Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 8

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

It was around eight on a Thursday night. Tom came home from a date with Jen, disappointed with himself. He wasn’t sure what was happening to him. He liked Jen. She was friendly, she was hot, and normally he would be all over her.

She was certainly all over him. For whatever reason, though, they just didn’t click. There was no chemistry between them, and it had him worried. A hot girl like that, a natural ten, should have him firing on all cylinders. Instead, he had to work just to seem vaguely interested in her. He forced himself to engage with her sexually, and lately she had sensed his lack of enthusiasm.

His phone buzzed. It was a text from his older brother, asking if he was getting it on.

“Not yet.” Tom texted back and then adding, “At home.”

“Struck out?”

“Sort of.”

“Not like you.” His brother said.

“Not feeling it tonight.” Tom sent back.

Then John asked, “The other regular thing you’ve got going?”

The other regular, who Tom had talked about quite a bit with his brother, was Nick. He hadn’t told his brother the details, but he knew that Tom had a regular hook up who provided some pretty amazing, no strings attached sex. His brother had also figured out that Tom was somewhat hung up on the person. Even though Tom claimed that it was just unemotional sex, his brother knew that there was something going on.

“Trying to avoid the regular.” Tom said back.

“Coming home tomorrow,” John sent back. “Talk then.”

Tom crashed into his bed and tried to turn his mind off. He rolled around for a solid hour before he fell asleep. The next morning he went to school, avoiding his locker so as to avoid Nick, and then went home. When he got there, his brother’s car was already in the driveway.

John was sitting on the couch with a beer between his legs when Tom walked in. He stood up, smiled, and they hugged. Then he went back to the kitchen to grab a bottle for Tom. “Don’t tell mom,” he said with a smile.

“What are you doing home?” Tom asked after they’d talked for a while.

“Nothing going on, really,” John said, “You seemed like you needed someone to talk to.”

“Girlfriend problems.” Tom sighed.

“Sounds like the problem is that you’ve got one girl, but are all hung up on another one. Why not just dump the girlfriend and get with the other one?”

“It’s complicated.” Tom said as he collapsed into the couch.

His brother didn’t understand. He’d been well-liked in high-school, a decent wrestler and friendly guy, but he was never as popular as Tom was. The endless pressure, the huge number of things on his mind- it never seemed to end. When you threw Nick and Jen on top of the pile, he felt like his head was going to explode. He literally couldn’t add anything more to the mess.

“You know you can, like, tell me anything, right?” John said.

“Yeah, why?” Tom stared straight at the TV.

“No reason, I’m just saying, I hope you know that. Like, I’m not going to judge you or anything, ever.”

“You got something to say?” Tom said. He looked straight at his brother. It was one of those moments when their relationship got complicated. Tom was bigger and stronger, he had been since he was fourteen. But John was older, and Tom looked up to him. They challenged each other, but usually Tom deferred to his brother.

“Never mind.”

“No. What do you want to say?” Tom knew, and he knew that John knew. Now it was just a matter of getting it out.

“It’s not complicated.” John said. “You’re fucking two chicks. How is that complicated?”

“You don’t understand.”

John stood up and grabbed his car keys off the table. He walked over to his brother and grabbed his shoulder, squeezing it a little. “Look, if you want to talk about “this person” we can talk. When you’re ready.”

John made for the door. Tom saw his only opportunity to unload some of the nonsense that he’d been carrying around drifting away. “Hang on,” he called out. When John turned he said, “I’m not fucking two chicks. I’m fucking a chick and a guy. That’s why it’s complicated.”

John walked back to the couch and sat down. “I figured,” he said, “You never said, ‘her’ just that you were fucking this other person.” John took a deep breath, “You think you’re gay?”

“I don’t know.” Tom said, “No. Maybe bi or something.”

“You like this guy?”

“Like romantically?” Tom asked.

“Yeah. I mean, fucking is fucking, bro. I don’t think you’d be so fucked up in the head if that was all you’ve been doing. So what’s going on. These last few weeks, you sort of seem like you’re coming undone. That’s why I came home.”

Tom felt the words building up, a whole flood of thoughts and emotions that had been held back since he first hooked up with Nick. He’d had a lot to say for a long time, and now that he had someone to talk to, he didn’t know where to start.

