Erotic story: Road Trip- Lufkin

By Texbearjoe.

I thought I had died and gone to fuck dad top heaven in Tyler, with Gary literally begging me for assplay all night – the more he got deep in his ass, the more he wanted. I don’t even know what time I got out the next morning, but I asked my motel if I could do a ‘late checkout’, and I kind of collapsed on the bed for a few hours. I hope I totaled 7 or eight and decided I’d take it easy that day, I wanted to go to Port Arthur, but decided I’d just get to Lufkin, a few hours south.

It was an odd feeling though, as I went in. I stopped at a gas station on the outskirts of town, and there was a pretty sizeable group of bikers – not “Five Easy Pieces”, but more like Sturgis daddies, but no women. Hmm. I looked at them. They looked at me. I went inside to take a piss and get more water, and more biker daddies, and trucker daddies.

It’s one of those times when you think “If I read this in a story, I wouldn’t believe it.” I walked back out, and a few guys watched me, talking. Being extremely shy, I walked right over and said, “Hell, is there a Dad convention?” They guys just stared at me. One sexy one, big beard, said, “Well, sir, in a word, yes.” We shook hands, and then he said in the same overly proper language, “We thought you were going too. You have a fine specimen of a body, clearly well-taken care of, like the temple it should be.” OK, I had to burst out laughing. “Oh ye of kind words, gentleman.” I said, “But in Lufkin Texas, surely you jest!” They laughed, and said, “A fine gentleman has a modest plot of land by the lake, and we are invited.” I grinned, and said, “I wish that I were so graced.”

One of the other guys finally “Oh cut out the fine bullshit Ed, Joe you’re more’n’welcome to come skinnydip with the guys. Bring your own beer and food.” The guys all laughed, and they showed me on my phone where to go. “No women?” I asked. The men all laughed, but didn’t respond. I was in a quandary. I had a crappy lunch, didn’t know where to go for real food, wanted to go skinny dipping, wanted to go to the gym, was vaguely horny now, but had been having sex all night. What’s a horny fucker to do? I went to an Academy Sports, bought the biggest cooler that would fit in my front seat (I had a teeny weeny Roaster, as you recall), and then went to Kentucky Fried chicken, got a barrel full, and then got a few six-packs at another gas station.

I got a strong, big black coffee to jazz me up a bit, then went to a very small gym, and instead of a real workout, just did a full body pump. Completely discombobulated day. Sweating slightly from the gym, headed out of town to the lake, hoping this would be fun. All I could say as I went down the one lane road to the lake was “Wow” – a very nice Texas-style ranch house by the lake, up on stilts, with a wrap-around veranda. And a few dozen bikes, some big trailers in a gravelly area, and a dozen cars. This was interesting! There was a slightly raised field off to one side with guys under big propped-up canopies in camp stools, more wandering around the wide veranda, and everyone buck-ass naked. Out by the canopies, some guys were wandering around, muddy. The rain from yesterday had hit here too, and the ground by the lake was soggy – you had to stay on a kind of pier that ran from middle of this area of the lake, way out in the water, to the house.

I was dragging my stupid little cooler, which had a handle and two wheels, feeling silly. I got up to the house, and Shakespeare from the gas station greeted me “Is this a giant and cooler which I see before me, the handle towards his hand. Come let me clutch thee!” This time five guys groaned and said “Ed, shut up.” As I got nearer, there was a burst of activity, and guys watching me, and I made it up the steps. OK, this was a Dad camp. Hairy Dad camp. Big Hairy Dad camp. I had to process the visuals for a moment, there were a huge number of very good looking men running around, a few skinny boys, and everyone very cheery and slightly drunk in the middle of the afternoon. I was hustled off to a room in the house, old cowboy decorations for fun, nothing fancy, and just some fans overhead to relieve the heat.

I took off my clothes, and bundled them up while a few guys watched, and sure enough, got a big boner. “Oh!” one guy said, and walked quickly out of the room. I was pumped from the gym, tired from the previous night, and horny from being surrounded by hot daddies. I had no energy to be aggressive and dominant like usual, but I was dying to grab everyone. I debated putting on a cockring, but decided not to, and no shoes because of the kind of muddy areas outside, and wandered off to the kitchen. I was being grabbed right and left, poked and prodded, and kissed. In the kitchen, I was introduced to the host, “Mitch”, a handsome, lean Dad with a big swinging cock and balls. Fuck. I was staring, and everyone was staring for a moment, and finally someone said, “What a side of beef, with big fucking bull cock!”

