don’t do this kind of thing regularly. Hell, I’m a married guy — but I have to tell you that it just felt like the right thing to do with you. I mean, we’ve been walking around here mostly nude ever since I met you a few weeks ago. You’re a good looking guy and^Å.I don’t know, it just seemed like the next step”.

He pulled up a chair and sat down beside me. “Look I don’t do this either — actually the last time I did it I was 18 I think — with my cousin — just fooled around a little during the summer. I have to tell you though, I don’t think I’m in to sucking, but I’ll jerk you off whenever you want. We don’t have to do anything either — it’s just really cool hanging out with you — clothes or no clothes”.

He grabbed my head, I grabbed his, and we pressed our foreheads together, arms around our necks and stayed there for a bit. It was a silent bonding moment between the two of us, that made us feel more connected than we had been. And then, the silence was broken when he asked softly, “So, how did it taste anyway, okay”?

“Your cock or your cum”? I chuckled.

“My cum you cocksucker” and he slapped me on the head. “And I mean that in the most positive way”.

I slapped him back on his leg and laughed. “Yeah Todd, you know I didn’t really care how it was going to taste, I just wanted to finish it right, but — yeah — it tasted great! I’ll have no problem slurping on that every once in awhile”.

“All right buddy. Let’s go to the TV and do a little watchin’, and little eatin’ and a little playin’.” With that, we walked into the living room plopped on the couch, found the game on tv and ate a bit. After 2o minutes or so, he reached over and started playing with my cock; stretching it, thumbing the knob, caressing my balls. He looked over at me and we started to laugh. “Man, I meet a buddy that likes the same stuff I do, same food, same sports — and we can get each other off while we’re watching it. Unbelievable!”

I leaned over his lap, and devoured his cock, keeping my legs open giving him good access to my cock. I think I sucked him off 3 times that Sunday, and he got me off twice. That’s how we watched the game that Sunday, and for many, many Sundays to come.

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  1. tsgtdick says:

    Man yes to get so excited sucking on a hard cock that U jerk off & cum on his cock head, then suck up Ur cum off his cock head & U suck up his cum has to be tops!!

  2. petey says:

    Well done. Really got into it. Would have loved a flip flop nrxy time.

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