Erotic story: Road Trip- Texas, Waco

By Texbearjoe.

I managed to make it to near Waco, after the fun roadhouse, and it was getting late. I was getting sleepy, and thought, “I have to get off the road a take a break, coffee, water, anything.” But there wasn’t anywhere to stop, and having found my way back to a main freeway, the first exit that was coming up had nothing at all but an “Adult Superstore” with a 20-foot-high big-titty woman in a negligee. Oh boy.

I thought I might be able to find a bottle of water there, and just get on my feet – Dallas wasn’t too far off, so I parked, and was very surprised – lots of trucks, and lots and lots of cars. Looks like 11pm at night was prime time or something. I actually had to walk quite a ways to the building, and even then it was hard to find the door, I thought I was crazy.

I went in, and immediately knew the smell, ammonia. I don’t know why but sex venues all seem to clean themselves with industrial strength ammonia or something. And I recalled something that happened a long, long time ago. Many years ago, when I was I think 16, just gotten my driver’s license. My Dad was in NIH in Washington DC, with my Mom – throat cancer. I was alone at home, but had to drive up to pick Mom up from East Tennessee, to Washington, DC, a good six- or seven-hour drive, in late winter. I had started out, and a few hours into the drive, I had started to approach Roanoke, Virgina, and I wanted to take a break. I got off highway 81, and kind of headed into the city when I saw a gigantic sign “Adult Bookstore”.

I had already read my Dad’s porn collection many times – very bisexual by the way, but that’s another story – and my heart was in my mouth – this was in the 70’s, by the way. I headed to the bookstore, and having no idea how anything worked, walked right in. And almost fainted. There were rows and rows of magazines – this is in the days of 8mm films, so no video even – and the one that sealed the deal was a “Javelin” magazine, with a hairy muscle bear on the front – later I learned it was (and met, but that’s ANOTHER story) ‘Bruno’. Talk about trembling hands. I pored over them – not sealed in plastic, and another and another, all the classic 70’s style untrimmed big hairy men cocks out, sucking, fucking, and playing. Paradise.

I wandered through the bookstore, a dozen or so men looking at me, and I found the ‘booth’ section, where you could go in and watch a film for a quarter for 15 minutes or so. It reeked of ammonia cleanser. Like any horny sixteen-year-old I immediately started jacking off to hot hairy men in a hottub in my booth, and came all over the place when suddenly there was a knock on the door. My blood froze. I shoved my cock in my pants and opened the door a crack, and there outside was a skinny daddy, big fu-manchu style moustache, plaid shirt and fur all over. “You looking for company?” he

drawled, in a very deep southern accent. I didn’t know what to do, but he did. He pushed the door open, and walked right in, shut it behind us, dropped a quarter in, and undid his belt in what looked to me like a single motion.

He unbuttoned his shirt while talking to me (glad there were no underage police) and dropping his trousers, out popped the biggest cock in the universe. Well, to my teenage eyes, in reality it was a nice uncut six-incher, not even as big as my own teenage cock. But there it was! Bigger than life! Hard! I had only seen a few other adult male cocks (I was later a very busy teenager in a very rural town with very horny dads all over), though I had quite an education in the last 30 minutes in the bookstore. He was jacking off, and calling me honey, and began kissing me. Wow! I felt him fumbling around in my pants as the men in the hottub in the film were on the rim of the hottub jacking off, tan, tanlined, and hairy bodies. I was buried in his mouth, thick tongue deep in mine for the first time, and I was involuntarily groaning and sucking at his tongue like it was a fat cock.

I felt his hands in my pants, unbuttoning, and then pulling my cock up and out of my shorts, “Oh!” He said, looking down, “Big one for a young-un!” He continued jacking me off, and I took his cock in my hand – it was hot and rubbery, I remember. I stroked it and I felt a little snap each time the foreskin popped back over the head. I was lost in kissing now, the whirr of the 8mm film, jacking off this hot rubbery cock, my own being milked expertly. A moment later, he put his hand on my shoulders, and pushed me to my knees. “Suck my dick boy!” he said, and I looked at it, wondering how! I opened my mouth and licked the tip, tasting his precum and licked it all over like a lollipop, along the shaft feeling the thick tubes that ran from bottom to front, licking the tip, pulling the foreskin back and licking along the edges, and just getting the whole thing very wet.

