Erotic story: Rugby team reds

By Scooby Doo.

I joined a men’s team in the upper Midwest. I had played a little bit of rugby while I was in college. I enjoyed the sport and really enjoyed the camaraderie the team provided. It is a tough but rewarding sport. I played football in high school and had originally went to the college in hopes of playing some for the team, but after one year of playing, it was obvious I wasn’t going to start as there were three other players at my position that would start until my senior year.

One day on campus I was walking in the student center and noticed some guys playing with a ball that wasn’t a football. It intrigued me and I had to check it out. The guys were shirtless and quite attractive and my penis led the way over to them. I learned the ball they were playing with was a rugby ball. It was bigger and a little odder in shape and I thought this could be interested. Two days later I was on the pitch and ready to workout with the team. I was accepted right away. I was six foot and about one seventy at the start of playing.

After four weeks of practice we were playing our first full game. I was six foot and about one seventy at the start of playing. I was a wing and was out on the end and ready to run. One of the biggest differences between football and rugby, is the constant intensity of the game. There wasn’t a short break between catch and huddle where you could catch your breath. It was constant running, tackling and moving. I was winded by the end of the game. We won our first match against an in-state team.

As I said, the social aspect of rugby was amazing. After the game, everyone went to a house off campus and just partied together. Members from both teams grilled out and drank together. The guys were all pretty friendly and just seemed to enjoy just having a good time.

I knew back in high school I was gay, but I did pretty well at hiding it. I knew in sports, being out as gay wasn’t accepted too much. In football, because you were all in the locker room, having different stages of undress, you saw many different cocks and asses. I knew the length of many of my teammate’s equipment and how tight their asses were. This led to many nights of fantasies of making it with a teammate and how good it would be to fuck them, or have them fuck me.

Rugby was different. Players didn’t shower after the game. They just went to the post match in their uniform and partied together. I didn’t get to see the goods on these guys. It was frustrating. I was able to see a lot of them with their shirts off, which made me want to see more. The only ones I didn’t really care to see more of were the big forwards. Some of those guys were like linemen in football. Often quite flabby and didn’t seem to take care of their bodies. There were a few of them that were in the pack that actually weren’t flabby, but quite muscular. Those guys impressed me.

At the post match after our first game, everyone was having a good time. All of a sudden the captain of or team gathered everyone together and said we had a couple `zulu warrors’. I didn’t know what this meant. I asked a couple guys and was told if a player scored his first try of his career, he was called a zulu warrior. At the post match, he would then have to do a zulu run. I questioned what that meant and was told to just watch.

The next thing I heard was that the Zulu’s would have to strip naked and go for a short run around a few houses. I saw the two zulu’s on our team, and one from the other team strip naked. I was flabbergasted that this was actually a ritual. One of the guys on our team was s freshman. He was about five foot seven and was thin. His name was Scott. He took off his shorts and compression shorts. He didn’t even try to cover his cock and I got a good eyeful. He was about four inches soft and had a nice pair of balls hanging underneath. A small guy with a decent sized cock was a nice vision for my fantasy later.

The second guy was Mike. Mike was about five foot nine and had to be about one hundred eighty five pounds. He was quite build for this small height. He had a nice muscular chest, arms, and a six pack. Mike had a beard and his hair was short cut. I watched as he stripped and as he took off his shorts and boxers, I saw his cock swing out. He was about three and a half inches, nice sized balls, and it was nestled in a red bush. I was surprised I didn’t catch he was a red head. His hair on his head wasn’t a bright red like most redheads were. His hair appeared more of a darker brownish red. It wasn’t until I saw the red bush that I realized he was a redheaded guy.

For some reasons, red headed guys have always turned my head. I’ve seen a few of them on campus and I always thought they were hot. I also searched online for redheads and loved to fantasize about having a ginger man come and give me his sweetness. One of the other things I saw online was that often, redheads were quite hung.

Mike, Scott, and the player from the other team went and did their zulu run. I watched their cocks swing back and forth between the legs. As they ran away from us, I noticed both Scott and Mike had nice muscular asses. The dimples flexed with every step they took. I could feel my cock start to harden and I knew that I had to look away or my cock would betray me and share my secret. When they came back into the crowd, most of the other guys dumped their beers on the three as they returned.

The rest of the post-match was just a bunch of singing and hanging out. I found myself drawn to Mike and almost became a shadow to him. We had a good conversation. He told me he came from a small town in Wisconsin and was in college pursuing a kinesiology degree. It explained why he was in such good shape. I was fully intrigued by him and found myself very attracted to him.

