Erotic story: Road Trip- Texas, Plano

By Texbearjoe.

The following day, after my meetings, I headed north to Plano – I had in my phone book an old buddy of mine from Caltech that was part of the Caltech Lesbian and Gay Students “CLAGS” (yes, I was a Claggot) who I remembered doing analog chip design at TI. I texted him a few times and resigned to probably not being able to meet up, when I got a message that he’d love to meet – maybe a coffee in the afternoon or something.

I got into Plano mid-afternoon, and instead of a coffee shop I ended up heading to his house, which was quite nice. I knocked on the front door, and I think both of us went into shock. I remember Evan being a somewhat slight ADD genius, curly black hair and braces, who had loads electronic circuit boards and gadgets in his dorm room.

Evan answered the door, and what I saw was a very attractive 50-year-old Evan who grew beautifully into his body, tight curly black hair that was mostly grey with a very high hairline – he looked something like a curly-haired Bruce Willis, with a very trim beard. I my jaw must have dropped, but then he gaped at me, staring at my muscles and white hair – I looked like Grizzly Adams when I left school, ash-blond hair and a beard with a hundred different shades of pale blond and brown in it. And now I had giant muscles. “Joe”, Evan started, “You’re…” “Huge” I finished, grinning, and he shook his head, “No, so much more, uh, attractive then you were at…” “You like Dads, and I’ve turned into Uber Daddy, but look at you!”

We both grinned, and he with a slightly awkward bow and sweep of the arm, ushered me in the house. God! We will never grow out of Geekdom. He had a beautiful house, with lots of little blinking lights here and there on wall switches, and clearly electronics packed into every square inch of the walls, with iPads, and screens and the like everywhere. But… there was something. Evan stared at me for a moment, and I almost see gears whirring in his head. “My, uh, husband, uh…” and Evan walked into the kitchen, “Would you like some ice tea?” He asked. He blushed, and I said “Husband?” It came out in a gush, he had met his dream man a decade ago or more, and he showed me their photographs, and some extended family pictures back in the living room – that’s why the house didn’t look like a dorm room. Aha!

Evan unconsciously bumped into me as I turned and followed him, and then showing me the house “Nerve Center”, he bumped into me a few more times, until I took lightly grasped his arm, staring at him. Evan looked at me, and rolled his eyes up, and grabbed me and kissed me. Can you imagine a few decades of fantasy built up in a kiss. I wrapped my arms around him, and he sighed, hands kind of flailing at my waist grabbing me. He pulled back, “Oh my god!” He said, looking confused. I quick kissed him on the lips and said, “Don’t worry!” and walked back out of the electronics chamber wondering what was going to happen. “Please.” Evan said, hand on my shoulder, and I turned around. He molded his body against mine, “I hate myself. But, Joe, I uh, my husband is back at six. Can I, can you take your clothes off?” That’s kind of the beauty of Evan, there was no filtering of his feelings.

“Where’s the bedroom?” I asked, and he dragged me back. My god. I had never seen such a big screen as on the wall in front of the metal-framed bed. Evan was pulling at my teeshirt, grunting slightly, trying to get my clothes off as I bent to untie my shoes. He clawed at his clothes, and my breath was taken again. He had just perfect light fur on a beautiful, not thick, not slight chest, and in a moment he was naked, his uncut cock straight up, and he was stroking all my muscles, and my white beard, kissing me awkwardly as I tried to finish undressing. I pulled at him, and we climbed into bed, devouring each other, until I felt his mouth on my cock, as I got his in a hot 69. He was holding my hips, pulling forward, but I lifted one of his legs so I could loop my arm through, sitting more comfortably wrapped around him, and immediately he did the same.

He licked my cock, slowly, base to tip over and over, stopping from moment to moment to suck on the head, getting some precum out. “Oh Joe, what amazing, what, hmm, you’ve become.” He said, sliding my cock in his mouth, more and more bit by bit as he sucked at me. His own cock was steel-hard, medium size, and uncut. The base was very thick, making the whole think like somewhat of a cone, big fat hairy balls at the base, and very thick curly pubes. His legs were very hairy, like he was still a teenage boy, though the hair kind of stopped at the top of his ass in the back, from what I felt. Evan continued to suck as I rubbed his cock lightly on my beard, causing him to cry out. I sucked each ball in my mouth, soaking it with my saliva as I enjoyed the taste and smell of his ball fur, rolling them gently with my tongue, then slowly kissing his thick base to the mushroom tip of his cock.

