Erotic story: Seeing something I wasn’t supposed to see

By GeorgiaGuy2.

The summer after I graduated high school in the mid-1970s
I took some courses at a little Christian college in a small town out in the boondocks of a Southern state. I was only there for that one summer, then I was planning to transfer to a larger Christian college in a city in the same state. So I didn’t feel much interest in the place, I was just there to get a few courses taken and out of the way.

I lived in a dorm that was set up with 4 man suites, two bedrooms with a shared bathroom between them. I roomed with another freshman and the two guys on the other side of the suite were both seniors. We were all friendly with each other and got along well. When my roommate and I saw the bathroom set up we were a little apprehensive, but the two seniors were used to it and sort of demonstrated the expected methods for dealing with the sharing.

Basically we gave each other some privacy when one of us need to use the one toilet for a crap, but other than that we kept the doors open and we walked in and out taking a leak when we needed to, using the one shower, shaving at one of the two sinks, and so on. So we all got used to seeing each other naked, and we often walked around in our shorts in the late evenings or mornings.

My roommate and I were both 18 and the two seniors must have been 19 or 20 (it was only a two year college). I was 6’2″ and my roommate was about 5’9″ or 10″. One of the other guys was about the same height but the other was around 6’3″ or 4″ because I noticed he was slightly taller than me. He had dark auburn hair which he wore longish, with pale, well muscled skin and a lot of body hair, auburn tinted that went down his chest and over his stomach to his crotch and then over his thighs and legs. His back and rump were pretty clear, though. I was the next hairiest of the four of us, then the other senior and then my roommate.

The hairy pale senior was also the most well endowed of us, with a long uncircumcised dick that must have been 6 or 7 inches limp. The rest of us were pretty much the same size down there, 4 or 5 inches soft. I was circumcised and so was my roommate, but I really don’t remember about the other senior. The tall senior was pretty handsome and striking looking, but he was a nice guy, very self-assured and confident. The other senior was a good guy as well. Both of them helped my roommate and me relax and transition well into the life of the college.

One evening something weird happened. I was in my room alone because my roomie was out visiting somewhere. The overhead light was off and I was studying at my desk with just that one light on. I could hear the two seniors in their room, their radio was playing softly and they were talking back and forth some. The door from my room to the bathroom was about half open. When I sat at my desk my back was to it.

It must have been about 10 pm when I stood up and stretched and decided to go take a leak. I was still clothed except for my shoes, which is probably why the other guys didn’t hear me. I walked across the room and stepped into the bathroom. I was reaching to turn on the light when some movement caught my eye. The door to the other room was about three quarters open and I could see into it. The striking looking guy was standing naked with his back turned to me having some sort of intense conversation with his friend, who was sitting at his desk. I couldn’t hear what they were saying because of the radio and because they were speaking low, almost whispering, but I could tell it was very important to both of them.

As I stood there frozen, not sure of what I was seeing, the naked guy stepped over to his friend’s bed and sat down on it, continuing to talk. Now I could see that the other guy was in his boxer shorts and sitting turned to face his friend, legs open. As they talked I noticed that his shorts had a bulge in front and it was obvious he was hard. The naked guy shifted a bit and now I could see his crotch clearly and saw that his penis was getting red and hard.

I was stunned by what I was seeing and a bit titillated. It was fascinating but I knew that if either of them turned to look they would see me staring at them and they wouldn’t appreciate my eavesdropping, particularly because of the obviously sexual nature of their conversation. Quietly I edged back into my room, leaving the door as it was, and slipped back over to my desk. I turned off my light and sat down on the floor by my bed so that I couldn’t be seen from the bathroom doorway.

My heart was pounding and I felt excited but I also knew it was important that they not know that I had seen them. I decided to lie low for a few minutes and if I got a chance I would slip out of the room. If my roomie came in that would complicate things but perhaps he wouldn’t.

I sat there for a minute in the dark, then I heard someone enter the bathroom from the other side and flip on the light. I could look under my bed and see the bathroom door. The naked guy had come over to the door to my room, apparently to double check that it was empty, and then he had turned to stand at the toilet. I sat quietly and watched. I could see his feet and lower legs and then I heard some rubbing. Now I realized that he was masturbating into the toilet! This was even more awkward (but exciting) and I kept quiet. Then the other guy came into the bathroom too. He said “Move over, I’ve got to too.” I saw the naked guy shift a bit and then I saw the other senior’s legs and feet come close to the toilet. His boxers dropped to the floor and I heard more rubbing.

