Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 7

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Nick approached Tom as he opened his locker. “I . . . uh . . .” he glanced around, “I have your jacket in my car, you know, I didn’t want to just bring it in here.”

“You worried someone might think we went home together?” He grinned at Nick. It was one of those moments when Tom’s confidence overwhelmed any concerns about their relationship being found out. If someone overheard them, he would shrug it off like it was a joke.

“Yeah,” Nick said, “Something like that.”

“I’ll grab it after school, ok?”

“Cool.” Nick said.

He was a little crestfallen. Having Tom’s jacket, some piece of his life, seemed important. It made their relationship somehow more real. Of course, Tom didn’t want it to be more real. That’s why he wanted the jacket back.

They met up twice that week. Both times Tom wanted Nick to come to his place to fuck before his mom came home. She tended to work late, which left them a couple of hours after practice and weight training. Until the previous week, Tom had tended to fuck Nick, feel guilty, and then only want oral for awhile, but lately he wanted to fuck all the time. He could barely wait to rip Nick’s pants off and stick his dick into him. Tom took control of Nick’s body and used it as he wanted to. The physical affection that had characterized their earlier interactions was almost completely gone. He no longer felt that he was taking advantage of Nick and knew that Nick wanted him.

They were laying naked on the bed with a good hour to go before Nick had to clear out. Tom took a long draw from his bowl and passed it to Nick. Nick took a few hits and let his mind wander. As much as he enjoyed sex, these moments were his favorite; post orgasm, a little high, with Tom’s warm body next to him.

Tom took another hit. “You’ll never guess who wants to go out with me?”


“Jen Gelman.” he said. “I’ve been going after her all year and she finally caved. You guys are friends right?”

“We were.” Nick said, “We haven’t talked much lately.”

“She was acting like I’m some sort of asshole, and then all of the sudden she comes up to me and apologizes. Now she thinks I’m a saint or something. Makes no sense.”

Nick took another hit and put the pipe on the night stand. He held his breath and decided to be honest. “I told her that you know I’m gay and you’re cool with it. I think that made her reconsider.”

“Ahh.” Tom laughed, “Now she thinks I’m the sensitive type cause I’m nice to you. Chris was right. Having a gay friend makes us look good.”

“You don’t need my help to look good.” Nick said. Then he blushed.

“I want to take her on a real date. Got any ideas?”

“Don’t look at me. I’ve never been on a date.” Nick said. He laughed and coughed, “Nobody loves me.”

Tom jumped on top of him, straddling his stomach. “My ass nobody loves you. Everyone loves you. You’re like the nicest guy ever. Plus you’re getting hot. You’ll be a stud by the end of the school year. And you suck cock like, really really good. You’re a good lay too.”

“Thanks.” Nick said. “If you know of any prospects you should let them know.”

“What about that guy from the party. You gonna call him?”

“I don’t know.” Nick said. He paused for a second. “You kind of cock blocked me.”

“Yeah. I don’t know why I did that. Sorry.”

“Don’t be.” Nick said. “You’re better than anything I would get from him.”

Tom rolled back off of him. “Like you would know. You’ve only been with one guy. Granted, one really hot, super cool guy, but still, it’s a small sample size.”

Nick closed his eyes. The world was gently rocking back and forth, and the weed was helping him to relax. Tom’s body pressed against him. He didn’t want to talk anymore. Tom left him alone for a few minutes before he began to get dressed. It was a clear signal that he wanted Nick to leave, and Nick didn’t fight it. He got dressed and then drove home.

Over the next two weeks, he and Tom didn’t hook up once. Tom was busy with Jen, who seemed to have enjoyed her first date enough to keep going out with him. While they still talked at school and after, Tom avoided any situation that might lead to a bj from Nick. Nick, for the first time since he started to hang out with Tom, felt lonely. While he had more friends than ever before, he had come to rely on the sexual interactions as one way to interact with a guy. He missed it. When he asked Tom about his new relationship, he didn’t get much of anything out of him. Apparently, he wasn’t the type to kiss and tell.

Jen, however, was more than willing to talk about him with Nick. Overall, she didn’t seem too impressed. “I mean, he’s a nice guy, and everything, but he, like, doesn’t seem all that interested in me.”

“He was totally stoked when you said you would go out with him.” Nick told her.

“He’s got a weird way of showing it.” she said, “I mean, I’m not all that experienced, but I just expected more, you know?”

Nick didn’t really want to know. It was bad enough that his fuck buddy had abandoned him for a chick who happened to be a friend of his. He didn’t need to get the play-by-play from her every day at lunch.

“You’re not going to tell him I talked to you, right?”

