Erotic story: Road Trip- Texas, Paris

By Texbearjoe.

After a great afternoon in Plano, I found a good gym, a Wholefoods for a high-protein low-carb salad dinner, and crashed at a small Hilton sort of hotel not far from Evan. I realized that I was kind of free – no business stuff for a week, no urgency to be in Houston, and I could take some time for a leisurely road trip around Texas. I held to my plan to go to Paris Texas, based on remembering the Wim Wenders film.

I remember the very strange sequence – Harry Dean Stanton talking to Nastassja Kinski in a sex club via telephone as she sat in a glass booth. Very desolate movie, and the view it had of Paris was quite desolate only as I drove in around noon… no tumbleweeds. It looked like other parts of East Texas, perhaps slightly less green. I drove through the center and almost drove off the road – there was a miniature Eiffel Tower, with a fucking RED COWBOY HAT on top. Really now!

I had lunch in a non-descript diner, and decided to land at a motel somewhere, get what clothes I had washed, find a gym, and wander/drive around a little bit. I ended up downloading “Paris, Texas” from iTunes and watching the move as the afternoon drifted into the movie. I realized abruptly the movie wasn’t set in Paris, it was the subject of the lead’s memory only. Annoying! No wonder there were no tumbleweeds. I found a nearby laundry, and though it was packed I was able to get my small load in and, then caught up with emails. The place was mostly women, some kids, but another guy came in, and unfortunately there was only one other washer. He was about to shove dark colored and whites together in a washer, exasperated, and I told him – my wash had only been on a minute, and I only wear black – he could use my washer to keep things separated, otherwise it would all bleed together.

My inner compulsive neatnik came out. He looked at me and we laughed, and he said “Well hell yes Daddy.” His name was Nolan, and we chatted bit while the laundry kind of spun around. I don’t know what I did, Nolan became more and more quiet staring at me, and I asked him if I was hypnotizing him. ‘Oooh Oooh’ I said, waving my hands. He started talking about my muscles and size, and how old I was. He worked as a carpenter and trucker, was in great shape but I told him it was 33 years of gym in the evening, business desk all day. His eyes started sparkling looking at me and I knew that look. Horny. Hungry. He was a nice-looking guy, I can’t describe – kind of tan skin, but dirty blond hair, nice beard and fur poking up at his collar that was dark brown. He was one of those guys that if you ask, seem to have Native American, German, Latin and African roots somehow.

I was curious how furry he was under that shirt. Our laundry was washed and dried soon, we sorted it together touching hands occasionally and laughing, then as I put stuff in my bag to leave, he came over put his arm around my shoulders and asked if I’d like to play poker with him and some buddies up at Camp Maxey later that evening. “Texas Hold-em?” I asked, “Nope. Regular poker. A Dad buddy of mine has a camper, and he sets up a private tent. It gets hot outside, the guys don’t wear nothing but underwear if that’s ok.” Nolan stared at me intently. “But no Dads like you,” he finished with. I put my arm over his shoulders and gave him a little squeeze, and said “Sure thing Buddy!” He gave me his address to meet and drive up, Shady Oaks Trailer park.

I got to my motel and then did my gym routine – biggest guy in the gym, I love guys gawking – and then headed to Shady Oaks all pumped up. Going over the dusty road into the trailer group, found Nolan’s trailer, with Big-Rig outside, and knocked. I came in and Nolan was sitting in his underwear already, and was in the process of rolling joints. Aha! He offered me some iced tea, and we sat chatting, and I showed him how to make an Amsterdam joint, which has a roll of cardboard at the tip so you can smoke the entire joint more easily. “DAMN!” he said, delighted. He was a ball of fur, curly brown fur on his arms, shoulders and belly, big ruff on his chest, bit of a belly, and some light fur on his back. He had big fat feet, which looked amazing, they were furry too, what a bear – all of that, lightly balding, and amazing greenish eyes I could see outside of the weird fluorescent light of the Laundromat.

