Erotic story: Rugby guy Matt part 1

By Master Gilbert.

I have been playing rugby with the gay team here in DC for a couple years now.
It was my escape from the computer coding I did in an office I didn’t care for. Playing fly-half I tend to escape the mundane day to day parts of my life. It gives me something to do and to look forward to while sitting at my desk.

It also gave me a way to spend more time with my boyfriend, Brent, who plays the hooker on the team. I met him two years ago and fell in love with him right away. We have been playing on the same rugby team ever since.

The team is divided into two basic groups, the forwards and the backs. As a fly-half I run; I handle the ball and I run. I stay away from the forward guys, because they’re big and they tend to get really rough. They are like bulls in a china shop. So when a new Navy commander joined the forwards I hardly even noticed.

The first time I even noticed him was during an away trip when we were stuck in a hotel room together. He was a stocky guy, meaty you might say. Although I guess to be in the forward you would have to be. He went by Alex. He had to be of Latin descent because he had that darker skin tone, squared jaw, and dark hair. I think the guys said Alex was short for something else.

I tried not to look when he came out of the shower and into the room using his towel to dry his hair instead of covering himself up. His cock must have been 8 or 9″ but it wasn’t the length that caught my attention as much as it was the girth. I’m sure he must have split some people open with his cock.

Our game went pretty easy. We were playing a Tennessee team and as usual we had little difficulty winning. But if you have ever played rugby, then you know the game is only part of the sport. The other half begins at The Third Half, the social after the game. Being the winning team and the visitors, we were treated to beer, and beer, and more beer, and then some shots. By the end of the first hour I was finally beginning to relax and let my guard down.

About a half hour later, I was looking for my boyfriend. It took me a few minutes to realize he wasn’t here. While I didn’t want to admit it, all I could think about was that thick and meaty cock on the new guy in the forwards. I needed my boyfriend, I needed his cock. Where the hell was he?

Oh that’s right, he couldn’t come this time, that’s why I am sharing a room with the meaty forward.

All I need to do is keep it together, and remember that I could get cock as soon as we got home tomorrow night. That’s not too long. I can do this.

Here comes the boot! They are passing the boot, god damn rugby tradition. It’s more beer, this time in a rugby shoe, or boot and you are supposed to turn it up and finish the whole thing without stopping. Maybe if I go around I can get behind it.

“Hey Matt, get over here.” I heard the new guy, Alex, yell.

I was shocked that he even knew my name. I tired raising my hand to say I was done, but the guys from the Tennessee team weren’t having it.

“Get your ass over here and drink the boot.” Alex said again.

He handed me the boot and like a good team player, I turned it up and downed it. After that I went over to a table near the door and sat down for a second. I could feel the beer and shots catching up with me.

Alex came over and sat down next to me and asked if I was okay. I tried to pick my head up and answer but all I could do is look at him.

“Hey, I’m going to take Matt back to the room, I think he’s done.” I heard Alex tell the group.

I can remember Alex helping me leave the bar, and I remember vaguely getting back to the hotel. After that it gets kind of fuzzy. When I woke up the next morning, I was naked and had a massive head ache. It was more than a hangover. God I drank too much.

I got up and realized how sore my legs were. My asshole was pounding hard, with shots of pain hitting me like crazy. I got to the bathroom and that’s when I felt the lube on my ass. The next thing I felt was the unmistakable feeling of cum running out of my ass. I sat on the toilet letting the cum run out of my ass and tried to remember what happened.

I got snap shots from last night. I remember opening my eyes and seeing Alex on top of me. I remember feeling my legs pushed into my chest. I remember the feeling of being rolled over and Alex’s weight on my back, his thick arm wrapping my neck in a choke hold. With my eyes closed I could feel the searing pain ripping through my ass as Alex used me like a cum dump.

What have I done? I have never cheated on my boyfriend before. I don’t even bottom that much. Usually all we do is 69, or rim each other and jack off. I mean I have bottomed, but not that much.

That’s when I started thinking, did Alex drug me?

It would make sense. I mean I can usually hold my beer better than this. I usually can drink well enough to keep up with the other guys. So that had to be it, Alex had to have put something in my drink.

I stewed in my thoughts for a while. I finally got up my courage and got up off the toilet and went out to confront Alex. But Alex wasn’t in the room. I tried to remember back to when I got up, was he in the room then? I can’t remember. But I am pretty sure that no one had left the room, so I guess he was already up and out before I woke up.