“My lips are sealed.” Nick said.

“I just expected him to be more of, like, an animal. Like this big stud who was going to drag me back to his cave.” She blushed and looked away from Nick. “But he’s not.”

Nick didn’t ask questions even though there were lots that he wanted to ask. He worried that if he took too much of an interest in Tom’s sex life, Jen might suspect that he had the hots for Tom. He did, of course, but she didn’t know how deep those feelings went.

He also couldn’t reconcile the Tom he knew with the guy she was describing. In their encounters Tom had been animalistic. While he was always friendly, confidential, and extremely chill, he was also a strong, assertive stud. It was hard to imagine that he’d be different with a girl.

“It’s just that, like, I’ve heard stories. This guy is supposed to be a total machine in the sack, and I can barely get him to make a move.”

“Maybe he’s trying to build up a relationship with you or something.” Nick said.

Jen rolled her eyes, “Yeah right.”

She got up and walked off. Nick smiled to himself. He should try to be happy for Tom, because he claimed to really like Jen, but he was also happy that he wasn’t giving it to her like he gave it to him.

Two nights later, Nick was hanging out with Austin at his house. Tom was with Jen and Chris was studying for a test. They had each had a couple of beers, but Austin’s parents were upstairs so they had to be careful. Nick couldn’t help but check Austin out every so often. His hair had started to grow out and was a little messy. His body was built up, but longer and lither than Tom’s. There was an easy going sexiness to him. He wasn’t the sort of guy that took things seriously.

A commercial came on with some hot chick, and Austin made a comment before looking over at Nick, “Guess you don’t find her hot, huh?”


He leaned back and stretched out. As he did, the ridges of his abs became apparent along his mid section. Nick was getting horny. This was not good.

“Good for you. Chicks are too much work.” he said, “Guys are easier. No complications.”

Nick let the remark pass.

“So, you’re like, 100% gay. Right?” Austin asked. “No chicks?”

“No chicks.” Nick stated.

“You’re not even, like, a little curious? Or, you know, if you just wanted to get off and a chick was willing to put out, you wouldn’t play around with her?”

“No man.” Nick said. “That’s what being gay is. Get it?”

“No.” Austin said quickly. He lifted himself up. “Like I’m straight, right? I want to date women, and fuck them, and someday have kids and all that. But like, sex, that’s different to me. So I don’t get why you wouldn’t bang a chick if you had the chance.”

“So, you’d bang a dude if you had the chance?” Nick asked.

“Why not?” Austin said. “Just one more way of doing it, I guess.”

Austin leaned over the edge of the couch and grabbed the last of the six pack. He tossed one to Nick and opened one for himself. He took a long drink.

“You tell no one what I’m going to tell you. OK?” he said. It was clear that he was serious even if his voice didn’t betray much.

“Kay.” Nick said.

“I used to play around with guys a lot. It was easier and more fun. We got our nut and then we went back to hanging out. No drama. All these girls at school, they fucking twist my brain up trying to figure them out. It’s not worth the bother. I’d rather just jack off.”

Nick’s cock had gone from soft to hard in about a second, and his heart thudded in his chest. He casually adjusted himself and tried to be interested without seeming too interested. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he wanted Austin to know he was game. He adjusted his dick again, this time in a much more obvious way. It was the first real move he’d ever made in his life.

“I guess I’m just not like that. Girls have the wrong parts. I’m not sure I would get hard.”

“If a chick had your dick in her mouth you’d get it up.” he said. “Trust me.”

Nick rolled his eyes. He looked over at Austin and saw a hard bulge in his board shorts. The guy was definitely hard. If he played his cards right, Nick might get some cock before the day was out.

“So why’d you stop?”


“With guys.”

“Everyone got all hung up on gay and straight and that shit. I’m not looking for a boyfriend, you know. Just want to roll around on the bed for a while. Lots of guys are freaked out by that.”

“I’m not.” Nick said, then thinking he went to far, he tried to pull back. “I mean . . .”

“I know what you mean.” Austin said. He slammed his beer. “You get what I’m driving at?”

Nick hesitated and mumbled something. Then Austin jumped off the couch and landed in front of Nick. “I’m talking about this.” he said as he squeezed the rod that stretched across his thigh, “And this” he said as he reached between Nick’s legs and grabbed his cock. “In case it’s not clear what I’m driving at.”

“You’re serious?”

“Well, my hand is on your cock, so yeah, I’m pretty serious.”