“So, uh, this guy is totally into me and I guess that one thing led to another. I let him suck me off, and he was happy to do it. You gotta see it, bro. He’s totally into me. He worships my body. Licks me from head to toe. Literally does whatever I ask. He’s head over heels for me. Eventually I fucked him. Then I kept fucking him.”

“You kiss him?”

“Sometimes.” Tom said. Then he decided that it was best not to lie. “A lot.”

“Is it good?”

“Best sex I’ve had, and I’ve had a lot John.”

“I meant the kissing,” John said.

“Oh.” Tom blushed. He didn’t usually get embarrassed around his brother, but the kissing thing seemed weird even to him. “Yeah, that’s pretty good too.”

“So what’s the problem?”

“He’s got a cock between his legs, bro.” Tom said as if it was obvious.

“Yeah, but set that aside.”

“Well, the more I’m around him, the less I”m interested in, you know, girls.” Tom paused. “I can barely get it up with my girlfriend. It’s like nothing happens until I start imagining her like him. Then I can perform, but it’s never that good.”

“Sounds like you’ve got a crush on a dude.”

Tom sighed. He’d been beginning to reach the same conclusion. “Yeah, but can that, like, just happen. I mean, wouldn’t I know that I’m gay if I’m gay. Nick knew. He knew before we ever fooled around.”

“Dude.” John said. “You need to stop over thinking this. If you like the guy, stop thinking of him like a fuck buddy and start thinking of him like he’s your boyfriend. See what happens.”

“What the fuck does that even mean?” Tom asked.

“I don’t know,” John said, “Maybe buy him dinner before you nail him or something. Just see what’s there before you drive yourself crazy.”

Tom shook his head. It was like he was waking up from a shitty night of sleep. He couldn’t focus. “You ever mess around with a guy?” he asked.

“Some jacking off and stuff.” John said like it was no big deal. “You remember Joey from the wrestling team? Big burly guy. He banged a guy like every night of our junior year. Never became more than that. He certainly never lost interest in girls. The guy was just easy and available.”

“That’s how it started with Nick.” Tom said, “Then things got complicated. For me, not him. He’s still all over my dick.”

“Well, either cut it off totally or figure it out with him. You can’t have it both ways.”

“I guess.” Tom said as he wandered off to the shower.

Two hours later Nick was getting ready to go out with Austin and the guys. He and Austin had continued to hook up a couple of days a week ever since the first time. He hadn’t been with Tom since he started to date Jen. It didn’t really bother Nick. He wasn’t too keen on sleeping with his best friend’s boyfriend.

It was the first time the whole pack had hung out in a week or two. Chris and Austin were there normal selves. Chris a little more reserved while Austin goofed around and drew him out of his shell. Nick was impressed by Austin’s ability to treat him completely normally even though they were fucking around. Tom, for the first time in almost a month, was flirting with Nick again. It was obvious. He was hands on, smiling, touching, and standing close. Nick could smell his cologne. He was wearing something expensive, a woody smell that made him seem masculine and older than the other guys. It was working. Between Austin and Tom, Nick’s dick was half hard the whole night.

Tom finally got him alone late in the evening. “You wanna hang out after all of this.”

Nick glanced back at Austin, who saw him looking and winked. “I, uh, might be doing something else.”

Tom’s hand slid down his back. “You sure?” Then he leaned in. He glanced quickly at the crowd and then rubbed his cheek against Nick’s forehead. His five o’clock shadow bristled against Nick’s smooth skin. “I miss you.”

“Jen not putting out?” Nick asked. It was mean, but he didn’t appreciate Tom’s sudden affection.

“C’mon.” Tom said stepping away. “It’s not just about that. Believe it or not, I liked hanging out with you. Smoking a bowl after, you know . . . Those were good times. I felt like . . .” Tom broke off. He wasn’t sure what he should say next.

Nick looked at him, and then back at Austin. Austin was waving him over, trying to get him to rejoin the crowd. Nick frowned at Tom.

“I felt like myself.” Tom blurted out. “When I’m with you, I feel like myself, Nick.” He grabbed Nick’s shoulder lightly. “Come home with me.” he whispered.

“We’ll see.” Nick said as he rejoined the group.

