Erotic story: Road Trip- Texas, Mexia

By Texbearjoe.

Well, even after I left the bookstore in Waco, I found I was still to sleepy to drive safely, so I decided to pack it in, but much to my chagrin, I ended up in a Red Roof Inn, everything else was full! I got up in the morning, quite late it turns out, and starving. I did my email, and looked at my crazed GPS, and noticed that I was near Mexia, pronounced “muh-hay-yuh”, birthplace of the crazed and out-of-control Anna Nicole Smith! I decided I couldn’t resist, so I took the hour drive there to go to lunch.

I got in to a very small town, and cruised around and found a barbecue place, and thought that would be perfect. It was not too crowded and I got my food fast, and sitting eating, my eyes locked on a guy watching me from across the room. The moment I looked at him, he looked away nervously, then kind of crept back. I looked away, and then glanced at him, then he looked at his plate.

This went on for five minutes, then I winked at him, and the corners of his eyes crinkled with his smile, and he slowly folded up his little plate of barbecue stuff, and sauntered over to me. He was a bit taller than me, blue chambray shirt, Lee jeans, western boots, brown cowboy hat cocked back a little bit, and a thin moustache on his upper lip, a thin beard all the way around his mouth. And the most amazing skin, jet-black, and radiant – the heat and the humidity really made him glow with the light from all the windows around the barbecue place lighting him up. He almost walked past me, staring and nodding, and I said, “Hey, how are you?” not knowing what I was supposed to do. He said “Oh!” and stopped, “You ok?” He asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

Jet black skin, very worn, and bright red palms, amazing colors. He looked me deep in the eye, and I heard what I would hear many times this summer, “You’re not from around here are you.” “Nope, I live in Houston, but was born out East.” My mind was going on overdrive watching this beautiful dad. “Please, sit down, I saw you looking at me,” “Yeah he said smiling,” “big…” I interrupted, “I had to say hi.” “Big Muscles on a fine gentleman. How old are you?” “Fifty,” I replied, “And how old are you may I ask?” I got him – he sat down after a moment, and “Bill” and I talked back and forth. He was named after Bill Pickett his grandfather, a famous Rodeo cowboy, and it wasn’t a minute but we were old friends somehow. “Why are you so big?” He asked, “Show me that arm.” I flexed for him, feeling mildly shy in the barbecue joint, “You certainly can’t play poker Dad,” he began, grinning, “There ain’t one feeling that ain’t on your face honey.”

I blushed furiously at this point, but tried to deflect the conversation. “Ice Tea?” I asked, nodding towards his glass. “Sure Joe,” he said, “No sugar.” “No sugar?” I asked, smiling at him. “We’ll see.” He said. I blushed again. What was going on with me! I got the drinks, we sipped chatting, and I teased him “What feeling do I have now Bill?” He leaned over, in a low voice, looking down, then in my eyes, and said slowly, “I think you want a tour of my ranch house.” I leaned over, “And maybe relax a bit?” I said, looking at him smiling. He grinned, looking to either side, then back at me “Honey, we’re thinking the same thing.” His voice dropped again, “My woman ain’t at home this week. With her sister. You know.” “That happens a lot to guys I meet.” I said, “Something in the air.”

He harrumphed, said “MMmm… Come on Joe.” He eased up, and we negotiated for a second, I followed him. He had a very old beat-up Chevy truck, and I’d have to drive quite a bit outside of town on one of the Farm-to-Market roads, in my tiny Minicooper. My soon-to-be-muddy Mini convertible. We turned up a road to a white house on a hill, and I saw the ranch – huge. Heading to the house, or compound, I saw the Lexus. This was not a poor rancher… I got out, and heard the nice clunk of his door close, and he nodded me to follow, and walking in the house, in the door, I put my hand on his shoulder, and turning him, leaned forward. He closed his eyes, and I kissed him, and he put big well-worked arms around me, and I had his delicious tongue on mine in a moment, as he squeezed and kneaded my muscles like I was a prime side of beef, ready-to-eat.

