Erotic story: Road Trip- Tyler

By Texbearjoe.

I was enjoying the driving all over Texas and “meeting” people I was doing, and I decided however what I was far enough north, in Paris, Texas so I would drive south. I packed up my stuff, and drove to Sulphur Springs hoping I would, like, see ‘sulphur springs’ but I ended up just having lunch at a Dairy Museum. It was cute, I should say but… I drove on down through Tyler, and got directed to a Rose Garden center.

I wanted to stretch and see a rose bush in the heat, but it was a massive outdoor rose garden, I’ve never seen such a lot of roses in a formal setting. Reminded me a little of Keukenhof gardens, in Holland, for bulbs. It was a nice change from dusty small roads, and I wandered around with a bottle of water taking pictures of Roses for my laptop wallpaper, when I saw him.

Huge. Cowboy. Bodybuilder. He was walking with what looked like his grandmother, delicately ushering her around, and though he was dressed in long sleeves and a cowboy hat, I knew the look. Small waist, big legs, huge shoulders, bulges in the arms through the sleeves, huge chest. Like a magnet, I followed them around feeling like a stalker, and as occasionally I got close, I saw he had a light beard, like Tim McGraw, and piercing black eyes. Very tasty! He was slightly shorter than me, which only made the wideness more vivid. He and mom headed towards the gift shop, and I headed in with them, and he stood stoically to one side, and I walked by, turned back and said, “Wow, have I seen you in a contest?” He grinned, looked down shyly, and said, “Naaw. Not Big Enough.”

“Come On,” I continued, “What do you weigh, 275?” He shook his head, grinning, looking down, blushing. “265, friend.” We continued talking for a minute, taking it very slowly. I asked for his weak spots, and he became more voluble, about his back and hams, and I asked, “I’m just in for the day, where in Tyler can I work out.” He shook his head, rubbing his foot on the floor. “Ain’t nowhere. I got me a gym at the ranch I got all laid out. Ain’t nothing’ in this town.” He said, with a very East Texas twang. His grandma was fluttering around some very flouncy dresses on display, and he looked me in the eye, “More’n’welcome friend to come this afternoon. I’m Gary.” With that he held out his hand, and shook it, looking very young and bashful. Oh, have you met one of these guys? You want to eat them alive.

“I’m Joe. From Houston,” I said, looking him in the eye, “Please to meet you buddy.” “Shoot,” Gary said, “Ain’t seen a guy like you ever in this town. And you’re an old guy!” I burst out laughing, Gary stepped his foot on the ground, head bowed down, rotating his toe like he was putting out a cigarette and almost stuttered, “Ah, Ah didn’t mean it like that Joe. Shoot.” “No Problem. I get it all the time.” I said, and Gary looked up. “What time?” He had to take his Grandma home in “Bend”, which sounded like an incredibly obscure small town, then go back to the Ranch. Looks like I’d meet up around 4 o’clock. I got the address, and we continued talking when Grandmother came out, and I introduced myself formally, and she put out her hand and gave me a good hard shake, and said hello in a warbly, but tough Texas voice.

She looked like an apple that had been in the sun too much, pink and white and wrinkly, but with fierce clear deep brown eyes. Real Texas. I wouldn’t want to meet her when she was mad. I found a hotel in south Tyler, dumped my stuff, and then headed out to Gary’s ranch, having absolutely no idea what to expect. Well, it was impressive. A nice big white house on a hill, which I expected, some of the east Texas piney woods up to the property but this was hundreds of acres. A big modern-looking kind of plant near the house, stainless steel kind of feed tower, and a hell of a lot of cows. He seemed to be part of the dairy industry. I got to the house, and there was shy Gary, and he walked me over to the more working area of the farm, and what looked like a big shed from the outside, was, walking in a door, a huge gymnasium.

But, it wasn’t cool – it was in the high 80’s/low-90’s outside, and inside were just some slow-moving fans. I was surprised with the range of equipment, but Gary told me that as gyms went bust in Tyler he just went in and bought everything up he needed, “Town ain’t big enough.” There was no changing area, just a fridge on one side – it was a very custom gym, one of so many different machines, and in the back, glass sliding doors he opened up for a cross-breeze, and some skylights alternating with fluorescents for a lof of light; however I could see some dark, black clouds rolling up. I went over to one side and dropped my bag, and was about to change. Gary said, “Uh, Joe, I don’t have workout stuff, it’s usually so hot I just, um, strip down a bit and go for it.

