Erotic story: Straight Lines and Straight Guys

By Jaime

“Do you know where room GC 202 is?” I asked a woman in her thirties as I walked down yet another identical hallway.

She pointed me in the general direction and I walked quickly as I checked the time on my phone. I didn’t want to be late to the first day of my math class but I didn’t expect this campus to be this confusing. I’m not off to the greatest start in college so far.

When I finally got inside the classroom, all of the students looked straight at me. Being the generally timid guy I am, I immediately looked down at the floor and walked to the last row and sat at the abandoned row of tables.

“Alright class, let’s begin,” the professor said. She then went into her spiel about the class’s subject matter and started handing out the syllabus. Just then, someone came through the door and the sudden arrival took my breath away. The guy standing at the door was drop dead sexy.

He was definitely at least half Latino; his dark hair and eyes told me that much. But then again his light-colored skin made me think maybe he was Italian. He had short stubble on his face and I could tell that if he missed a shave he would have a short beard in no time. He was wearing slim-fitting jeans, but they weren’t by any means tight. He was sagging them a bit, a trend I thought had been left with the jocks in high school, but it evidently followed me to college.

Not that I minded, though, this guy rocked the look very well. His pants led to a pair of dirty white chucks, which I found adorable. He was wearing a red flannel with the top few buttons unbuttoned, letting me see a small trace of chest hair starting a bit below his neckline and disappearing beneath the buttons. I looked him up and down several times and I couldn’t believe how hot he was. Then he smile, revealing a set of pearly white teeth and a pair of deep dimples. My heart immediately melted!

He took a seat at the row in front of me, only a couple of people away from me. This was going to be such a distraction.

I tried to pay attention to the class, but every time he turned to talk to the girl next to him, I couldn’t help but lose myself in his deep dimples and beautiful smile. Then when he slouched in his seat, I could see his navy blue boxers poking out from his jeans. The thought that the thin fabric is the only thing that separated his bare skin from my eyes made me shudder in excitement. I wanted him so bad!

My mind immediately started looking for indications of his sexuality. His eyebrows were carefully maintained, but not arched or anything outside of the ordinary. His leather backpack was obviously name-brand, but that didn’t exactly scream gay either. Still, a guy can wish, right?

Once class ended, I lingered around him as we exited the room in hopes that maybe we could strike up a conversation. Neither of us said a word. Me due to the nerves, him probably due to him not being interested in talking to me. I mean, even if he was gay why would he even look twice at me? I’m nothing to write home about. I’m slim with brown eyes and hair, that’s about the only thing to say about me besides the few tattoos on my thin arms.

Even though he was wearing a long sleeve shirt, I could tell this guy was well-built. I wanted to hold him and feel his muscles ripple underneath his clothing. Fuck!

Without realizing it, I started to follow him outside the building and at one point he looked back at me. I immediately froze. Did it look like I was following him? I took a sharp turn in order to make it look like I wasn’t, but I may have given myself away even more. I waited a few seconds before looking back at him. He was looking at me again. Fuck!

That night I went home and jacked off picturing his naked body. I didn’t even last five minutes.

A couple of days later, when class met again, I was determined to sit next to him and start up a conversation. That determination left me as soon as I entered the classroom, though. Everyone was sitting in their same spots even though there was no assigned seating, so it would probably be weird if I went and sat next to him. Plus, what if he thinks I’m a weirdo for following him the other day? I sighed and sat in the same spot as the last time.

The beautiful guy was already in his seat, this time he was wearing something a bit more summery, showing off his great body. He wore a black t-shirt which showed that, as I predicted, he was indeed quite built. Not buff, but very well toned. His tan arms were so hot I just wanted to reach out and touch them. He was also wearing gym shorts this time and I could see his legs had a thin layer of dark hair over them, but not too much. Fuck this guy was so hot!

“Aiden,” our professor called out. The guy I was crushing on stood up. Aiden, I mouthed to myself. Even his name was hot. As he walked towards our professor’s desk, his gym-clad body passed only inches from me. I could make out a bulge from his cock and balls as they swayed a bit as he walked. My own cock stood at attention immediately. Fuck! This guy was wearing very thin underwear if any at all, and he was definitely packing a nice one. I broke out of my trance as I heard him clear his throat and he give me a weird look.