Three hours later, Tom said that he was leaving and asked Nick if he wanted a ride. Nick looked at Austin, glanced at Tom, and made his decision. He told Austin he was calling it a night and walked toward the street with Tom.

When they got into the car, Nick leaned over and started to pull at Tom’s belt. He was horny as hell and wasn’t going to waste any time. Tom pushed his hand away. “You don’t have to do that. We can just head to my place and get high or something,” he said.

Nick raised one eyebrow and rubbed his dick with his free hand. “Really?”

“I don’t want you to think this is just about sex. I wanted to be your friend when this all started, and I still want to be your friend. The sex doesn’t have to replace that,” he said.

Nick laughed a little. “If you’re not fucking me tonight, you should take me to someone who will.”

“Yeah, you got a guy now?” Tom asked, feeling a little jealous.

“I’ve got options.”

“Liar,” Tom said as he pulled into his driveway.

When they entered the house, John was sitting on the couch. He told them that there was nothing to do, and he’d come home early. Then he noticed Nick standing behind Tom. “You must be the guy.” John said while smiling from ear to ear.

“This is my brother. I, uh, told him about us.” Tom said. Then he looked at John and rolled his eyes.

“Oh, hey.” Nick said back. Tom grabbed him by the shoulder and led him upstairs.

They smoked up. Nick took long, big hits, but Tom wasn’t too into it. Then they sat down on the bed. Initially they were a couple of feet apart, but Tom grabbed Nick and pulled him close. Nick breathed in the smell of the cologne and then looked up at Tom.

“I thought that this wasn’t about sex.” he said.

“I said it didn’t have to be about sex. I mean, it can be about sex if you want it to be.” Tom said. He leaned down and kissed Nick on the head. For the first time, he smelled Nick’s hair. He’d done it a thousand times with girls, but this was the first time he’d done it with a guy. It was a subconscious move, and he didn’t even notice it until after the fact. Nick rubbed his chest and curled into him.

“You smell good. Were you trying to pick up a hot date?”

“Uh, sort of.” Tom said.

Nick pressed his face against Tom’s hard chest. It was warm and wide. Tom’s pecs were solid blocks of muscle, thick and firm, with just a thin layer of padding over them. As he felt them rise with Tom’s breathing, he realized that he could easily fall asleep right then and there. Though his dick was still hard, most of his thoughts about hooking up had fallen out of his mind.

Tom pulled him around by the back of the head. “I like having you here. I don’t feel like I have to be anybody with you. Does that make sense?”

It didn’t. Nick had assumed that part of what Tom was doing with him was becoming the kind of person that Nick wanted him to be. That was how it had started at least. Now he wasn’t so sure. Tom had relaxed around him, integrated him into his friends, and spent a lot of time with him. The truth was that Nick had changed as well. At first he wanted Tom to be the jock stud in every way. Now he had become used to Tom’s moods and changes, and was starting to see him as another guy rather than some god that sauntered out of a steamy locker room. He didn’t expect Tom to perform in a certain way or be a certain person around him.

“I didn’t want to say anything, but I missed hanging out with you.” Nick said, “Not just the sex. I didn’t want you to feel like . . . I’m not really sure.”

Tom dug his fingers into the back of Nick’s neck and pulled him up his body. Even though they were both still fully clothed, his dick was on fire and he wanted some action. He couldn’t deny that Nick got him hot in a way that Jen hadn’t been able to. He kissed Nick on the chin as he sat up against the head rest. Nick sat down on top of him, facing him, and Tom pulled them together.

Tom was a good kisser, had always been a good kisser, but this time, for Nick at least, things went much farther than they had gone before. Tom opened his mouth wider, kissed more aggressively, and pressed his body against Nick. His tongue was in Nick’s mouth, and before Nick knew what was happening, Tom was pulling his shirt off.

When the t-shirt hit the floor, Tom started to kiss down Nick’s neck, and onto his chest. Still smaller than Tom, Nick’s chest was developing and the muscle was finally giving him some shape. Tom rubbed his pecs and kissed across them to his nipples. He took one in his mouth, sucking it softly and then pulling away. Nick sat down at him, pressing his ass against Tom’s fat, hard cock.

“Someone’s horny.” Nick said.

Tom didn’t want to talk and didn’t want to think. He would experience what was happening and make sense of it all later.