He had a nice trailer, you walked in and to the right was a kitchenette, then walking through a sitting area, table and flat-panel TV (thank god for flat panel), and a bedroom and bathroom in the back, all very neat, almost military. I was sweating like a pig as we talked, and asked him if it was ok, and took my own shirt off. “Damn Daddy!” he grinned, “You are big as a house!” I bounced my pecs for him, and he became quiet again, eyes sparkling. He unconsciously (or not!) adjusted his crotch at that point, and I pulled my shoes off and got down to my underwear, which was black. My own cock was getting hard looking at his fur, and he grinned. “Damn Damn Damn!” he said, squeezing his crotch again. “Can I see that up close?” He wobbled a bit as I walked over, and as I looked into his greenish eyes, I realized they were also a bit bloodshot. He had been smoking for some time!

I squeezed my crotch, and said, “See anything you like Nolan?” And he became very quiet, his mouth opening slightly, staring at my cock. “Stand up honey,” I said, “Come on.” He stood up and wobbled a bit, his cock tenting out the white shorts. “Looks like you’re all swole,” I said, squeezing my crotch again. He wobbled and then roughly pulled down his underwear, a nice fat uncut cock bouncing up, spraying me with as he slapped at it. “Whoa!” I said, and with his rough hands, he took my underwear and abruptly sat down, pulling to shorts to my knees. My cock popped up against his beard, and immediately he began sucking on it, like a calf on an udder. And he was good at it. He slurped the whole thing down his throat in an instant, then bobbing his head, he groaned and licked the underside of the shaft, and I shivered feeling his bearded mouth rub against it, red tongue lapping at it like crazy.

He sucked on the head for a moment, his jaw working as he rubbed his lips around it, then shoved his head down, my shaft sliding in the hot cavity of his mouth to his throat, then popping into it he buried his face in my crotch. He pulled out, groaning “Fuck Daddy” as he eyed my cock, feeling my leg muscles. “We got a poker match stud!” I said, and he looked up, grinning, red-eyed, “Daddy, they’re going to go crazy.” He leaned back, jacking his fat cock off looking at me, then suddenly saw the joints, and started rolling again, not really able to focus. “I’m driving.” I said, pulling up my shorts, and he looked confused for a second, then stood up, pulling his shorts up. “Kiss me Daddy!” He said, grabbing me, and his thick tongue pushed in my mouth while he sucked on my lips. This guy was really Hot with a capital H, great kisser, kind of woozy but fun.

In a long moment we were both dressed, and he put the joints in pack of cigarettes, and that in a bag with a flashlight, and we headed out. We drove and drove, past a Campbell Soup plant, and some other industries that kept the town going, but thank god not past the Eiffel Tower again. Camp Maxey was an old Army camp near a lake, and parking in the main area, and we took a hike to a camping area – nobody around. There was an old camper, with kind of an awning out, and glowing – the sides were closed with cloth. Nolan pulled back a flap, and inside were four guys – Rick, Jake, Benny and Hector. Rick was kind of young, looked in his 20’s, jet black hair, scruffy beard, lean body, and beside him was his twin Hector, who looked in his 50’s, silver hair, scruffy beard, and lean body that had plumped up. Jake was a hot flattop guy, looked sort of military, blond hairy, and Benny was Nolan’s buddy, hairy trucker guy, brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin.

They all looked at me in surprise, and Nolan told them he invited a buddy to come along, I was a big-dick muscle daddy. I could have died for a second, then all their eyes lit up, grinning, “Well hell-o Joe!” and they began fussing around so I got a chair. I was expecting naked, but they were all dressed in jeans and tees or button-down shirts, but I didn’t say anything. I got a glass of iced tea, these were not beer guys – “beer makes you fat!” and then Nolan popped a joint out of his cigarette box, and they all looked at it closely. “Amsterdam roll. Joe’s Dutch.” The guys all oohed and I grinned, “Dutch and American, got two passports.” Nolan lit it, and started passing it around, and everyone took a big puff, very professionally – no coughing. We all started talking and passing around the joint, when Benny got out some cards and chips from the camper.