Gary sauntered over, and just took off his shirt, two dirty oversize cowboy boots and socks, and his huge belt and buckle. He sat in his jeans looking amazing, so I did the same, and he looked appreciatively at my chest. “Damn, Daddy, you’re thick!” He exclaimed, “I wanna get like that.” Gary had no idea how big he was, which is also my problem – I just feel normal until I see a big guy, then I feel tiny. We did some pec-deck warm-ups, and it was clear that Gary was self-taught, as he leaned forward, after maxing out the weight stack, and pushed with his shoulder muscles instead of his pecs. I said “Whoa!” and Gary looked at me in surprise. “Can I show you something?” I asked, and Gary nodded, silent. I sat down, and said, “Now put your hands on my chest boy.”

Gary stood in front of me, and put his rough palms on my sweaty pecs (it was really too hot), fingers just starting to curl along my side. I leaned back, and did the full stack. He nodded, feeling my chest flex and harden from the exertion. He pulled away, “Now hold on!” I said, and leaned forward like he had. I over-emphasized my delts, and my chest didn’t even flex much. “Whoa!” he said, “That’s, like nothin'”. I sat him down, and when he leaned forward, I simply pushed him back. He couldn’t lift the stack. “Uh!” He kept grunting, pouring sweat, but he couldn’t move it. I dropped to half the weight, and he could squeeze out 8 reps. “I’m burning!” he whispered, feeling his pecs when it was over, and I noticed him scraping his thumb over his hard nipple. “Gary, can I lead you through my workout?” I asked, and he nodded, “Yeah Daddy, this is gonna be good.”

He didn’t know how good I was going to make it. My pants were already soaked with sweat, and I wanted to take them off, but I held back. I told him first some compound exercises to get a good overall workout, then isolation for upper, mid, and lower pecs. “And Gary, can I take my pants off, I’m rubbing where I don’t want to be rubbed.” Gary blushed, and looked down, “Joe, I usually work out in my BVD’s.” God, I’d not heard that in a long time. We went through a long workout, lots of forced negatives and a few supersets, and Gary was straining to keep up. And now and then I pushed on his pecs, and rubbed my thumb accidentally over his painfully hard nipples – Gary almost dropped the weight the first time, “Dad, I’m, uh, it feels too intense.”

I asked Gary if he juiced, and that really did it. He started sputtering, and blushing, looking down and got quiet. “That’s OK, you just need something to control side effects,” and I told him where to look on the Internet. “Stand here, let me check you.” I took his left pec in both my hands, fully pumped and vascular, a light dusting of fur deep in the cleft. I squeezed it top to bottom, between my thumb and forefinger, distending his nipple slightly, as though I was feeling for something. I squeezed harder between my forefinger and thumb sliding on his sweat until the hard pencil-eraser tip was between my fingers. Gary was panting and shaking, and I said “Hold on Son, I want to make sure it’s ok.” I did the same with his right pec, and I looked down, seeing his hard cock tenting his shorts, which were wet.

When I got to pinching his nipple hard, his legs almost gave out and I caught him before he fell over a bench. “Get up boy!” I said, and he stood trembling slightly. I then reached up and took both nipples between thumb and forefinger, and twisted, “They seem ok, no problems from juice, and wired pretty good. You got a boner yet son?” Gary frowned, and nodded silently, hanging his head, so I slid my wet fingers more on his nipples. He sucked in a big gulp of air, and I told him to sit down as the room started darkening. “You’re gonna do what Daddy says, that’s ok?” I asked, and Gary looked up, black eyes glittering on his handsome face, and nodded, pressing his lips together. I leaned down and shucked off my black underwear, and my own cock bounced out, dripping slightly, then I leaned over and took one of Gary’s nipples and pulled him to standing.