Fuck. Did he see me checking out his package? He had to have. There’s no way he could miss me doing that, I basically salivated. I wish he could have given me a flirty wink or something to calm my nerves, but from my past experience straight guys didn’t like to be ogled the same way they did to women. Ironic.

When he was walking back, Aiden readjusted his package and I got an even better glimpse of his beautiful member that he was hiding underneath those thin mesh shorts. What a fucking tease! Did he even know what this did to me? Did he know he had my cock so hard that it hurt underneath my grey skinny jeans?

During class I couldn’t even pay attention because my cock was so hard. I knew that my boner wouldn’t go away unless I busted a nut. Too bad we still had like two hours left of class. Fuck, I’m so hard!

As if reading my thoughts, Aiden turned back to me and whispered under his breath, “Do you have a pen I could borrow?” His voice was low and sexy, not gravelly, but there was definitely a rasp in there. The very sound of his voice combined with him looking straight at me made a drop of pre-cum leave my cock and soak into my boxer-briefs.

“Yeah,” I replied with a dry mouth, giving him my only pen.

“Thanks, man,” he said and gave me a kind smile. At least he wasn’t pissed about me checking out his package earlier, so that was good right?

Our professor turned off the lights so she could project something onto the board. A thought crossed my mind, but I immediately shook it off. I can’t jack off in class, that’s way too risky!

Although my mind told me no, my cock seemed to grow even harder at the very thought. Jacking off in public, in such close proximity to Aiden? Fuck, I’m harder than I’ve ever been before.

Fuck it, I thought as I slowly undid the zipper on my jeans and reached inside my underwear to feel my throbbing cock. My uncut seven inch dick was thicker than normal, probably from all of the interaction I’ve been having with Aiden. Although there was no one in the row where I was sitting, I didn’t wanna pull my cock all the way out. Just in case. I kept jerking with my hand in my pants. Just looking at the back of Aiden’s head made me so fucking hot. I could make out his neck, and I wanted nothing more than to kiss every inch of it. To lick every single part of that sexy neck and to suck on it and bite it. To hear him moan in my ear as I kissed his beautiful tan neck.

Fuck, the thought alone was getting me so close to getting off. It’s only a few strokes away, I thought to myself as I started pumping faster and closing my eyes. Just then, the lights came on. FUCK!

I quickly zipped my pants back up and tried my best to not cum just from the tight pressure of my jeans against my cock. I cum a lot, and it would definitely leave a huge wet spot on my jeans if it happened. I concentrated so hard that my balls hurt, holding in all the boiling cum that was supposed to shoot out of my cock a few seconds ago.

As soon as class was dismissed, I jetted out and found the closest bathroom. I locked myself in the farthest stall and, after checking for other students, pulled my cock out with a great big moan.

“Ahhh,” I let out as i let my hands squeeze my cock. It was hardening again and I could feel all of the built up sexual tension returning to my seven inches. I became so lost in a fantasy of me and Aiden that I didn’t even hear the footsteps approaching. Suddenly, there was a knock on the stall door. My eyes shot open. What the fuck? Who knocks on someone’s stall when there are plenty more that aren’t busy?

I looked down and what I saw made my heart drop. It was Aiden’s unmistakable white chucks standing underneath the stall door. Why the fuck is he here? Does he know I’m in here? Should I even respond? My mind was running a mile a minute as I tried to put my throbbing cock back inside my pants again. I could feel my balls groan in pain as I cut them short once again.

“I know you’re in there,” his raspy voice said. My heart thumped and my cock throbbed at the same time. This guy had me crazier than I’d ever been with any other guy and I had only seen him twice in my life.

“I’m a little busy,” I replied without thinking.

“I figured. Didn’t get to finish earlier, huh?” he said with a small laugh that was equally adorable and sexy. Wait, did he just? He knew I was jacking off in class????? I definitely couldn’t open the door now!! I would have to drop the class, there’s no way I could ever look his beautiful face again without turning beet red.