“Suck it honey, it ain’t gonna hurt you!” He said, laughing. I opened my mouth, and then the magic started. I was a woodwind specialist in high school – Flute, Sax, Clarinet, and importantly Oboe and Bassoon. I immediately knew to put my lips over my teeth, wrapping my mouth around his (to me) immense cockhead, and started sucking gently on it, like I was getting spit out of my oboe reed. He groaned, and I slid him in and out of my lips a bit, experimenting with pressure and speed, until I pushed my face down on his cock further. And further. I felt it filling my mouth wonderfully, and smelled the scent of his crotch, pushing in further, and he just hit the back of my throat, and I knew what I wanted was him to push into my throat one time. I continued fucking him in and out of my mouth when he whispered “Suck baby.” And I then started sucking while moving his shaft in and out of my mouth.

I was in heaven, and couldn’t touch my cock again, I was so ready to cum. Abruptly, the 8mm film stopped rolling, and we sat there in the stillness, my slurping and sucking on his cock, and he took one of my hands and started me jerking his shaft as I became bolder with turning my head a little, rubbing his cockhead along the inside of my mouth, sucking hard, holding his cock and working my tongue around it, and in general enjoying every inch of his shaft. There was a hard knock on the door at that moment, and my buddy opened it, and the man from the front desk was standing there. “Oh, sorry!” He said, watching the farmer get blown by a 16-year-old blond kid, but he didn’t leave. My farmer guy opened the door a little more, and the front desk guy looked around a little bit, and started kneading his trousers.

“You gotta keep the film going, you know that,” he started, licking his lips. I continued sucking, barely touching my cock, when the farmer took my head, and said “Honey, time to go. Here’s my juice!” and holding me rigid, he began creaming into my mouth with little fuck motions. Well, I was not prepared for that! I immediately gagged and coughed, but not really able to move as he filled my mouth up with hot salty sperm. It only lasted a moment, as he backed out, taking a handkerchief and wiping up, “Thanks honey!” he said, and wrapping his cock in the hanky, tucked it back in his shorts. The front desk guy, a long-haired dark kind of chunky hippy, continued groping his crotch in front of me as I stood back up, and repeated “Don’t forget the film boy.”

And then walked away. There were more men hovering in the background, and I closed the door, trying to figure out what to do next. This was fun! Though the gagging on cum was annoying. One of the background guys walked forward into the room with me, and swung the door wide open. He dropped a quarter into the film, which began whirring away, the same guys at the same hottub. He had a kind of Pendleton shirt on, and pulled it open – snaps in the front of the thick wool – and underneath he was kind of skinny, completely smooth slightly olive skin. He had a black goatee, a friendly face, and longish black hair. I remember kind of wide hips. He undid his pants, feeling my cock, then jacking me off, dropped his trousers.

He had on boxers, which had a huge tent in them, and he stopped for a moment to pull them down. Boing! I remember thinking how his cock bounced out, and my mouth went dry. If the guy I had just played with was big, this guy was a giant. I immediately grabbed his cock, which was slightly cool to the touch, very hard, and looked as long as my 16-year-old arm. It looked like the head of his dick was small, but he was uncut and it was very tight – only a little bit of the head was exposed. The middle was fat, and then tapered to the base, where he didn’t have much hair, big loose balls hanging. He crouched for a second, and I remember his lank hair falling into his face, which he pushed back behind his ears as he opened his mouth and swallowed my cock.