He was a great kisser, holding my face tenderly, touching his lips, and then feasting on mine, turning my head to nibble on my ears, and then holding my head. A gentle smell of his sweat came up through the blue shirt, and I heard the low “Mmmm…” again, and he put his hand on my crotch, squeezing my hard cock gently. “Honey,” he said, putting his forehead on mine, “You’re big all over!” He took my hand and kissed it, in such a nice old-fashioned way, I felt silly for a second. Pulling me through the big kitchen, which seemed big enough to cook for an army, he pulled me back through the house, several bedrooms, and then into one with a big iron frame, cowboy decorations around the room. On the dresser were photographs of him with two tall hulking sons, another picture of the sons in football uniforms, then graduation, and what looked like them at the beach in Florida.

But only a fairly old faded one of him and a woman. Other family pictures, but none of what looked like his wife after the boys were looking about 8 or 9. I sensed a loss. Kissing and holding me again, he squeezed my crotch, and then put his hand up my teeshirt, feeling my muscles. I finally sort of became conscious, I don’t know why I was so dizzy, and started unbuttoning his shirt. He was very smooth and lean, and I pulled his shirt out of his jeans, rubbing my hands up his back as he did mine. I slowly eased the shirt off his shoulders, and leaned down to kiss his nipples, like raisins, very prominent. He jumped slightly, and slid his hand out to squeeze my biceps. I sensed he really wanted to take control, not a top exactly, but more of a lead, like in dancing. He grabbed my teeshirt and pulled it up over my head, and sighed looking at my tits, back and forth, and my white fur.

He started whispering in my ear as his hands rubbed over me, looking back to watch me blush, and then continued on using a language African ancestry I generally can’t write – if you get my drift; I do have my limits. But he was very excited, and when I reached for his big belt, he grabbed my wrists, kissing me again, and said “Hold on honey.” He squeezed my ass and my crotch again, and told me to take his boots off. He sat up on the bed, holding his leg out, and I started pulling on his boot, “No Joe, put one leg over, facing away.” I did so, the boot up between my legs, and shucked it right off, then the other, then his thick socks off, and grabbed a foot and started to kiss the toes. He jumped again, off the bed, and undid his belt, revealing long-legged underwear.

He told me to hold still, still groaning filthy things he wanted me to do in my ear, and I kicked off my shoes. He undid my belt, and told me to get out of my pants, which I did, leaving me in black underwear, which was slightly wet. He grabbed my cock again, hard, and squeezed my ass, stroking then up my back, then started squeezing my chest, talking to me, and told me to flex for him. I first grabbed the front of his shorts – fuck! He was hard, and his cock was about a foot long – not thick though, but surprising. He jumped again, grabbed my wrist, and laughed, “You’re going to have that if you can take it Joe.” Kissing me again, he put his hands inside my underwear, sliding them down, squeezing my ass muscles, and fingering my asshole a bit roughly, then on my cock again.

He positioned me to lean against the bed and pulling my underwear off, he began jacking my cock. He loved playing with my dick and feeling my muscles, kissing me all over now, telling me how pink and sweet I was. He leaned back, and grabbed his own cock for the first time, squeezing it in his underwear, asking if I liked that. He began to get more intense, until finally I broke down and started telling him exactly what kind of dick I wanted, how far I wanted it down my throat, how much cum I wanted to feed me, and we got much more verbal and intense. He stripped his underwear off suddenly, his shiny cock bouncing up, and I looked at his lean, sexy body. Just the lightest bit of fur, incredibly deeply colored skin, and the head of his cock – uncut – bright reddish brown, like the palm of his hands.

He jacked me off while jacking himself off, asking what I wanted, not allowing me to touch his cock until he had me begging for it, literally going through incredible verbal hoops about him. He walked back a little bit, looking at me with a gleam in his eye, grinning, then put his boots out by me. I had to put them on! He must have been a size 12 or 13 (I’m a size nine-1/2 US), and I got them on, my calves actually slightly too big! He was jacking himself off, walking around looking at me, jacking my cock more, and then licked his finger, and reached up under me and played with my hole, groaning. Bill certainly knew exactly what he wanted. He put his hands on my shoulders, and pushed down, forcing me to squat with my back to the huge bed.

