Erotic story: Road Trip- Texas, Dallas

By Texbearjoe.

I have no idea what time it finally was when I arrived in Dallas from Mexia, but I checked into my hotel and had some downtime. I did my afternoon meetings, and as I always did in Dallas, headed out towards Gold’s Gym on McKinney street for a workout. There’s something about the gym, I never know quite what it is but men are always quite surprised when I say “Hi” to them, or compliment them on their bodies – and that gym has a lot of great bodies, and more than a few giant muscle Dads.

I had a night of preparing presentations, so after gym was over I decided that what I wanted was a nice relaxing dinner where I could write an outline on my tablet and takes some detailed notes where needed. I got my clothes back on and headed out, looking for a local nice restaurant, and ended up a few blocks from the gym at a nice high-end Spanish place.

I got a quiet table in the corner, trying to be innocuous and dressed as I always do when traveling – black skintight XXXL tee, black jeans, Prada loafers. I literally have three dozen black teeshirts, a dozen black jeans, and when one pair of shoes wears out I can buy an identical pair. Very boring. Unfortunately, even in black, my arms are huge, and when I was seated the waiter made a comment. So there I was, another night of glamorous travel. I was thinking about the morning with sexy Bill, and then focusing intently sketching on my mini iPad, when I heard a nice baritone voice. I looked over and at the next table, was an incredibly handsome bearded Dad, same waiter. In a business suit but open collar, he was just, well, yummy. I went back to my notes, and got lost in my thoughts, when I noticed him being served. I hadn’t even ordered yet, how long was I scribbling?

I looked over and it looked amazing. He had three shot glasses, one with green stuff, one yellow, and one white. I was getting hungry, and then the waiter came back and served him another plate! He looked faintly peeved, but it looked even better, I think it was a kind of beef stew, with all sorts of small delicious looking things around it, and I realized I was starving. I cleared my throat and said, “Uh, ahem. What is that? That looks amazingly appetizing.” Or something like that. Dad looked up, and said “Well, I got three gazpachos, looks like avocado, almond, and I don’t know. This is the chicken adobo. Don’t miss it.” I thanked him, and he grinned, “You look like you could eat two servings.” I told him “I’ve not ordered yet, I think I lost my waiter!” “And mine served all at the same time. You here alone?” He asked, staring at my biceps. “Yes, I call it a working dinner.” Tapping my iPad. “You are more than welcome to sit with me. The name’s Jamison.”

I was surprised, but he seemed so friendly. “You’re sure it’s not imposing. I’m going to be sitting and my stomach growling – it’s not exactly chamber music.” I ended up sitting with him, and he shared the amazing Gazpachos with me, and we were able to get the waiter back and a duplicate meal arrived quite fast. For some reason I started talking about a recipe book I wanted to make organized by color rather than cuisine, and I spoke about a famous “black dinner” I made some time ago based on a passage in the book “À Rebours” by Huysmans, a favorite of Oscar Wilde. He looked very startled. “You have a great French accent.” He said. I then told him he was kind as well as startlingly handsome, but in French. He responded in a rusty French, with a odd expression, the equivalent of “at your service” and then said, “You uh, speak French?” I told him I spoke a few languages.

The conversation then went to something strange like mathematics, then to China, then to hotels in São Paulo, then he asked if I’d like to come home, I think I hypnotized him. Of course I’d come home, he was wonderfully sexy, and that deep voice. Hmm! He told me he lived in Lakewood, as though it was significant, but I have no idea how Dallas was laid out, so I asked him if I should go with him, or follow. We stood up to go and I suddenly noticed. He was nicely built, wide shoulders, bit of a belly, and HUGE feet – his expensive shoes could have been boats. About 5’8″, a real pro-wrestler build, and now I also saw massive hands. I hopped in his car, he would bring me back to mine later, but before we took our 15 minute drive he leaned over and put his hand behind my head, and gave me an amazing kiss. One of the nice things about mature guys is that some of them have had a lot of sex – and they know what they’re doing.