I peeled back the foreskin with my lips, and let the top curve of his cockhead rest on my tongue as I let my teeth gently raze the edge of his cockhead. He gasped and shook slightly as I did this, and barked out “What are you DOING, aw FUCK!” I guess it worked. He continued sucking me expertly, and I closed my mouth now with my lips on the rim of his cockhead, and gently shook my head. “WHAT!” he said, shuddering again. He pulled back from me, and said “I can’t believe those sensations. I have to see.” I said, “Well, I’m just doing what feels natural.” Evan jumped up, and fumbling with an Apple nearby, suddenly the TV came on with just a message “Input” on a screen that seemed 10 feet diagonal. Evan then fussed with some drawers, and a moment later, he was clipping four cameras around the bed.

There I was on camera, only much, much bigger than life – just at body level. Evan jumped back into bed, wriggling into the 69 again, facing the screen. I glanced back, and his cock was about three feet long on camera, with my hand gently squeezing it. Every hair was glistening in incredible detail, and in another corner there was my on cock, big, pink, very shiny and hard, and my own light ash-blond pubes like a cloud at the base. I leaned forward again, and on a monitor over a dresser, I saw my own mouth as I slowly lowered to his cockhead. I licked him again, pulling on his big balls to make his cock more prominent on the camera – it looked grotesquely huge at a wide-angle close up. I put the head in my mouth, fascinated, holding the tip again in my tongue. Baring my teeth and grazing his cockhead, it looked exactly like I was biting his cock – Evan gasped from the sensation, and from the image, and he yelled out for more.

I pursed my lips, and you could see them just at the edge of his ample cockhead, then I popped them over the edge, and shaking my head, slid them all under the rim. Evan was begging for more when he got with the program, and started sucking on my own cock again – I watched dark bearded mouth slide along the shaft from base to tip, and Evan squeezed the shaft to show a drop of precum come out of the tip. He licked it and began sucking the head, popping it in and out of his mouth with almost a faint popping sound – fuck, that felt great! We both became engrossed in sucking each other’s pricks, watching the wet shafts on camera as our mouths glided back and forth on them, the sensations of sucking and deepthroating completely synchronized with the massive cocks on screen.

We must have been slurping and sucking each other for a half hour, when it occurred to me Evan had a furry ass. I licked my fingers and holding his asscheeks as I sucked him intently, I grazed his hairy hole with some wet fingers. I turned him slightly so his hole was on camera, my fingers creeping into it from the edge, his big balls bouncing slightly as you watched my mouth thrust forward and backwards onto his cock. Even was doing a great job on my own cock, having deepthroated it – I loved seeing the bulge in his throat from my cock, and he was very good at swallowing and massaging it in his throat with his throat muscles. I pressed further into his hairy asshole, which I found didn’t resist. I continued sliding the sensitive flesh of his meaty cockhead against my tongue and roof of my mouth as I pushed a finger further into his asshole, finally a few joints deep.

Evan paused sucking me, closing his eyes and holding his head back slightly, then he began sucking me again, bobbing his head as hard as he could fucking his throat down on my huge veiny cock (on camera) over and over. I slid two wet fingers in now, spreading them in front of the camera so you could see his hole open up. I loved this position, and fingering and finger-fucking Evan, but I wanted to see more on camera. I rolled over, off camera, from Evan, and walking around to the side of the bed, pulled the bed to find an angle where we both could see the huge screen as I stood by the bed. Wrestling him onto his back, I grabbed his ankles and moved him so that the camera was perfectly on the side of his asshole. I stepped forward, and on-camera, I held my cock at perfect aim to Evan’s asshole.