Nick grabbed Tom’s shirt and pulled it off. He ran his hands over his chest and then up his long, thick arms. Tom’s size was impressive. He was built on a bigger frame than Nick, and because of that his body felt foreign to him.

They continued to make out. Tom sitting against the bed and Nick sitting on top of him. Nick was grinding against Tom’s dick, and Tom was getting hornier and wanted more. He remembered what his brother said about actually giving this thing a chance and started to fumble with Nick’s belt.

The first time he tried to take off a girl’s bra, Tom fumbled around for five minutes before she finally unhooked it for him. Taking off Nick’s belt was easier, though he still felt like it took an eternity. It didn’t help that Nick kept kissing him as he yanked on the leather and tried to unhook it. He finally got it undone and pulled it out of the loops in one sweep. As he did, Nick lurched forward a bit and pressed hard on his dick. Tom gasped. He was already on the edge of an orgasm.

Nick’s dick popped out of his pants. Tom stared at it. His cock was about seven inches long and was cut. He didn’t really know how it compared to others because he hadn’t seen many guys hard. Before he could figure out what the next move was, Nick was undoing his pants, and soon had his dick out as well. He could hear Nick breathing hard and sighed as his hand took a hold of his cock.

He leaned back and closed his eyes. As Nick worked his dick, he slowly slid his hand up Nicks’ thigh and toward his crotch. He didn’t look down as his fingers moved over the edge of Nick’s zipper and wrapped around his cock.

It pulsed in his hand, surprising him. It was like nothing he’d felt before. Soft and hard at the same time, and really, really, warm. As he grabbed onto it, Nick leaned forward and kissed him. He opened his eyes and looked down, seeing Nick’s cock in his hand and his cock in Nick’s. His heart started to pound. He was anxious and excited at the same time. Nick broke away and leaned backward until their groins were almost touching. Tom took the plunge and moved his dick next to Nick’s. Then he wrapped his fingers around both of their hard cocks and pressed them together.

Again he felt something completely new. The feeling of a dick against his, the heat and softness but also the way it was alive. It was like Nick’s rod had a life of it’s own. It ticked and pulsed and throbbed against his own dick. As he rubbed them together, Nick ran his hands over his chest and actually laughed a little. Then Nick rolled off of Tom and stood next to the bed, removing his pants.

“Fuck, that’s so hot,” he said, “I’m so close to cumming.”

“Already?” Tom said. His voice was firm and confident. He tried to hide the fact that he had also been about thirty seconds away from busting a nut.

“You touched my cock.” Nick thought. He was going to say it out loud, but held himself back. He knew how quickly Tom got uncomfortable with the things they did. He didn’t want to end what was turning into one of their hottest interactions yet.

Nick walked to the bottom of the bed and pulled Tom’s pants off. Then he crawled up between his legs. He placed a hand on each of Tom’s shins and snuck up toward his crotch. As he looked upward, he saw Tom’s thick cock laying on across one thigh and his two, huge balls hanging down between his legs. Everything was surrounded by dark fur, trimmed but still a little long. Nick almost lost it. He kissed the inside of Tom’s thigh and rubbed his legs. Then he grabbed onto Tom’s cock.

Tom pushed his hand away, and pulled his knees up so that his hips came off the bed just a little bit. “Lick my balls, dude.” he said as he pulled his dick out of reach. As he lifted up his cock, his giant balls, hanging loose in their sack, were on display. This was the source of Tom’s manhood and his virility. They were huge, and Nick’s mouth started to water. Licking Tom’s nuts was like servicing the most important part of him.

He sucked Tom’s sack into his mouth. It was the one part of his junk that Tom shaved completely, and his testicles rolled away from Nick’s lips inside of the smooth skin. Nick opened his mouth again, this time getting one of the egg-sized balls into his mouth.

“Fucking suck my nut, Nick.” he said, “Suck it.”

Nick slobbered all over Tom’s balls. His head was buried between the stud’s legs, and he felt the force of his quads on either side of his head. Tom was gently pulling him in and keeping him there, pinning his skull between his muscular legs. There was a hand on his head, rubbing his scalp, almost petting him. While he sucked Tom’s balls, alternating between one and then the other, he rubbed his dick into the bed. Tom watched as Nick’s muscular ass rose and fell, his glutes tightening and then relaxing again. Each ripple in Nick’s back was noticeable, and he reached forward and laid his palm under Nick’s shoulder blade. He closed his eyes and let all the feelings wash over him; Nick’s mouth on his nuts, his head between his

legs, and his back rippling and twitching beneath the skin.

