Erotic story: Rugby guy Matt part 2

By Master Gilbert. Check out part one here.

I told them it wasn’t rape. It was from rugby. But they still kept me over night because of the wreck and me passing out. In hindsight, it was probably better than me going home. What would I ever tell my boyfriend…

Luckily my boyfriend wasn’t home when I got there. I found a message on my voicemail that he had been called out of town on a business trip at the last minute. I was so relieved. I crawled into bed and stayed there until later that night.

When I finally got up I had several missed calls and a few voicemails. Nothing major so I was okay, and I quickly realized nothing from Alex. I took a deep breath and figured that Alex must have had his fun and was going to leave me alone now.

It was only a couple hours later that a text popped up with an address and a pic of me being tag teamed at both ends from last night. My heart sunk but my cock twitched. I was both beaten and excited at the same time. I couldn’t imagine what Alex could want, I mean how much abuse did he think I could handle. But I knew I had to go. I knew Alex would publish those pics or send them to my boyfriend if I didn’t.

I got dressed in loose shorts and a tank top and got to the address about 5 minutes before eight. It was a bar, a straight bar at that, and I could see Alex’s truck already parked. Inside Alex was sitting with a bunch of guys in uniform, some of which I remembered from last night.

I expected to get cat called or humiliated when I went in but to my surprise the guys acted nice and friendly making room for me to sit, next to Alex of course. The waitress brought me a beer over and a shot. It was actually quite nice to just be sitting there listening while the guys talked. They talked about the usual stuff; work, sports, and boasting about their sex lives. But none of them talked about me or about any gay sex.

At first it was almost surreal. From anyone outside the group looking in, they were just a bunch of marines grabbing drinks after a day at work. But to me they were the men that just a day before destroyed my hole and my self-worth while also making one of my fantasies come true. While they talked about chasing a skirt and the next maneuvers coming up, I looked at their faces and remembered how each man fucked me.

There was Michaels, who had been the first to start fucking me. He fucked like a horse ramming his cock into me and thrusting with all his weight. I felt like he was trying to drive me through the coffee table every time he fucked into my ass. Even after my ass was lubed with loads and loads of cum, he fucked me like that.

Sitting next to me was Arnold. He had a long thin cock. His cock didn’t stretch me like the others, but it did snake into my hole deeper than most. I remember how it made me gag and choke and how pointed it felt ramming my ass like a rabbit. I also can still feel how much he came, huge amounts squirting into my ass and down my throat.

Rodriguez sat across the table from me. He fucked like a bull in a china shop. He had a thick cock, a lot like Alex but not quite as thick. He also had the length more like Arnold. However, he had something both of them did not, balls to match his cock. He flooded me when he came. It was almost like he was pissing cum into my ass.

Ericson was on the other side of Alex. His cock wasn’t huge but he did know how to use it better than the others did. He fucked me longer and would go from hard pounding to long slow strokes. He also liked pulling his cock all the way out and then sliding it back in, teasing my hole with the head.

The other two sitting around the table I didn’t recognize. I was lost remembering the night before when I realized that Alex was looking at me. He looked at me then looked at the bathroom. It took me a minute to catch on.

I got up and went to the bathroom and waited. A few minutes later Alex came in and just looked at me. I started to turn around but Alex grabbed my shoulder and forced me down to my knees. He took his cock out and put the head in my mouth and then the piss started flowing. Slowly at first, just enough that I could keep up and swallow. Then faster so that it was more of a struggle. By the time Alex finished pissing I had it dribbled down my chest and all over my face.

“Get back to the table.” Alex said while slapping me up against the back of the head. I could hear his disappointment. I could feel it in his stare,

I walked back to the table with my head hung low and when I got there a fresh beer and shot were waiting on me. I did the shot fast hoping it would help with the feeling of disappointment. The beer I was sipping on as Alex came back to the table.

“I’m headed out; I need a cigar before bed.” Alex announced. As he did, he looked at me and then the door. I know I was headed out too so I said my good byes and left right after him.

When I got outside Alex was waiting at his truck. I walked over to him and he scolded me for not being better at drinking his piss. Then he motioned for me to get into the truck. I did without resistance, as I know resistance is met usually with me being punished.

Once in the truck, Alex grabbed a cigar out of his box and handed it over to me. I had never lit a cigar before so I just sort of looked at it. He grabbed the cutter next, then a lighter and passed them all over to me.

After asking how to do it, he took them all back and did it while I watched. He made sure to explain to me what he was doing and I knew the next time I would be doing all this myself. Once Alex had the cigar going he rolled down the window and started out of the parking lot.

He didn’t really talk to me, but that was okay. I was mesmerized by him smoking his cigar. He would take long tokes off it and then exhale. I never noticed him undo his pants but I did notice when he took my hand and put it on his cock.

I stroked him off gently at first. But it soon became clear that my hand wasn’t what Alex wanted. His hand when to the back of my head and I found myself sucking Alex’s cock as he drove. It was a little awkward trying to get around the center consul of his truck, but he was persistent. After I got turned just right his cock slid easily into my mouth, but I could only take it about half way. Alex didn’t seem to mind, I could feel him relax as soon as his cock was in my mouth.

As I got started, I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue and really enjoyed how it felt. I would run my tongue across the head and play with the piss slit. I would wrap my tongue around the shaft and play with his cock a little, just to see what kind of reaction I could get out of him. But the reaction wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Alex grabbed the back of my head and slammed his cock as far into my mouth as he could and barked at me to suck his cock and stop fucking around. With this, I started to bob my head up and down on his cock. This made Alex happy. I could tell because he stopped barking at me and I started to smell his cigar smoke again. He just wanted to get off I guess, he didn’t care about anything else.

Alex started to really push on the back of my head. I knew if we weren’t in his truck he would be putting his cock into my throat and fucking my face hard. I guess I was lucky. At least I wasn’t being fucked like I was last night.

After about 15 minutes I could feel Alex’s cock begin to swell and his hand started pushing on the back of my head again. I knew Alex was getting close to cuming so I did my best to finish him off. I knew there was no discussion or debate; I was going to be swallowing his load.

We were stopped at a light when he finally came. His cum jetted into the back of my throat and I tried to pull up but Alex’s hand was holding me down. I wanted to gag but knew better. I did my best swallowing the thick streams of cum which seemed to go on forever.

When I finally picked my head up out of Alex’s lap I could see there was a trucker next to us enjoying the show. I was so embarrassed. I’m sure I had cum dripping from the corners of my lips and from the look on that truckers face there was no mistaking what he saw.

Alex pulled back into the parking lot where my car was parked and let me out. The trucker stopped across the street and started walking over to Alex’s truck as I got out. Alex’s window was already down since he was smoking his cigar and when the trucker walked up to him I could imagine what he wanted.

I heard Alex telling him that “His slut wasn’t for sale, but if all he wanted was to get off there were plenty of ho’s in the bar.”

I was confused and conflicted. To Alex I was just a slut and cum dump. He had openly shared me with his friends, but when this trucker came up and asked about me he told him no.

I felt myself smile a bit. I might just be a cum dump to Alex, but I was his cum dump.

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