We both were staring at the picture (unfortunately not at each-other), and I leaned forward and pushed my cockhead in the hairy hole. We both saw his asshole twitch and squeeze my cock, then a gob of spit appeared on my cockshaft by his asshole as I let one drop down from my open mouth. I rubbed spit as lube all over my cock, then pushing it more in, and we watched Evan’s asshole push in with the force of my cock. Evan was jacking himself off frantically at this point, completely absorbed in his ass, my cock, and our fur when I started pulling back and both of us held our breath. Evan’s asslips bulged out as my cock slid out, a slight purplish tint to the inner fold of the rim, his hair sliding along the wet, greasy shaft. I think we were both hypnotized by the sight, and I slowed my fucking waaaay down.

It was incredible, watching my cock push in to his hairy hole, sliding in for what seemed like forever, then sliding out, pulling his asslips out again, almost painfully looking. I watched Evan jacking off on another camera, moving more slowly now. He rotated his hand lightly over the head of his cock, smearing his precum all over, and then he would make a “V” sign and rub it back and forth on his cock, two fingers on either side of his cockhead just under the rim so he was stimulating the very sensitive area around the edge. Another angle showed Evans face frowning as I fucked him, his lips pursed, licking, beautiful beard and his curly hair in high definition. The last camera showed my ass and back like I’d never seen. All these years of gym (33 guys), I almost never saw my back, and there it was.

My asscheeks flexed, and then to my shock, ridges formed of muscle just under the skin. I never realized I was that cut! Then as I pulled out, my back arched. My lower back, the muscles rippled lightly under the skin, in an odd Christmas-tree form. Then I pulled Evan’s legs slightly, and my lats flared out, obscenely wide. I bowed my head down slightly, my traps then bulging and popping up like there was a huge animal riding between my shoulders, just under my neck, but the camera showed no higher. Nice Evan! I kept up the slow greasy fuck, finally looking down at Evan, and locking eyes with him. I thrust hard, slamming my cock against his prostate as he gasped. “Fuck Joe!” he barked as I slid back again slowly, glancing at the TV screen. SLAM. Back in, and Evan was panting a little now.

I let his right leg go which blocked the fuck camera, but took his cock from his hand, and wrapping my fingers around the shaft, held my thumb at right angles, digging into the sensitive soft flesh just where his shaft met the underside of the cockhead – the tiny fold of tissue, so sensitive, so exposed. I rubbed it hard, then squeezing his shaft making his cockhead purple with the engorged blood, rubbing harder against the sensitive tip until Evan was crying out and thrashing in the bed. I rubbed harder and harder, seeing how close he was to cumming, but his balls only churned in their ball sack, not tightening. Evan’s face was a mask of pleasure, he pushed his lips out panting and looking at the ceiling as I slam fucked his ass, now rotating my hand around his cockshaft in a slow agonizing erotic twisting sensation.

Not watching on TV now, I slowly sped up my fucking again, enjoying the almost walking-speed rhythm of the slam-slam into his ass, then after a moment, pulled my cock all the way out, with a pop. I immediately shoved it back in, Even whispering “No! Wait!” then fucking him with 10 quick thrusts. I pulled out again, pop! And then shoved back in. Evan started a rapid panting again, so I let his other leg go, but instead of putting it down, he lifted both big hairy legs straight up. He was getting fucked in quick bursts over and over as I squeezed and massaged his balls. Then, like he had, I made a V with my hand (think Vulcan greeting!) sliding his balls between my fingers, then squeezing them up, I slowly wormed my thumb down, spitting on it again, and I watched on camera as my thumb pressed into his fuck-puffy asslips, and he moaned and cried out.

I pushed harder into his tight hole, feeling his wet anal muscles quiver and spasm with the extra invader, then pushed in hard, to get the abrupt sensation over with. Evan wailed, jacking himself frantically again, and I watched his face go through amazing gyrations in the camera as he gasped and tried to accommodate himself to my fucking cockshaft, and now thumb. Pop! Out I went, leaving a gaping hole partially filled with my thumb, then bang! Back in to the root. I had been popping in and out past his rectum for some minutes now, I hoped he was used to it! “Evan,” I whispered, looking at him intently. “Evan!” I said and he looked at me, his brow furrowed in anger but I new it was pure fuck pleasure. “Evan, let your cock drop on your belly.” I was up to 10 strokes, and popped out again, and he gritted his teeth, waiting for the inevitable thrust back in.