It was one of those kisses that would melt steel, I was getting a hardon from his big hand pressing against me. Mmmf! We stopped, and sped off, as he reached over groping me, one hand steering the Mercedes through the streets when we got to a very nice house, with a lake to one side. Well, Lakewood worked out then. We kissed again, and going in the house I noticed a very elaborate silver Mezuzah. Books, books, and books in the house, and I realized I didn’t even know what this guy did, but we kissed again in the foyer, then on the couch as he served me a small Cointreau on ice. I took his hand and started kissing it, sucking on his big fingers, which got me very excited. I undid his French cuff, and a mat of silver-black hair sprang out, that one super hairy arm.

I undid his shirt, further, and the fur at his neck was white-silver, but he had thick black-white fur the more I opened up. I pushed him down on the couch, sitting on his hips, and undid his shirt completely, exposing his beautiful furry body, what a sexy Dad! And, I could feel his fat cock under my ass – and I was still clothed. I slowly got him naked, kind of holding him down by the wrists as I kissed him all over, enjoying the fur in my face, until I got his loafers off, and socks, pants off, leaving him in a small pair of shorts, with a big fat bulge. His feet. I’m not a foot fetish guy, but they were amazing – huge, as I mentioned, bit fat square toes, and very sensitive. Wonderful to knead and kiss, sucking on his toes drove him crazy. I got back on top of him, then pulled my shirt off as he gasped.

He grabbed my pecs with his soft, big hands, squeezing and feeling them, and I recognized the touch. “You’re a doctor,” I said, “I know how Doctors touch.” He looked astonished, and admitted he was a heart surgeon, “You’re an amazingly smart man, I can tell there’s a hell of a lot more inside there than I can see.” He said, as I slid my jeans off, and my shorts, my big cock flopping out. I stood by him at the couch, crouching slightly, and as he did earlier kissing me, put my hand behind his head, and he pursed his lips, kissing my cock, then his thick tongue licking the head. He took it in a hand, looking at it carefully, measuring it with the width of his hand stretched, then squeezed it professionally almost, kissing the head, and sucking it in. My god, he had a huge mouth, and pulling it in, his fat tongue rolling around it was wonderful.

I crouched down a little further, pulling his head more in, until I was thrusting slightly, almost in his throat. He squeezed his fat cock through his shorts, a wet spot of precum showing up, then he pushed his hand in the shorts and started stroking. I pushed further, popping into his throat as he moaned, and was cut off. I pushed further and further until my cock was deep in his throat, sliding around slightly with his furry mouth against my body. He was an amazing sucker, pulling my cock with a vacuum as he lifted his diaphragm to really get a suck going, stroking his cock more and more urgently, trying to fumble and pull them off. He got them to his knees and I looked on as his thick fat cut cock shot out – a nice length to suck without getting in my throat, but nice and fat, big head.

He jacked his shaft and head gently, but with no foreskin he touched himself gingerly. I spit a big gob of saliva in my hand, and reached over to wipe it on his cockhead as he bobbed back from my cock, took a breath and groaned, his bit brown eyes looking up at me wetly. What a hot fucking Daddy! I pushed him insistently back on my cock, forcing him to throat it, as he grabbed my arms, squeezing my biceps and pushing himself relentlessly on my cock, deepthroating. I leaned over further, and whispered how good it felt, his mouth and big tongue rolling around, and somehow I said “texbearjoe”. He tensed up, and pulling his head back “texbearjoe?” He said, looking at me. “I knew it was something!” and gobbled my cock for a moment, sucking and bobbing as he twisted around on the couch.

He sat there in a moment, stroking his cock like a hot Satyr, and he knew me from bigmusclebears years back, where he had corresponded quite a bit. He unfortunately never sent me a head shot, so I couldn’t recognize him, but he then asked me: “I have two friends dying to meet you, would you mind if… I called them?” – I felt very horny, so instantly I said “Sure!” wondering where this would go. Jamison jumped up, apologizing, and grabbed his phone out of his pants, and wandered off as he connected to his friends. He was one the most sexy Jewish Dads – one of the famous Dallas Jewish families I learned much later – I had ever met. Coming back, he jumped back in the couch and announced they were ditching their friends at dinner and coming over, hugging and kissing me wonderfully now.

