Erotic story: Road Trip- Saratoga

By Texbearjoe.

I had the directions Mitch and Ed had given me for Ghost Road in Saratoga, trying to find the road FM1293 after what seemed like hours – in the Dark, it was getting late on a Saturday night – I homed in on the geo coordinates google had given me: 30.416019, -94.563719. This was really a ghost road! Supposedly there are mysterious lights at night along the road, and I love a good ghost story so I thought finally I could see some swamp gas.

I really wanted to take time to drive through the “Big Thicket” in Texas, a huge forested mass in East Texas, so the route I took was through the preserve, and at twilight with a full moon it was both mysterious and beautiful, but forbidding. It reminded me of driving in Yosemite in California – no light except for the sky (which had cleared) and moon. I put the top down, and thought it was still muggy, I loved smelling the pine trees, and the humid air.

There were traces of ground fog starting, and I enjoyed the ride by myself. It reminded me of, when I was a teenager, driving through East Tennessee to truck stop “Rest Areas” late at night… I tingled at some of the fun times I had with truckers (not to mention the times you went out at night and there was nothing.). I passed some cars parked beside the road – mind you this was nowhere, and then I heard “You have reached your destination” from Google. Sure enough, to one side of the car was a hard-packed dirt road. In front of the road was a rusted steel sign, which – thank god my iPhone had a flashlight – I could barely read. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I carefully ventured onto the road, and started driving south. I turned off my lights, so there were just parking lights, and drove slowly, there was barely enough light to make out the road, when what to my wondering eyes would appear.

Cars, and a few truck cabs. I kept on going, more parked cars. A lot of people were out looking for “ghosts!” it seemed. I passed a few dozen, then edged to the side of the road, parking. I stepped out, and got in my trunk to get some mosquito repellant. I noticed mysterious “lights” in the forest to either side. Ooh! Ghostly energy! The thick woods – not big, but thick – were an incredible noise in my head, from all the insects. I walked along the road, enjoying the night air, and after a few minutes, between the cars and other vehicles, noticed a kind of dirt pathway, with some beaten-down bushes. I’ve seen this before, I thought. And, off in the distance, I noticed lights twinkling in the woods, very faintly. I didn’t feel like Bilbo Baggins looking at secret Elvish lights, I felt horny, and I knew what was going on. I remember one of the first times I had met a guy in an area like this back in Tennessee.

Friends at the time called the Rest Area along the high way either “RA” or “Ruth Ann’s”, as in “Are you going to Ruth Ann’s for Dinner tonight?” which was humorous, sleazy, tacky and interesting at the same time. I had parked my car, probably 11 at night, by the rest area where there were just a couple of cars and one big-rig. I walked off to one side where the sole street light spread a perfect circle of light over a picnic table. Just outside the circle of light, it was dark but moonlit, and back behind the rest area was a wooded area, fenced, but with a strategic gap that had been opened up. I meandered down, nervous and excited wondering what was going on. Well, not much. I saw a tiny red glow, which was a cigarette, and wandered up, trying to look as casual as I could. A guy was standing there – black curly hair, kind of skinny, shirt in his pants. He was hairy, very hairy, and wiry.

He looked at me, and squeezed his crotch, pulling up on it so I could see his hardon – wow! It seemed like half his leg. I was breathless. I squeezed my crotch – my cock was hard as steel now. He put his cigarette back in his mouth, and undid his belt, then pulled his trousers down slowly. It took forever – first a huge bush of black hair, then the shaft, slowly. I couldn’t believe it, and had to walk closer, my mouth opening and closing probably making me look like a fish. He knew what he was doing, a real cocktease – inch by inch going down, getting me more and more bugeyed as I watched his shaft exposed in the dim light. It never seemed to stop! He kept sliding it down, and I kind of whispered “Aw, uh, that’s not real!” He held his pants with one hand, not fully exposed still, maybe 8″ on view, and casually took a puff of his cigarette, not dropping anymore at all. “See anything you like?” He said in a rough whisper, and I must have frozen, I know my blood froze.

