Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 9

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

“We’ve been playing for hours man. This has got to end.”
Nick said as he stared at the TV. He was in Austin’s basement. They were playing Mortal Kombat.

“I got nothing else to do.” Austin said, “Might as well keep doing this.”

Nick slipped his hand up Austin’s leg and grabbed his cock. Austin pulled away. “The fuck, man? That’s cheating.”

“Seriously? You’re so into this fucking game that you don’t even want to get laid?”

“You gonna put out if I stop playing?”

“How about this – winner of the next match blows the loser. A good knob job too. Long and slow.” Nick said. He raised an eyebrow and winked at Austin. Then he tried to decide if he should actually try to win or if he wanted to spend a good fifteen minutes between Austin’s legs. They’d fucked around so much in the last week that Nick no longer felt like he needed it. Austin’s cock was familiar enough to him that he could think clearly even when he was thinking about getting some.

“Deal,” Austin said.

Two minutes later, his character was a bloody heap on the floor. Nick stood up and slipped out of his shorts. “You lose,” he said as he grabbed his dick.

“This isn’t fair.” Austin said.

“How is it not fair?” Nick was yanking on his cock, which had swelled up to its full seven inches. While Austin frequently gave him head, it was usually in response to getting head himself. Nick wasn’t sure if they had ever done anything as one sided as this.

“You like sucking dick.” Austin said, “I only do it because then you’ll blow me back.”

Nick didn’t tell him that he’d suck his cock either way. Austin, despite his protests, was already moving in. His lips were on Nick’s cock in a few seconds even though he claimed to not want to do it.

“C’mon, you know you love it.” Nick said. He looked down at his friend, “You look sexy as hell with my dick between your lips.”

Austin smiled and dropped the cock from his mouth. “Shut up, man. Alright, just shut up and let me do it.”

“Long and slow.” Nick said as he rubbed a finger along Austin’s cheek. Austin put his hands on Nick’s thighs and shoved him backward onto the couch.

It was rare that Nick was in a position of control, and as his fingers twisted Austin’s hair, he started to understand why a guy like Tom took so much pleasure in controlling him. He felt confidant and strong with Austin down there, servicing him. It wasn’t something he wanted to feel all of the time, but he was starting to understand it. Going down on Tom would be twice as good next time, knowing that this is was the pleasure he was giving him.

“Do my balls.” Nick said.

Austin slipped down between his legs and briefly licked his nuts. Then he bit the inside of Nick’s thigh. Nick winced and Austin looked up at him. “Don’t get bossy.” Austin said. Then he sucked both of Nick’s nuts into his mouth. Nick grabbed onto the back of his head and pulled him into his body, holding him tight, and pretending to suffocate him in his junk.

When Austin pulled away he looked a little upset. It was possible that Nick was taking things too far. Joking around was one thing, but joking around with a straight guy about gay sex had the potential to fuck up the delicate balance between them. Nick looked between his legs and noticed that Austin wasn’t even hard.

He laid back on the couch, lengthwise. Then he said, “Alright, get up here.” Austin crawled between his legs, but Nick grabbed onto his shirt and pulled it. “Take your pants off and give me that dick.”

Austin smiled as he unbuttoned his 501s. “That’s how I know you’re the gay one. You could have sucked my dick for an hour and it never would have occurred to me to suck you back.”

Nick rolled his eyes. “Whatever. You’re a hot straight stud. Totally straight. Plowing pussy like no one else can. I get it. Now get my dick back in your mouth.”

Austin smiled and then climbed on top of Nick. Nick grabbed his cock and sucked it into his mouth as he felt Austin do the same to him. They’d gotten really good at this. Over the last few weeks, they’d studied each other’s bodies and knew exactly how to get one another off. Austin liked to have Nick’s hands on his body, roving around and feeling his muscles. Nick liked to have his shaft kissed while Austin jerked him off. Neither of them could last long when the other was committed to getting him off.

They rolled around on the couch for a solid five minutes, the occasional groan interrupting the sucking and kissing sounds of their mouths. Nick came first, shooting his massive load onto his stomach as Austin sat up and pulled on his cock. As Nick came, Austin rested his ass on Nick’s forehead, and his balls spread out on Nick’s face. It was the perfect way to orgasm.