I snuggled up to his furry chest, and then slid down slightly, taking the big cut head of his cock in my mouth, and sucking him. It was a perfect cock, filling my mouth, burying my face in the fur of his crotch and belly, and as he slid out to try to suck me also, I was able to massage his hairy fat balls. Ballsy guy, one of the kind where they have a huge basket, and 2/3rds of it are his massive goose-eggs. I kept tasting his precum as he groped and jacked my cock, pulling to his mouth, and he kept pausing to say “Whoa Joe!” and I would stop to lick and pull on his tightening balls. But I had to have cum. I started sucking and jacking his beautiful soft brown cock, getting the head as close to my throat as I could, then raising a leg up, pulled him with my knee between my legs, then slammed my cock into his throat, deeply, as I sucked harder and more intensely.

He started thrashing, trying to get away from me, but I held his head with my knees, and suddenly he started bucking, and shooting waves of cum in my mouth. At first, as I sucked, a few spurts, then I stopped sucking to swallow, and big load washed in. It’s impossible to suck and swallow at the same time, so I kept alternating – that fucker’s balls made a huge load! I felt him quiet down slightly as I released his head, and pulling my cock out, he yelled a huge “Oh my fucking god! You fucker!” and started laughing. My chubby hairy dad wriggled out from underneath me, and grabbed me in his furry arms, kissing me deeply, begging me to feed him some of his cum. We were locked there for like 15 minutes as he jacked me awkwardly with his left hand, then I heard a door chime ring.

He winked at me, and jumped up, running back to the front of the house, and I heard voices approaching. In walked a taller rangy Texas Daddy, big floppy ears and grin, Ice blue eyes, and a scraggly grey beard, but all together it worked to make him look handsome. Then my mouth went slightly dry. Standing beside him was a tallish guy, quite young, with big floppy ears, and a scraggly blond beard, also handsome in a roguish way. It was clearly his son, but I didn’t say anything. Jamison was standing there naked, his big cock slightly softer and a bit wet. I sort of sputtered, and apologized for being naked, and “Daddy Randy” and “Junior” grinned, Randy saying “Ain’t nothin’ we ain’t seen Tex Bear Joe!” Junior put his hand out politely to shake my hand, and I noticed he had gone pale, looking at me up and down as Jamison rubbed his shoulders.

“You look like…” I began thinking they were father and son, and Randy grinned, and held a finger up to my mouth. “Don’t say it!” he said as a shy smile came over Junior. “We know that diary you wrote about the hairy boy at the gym. My boy read it a while back, few years, and well, the rest is history.” Randy said, and Jamison winked at me conspiratorially. My cock was so hard I thought I would break, as Randy sat down and started to pull off his boots, “Junior, let’s get nekkid, we got Joe here.” Jamison disappeared for a moment, and brought back beers, and leaned over “Randy’s an old cattleman buddy… long Dallas family of loving men, if you know what I mean.” Those boots were incredible – crocodile it looked like, and he shucked off his jeans, undid his shirt, and there he stood in a moment, nice masculine body, boner poking out of his shorts, and Junior was much slower, staring at me.

He had a lean body, some fur sprinkled on his chest, and a humongous cock in his shorts, from the look of it. Jamison poured me another Cointreau, while Randy and Junior sucked on their beers, all of us shooting the bull like it was totally ordinary to be sitting there. “Junior, I know you’re just dying honey, go on.” He looked nervous, and stood up, walking over to me. “Can I touch you Daddy Joe?” he asked, which seemed formal, awkward, and very sincere. I stood up, and put one hand on my biceps and the other on my chest, and he grunted, squeezing and feeling my muscles as I posed for him a little. Randy and Jameson started kissing to one side, Jameson jacking off his hard short fat cock again, and Randy standing up to pull his shorts off, with his uncut dripping cock bouncing out.

I decided to go for it in the awkward situation, and put my hand on Junior’s hard ass – and I mean rock-hard – squeezing it pulling him closer to me. I tipped his chin toward me, and kissed him, and he grunted and moaned, pressing to me and sucking on my tongue like it was a cock. I slid my fingers under his underwear band, and slid around his smooth globes as he pushed his hands under my arms, around me, and hugged pushing his head against my neck, breaking the kiss. His fat cock was pushing against my belly, and I realized my balls were aching. I pushed his underwear down, then peeling it off as I kneeled, let his fat cock flop into my face, and like his ass, it was hard, stinging slightly as it slapped me! I peeled back the foreskin and licked the cockhead watching Randy and Jameson now jacking each other off and staring at us, and I suckled the tip, licking the frenulum and around under the skin as Junior shuddered.