Bang! To the base. It was the most incredible sexual rush along my shaft, and I felt his tongue do amazing things all over my cock, and he paused to suck my balls a bit, running his lips together along my shaft, then he sucked it back in, slurped more likely, bobbing his head as he slammed on my cock, his hair becoming all mussed again. I jumped as a few guys outside the door spoke “Looks like Ed’s got him some teen cock!” and the guy by the door came back again, groping his pants. Ed was slurping my cock like crazy, bobbing and sucking hard, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, focusing on the part just below the tip of my cock at times which made my right leg shake. He then cupped a hand around my shaft, and started sucking from base to top, his hand jacking me off, sending waves of orgasmic sensation all over my cock and crotch.

I kind of went “eh, eh, eh!” sucking my breath in, and then exhaling explosively, began shooting cum in his mouth. The guy was an expert. I was shaking as I fed him, and the guys outside the room cheered him on, the front desk guy pulling his cock out of his trousers. Ed kept sucking me, way past orgasm, but I didn’t get soft, I was so excited. I watched the men outside the room, their uncut hard cocks – one of them had a white shaft but a deep purple head, I was mesmerized. Ed stood up, wiping his face, and bent over to kiss me, and I burst out “Are you going?” Ed stood quietly, and I crouched, trying to imitate him. I pushed the whole cock in my mouth at once, as the men outside the door groaned, and they came closer, reaching out to feel my mouth and head as I got only about three quarter of Ed’s cock in my mouth.

He hit the back of my throat, and the bulge in the center pushed my mouth wide open. I had to have it in my throat, that’s all I could focus on while the guys remarked, “It’s too much for the boy.” I pulled Ed back out, and jacked him off for a moment while I was focused on his monstrous cock and huge balls. I sucked on the head a little bit, trying to get my tongue up under the foreskin but he was very tight. I licked and sucked on the shaft like he had mine, my soft cheeks stroking his meat for a moment as one of the men outside the room started grunting like an animal. I then put Ed’s cock back in my mouth, feeling the hot rubbery shaft, and then holding onto his wide hips, pushed the meat to the back of my throat. I then pushed more in, gagging slightly, but so excited I couldn’t see straight.

I pushed more in, until I could feel it really in my throat, not able to breathe. I pulled out, coughing, listening to the guy to my side grunting, and looking over, he was still dripping cum out of his cock all over the floor. Two more guys were there jacking off along with the front door guy, when I heard a bell, and he grimaced, pushed his cock back in his pants and ran off. I pushed Ed’s cock back in my mouth, sliding the length along my tongue and mouth again to my throat, and pushing it in, I gagged a little less. I then pushed my head down on it, Ed grunting, until I felt it pop into my throat completely, and all at once he slid right into my throat, my face against his belly. I held there for a moment, trembling, and the men around me whispering in astonishment.

I pulled out a tiny bit, barely able to believe I could take it all, and then pushed back in while some guy felt my throat, the thick fucktube having stretched it. I backed off a bit further, pushing back in, then began see-sawing back and forth, his cock fucking my throathole until I had to gasp for breath. Remember what Ed did now at this point, I took a hold of his shaft with one hand, and then for another ten minutes sucked him, fucking my throat down on his cock, gagging a few times, but stroking his thick shaft all along the way in and out. Ed continued grunting, silently, until I felt him grip my shoulder. Someone behind me was cumming again, and suddenly, Ed squeezed me, his cock in my throat, when I thought my jaw was going to be dislocated.

He began grunting hard, and pulsing cum straight into my belly – his cock seemed to grow even bigger as it pulsed, and as I pulled out again, hand on his shaft, he shot a final few gobs of cum in my mouth. I didn’t gag or retch, I simply held it for a second as I continued to hold his cock in my mouth, stroking him, until he bent over, trying to pull his sensitive shaft out of my mouth. I spat out the cum, wiping my mouth, then Ed quietly pulled up his shorts, buttoned his shirt, and with pants on, squeezed around me patting me on the back. I must have been in there an hour at this stage, the film was out again! I put a quarter in, as two of the guys outside started jacking me, but realized I did have to go – I was still on my way north.