The season continued on, and I got to play in every game and finally scored my first try. (kind of like a touchdown in football). I ran my zulu run with one of the flabby forwards and beat him back and was treated to my beer bath. Mike was holding my clothes and gave them to me when I got done. He had a big smile when I got back and said congrats on the score today.

As the season came to the end, Mike and I became good friends. Some on the team said we became inseparable. Literally, we were always hanging out and I realize how awesome of a guy he was. I also knew one other thing, he was straight as an arrow. Mike had a girlfriend and it was obvious they were enjoying the physical part of their relationship also. One time at a party some of the guys on the team threw, Mike and his girl were found fucking hardcore in one of the bedrooms. When the door was opened, they didn’t flinch and kept going. Many of us went and watched as Mike was pounding the girl for all it was worth, with many guys on the team egging him on. I was literally stiffened up when I saw Mike naked, hard, and fucking her. I was also treated to seeing him completely hard when he pulled out of her and shot his load. He came so hard that the first few spurts went over her head, the rest landing on her face, chest and stomach. His cock was about eight and a half inches and had decent girth. After he finished he had a big grin on his face and when I looked up, he was looking directly at me and he gave me a wink.

As the spring tournament season came, we often travelled to different cities to take part in the tournament. We’d stay in hotels, often cramming half the team in a room, the other half in another room. There was no privacy. I couldn’t beat off as I watched many of the guys in their boxers or skivvies. Two guys, Andrew and Jacob, had decent bulges in their skivvies, and it was clear they were decently hung.

Mike and I shared a bed during one of the weekends we were in a hotel. The team was tired and we crashed quickly. Mike had stripped down to his boxers and made it into the bed. He just went under the blankets, I went under the sheets. Couldn’t have body contact you know. During that night I woke up to a feeling in my ass. I noticed that Mike was spooned up against my back and his hard cock was poking into my ass. We just had the sheet and underwear that was separating it from entering it. I turned my head and it was clear Mike was out like a light. I couldn’t let this possibility go by, so I reached my hand down and touched his cock. It was big. I couldn’t believe the length of it and thickness were now in my hand. I wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke it a little. I listened to his breathing. I knew if he woke up, his breathing would quicken. As I got bold, I stroked him harder, grabbing his cock a little tighter and stroking it harder. Within a minute I heard a gasp come from his mouth and all of a sudden my hand was wet with his seed. I quickly pulled my hand away and a few minutes later Mike turned over onto his back. I brought my hand up to my mouth and tasted the seed his cock poured onto my hand. I licked it up and enjoyed the nectar I was gifted with. I fell asleep shortly after.

The tournament went well and Mike scored four times that day. I scored once. We lost the final game and took home second out of twenty teams. We were feeling really good and the ride home went really well. I rode back home with Mike and it was just him and I in the car ride back. Mike never mentioned the hand job I gave him, so I figured he must have just thought it was a dream. He asked me on the ride back if I wanted to become roomies the next year. How could I say no? I didn’t know where I was going to live the next year. I thought maybe in the unofficial `rugby house’, but Mike said he only wanted to live with one other person, not five. We went out and found a nice apartment the next week.

The next year was a blast. Mike was quite the roommate. We did a lot together and still enjoyed playing rugby together. We quickly became best friends and some guys on the team said it was like we were dating. It was just fun being with him. He was one of the nicest guys I had ever met in my life. He also got me more in the gym and I put on about thirty pounds of muscle. My parents were amazed at the body change, and I was feeling really good. I was now starting to match him in size (I was now six foot and two hundred pounds).

Mike also had his share of girls that would come over. I’d often hear then fucking in the room next door. He wasn’t a quiet fucker. I’d hear him talking dirty to the girls and beat off at the same time wishing it was me that he was pounding. I could honestly say I fell in love with him, but never wanted that to be known to him as I was scared it would screw up our friendship. I also saw him naked many of times as he wasn’t shy about showing off his body. He’d come out of the shower as I was in the living room, he’d just come out completely naked and sit down and talk. A few times I’m sure he caught me staring at his amazing body and nice cock.

Our junior year was fun rooming together, and he asked me if I just wanted to just finish off college living together. I told him I would be ok with that. We signed the lease together again for the next year. We continued to play rugby and now we were seniors. We were in the leadership of the team and got to make some fun decisions about where the team was going to go. Mike became the president and I was treasurer. Many of the guys looked up to us. We were now the studs of the team.