About 20 minutes later the door opened and Alex came in like nothing had happened. I was so mad and frustrated thinking that I had been drugged that I could barely wait for him to get into the room before I said something to him.

“Did you drug me last night?” I blurted out and didn’t’t even wait for an answer before asking “Did we do anything last night?”

“Fuck yeah, you begged for my cock and then took it like a champ. You screamed like a motherfucker though.” Alex said, almost laughing at me, with a big smile on his face. “I mean I have fucked some real sluts and you took it better than some of them. Want to see?”

With that he whipped out his phone and pulled up a video showing me with my knees up to my chest and Alex plowing my ass hard. I was in shock while the video played and I listened to myself moan and groan while Alex told me what a whore I was and how good my ass felt on his cock.

“Delete that please.” I heard myself plead.

“Are you kidding, it already has over a thousand views on X-tube.” Alex gloated with that big grin of his.

I was in shock. You could clearly see my face in the video. Alex’s face was never seen, but there were some close ups of my face. If my boyfriend sees this I’m sure he will leave me.

“Please man, I will do anything if you would just take that video down.” I pleaded.

Alex’s brow went up and you could see him thinking about it. All I could do is hope that he would do the reasonable thing. I mean after all, we are on the same rugby team.

“I’ll tell you what” Alex started to say but was talking slowly like he was still thinking while he spoke. “If I take this video down, you have to make yourself available to me anytime I need to get off.”

Are you kidding me? Really? What a choice, leave the video on the internet where anyone can see it, or agree to be Alex’s personal whore.

“Look at this!” Alex pushed his phone into my face again. “This guy wants to know if you will make a porno.”

“I’ll do it. Take it down now.” I said.

“You sure?” Alex smirked.

“Please man, I can’t have anyone I know seeing that video.” I was almost in tears.

Alex did something on his phone and then showed me the screen. The video said it was deleted. I finally started breathing again, but as I did the reality of the deal I made finally started to sink in.

Alex took my phone from the night stand and handed it to me. I unlocked it for him and then he put his number into it.

“Anytime I call or text you I expect an answer immediately.” Alex said as he did something else with my phone. “Do you understand guy?”

I nodded still trying to process it all.

Alex looked around the room and I guess he was satisfied with himself because he flopped down on his bed and grabbed the remote. I looked around and decided I needed to get dressed and grab something to eat. I grabbed the room key and headed down to the free breakfast.

I walked into the little breakfast area and I swear everyone there turned and looked at me. I felt like everyone had seen that video and was looking at me. I was so uncomfortable. I kept to myself and didn’t even sit with my friends on the team.

My fears were confirmed when one of the forwards came over and asked how sore I was. I felt like I turned bright red and started to mutter something. He looked at me and started talking about a hit I took during the game that knocked me on my ass and that’s when I realized he didn’t know about what happened last night. I nodded and kind of laughed as he slapped me on the back and walked away.

The trip back to DC went pretty much the same as breakfast did. I had never felt uncomfortable around my own team mates, but now I did. The sideway glances and looks I was getting. I felt so much pressure. Not to mention my ass was seriously sore.

When I got home and Brent came to the airport to pick me up I was so scared that he had seen the video that I spent the entire ride home looking out the window, afraid to look at Brent for fear he would see I was worried. As soon as I got home I went to the bedroom and then slipped into a hot bath. Brent said he had to take care of something at work and that he didn’t know when he would get home so I finally started to relax thinking I would have some time to think everything through.

While sitting the bathtub, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to get through this. How was I going to tell Brent about what happened? Even worse, what if Alex got pissed at me and put the video back out on the internet? Damn, my asshole still hurt. I was so depressed that when my phone went off I almost didn’t even answer it, but it was Alex.

“I need your ass, come over.” He said, without even saying hello or anything. I started to protest but Alex wasn’t having it.

“I don’t even know where you are.” I said thinking I might still get out of it.

“It’s in your phone guy, just open the maps app.” Alex continued. “You are 20 minutes from me so I expect you here in twenty five.

How did he know where I was? How did he know so much about me? What was I going to do?

I was on autopilot as I got ready and followed the directions in the phone. My life was over. I didn’t even care anymore I guess. What more could happen? I couldn’t have felt any lower or more like a prostitute showing up at a john’s house.