When Nick was done, Austin reversed his position and slipped his dick back into Nick’s mouth. He knew that Nick liked to eat his cum. Even if he shot his load on Nick’s face, Nick was never happy until he had scooped it all into his mouth.

This time, the whole load went into his open mouth. Nick let it pool up before swallowing it down. The room stank like cum and the two of them were catching their breath when they heard footsteps above them.

“Fuck.” Austin said as he scrambled to get his clothes back on. Nick did the same. He had just zipped up when Chris came down the stairs.

Chris took a deep breath, looked at Austin, and rolled his eyes. Then he turned to Nick. “I can’t believe you.”

“What?” Nick asked.

“If you’re going to fool around with a straight guy, you should pick a better one.” Then he looked at Austin, “I blame you for this.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Austin said.

“You didn’t zip up your pants, you fucking horn dog.” Chris said back. “I figured that this was why you two were spending so much time alone together.”

Nick was unsure what was going on. It seemed impossible that Chris had put it all together just from catching Austin with his fly down. He stared at Chris dumbfounded, and said nothing to confirm what he was suggesting. It might be a test.

Chris sat down on the couch next to him. “Austin’s been getting head from dudes since we were like fourteen,” he said. “You’re a dude, and I’m guessing you like giving head, because, you know . . . So I figured it was only a matter of time.”

“It just started,” Austin lied. “Sorry. It just sort of happened. I’m a really good looking dude and Nick couldn’t keep his hands off of me.” Austin grinned at Chris, and Chris’ stoney face broke into a smile.

“I’m sure that’s exactly what happened. Nick is so aggressive and assertive. He probably had to hold you down the first time. Didn’t you Nick?”

“Well not exactly.”

“Listen, I don’t care. I just don’t want to see it, or hear about it, or walk in on it.” He turned to Nick. “I got no problem having a gay friend, you know that, but the only dick I want to see is my own.”

Nick looked at Austin and smiled. Austin rolled his eyes and picked his controller back up. All three of them focused on the game.

About fifteen minutes later the land-line rang and Austin ran upstairs to answer it. Nick turned to Chris. Even though they were friends, he was the guy that Nick had the most distant relationship with. He was serious and a little withdrawn.

“You sure you’re ok with this?”

“Honestly?” Chris said, “It makes me feel like a third wheel. I’m used to that with Tom, you know, cause he’s Tom. But with Austin and you and me, things always seemed pretty equal.”

“We’ll stop.” Nick said. “Really. We should anyway. It’s stupid.”

“I’m not telling you you have to stop, dude.” Chris said. “I get that you don’t have, you know, a lot of opportunities.”


“You don’t really seem to be trying, though.” Chris said. Then he looked at the floor. “Sorry.”

“What do you mean I’m not trying?” Nick said, a little stirred up.

“Well, the way I see it, you’re a senior in high-school, you’re gay, and you’ve got three guys who will totally go to bat for you. If anyone hassled you, we’d totally have your back. So you could be out there. You could have a boyfriend or at least fool around with someone who would suck your dick back, you know?”

Nick caught himself before he gave Austin away. Apparently, Austin’s openness about his sexuality only went so far. Chris didn’t know that Austin sucked cock with the best of them. Straight or not, the guy gave good head.

“I mean, you’re lucky, you could tell your parents, and if they freaked you could live with any of us.” Chris went on. “Sorry. I don’t know where all this is coming from.”

“It’s mostly true.” Nick said.

“We’re your friends, Nick.” Chris said. “It’s been months and sometimes I think that you feel like you don’t belong. But face it, you’re one of us now. You don’t run with the Pack. You are the Pack. That has some advantages.”

Nick laughed. “You’re kind of a softy, you know that?”

Chris blushed.

Nick put down his controller just as Austin came back downstairs. “I’m going take off.” Nick said. He looked at Chris and gave him the thumbs up. He didn’t want Chris to think that he was upset. In fact, he actually wanted to think about what the guy had said. Chris was right. Nick didn’t have to live his life this way. He didn’t need to be bouncing between two straight guys who were completely unwilling to have anything besides a sexual relationship with him.

His infatuation with Tom was starting to fade. As they became friends, Tom became more of a human being to him. He still loved the guy’s body, and his personality, but his emotional distance was a problem for Nick. He felt like there was a wedge between them that went beyond Tom being straight. Whatever it was that caused Tom’s constant mood swings, he didn’t want to talk with Nick about it and that made it hard to relate to him.

