Erotic story: Second String

By doned88.

Kelly stood when the coach approached. He wore only his jockstrap but regardless of his modesty he knew he needed to stand out of respect. He wasn’t a great player and the Coach accepted him because he lauded Kelly’s dedication, so he had said.

“So I gotta run, let Josh soak for a while but watch him. Don’t wanna let our quarter back fall asleep and drown in there” he laughed “You ok to stick around awhile?”

“Sure Coach” Kelly said as he glanced across the locker room where their team’s star sat with his strained body partially in the bubbling hot tank.

“And lock the door behind me” The man said as he left.

Kelly walked to the door. Turning the lock, he adjusted his pouch feeling himself growing. He always hardened in the locker room. Maybe it was the odor of the guys. Or maybe it was the sight of all of them naked earlier.

He would often wait until all of them had left before finally dressing but first would lie on the narrow locker room bench and satisfy his secret longings with images of them as fuel for his fantasies.

They had all gone now except for him and Josh. The room was quiet except for the sound coming from the tank.

“So you’re my baby sitter?” Josh asked as Kelly went back to his locker “Come here a sec”

Kelly started to reach for his shorts but stopped when Josh called him.

“So you cool?” Josh asked.

“You mean staying late? Yea I can stick around” Kelly said. He saw Josh’s eyes looking over him. It made him wish he had finished dressing before approaching the towel draped jock. He felt his penis expanding as he stood nearly naked by the guy.

“No I meant?.. You’re lookn good these days must be all the practices and workouts” Josh winked.

“Thanks, I guess. But I keep tryin. Not like you but…”

Kelly was on the defense and not a star player, but second string. But he was thrilled to be a member despite being physically smaller than most of the others.

“Hey you can help. Get some of that lotion stuff for my leg will you?” Josh lifted his bare leg from the water and put it on the sideboard.

“That’s it; just spread it on the knee and thigh”

Kelly felt a bit nervous as he was about to touch Josh. His dick was thankfully covered by his jock pouch less Josh sees it growing now.

He spread the goo on Josh’s knee and thigh.

“Yea that’s it, higher man.”

Kelly hesitated.

“Don’t worry its ok.” Josh instructed as he lifted the towel to give him access.

“Now rub a bit, kind of like a massage movement. You’ve seen the coach do it right?”

“Yea, let me know if I’m doing it right” Kelly stood closer. The side of the tank would hide the view of his growing jockstrap pouch from Josh.

He rubbed the thick thigh feeling the muscle. Josh sighed.

“You ok?” He asked.

“I’m ok, you’re doing that great..Keep at it man…go higher”

Kelly’s hand brushed against something under the towel. “Sorry…didn’t mean to…”

“It’s cool. Sorry man, I get hard when someone massages me, even the coach. Don’t stop. Looks like you got a boner too”

“Uh yeah, get em all the time especially after a game or practice, just get pumped up I guess”

“Me too. Usually whack off for hours after a game.”

“What about your girl, uh Ginny?” Kelly

“Hell she won’t even do anything. I have to rely on my own hand unless my cousin visits” he laughed.

Kelly, his heart pumping harder, moved his hand higher on Josh’s thigh.

“Call me cousin then” Kelly said laughing.

“Really? Great” Josh said “you locked the door right?”

“Yeah we’re alone” Kelly’s fingers touched the cock now. He had gone too far now to stop. And Josh had admitted to having someone play with him already.

“Lay back and close your eyes, imagine you’re with Ginny” Kelly said “or your cousin”.

His fingers moved to encircle Josh’s boner.

Josh did as Kelly suggested, lay back and pulled his towel open.

“Go for it” he sighed.

Kelly held the hard dick in one hand and rested his other hand on the firm, smooth body Josh offered. He massaged it as he had his own for years now.

Each stroke seemed to make Josh’s face wince and his throat utter sighs, groans and whispered curse words.

His fingers learned each part of Josh’s erect penis. The edge of the head, the thick stalk, the base and ball sac that moved in concert with Kelly’s strokes.

It didn’t take long and Kelly saw Josh’s bare stomach rise and fall as his legs tightened heralding the oncoming orgasm.

Soon each stream erupted, Kelly kept milking the penis thrilled to see more and more streams arch high and land on Josh’s body.

There were wet puddles on Josh’s stomach and chest and Kelly’s knuckles were coated in the thick jiz.

“Shit man that was great, thanks” Josh said “You do yours at the same time?”

He turned and looked at the tented jock strap pouch in front of Kelly.

“Shame, you look like you need it too”

Kelly adjusted his extended jock pouch as he realized Josh was still erect. “You’re still hard as hell man” he reacted.

Josh looked down “Yea it takes a couple of times to get it, totally drained. Want to take another shot at it?”

“I guess” Kelly said

“You ever do uh more than jack off?” Josh asked. He licked his own lips.

Kelly moved close as he put his hand still soaked in Josh’s sperm around the hard cock. He felt Josh’s hand on the back of his head next and felt the pressure.