Each guy took his shirt off and got a big pile of chips from the house, and we began playing… and I came to understand Jake was Hector’s son. “But we don’t fuck around, Joe, that’s just freaky man!” Jake said, sitting half-naked by his dad. I was looking at all of them quietly, this was an incredibly Dad orgy coming into play. We continued, and unfortunately I lost a bit much and then turned in my shoes for more chips. I was wondering where this was going to end up, and in a quiet moment, I heard katydids in the trees – it was getting late, and Rick put up a lantern. An hour and two joints later, everyone was laughing to the point of crying, we were all to our underwear, and Nolan lost. He stood up, wobbling again, and pulled down his underwear. His fat uncut dick flopped out and the guys thought it was the funniest thing.

Rick reached over, mouth open, and jacked him off laughing nervously looking at the foreskin popping back and forth against the shiny wide head. Nolan sat down abruptly again, with his stack of new chips, and a moment later, Jake lost. He was a little shy, pulling his shorts off, so he turned, and showed us a hairy blond ass, and back. He had broad shoulders and back, about 6’1″, light furry body all over as he turned back. He was cut, nice average cock, and so hard it was up against his belly, a good size to suck without choking. Rick walked over jacked him off too as we all laughed, but Jake was very jumpy about having Rick’s hand on his cock, laughing uncomfortably. Then Benny was naked, very fat short cock dripping precum with wonderful red-brown fur all over and a nice belly. He pulled on his cock which was also hard, twisting the head a bit as we all watched laughing.

Next it was Rick, who shucked his shorts off. His long thin uncut cock hard as a rock on his lean body flopped out, curved slightly down, a small dusting of hair at his crotch; his lean muscular body flexed slightly as he sat back down, and our eyes met, and I reached over. His cock was hot, and the skin loose as I jacked him, also popping the foreskin back and forth, but hard to pull completely back. Rick moaned, and leaned over to kiss me, and we locked for a moment as the other guys kept talking and laughing. It was just Hector and I now. Hector lost, and stood up – very sexy Dad, big Latin beard shot through with grey, much furrier than his son, big brown nipples, thick chest, slightly chubby – if lean guys get thick, that’s Hector. He shucked off his shorts, and out popped a long curved cock like his son but thick. It was a real throat-stretcher. Nobody reached out to jack him, just looking in amazement.

Nolan lost next again, and standing up, laughing uproariously, fell to his knees, and buried his face to suck Rick to get some more chips – Rick and I were winning. Rick loved it, standing up holding Nolan’s head and we all watched, jacking off a little bit as Nolan gagged and sucked on that long cock, head bouncing. He was whining and jacking off when Benny took out a little bottle of poppers and passed it around the table, everyone yelling “OH NO!” We were all very stoned, laughing, and with the poppers, it just took everyone over the top – though the poppers were a bit old and mild. Nolan got back at the table and Rick sat back down grinning, then I lost, and stood up. Everyone was laughing, and passing poppers again, and I shucked off my underwear, too much clapping and “Big Dick Joe!” then I started to sit back down, thinking I had some better poppers in the car.

Rick grunted “Papi” and reached over to Jack me off, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him off his chair. He stumbled to his knees, and I pushed my cock down his throat as all the guys laughed and whooped. Rick was shaking and sucking furiously, swallowing my cockshaft while he gagged. I let him go, pulling him up and kissing him hard, and he stumbled back to his seat, mouth open and drooling. We kept on playing, with lots of dick sucking and playful ass slaps, then Hector ended up somehow having to get chips from Rick. They were both stoned, and everyone laughed even more, laughing so hard we were crying as Hector got on his knees and started sucking his 20-something Son’s cock. Both he and Rick had there eyes shut hard, mouth pressed shut as though it wasn’t happening.