I got over to the address in the phone and went to the front door. Alex answered the door still in his military uniform. I have to admit seeing him in his dress pants and short sleeved military shirt with a cigar in his mouth and beer in his hand was pretty intimidating. He looked at me and smiled, then opened the door wider and let me in.

Once inside I followed him into the living room and he stopped in the middle of the room and turned around to look at me.

“Okay guy, take your fucking clothes off and then get on your knees and get my cock out.” Alex said while looking at me like I was meat.

I didn’t respond. I took off my clothes and folded them neatly putting them in the corner of the room. Then I got down on my knees in front of him and pulled his cock out. I started sucking his cock and Alex watched with a smirk on his face. Every once in a while he would blow smoke down in my face. But other than that, he was letting me suck his meaty cock the way I wanted to.

I have to admit that once his cock was in my mouth I actually felt somewhat better. It wasn’t so much that I felt better, but I stopped thinking about work, my boyfriend that I was cheating on, the team mates, or even the video. All I was thinking about was the growing cock that was starting to snake into my throat. I must have been sucking on Alex’s cock for 15 minutes before he motioned for me to follow him to the chair.

Once seated, he put down his cigar and beer and put his hands on the sides of my head. I have had other guys put their hands on my head before, but his hands were starting to apply more pressure. Then he started to pump his fat cock in and out of my mouth. He was fucking my face.

At first it wasn’t so bad. I mean I had read about and even fantasied about guys having really rough sex before, I just never thought it would be me. I started gagging and the drool and spit started to get thick but Alex showed no signs of slowing down. I think he might have even started getting faster.

Alex’s cock was starting to plug my throat and the slime and spit coming out of my mouth started dripping down onto his crotch. But he still didn’t seem to mind. He started telling me how good my throat felt on is cock. The only time he took his hand off my head was to take a toke off his cigar. The smoke was always blown into my face.

Alex’s comments got more and more degrading as he pummeled my throat. He would tell me how good a cum dump I would be with training. He told me how good my throat felt massaging against his cock. He told me how I only looked happy when his balls were slapping my chin. The sad part about that is he might be right.

Finally I felt Alex’s cock swell and he grabbed my head and forced his cock as far down my throat as he could. I felt the cum coating my throat and going down into my stomach. Even if I didn’t want to swallow his cum, I had no choice.

Once he was done, he let go and I pulled away. I sat there gasping for air on the floor between his legs, red faced, with tears rolling down my cheeks, looking up at him while he finished his cigar and beer. In a strange way it felt good. There was some peace sitting there looking up at him. I didn’t have to wonder what he was thinking, or if he enjoyed himself, or where the relationship was going. It was just peaceful like everything was going to be alright.

I had been sitting in the floor by his feet for about an hour when the doorbell rang and Alex sort of pushed me with his boot. I knew exactly what he expected but I wasn’t sure about answering the door naked. It didn’t seem to matter to Alex though. He shoved me even harder when I hesitated and laughed while I hid behind the door and his friends started coming in.

They were a bunch of Alex’s buddies. They were all big guys, some real burly, in their late thirties to mid-forties, most looked military like Alex.

Once inside they made themselves at home. Most grabbed a beer out of the kitchen and 3 lit cigars and kicked back while Alex found an international rugby game on TV. I started getting my stuff together and getting ready to leave when I heard Alex call me over to him.

“Where do you think you are going?” Alex asked me.

I didn’t really answer him. He grabbed my balls and squeezed while he turned me around and put me on the ground at his feet.

“So is this the new cum dump?” One of the guys asked while they sat around watching the game. My face turned red and I was so embarrassed when Alex patted me on the head like some pet. “Is this the guy you were banging on the internet the other night?”

“Hell yeah it is brother, and he can take a fuck with the best of them.” Alex said almost proudly.

“So when do we get a crack at the new whore?” another guy asked.

So I guess it was common for these guys to pass holes around or something. No one even seemed surprised by it. They acted like it was normal.

“I was going to wait a while, but if you guys need to get off, his holes are open.” Alex said.

I looked around and several of the guys were just relaxing, drinking their beers and smoking their cigars, but this one guy was always looking at me every time I looked his way. He was one of the bigger guys. His shirt was barely fitting and the bulge in his crotch was big even while just standing there.