He dropped his cock, and gathered the sheets in his fists at his sides, watching me. “Evan, watch your cock!” I said, I popped out after another group of thrusts, and then on the in-thrust, I lifted my thumb hard and ground it into his prostate, pressing as hard as my urologist liked to do. A beautiful squirt of precum shot out of his cock over his belly and onto his chest, clear as water and copious! “FUCK!” Evan yelled, “Oh man, fuck fuck fuck!” he said writhing under me, and I continued the fucking, and milking his perfect prostate, wondering if I could actually give him an anal orgasm this way. I have to say it was very exciting milking Evans prostate and fucking him like a banshee, but he looked up, “Fucking Joe, I can’t take much longer, or I need a lot of lube. You’re huge!”

The rubbing against his anal walls, his lips and deep inside him had taken its toll, I should have known better than to have used just saliva, but fuck! I wanted him, and I was feeling like I was on the edge. “Can I cum Evan?” I asked, rubbing from right to left now over his prostate, not popping in and out of his hole. “Can I?” I begged? “Fill my ASS with your cream Daddy Joe!” Evan barked out, shivering, “NOW!” and squeezing his ass on my cock, I looked down on his beautiful cock, and suddenly I felt the fiery cum boil up in my groin, and a moment later, hard spurts of cum were shooting out of my cock deep into his guts, rectum, flushing back over my cockshaft slightly as I lost control, slamming into him like a cock machine gun, wailing “Evaaaaan” until the urgency, and cum shooting passed, and goosepimples washed over me.

I pulled out gently, watching in the video, as my three-foot-long cock popped out, a tiny gush of cum popping out his hole, then I pulled my thumb out of his ass, rubbing his asshole slightly to help him close up. I slid off the bed, pulling Evan over to me, and going down to the foot slightly, I got on top of him, his beautiful cock sliding right into my mouth – he was so hard, and rigid against his abdomen, this was practically the only way I was going to get it in. I took both hands, and after getting him wet, slid back and grabbed either side of his cockhead between my fingers, scraping them along the sensitive under-rim that he seemed to so much earlier. Doing that I pushed his cock in my mouth looking up at a screen to watch Evans face looking down, then holding his head back, breathing rapidly.

He reached out and held my head gently as I sucked on the tip of his cock while overstimulating him, then pulling my lips around the head, pursed them together and shook my head slightly, getting deep moans out of him. He was not so huge, so I could tease the head of his cock easily with my tongue, rolling around and around it in my mouth, then pulling a huge vacuum, slid him deeper, thrusting the head of his cock instead of against the roof of my mouth, against my tongue which I could thrust forward and backwards to grate against his head. I pushed forward slowly, watching my mouth engulf his cock on another screen area, my white moustache on the wet shaft. I slid all the way in, tickling my throat slightly, and realized I only had an assgasm.

I wanted to cum tasting Evan badly – Jesus, how many years had I wanted that! I crouched trying to get my balance, and grabbed my slightly soft cock with my right hand, and laid my left arm across Evan’s hairy leg, squeezing and holding his balls. I began bouncing my head, sucking his cock and shaft root to tip, and as I had fucked him, I now let the tip of his cock exit my mouth, briefly, then thrust it back in to the root, almost getting in my throat. Evan was gasping at this full-suck treatment, and his balls being squeezed, but my cock was not 100% hard. I paused for a moment, leaning up watching all the images move in synch, “Evan, sorry to ask, do you have some sort of cockring?” Evan shivered under me, and looked around, surprised, “Yeah, uh, what kind?” “Well, electronic of course!” I said, facetiously, “You’re the genius.” He looked at me, and grinned slyly.

He jumped out of bed, and fumbled at a box and held up what looked to me like a black rubber cockring with two rubber knobs. I put it on, and said, “This is electronic?” He said “Certainly. Conductive Rubber.” I put it on; it was just the right size. Evan’s cock was right in front of me; fuck this was a beautiful man. He said “Hold on,” and squeezed one of the rubber knobs, and I heard a very faint click. Evan clapped his hands, and with the abrupt sound came a jolt from the cockring! I yelled – it didn’t hurt, but it was, well, a shock, or kind of a double shock! I didn’t know if I liked it, but I pushed Evan back on the bed, licking his dick. We repositioned, and I said, “Please don’t clap again,” but as I said it, a kind of humming electrical stimulation penetrated my cock, at the base, as well as my balls, almost to my prostate. It wasn’t bad, but it was almost unnerving.