My stomach hurt so much from laughing! Fuck it was hot, and the poppers made their round again watching, and Hector almost didn’t stop sucking as Rick pulled on his father’s head, whispering something to him as his long cock visibly pushed along his Dad’s throat, eyes still screwed shut. Back to the game, another joint and more laughing, when I got to give chips to Jake. Jake didn’t get on his knees. He stood up, groaned, and put his hands on his knees, bending over towards me arching his back. Fuck that was a hot hole, and the guys watched as I bent down to suck the hole, licking it around and around in circles. The guys crowded around and pulled at Jake’s hole, “Eat it Joe!” I kept hearing, and I heard the popper bottle sniffs and more laughs as I poked my tongue in, holding onto Jake’s hard cock, and jacking him gently.

I tongue fucked him and he opened right up, and I pushed some fingers in, and pulled back out, rubbing his asslips as he groaned and begged for cock. I was able to suck his asslips in my mouth gently, and Rick suddenly stuck the poppers under my nose. Fuck! I was really drifting, and standing up, my cock hard and dripping, all I could focus on was Jake’s pink hole, so I spit on it, and shoved my cock in all the way to the hilt in one go. Jake cried out again, and begged for cock, and the guys laughed even harder. Rick now stood in front of Jake and pulled his face onto his long cock. Jake gagged, and I took hold of his hips, and started slamming my cock into his ass, wondering how long I got in this game, Rick slamming away at Jake’s throat when I heard Benny call “Time!” I pulled out reluctantly, as did Rick, and Jake paused there, bent over, panting as Jake and I put chips back on his pile.

He straightened up his lanky body, and sat back down, with a glazed expression, and then Nolan lost. “Pull back!” He said, and the guys pulled back from the table in their lawn chairs. Nolan, on his hands and knees, came up to me and began sucking on my cock. He groaned and called out “Jake, what did you have for breakfast?” and all the guys started laughing so hard they were crying again. Nolan sucked hard and furiously on my cock, jacking off, and took a few hits of poppers. “Time” Rick called, and Nolan said, “I need more!” and crawled over to Benny. Benny was grinning and laughing like a fool, that big red-brown beard bobbing as he talked to Nolan, and he scooted to the edge of the chair, spreading his hairy legs. In a moment his fat cock was in Nolan’s mouth and belly on Nolan’s face, and he actually stood up slightly and started hunching and fucking into Nolan, while we listened to appreciative slurps.

We all watched his big hairy ass arching as he fucked and humped even harder, “He’s hairy as a dog, look at that dog fuck!” Jake said, laughing. “Time” Rick said again, and Nolan crawled over to Jake, who promptly got on his knees in his chair, squatting down to let Nolan lick his ass instead of suck him. Benny reached over to me and started jacking me off watching the spectacle, and jacking himself off with his thick paws. He stroked my cockhead as he did his, spitting in his hand occasionally to keep me lubed. “Time” Rick said, and Nolan crawled over to Hector. He paused. We all stood up and walked over. That cock was big! Nolan opened his mouth and grunted, and Hector spread his legs and pushed Nolan’s mouth on his fat cock. It had to be around 9 inches long, looking longer as Hector peeled back the skin from his uncut wet head, pressing down against his groin to accentuate its size.

Everyone got a little quiet as Nolan pushed his head down, and I crouched to watch him take it. It slid in, then got stuck about 2/3 of the way, then Hector shoved down hard, Nolan whining a bit, flailing his arms, which provoked more laughs, and then his mouth slid all the way to Hector’s groin. He was gagging as Hector took charge, fucking Nolan on his thick dad cock, and we all stared, laughing hard as ever at Nolan trying to take that horsedick. Rick was jacking off watching his Papi get sucked, and while Benny got on his knees for me, playing with his hairy nipples and I looked down to watch my own long cock slide into that furry brown face. Benny was bobbing his head on my cock just as Nolan was, Rick jacking off, and Jake ran around feeding poppers, then laughing suddenly, cried “T-TIME!” and we all had to stop, god it was crazy!