Everyone laughed then, I found my little cooler, and plunked a huge barrel of chicken on the table with the rest of the stuff, and popped a Bud Lite open. Feeling very odd, since I knew exactly 0% of the guests, I simply introduced myself, handshakes, and light conversation about how I found the place. I must have met 10 in the kitchen, another 10 on the veranda, but didn’t feel like squishy mud to go to the canopy area. I walked out on the dock a bit, where guys were sitting and said hi. I walked back to the house and the “Oh,” guy came, and introduced himself as “Jerry”, and asked me to follow him. On the other side of the house, there were five dads standing, jacking off. Five. Big. Dads. Man, I don’t know what they feed them in Texas, maybe it was their age, but they had big fucking dicks.

Jerry was more average, like me (I thought), but then grabbed my dick by the guys, and said, “Look at this!” One of the dads, very smooth brown body with an enormous fat cock came over and stroked my dick gently, telling me how amazing I looked. I took his fat cock in my hand, and with the other guys it was almost overpowering. I knew I was going to cum immediately. I grabbed his wrist, and gasped, and the guys laughed. Daddy Ron, as I learned, let me go, and I then reached out to a couple of the fat dad cocks and started jacking them, as did Jerry. Another guy walked around the veranda, and was almost speechless. He walked over, and started jacking himself – hot body, furry, average cock, but around these, he finally said, “Shit,” and got on his knees in the middle of the group.

He didn’t know what to do, everywhere he looked was fat dad cock, and he jacked and jacked, licking one cock, touching another, and whining, “fucking porn movie!” he said, and then leaning back, started cumming all over his chest, spurting up over the beautiful fur. One of the more chubby dads whispered “Here it goes!” and started spurting more cum on his furry chest, as the other dads groaned. I felt hands on my back and ass, squeezing my muscles, and realized I wanted to be the furry guy. As he got up, I got on my knees, and the dads crowded in close to me. I touched my cock, but that was dangerous, so I reached up and started jacking Daddy Ron. I pulled his cock to my mouth, which I could only kind of get the head in, and then reached up to touch another hot cock nearby.

Light fur, long meat, not as fat as Ron’s but really heavy in my hand, I started pulling on both of them, sucking alternately. “I’m ready stud,” I heard, and a guy walked forward, huge balls swinging as he pulled on his meat. I leaned forward and opened my mouth, and he started shooting thin jets of cum on my tongue as I groaned and jacked my two guys off even harder. “We got us a feeder here boys!” Daddy Ron said, when two huge cocks neared my vision, jacking off hard, then they started spurting cum on my face my mouth open. Abruptly, Ron took my hand off his cock, and held my head, and putting big thick thumbs in either side of my mouth, pulled it right onto his cock. “Here’s the big load muscleman!” Ron said, fucking my mouth on his enormous dick, almost able to shove my throat on it, when he began gushing cum, and hunching his cock into my mouth cavity, splashing back out over the floor.

A Mexican-looking dad pulled on me after Ron finished, laughing and rubbing my cum-soaked beard, and he took a long, brownish-purple cock and literally shoved it down my throat. All the men groaned, and as he hunched over, his belly bouncing against my face a little bit, I felt more men pull at my hands and place them on thick cocks. My face-fucker was going furiously now, and I felt his big-headed meat popping in and out of my throat furiously. Then it hit me. I was surrounded by hot-bellied big-dicked dads, an orgy of cum and throat fucking, and I groaned, and began cumming hands-free. Mexican Dad squeezed my shoulders and barked out a “Here it comes Papi!” and began gushing and coating my mouth, throat, and lips with his spicy bitter cum.

