Erotic Story: What we do when Rick rolls in to town


My buddy Rick and I have a tradition whenever he comes into town. The night may start differently but it always ends the same way.

He takes me out to a nice dinner and we start to catch up like old friends. It could be six weeks since we’ve last seen each other or six months. It’s always the same. He starts off the conversation like any old friends would. Asks me how the oil business is.

Telling me about his kids. Rick’s a powerful executive now and is used to calling the shots. And then after the first drink is done comes the “We shouldn’t have done that, Jeb.” Or the “Last time was the last time, Jeb.”

He absentmindedly fumbles with the platinum wedding band around his ring finger, almost as if he feels like he owes it to his wife to at least try and act like he’s not going to put out for me by the end of the night. But he will. He always does.

A few visits ago he had put up a strong front from the start. Tried to convince me pigs had a better chance at flying than I had at getting him to put out again. The fucker didn’t even make it to his conference the next morning. Even had the nerve to call his partners while my dick was still inside of him telling them the roads were too icy. Okay Rick. . . The roads were icy but that didn’t stop you from making our dinner appointment and a quick trip to the 7/11 the next morning for more lube. Part of me wonders if each time he goes through this whole charade if he’s actually convinced himself he’s not going to get fucked by the time the evening is over. Like he’ll actually be able to keep his hands off me the second we drive out of the parking lot. Like he’s putting himself through this personal test to see if he can get through one evening with his old buddy without begging me to put my cock inside of him. He fails every goddamn time.

Rick and I have been best buds since we grew up together next door from each other when we were kids. We always had a competitive edge between the two of us that propelled us both to where we were the biggest studs on campus when we roomed together at state. You simply could not have one without the other. I was a running back on the football team, damn good one I might add, and Rick was the quarterback. Of course he’d settle for nothing less. Rick was the superstar and I was his sidekick. Or so everyone thought. What would the town think if they found out beloved town superstar Rick Thompson was getting his ass fucked every single night by his supposed sidekick? What would the team think if they found out the quarterback they worshipped and drove themselves to their absolute brink of athleticism trying to impress was a big, butch, bottom? We didn’t stop fucking even when the two of us moved on to the marines, with the two of us managing to sneak off at a moments notice when one of us gives the other that look. You know, it’s funny. Everyone always complains about the blueballs when you’re deployed. Rick and I didn’t seem to have that problem.

So here we are, best buds reunited again shooting the shit over scotch. Goddamn if the son of a bitch isn’t aging backward. Even in his mid 40’s the beloved town football star still looks like that handsome kid posing for photo ops and stopping to sign autographs on kids’ lunchboxes. Only even more handsome now. More distinguished. More of a man. His bright blue eyes cause the waitress to stumble in her own words as she asks if he’d like another drink. He looks me straight in the eye. “No thanks, ma’am. Trying to keep my wits about me tonight.” He answers with a cool smirk. He knows what he’s doing. He knows he’s just upped the ante and knocking him down a peg or two by conquering his ass tonight is just what the fucker needs.

By the time our plates have been cleared he’s still keeping up the illusion he’s not going to put out tonight. This time I’ve decided to play along. I know Rick’s not leaving town without getting his ass fucked. There’s no way he would let that happen. But I’ve decided to make him work for it this time.

We get to our cars and he lingers at his door. I’ve put on my coat but the stubborn son of a bitch is still standing there in his polo, which is stretching to accommodate his athletic form. He knows his chest hair turns me on and I can see some of it emerging from the neck. The fucker left the top button open just for me. Okay, Rick. . .

He stands there with this smug look on his face waiting for me to make my move. I extend my paw and he meets it with his own and we shake, his eyes still staring into mine. “Good to see you, buddy. Call me the next time you’re in town.” I say. For the first time all night he flinches.

I turn away to open my car door. “What’s the rush, Jeb? What do you say I follow you home for a night cap?”

Okay, Rick . . .

He follows me home and I pour him some gin while I set up a fire in the fireplace. He starts talking about his kids. His oldest is following in his old man’s footsteps and Rick couldn’t be more proud. Quarterback on the team and already fielding football scholarships from the top scouts in the country. Sometimes he asks me why I never settled down. I always give him some bullshit answer. The truth is I don’t want to be tied down. Not that that’s ever stopped Rick.

As it’s starting to get late Rick notices I’m nearing the end of my glass and he gets up to top me off again. We’ve never lasted this long before he gives it up. I think the fucker is actually starting to worry he’s going to win. I’m sure the hell not. He leans over to pour into my glass and I start breathing down his neck. There it is. His eyes close. I move closer to him like I’m about to kiss him. He instinctively presents his lips. Instead I look deep into his eyes and do nothing. By now my glass is starting to overflow but he doesn’t notice.

He feels me breathing on his neck and mutters more to himself than to me, “We’re not going to do this. . .”

I ignore him and spread my legs, the big mound in my pants on full display. He bites his lip as he wills himself not to give in to temptation.