Our fall season, Mike and I both played the line and we both scored quite a few times. We became the ones to help train in the younger guys and order the rookies around. It was fun to make them get you a beer or cook you something to eat. Some of the younger guys would often end up at our pad. We’d offer them drinks, but told them they’d have to crash there as we didn’t want to get caught supplying to under agers, especially because many of them were in the dorms.

One night I came home from the library to find Mike on the couch naked as a bird. He was jacking off to some porn he was watching on the computer, which was connected to our TV. He was just stroking his big cock and I was amazed that he didn’t even try to hide it when I walked in. He just looked at me, gave me a wink, and then went back to watching the video on the TV. He told me sit down and join him. I figured the curtains were closed and everything was so no one could see us. I stripped down and sat down next to him. My cock was already hard seeing him stroking. I looked at him and he turned at me, smiled and winked at me. I looked towards the video and it was one girl and eight guys. She looked like she was really enjoying herself. What caught me off guard was there were two guys next to her sucking each other off. It was a bi-sexual video and I wasn’t expecting that.

“Dude, there’s two guys sucking each other off!” I said a little louder than I wanted to.

“Yeah, they seem to be enjoying it. To each their own.” Mike replied.

I turned and looked at him and he looked right back at me as I saw he was still stroking himself fast. The next thing I knew as I looked down, Mike started to shoot. His cum was like a geyser. It shot out and first load struck him in the eye, the others went all over his body.

“Holy Shit dude!” I said as I watched the last drops of cum come off of his cock.

“Well, why don’t you come over her and lick it up?” Mike said with a big smile on his face.

“What?” I said with a puzzled look on my face. “Why the fuck would I do that?”

“Well, you already know what it tastes like. You did it once, now you can do it again.” He said back, with a big smile on his face. “I was awake that night in the hotel. I saw you lick my spunk off your hand. I’m giving you permission to come over and lick it up.” He said.

I looked at him with a shocked face. All this time, he never said a thing. He never said he was awake or that he knew I had tasted his spunk. I dropped my head and started to get up.

“Where are you going Scott?” He asked.

“Well, I figure our friendship is over and I was just going to go back to my room.” I said with a sad face.

“Why the fuck is our friendship over?” He asked.

“Well, now you know my secret, so I’m sure you don’t want to be my friend.” I said.

“Well dude, Scott, you beat me off and ate my cream that night. If I didn’t want to be friends, I would have outed you in front of the team and never spoke with you. I figured you were at least bi sexual, but since I haven’t really seen or heard you fucking any girls, I figured you were gay. It doesn’t bother me and dude, it doesn’t affect our friendship.”

I looked back at Mike with tears in my eyes. “I’m sorry. I just thought you’d hate me if you knew my secret.”

“Hate you? Dude you are one of the coolest guys I know. You don’t act gay and I doubt anyone else on the team would even guess. Especially because I’ve made up some stories and told them I’ve heard you fucking the brains out of some of the girls that they’ve seen you with. ”

“You told them that?” I asked.

“Hell yes, I had to keep your secret. Now are you going to come over and lick this up so I don’t have to feel bad for shooting my load in front of you?” He said with a laugh.

That about did it. I leaned over and licked up the nectar. It was a nice amount of cum that was all over his body. As I made my way down his body, I wrestled with the idea of licking his cock clean. I decided I’d just take the chance and raised his cock up and started to lick around the head to `clean’ it. His cock had started to deflate, but now was returning back to its solid state.

“You can suck it if you want. I heard guys give better head than chicks. Prove it to me.” He said looking directly into my eyes.

Here was my dream coming true. I started to worship the cock that was in front of me. I licked it down to his balls. His balls were on the bigger side. I decided to take each of them into my mouth separately. I licked under his balls also almost to his hole. He started to squirm a little. I made my way back up to his cock head and decided to take the plunge I proceeded to take it into my mouth and make love to it. I looked up and saw that he had thrown his head back and his hands grabbed onto my head.

He slowly was pumping his hips upward to match my downward thrusts onto his cock. I did my best to take as much of it as I could, but he was big. I brought up one hand to jack his cock as I would just suck on his head. I changed the speeds of my sucking from slow to fast to slow and jerking it at the different speeds also. After about ten minutes Mike’s breathing started to get shallower and I knew he was getting close to shooting. I took my mouth off of it and stroked him a few times.

“Get ready Scott, you are going to get your sweet sugar snack.” He said with a low moan.