Electric bolts shot through my groin as I started short jets of cum onto his feet, “Hey, he’s shooting!” he exclaimed. I continued to have his belly slap my face as he brutally crammed into my throat, when I felt Jerry crawl on his hands and knees beside me, trying to get through the legs to my cock. Shot and shot, and more cum shooting on my back, when I felt my mouth pulled and another huge dad dick cram in, jetting cum all over. Jerry got to my cock, and was sucking the head – I had begun cumming quite slowly, but now I was shaking with his hot mouth working the cummy head of my cock, and another wave of orgasm went over me. The group was thinning out, and pulling back slightly, laughing and rubbing my head, when I finally lay back on my ass on the floor, laughing and falling over as someone grabbed me.

I caught my balance, got up and grabbed my beer (which flashed in my mind as vaguely ironic), and washed my mouth out. Fuck, that was mind-blowing and I’d only been here for maybe 20 minutes. I wandered back to the kitchen, and washed my beard a bit at the sink, wiping off with paper towels, and Mitch said, “Little light snack?” and laughed. We all chatted a bit, and I realized I was all sweaty and gooey. Mitch told me the water was fine, not deep enough for diving, so I walked out on the pier, and near the end, jumped off a bit into the water, trying not to splash the guys on floats nearby. Rinsing off, whew! That felt good, and the lake was cold. Now I needed the cockring. I swam around the dock, but hit the bottom immediately and walked through the muddy ooze back to land.

I walked to the canopy area, where there was a kind of portable shower deck, and rinsed off my legs. I got some wolf whistles as I bent over, and I wiggled my ass a bit, feeling the beer in the heat. I sauntered through the chairs, going back to the house, stopping to shake hands and say hi to the men, and got handed another beer. Why not? I stopped and sat for a bit with a handsome grandpa, who gently reached over to my chair and started jacking me as we spoke. He had a white moustache and beard, was incredibly furry – like a cloud. He leaned over and kissed me, and tell you guys, he knew how. I was rock hard in his hand in a moment, and he scooted his chair around to get closer. His name was Spiro, he was also from Houston, turns out – there is a huge Greek population there. Now, I should warn you, you cannot do much on a folding camp chair, and Spiro asked me if I’d like to “Get room,” and he pointed to the house with his chin.

He had a light Greek accent, and very hot uncut Greek cock, I was not about to say no. We walked up towards the house, and we heard a lot of hand clapping behind us. Spiro held my hand as we walked back up to the veranda, and as we walked through the house, Mitch stopped me, and whispered in my ear, “Please save the last one for me stud. You’re a fucking dream.” I put my hand on Spiro’s ass as we walked, nice and furry, and got a shock. It was like granite. I don’t know if you’ve ever met men who have this rock hard asses, big, and rippling. I think it must be genetic. Spiro took me to a very bare-bones bedroom, a bed already used and mustled, some towels to one side. He crawled on the bed, pulling me in insistently, and cradling my head, kissed me deeply, wonderfully, jacking me off.

I reached for his cock, which thickened and lengthened, curving up slightly, very fat at the base, almost cone shaped. He got up and sat on the edge of the bed, pulling me to him, and said “I wann fuck you!” and then pulled me in front of him. He then turned me around, and pushing me over, began rimming and massaging my hole, and I noticed some guys darting their head in the door occasionally, but seeing it was occupied darted off. Spiro wasn’t subtle, but he was thorough and loved his ass – sucking it while he felt my legs, and kept on pulling at my asscheeks to get at it. “You hole deep, hard to heat up!” He said, really pulling at me insistently and scratching me with his beard as he licked and sucked at my hole. A hand worked up around my waist, and grabbed my hard cock, and stroking it lightly, he said, “You ready!”

He got up lithely, and grabbed some lube off the dresser, and poured it over his cock stroking it in a businesslike manner. He came back to the bed, then crouching in front of it, I expected him to rim me again. He had his upper back on the bed suddenly, and raised his hips up so his cock was pointing straight up, “Sit, Sit please!” he groaned, pulling a leg around my waist, “Is wet.” I straddled his legs, then I grabbed his thick cock, positioning it at my own asshole very carefully. I bobbed down, with some pretty intense sensation for a second as I pushed his head in my asshole, then stood up, waiting for my asshole to adjust. I felt normal again, and then squatted down, his cockhead going in my hole, then slowly lowered myself on his fat cock, feeling it stretch and stretch. Fuck! “You like mister?” Spiro asked, holding onto my legs as I faced him. “Is nice cock for fuck.”