Reversing positions, I sat down and shucked off his underwear. He had nice big balls and a beautiful medium-sized cut cock that was soaking wet. “You know how to pose son?” I asked, and pulled his nipple over to a cracked mirror on the wall. The side-lighting from the sliding glass doors was orangish-green from the huge storm coming up, while overhead the skylights were dark. Gary and I went through a front double-bicep, side-chest, pose after pose, his nipples hard as little buttons, his cock jutting straight out. Fuck he also had beautiful huge legs, ass, but moderate calves. We turned and posed in synchrony after a few minutes, as I called out the poses, and Gary finally burst out. “Daddy Joe, you have a big cock!” I grinned at him, pulling on it looking at him in the mirror. I said “Shoot Son, Ain’t seen a guy like you in this town. And I’m an old guy!”

Gary blushed, staring at my bobbing cock. “You can feel it son,” I began, “Stroke it a little.” Gary reached out his big mitt, and gingerly took a hold of the shaft, then put one hand over the other, the head popping out, and gasping at the length. The room continued to darken, and I heard what sounded like gravel, a few heavy drops of rain falling on the skylights. I reached out to Gary’s cock, and slid my fingers along the shaft, then rubbed his precum over the nice big head. I reached up to pinch Gary’s nipple as I did so, and he frowned, and started emitting a deep groan, “Daddy, I’m gonna cum!” I dropped my hands, and he panted for a second as I heard more rain hit the skylights, and the room got a very big breeze as a wind started up in the storm. The temperature dropped quite a bit, and we both looked towards the breeze. No tornados!

Thank god.

I looked at Gary, and said, “Give your muscle dad some sugar.” Gary shut his eyes, and leaned forward to my face, and I kissed him. He moaned, and grabbed my wet biceps, squeezing, and then pressed harder. I opened my mouth, and pushed gently against his lips but they were shut like a steel trap. “Son, open up a little,” I coached, and he did so. I sucked on his lower lip slightly, trying to wrap my arms around his huge frame, and suddenly he did the same, bobbing his head to kiss me like pecking my face. I took his head in my hand, calming him, then sliding a finger in his mouth, licked inside, and opened him up more to kissing intensely. “Gary, you’ve not done this before have you son?” I whispered in his ear. This huge bodybuilder whimpered, and shook his head no. “It’s OK son, just do what feels natural.”

Gary was practically crushing me at this point, hugging and then buried his head against my shoulder as I whispered and calmed him, his cock dripping on my leg. More wind waved over us, and suddenly a huge burst of rain hit the skylights as I kissed him again, feeling him melt in my arms. I gently set him down straddled on a leather-covered bench, then straddled it in front of him, still hugging and squeezing, but now our cocks lined up together. His head rubbed against mine, getting it wet – this guy streamed precum like a hose. The room was getting incredibly noisy from the rain, and I thought, “Whenver there’s a big rain now, Gary’s going to get a hardon.” I reached down and started jacking our cocks together, kissing him, then Gary looked at me, “Daddy, you feel so good.” Gary was shaking, though it was still sizzling hot.

I said “Aww, honey, you’re gonna be fine with me,” and squeezed him against me, pulling him closer. My cock was up on his leg now, and I gently pulled his left leg up, and licking my middle finger, slid it up under his balls, and rubbed against his hole. He gasped, and jumped slightly, and I lifted his leg higher. I licked my finger again, getting it very wet, and sliding it back under his balls in his crack, started pressing it gently against his anal lips, rubbing around a little bit, then pushing just the tip in his Ziploc-tight hole. Gary closed his eyes, and pressed his lips together, and I pushed in a tiny bit harder. “Relax son,” I whispered, wondering if he heard me over the din of the hard rain. “Daddy wants to give your hole some sugar.”

I stood up with Gary’s leg, pulling him forward on the bench, then pushing his leg back as far as I could exposing his pink tight hole further. I leaned forward, and leg a big drool of spit land on his hole, and Gary reached up, his thick chest flexing, to hold on to the bench behind his head. Then I knew – he flexed his hips up, abs deeply ridged, giving me full access to his hole as he crunched. He was as ass man. Amazing body, and I watched as he flexed his abs, and glutes, his asshole winking at me. I stroked his hole, telling him what a good boy he was, pressing my finger in and out, just part of the tip, very gently, then leaned over to blow on the hole, and lick it. The moment my tongue touched it, Gary cried out, and grunted, taking in breaths quickly. I pointed my tongue, then pushed it into the hole, which relaxed a tiny bit, and tongue fucked him bobbing my head for a few moments while lightning danced around us.