I put my mouth back on his cock and a few seconds later was struck with some strong jets of his cum shooting right into my throat. I could feel the power of them as they struck the back of my mouth as he continued to release volley after volley into my mouth and throat. After about nine good jets, I felt the intensity of it lessen as his body just collapsed back onto the couch. I licked up and down the sides of his cock to make sure he was all clean.

“Damn, that was honestly the best head I’ve ever received! Honestly, I’ve only had one girl that was able to bring me to a climax by head. Usually I have to be fucking to cum. Damn dude… my body is shaking, that’s how intense that was.” He said with a big smile as he was petting the hair on my head.

I looked up at him and said, “I’d been dreaming about that moment since we met. You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do that. Mike you are so fucking hot. Thank you for letting me do that. I’d love for you to fuck me sometime if you were ever up to it.”

“Holy Shit!” He exclaimed as he looked at me, “Fuck you, are you sure, doesn’t it hurt?”

“It can at first, but the pain goes away. I’d love to show you sometime.” I said with a big smile on my face.

“Well, I don’t know if I could ever get fucked, but the idea of doing you is tempting. Let me come down a little bit. Maybe go get something to eat and I will think about fucking you. I am horny as hell right now. I haven’t gotten laid in over a month, and I could go for a good fuck.” He said.

We got up, showered, and dressed and made our way to the local restaurant. Mike had a huge smile on his face the whole time.

“Dude, I didn’t know until today that I wanted to be brave enough to let you do that. I consider myself mostly straight, but curious. I had a feeling you’ve been wanting to do that for a while. I was just horny enough to let you. What do we need tonight?” he asked.

“Let’s take a stop at the department store, and I’ll get everything we need. Are you sure you want to do that?” I asked.

“Well, I figure you helped me out, the least I can do is give you something you’ve probably been wanting for a while.” He said laughing.

We finished our dinner and made a stop at a drug store. I went in and grabbed some lube and rubbers. The lady at the counter gave me a dirty look. I told her my girlfriend had a disease that required we get lube. She just nodded her head and finished checking me out. I got back in the car and we made our way back home.

Mike had a big smile on his face and when I looked over at his groin, he was already hard. I could see his shorts tented out and I had a feeling if I touched it at that moment, he’d probably shoot his geyser. I wanted tonight to last so I didn’t touch it. I joked with him about it and he said again how horny he was and he couldn’t want to penetrate my hard ass.

We literally just walked in the door and just as the door closed, Mike was already naked. His cock was still hard as a rock and was already leaking pre-cum. I was amazed he was able to keep the erection that long.

“Dude, does that thing ever go down?” I asked, jokingly.

“Not when I’m this horny and know I’m going to get some ass tonight.” He said as he came over and grabbed my ass and then gave my left cheek a quick stinging slap.

“Ouch, you fucker. You’re going to pay for that one!” I said with a big smile on my face.

“Bring it on, Scott. I can’t wait for this. If it’s as good as you say it is, I may have no reason to find a girl for the rest of the year.” He chuckled.

I grabbed onto his cock and led him into his room. He had a king sized bed and I knew it would be put to good use tonight. I got to the edge of the bed and sat down. I bent down and took that big piece of meat into my mouth again. I sucked it using the hand and different tempo. I could tell this was going to drive him nuts. As he was getting close to cumming, I stopped all stimulus onto his cock. He let out a big groan.

“Dude, if you cum right now, do you think you’ll be able to go again?” I asked.

“Scott, I have gone eight times in on night, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Now finish me off.” He pleaded at the end. He had that look in his eyes that he was begging for me to let him cum.

I got a nasty streak in me and went back down and started to jerk and suck him again He was really getting into again. He thrust his hips to meet my downward thrusts and I could feel his body start to tighten up again. I again stopped all stimulus on his cock again. His body tightened up and I wondered if he’d still shoot. He let out a big groan again and I knew I had stopped just in time. I did this to him three more times until finally after the third time he just threw me down onto my hack on the bed and put his cock in my mouth. I grabbed onto his ass as he was thrusting his cock into my mouth, being held down by the bed behind me and his body weight on top of me. I knew I couldn’t pull off of it again.

His thrusting hit a peak and he was sweating on top of me. A few drops fell on my face and I knew he was enjoying taking control as he was. I wiped some of the sweat off his back and as I could feel his body start to tighten up again, I took a chance and grabbed his ass again. This time I pulled the cheeks apart and I let my finger toy with his hole. I figured this was a chance to see how he’d react. He didn’t object and seemed to pick up the tempo. As his breathing starting to get to be more like pants, I decided this was the time, I thrust my index finger into his hole. I probed around until I felt it, I touched his prostrate. As soon as I hit it, he let out a yelp and then my mouth was being flooded with his jizz.