After a minute the first guy grunted a bit and I heard something splash into the toilet. The other guy was apparently still rubbing away. The naked guy slapped him on the back and said “I gotta shower.” A minute later I heard the shower stall door open and then the water start. The second guy grunted a bit and something splashed, and then I saw him lean down and pull up his boxers. He flushed the toilet and returned to his room.

So by now I had witnessed some awkward stuff and I felt embarrassed but also turned on. Like most 18 year olds I was horny most of the time anyway and witnessing what I had just witnessed had triggered a huge surge of emotion accompanied by a giant boner in my pants. I couldn’t stand up with it so I just sat there in the dark for a couple of minutes trying to get my thoughts on other things.

Eventually things relaxed in my crotch and I slid my shoes on and tiptoed over to the door to the hallway of the dorm, glancing furtively into the bathroom as I passed the open door. The striking guy was still in the shower and the other one was back at his desk, back turned to me, working on something. I breathed a quick sigh of relief, then opened and shut my hall door pretty loudly, jingling my keys and turning on the overhead light so that it looked like I was innocently returning to the room after being out.

I stepped into the bathroom and took a leak, which I really needed by now after waiting through everything! The guy studying heard me and turned and called me in. He and I had the same English class and he had some questions about a paper we were supposed to write. I walked through the bathroom, passing the frosted shower door through which I could see the other guy rinsing off. I entered the other room and sat down on the studying guy’s bed, a bit self-consciously under the circumstances, and we talked for a few minutes. Then the striking guy got out of the shower and started toweling off. Tossing his towel around his neck he walked back into his room naked. He saw me and said “Hey,” and then went over to his side of the room to finish drying off. I again played it casually though I found it weird to see him naked after having seen him do what he had done a few minutes earlier. He ran his blow dryer standing at his desk, then while I was still in there he pulled out a fresh pair of jockeys and slipped them on.

By now the other guy and I had finished our discussion so I stood up and said “Think I’ll shower, too.” Usually I showered in the morning but I had witnessed so much that evening I just felt the need. Besides, I was now really horny and I was trying to figure out a way I could take care of my sexual needs without the two seniors and my own roommate knowing. I went back to my room and stripped down. I grabbed my towel and soap and shampoo and walked naked back into the bathroom. The shower stall was still wet and steamy but I was used to that by now and I got in, shut the door, and turned on the water. I quickly washed my hair and soaped and rinsed my body.

The water beating down on me got me tingling again and with everything I had seen earlier my penis quickly sprang to attention, making me quickly turn my back to the door so that if anyone came in they wouldn’t see its silhouette. I realized it wasn’t going to go back down without some attention and so I took my soap, greased my shaft up, and gave it a few jerks under the water. I erupted and sent several thick ropes of cum onto the floor of the shower. I turned the spray so that it would quickly wash everything down the drain, then after my dick had shrunk back to normal size I shut off the water and stepped back out of the stall, drying myself with my back turned to the door of the other room. My roommate had come in while I was showering and I could see him sitting on his bed pulling his shoes off.

Feeling relaxed and at ease now that I had taken care of my problem I gathered up my stuff and walked naked back into my room, speaking to my roomie and going to my side of the room. I slipped on a fresh pair of jockeys and sat back down at my desk to study a little more while my hair dried. I had a blow dryer but I preferred to let my hair air dry.

Naturally I never said anything then, or later, to my roommate about what the two seniors had done. I thought it over and reasoned that it was none of my business, that whatever they had been talking about had been intense enough that it had triggered those physical responses in them, just as it had with me a little later. Neither of them had ever given me any reason to think that they were gay. I think they just knew each other well enough and were comfortable enough that they could jerk off together if the occasion demanded it.

I never reached that comfort level with my roommate there, but then we only knew each other for that one quarter. We could be naked in front of each other and with each other, but that was as far as it went between the two of us. If the two seniors found another occasion that demanded the same thing any other time that quarter, I never knew about it.

My roommate had missed out on all the eroticism, but evidently there was still something in the air in our suite that evening, because later that night around midnight I awoke to hear him rustling and moving in his bed under the covers. I lay quietly so he wouldn’t know I was awake and heard him rubbing himself, then exhaling quietly when he came. He took a tissue and fumbled a little under the sheet cleaning himself off and pulling up his shorts, then I heard him get up and go to the bathroom where he took a piss and dropped the tissue into the bowl before flushing.

That was definitely a strange evening that I never breathed a word about to anyone.

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