With that, he thrust his hips up, literally lifting me off the floor for a second, sitting on his cock. I thought I would pass out from the intensity for a moment, then he lowered his hips, and I was on my feet, cock just at the entrance to my ass. “Papa strong, eh!” Spiro grinned, then slammed his hips up into me again, this time hitting just the right spot. It was magic, I’ve not met many guys who can thrust UP like that, it’s incredibly hard on the glutes. I literally had to do nothing except straddle him as he began fucking me, bouncing me up and down like a puppet. He was magic. Two or three thrusts, then he’d hold me up, then slowly lower me on my feet, slowly gliding out, my wet hole and insides feeling a sudden vacuum from the absence of such a big butt filler, then he’d slam back in for a few thrusts.

He took hold of my cock, and began slowly jacking it with his lube-wet hands, and then began a battering of my ass, 20-30 rapid thrusts right in a row. I had never felt an intense sensation like that in my ass, and I have to tell you I thought I would cum on the spot. He was slamming against my prostate like a machine – that’s usually what I like to do to others! Some guys walked in the room, but Spiro said, “No, we like alone, please!” and they quietly walked out, shutting the door. Spiro let my cock go, and took a hold of my hips, then forced me down on his cock with the upward thrust of his hips, so we were in synchrony, and I was getting fucked ever more thoroughly. My own cock was swinging around now crazily, banging on his hairy belly which rubbed it like light sandpaper, in a good way.

Spiro held my hips again, then battered another 10-20 thrusts into my ass, and I felt an explosion. My cock was shooting an almost clear precum, as I felt my prostate throb inside, or my groin muscles, or something. More shots came out, and a light wave shivers, like someone was running nails over a chalkboard kind of shivers. The pressure in my groin was increasing, and then I shot another dollop of fluid, with milky white in it. I don’t know what was happening, but it was like an orgasm was taking over my body, a long, drawn-out one. Spiro said “Here is good papa! Feel Spiro, you body make cum! Cum!” and then started a combination of the rapid ass-fucking with pumping me up and down on his cock slowly, so we were almost in syncopation. The feeling was so good, I was just oozing clearish cum now with each thrust, and I took hold of my cock for a second.

It was like I had electric batteries in my hands, even lightly stroking on my cock was incredibly intense, like the feeling you get when you’ve pissed and pissed and having nothing more to piss. Except I was jacking off now, gasping, more jiss oozing out slowly. Spiro found buttons I didn’t know I had, and was pounding them! I don’t know what the wiring was like in my ass now, but it felt like I was on fire – orgasm fire. “I cum in you Papa, make muscle!” Spiro barked, through gritted teeth. I was rapidly coming to a point where the sensation was causing me alarm, then Spiro yelled out a loud “uuUUUHGGGGGGrrrr!” and went rigid under me, hips up in a bow, and lifting my 250lbs off the ground, his cock pumping cum deep into my guts. My alarm feeling was going full blast now, the orgasm not stopping, and my cock so sensitive each stroke was like shooting – I didn’t want it to stop, but I knew I had to stop!

Spiro bounced down and up again, thrusting into me and shooting another few pulses of hot cum, and then with a “Waaah!” he completely relaxed, pulling out of my ass, leaving me feeling incredibly empty, and the alarm sensation in my head stopping. My ass and prostate were numb, to be honest, and I stood there panting as Spiro, grabbed me again, and pulled me up on the bed. He reached around my ass, and crammed some fingers in and said “Hold papa, hold finger!” and I did, some sensation coming back into my wide-open well-fucked ass. He rubbed my anus, some sensation gradually coming back in, and we kissed and cuddled as his beautiful cock softened and retreated back into its nest of fur. I suddenly had an intense feeling of pissing again, but this was a real one.

I kissed Spiro, and stroked his fur, then went to find the hall bathroom. I felt like a mess – but looking in the mirror everything was OK, just a bit slimy, and cleaning up, I went on back outside, getting a bottle of water this time, and sat on the veranda watching the men wandering and playing with each other in the yard. A sexy dark-haired dad walked by and sat near me, and a sexy younger man sat with him, and they sat jacking each other gently talking to me like nothing was going on. It was hot and strange, and I noticed a few more younger guys walking through the tented area in front, and half the motorcycles were gone now. The party was in full swing. I excused myself and stood, looking over the veranda to see a very sexy dad couple kissing and playing with each other.