I was amazed at the volume. It was literally like a volcano and continued to spurt for what seemed like minutes. Mike’s panting, grunts, and groans told me I had hit the motherload. I took my finger out of his ass and Mike scooted down and then just laid on top of me. His head rested onto my shoulder as he was trying to capture his breath again. What he did next surprised me. I raised his head and kissed me hard on the lips.

I cradled my arms around his neck and proceeded to hug and kiss him for whatever he was willing to give to me. His groin was on top me mine and I could feel his cock deflate some, but he was still about half hard. I finally released my grip on his head and he again put it down onto my shoulder. He finally was able to gain his composure and lifted himself from being on top of me.

“Holy FUCK!” He said kind of loudly, “That was honestly the strongest orgasm I have ever felt. As soon as you put your finger in my ass, whatever you did, caused me to just lose it. I felt like I was going to pass out. Wow. I didn’t know it was going to be that good.” He said looking directly into my eyes.

“That, Mike, was your prostrate. It’s kind of like a girl’s G-Spot. It causes some good sensations in the male body and often causes the reaction you had. You tend to cum harder. That’s part of the reason anal sex on a man can feel good. IF the guy knows how to hit it, it can cause the guy getting fucked to have awesome sensations enough to cum.” I informed him as he got a big smile on his face.

“Well then you are going to be feeling good for the rest of the night, because I wanna fuck that tight ass so you can cum as hard as I just did!” He said.

We laid side by side for about ten minutes. The whole time I was rubbing over his body with my right hand. His body was amazing and I felt like I should pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming. I had wanted Mike in the worst way, and now here he was, on my right side. I had given him head a couple times and I knew before the night was over, my ass was going to be filled with his cum. I knew I’d be his after today.

As time went on, Mike started to get hard again. I was amazed at how well his cock stood out from his body as he was laying down. It had a small curve upwards towards his stomach. It was definitely hard and ready for more action. I was surprised at how quick he `revived’.

I told him to stay there as I got up and got the bag of goodies I had bought earlier. I grabbed a couple condoms and the lube from the bag. He smiled at me and looked down at his cock.

“Do we have to use a condom?” He asked, ” I hate condoms! I don’t get the sensations that you get when you don’t use one.”

“Well, I know you’ve had sex with quite a few girls. I like to be safe. No offense, but I just don’t want any possibilities.” I said to him

“Well dude, I understand, but I can tell you, if it’s a random, I always wrap it and I know that I’m clean as a whistle. I went down and got tested two weeks ago after a girl I had sex with two months ago had told me she had the clap. I was happy to find out it wasn’t from me. ” He said.

Against my better judgement I said, “If you are assuring me you know for sure you are clean, I guess I am willing to let us go without.”

“I wouldn’t like, bro. If I felt there was any danger of it, I would tell you straight up.” He replied. “Now get your ass over here. I can’t wait to know what it feels like with my cock in it. God I’m so horned up right now it’s not even funny.”

I grabbed the lube and applied a generous amount to his cock. I also made sure I put some in my ass. I know his eight and a half thick cock was going to hurt a little and I wanted to do what I could to make sure it went smoothly.

I got on top of him and let him align his cock with my hole. I felt the head at the entrance and knew this was it. A fantasy was about to come true. I looked him in the eye as I slowly started to sit on his cock. The head of it popped in and the tinges of pain started to come in. His head was just a bit smaller than the shaft. I let about two inches of it in and told him that I needed time to let my ass get accustom to the girth. He allowed me to just have slow motions as I pulled out to where just the tip was in and then the two or three inches slid back in. I knew this was going to be an amazing fuck and I wanted it to last.

I then stopped moving as he grabbed onto the side of my hips. He already had his eyes closed and I knew that he was enjoying the pleasure. After a couple minutes, I started to push back more and allow more of his cock to penetrate. I got just over half of it in when I could feel a little more pain come in. I forced myself to take deep breaths. After a few minutes, the pain subsided. I figured it was time to finish the task. I came up off his cock to almost the top and then pushed myself down til I had all but maybe an inch left.. I told him to just let it sit in there for a little bit, let me get used to his size and then he could have me.

He was a patient fucker. I couldn’t believe he didn’t just start thrusting like most guys usually would. I was rubbing on my arms, ass, sides, and chest. He had a look of concern and wanted to make sure I was ok. I told him it’s not a walk in the park. I hadn’t been fucked in a while so I needed to get used to it. I told him I usually was the one who fucked. He started to laugh and said with my seven incher, he was sure I did some damage.