The man jacking and sucking “teen cock” was an expert, and after all the sucking I had just done, I came again for him, filling his mouth, and I watched the door guy gush his cum all over the floor outside the door, watching my cock shoot in the man’s mouth. I slowly buttoned up and zipped up, then outside the booth area, headed straight for the magazines, and picked up three which had big hairy but skinny guys (it was the 70’s) but definitely got the Javelin with Bruno. I went to the front desk, where the door guy scowled a bit at me, but I got the magazines and exited back to my car, ready to cum again, but speeding off to DC. Fond memories, but here I was somewhere outside Dallas, and the adult bookstore had only a smattering of gay stuff, most of it was straight, and lots of DVD’s.

I asked the guy behind the counter if they had any water or sodas, but the machine was back in the “preview” section. OK. If I’m here, I’m here I thought, so I paid my “member fee” and the entrance fee, and got buzzed into the back section. To one side was a big video room with Cable TV. Further back was another big room with hot and heavy straight porn (which I love). Next was a small maze of video booths, no more quarters. You had a few dozen films to select from, and just clicked up and down to run through them. I was trying to find a vending machine, and got a bottle of water, and decided to get a diet coke before I left. I went back to the bigger video room, where there were quite a few guys sitting around, not doing a damn thing.

I was surprised. The video maze had about two dozen guys kind of wandering around, and the booth I looked into had glory holes, so maybe this was the rest area. I watched the film for a moment, there was a woman on top of a Mediterranean-looking guy, humping herself up and down on his cock, her asshole winking with each stroke. Another younger-looking kind of blond guy with a big cock headed around back, as the camera swiveled, and she started getting it in both holes, and of course it was super-easy and she was in instant ecstasy. I loved it and pulled my cock out, jacking off while casually watching and sipping my water. The blond guy backed off, and the Mediterranean guy – he had a really fat cock – popped out of her, and the shoved his cock in her asshole, cooing at her the whole time.

He popped out of her ass now and then, leaving it gaping open, then popped back in as she rode him like a pro, and the blond guy headed in front of her to feed her cock. More guys around me started jacking off, and as my eyes adjusted to the light, about half of them were sort of skinny black-haired with goatees or scruffy beards, a few sort of cowboy/trucker dad types, and a some more slender guys with short flattop afros. I took off my shirt just to prime the pump, and I could feel the tension up a notch or two, the guys staring at daddy muscle. Shameless, really. Then the fun came – a very, very light touch on my chest, and I reached up and pushed his hand down firmly, and I heard a “Papi” whispered, and a firm stroke on my muscles.

More hands on me as I jacked off, and I turned to see a beautiful soft brown uncut cock being jacked. I leaned over and licked it, and still jacking off leaned forward and took it with my left hand, and sucked the foreskin in my mouth, rolling my tongue around the cockhead. I heard an “Aaah” and a second later my mouth was flooded with cum, in a gush. The poor guy was very excited! I gently swallowed his sperm, licking some more as he jumped and twitched, too sensitive to go on. I felt a mouth on my own cock, and looked down to see one of the cowboy dads kneeling at my feet, baseball cap turned around, and sucking on my cockhead. I took my hand away, and let him go for the full shaft, which he gulped in instantly. He pushed the entire cock into his mouth and throat, and held it there, massaging my cockhead with his throat muscles as he swallowed, rolling his tongue on my shaft.

It was a very sexy sensation, and feeling more hands on my body, I looked around, and there was another beautiful uncut cock, bright red head, being jacked off by another sexy lean latin-looking guy. Beside him was a buddy that he was also jacking off, with a really massive fat uncut cock, which I loved watching as I began sucking the bright red head. He was also sensitive, and looked pretty young – maybe early 20’s. I licked all up and down his shaft while the daddy in front of me continued to deepthroat my cock expertly, pinching his nipples and holding his head pressed against my crotch swallowing, and savoring my cock, not really face-fucking, but just holding still and occasionally bursting back, gasping for breath. I sucked in the latin cock in front of me further, pulling the foreskin back with the cock in my mouth, and then sucking the hard head, tongue rolling all around it while the poor guy shuddered.