“Just open up, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. I just wanna talk, dude,” Aiden said. His persistence made me a big apprehensive. Why would he want to talk to me after knowing I had ogled his package and started jacking off behind him in class? If anything he should think I’m perverted as hell!

Still, I couldn’t hide in here forever. Before I could talk myself out of it, I unlocked the door and opened it. There he was, standing before me in all his glory. He was taller than I expected, his eyes bigger. He looked…nervous.

“What’s up?” I asked as casually as possible. As if guys knocked on each other’s bathroom stalls to talk all the time.

“Listen I’m just gonna be upfront and say it. I saw you checking me out all those times. And I know you were wanking off in class. I could hear your low moans and the all-too-familiar sound of your hand jerking off hard,” he said, looking me straight in the eye. My first instinct was to be embarrassed that he knew I had been checking him out, but the fact that he was pointing it out made me feel a little differently. Like maybe there was a point to all this.

“Right, and?” I said.

He looked kinda torn, as if he was trying to decide whether to run away or stay and say what was on the tip of his tongue. Suddenly he stepped closer to me. I took a step back every time he stepped forward and pretty soon he was locking the stall door behind him. We were now face to face, only a few inches from each other. I could feel his hot breath on my face and my cock was leaking pre-cum everywhere inside my pants. What is going on here? This can’t be what I’m thinking can it? Things like this only happen in shitty porno’s.

“I’m not gay, I just,” he began, looking flustered. My heart started beating even harder. This was really happening. I couldn’t believe it.

“I just always wanted to get head from a dude so will you just do it? Don’t act like you don’t want to, I know you do, man. Just keep it between us? Just a one-time thing I just wanna know what it’s like but I’m not gay or anything,” he said so fast that it all sounded like one word. I knew what he wanted, and I knew I was going to give it to him. I didn’t need an explanation. I stopped him in his tracks by closing the gap between our bodies and rubbing my hand on his crotch.

I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I was not going to stop now. I could tell it took him by surprise because he closed his eyes and let out a soft moan as I handled his thick, soft cock. He had big balls, and his already large cock could only get bigger from here.

I leaned forward to try to kiss him, but he turned his head. I was only mildly disappointed, I figured this straight guy wouldn’t want to kiss another guy. After all that’s what would make him gay…

I took a chance and leaned forward, breathing on his neck as I kept feeling up his hardening cock. He didn’t pull away, so I took it as a sign to proceed. I kissed his soft neck and he let out a moan immediately. I kept kissing every spot under his chin and even down towards his shoulder blades. His cock kept getting larger and larger, tenting his gym short heavily. I kept sucking and kissing on his neck much to his delight. My own cock was pressing against my tight jeans and I couldn’t help but let it out.

I released his cock for a few seconds as I shipped my own out. My long rod slapped his own hard cock on accident, but I felt his cock harden at the close contact with mine. Maybe not today, but hopefully another time I would get him to do a bit more than he’s doing now. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the fat cock under his shorts. No more waiting.

I got on my knees in front of him and slowly pulled how his shorts. His giant monster cock jumped up as soon as the waistband released it. It had to be at least eight inches and it was much fatter than mine. I salivated just looking at this beautiful piece of straight guy meat in front of me. What a fucking fantasy. I gave it a few hefty strokes before I began teasing him, kissing up his thighs, his hips, the bottom of his abs, anywhere but his cock. He was dripping pre-cum, so I finally licked the tip and his dick immediately shuddered out of the hot contact we just had.

“Suck my cock, man,” he said. No, he pleaded. That was so fucking hot. But if this was the only time I would get to blow him, I was gonna give him a show. I lapped up the pre-cum and kept softly licking his cock as I played with his balls, jerking my own cock at the same time.

The whole time, he was careful not to do anything that would give him away as “gay” but he suddenly began to slip as he put his hands on my head. He started playing with my hair and caressing my face as I teased the head of his cock, slowly putting it in and out of my plump lips. He couldn’t help but moan every time. I didn’t know or care if there was anyone in the room with us.

I loved the feeling of his hands playing with my short hair as I enjoyed the big mushroom head of his cock. But by the looks of it, he’d had enough of the teasing. He started to force his cock a bit deeper every time I let him in. So I started to let him in more and more, little by little. Quarter of an inch by quarter of an inch. His giant cock was making my lips wide just to let him in.