I looked over at one of the doors, the rain was coming down in sheets, like sitting under a waterfall. Pure Texas. I let Gary’s leg down, watching his abs unflex, and told him “Son, lie face down on that bench for me, will ya?” He quickly turned over, holding onto the bench again, huge shoulders flexing then he arched his back, feet on floor, hole right up towards me again. I pulled his hips back, so he was slightly off the bench as I reached around and felt his rock-hard cock dripping in my hand. I spit on my own cock, massaging it as I lubed up my cock with more spit, and said the classic, “This will hurt a little son, but relax, and it will feel good in a jiffy.” I then pushed the wet slimy head of my cock against his well-massaged hole, and shoved forward slightly. Gary wailed, and arched his back, but didn’t ask me to stop.

I got the head in his hole, then pulled out, and I’m sure I would have heard a “pop” except for the rattle of the rain on the roof. I pushed back in, and held the head there as Gary shook and groaned out loud, and I counted to 60. Then I pushed forward more, feeling my shaft glide in over his asslips, and then suddenly fill his rectum with my cockhead. I started pushing more forward when with a huge crack of lightning, and instant boom of thunder, the lights went out in the room. All we had was the eerie light from the distance, where the thunderstorm was over, a kind of greenish yellow, coming in the doors and windows. I jumped, and abruptly pulled my cock out, roughly, which Gary barked out in pain for. I pushed back in, and this time, slid into his rectum, sliding in and out, then forced it in slowly until I bottomed out in his muscle ass, and felt him squeezing and kneading my cock with his ass and glutes.

I had popped into his colon – he had a very short rectum, and as I pulled back out, again resting so he could accommodate, I then pushed back slowly in feeling all his tissues sliding against my shaft. I wasn’t sure, he seemed to be crying or whimpering, but he was now arching and bobbing his ass against my cock, so I got closer, legs around his, practically sitting on his ass, cock pointing straight down – and perfect to jam against his prostate. More lightning flickered, as I began a hard, slamming fuck, grinding into his rectum, colon, banging his prostate, and causing my previously quiet Gary to start gasping and yelling with the force of the fuck, when I almost fell over. Just to our right was a sopping wet guy, baggy pants down on the floor, jacking off a huge horsecock watching us.

He looked kind of Latin, black hair and a small downy moustache, couldn’t have been more than 16 or 18 to my eyes, but a big man’s cock, 10″ or more of thick meat with a small head. “What the Fuck!” I said, and the man looked at me with big sad brown eyes. Gary looked right to left, then yelled, “HEY, ALTO!” and I slapped his ass as he started to get up. “Hold on pardner. Take it!” I yelled, as I fucked him harder in front of our witness. I looked over at the door, and there were a group of sopping wet guys standing there, fingering their crotches. Baseball caps don’t do much against this sort of rain, they needed cowboy hats. Gary started yelling at them, but it didn’t do anything. They all came over, and as I fucked Gary harder, he bowed his head down, “NOooooo…”

I looked at the jacker, and said “Hey, Chico…” and nodded my head. He stared at me, and I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue shamelessly. Chico walked over as a couple of the guys kneeled by us, feeling Gary’s cock as I fucked him, muttering back and forth with Chico. Chico walked (waddled, with his pants around his ankles) up to me, and I smacked my lips together, and he slowly approached my mouth with his long cock. The head was smallish, and he was uncut, but it was nice and long, thick in the middle. He didn’t even have much pubic hair, and that silly soft moustache… I licked the head, and he jumped back, but then pushed forward more. I rolled my tongue around the head as best I could in the position, I wished I could have felt it in my hands, but I was holding onto Gary’s shoulders.