I squeezed my crotch, and gulped, “That!” and at that moment, my cock popped out from under my cutoff jeans. My parents were kind of mystified why I wanted them so short! I was one of those thick stocky boys, huge thighs from marching band, and as my heart pounded, the smoking guy put his cigarette and reached and tapped on the tip of my cock. I gasped again, now not realizing how close I had gotten, and I could smell him. It was the woods – pine and dirt, the cigarette, armpits and body hair. In a maneuver only a cigarette smoker could make, he managed to take a puff, lick some of his fingers, still holding his pants up, and then reached back down and squeezed the head of my cock with his wet fingers, rubbing the tip. “Look here,” he said, and then let his pants drop a little further. I could see the thick ring of his cockhead, uncut, now exposed, then he dropped completely. His cock bounced right up, hitting me on the leg. I thought I would cum. You know how 17-year-olds are.

I stood paralyzed as he undid my shorts – no belt – and my shorts dropped right off. He grasped my cock, pulling me over, and then put my cock beside his, I was almost as long, not as thick. “Look at that,” he said, “big teen meat.” He took his cigarette, and leaning over, spat on both cocks, and ran his hands over them, jacking us off. “You like a taste?” He said, backing off slightly. He squeezed his cock, then pulled back the foreskin – I had only seen my uncle’s cock and foreskin (now that’s a story) but all the rest of my friends were cut. He wiggled it at me a bit, then put his hand on my shoulder. I heard some rustling around in the woods around us, but paid no attention. I got on my knees in the dirt and moss, and he put his hand behind my head and pushed it towards his cock. I grabbed a hold of it for balance, and it was very hard, not rubbery at all. I opened my mouth, and licked the head, tasting the sweat on it, and feeling all the bumps and grooves around it.

“Careful son!” He said, “That’s sensitive.” I ran my tongue lightly around the groove again as he hunched over and grunted, and I realized, for some reason, I had him in my complete control. I pulled his cock further into my mouth, feeling his big hairy bush against my hand, and ran my lips now over the grooved edges while my tongue rubbed all over it. He whined slightly and grunted, thrusting his hips towards me now. His cock slid in my mouth, the upward curve rubbing it against the roof of my mouth, and he grunted and awkwardly thrust again, and I felt it pushing and pushing towards my throat. I rolled my tongue around as best I could, squeezing his shaft, then with my other hand, I felt for his balls. Not huge, and deeply nested in his furry crotch, and I rubbed them lightly as I pushed his cock against the opening of my throat. “Lynn, what do you think you’re doing?” I heard someone hiss, “He’s just a kid!”

“He ain’t no kid,” Lynn said, “He’s got fucking man’s cock. Look at it Wade!” I was going to pull off his cock, kind of shocked, but he held my head as I sucked, and I felt some hands pull up on my hips. “Get up.” I heard, then I felt some rough hands reach around my waist and grab my cock, jerking on it roughly. “Big fuckin’ teenage cock, sheeeeit!” I felt some rustling, then fur on my legs, and a hot wet mouth was on my cock, as I got pushed more onto Lynn’s cock, feeling it push into my throat finally, with a pop. I felt a gag coming up, but managed to suppress it, feeling too good with the cock going down my throat. Wade was sucking very hard on my cock, and unfortunately some teeth were involved, so I jumped and tried to get it out of his mouth. Finally it hurt, and I put my hands on Lynn’s hips, and pushed hard, and bounced back from the two. “That hurt, sorry!” I said, and Lynn sighed, “Wade, I told you, not with your teeth bud.”

Wade was, from what I could see, a kind of muscular red-headed guy, huge beard who looked sad. “I’m sorry buddy,” he said, and still on his knees, grabbed my cock roughly and pulled it back over. “I got too excited huh?” and began sucking on my cock again. This time he was more careful, and I realized I was almost vibrating, ready to cum, when Lynn pushed my head back down on his cock. “That’s a nice long pecker!” Wade said, down below, “I’ve enjoyed it many a night!” and with that, I heard a rustle, and a zipper from Wade. At this point, I was back to Lynn, holding onto his hairy ass, and popping him in and out of my throat, enjoying the deepthroating (no sucking) that I was giving, wondering how to combine the two. My crotch was really vibrating from Wade’s sucking, and Lynn gave a squeaky grunt, and suddenly, on an outstroke, he began cumming. It was a few quick squirts, which I swallowed immediately, then pushing him back in my throat he groaned and shook,

“Suck it son!” Wade said. I pulled back off Lynn’s cock and a few more bitter squirts came in my mouth, and Lynn was kind of making a “Nyugh, Nyugh” sound, more and more small squirts coming in my mouth. I wondered if I should tell Wade, but didn’t and simply started shooting in his mouth, my legs going rigid from the excitement, pumping cum in huge globs right on his tongue. Wade instantly began coughing and spitting, and started pumping my cock with his hand, rubbing his beard on my shaft, which drove me crazy. I continued deepthroating Lynn, sucking his long dark hairy cock, and a moment later, he began “Oh, OHHHH!” sounds, pulling my head off. His long cock extracted from my mouth, he gingerly pulled the foreskin back over the head, and I continued to now shoot cum on the ground and beard by Wade. Wade shimmied back out, and stood their, his fat hardon poking out of his pants, and he proclaimed that he needed to rinse his mouth out.