Austin had pushed him in a different direction. Here was a guy that was willing to play back, but that only made Nick want more. Playing video games, getting a blow job, and then going back to playing video games was fun, but it wasn’t a relationship.

Ultimately, he’d set himself up with two relationships that would never be fulfilling. The only way out, he thought, was to end both of them. He could be friends with these guys and try to resist the sexual urges. He knew that Tom would agree to that kind of arrangement, and if Austin had a problem, then too bad for him.

On Monday, Nick walked into school and went to his locker. Tom was standing there. He’d seen him on Saturday night, but they hadn’t done anything afterward. Things were over with his girlfriend Jen, and Nick was a little surprised that he hadn’t come sniffing around. He was dead set on refusing him if he did. He’d made up his mind. No more sex with straight guys.

“Hey Nick.” Tom said with a smile.

Nick said hey as he grabbed some stuff from his locker.

“Hey, you want to get dinner or something this week. Maybe Thursday?” Tom said.

“Sure. You want to just meet somewhere?”

“Uh, no, I, uh, thought I’d pick you up.” Tom stuttered.

Nick stared at him. Tom wasn’t one to struggle to speak. One hand was on the edge of his locker, his knuckles white with tension. “You ok, man?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, but, um . . ” Tom looked at the floor. “I was thinking, like, of this as a date. I’m asking you out, I guess.”

“A date?” Nick said, shocked. “Where is this coming from?”

Tom looked around to make sure that they were alone. “Nick, I don’t know how I feel about you. But I feel something, and I’m going to give it a chance. I’m ready to do that, at least.”

Nick stared at him, speechless.

“And, it might take a long time, and maybe nothing will come of it. You gotta know that going in. I’m not sure what any of this means.”

“Then pick me up on Thursday and we’ll find out.” Nick said.

“Really?” Tom sighed. “I was worried that you wouldn’t want to.”

Nick was again surprised. He’d been fantasizing about Tom for years, and Tom knew it. They’d talked about it. Why wouldn’t he want to go out with him? “I want to,” he said.

Nick knelt down to pull some books from his locker and was confronted by Tom’s humungous cock. It was hard in his tight jeans and stretched the fabric along his thigh. Nick stared at it. “Where did this come from?”

“I was nervous.” Tom whispered. “Now I’m relieved. The fucker gets hard all the time. I can’t control it.”

“You’re leaking.” Nick said. He was still looking, and now he was hard too. “The spot is already showing up. Going to be hard sitting through pre-calc with that drooling monster.”

“If only there was someone willing to help me out. Maybe take care of it for me.”

Nick looked at the huge bulge. Though he’d sworn off sex with Tom just two days ago, he felt like things had changed. At least they were moving in a direction that might change things.

“We’ll be late for class.”

“Get some action or go to math class?” Tom said, “Not a hard question to answer.”

“Where?” Nick’s mouth was drooling and his cock was painfully hard. The dark spot on Tom’s jeans was growing and he wanted nothing more than to suck the stud’s sweet precum out of the denim. It took everything he had not to engulf that bulge, to chew on it and suck it, right there in the hallway.

“The bathrooms by the gym.” Tom grumbled. “No one will be there this early.”

Nick followed behind Tom through a narrow hallway to the bathrooms. As expected, no one was in yet. Even the lights in the coaches’ offices were off. Tom pushed into the bathroom, turned on the lights, and then flipped the lock on the door. The room was bright and smelled like disinfectant. It was a far cry from their normal sex scene.

Nick dropped down to his knees and started to chew on the lump in Tom’s pants. He wasn’t gentle, and the slight nipping and biting on his rock hard cock alternated between pleasure and pain for Tom. When the sensations went away, he looked down and saw that Nick was licking the large bulge from tip to root. A dark, wet spot was forming along his shaft. Tom stepped back away from Nick.

“Dude, I’ve gotta wear these pants all day.”

“You started this.” Nick said. He pressed his lips against the tip of Tom’s bulge and sucked the precum out of the denim. The slightly sweet, salty fluid, which had mixed with his saliva, came through easily. When he got it all, he pulled away and grabbed onto Tom’s belt.