The guys under me were jacking Gary off, and I felt hands on my ass, sliding down, pulling on my balls, then feeling my shaft slide in and out of Gary’s abused hole. Gary began an “AaaahhhhhHHHHH” so I fucked him slow, and slamming hard, almost hurting my balls. I pushed forward on Chico’s cock, feeling him fill my mouth, then I pushed forward more, almost falling over, when Gary screamed a “FUUUCK!” suddenly, and I felt his ass squeeze my cock. The guys all started talking excitedly, and I felt Gary’s ass pulse around my own shaft as he was clearly unloading onto the ground under me. Chico waddled up closer, and finally I could bury my mouth to his groin on that cock, feeling it slide and stretch my mouth and throat unmercifully.

I was soaked from Chico’s dripping, and I knew Gary was finished, but I kept on fucking him – I knew he was an assman, and would love nothing more than the pain and fullness of a post-cum fuck. Slamming away on the cock and in Gary’s ass, I was in heaven – feeling Gary slowly relax and accommodate my ass as he bounced his muscle butt up and down to receive it, the guys standing behind me feeling my cock and apparently jerking off. I wanted Gary to get the full treatment. I fucked in and out, then down, slamming into his prostate as he cried out again and again. I swayed my hips from side-to-side, then rotating so my cock would stir everything up inside Gary’s ass to the maximum. Chico finally took hold of my head, and sawing his hips backwards and forwards started fucking my throat – he was woefully inexperienced. This may have been his first time too!

He started talking rapidly again, and the other guys laughed and shouted encouragement at him. I toyed for a moment about pulling out and having Chico fuck Gary’s ass with that monster meat, but it felt too damn good, and I was beginning to feel close to cumming! As the room began to get suddenly lighter, Chico began wailing, and trying to hold my head, but I was bobbing as hard as I could, and suddenly I felt his cock pulsing. I pulled back slightly, and got a mouthful of jizz, then pushed him in deep so he exploded directly into my belly, pumping me full of semen as he yelled out to the guys with him. His sock slid in and out of my throat, the rubbery flexible shaft bending in as it went around the bend at the back of my mouth, spewing cum as it wormed his way back and forth.

Slowly, it pulled back, the head still dribbling cum in spurts until it rested on the edge of my lips, the foreskin still in my mouth as I sucked the last dregs of cum from the juicy cap. I felt fingers slide along my cock while I was slurping my afternoon snack, and suddenly one pushed in beside my cock and Gary jumped. With the taste of cum in my mouth, and suddenly someone stroking my asshole, I felt a deep ripple start at my shoulders, traveling down to my ass and groin, and I began shooting bolts of hot cum right into Gary’s guts. With the volume of rain slowly turning down, the guys started talking more normally again. They were feeling my ass pulse as my cumtube loaded and reloaded with hot spurts of jism in the asshole, and I pumped as many as I could, hoping that Gary’s tight hole would keep all of that daddy juice in.

I felt the guys reach under Gary again and start jerking him off – he was again rock hard, even after a half-hour of daddy fuck after his cumming. I kept cramming my cock in his ass, but then, as suddenly as they came, all the guys were gone. I pulled out of Gary slowly, who just lay on the bench, shivering even though it was so hot, until I told him to sit up. He slowly, painfully got up, his amazing body wet with sweat, “You OK son?” I asked. Gary looked down, shy again, then looked up at me, and a huge grin broke out on his face, “Heck YEAH! Oh, my butt hurts like a b’ch!” He gingerly sat down as I walked to him, and he buried his face in my chest, squeezing me.

“Daddy, that was the, that was Heck YEAH!” he said and sitting with him again, we began kissing as he wormed his way to sit on my lap, on the bench. The room got even lighter when we got up, and walked over to near the refrigerator and grabbed some towels, and we wiped ourselves off. We looked at each other, and kissed again, and Gary said “Daddy, will you, uh, I’d like…” I interrupted, “To do that again?” “Yeah!” Gary said, a delighted expression. He walked over to a mirror, and completely unshyly lifted a leg, looking at his asshole over his shoulder, feeling it. “Let’s get some feed, and go to your bedroom,” I began, “And I’ll fuck you all night.” “Promise?” Gary grinned, “Promise” I responded.

And was, and always am a Promise-keeper.

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