He squeezed my shoulders, jacking off, telling me how much he wanted my bearded mouth on his dick, see my white moustache on it, licking and sucking. He was shaking his head from side-to-side talking, getting into his story, jacking off, holding me down on the floor, then he squatted down, jacking me off, and playing with my asshole – wet finger – again. He kissed me, rubbing his face against my beard, then standing back up, looked down at me – cowboy boots, huge muscles, hands on the floor. He lifted his long heavy cock, and told me to open my mouth, and stick out my tongue. I did so, and he laid the tip of his cock on my tongue, and I licked it. He covered the tip with his hand then, holding the shaft up, and leaned forward. His balls and crotch were pretty deeply scented with his sweat, and I loved smelling it as I licked from his balls up, slowly, to his cockhead again as he held the foreskin shut.

He continued to whisper to me about his cock, then he pulled the foreskin back slightly, his reddish cockhead popping out slowly, and put it on my tongue again. I was literally drooling at that point, licking the slick glassy hard head, then rolled my tongue completely around it in a circle, the flicked up into the piss slit. Bill groaned and harrumphed again, and thrust his lean hips slightly forward to me. I licked the hard head some more, then slid part of it in my mouth, sucking on the tip as more saliva drooled out of my mouth. He staggered taking a step forward, and pushed more cock in my mouth. I got my mouth around the head now, my lips just around the thick rim, and as I reached up to hold the shaft, he batted my hands away laughing.

So, I bobbed my head forward a little bit, sucking hard on the cockhead, my lips now going down on that smooth shaft, sliding slowly as his tender silky cockhead pushed into my mouth. It was so comfortable, after the jawbreakers I had the night before, and I was able to get a very nice suck and lick going on the head and shaft, tasting him as tiny bits of precum dropped on my tongue. I bobbed forward more, completely absorbed with sucking his cock, and pushed more of the shaft in my mouth, the cockhead now rubbing the roof of my mouth slightly. I bobbed forward, waiting to feel his cock pressing against my throat, wondering how long it actually was, how much I would feel it in me. He pulled back slowly the deeper I got in my mouth, then pulled out entirely, grinning, and said “Hold on.”

He ran out of the room, his long cock swaying and bouncing. I stood up a second to stretch my legs, then I heard a house door open and close, then he came back in and in a moment came back with a sweaty baseball cap. He put in on me backwards, and then grasped my arms, rubbing them, leaving greasy streaks, then he wiped my face. I looked like a Texas gas oil guy or gas station guy, bit dirty, and then he stood in front of me, cock on my mouth again. I opened up, as he kept rubbing his dirty hands on my shoulders, his mouth open and a look of delight on his face, talking to me again. He pushed his cock in my mouth, holding my chin now, and sliding in and out in small strokes I was able to really get a beautiful suck on it. He pushed forward now further in my mouth, and I bobbed my head forward, throat open, and popped it in my throat.

He yelped, and jumped a foot as it slid in, pulling out with a surprised expression on his face. “What was that!” he said, and I looked at him, surprised. “I was sucking you down my throat, Bill.” I said, quite surprised actually. “I thought you were… I don’t know.” He said, and I responded “Bill, relax. Let me suck that beautiful cock some more.” I reached up, and this time he didn’t bat my hands away, pulling him towards my mouth. I cupped his balls, stroking them, sucking at the tip of his cock, and Bill was oddly more passive, and very curious suddenly. “Hasn’t anyone ever deepthroated you?” I asked, and Bill looked at me with big eyes. “Deepthroated?” He said. I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. I licked the head of his skinned back cock, the bright red wet crown, then pushed the sensitive meat in my mouth, sucking and licking on it more as he groaned.