Nick felt Austin’s hot breath on his cheek. Austin grabbed onto his shirt and pulled it over his head. Then he grabbed Nick’s shirt and yanked it off as well. Nick was passive to what was going on. He wanted it, that he was sure about, he just wasn’t sure if he wanted to incorporate sex into another one of his friendships.

“I’ve been fucking flirting with you for like two weeks trying to get you to make a move. I’ve been free-balling it and everything. But nothing. I was starting to think you were straight.” Austin said.

“I, uh, you’re like, my friend.” Nick said.

“Yeah, and we’ll be friends after. Don’t over think it dude.”

He twisted one of Nick’s nipples and sent a shock wave down his spine. Nick grabbed onto the waistband of Austin’s shorts and started to pull them down. Austin smiled as the top of his pubes came into view. Nick leaned forward and kissed him at the top of his groin and then licked across his abs.

Unlike Tom, who often tensed up in these moments, even when he was the initiator, Austin remained relaxed. Nick realized that for the first time, he was interacting with a man who had done this before. He didn’t have to worry about moving into new territory or crossing boundaries. Austin was comfortable, happy, and smiling down at him. It made everything easier. He pressed his lips against Austin’s hard stomach and kissed him above the belly button.

Austin remained still, allowing Nick to explore his body. Nick’s hands moved across his ass, and he squeezed the cheeks. Austin lacked the hardness of Tom’s body. His muscles felt soft, even though he was in amazing shape. Nick pulled him toward his body as he moved his mouth to the tent in Austin’s shorts.

Nick bit lightly on his rod and then moved down the shaft to the base. He buried his face in Austin’s body and licked at his junk. As he did, he breathed deeply, taking in his friend’s heat and musk. Austin smelled different than Tom. Nick couldn’t’ articulate how, but it was definitely different. He continued to move his mouth around, and soon he felt Austin’s hands on the back of his head.

“Yeah, man.” Austin groaned, “Chew on my dick.”

Nick sucked on the shaft from the root to the head. When he sucked on it through the fabric, he tasted Austin’s dick. He knew what cock tasted like, and it was undeniable that he was sucking in the flavor of sweat, precum, and cock. He began to lose control. Soon he was pushing his face into Austin’s balls, licking anything he could, and digging into the space between the man’s legs. Austin grabbed onto his hair and pulled him into his body.

“Fuck, dude. You gay guys are all total cock hounds.” Austin laughed, “You’re like a junkie going for your meth.”

Nick pulled away for a second and blushed. He was a little embarrassed. Tom was into body worship, and he thought that Austin was making fun of him for doing it.

“Relax man. You should see me when I’m after some pussy,” he laughed. Then he grabbed his covered rod. “I bet you want to see it.”

“Yeah dude.” Nick said. He grabbed onto Austin’s dick and pulled on it. It was seven inches, at least, and thick. The ridge along the head was visible, so Nick guessed that he was cut. He licked the tip again and then pulled on Austin’s shorts.

“You first.” Austin said with a smile. In one quick, athletic move, he grabbed Nick under the shoulders and tossed him back onto the couch. Then he sank to his knees. He yanked Nick’s jeans off, nearly pulling him off the couch, and then his head dropped between Nicks’ legs.

Nick’s eyes went wide and he drew in a sharp breath as he felt a mouth on his cock for the first time. It was warm, and wet, and felt . . . good. He instantly relaxed into the couch, closed his eyes, and tried not to cum. It was completely unexpected, and he wasn’t prepared. His dick had already been pulsing and throbbing from sucking Austin, and now he had the stud’s head between his thighs. He groaned loudly and then pushed Austin away.

“Good?” Austin said as he wiped his mouth.

“Fuck man.” Nick said as he tried to catch his breath. “Fuck that’s awesome.”

“Not really my thing, but I try.” Austin said. He leaned forward to take Nick’s dick again, but Nick held him back.

“I need a minute.” Nick said, “Man, that feels good.”

Austin grabbed his dick and pulled on it. Again Nick tensed up before relaxing. Even if it was just a hand job, it felt amazing because it was someone else’s hand. He groaned again.

“Dude, you’ve got a sensitive cock.” Austin said.

“I’m kind of new to this.”

“Like, totally new? You’ve screwed around before, right?”

“Yeah,” Nick panted. Austin was still working his dick slowly. “I’ve, uh, just always been the, uh, giver.”

“Sucking off straight dudes?” Austin said knowingly.

“Yeah, sort of.”

“Well, I know how to return a favor.” Austin said before he dived back down onto Nick’s dick. Nick slid down the couch and his eyes rolled back in his head. For a solid minute, Austin kissed and licked his dick. He was moving more slowly now, knowing that Nick was on the edge. His hands moved up Nick’s torso, and when they reached his chest, Nick pulled one of Austin’s hands up to his mouth. He sucked on his fingers as Austin sucked on his dick.