But Jake had something else in mind, and he ran in front of Hector, bending over, squatted down grabbing Hector’s long cock. He shoved it in his ass, and then started bouncing up and down on that cock, groaning, and begging for more cock. Rick walked over, and opening up Jake’s mouth with his fingers, pushed a few in as the guys giggled more quietly, realizing we had given up on the poker. Rick held Jake’s mouth open and slid his cock in until Jake gagged, then leaning over, held Jake’s mouth to his crotch, humping just like Benny had earlier. We stood there dazed, jacking off watching the father/son duo really putting it to Jake, when Nolan pulled a chair over to me, and leaned over it, spreading his legs. “Fuck me Daddy Joe,” be begged, wiggling his ass, and not being able to say no, I laughed “Daddy Joe’s going to fuck you so deep it’s coming out your mouth Boy!” and with that I shoved my cock in his shitchute almost dry.

Nolan grunted and whined, holding onto the chair and almost falling over we were all so woozy, and a moment later Benny was crawling on the grass under him, trying to suck on his uncut fucker, but not able to really get it together – very stoned! We started laughing again watching this, and Jake started emitting high-pitched whines every time Rick pulled his cock back. He was jacking off furiously, in a blur almost, jamming himself as hard as he could on Hector’s huge cock. Rick backed off, “Whoa!” and staggered a bit, “Almost blew my wad!” when Jake, in an almost acrobatic move, looped his legs over the chair, straightening up and cramming up and down on Hector’s cock like a pogo stick. I became riveted by watching the cock disappear into him, and backed off of Nolan who was whining from the fucking I was giving him, and crouching in front of Jake, watched Hector’s big dad cock slide in his hole, feeling it.

I had to taste it. I leaned forward, and licked the shaft as Jake came to the top of a fuck, then let him slide down with a wet “whomp” and bottom out, crying a little bit. Benny promptly came over and also stuck his head in with me, licking Hector’s huge cock while he fucked tall Jake, when I heard a sniff – Rick was feeding Jake poppers while Nolan crouched in front of him, bent over, backing up to Rick. A moment later Rick grunted, his cock deep in Nolan’s furry hole, and I pulled back, while Jake started laughing and bouncing harder, then suddenly a fountain erupted – for having the smallest dick there, but the biggest balls, Jake really was a firehose with cum, splashing all over my face an back along with Benny. Benny stood up woozily, and tried to cap the cum faucet, but Jake was still bouncing up and down on Hector, which was comical. Finally, Jake jumped up, popping off of Hector, and let out a whoop, holding his hands out to his sides, dripping with sweat.

Benny and I started sucking on Hector’s cock – it was so beautiful. Benny got the poppers from Jake, and we passed them back and forth sucking on that big meat, and Benny finally got up, turned around, spreading his big hairy fat ass, and plopped down on Hector’s cock himself. He got a huge smile on his face, deep satisfaction, and holding his knees actually started humping his ass up and down on that cock sliding it deep in and out as Hector groaned a deep sigh. I looked over and Nolan was on his back in the grass, Rick on his knees and fucking him like a jackhammer. Nolan was bobbing his head drunkenly, jacking his big cock when I walked over, stood facing Rick and slowly lowered my asshole to Nolan’s mouth.

I dipped down, feeling Nolan’s beard and tongue, then up, holding onto Rick’s shoulder. I bobbed down again, and then adjusting, thrust my cock in Nolan’s mouth, to the hilt, gagging him. Out, then asshole again on Nolan’s mouth, who tried to rim and lick me furiously. Ahh, Jake was there with a new bottle of poppers! Fuck, I couldn’t get out of my squat, and waves of sex sensation washed over me as Nolan did things to my ass I had never felt before, and I looked over as Jake tried to feed Benny poppers – he nodded no, as did Hector. Benny finally fell over on his hands, ass in the air as Hector stood, in all his glory, and began fucking in and out of Benny himself, slapping the ass, and bottoming out over and over. My inner size queen totally took over and I got up, and staggered over to Hector, on my knees watching his cock fucking again, touching and feeling the shaft going in that hairy ass.