He looked in the mirror, and glancing over myself I saw a big beefy grimy dad in a baseball cap and boots sucking and worshiping his huge brown cock. I continued pushing it back in my mouth, controlling it better – jacking the shaft slightly with my thumb and forefinger in a circle as I slurped and licked the long slim meat. I had most of his cock in my mouth, touching my throat almost with a full hand wrapped around the shaft, then I looked up for a moment, he was still looking in the mirror, and popped the head of his cock back in my throat. He grunted, and his hips involuntarily thrust slightly, “Mother fuh…” He said, and put his hands on the baseball cap, steadying himself. I took my hand off his cock, and mouth open wide, slid his shaft smoothly in my throat until my mouth was against his groin – fuck! It felt like it was in my stomach.

I swallowed and he jumped and twitched and cursed, my throat muscles kneading his shaft and head now. I held him comfortably like that, still cupping his smallish balls, and then just to see how far he would go, I popped one in my mouth beside the shaft. He again gasped and chortled a bit, leaning against the bed so my head was motionless, so I reached and popped the other ball in my wide-open mouth, and closed my lips. It was amazing – his shaft was not thick, or I couldn’t have done that. I sucked hard, and he grunted an “oww” as I compressed his balls a little bit, so I let them pop back out, dripping saliva. I pulled his hips away from me, sliding his cock back out of my throat so I could get some air. “See Bill, relax. Let me take care.” I said, “You can take care of Daddy Bill any way you want honey. Fuck! Oh man, that, I’ve never felt anything like that since…”

He looked at me intensely, pulling the baseball cap down more tightly, pulling my chin towards his cock. I slid it back in my mouth, tissue sliding over wet tissue until he moved smoothly back in my throat, and now holding his hands, I bobbed my head, allowing the long shaft to fuck my throat hole in and out, popping his cut, peeled back head through the tight throat opening. He jumped and twitched with the throat fucking, grunting, calling me his big honey daddy, and enjoying every moment of it. He became more aggressive again, finally holding my head and thrusting his cock into my mouth in a hot deep fast fuck, calling me names again, until my lips almost felt bruised from the ramming. I was jacking my own cock off and on the whole time, edging myself as my throat was massaged beautifully, feeling the tiny tricklings of his precum now and then.

Bill slowly pulled back out, and crouched by me, kissing me, and reaching forward, stroked my asshole as he did before, pushing his finger in, exploring and playing with it like a kid might with a new toy. He was jacking off his own cock as he did so, and after a moment, he simply embraced me, kissing deeply, and then hugging me, tightly, like he could never let me go. I reached forward, feeling his long rubbery cock, and jacked mine and his in sync as he kissed and hugged me, moaning. It was a great feeling, I love touching big cock, and I paused, licking my finger and touching his surprisingly furry asshole in his crouch. He jumped a bit, but no so much, and I said “Bill, do me a favor. Pull that chair up and turn around, holding onto the seat.” Bill got very quiet, and slowly, deliberately, moved the chair over, “You ain’t gonna fuck me now, are you? I don’t do funny stuff.” Bill said.

“No, no.” I responded, and he leaned over slowly, his slim ass in the air. I pulled his ass cheeks apart as he wiggled uncomfortably, and then with a big fat tongue, licked his asshole. “Ooooohhhhhhh.” Bill sighed, and I kissed the hole now. Licking it some more, and kissing and sucking, I pulled on his cock, feeling it get even harder, and aiming it straight down now, jacked him while I rimmed him. “Like that?” I asked, “beautiful asshole…” Bill grunted “I don’t know Joe. It feels funny.” I continued rimming and jacking him, “Want me to stop?” I asked, and he paused a moment, then said “No.” I pointed my tongue, and pushed forward trying to get it in his hole and roll it around and Bill sighed. I sucked the flesh of his asslips, and sucking some in my mouth, chewed on it gently as Bill shouted out “Oh fuck Daddy!”