Poor Junior suddenly bucked and pulled his hips back from me, but he began cumming, so I quickly pushed his hips forward, cock in my mouth to give myself another cum slurp, my own poor cock dripping on the floor. I could only get about half his cock in my mouth, and he was shooting in my throat, which drove me crazy – very sweet, not bitter, cum, and lots of it. I let Junior go and he shot back out of my arms, almost falling over, and apologizing “Sir” profusely. Randy piped up – “Don’t matter Daddy Joe, he’ll reload in one minute, guaranteed. He’s a horny critter.” Randy let Jameson’s cock go, and walking behind Junior, he crouched, and said “Now feed Daddy some hole, son!” Junior dutifully leaned over, spreading his cheeks, and Randy started licking and nuzzling his hole, rubbing his beard back and forth. I thought I would cum.

Jameson winked at me, still jacking himself off, and I pulled Junior towards me, and gave him kisses as he wrapped his arms back around me. His dad brusquely pulled his legs further apart, and started massaging his balls, pulling on them and rubbing, his son’s big horsecock bouncing hard as a rock again, lacy precum flying all over the place as he pulled and jerked on his balls. Then was the moment, time was slowing for me, I remember crystal clear. Randy stood up, his big uncut cock curved up slightly and dripping. Jameson came over to Junior’s ass, pulling it open again with his furry hands as Junior, bent over, put his hand on his knees. “Come on over Joe,” Randy said, “Help me.” He took one of my hands, and put it on his hard, very warm cock, which was just inches away from his son’s asshole.

I looked at it, and realized that his son not only took his dad’s cock, but it looked like a lot more had stretched it. I pulled the cock forward, Jameson having fingered the boy’s wet hole with three fingers squishing in and out, and as I pulled, Randy’s cockhead met the hole. Junior relaxed the hole, and his asslips bulged slightly and I watched in disbelief as it opened up a tiny bit. I pulled Randy’s cock forward more, skinning back the sleeve, his angry red cockhead now partially lodged in his son’s pulsing hole. I crouched so my face was up close, and I could barely breathe. I pulled his cock more, and reached with my left hand to get a hold of his son’s horsecock, which was still dripping cum. I pushed the cockhead in the hole further, watching it wetly slide in the young lips, then the son shuddered as his dad’s cockhead entered the anal canal fully.

Jameson’s hands spread the cheeks further, and I felt the son’s cock get even harder as I began jacking him, now pushing his dad’s cock in his hole. I felt a kind of pop as his dad’s cockhead enter his rectum, part of the shaft in the anal canal now, and Junior sighed, groaning, sounds of great pleasure. I pushed further, then with my hand at the base of his son’s cock, I put my hand behind Randy’s ass and pushed my hands together. Randy slid in his son’s ass smoothly, sliding deep inside him as Junior groaned out, “Oh fuck Daddy!” Jameson let Junior’s ass go, and started jacking off, crouching by me and as Randy pulled out slowly, I pushed him back in, controlling him fucking his own boy, as I thought. I pushed harder and harder as we all got in a Rhythm together, and I took a hold of Junior’s balls, and used them to pull his dad harder and harder into his ass.

Reaching up with my thumb, I wanted to feel that veiny shaft slide in, and I was able to push the thumb in his asshole beside his dad’s sliding cock, pushing down hard on his prostate as his dad started bucking harder, my hand not pushing so much. My mind was getting completely twisted, and I wanted that muscle ass in front of me badly, my cock dripping balls really hurting. I started jacking off, letting Randy’s ass go, but the moment I began, he pulled right out of Junior, slapped him on the ass, and said “Get up on that couch son!” Junior straightened and walked over, crawling on the couch with his ass in the air, but Randy came over, and pulled a leg, kind of rotating Junior who lay on his back on the couch, legs up, wet asshole out. “Come on Joe!” Randy said, nodding at the hole.