I reached up and started jacking Benny’s fat cock, a full handful of his head I could jack and squeeze and stroke, wet from precum. I suddenly felt a mouth on my asshole, and Nolan had wiggled over to me, and was rimming me again while Rick was fucking him. The whole group was crazy now, as I looked behind me and saw Rick finger-fucking Jake, who had a leg up on a chair, squatting down further and further on Rick’s hand. I didn’t know what I wanted suddenly, I wanted all the asses, all the cocks, and feet woozier and woozier until I realized I wasn’t jacking myself off. Well! Took care of that. Benny started whining in front of me as I jacked him, then squealing like a stuck pig, and suddenly he gushed a huge load of cum in my hand. I didn’t stop jacking him, and he was squealing and shaking with all the fucking and cumming, it was wonderful, until he kind of grunted, and pulled off of Hector, falling and rolling over in the grass laughing.

Hector straightened up a bit, and spit on his cock, polishing it, and I grabbed his smooth ass, pulling him over. I pushed his cock in my mouth, holding onto it and squeezing the rubbery shaft. He head was not big, easy to slide in and slide my tongue over and around under the foreskin, then I pushed a little further feeling it against the roof of my mouth, and then as he fucked forward a little, against the sides of my cheeks. I took a breath, and adjusted the angle of my head, but it wasn’t necessary – his cock curved down like mine – and pushed hard and he popped right in my throat with his small head then the thick shaft followed tickling my throat incredibly. I started swallowing him, massaging with my throat muscles, bobbing my head very gently as he held it like steel, grunting with each swallow.

Pulling back out slightly, I sucked on his shaft hard, my tongue moving all around it, and I began feeling like cumming. I continued bobbing when Benny suddenly said, “Wanna see Dad fuck his boy!” and clap his hands. Jake laughed, behind me and said, “Fuck little Ricky, fuck little Ricky” and I saw him pull off Rick’s hand. I felt Nolan stop and yell, “Shit, c’mon little Ricky” and begin laughing, wiggling out from under my ass. I was there sucking on Hector’s cock while Rick stood there his cock dripping from the fucking, and I backed off Hector slowly. Like before, Hector shut his eyes, and Rick bent over in front of his dad, hands on knees, and his eyes shut also. Nolan pulled Hector’s cock forward and an electric air of excitement spread over us. “Shit, he’s gonna do it!” yelled Jake, taking a hit of poppers, Benny echoing “Oh my fucking god, Dad’s gonna fuck his son!”

Nolan was standing and jacking off his furry fucker, big belly, mouth open drooling, along with Jake and Benny, as he pulled more on Hector’s cock towards his son’s hole. Benny stumbled into the trailer for a moment, and came back out with some lube, and ran over, squeezing it all over Nolan’s hand instead of Hector’s cock. Hector and Rick were dead silent, eyes still shut, when Nolan grabbed the lube from wobbling Benny and squirted it on Hector’s cock. We all crowded around, and Hector finally moved to take a hold of Rick’s slim hips, and pushed his wet cock forward. “OH MYGOD!” Nolan said, and everyone erupted into amazed sounds. We watched Hector’s head touch Rick’s hole, then in one thrust slide right in. Rick belted out “Oh FUCK Dad! That’s hurting!” and Hector held a hand up, and landed an incredibly hard slap on his son’s ass.

Rick whimpered as Hector held his cock in place, all of us jacking off furiously, giggling and whispering. Hector pulled out very slowly, and Rick continued to whimper, and Hector landed another slap on his son’s ass, leaving a red handprint. Rick was quiet, as Hector pulled out, his head popping out, holding in place, then shoving back in again to the bottom. “Nolan!” Hector said, “Get your ass up in the air. Joe, come here. Fuck Nolan.” Nolan was in an instant by Rick, and rubbed his furry shoulders against the boy, who grunted, this time in deep satisfaction, as I got beside Hector. I crammed my dick right in Nolan, and I looked up at Hector, who had his eyes open, looking at Nolan. He pulled out, and I pulled out, and to my surprise, up close, our dicks looked almost the same – veiny, and long, one uncut, one cut.