I hollowed out my cheeks to give him that sucking he wanted, then swirled my tongue around the bottom of his head where it ridges into his skin. He was loving it, I could tell my his shallow breathing and the pressure he kept applying to my head. I wasn’t even halfway down to the base of his cock, but I knew I had to figure out a way to deep throat this huge cock.

I took the whole thing out of my mouth and licked it up and down many times over on every angle to get it all nice and slick with my tongue. I made sure to give his head a good licking every time I made it back up there. He probably had no idea what I was preparing him for. I started to suck his cock again, then I pulled it out and stuck my tongue out slightly, a trick I had learned from an ex, and inserted his entire cock into my mouth with force. It made it all the way to my throat and I could feel him tense up at the pressure the my throat gave as he slowly widened it and inserted himself further into me.

I’ve never sucked a cock this big, so I couldn’t quite get it all the way in. But man was I determined. I gripped his hips and kept pushing him deeper into my throat until it gave way and he slit all the way down. He let out a loud moan and his body doubled over, his abs on the back of my head and his hands pushing my head as he got as deep as he could in my throat. My nose hit his dark pubes and his strong scent made my cock twitch. I couldn’t even breathe and I was gagging so hard but I wanted his cock inside me and I knew he was on cloud 9 right now.

He slowly pulled it out as I gagged again, when it came back out it was completely slick with saliva and the look on his face was priceless. There were beads of sweat on his forehead and his eyes were wild.

“Fuck! Do that again,” he said slapping my face with his cock.

“Gladly,” I thought to myself. I repeated the process, and this time it was even easier. When the ridge at the bottom of his cock head slid through the tight ring of my throat turning into my esophagus, he would let out a moan. I loved the sound him moaning because of me!

We had to have been doing this for at least twenty minutes when he suddenly started to moan louder and louder. I felt his balls start to tense up as he pulled his dick out a bit.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said looking at me as if he wanted to ask but didn’t have the courage to. He wanted to bust in my mouth! If only he knew this would make me the happiest guy ever! To feel his warm jizz in my mouth would surely give me enough to jack off to until the day I died. I wanted this straight dude to fill me with his cum so he could remember the first time he ever got sucked off by a guy.

I immediately shoved him back in my mouth and started sucking as hard as I could while swirling my tongue around the head. Suddenly he shouted and released a squirt of thick cum into my mouth. At that cue, I grabbed his hips and shoved him all the way into my throat and he screamed uncontrollably as I deep-throated him while he shot the rest of his load all the way into my stomach. Fuck!! This was so hot!!

I let go of his hips since he had practically started softly face fucking me by this point and I started to jerk myself off, my hard cock soaked in pre-cum that hadn’t stopped pouring this whole time. Aiden kept cumming and he finally took his cock out of my throat but just held it in my mouth as he squirted a few more times into my mouth. This had me so close!!

Then he pulled his cock out and rubbed it all over my lips and face, smearing his delicious man juice all over me as if marking his territory. I couldn’t take it any longer. I started jerking rabidly and quickly and then I busted everywhere. My eyes were closed and I let out several moans as his cock played on my lips. It must have been a minute before I finally opened them again, still not quite over the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had. I looked up at him and his eyes were full of lust. I noticed there was a trace of cum on the bottom of his chin. Shit, I guess I must have squirted five feet in the air!

My hands were full come cum, as were my pants and shirt, but I didn’t give a fuck. I just gave the hottest guy ever the best head he’ll ever get and that is something to be proud of. He whipped the cum off his chin with his thumb and reached down to put it in my mouth. I sucked my cum off his thumb seductively and he just stared at me as if he was trying so hard not to reach down and…and do what? I don’t know. But there was lust written all over his face.

“Thanks dude. He said stuffing his junk back into his gym shorts. “See you on Monday?” he asked. The nervous look on his face came back and it gave me a glimmer of hope that maybe this wouldn’t be the only time I would be with him in this way.

“Yeah, Monday,” I said, crossing my fingers that at this time on Monday I would have his cock in my mouth again.

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