One of the guys had called him Michaels, his last name I guess, and he wasted no time motioning for me to come over to him. I just sat there thinking this was a joke or something. But it wasn’t just a joke; Alex saw Michaels rub his cock and looked down at me.

“What are you waiting for guy, go get that cum.” Alex said as he smacked me in the back of the head.

I just looked at Alex like he was crazy. I might be his guy, but I wasn’t Michaels. I wasn’t moving, not an inch, until I saw Alex reach over and start playing with his phone.

I crawled over to Michaels and he already had his cock out and was waving it in my face. He was pretty big, even soft. I’d say maybe 7 soft, but not nearly as fat as Alex’s cock. I got it into my mouth and started sucking on it. It was hard pretty fast and lodged in my throat even faster. Michaels must have gone to the same school as Alex, because in no time he had my head in his hands and was fucking my throat like a mad man.

I did my best not to scrape his cock with my teeth and to keep my mouth open as wide as I could. I was also doing my best to breathe every chance I got, which was not often.

“You scored when you found this bitch Alex.” Michaels said.

“Yeah and after I get his holes stretched out he will be even better.” Alex laughed, as well as most all the other guys sitting around watching me.

I guess all the other guys were getting worked up by the sight of me being violently face fucked. I started to feel hands on my ass, and digging at my hole. I tried to scream and beg but nothing was coming out with that huge cock stuffed into my mouth. I would even say the more I protested, the worse the abuse got.

I was in tears from the face fucking and the fingers digging into my already sore hole when I felt a searing pain run through my body from my ass straight up my spine to my head. Someone had slipped a cock into my ass and started fucking me as hard as he could.

I didn’t know who was in me. I didn’t care. I wanted this to stop. It had to stop. I was not this person. I was not the kind of guy that just let anyone fuck me. I didn’t know any of these guys. I was scared, that my boyfriend would find out. I was scared that the guys on the team would find out. But more than all of this, I was scared I might like it.

The cock in my ass was being slammed in and out hard. To top that off, Michaels was getting ready to cum and was holding my head and throat all the way down on his cock. I couldn’t breathe. The room was spinning and I was gagging. That’s when it happened. I blacked out.

When I finally came to, I was on my back and this really big guy had my knees pinned into my chest and was pile driving my ass. I started to struggle and he started yelling for something.

The next thing I know one of the guys comes over and sprays some kind of gas in my face and I started blacking out again listening to the laughter of Alex and his friends.

I came to a little while later, I was on my stomach and someone was fucking me still. My ass was on fire. I was sore. My head hurt like hell. I started crying and that’s when they noticed I was awake.

“Hey the bitch has decided to join us again.” A guy said. He leaned down so he was talking right into my ear and said “If you can be a good bitch there won’t be a need to spray you again. Think you can be a good bitch?”

I nodded.

“Good, cause you got one sweet ass.” He finished as he started fucking me again.

The room was filling with the smell of cigars, beer, and sex. It seemed to be driving all the guys into a frenzy. Even the quite ones that were happy to watch at first started getting more into it. For the most part my mouth was left alone once my ass started getting used, but there would be a cock thrust into my mouth every now and then, usually after they had fucked my ass. I had never tasted my own ass on a cock before, but I can’t say that anymore.

I was fucked all night long it seemed. Cock after cock was shoved into my ass without mercy. I took every man’s cock that was there at least twice, and some I think three times. I cried but never fought back after that first time. The guys did pick me up at one point and drape me across the coffee table. I would like to say it was because I needed to move and was sore, but the reality was it made my ass easier for some of the guys to power fuck.

As soon as a cock was removed from my ass, another one took its place. They didn’t seem to mind all the cum in my ass, or the noise it made while they were trying to out fuck each other. They would egg each other on to fuck me harder and the later it got the harder they fucked. It became a game to see who could fuck me the hardest. Alex was declared the winner when he made me start moaning and crying while putting his fourth load in my ass. Oddly enough the only time I came was while Alex was fucking me.

It was about 4 am when I finally got out of Alex’s house and got to my car. I couldn’t even sit down I was so sore. I did my best to drive home but somewhere on the drive I passed out and wrecked my car. I remember the ambulance coming and taking me to the hospital. It wasn’t long before the doctors started asking about the bruising on my inner thighs and back.

I told them it wasn’t rape. It was from rugby. But they still kept me over night because of the wreck and me passing out. In hindsight, it was probably better than me going home. What would I ever tell my boyfriend…

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