I’ll have to continue this story in the next episode! There’s a limitation to how many blogs I can post 😉

Still at the Dad party in Lufkin, out by the lake, if you recall I was out on the veranda, and a sexy dark-haired dad walked by and sat near me, and a sexy younger man sat with him, and they sat jacking each other gently talking to me like nothing was going on. It was hot and strange, and I noticed a few more younger guys walking through the tented area in front, and half the motorcycles were gone now. The party was in full swing. I excused myself and stood, looking over the veranda to see a very sexy dad couple kissing and playing with each other.

Fuck, the one dad was thick, with a massive hard cock he was jacking off as another approached him, cock jutting out. I started aimlessly playing with my cock as I watched the one thick hung dad suck on the other guy, really going down hard on him, then spitting in his hand to jack the standing dad. More mature men walked forward, and next to the one lying hung dad, another sat down with a younger cub. The young guy was almost speechless from being surrounded by all that dad cock, and he looked bewildered, not knowing what to do or say. The hung dad was still sucking and jacking off the guy in front of him – couldn’t see his cock now, but suddenly the dad lying down grunted and shook, and thick wads of cum oozed out his cock in front of me. The standing dad kissed his bald head and walked away, when the hung dad’s buddy got on his knees and bent the boy over.

A moment later he was fucking him, other guys wandering up to feel the boy’s cock, and the hung dad wandered off. I heard some grunting, and behind me the boy was on the couch, being royally fucked by the hot dark-haired dad, and I slowly increased my jack-off tempo. There’s a certain moment in a party when everything clicks – usually when everyone has enough beer, or has been talking long enough. In this party’s case, it was a combination of all of the above, and then, as usual in a summer afternoon, I felt a few drops on my face, and then suddenly there was a flurry of action as all the guys no under tents ran under them, bit dark splotches of rain on the canopies themselves, then a sudden wind came up. A lot of guys trundled up on the veranda quickly, where I was standing, idly pulling on my cock, when a hairy boy came up to me, and got on his knees. He began jacking off, holding onto my cock, reaching up and feeling all my muscles.

I played with his curly hair and beard as he began sucking me. He held my cock out to look at it, measuring the length with the span of his fingers, then licked the head. He was an expert, sucking in just the head of my cock, lips around the rim, in and out of his soft wet mouth as I felt the wind blow some rain on me, and the party area darkening from clouds. A few guys stood around jacking off with the boy sucking me, getting closer and closer until the guy was surrounded by thick hot dad cock. He was gobbling mine down, licking the shaft as he massaged the head, then holding the shaft for a moment, very decidedly pushed the cock into his mouth until it slid into his throat. He held it there for a moment, then gagged, and pulled back out. He gave up jacking himself off, and started bobbing his head on my cock as he jacked off some of the cocks around him, turning to suck them off, spit on them, getting them wet.

I knew his feeling, since I had almost literally been in his position not an hour or two before – what time was it? I heard some whining and grunting behind me, and it was either the boy cumming or the dad, but the sounds started coming here and there from the veranda as my sucker increased the intensity and tempo of his sucking. He got his mouth on a beautiful big-knobbed cock, and the lean dad who got the sucking whispered suddenly, “I’m gonna cum!” and with that the boy suddenly whined, mouth full of cock, and he froze, visibly swallowing and gulping down the cum. Having cum a couple of times already, I wasn’t sure I was going to do the trick now, but as he moved back to suck my cock again, I realized it felt good, why worry? He began sucking a few more guys’ cocks next to me, really going to town, when the wind whipped a sheet of rain, and drenched all of us.

I backed off, laughing, and taking my empty water bottle, went back into the kitchen, where Mitch greeted me with a big kiss and another beer. I took a swig, and hugged him, walking through the orgy in process in the kitchen, and walked by the bedroom where I had been for a moment. Then I froze. There was a guy who must have been a giant, I don’t know how tall, semi-daddy, kissing a younger guy on the bed. He was stroking a mid-size beautiful cock, and the two were completely into each other, oblivious to the gaggle of guys at the door. Giant picked reached up between the cub’s legs, and started fingering his ass. Cub turned around and bent over on the bed as Giant licked his ass, poking a finger in and rotating it around, really reaming his hole.