Lynn was pulling his pants up, and I did too as we walked back to the rest area, and the three of us in the restroom a moment later. Lynn was unreal. He was very lean, and his fur – ringlike curls all over, just beautiful, something I’ll never forget, along with the big muff of fur coming out above his underwear at his belly button. Wade had blondish-red hair, but his beard was deep brown-red, and huge, we’re talking ZZ Top. He had my cum in is beard, and washed for a moment, laughing, then Lynn went over to the open door, and said “Wade, why don’t you finish up with this here young-un.” Wade winked and I looked down as he undid his pants. His nice-sized cock popped up, and then he said, “Come here, lick my pecker son!” and I leaned over, one hand on a sink, and licked his shaft, then suddenly was buried in his beard. He was also holding onto the sink, leaning over, and was sucking on the bright purplish-red head of his own cock!

Fuck, I was rockhard again! I didn’t know what to do, but kept on licking while he sucked his cock, and filed away that I had to try that too later! I wanted to touch his shaft and do anything to make him cum to watch him fill his own mouth, so I reached and put my hands together palm to palm with his cock in the middle, and rubbed up and down, feeling his beard as he bobbed and sucked on the head of his cock. He whispered “Play with my ass!” So I continued to rub and lick his cockshaft as he undid his pants further, dropping them, and then rubbed my hand on his hard butt. “No,” he whispered, “My bunghole.” I was slightly mystified, until Lynn yelled, “poke your finger in his shithole, boy!” and I licked a finger and wormed it around his furry asshole trying to push it in. The moment I touched his humid hole, he gurgled, and then gushes of white cum slid down his cock, out of his mouth, again somewhat in his wet beard.

He hunched and shot more and more, then quietly licked his head a bit, then leaned up, taking a huge breath. He was very red-faced, and then grinned at me. Washing up again, then Lynn came over, and leaned to my face, and gave me a big kiss. His thick tongue pushed in my mouth, bitter from the cigarettes he smoked, and I thought, “That tastes just like his cum.” It amused me to no end to think of all those people smoking cigarettes making their mouth taste like bitter hot semen. “You be careful, son!” Wade said, squeezing my shoulder, then he and Lynn went out, Wade walking to a beat up old car, and Lynn getting in the truck. I walked stiff-legged back to my mom’s car, cock hard to hurting, and finally had to jerk off again in the car driving home, unfortunately listening to a disco version of Star Wars theme on the radio. My god, the 70’s were hot.

But, back to the ghosts. I continued walking along the dirt path in Texas, the smell of the pine woods, the dirt, slight rotting smells (swamp!) bringing back more memories of my teenage years, as well as lots of fun in Timberfell in Greenville, Tennessee, as well as some very interesting times in other woods as well. Then I came to a slight clearing, and could see around a little bit better, and realized that over the sound of all the insects, I heard a familiar smack-smack-smack of fucking. Closing my eyes, and turning my head slightly, I kind of homed in on the sound, then looking, walked forward into the shadows. There was a guy – business clothes – fucking a naked man. Around him were a group of guys, different ages, sizes, and hefts, jerking off watching. I moved in slowly, so as not to disturb, when one of the guys jerking off took out his phone, and it came on, giving off a kind of shocking blue-green light.

This got a sound of annoyance from the other guys, who moved away, and looking off in the distance, I noticed another flash of blue-green light, and realized that some, if not all the flashes were cellphones. So much for Ghostly energy. I got closer, and took my shirt off, tucking it in my belt. The men stared at me unconcernedly, then went back to their jacking, and the business guy fucking, started grunting “Here it is!”. The men closed in slightly, and he pulled his cock out and in a quick movement, his bottom spun around getting a faceful of cum, with open mouth. Someone took a picture – flash dazzing me in the dim light. One of the guys walked up to the hairy cocksucker and pushed his cock into the guy’s mouth. It was a perfect cock for sucking, not long at all but just perfectly shaped and angled, and the cocksucker really went to town. I felt like it was required, so I pulled my cock out and started jerking off watching the sleazy scene, when I felt someone rub my cock.