He very generously pulled the massive cock of his buddy to my mouth, bending over to pull his cock out of me, and they both pushed my head towards the really fat massive cock. I licked inside the foreskin, jacking the first guy off now, and then pushing inside the very loose skin, rolled my tongue around the crown of the head, in lazy slow wet circles tasting his precum while his buddy continued jacking him off. He started to get very hard in my mouth, swelling his fat cock further, and I pursed my lips together, and pushed the fat head into my mouth, pushing the foreskin back with my lips as he slid in. He grunted and gasped, bending over to pull his cock back from my mouth a little bit, but his buddy pulled him forward more and I continued sucking the head further in my mouth, filling it up while I sucked gingerly, more suckling – little sucks, like slurping a drink from a straw, pulling him further in with each pulse.

He spoke rapidly to his buddy in Spanish, and pulled his fat balls out of his trousers, and pushed my head further down on his cock. I felt him slide in my mouth, and I twisted my head slightly to stimulate the head of his cock against my mouth cheeks. That got him grunting and gasping! I then made a tube of my tongue and the roof of my mouth, narrowing to the back of my throat pushing him in a tighter and tighter wet hot space, squeezing his cock as I pushed relentlessly forward, but little pulses, little pushes. My daddy sucker was jacking himself frantically now, still glued to my cock, sucking and swallowing it perfectly, and the latin guy jacking off the monster cock was also whacking his cock like a demon. I pushed the monster cock further in my mouth, feeling it tapping at the back of my throat as he groaned at the unbelievable tight wet pressure on his shaft, then I relaxed slightly, opening my throat.

The head of his cock started to slip in and his buddy pressed the base of his cock hard, making his cock look and feel even longer, so I slipped the head entirely in my throat, pressing my lips against his fingers, then burying my face in his bushy pubic hair. I swallowed and bobbed my head on his cock now, gulping down the silky thick meat as much as I could, until his friend grunted and spoke rapidly, turning to the side and then as I watched, jet after jet of hot cum shooting up and over the men nearby, causing a commotion. Some landed on the daddysucker in front of me, which triggered him – he let out a high-pitched whine, so I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his head, shoving his face completely in my crotch leaving him unable to move, jamming his mouth as deeply as I could on my cock.

That did it! He began a furious motion underneath me, his head locked against my groin, and I knew from his jerking and pulsing he was cumming in buckets. I was still enjoying getting throat fucked by the massive cock, easier now that his buddy had removed his hand, and I began myself to jack the thick meaty shaft as I sucked down harder and harder, pausing to slurp on his sensitive glans, pushing the foreskin forward to run my tongue around inside it, then resuming my long-dick mouth fucking, big even strokes from base to the tip. My daddy sucker finally pulled back, leaving me with a dripping wet cock he began to jack off, looking up and winking as I looked down, “Luis is one of the best buddy…” He said, out of the blue.

I kept sucking on Luis, now pulling on his thick hairy balls, bouncing my head and feeling the spittle drool out of my mouth on my tongue. It really was a beautiful cock to suck, and I wanted to feel every inch of it in my mouth, as daddy grabbed the head of my cock in his fist, and started twisting his hand – fuck that was a new one! I grunted, fucking my face harder on Luis, feeling his balls harden and pull more tightly against his body, and Luis made appreciative sounds as I kept varying the speed and intensity of the sucking, playing his cock like a piano in my mouth. I decided I needed a break soon, my jaw was actually getting a tiny bit uncomfortable staying open so long, so I let his balls go, stroking then instead of pulling, and using my diaphragm to get a huge vacuum suck from my throat to my lips as I bounced on his cock.