I was jacking off again watching this scene, cold beer in one hand I accidentally brushed up against someone who jumped and laughed. On the bed, the giant pushed down on the cub’s ass, and positioned himself. He thrust his cock into that ass in one go, as the poor guy whimpered and yelled, but the giant was too much I guess, holding him locked in his arms at that point. He then literally picked up the cub, and thrust him down on his cock, using him like a jack off toy. It was amazing, we were all jacking off like crazy then, watching this scene play out. He put the cub down, who turned around then, and the giant picked up his legs as the cub struggled, getting crammed right down again on the cock, his feet now up over the giant’s shoulders as he fucked into him again, brutally, the slapping fuck sounds and moaning filling the room.

Finally the giant started letting out big “GRRR!” sounds, his fucking slowing slightly, and then with final hard thrusts, we all realized he was filling the cub’s ass, and I felt someone behind me shake slightly as he shot cum all over my back and legs. I wasn’t ready to cum yet, as the giant gently lowered the cub to the bed, then climbing on top of him making him literally disappear! I turned to go back to the bathroom so I could clean up, but it was occupied – door open! There was an incredibly hot dad on the toilet in the process of cramming a boy’s head down on his long cock.

It was amazing watching that guy deepthroat the cock, easily as I’d drink a glass of water. I started jacking again, watching, and sipping my beer with my other hand, standing in the doorway. Dad looked at me, nodding, and then thrust his cock more and more brutally in the boy, whose face was already shiny wet from saliva and sucking. Dad pinched his nipples, thrusting his hips up off the toilet watching me, the boy completely ignored though his mouth was flat on the dad’s crotch. I walked over, holding my cock out while the dad leaned over to take it, and stroke it pulling it towards his mouth in the cramped space. There wasn’t really any way to get a good suck going, but I enjoyed his playing with me, and when he was finally able to get the head of my cock in his mouth, I realized I was triggering him to cum.

He got up suddenly, and pushed the boy on the floor in front of me, then squatted down. His ass to me, he thrust his cock into the boy’s throat, fucking him harder and harder until he began yelling out, his balls tight up against his body. He pulled almost out, then a huge glob of cum hit the boy’s face. He thrust into his mouth now, fucking forcefully as cum gushed out of the boy’s mouth, the dad pulling out after a few thrusts to paint his face again with another smear of gushing semen. Finally he put his cock deep in the boy’s mouth, holding it there unloading the last part of his cum into him. Fuck, it was amazing looking. I felt a pat on my back and squeeze on my shoulders, and there was handsome Mitch.

“My turn Joe?” He asked, reaching down to my cock, squeezing it and kissing me. I was ready! Mitch whispered, “I need some privacy for this. I don’t get fucked often.” We walked past a couch where three guys, still have dressed were sitting, a dad and two boys, sheepishly being jacked off by the dad. We walked past the bathroom, and I realized I needed a piss. We walked further back to the back of the house, and went back onto the veranda, where the passing storm had left some water, but I noticed the sun coming out again. This back area was more wooded, and Mitch led me to a small clearing, more private than the house, veranda, or tent/canopy area. There were a couple of very hung guys working over a man, holding and fucking the hell out of him. I can’t say I felt sorry for him, he looked like he was in heaven.

A few more guys walked by as Mitch and I jacked each other off out in the dripping woods, and Mitch started to get hard. Now, when I saw long, his cock got longer and longer as I stroked him – a true grower, because aside from the outsize balls I saw earlier, I would never have believed it. I couldn’t help myself, and took it and simply thrust the entire length down my throat. “Fuck Joe,” Mitch whispered, leaning over, “That’s a lot of cock to take!” I held it for a moment, not even able to swallow against it, then pulled back out gasping. Mitch leaned over me, holding onto my deltoids, massaging my traps as I pushed his cock back in my mouth, simply wanting to be filled with as much cock as I could possibly get.