Hector shoved in and I did to Nolan who whined along with Rick, then we pulled back out slowly. Hector put an arm around me, and I put an arm around his waist, and felt his muscles as he thrust again into Rick who stumbled a bit. “Jake, hold Rick’s shoulders.” Hector commanded. Benny came and did the same for Nolan, then Hector and I thrust together, bang! Bottoming out in the men, and now in synchrony, sawing in and out of the asses in front of us, as Nolan started begging for more “Daddy Fuck!” Hector leaned over and kissed me as we fucked together, and I will never, ever forget that sensation. Both fucking, Nolan’s hairy ass banging against my crotch again and again as Hector squeezed and pushed his tongue in my mouth, then out, literally eating my mouth and cheeks, whispering how hot we were fucking in my ear as we both sped up.

Hector’s arm slid down my back, squeezing my muscles like a massage, then on my ass he slid down, and fingered my wet asshole. I did the same with Hector, who obliged me by spreading his legs slightly. “Benny, get Joe’s fingers wet.” Benny let Nolan go, and ran right around behind Hector and lubed up my fingers, and half of Hector’s back, and then trotted back to Nolan, his hairy sexy body bouncing slightly. I slammed back into Nolan as Hector and I fucked faster, and I slid my finger into Hector’s ass. It felt like the entire world was in my fingers now, I can’t describe, Hector still kissing me after the orders, and I shoved it in the way I thought he would want. He grunted, and his asshole spasmed for a second, then relaxed, and he adjusted his hand, and shoved his thumb in my ass, grinding it down on my prostate.

I gasped, looking out at Jake and Benny who were kissing and jacking off, and I started thrusting faster, wanting to get more thumb on my prostate and more hot deep wet ass on my cock. My mind was shutting down slowly, becoming just a fuck machine – has that happened to you? Suddenly I wondered where the poppers were, but that evaporated from my mind as quickly as it entered. I was having a great time. All I could think about was the fuck hole in front of me, sawing in and out, Hector’s amazing deep kissing and thick tongue, his beard on my cheeks, and his finger worming in my ass setting of electric sparks with deeper and deeper shoves. I didn’t realize that I was doing the same to him and I heard a low growl come out, and suddenly I felt his prostate get hard under my thumb.

He suddenly sucked hard on my tongue and mouth, and with a long deep whine I felt him thrust, once, twice, then a third time and hold. I actually felt his prostate pulsing as he pumped cum into his boy’s ass, and Jake and Benny gasped, “He’s actually filling Rick’s ass with his own father’s cum, FUUCK.” Rick began howling, bouncing back against his father’s massive horsecock, and both were in synch with bruising fuck intensity. Hector then pounded a few more times, shaking slightly, moaning and relaxing in my arms when the lightning bolt hit my own prostate. I shook hard, my hips suddenly becoming out of control, slamming into Nolan who was taking it all like trouper. Hector kissed me even harder, his tongue thrusting so far in my mouth I felt it in my throat, and exhaling and inhaling, controlling my breath, I began cumming and cumming into Nolan.

It was like jets of boiling cum shooting out of my cock, I felt each and every one, the first the biggest, then a few small ones and a pause as I stopped thrusting. Suddenly more bubbled up as I groaned, and thrust deep into Nolan thinking how I was filling his intestines with my cum, not even his ass anymore. I continued with small hard thrusts, every sensation from his rectum and anal canal on my cock an erotic agony, until I couldn’t take it, and holding still, slowly tried to pull out of Nolan and off Hector’s thumb. Hector sensed this, and pulled back, and in front of us Nolan kind of rolled over as Rick crawled forward, coughing and laughing. He stood up, and his long cock was dripping cum, cum was all over his legs – he had been shooting like crazy hands-free.