Tom batted his hands away. When Nick brought them to the buckle again, Tom pushed them away. Nick looked up and Tom was smiling, almost laughing. “You want it?” he taunted.

Nick tried to grab Tom’s pants again and again was batted away. Tom was laughing now, continuously keeping Nick away from what he wanted.

“You know,” Nick said, “If I give up, you’re the one who doesn’t get a blow-job.”

Tom gave in. “I hadn’t thought of it like that.”

Nick undid the top button and Tom’s loose jeans fell to the floor. He wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“That explains the huge bulge.” Nick said.

“My huge cock explains the huge bulge.” Tom said. “And these.”

He grabbed onto his nuts and shook them in front of Nick, who, no matter how many times he saw them, couldn’t’ get over how big they were. They hung down between his legs, swaying as he moved, like a bull’s testicles. His dick, much bigger than average, was almost dwarfed by the impressive pair. Nick stuck out his tongue and licked them.

“Yes.” Tom hissed. “Lick my nuts.”

Nick lapped at them like a dog, while Tom held them away from his body. The thin skin of his scrotum pulled tight and each big orb was clearly visible. Nick ran the tip of his tongue down the deep cleft between them. Any thoughts of turning Tom down were completely out of his head. He knew now that he wouldn’t be able to push Tom away. If Tom pursued him, Nick would allow it. Even if it took years for Tom to figure himself out, Nick would be there – be here – on his knees, waiting for him.

“You’ve got that look in your eyes.” Tom said, “You’ve got the hunger.”

Nick dove into Toms’ junk, pushing his hand away from his balls and burying his face between the stud’s legs. He licked along the base of Tom’s cock, feeling his wiry pubes brushing up against his upper lip. Tom grabbed onto his ten inch monster and pressed it against Nick’s face. When Nick pulled away, he lightly tapped it against Nick’s cheek.

“You want it?”

Nick tried to take the dick into his mouth, but Tom pulled away. It was a battle of wills. Tom wanted a blow job and Nick wanted to give him one. But for some reason, Tom was playing keep away with him. It was an attempt to exert some control, and also to play around with Nick.

Tom smacked him hard, and Nick winced a little. The thick shaft left a red mark along his cheek. Tom was impressed that Nick still came after him – hungry for more. He hit him again, half teasing and half trying to outdo the previous smack. The sound was loud, and it echoed in the tile room.

Nick reached up and grabbed Tom’s dick. “Enough of this,” he said as he took the head into his mouth.

Since he’d started to get regular blow-jobs from Austin, Nick’s dick sucking skills had improved exponentially. Tom had noticed the change in ability. When he asked Nick about it, Nick dodged the question. For some reason, he didn’t think Tom would react well to hearing that he’d been with another guy.

Nick grabbed Tom’s ass and felt up the muscular but soft flesh. He loved the feeling of Tom’s thighs and butt. They were hard with muscle, but there was a certain softness to them as well. Most of Tom’s body lacked that, but when it came to his ass there was something to hang on to and to feel. Nick gazed up at him, cock in his mouth, and wanted more.

“Take off your shirt,” he said.

Tom pulled off his light blue polo and hung it from a hand dryer. His nipples were hard and tight, and his skin pulled taught over his muscular frame. It was a perfect body, perfect to Nick at least, and just looking at him drove Nick crazy.

He rose to his feet, running his tongue over Tom’s stomach and chest, before coming to face him. “I want you to fuck me,” he said.


“Here or anywhere.” Nick said. His hand worked Tom’s cock, precum drooling onto his wrist. “We can do it in the hallway if you want. I just want you inside of me.”

“Guess we’re not going to pre-calc.” Tom said.

Nick leaned in and kissed him on the neck. Tom grabbed his chin and pulled their mouths together. He kissed aggressively, his lips pushing Nick’s apart and his tongue darting into his mouth. His hands were on the back of Nick’s neck, rubbing him softly. He broke away from Nick and moved to his ear. “I’d love to fuck you out there in front of everyone. Then everyone would know that you’re mine.”

Nick’s dick throbbed, but not at the thought of being screwed in public. Tom considered him his.