My mouth was flat against him again, his huge balls banging against my chin, and Mitch groaned and gasped. I bobbed my head, my tongue pushing up against the shaft as best I could, and I felt the silky cockflesh slide out of my throat, over my tongue, just to the tip of my mouth, then back in. But Mitch pulled out! He lifted me back up, and then his hands began roaming all over my muscles, feeling my biceps and chest, which he kissed and nibbled the nipples of. He was jacking me off as he stroked my body, spitting in his hand to get my cock wet and lubed up. Turning around, he bent over, and spit in his hand again, rubbing it now against his hairless anus. This was a beautiful huge dad, plunging fingers in and out of his asshole to stretch it. The poor guy next too us started wailing, and I looked over, he looked much younger than I thought!

Mitch had one hand on his knee now, and able to get four fingers in, groaned, and reached down to his socks. Out came a brown bottle! He took a huge sniff of poppers, and holding it up to me, I declined – had already cum a few times and wanted not to lose my hardon, which happens with poppers and beer! He arched his back, and I lined my cock up with his hole, and rubbed it on the hole to warm him up a bit. His hole opened up like a little mouth, and I pushed the head in slowly, then sliding more and more in, slammed hard against Mitch, cock completely into his guts. Mitch grunted, his upper shoulders flushed and red from the poppers, and I took hold of his waist to steady myself. I heard slight drips from the trees around us, and onto Mitch’s back, and the slap-slap-slap of the guys fucking next to us, when Mitch let out a low growl. “Fuck me daddy! Fuck the shit out my hole.” I was doing just that.

After all the sucking and being fucked, this was a perfect outdoor fuck, easy, not a tight hole, and I had a great distraction from time to time with incredibly hot dads walking by. Mitch loved his fuck, doing poppers now and then, grunting and growling for me to dig in deep, and I was loving it, I did my best to hit his hotspots, slamming into his ass feeling his balls swing up and brush me – they were really beautiful. I stroked his beautiful ass from time to time, then thinking of Spiro, I did a rapid-fire fuck into his ass, holding him close and ramming 10-20 times in a row, hard. “OAGGGGR” Mitch bellowed, “YEAAAH fucker Joe!” and I gave it to him again, resting to a count of 10 in-between. Mitch was going crazy with this fucking, more and more poppers, but I suddenly realized I had to piss – bottle of water and a few beers, how many? And realized neither Mitch nor I were anywhere ready to cum.

“Mitch, uh?” I started, “Mitch, I’ve gotta stop and take a piss.” “No baby, don’t stop. It feels too good.” Mitch begged, “Mitch, I gotta go!” I said, and paused with the fucking. “Fuck my ass, now Joe!” Mitch insisted, and I realized I was going to lose it with his ass pounding back against my bladder. “Mitch, I’m going to piss if we don’t stop.” Mitch then grabbed his cock – I didn’t even realize he wasn’t jacking off! He started whacking away, “Piss fuck me Joe, fill my ass up.” I don’t know if you’ve ever pissed with a hardon. Pissed with a hardon fucking. Pissed with a hardon fucking hard. I tried to piss in him, but nothing happened. I continued to fuck, feeling an impending explosion, but hard as I was, nothing. Then I felt a spurt. Another.

Then as I fucked Mitch, more spurts of piss in his ass, then suddenly the fountain. I felt every hair on my body stand on end as I released what felt like a quart of piss into Mitch – fucking him, feeling my cock gushing in the fluid, and Mitch beginning to do a rapid-fire fwap fwap fwap with his cock. I was almost dizzy now, my poor slammed prostate now completely confused, as I gushed more and more piss into Mitch’s ass, lubricating him more than saliva ever could. Mitch began an “Ah, Ah, Ah” sound, “Joe, you’re filling me up, it feels so good Joe, fill me!” he begged, “Fill my FUCKING ASS! OH!” he bellowed, and suddenly I felt his asshole spasming around my cock, and reaching down, I felt his tightened balls, and his cock throbbing as spurts of his juice splashed on the leaves on the ground.