Nick pulled away and looked up at Tom. He rolled over onto his back and then said, “Sit on my face, man.” He wanted to feel the weight of Tom’s body on top of him. He was so turned on that he literally wanted to be smothered by the guy.

Tom sat up on his knees and leaned backward, dropping his balls into Nick’s face. They spread out over his chin, and Nick licked the skin between his balls and his asshole. Tom rubbed up and down over Nick, as Nick grabbed onto his thighs and pulled him downward. Finally, he gave up and let all of his weight rest on Nick’s head while Nick’s mouth worked his taint and licked his balls.

Nick’s cock was bouncing on his stomach and there was a pool of dick drool on in his abs. Tom seized onto it, rubbing Nick’s precum into the glans. Nick groaned as Tom started to jerk him off, and his mouth started to work even harder. Tom’s own dick was leaking precum all over the place. His cock was engorged and his foreskin, which normally covered most of the head, had pealed back revealing a swollen and shiny, purple cock head.

Nick thrust his hips upward to meet each of Tom’s strokes. The amount of pleasure moving through his body was overwhelming, and he didn’t know if he could hold out much longer. Every molecule of his body was begging for an orgasm but his mind wanted to draw things out as long as he possibly could.

He put his hands on Tom’s ass and pushed him off of his face. Tom let go of his cock and sat down next to him. He raised one eyebrow and smiled.

“I need a break” Nick said. “Fucking hell, man.”

Tom’s fingers continued to toy with his dick. Now that he’d gotten used to the feeling of it in his hand, Tom wasn’t sure he was going to be able to let go. He liked playing with it. He liked the way he could touch Nick in the smallest, slightest way and see the feelings flash across his face.

Nick’s body spasmed and Nick pleaded, “Come on.” Tom kept playing, and Nick started to breath hard. “Oh God, dude.” His cock was as hard as it had ever been, and his dick was primed to shoot an epic load.

Nick pulled Tom next to him. Tom took the hint and straddled Nick’s face, pushing his dick down into his mouth while he reached behind and played with Nick’s dick. Nick’s lips clamped around his dick and sucked on the head. His tongue swirled around, licking up his precum and exploring every ridge and curve.

Nick’s cock suddenly stiffened in his hand and Nick let out a long moan. Then Tom felt the hot, wetness of Nick’s cum running down his back. Nick kept shooting, and each blast painted a line onto Tom’s skin. He felt the heat at first, and then the sudden coldness as the gobs of semen slid down his skin. Nick’s cock pulsed between his fingers, and eventually the flow of semen slowed to a trickle, running over his knuckles. The smell hit him next, harsh, but also sweet, as Nick’s load filled the air with the odor of sex and cum.

Nick grabbed onto Tom’s long cock with one hand and started to milk him while he tongued the tip of his dick. Tom leaned forward, put one hand down next to Nick’s head, and started to blow. It was a solid orgasm, and as his cum oozed out over Nick’s tongue, he leaned back so that he could watch Nick lick it up. He lapped up the stuff like a dog. Tom had tasted his own before, it hadn’t bothered him all that much, but he couldn’t imagine loving another guy’s nut like Nick loved his.

He watched Nick taste it, roll it around on his tongue, and then eat it. Tom’s stomach was still pulsing, the ripples still flashing across his abs, when Nick licked his lips and kissed the tip of Tom’s still hard dick.

Tom leaned down and kissed him. The taste of cum was still in his mouth, and he had a desire to pull away. He reminded himself that it was his own load and put it out of mind. When they broke away he collapsed on the bed next to Nick. Tom looked at the clock. It was late.

“You want me to go?” Nick asked.

Tom rubbed Nick’s thigh. “No. You can stay if you want.”

Nick didn’t ask Tom what he wanted. He was worried what he might hear back. Instead, he grabbed his boxers and wiped the cum off of Tom’s back and laid down on the bed.

Tom looked down at him, and wondered what he was going to do.

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