I looked over and there was a handsome bear guy, slightly chunky, with a beautiful cock he was jerking off, and I winked at him. His eyes opened wide for a second, and he reached over and took my cock. He felt it in little squeezes, measuring from tip to base until he gasped, “Fuck you’re hung bubba!” and began energetically jerking me off. I reached up and stroked his nipples through his buttoned shirt, and he immediately unbuttoned it, with nice fur popping out for my hand to stroke. I reached in and felt his tits, stroking them more, but he wasn’t particularly wired for nipples. He paused for a moment, and undid his belt, and dropped his pants. His cock was even nicer now, another perfect cock for sucking. The naked cocksucker in front of us grabbed at my cock too, and I knew that look. You’re in a public sex place and everyone wants the long cock. I pushed his head back on the guy he was sucking, and winked at my chunky friend, who looked grateful.

He continued jacking me, then gave up on himself, and started stroking my body breathlessly. “You are so big!” He hissed at me, in a deep voice, “I’ve never seen muscles like this.” He continued jerking me and stroking, then abruptly grabbed me and kissed me. I kissed back, his thick tongue rolling around in my mouth, and I put my arm around his head, holding him closer, taking his cock in my hand. He pushed me away, and pulled away for a moment, “I, I never thought…” He began. “Guys like you,” He whispered, “Never even look at guys like me!” I grinned at him, and took his face, kissing him again, “Who cares,” I responded, “we’re all horny men. Shit!” We kissed more as he jacked me, and I decided I wanted to see what his cock tasted like. Kneeling, not wanting to get my pants dirty, I balanced on the balls of my feet, and holding his cock, licked it. Tasted good. Licked it more.

The shaft was thin, but the head was fat, so I sucked the head in my mouth, my tongue rolling all around it, and squeezing my lips together shook my head like a dog with a chew toy. “UH!” he barked out, full voices, and I felt eyes focusing on me. I got more of his cock in my mouth, and then tongue out, pushed it further in so my tongue could touch his balls. A bit of his belly pushed against my forehead, which drives me crazy – his furry roundness, and the slight taste of precum were combining to get me hornier and hornier. I grabbed onto his knee with my left hand and began jacking off as I slurped and sucked his cock, bouncing my head against his belly over and over, wide-open mouthed sucking so it made a tremendous gobbling sound. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a perfect bear suck – thick mouthfilling cock, nice masculine – not flat – belly, hairy sturdy legs, but this was it.

I loved really being able to get my mouth around his cockhead, and just sucked it all over, tongue pushing into his pisshole, and lightly letting my teeth touch his head and shaft. What moonlight we had seemed to be going away, so after moments, I couldn’t see anything, just was entirely focused on the sensation of that thick cockhead pushing into my mouth. “Please,” I heard him whisper, “I’m going to cum like that.” I simply doubled the tempo, listening to him gasp and groan out loud. With that, a phone flashed on, then suddenly the brightness dialed down. I heard guys murmuring, and felt someone rubbing my shoulders and traps, “Gene, look at you!” I heard someone say, and Gene, who I was sucking apparently, began grunting louder and louder. I felt his hand at the back of my head, and he thrust my face against his groin – belly on my forehead, and as I sucked, he began gushing cum to fill my mouth.

“Kiss me!” I heard Gene say, and someone leaned over to kiss him as he grunted, hips thrusting, gushing cum into my mouth over and over. It was hot cum too, I’m kind of a cum gourmet by now. Finally Gene pushed my shoulders away, shaking, and standing up he grabbed me, then hurriedly pulled his pants off and disappeared into the darkness. It seemed to be darker than when I arrived, and a wind had come up. The hairy cocksucker grabbed my cock again, and pulled me over. He wrapped one hand around my shaft, and sucked the other half of my cock in his mouth, groaning. Again, someone turned on their phone, and began video of my cock being sucked. It looked amazing – this guy was better than I was at sucking. He would jack me with one hand, to the tip, then pushed my cock through his hand, the head popping between his lips where he would lick it for a second.