My cock, however, loved it, and was rock-hard. I grabbed Evan’s cock with my right hand, and I rubbed the tip on my beard again, as Evan moaned – and as he did, my cock throbbed with an electronic massage in a slow throb that went from my prostate to the tip of my cock. I groaned with it, which intensified the sensation – and I wasn’t even jacking off. Fuck! I sucked Evan’s cock hard, looking in the cameras, and pulling out, I let my teeth grate against his cock rim, and Evan yelled out something incoherent, making my cock tingle and buzz with sensation, which triggered me to suck and play harder, which triggered my cock… you get the picture. Evan and I were both moaning in a moment as I found the harder and more aggressively I sucked his cock, pulled and played with the balls, the more incredibly intense the sensation was on my cock – I was terribly afraid to jack off, and could only massage the tip of my cock, squeezing it and playing with it as Evan did earlier.

The incredible electronic sound-cockring he gave me was about to send me completely over the top in thrashing, trying to jack off, and suck him… I watched in the video as my mouth circled briefly, yelling out for more and more of the electronic stimulation as Evan almost played me like a piano, until that was that! I let Evan’s balls go, and jack-sucked him like a demon, as I watched his hairy balls pull up tight against his body. My entire groin was a lightning storm of sensation, and finally Evan gasped “I’m cumming, I’m fucking cumming!” and there it went, big splashes of hot cum jetting in my mouth, as I swallowed and practically gargled his cum as his screams drove my crotch wild. I was not cumming! I needed even more!

And as Evan stopped cumming, I took his cockshaft in my left hand, and then with my right palm, squashed against the tip of his cock, grabbing the head in my fist and polishing his knob far, far beyond orgasm or what any guy I know could handle! Evan began wailing for me to stop, but his wailing made the crazy cockring practically chew on my cock and balls, and the harder I played with his over-sensitive cock, the more sensation I got until I screamed out “I’m there, FUUCCCK EVAN!” and my cock began shooting jets of cum all over the bed, the floor, my legs as I barked out a never-ending “NYAAAAAAA” and Evan in a chorus with me as I continued my cockhead abuse. I thought I would faint from the electric prods to my fuckmeat, and even after I finished jetting cum, it still felt like I was orgasming.

“TAKE IT OFF!” I begged, stepping back from Evan, “It’s STUCK!” and Evan looked at me, slightly alarmed. “Shhh!” he said, quickly getting off the bed, but I couldn’t help “AAAAAAAH!” as Evan grabbed at one of the black knobs, clicking it. Bang! My orgasm turned off completely, like a light bulb. I coughed, and then burped, tasting Evan’s cum, and we both began laughing. “Shit, that was… intense!” I laughed, turning around and jumping on the bed backwards, my cumdripping cock flopping all over the place. Evan carefully took the ring off me, and crawled into bed, head on my chest. “Oh my god!” I said, looking around the room, all the cameras still going on the two of us cuddling up. I looked at Evan, so beautiful, so smart, so… wicked! “Evan, what the fuck else do you have?” He laughed, and cuddled more closely as he kissed my chest.

We lay there in a half-snooze, and slowly he said, “Joe, my husband’s coming home in an hour. This would be, uh… awkward.” I kissed his head, and slid off the bed thinking about our time at college together in the 80’s. “I thought of something.” I began, pulling my shirt on, “Remember that Wim Wenders film… Paris, Texas?” We both loved it back when it came out. I peered over his shoulder as he looked it up on Wikipedia, and it was a 2 hours away drive. “That where I’m going.” The cellphone rang, and Evan answered, giving me a sign to keep quiet. He talked for a moment, and then hung up saying, “Off the hook. He’s home late.” I kissed Evan again on his head, playing with the thick curly hair on his head and asked, “Any more amazing electronics handsome?” Evan grinned. “You know what they say in film Joe. Don’t say it, show it.” And he did.

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