“Fucking assfuck OH!” Mitch cried, jacking off even harder, then I slowed down, feeling him twitch, then he begged off, “Joe, I’ve got to, I’m going to lose it.” He backed off me quickly, a tiny spurt of clear piss coming out of his ass, then he turned, aiming his ass towards some trees, and every drop of my piss whooshed out of his ass like there was a hose back here. Mitch was groaning, and squatting, more splashes, and suddenly the men who were with us, who had spitroasted the guy with them, were also bellowing, as Mitch finally emptied completely. Fuck, it was raunchy. Mitch sat there a moment, head bowed, and I put my hand on him. “You OK buddy?” I asked, my own cock still jutting out hard.

Mitch slowly got up, and shivered, shaking his head with a “brrrr” sound, “Fuck, I’ve not done that before! You’ve shown me a new thing!” he said, patting me on the back. I headed with him back to the house, and he started jacking me off, but the wiped his hand on his leg. However, near the house, a beautiful hairy dad appeared, and I locked eyes with him. Mitch winked at me and stopped, watching me, and Hairy put his hand on my shoulder, and pushed me down, to his beautifully shaped, medium-sized and very suckable cock. “I saw you with the hung dad crew earler,” He began, “I have been waiting to feel you give me a muscle suck. C’mon!” I didn’t know what to do, but my cock was still wet with piss but easy to jack off.

I sat on the steps, the guy right in front of me, and Mitch stood there, then pulled the poppers back from his sock, and this time I didn’t say no. I began jacking off while I was sucking that beautiful cock, as the trio fucking earlier walked back up the stairs. Mitch sat beside me and grabbed my cock again from me, jacking me off this time, not so worrying about piss. I was totally focused on Hairy’s cock, and holding it with both hands, licked my tongue up under the foreskin and rolling it around in my mouth. He was a lean dad, beautifully furry, bald, and I looked up occasionally from my sucking as he stroked his nipples with just the lightest touch. “Mitch, this muscle guy knows how to suck!” He said, and they laughed as I continued. “I’m not going to last long!” Mitch laughed, “You never do!” he said, and they both went “Ohhhh!” At the same time.

I fingered his ball sack, feeling his nicely shaped balls between my fingers, knowing that I could not hold back on cumming anymore. Mitch crouched near me, jacking me off, and fingering my own balls, when Hairy said, “You want it baby, you want all my cum?” I nodded, now bobbing faster on his cock stroking with my wet hand, and other hand now pulling on his tight balls. “You’re gonna get it. I love a muscleman taking my cum, swallow it all for me muscle dad, come on. You ready? RRRR, Here it comes daddy URRRR” he continued, then I felt squirts of cum in my mouth. He really had a perfect cock, not long enough for my throat, but perfect to roll around with in my mouth.

He began jetting spurts of bitter semen, and I stopped sucking to swallow and roll my tongue all over the shaft, but bang – the bitter taste does it. I started gurgling, and whining, and Mitch started jacking me off even harder, when suddenly the good old fuck feeling hit me and I twitched, a bolt of cum shooting out all over his hands, and more and more coming as I continued to swallow and worship Hairy’s beautiful cock. “Whoa!” He said, becoming very sensitive suddenly, and pulled his cock out, bending over. “Sensitive!” and he laughed, walking off, with Mitch pulling back from my cock. He looked at the cum, and said, “Oh hell!” and wiped it on his legs again, and we laughed. The sky was darkening now, I noticed, but it was just late.

Mitch and I went on upstairs, and someone said, “’tis Priapus, from the Garden!” and I grinned at Ed, who I met at the beginning of the day. Most of the bikes were gone now, as were many people, and most of the tents out to the side. Mitch and I stood in the kitchen while he wiped the spunk and piss off his body, and my cock, and we stood there with another beer, and he pulled hot chili out of the oven and dumped it on some Fritos. Oh, just what the doctor ordered. Finally he asked, “You had a lot of fuck and suck action, Joe!” he laughed, and I said, “You wouldn’t believe the last week!” and I kind of went through, with Ed listening, bushy eyebrows raised, my trip through Texas. “You met Jameson!” they laughed, and I noticed they both had the same silver ring with a black band through the center, on their ring finger. Turns out Ed and Mitch were married! We chatted more, but I realized I had to go and clean up, get real food, and Mitch and Ed said, “Ghost Road. Saratoga!”

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