I grab the bottle from him and set it down on the table and lean back again, looking at him. Back in college there were times I would come back to our room and he’d be waiting for me, ass up and holding out a bottle of lube to me; a far cry from the Rick who now likes to play hard to get. Only this time I’m going to play hard to get. If Rick wants me to fuck him he’s going to have to ask for it. He’s going to have to convince me to give him my cock.

Neither one of us is willing to make the first move. I know I had sealed the deal. I could have grabbed his face and made out with the little tease and he’d gladly offer me his ass but I wanted him to work for it. Our faces are inches away from the other. Slowly he reaches up a hand and undoes the bottom button on his polo, letting me see more of his chest hair. Fucker. Two can play that game, however. The sound of my zipper coming down slowly fills the room. I give him a smirk as my rock hard 10 inch cock is shown on fool display.

I see the inner struggle going through his mind flash across his face before his mouth is instantly on mine, ravaging me with his tongue. Too fucking easy.

“I knew you’d cave first.” I gloat, as his tongue is thrust into my mouth.

“Always do, Jeb. You know how much I want you.” He groans, reaching his hands under my shirt to start playing with my pecs.

I place my hands on his fantastic muscle ass and squeeze him possessively, knowing it’s mine to use however I want. The little slut didn’t even put on any underwear before meeting me at the restaurant. But he pulls back.

“We can’t.” He says abruptly, wiping my spit off of his lips. I can see the mound in his pants. He wants it, alright.

I continue to play along and decide to call his bluff. “Whatever you say, Rick.” I say, cramming my monster cock into my jeans and getting up. “Tell me where you’re staying and I’ll drive you.”

He hesitates.

“You didn’t book yourself a room anywhere, did you?” I ask.

He hangs his head and says nothing.

“I guess someone didn’t plan on needing a hotel room tonight.”

He ignores me.

“Pretty suspect for someone claiming they had every intention of spending the night alone, huh Rick?” I continue goading him, loving every second of this.

“Tell me what it is that makes you so incapable of keeping your legs closed for me, Rick.”

I swear his cock jumps in his pants.

“Is it because of this?” I ask, unzipping my pants again and bringing out my huge dick, putting it on full display for my conflicted buddy.

He says nothing, but his eyes are right on my cock.

“Or do you just get off on giving it up for your best bud like old times?” My big cock throbs and a single strand of precum starts to drip from the tip. “You used to use me for my big cock every single night back in college. You can’t tell me that kind of itch just goes away.”

That does it.

Rick couldn’t get on my dick fast enough. In a matter of seconds the town football superstar ex-marine turned executive is on his fucking knees opening up for my huge cock. Rick knows what to do. The fucker learned how to take me to the balls while we were still freshmen. Men like Rick don’t do anything half-assed. They become a pro. And Rick can take cock like a pro. From both ends.

He’s got me all the way down his throat now and his tongue is lapping at my balls wanting more. But while I’m certainly enjoying a grade A blowjob from my best buddy it’s his ass I want.

I step back and slap my cock against his handsome face as he stares into my eyes.

I give him a knowing stare. He tries to get my cock back into his mouth but I withdraw again.

He understands.

Slowly he gets up and faces me. He’s always been a few inches taller than me and nothing’s changed. He leans down to kiss me sloppily. “Alright, Jeb. You win.” He says, biting my lip. “You can have my ass.” He relents before attacking my mouth with his tongue again.

I pull back. “I know I can have your ass, Rick.” I say, kissing him. “That was never in question.”

He ignores me.

“I’m just not sure if I’m going to let you have my cock.” I say, slapping my big piece of meat against his leg.

I can see it in his eyes that he’s frustrated. It was bad enough I had been successful in seducing him yet again but the fact I was going to make him beg for it was something he hadn’t planned on. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fucker hadn’t been finding an excuse to not fuck his wife from the second he booked his flight. Saving release until he was able to have it pounded out of him like he really wanted.

“Come on, Jeb. You already won.” He mumbled, not looking me in the eye.

“Don’t patronize me, Rick. You knew you were going to give it up from the get go. You always do.”

He lets my words sink in before he whispers in my ear. “Come on, Jeb. I want it. You want it. Tell me you’re going to say no when I’m offering you my hole.” He starts to kiss my neck.

“Show me how bad you want it, buddy.” I growl.

He looks into my eyes as he bends down and adjusts his sock. The fucker pulls out a packet of lube.

“Went down to the 7/11 just before dinner and put this in my sock just in case I wasn’t able to resist you.” He said, grinning.

“You knew all along you were going to put out for me, didn’t you, Rick? I ask him.

“Have I ever been able to tell you no, Jeb?”

“Fuck no.” I say as I thrust my tongue into his mouth.

“We shouldn’t be doing this, Jeb. . .” He mutters unconvincingly as he eagerly lubes up my cock and kneels down on the mattress, offering his beautiful hole to his best bud.

Oh Rick. . . One of these days the cocky little fucker might finally swallow his pride and give it up for me without the whole charade. But fuck if it doesn’t make it that much sweeter when he lets me in. And he does let me in. Every fucking time. But for now it’s our tradition. It’s just what we do when Rick rolls into town.

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