I crouched down again, then pulled Junior up, and with no preliminaries, fucked right in that nice soft hole. My god I was in heat, Randy and Jamison sat to either side of Junior, teasing his nipples and holding his legs back as they jacked off, with Randy telling me “Texbearjoe” how much his son had wanted to meet me since he had begun seeing my on bigmusclebears. “Fuck him good Daddy!” Randy said, continuing to jack off, and I started sawing in and out of that deep ass, looking Junior in the eye. He was in heaven, a slight furrow in his brow, “Kiss me Daddy Joe, fuck me!” He begged, hands down now on his ass holding it open again. I pushed all the way to my groin in his hole, feeling how loose his well-fucked ass was, then sliding out, moving my hips around to use a spoon in his ass like a mixing bowl. I was so horny, I didn’t even think I could cum, just wanting to fuck and freeze this dad/son scene in my mind forever.

I knew if I came it would be over, so I slowly halted, pulling out as I felt close, and said “Jameson, your turn!” and grabbed his leg, pulling him off the couch playfully. I plopped myself beside Junior, pinching his nipples and pulling Randy behind his back squashed him a little beween two hot daddies. He was groaning, his cock now having made a pool of precum on his chest. I had to lean over and lick it and the head of his cock, while Jameson popped his fat cock into Randy, and began fucking him like a crazed rabbit. Short, hard thrusts, making a nice wet slapping sound against Junior, who rolled his head and groaned as Randy and I squeezed him harder. I turned slightly, then getting on my knees and lopped my cock across Junior’s mouth, holding his head as I rubbed it across his lips teasingly, letting him pop the head in.

Jameson had grabbed Junior’s ankles and was really slamming into his asshole now, as I watched sweat break out on him, his fur glistening as fucked into Randy’s son in front of us. Randy also got on his knees, and a moment later, Junior was going crazy with two dad cocks in his mouth. Randy and I exchanged some hot kisses, trying to remain balanced, and I realized I could cum feeling his cock sliding against mine in his son’s mouth. I fucked in harder against his son, and grabbed Randy’s hard ass as a brace when we heard Jameson whining and bellowing out. He lost complete control as we watched, slamming his cum faucet into Junior’s hole, his hips twitching until he pretty much collapsed on Junior, and on us, groaning as he pumped sperm deep into the boy.

We slowly disentangled, and Randy got up again, as Jameson collapsed back next to Junior, completely sweat-soaked and stinking. I sat back, holding Junior’s leg back and then Randy just made me speechless. “Watch this Daddy Joe…” he said, as he pulled my head down near Junior’s big balls and wide-open hole. His veiny cock was sawing in and out of the hole, when Randy reached down, sliding a few fingers beside his cock in his son’s ass, then to my complete astonishment, he slid all four fingers, and his thumb, complete hand inside his son’s hole as he was fucking him, a high yell of pleasure railing out of Junior as his dad fucked him briefly with his hand deep in his son’s ass, then as quick as a wink, he pulled back out.

Junior was gasping, and laughing as Randy continued to fuck him, and I was open-mouthed with astonishment. A moment later, Junior was buried in my shoulder again, kissing me and we began an intense long kiss session – his tongue searching in my mouth as I did his, feeling him jerking and twitching as he father continued fucking his wide-open asshole, much wider than I thought it could get. I leaned forward as Junior kissed the back of my neck, then feeling Jameson push on my mouth as I got Junior’s cock back in my mouth, I went for the max, and adjusting my body, slid his curved hard cock completely into my throat. I opened my eyes, to watch Randy again slide a few finger’s into his son’s ass, then his entire hand in and out, quickly again, Junior gasping and his cock beginning to pulse in my mouth.

Randy grabbed Junior’s big balls, and wrapping his hand around the base near his cock, near my mouth, pulled them up hard, and lightly slapped them. Junior shuddered, a deep “mmmmffff!” going through my neck as he shivered, and watching his dad pull and twist his balls, Junior finally started a low animal scream, and I felt his cock go steel-hard, and begin pulsing in my throat. He was cumming again, twisting his body against mine, his dad now lightly slapping back and forth across his balls, until Junior was still, panting, and whispering “Joe” behind me. Randy now pushed his son’s shoulder’s down, down against the couch, his ass sliding higher in the air, then he got one foot, then the other on the couch, sawing in and out of his son’s ass.