I stopped, and touched his asshole with my finger, rolling it around in a wet circle on the hairy purple-brown lips, but as I pushed it in slightly, Bill jumped, straightened up, and turned around. He pulled the chair closer to me, and sat down, spreading his legs, and said “Take care of Daddy Bill honey,” holding that footlong cock up at me. I got on my knees now, very comfortable, and began sucking and throating his cock perfectly, sliding one hand along his smooth slim body. I touched a nipple and Bill grunted, so I quickly wet my finger, and touched it again, circling the sensitive flesh like I had his anus. Bill started writhing around, and I felt his cock get rock hard. “Touch that Daddy Joe, oh fuck! You have a light beautiful touch!” Bill gasped, and kneeling now bent over, I took both hands and started very gently massaging his big hard nipples.

His legs became restless and he adjusted himself in the chair over and over as I gasped and sucked his rockhard cock – I punched it into my throat as I started rubbing his nipples even harder, and Bill grasped the seat of the chair with both hands as he wriggled and grunted with the treatment. I tasted some more precum starting, and with one hand, felt his balls, which had pulled up tight against his body. I slid his cock out of my mouth, leaving it there dripping clear fluid as I continue massaging his nipples, now squeezing them between my forefinger and thumb. Bill looked at me like he was waking from a dream, “Honey, I was almost there!” he said, looking surprised. “I know. Hold on Daddy, just a minute.”

I adjusted myself on the floor so that my legs were under the chair, and I could get a good hold of my cock, and Bill watched in the mirror again, this huge thick muscleman crawling up to his chair, oil streaks on his body, sweat staining the billcap, and I began sucking his cock again, a nice easy rhythm. I paused at the shiny red tip, licking and sucking then, thrust it in one go through my mouth down my throat, popping past the throat ring until I was buried in his crotch, feeling his legs around my cheeks. I would swallow once to massage his shaft, then pull back slowly out, tongue tickling the shaft and savoring every inch of him feeling him shake a little bit. I was jacking my own cock now very hard, the thwack thwack thwack and the sucking sounds of my mouth the only noise in the room. Plunge down again after suckling precum out the tip, then a long slow pull back.

After another five minutes of this Bill was going crazy, and his greasy hands grabbed my shoulders, rubbing and squeezing more grime on me. “G’wan Coach,” he whispered, “Suck all that juice out of your boy.” With that Bill pulled up out of the chair, confusing me. He went over to a dresser, and pulled out a whistle on a lanyard, and put it over my head, “Here you go Coach!” he said, getting back in the chair, legs spread. I refocused and began sucking him again, long strokes, and with my left hand began stroking his shaft along with my intense suck and deepthroat. Bill became more and more verbal with “Coach”, and playing out a complicated story about me with him after the home football games, but it was all so many years ago!

He became more and more agitated, when suddenly he burst out – “I’m cumming honey, take Daddy’s cum!” and he began bellowing for Coach to get all the cream. I felt a small spurt of cum, then a gigantic mouth-filling squirt, and in an instant I felt a bolt of electricity in my crotch and began whining and cumming myself, pushing his cock, and his cum deep in my throat as he clamped his big worn hands on my head, pushing me entirely on his cock. I was shooting all over the place as his hips bucked and thrust, driving sticky webs of semen right into my belly, then pulling my mouth off his cock, he grunted “OH Coach again!” and shot another few gobs into my mouth, which I swallowed, shaking and whining again (cock out of my throat!) as I was overwhelmed with an incredibly satisfying orgasm.

He began whinnying and jerking as I continued sucking congealing sperm out of his sensitive head, and the more he tried to pull me off the more I resisted. He finally went limp on the chair, “The best!” he whimpered, and I slowly gave up jacking off, my hands roaming over his body, then finally scooting back and getting up. He looked at me again, grinning, and said “Hold still coach,” holding my hand, and looking at us in the mirror again. Except for the somewhat odd cowboy boots, I would make a very sexy school football coach, a bit on the huge side. He grinned, bowed his head mumbling, and ran into a nearby bathroom, water running in a moment, then out with a washcloth. “Hold still, honey!” He said again, and began wiping me down, getting some of the grime off he put on me.

