Erotic story: Squadron action

By Jon.

I guess I can tell this now that it’s been a bunch of years since it happened. I’d be surprised if any of the guys are still around and reading stuff like this. Anyway, it all happened about 14 years ago when I was in the Army at Fort Ord in California which has since been closed. The post may be gone but the memories are still very much alive.

I had just been transferred to one of the maintenance squadrons. I had worked really hard and gotten my promotion to E-6, staff sergeant. I was ready to assume new responsibilities and enjoy the beauty of California though I found that Ft. Ord wasn’t exactly what one would call a “garden spot.” Still, we all learn that it’s the people and good working relationships that make a place memorable. This – and more – put the Big O at the top of the list.

We were at maximum strength of 16 authorized and assigned in our squad. Surprisingly, 12 of us stayed in the barracks along with our NCOIC (non-commissioned officer in charge). The other four were married and lived either on post or nearby. At my level, I was assigned to a two-man room (rooms today aren’t like the old open-bay barracks of years gone by…thank goodness!). Charlie had been in the room for about eight months. I replaced his former roommate who had decided not to “re-up” and had been discharged a few weeks before. Maybe it’s the flexibility of being young, but Charlie and I hit it off right away when he walked in as I was unpacking and said, “Hi, I’m Charlie. Are you horny?” and then burst out laughing. I joined in the laugh and we became friends.

Since we stuck pretty much to the post during the week because of the work and often spent the weekends at the NCO club drinking beer, shooting pool and watching the sports games, the hormones hit pretty regularly. I always found a toilet stall to beat my meat or a quiet time in the room for a quick wank.

After a couple of weeks, I was pretty familiar with all the guys and there seemed to be only one asshole that most everyone just ignored. Even though I got along well with everyone, I sensed that there was an inner-clique that had something else going.

Charlie and I and several of the other guys got to know each other pretty well, talking like young studs about work, sex and sports….not necessarily in that order. One evening while we were in our room screwing around with a computer game, Charlie said he felt I was ready to learn the “squad secrets” as he put it. So I turned off the game and grabbed a diet coke.

“OK, shoot. Fill me in on all this subtle mystery I’ve been sensing,” I said.

“Before I tell you anything, there are a few rules that you’ve got to swear to follow. Otherwise, it will be hell for you and some others,” he said. “There is no requirement that you participate but you must keep the secret at all costs. If you do decide to participate, then there are other requirements you have to keep.” I agreed and took a swig of my diet coke. “We’ve got a great cocksucker in the squadron,” Charlie said as he watched my reaction.

“What?” I said, nearly choking on my drink. “A cocksucker in our squad? Isn’t that dangerous? Who is it?”

Charlie just smiled. “That’s one of the other requirements: we keep him very well protected and in turn, get some of the best blow jobs ever experienced.”

“You mean you’ve gotten a blow job from this guy?” I asked wide-eyed.

“Yep. I’m one of the regulars who use him along with many of the others who you will eventually learn about,” he laughed. “Now, before I go on, you have to tell me if you’d like to get blown. Not a problem if you don’t but you must remember your pledge earlier.”

It’s amazing how quickly your mind can run between memories and extrapolations of what could be. My cock automatically started to harden as I recalled some damn good blow jobs I’ve had and how damn hot it would be to have a cocksucker available. “Yeah, I think I could handle that just fine,” I said as I adjusted my hard cock in my pants. “And the secret is safe with me.”

Charlie went on to explain how this had been going on for almost a year. He explained how a guy wanting a BJ would tap on a certain door, be admitted – or not – and get sucked off. It was a good way for sexual relief but that those who knew about it were sworn to secrecy. Everyone was very discrete and careful.

“OK. That’s enough for tonight. I want you to think about what I’ve told you and think about how you will react. Remember, you don’t have to get involved but you do have to keep the secret.”

With that, Charlie crawled in his bed, said good night and turned out his light.

Part II

I lay awake thinking about having a hot blow job anytime I wanted it. The more I thought about it the hornier I got. As Charlie’s breathing was steady in deep sleep, I grabbed my cock and within a couple of strokes fired a load that took two Kleenex’s to wipe up. I then drifted off to sleep but woke up several times with a pulsating hard-on. That helped me make my decision!