Next, pushing the cock into his hot wet mouth, I slid back along his tongue and roof of his mouth, then reaching his throat, his hand would flatten against my groin as I popped right into his throat. Finally, he pushed his lips flat against my groin. Reversing, he slowly took hold of my cock, then sliding out of his throat, got a huge vacuum suck on it, then as I was fully out of his mouth, his hand did the rest, squeezing, sliding, and rotating around my shaft. Fuck, it was a hot suck, and I could have that go on forever. Another light popped on videotaping the deepthroat and slight gagging by this cocksucker, then he gave up with his hands for a moment and just banged his mouth back rapidly on my cock, thrusting without stop. He backed off, gasping for a second, and then wrapped both his hands, hand-over-hand on my shaft as the guys around us murmured. He looked directly into the phone video, and mouthed a “wow”.

The lights went out for a second again, and I noticed how dark it really was now. I felt my hands pressed on cocks, and looked around in the gloom. One guy seemed to be a hot dad – tall, good body, and a very nice cock – when the lights went back on my own sucker and I saw the dad I was jerking off. Beautiful man, a very Texas rancher look. He took his shirt off slowly, wind whipping up underneath it, exposing what I could see of a nice sexy body, and then while I was jacking his thick cock off through his trousers, he undid the belt and dropped his cargo shorts, carefully stepping out. Really beautiful, and he was stroking my biceps and squeezing them, hypnotized. My other hand was jerking off a slight guy, looked like he couldn’t have been more than 20, a real cub. He had his shirt off, and had a slender, lightly furred body, and a scruffy beard like the Latino guys in Tyler. Beautiful cock too, a real throat stretching fat uncut one.

I heard thunder, and some of the lights around me winked out again, annoyingly, and my cocksucker was in heaven. I wasn’t going to cum fast, and gave him all the access he wanted, as he licked and sucked my cock, then with wet fingers pushed at my asshole. Everyone suddenly seemed to hurry up. I lifted a leg slightly as I relaxed, and he gasped (not me!) as he pushed in, and I squeezed his fingers. Instantly the Latin guy was also fingering and stroking my asshole, grunting. A couple of guys now put lights back on, and the Latin guy was stroking his cock like a jackhammer. Not a moment later, he leaned back and began showering cum all over, as guys got pissed and backed off. The wind was actually quite wild now, and I felt relief from the temperature dropping a little bit. The daddy next to me gently felt my ass, and rubbed a rough thick finger against my asshole.

I leaned over to kiss him as my cocksucker started doubling down on his sucking, deepthroating and jacking me off back and forth until that, plus the hot dad on my asshole, I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I reached awkwardly to stroke the soft curls on his chest as he pushed against my asshole more forcefully, which I let him do until he was inside me, and I felt him push against my prostate. That was it. “I’m cumming!” I announced in full normal voice, and a few more camera lights clicked on, and my cocksucker leaned back, shiny face, and hammered my cock, sucking on the head off and on. Dad started massing my prostate, bolts of lightning in my groin now, and a moment later the first jet of cum shot out of my cock all over the cocksucker. Dad suddenly grunted and my hand felt wet with his cum, and we both started shooting at the same time.

My cocksucker – I couldn’t tell if he was swallowing – but while I came he resumed deepthroat-jacking me, and I thought I would faint from the sensation. Dad really ground his finger into my prostate, more and more cum oozing all over my hand, until he finally put his other hand on mine to keep me still. I shot maybe another half dozen small squirts for the cocksucker, which landed on his face, and I realized he was twitching and grunting, then he plunged my cock into his throat. He was shaking, and I could barely see in the circle of light that he was jacking himself off. He held my cock in his throat, swallowing, face flat against my groin until after what seemed an unreal amount of time, he backed off, gasping and taking in quick breaths. “Fuck that’s what my throat needed!” he grinned, as some of the lights winked out. Dad leaned over to me and I actually smelled Old Spice.

“Better get out of here buddy,” he whispered, in a hair-raising sexy voice. “It’s gonna rain like a horse pissing on a flat rock.” I looked around, and a lot of the guys had begun making their way back to the dirt road, their little phones lighting the way, and I could see the trees whipping back and forth. I felt a bit fat drop of rain on my nose, and got myself back together, shirt on, in an instant, and didn’t walk back to the road, I ran. There was a crack of lightning, which blinded me a bit, but I got back to my car just as more big fat drops rained down, then whammo – the rain hit. I got off the dirt road back to the highway as fast as I could, not wanting to get stuck, and then peering through the solid rainy gloom, drove on south. I decided I’d just head all the way to Port Arthur, but I tell you, I hate driving in pounding rain. “Ghost Lights” I thought, “Oh yeah!”

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