As Tom kissed him, he pushed against Nick until eventually Nick’s body banged into the partition between the sinks and the stalls. Nick felt the cold metal against his back as Tom’s hands fiddled with his fly. As soon as he got it open, his jeans fell to the floor.

Tom continued to kiss him, and Nick felt the pulse of Tom’s hard cock as it jabbed against his inner thigh and then pressed into his groin. It pointed downward and soon was nestled against Nick’s dick. It was the second time they’d touched in that place, and this time, Tom didn’t even notice. He was so into making out with Nick that he didn’t care.

Tom broke the kiss off, and grabbed Nick’s shoulder. He turned him around and pressed his chest into the stall. Nick felt Tom’s dick slide into the cleft of his back.

Tom spit onto his cock and pushed against Nick’s body. Nick braced himself for what he knew would be a painful entry. Tom licked behind his ear, “You ready?”

Nick turned his head and pressed his cheek against Tom’s face. It was enough of an answer, and Tom shoved forward.

Nick had gotten accustomed to Tom’s size, and his body didn’t put up much resistance. Aside from some burning as Tom pushed in, he was surprised how easy this had become – how well their bodies fit together. Tom breathed hard against his neck as his long cock slid into Nick’s warm body. When their skin came to rest against each other, Tom was breathing quickly.

Tom started to slowly move in and out of his body. It wasn’t the hard fuck Nick had been expecting, especially after Tom had slapped him with his dick. Instead, it was slow and deliberate, like Tom was trying to hit him in all the right places. Soon, Tom’s hand came up under his shirt and started to rub his chest. He hadn’t kissed Nick yet, but his mouth was behind his ear, and his hot, moist breath moved over Nick’s skin.

Tom slid his hand down Nick’s body. Nick’s stomach was hard. The guy had almost no fat on him even though he’d been bulking up for months now. His fingers, almost on their own, ventured lower, first through Nick’s coarse pubic hair and then down to his cock. It was hard as steel and throbbed in his hand. Tom started to jerk it, treating it like it was his own dick. As he did, he felt Nick’s asshole grab at his cock. He was learning about the connection between these two parts of Nick’s body and how, by playing with one, he could do things to the other.

Nick groaned as Tom pulled on his cock. He placed his hands against the cold metal divider and let Tom take care of him. He was only just starting to discover how much he liked the feelings of a man inside of him, and now he had a man inside of him that was also jacking him off. For the first time, he felt completely connected to Tom.

Breathing against the back of Nick’s head, Tom closed his eyes. He pressed his chest against Nick’s back, forcing as much skin as possible together. As he inhaled, he smelled the fresh, soapy scent of Nick’s hair. Then he started to kiss him, behind the ear at first and then down the side of Nick’s neck. Nick turned to meet Tom’s mouth and their lips connected.

They made out for the next five minutes, softly groaning into each other’s mouths. Nick whimpered as Tom continued to pull on his dick. He couldn’t hold out much longer. As he wondered if he should push Tom’s hand away, Tom’s breathing started to speed up. Nick resolved to hold his load for as long as Tom could.

Tom’s free hand moved up to Nick’s chest and grabbed onto his pec, “You feel so good.” he whispered as he pushed deep into Nicks’ body. Nick was unsure what he meant. Then Tom licked his ear lobe, “Here it comes.”

Nick felt the pressure inside him increase as Tom’s dick swelled to epic proportions. Then the flood of heat let him know that Tom was delivering an awesome batch of stud cum. As Tom’s pulsing cock stretched him open, Nick let his own orgasm take over. He shot rope after rope of sticky, gloppy cum onto the wall of the stall.

When it was over, Tom let out a long sigh. He pushed into Nick one more time, grinding their bodies together before he withdrew his softening cock. Nick stepped backward, and Tom saw the mess of cum on the stall. “Fuck me,” he said, “I’ll never get used to that.”

Nick smiled and then picked up his pants. He suddenly realized that they were not in a bedroom, not in some romantic place, but in a bathroom at the high-school. The contrast was disorientating.

“We need to get to class.” Tom said.

Nick nodded, but as he watched Tom pull on his pants, his heart throbbed. He’d promised himself that he wouldn’t fall for his best friend, but like it or not, it had just happened. If the date with Tom didn’t work out, if Tom got cold feet, he didn’t know what he would do.

“See you after school.” Tom said as he unlocked the door and rushed out.

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