“I couldn’t believe when you touched my asshole, not nobody done that ever!” he said, bustling around me, “Never!” He took the billcap off, and pulled me over to the bed. “Now you lie down like old Bill did, honey.” He said, and looped his leg easily over mine and pulled the boots off me one by one. He pushed me back down on the bed, and said “Give Bill some sugar,” and pulled me to him, kissing and wrapping himself around me. “Its been so long Joe,” he said, “Oh this is what I need.” We kissed and cuddled for some time, it was wonderfully intimate, he was a great lover, not at all what I expected after the kind of brusque controlling manner of earlier. “I’m out of practice,” he began, shaking his head. “Long time.” He pulled me on top, “Let me feel you Joe” and I stretched myself over his body, 250lbs pressing down on him in the springy bed.

He wrapped his arms around me squeezing, and grunting, a bit of the breath knocked out of him. And then I felt it. His snakelike cock was getting hard again as I squeezed down on top of him, so I pushed my arms under him, sliding over the thick worn quilted spread, and squeezed him hard, feeling his cock get harder and harder, just minutes after he fed me. Well, I got hard too, and starting to kiss him again, he wrestled and rolled right on top of me. We tussled a bit, and I got in a 69 position, and began sucking on his cock again, but he gave no indication of wanting to suck, or even touch me. No problem. After a few minutes of him grunting, I rolled around again, and he was sitting on my chest, across my face. Fuck! I was jacking off again, and he reared up, holding onto the metal bed frame, and lowered his cock into my mouth, and I sucked every inch of it as he dipped down slightly, deeper in my mouth, then more actively fucking it, until he popped into my throat again.

I don’t know why I was so excited in this position, or maybe it was that I was still tasting his cum, but I almost shot when he shoved in my throat. I shuddered, and rolling my head, begged him to let me taste his asshole again. He scooted further up on the bed, still holding onto the black metal frame, and slowly squatted down on my mouth, and as I licked and sucked his hole, with him in control, he began riding my mouth more, begging me to suck that hole and chew on it again. It was perfect, and slowly I groped my own dripping cock, starting to jack off again. He said finally “I want that mouth Coach!” and backed off, and knees on either side of my face, he pushed the long cock into my mouth and leaned over. That motion thrust his cock back in my throat, and with one hand on the bed, and another behind my neck, he started yelling and thrusting his cock into my mouth, fucking my throat and mouth hard as I jacked off in a frenzy.

In only minutes, with a finally bellow, he plunged his cock deep into my throat and began pulsing loads of cum into me again, and I started shooting cum all over the bed in a spray, a rising panic from needing to breathe connecting with the wild tension he was making in me – legs squeezing my head, incredibly long cock in my throat, bent over with his belly on my face, until I reached up and slapped his ass, pushing his hips, and he pulled out, still dripping cum in my mouth cavity as I gasped for air. He held there, a few more shots squirting out as I licked his cock, then he rolled over collapsing on the bed again. I was completely satiated, drifting off into sex oblivion, holding his rough hand, when I woke with a start, his freight train snoring right in my ear.

“Bill!” I spoke out, and he stirred, and reaching over to kiss me buried his face in my shoulder, feeling my chest muscles. I slowly kind of “oozed” myself out of bed, and taking the cold, wet washcloth wiped up some cum on my belly, legs, and beard. Bill was snoring again, as I dressed up, realizing I still had to get to Dallas, not even aware of the time of day now. I leaned over the sexy dad, whispering in his ear I had to go. Bill roused a bit, looking at me and grinning, “Y’all come back now, hear!” He said, and kissed me, rolling back into the bed. I went out to my little minicooper, sweating a bit, but decided it was a nice day to put the top down, even though I got covered in dust leaving the ranch. As I looked in the rear-view, I saw Bill come out, naked and gleaming in the sun, cowboy boots on, waving as I waved back.

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