I couldn’t imagine what Junior felt like – I can barely 30 seconds of fucking after I cum, but he seemed to be squirming and begging for more! Randy told me to get my cock in that hungry hole, and I wormed my way back to standing, and saw his open hole with Randy fucking in and out, right in front of me. Immediately Jameson, pulled himself under Junior, and I thought, “What the hell is going on.” Randy paused, cock out of the hole for a moment. Junior sat right down on Jameson’s cock like it wasn’t anything, and started humping on it, then Randy pushed forward again, and slid his cock in along with the other Daddy. I hadn’t seen a double fuck up close for some time. But I wanted more, and Junior seemed to be able to take it all.

Randy was far enough forward, and my cock curves down slightly, so I came forward, and popped my cock right in beside his Dad’s and Jameson’s, and my mind was melting. Oh my fucking god. Feeling the thick veiny rod of his Dad against mine, and Jameson’s big head, I began fucking and bucking against the two of them, putting my arms around Randy’s waist to hold on. We had a hard time at first with the rhythm, but after a moment I would pull out while thrust in, a see-saw of fucking in his son’s hole with Jameson pinching the boy’s nipples and kissing him. Randy and I slowly accelerated, and I said “I can’t take much more Dad, I gotta cum!” and with that, I squeezed him and felt a huge cumload build up in my cock.

But I wouldn’t shoot! I had been having sex for over and hour and I got panicky that my trigger was stuck! Randy started grunting and calling his son a “Fucking Daddy hole whore”, slamming in as I was desperate to cum, “Dad’s gonna fill your hole ass boy, Dad and your muscle Dad Joe here, come on, ready to take it!” Jameson was frantically bucking up against Junior, and I saw Randy’s moving in a blur, Jacking off Junior. The three of us were suspended in time almost, when I heard Randy, mouth shut, began screaming a deep yell, his body tensing up, then opening his mouth with a burst of noise, slammed his cock deep in his son, and I could feel shots of cum filling up his son’s belly.

That got me. I gripped Randy hard around the waist, humping now like a dog against his son’s hole, and finally, in an explosion of sensation, my own cum shot out, filling his ass beside his father, as we both listened to Jameson grunt and yell, shooting out even more cum, then Junior’s high-pitched “Daddy, Daddy I’m coming again” ringing out under us. I don’t know how long I shot, but it was the first of the night for me, and even after I stopped, I didn’t want to pull out of that hot juicy asshole. Randy and Junior were shaking and kissing each other as Jameson lay back against the couch, soaked again in sweat and gasping. Finally I pulled out, a gush of cum washing out of Junior’s asshole onto the couch (unfortunately), then Dad, then Junior slid off the couch, sitting on the floor as the three of us got back on the couch, me in the center as Dad and Jameson kissed and played with me while I stroked Junior’s head.

I pulled on Junior who sat on my lap, sliding my semi-hard cock in his hole, as the three of us kissed and played with him, poor guy completely wrapped in Daddy sex, sweat, and cum. Finally we had to take a break, and I went to the bathroom to unload all the liquid from dinner and drinks, and coming back to the living room, all three were almost dressed! We laughed and talked for a moment, the guys watching while I dressed, and Junior stood by me and stroked my muscles and beard as I tied my shoes. All four of us walked out, and I got in Jameson’s Mercedes as I watched Randy and Son get in a fucking Bentley. I guess people are kind of poor in Dallas!

Driving back, Jameson asked when I was going back to Houston, and I told him I thought I might spend a week or two driving around Texas, since I hadn’t had any real vacation, or seen my adopted state. He dropped me off back near the restaurant, and fumbling in the glove compartment, wrote down a couple of names and telephone numbers, and cities, telling me if I happen to drive through, just call the guys and tell them Jameson from Dallas told me I should contact them, and I was to tell them “no holds barred.” Hmm! As I got out of the car, Jameson gave me a final amazing kiss on the street, definitely not shy, and then with a sly look in his eye, he said he hoped I enjoyed Randy, and (holding his hands up making finger quotes, and winking at me) “son”.

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