Luis let out a huge bellowing groan, so I made a tube again from my tongue and roof of my mouth, now bobbing fast along his cockshaft. I felt his balls pull up very tight against his skinny body, and rubbing the knot between his asshole and his ball sack, I sensed he was going to cum. Bang! One massive jet of cum shot in my mouth as I shoved him back into my throat along the sucktube, and Bang! Immediately a second. I thought I might shoot with the hot bitter salty taste of his cum, and reached out to Daddy to hold his hand steady for a moment. I continued bobbing Luis’s cock in and out of my throat, spurt after spurt of cum coating everything in my mouth and throat as I groaned and enjoyed the thick thrusting of his meat. Luis finally gasped, and bent over again, pulling his cock abruptly from my mouth, and whispered something to me, walking away bent over as I let Daddy go on my own cock again, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

I scooted up to the edge of the couch, patted Dad on the head, and took a swig of water, rinsing down all that cum I had just been fed, and got up to take a piss, thanking Dad. I wish they used ammonia in the bathroom, is all I can say, before I headed back to the video room when I was done. I walked through the maze-like booth area when I heard a whispered “Daddy”, from one of the booths. I went in, and waiting for me was hot lightly-bearded guy, kinky hair twisted into little peppercorns on his head, chin, and chest. He immediately dropped his trousers, which were hanging under his ass anyway, and out flopped an incredibly long, purple-black cock, also skinny, but with a nice head. “You like black dick Daddy?” He whispered, and I responded by dropping my trousers and getting on my knees.

I took a hold of his cock, looking at the shiny beauty, and thick plum-like head, and licked the deep split of the crown, amazed at how deep it was. I licked my pinky, and to my shock, could actually push the tip of my pinky entirely inside his cockhead as he groaned, and grabbed my hand. I saw that the booth had some gloryholes on either side, and someone was behind each one looking in with a big brown eye. I licked his head, sucking on the bulbous rim underneath, leaving my lips on the tender skin and with a vacuum, just rubbed the head all over my mouth sucking continuously as he grunted out an “Oh FUCK!” I squeezed the cock, then putting my other hand on it enjoyed both hands squeezing the long shaft, pushing the head in my mouth, making love, or even worshiping the beautiful stick.

Pushing the head in my mouth, I looked up as he stared at me open-mouthed, and I heard a soft knock on the door. “Brian, I saw you with that Daddy!” I heard, and Brian said, “Shemar, he’s cool!” and Brian opened the door! In walked a giant – maybe 6’8″ (I was on the floor though), probably 300lbs, and he quickly shut the door – the room was roomier than I thought! Shemar was dressed in sweats and a tee-shirt, just stunningly massive, and as I continued sucking on Brian’s cock, sliding it back in my mouth, rolling it all around as he gurgled, Shemar pulled on the string and dropped his sweats, exposing his giant thighs, beautiful deep-brown uncut cock, and big furry ass. His cock looked like an elephant trunk, not quite hard yet, wrinkled.

I then pushed Brian’s cock deeper into my mouth, reaching out to Shemar, until I felt Brian pop into my throat. His head was very big, and there was a slight twinge of sensation as he popped in, and Brian blurted out “He’s got me in!” and I pushed further until my mouth was flat against his lightly-furred crotch. I continued to pull on Shemar’s cock, feeling it thicken in my hand, and I almost came from the sensation of his size – very heavy, rubbery, hot, and getting harder. I fucked my face on Brian’s cock, no no semblance of subtlety, but just frantic lust-filled deep-throat fucking as hard as I could, cramming his 9″ cock into my gullet as hard, as often, and as deeply as I could. “Fuck man, I’m going to cum like that!” Brian gasped, and I pulled back entirely off gasping and burping.

I abandoned his cock, and pulled Shemar over for a moment, pushing the big purple head of his cock into my mouth, not able to get more than half the length in as Shemar groaned and whispered to Brian. I let his cock go and then attacked Brian’s long meat, slurping it right back in my throat, hoping he would stretch me with his big head enough that I could get in the other horsecock, when I saw out the corner of my eye a nice pink cock thrusting through one of the gloryholes. I reached out to it, holding onto Shemar with my right hand and fucking down on Brian’s cock as he began chattering again about cumming, so I doubled-down, stopping to suck on his fat head, shaking my own head to overstimulate him, until Brian cried out “Daddy, I’m gonna shoot in your mouth!”