I started to laugh. I didn’t know it, but that was exactly what I needed. My body relaxed and the final amount went in and I was buried balls deep on his cock. Mike had a look of ecstasy on his face. I could tell he was loving it. I felt my hole give and I knew I was ok to be fucked by him. The hole was ready. I started to do what I equate as squats onto his cock. His hands were on my ass to steady me. The thrusting from below me was making sure the entire length was going in. God it felt so damn good. Mike was a master fucker and he started to take over. He just hand my ass in place and picked up his thrusting. I could feel his balls bouncing up and sometimes were hitting my ass. God I was in bliss. I was overwhelmed with the feeling. The man I had fantasized about was now making those fantasies come true. I was so happy.

After about five minutes of this position, I got up off of him. I put myself so I was bent over his bed. Mike knew what I wanted and before I could say anything, his cock was back in me to the hilt. He varied his tempo in fucking me like this. At times he would just slide in and out with long slow stokes. Other times he’d pull out slowly, then thrust in quick and hard. Then he would just start hammering my ass. I couldn’t believe the stamina he had. I was bent over his bed for a good fifteen minutes and my legs were getting sore. I stood up with his cock still buried deep. He just wrapped his arms around me and continued to fuck my ass.

The final position I was in was my favorite. I was on my back and my knees onto my chest. Mike immediately dove back in. The sweat that was on his body glistened and I knew he was enjoying himself. I was still amazed at how long we had been fucking without his orgasm. I knew the moment I touched my cock, I would probably cum hard. As Mike was pounding my ass he did something I wasn’t expecting. He leaned won and kissed me fully on the lips. It was a very passionate kiss.

As he broke the kiss, he grunted, “Dude, this is fucking amazing! I could shoot in your ass any moment, but I’m trying to hold off. I always have believed the fuckee should cum first.” He then reached done and grabbed onto my cock. That was the first time he had touched my cock. I was right. About thirty seconds of his stroking my cock, I erupted. I came with four shots hitting my face and chest, the rest dribbling out onto my stomach. I groaned loudly as my orgasm seemed to last a few minutes after the cum had stopped coming out of my cock.

Just as I came down from my orgasm, I was treated to Mike screaming, “Oh God Scott! Oh Fuck.. oh Fuck… here it comes. Can I go in your ass or do you want me to feed it to you?”

“Go ahead and shoot in me Mike. I want to feel you cum in me.” I responded.

I felt his cock start to jump in my ass and I knew he was cumming. He literally lost his balance and landed on top of me, his head landing on my chest, his left cheek in the small puddle of cum I had just ejaculated to that spot. His panting was intense and his eyes were closed. He wrapped his arms under me and held on tight. What surprised me was his body started to have what seemed like small convulsions. He then thrust deep in my ass and then let out a big sigh as his body started to shake.

I didn’t say a word, neither did he. We just stayed in that position for a while. I let my hands run up and down his back and into his hair. He seemed to be ok with the post orgasm cuddling. He finally brought his arms from under me and lifted himself up from my body. He brought himself up so we were face to face again. We had a deep kiss again and his tongue was wrestling with mine.

He finally got off of being on top of me and laid down next to me. He put his head on my chest. I played with his hair. The silence was deafening. I wanted him to speak first so I allowed him to go through the thoughts and emotions of what had just happened. Mr. Straight boy had just fucked the hell out of my ass. He was going to have to deal with it. I was just afraid that it might change our friendship.

“Dude…” he said as he just started laughing. His laughing reminded me of guys on the team who would smoke a lot of weed. “Scott man… why oh why haven’t I tried this before? I thought fucking a chick was amazing. This was just … (pause).. (laughter).. fucking awesome!”

I just started laughing. “Wait til you get fucked.” I said laughing.

“Oh man, you certainly looked like you were really enjoying it. I can only imagine what it would feel like.” He said laughing. “I don’t know, but I may be open to it sometime. Not tonight. I honestly want another round of pounding that hot ass tonight if you are up for it.”

How could I say no? After about an hour of just relaxing, and a quick snack for energy, he took my ass again. This time it seemed to be a little more passionate. He looked at me in the eye more as he was pounding me. He seemed to care about how I was feeling and grabbed my cock earlier and stroked me good. This time lasted about fifteen minutes. He time he didn’t ask, he just came in me. I came literally seconds after he did. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. I had a smile on my face.

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