The next day at work, I kept looking at those working with me but received no indication that anything was out of the ordinary. Not all of the guys worked in my area, however. Finally, work was over and we headed across post to the barracks. Charlie came in and we headed over to the mess hall.

“I’ve thought about what you said and will be glad to comply with the rules,” I said.

“OK,” he said. “The only other thing is that those of us participating chip in $5 a month to cover an occasional beer bust.” With that, he reviewed the rules he had mentioned the other evening emphasizing the need for discretion and the consequences that can come if the secret is ever made public. He said he would inform the others who, interestingly, had already approved me pending my acceptance of the rules. Tomorrow night I would be eligible!

The next day didn’t pass as fast as I wanted it to and yet suddenly it was quitting time. At supper, Charlie said he was going to be at the library downloading some music for a couple of hours and that if I was ready, he would tell the cocksucker to come to my room this first time. He explained that was the first time rule which allowed the cocksucker to leave quickly if things didn’t seem to go well.

“Who is it?” I asked when we got back to the room. “I don’t want to get the wrong guy.”

Charlie laughed. “You won’t get the wrong guy. And he won’t get the wrong guy. Just open the door when he knocks and he’ll come in. Just don’t be nervous. Things will go from there.”

Charlie was off to the library and I was showered and in my skivvies, laying on my bed trying to watch our portable TV. The thought had actually run through my mind that what if the cocksucker was Charlie, but I think he would have indicated something earlier. I waited…nervously!

About 7:15 there was a knock on the door. I took a deep breath and said, “Come in.”

In walked the exchange student assigned to the squadron who we all called Mo. I had noticed him but not paid much attention to him. He always was quiet and attentive about what was going on, listening to instructions and asking questions about maintenance procedures. He also was about my size but more muscular and damn good looking with dark hair and features.

“Hi,” he said as he stood there in his tee shirt, gym shorts and flipflops. “I understand you’re the newest player. You understand the rules, right?” he said in very good but slightly accented English.

“Yeah, Mo. I understand. You don’t have to worry about me,” I said somewhat hoarsely.

“Good. Then just lay back and let me get to work,” he smiled.

With that, Mo walked over, pulled my tee shirt off and slid my skivvies down, allowing a rock-hard cock to bounce right up.

“Damn. That looks pretty good!” he said as he pushed me back on my bed and knelt between my spread legs. He began to run his fingers up and down my throbbing cock, letting the foreskin slide back and forth. The precum was beginning to ooze as he started to run his tongue up and down my quivering cock. He swirled the head of my cock with his tongue and then plunged the entire 7.5 inches right down his throat. I thought I would pass out. Then he got to work and gave me a blow job that had to have been the best in the world (though I certainly wasn’t an experienced recipient then). I’ve never forgotten that first time!

He alternated between sucking, deep-throating and jacking me and taking my convulsive thrusts at the same time. I don’t think it could have been three or four minutes that first time before I tensed up and whispered, “I’m gonna cum!” Mo just nodded, took a deep breath and plunged his throat down around my tightening cock. I reactively held his head as I pushed my cock further down his throat and emptied my balls. But Mo knew how to handle the situation and when he needed to breathe backed away quickly, sucking the last vestiges of cum from my saliva-covered cock.

“That was good,” he said as he milked the final drops from the chute of my cock. “We’ll get along just fine,” he smiled. He continued a slow sucking of my cock, letting his tongue gently revolve around the cockhead. “Hey, I don’t think you’re going down,” he said as he held my cock. “You want another round?”

“Yeah,” I panted and spread my legs to feel him start his magic again.

Mo must have stayed in the room for at least a half hour and three dynamite loads of my cum. Finally, my cock and my energies were completely drained.

“I think that’s enough for the first time. Did you like that?” he asked as he stood up to go.

“That was incredible,” I said. “I’m already looking for the next time.”

“Me, too,” smiled Mo. “Just tap on my door anytime you’re ready. If I’m available, I’ll be glad to have you come in.” With that, he left my room.

When Charlie got back to he room, he smiled and said, “So I understand you had a pretty good time and have been given to privilege of visiting Mo in his room.”

“Wow, that was incredible! I’m looking forward to more of that,” I said. “Hey, how did you know I enjoyed it?”

Charlie laughed, saying, “I stopped by Mo’s room for a little relief after the library. He said you nearly wore him out. I’m glad you didn’t!”

And that’s how I began to really enjoy my Army days at Fort Ord.

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