I looked up and nodded my head as I licked his cockhead, and then banged his cock right back in my throat as he shuddered and Shemar barked out “That’s it baby! Feed Daddy!” and I felt Brian pulsing cum straight into my belly as he shuddered against Shemar. I felt 5 or 6 pulses from his beautiful shaft, then he grunted, and I pulled off, and immediately he wiped his cock off with his baggy underwear, and urgently pulled his pants up and bustled out of the room. I was left with Shemar, that I started sucking again, this massive giant and Shemar gracefully pulled me around, pulling my hand off the fat cock in the gloryhole, until he backed his huge ass against the hole, pushing my head against his cock. I couldn’t take it all. I can’t say that very often, but it was blowing my mind, pushing that huge meat into my mouth, feeling it against my throat and knowing I couldn’t get it all in.

I started jacking off like crazy, just the idea of such a huge cock in my mouth bringing me to the brink of cumming, when Shemar became an angel. He pulled a bottle of poppers out of his shirt pocket, and took a huge hit, then held them down to me. My nose was running and eyes watering from the effort of my jaw unhinging and the sucking I was giving his huge hose, and took a couple of hits from the bottle, and I knew that was it. I felt dizzy, and suddenly another tingle in my throat as his cockhead popped into my gullet. He groaned out “Oh Daddy, Oh fuck I can’t believe, you OH!” and as I felt him vibrate from the pounding in the ass, I felt his cockhead pop in and out of my throat as the poppers hit full blast. That was it. I started shaking, almost falling over, and felt the orgasm fill my crotch, almost painfully.

Suddenly I felt spurts of cum shooting out of my cock as the orgasm hit my head and body like a hammer, and wave after wave of cum sensation shot through me as I impaled my throat on that massive horsecock, until I was weak and coughing, my own cock dripping rivulets of cum still left over from a dozen big spurts, and I let it go, grabbing Shemar’s huge thighs to hold onto. I started pulling back, and felt my cock again, which was still rock hard, my mouth around that meat, and finally I rested on my heels, and got up with a bit of a wobble. Shemar picked me up like I was a feather, and pressed his lips to mine, kissing, his thick tongue almost gagging me as he pushed into my mouth, squeezing my muscles and groaning, feeling me up, grabbing my still hard cock as I held his.

Then I felt it, jets of hot cum as he kissed harder, puffing air through his nose like steaming kettle as his tongue burrowed further into my mouth, his huge cock washing my hands with sticky wet cum. I put both hands together, and like the daddy did earlier, grabbed just the thick black head of his cock and started twisting it. Suddenly a gush of cum came out as he screamed, still kissing me, then more cum gushing and dripping through my hands. “OH!” he bellowed, pulling back, and grabbing my wrists, “OH Daddy, that’s too much!” he said, pulling off the cock and pulling my hands off his simultaneously. “Ohshit!” He uttered, “Whoshit.” He straightened up, and lifting his sweats, wiped his cock inside them, “OHshit, OHDAddy!” He said, and then, a second later, jumped out of the room, leaving me there with a video running, and someone peering in the gloryhole.

I walked to one side, and plunked myself down on a bench, and closed my eyes, getting it together for a second after the last hour of very naughty “fast food” sex, and then getting up, I saw the dick swiftly disappear from the hole as I walked out. I went back to the video room, where it had cleared out somewhat, just a couple of scruffy trucker-type guys splayed out on the cheap couch, jacking off watching the same woman get ass-fucked that I saw earlier. Lean, hairy bodies, nice cocks, and I thought “one for the road?” But decided I needed some caffeine (I remember diet coke in the vending machine), a break from so much cheap fun sex, and slowly headed out of the ammonia-reeking bookstore, a big muscular guy like myself at the entrance to the room, asking “Leaving so early? Saw you in the booth.” As beautiful as his cock was, I had to go. Amazing though. Just like being a teenager!

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