Nolan was on the ground jacking his cock, the only one who hadn’t cum yet, and I got down on the grass beside him, pinching his nipples and kissing him. Benny got down also, and got his fat cock in his mouth, and Rick got down, and started working Nolan’s ass, finding his prostate. Nolan barked a sharp note of surprise as Rick got in deep, and then in a moment, “I’m, I’m cumming daddy, kiss me Daddy!” he begged, and I pushed my tongue in his mouth, inhaling and kissing him as he had me so long ago. Benny started gagging and whining, and pulling back for a second, Nolan’s cum flew up over his head, landing on the grass! We all burst out laughing again as Benny slurped up the cum, and all of watched Nolan twitch and shake, as he continued to unload, Rick not letting up on fingering his ass.

Finally, Benny fell over in the grass beside Jake, Hector, got on my other side and I was in between him and Nolan, as Rick, put out the light, plunging us into darkness in the tent, and he lifted a flap, so we could see the woods, and starry sky. Rick came over and started stroking Benny’s big furry body as I heard Hector snore, and in a moment all of us were completely conked out. I woke up as a thunderstorm hit – the sky completely black now, with wet rain spattering all of us, and an incredibly dry mouth. It felt like some small forest creature had made a nest. I got up and gasped, and grabbed some tea, ice long ago melted as everyone, less high now, ran around trying to take care of being in a storm, and I mean a Texas storm – a frog-choker as we used to say, pounding rain coming down in buckets.

I rubbed some of the grass stains and cum off my body with a wet towel, and Nolan and I as quickly as possible got into our clothes. I ran around kissing all the wet guys, and gave a special hot kiss to Hector, and then made a crazy dash for my poor little MiniCooper Roadster, which looked like it, was sitting in a seething lake. It was not fun driving Nolan back to his trailer in that rain, I couldn’t get the wipers going fast enough, but we got there, and I told him I was staying with him. The problem is that builders start early, and even though this was a heavy rain, this would pass and just leave a huge wave of humidity and heat for the morning, and building would go on.

About 4am Nolan woke me, jacking me off and kissing me, and I launched into him, stone cold sober. I got his cock in my hungry (dry) mouth, and started sucking on it, enjoying the fatness. My tongue rolled around inside his foreskin, and not being distracted by several other hot men, I was able to see what he liked and groaned at, doing more of what was good, and holding back at the right moment. I was able to push his cock into my throat slightly, but it was very tight, and he shivered as I thrust down over and over pushing it in as much as I could. I pulled back as he did the same with my cock, and he expertly deepthroated it again, holding it in his throat, holding his breath for minutes at a time.

I licked and sucked the precum from his own fat cock, sucking just the tip, which made him shake, and pull off my cock crying out “Euuuuuwee! Dad Joe, that’s amazing what are you doing…” then he simply clamped back down on my cock bobbing his wet mouth as hard as he could on my shaft. We must have been slumbering, sucking and kissing for the better part of an hour like that when Nolan suddenly, no warning, began shooting my mouth full of cum – gob after gob of bitter smoky cum, which filled my mouth before I could swallow completely. More came after that as he sucked harder, then I took my own cock, jerking hard, and told him, “Finger and eat my fucking ass!” Lifting my leg up.

He pressed a finger as I sucked on his still hard cock, then licking it, slid it in and started ass-fucking me. A final glob of cum shot out his cock as I pressed my knuckle up under his balls, and that cum triggered my own orgasm – shaking and yelling, jets of cum shooting all over Nolan’s beard before he could get his mouth on it, then sucking hard on it to get every drop. Then sucking beyond orgasm, where I was very sensitive, then I began on him, in a hot overdriven 69 both of us shaking and yelling from the sensitivity, until we slacked off. I nodded off again, but Nolan got up, and I vaguely heard a shower running, and smelled coffee. 5AM. Worksite at 6am, I got up and got myself together, and we silently stared at each other grinning over coffee, then I got up, kissed Nolan goodbye, and made my way back to the hotel to get some sleep before checking out at 11. What a fucking night in Paris, Texas!

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