“I uh never did this, not sure how” the hand pulled his willing head over and soon his tongue was lapping at the cum covered erection.

His lips surrounded it and Kelly gagged as the cock hit the back of his head.

“Just no teeth and keep moving up and down” Josh instructed his hand still on the back of Kelly’s head.

Kelly’s tongue felt the hardness. There was no taste but he anxiously moved his tongue as his lips stroked the cock.

“Crap gonna?” Josh didn’t finish the sentence as Kelly tasted the sperm filling his mouth. It streamed out the corner of his lips.

“You always cum like this?” Kelly asked returning upright.

“Yea, big balls I guess. Come on let’s hit the shower” Josh swung his legs over and hopped on the floor stumbling at the impact of his feet hitting the floor.

“Here” Kelly took his arm and supported him as they walked into the team size shower stall.

“You gonna wear that?” Josh asked as he turned on the water.

Kelly turned away and pulled his jockstrap down his legs.

“Come on shy boy, time to show me what you got” Josh laughed and then his eyes widened. “Christ for a small kid you got one hell of a bone”

It was true that Kelly’s penis was longer than average and when hard it was more than impressive.

“That’s my boy” His Dad would brag when seeing him naked in the shower or changing. “You’re gonna be very popular with the girls” he promised.

Kelly, however, wanted to be popular with others. He joined the team just to be around the guys and be accepted by those that measured their friends by their sports abilities. He wasn’t that good of a jock but what he lacked for talent he made up with perseverance and dedication, so the Coach said.

“Come on time for me to return the favor” Josh soaped his hands and began to spread them over Kelly’s body.

“You uh don’t have to?” Kelly said but Josh didn’t answer. He gasped as the firm soapy hands stroked his cock.

His hand rested on Josh’s shoulder for support as his body responded to the about to erupt volcano of his emptying prostate and testicles.

“Come on boy give it to me” Josh said jacking faster and faster. Kelly yelled the “F word” as his body convulsed sending his sperm across the shower spray again and again.

“There we’re even” Kelly said “thanks”

“Not yet we’re not. Let me do your back” Josh continued as if what they had done was a normal part of showering.

Kelly turned and felt the hands slide over his shoulders, back and buttocks. He felt the hands spending more time on each ass cheek before sliding a finger between them.

“It’s ok, relax against me” Josh said in his ear. The boy’s body moved against his back and arms encircled him.

One hand found his half hard cock and resumed massaging it.

“I owe you a second one” Josh said.

The feeling of his arm across his chest invigorated Kelly as well as the hand sliding on his penis making it fully erect again.

He usually took a long time to recover from ejaculation to get hard again but this experience was different.

As his body responded to Josh’s hands, Kelly felt Josh’s cock pressing between his buttocks then sliding there.

“This is going to be hot” Josh said.

Kelly felt the cock nestled and moving between the buttocks. His own body was gyrating in response to the hand action he was getting.

His gut ached and as he heard Josh make the same sounds as he had earlier, Kelly erupted again making him almost fall down. But the arm across his chest kept him upright and Kelly liked the strength of it.

“Christ you shot a third time” Kelly said.

“Yea your bubble butt helped” Josh said “Let’s finish up and go someplace”

They talked about the team, about the Coach as they shared the shower spray and continued as they toweled themselves and each other dry.

Josh brought his clothes to where Kelly was dressing.

“So uh, you like being on the team”

“Sure who doesn’t?” Kelly said wondering if Josh would tell anyone what he had done earlier.

“Good, road trip coming up”

“Just for first stringer, I’m not” Kelly said

“Well, I’ll talk to the Coach, you can bed with me and Norman” Kelly said “Interested?”

“Sure” Kelly said wondering what Norman would think.

As if anticipating Kelly’s thoughts Josh replied “Norman’s cool about stuff. Hell I’m sure he’d like to share some hot action after the game if that’s cool with you”

Kelly nodded and tried not to respond too enthusiastically. One moment he was closeted worrying about anyone knowing his gay thoughts and the next one he was having his first gay experience with the hot Quarterback. Next, he’d be finding out what sex with a hung black guy, like Norman, might be like, if he understood Josh’s comments.

“Well we gotta get you ready, you’re virgin right?”

“I guess you’d say that” Kelly said “except for uh what we did”

“Good, after practice tomorrow, come to my place. The folks are gone and we’ll have the house to ourselves all weekend. No adults, no clothes, just pizza, fun, some video games and lots of practice doing fun stuff”

Josh slung his backpack over his shoulder as he headed toward the door “Just don’t tell anyone of course” he said

“Sure” Kelly said as he watched Josh leave him alone in the locker room.

He locked the door once again and took off the jeans he had put on. His cock was hardening and it was time to lay back on the bench and milk it as he had done many times before after practice.

But this time he didn’t have to fantasize, only remember and anticipate the sex. It would take time but a third ejaculation was definitely going to exhaust him.

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