“I’ve got something better.” Austin said.

He got onto the couch and positioned his body over Nick’s. The slight incline forced his body down onto Nick’s, and he planted his hands on the side of Nick’s thighs to balance himself. Then he took Nick’s cock back into his mouth.

Nick pulled off Austin’s shorts and took his cock into his mouth. He worked the shaft with his hand while he nursed the tip. Austin groaned, humming around Nick’s dick. Every so often he would relax his elbows and drive his shaft into Nick’s mouth. Nick was experienced, and the position helped him to open up his throat. The third time Austin’s hips moved forward, he engulfed his dick, letting it slide into his gullet.

Austin moaned loudly. Nick’s dick fell out of his mouth and he breathed into his pubes as Nick deep-throated his dick. When Nick finally pulled off, Austin rolled over onto his back and kicked off his shorts. Nick was sitting next to him.

“You’re good at this. Those straight guys must be giving you lots of practice.”

“I try.” Nick said.

Austin smiled. “Did you ever hook up with that dude from the party?”

“He was pretty hot, but I never texted him.” Nick said.

“Too bad for him.” Austin said.

He climbed onto Nick and pushed his cock down into his face, at the same time sucking Nick’s nuts back into his mouth. The two feelings combined were a change for Nick. He knew he liked sucking dick, and now he was learning that sucking dick while getting his own dick sucked was about ten times better. While he worked Austin’s cock, Austin kneaded his ass cheeks and pulled on his legs. Then he twisted his body, and they both rolled onto the floor.

For at least ten minutes, Nick and Austin wrestled on the floor, sucking each other’s cocks, biting inner thighs, and slapping asses. Austin seemed dead set on using his musculature to control Nick’s lower body and Nick fought back with his legs. He was strong but lacked coordination. Soon Austin had his legs pulled open and was sucking his nuts. He groaned and then sucked Austin’s sack into his mouth as well. They rolled back and forth while tonguing one another’s junk.

When they finished, they both rolled onto their backs, panting, with hard cocks jutting up into the air. Austin reached over and twisted one of Nick’s nipples hard. Nick winced, “Come on, I know you like it.” Austin said as he reached for the other one.

Each twist sent a flash of pain and pleasure through Nick’s body, and when Austin tweaked his nip for the third time, he groaned in pleasure. Austin turned to him smiling. “This is why you like the straight guys, isn’t it. They take charge.”

Austin flipped onto Nick and pinned him down at the shoulders. Then he planted a knee under each arm pit. His cock, which looked huge up close, hung over Nick’s face as his nuts spread out on his chest. Austin grabbed his dick at the root and slapped Nick’s face.

“You like that?” Austin said, grinning from ear to ear.

Nick liked it, but didn’t want to give in. He tried to twist out from under Austin but couldn’t break free. Austin smacked his face again. “C’mon, admit it.” he laughed, “You like me on top. Big bad straight dude forcing you to suck his cock.”

Austin leaned forward and pressed his dick into Nick’s face. He ground his junk against his friends chin, rubbing his course pubes against his nose and forehead. He held it there for a minute, listening to Nick huffing and puffing. Then he pulled away. Nick’s face was red and his eyes were watery. Austin couldn’t’ tell if he was enjoying himself or about to cry. He leaned backward and grabbed Nick’s cock. He rubbed it slowly.

“Sorry man,” Austin said. “I kind of like to play around.”

Nick lifted his hips up and met Austin’s fist. “I like it.” he said as his face turned red.

Austin’s hand kept moving up and down his hard shaft. “Yeah, you like someone to take charge?”

“I don’t know.” Nick said, “I’m still sort of figuring things out. Not enough experience yet.”

“This chick tied me to a chair one time and sucked my dick. It was like the best blow-job I’ve ever had.”

They laid in silence for a minute and then Austin got up and sat down on the couch. “Come over here.” he said as he patted the inside of his thigh. Nick was only two feet away, and he crawled up in between Austin’s legs. He ran his lips along his hard shaft as he moved in.

Austin looked down at him with a smile, and they both knew what was coming. “I’m not really serious enough to pull this off, but I’ll try.”

Nick took Austin’s cock into his mouth and started to suck. Almost immediately Austin’s hands were on the side of his head, controlling his every move. Nick glanced up and made eye contact just in time to see a wicked grin flash across Austin’s face. Then his mouth was pushed down onto his thick too.

Nick had been learning how take a cock, and he was starting to get good at it. Tom was huge, and Nick figured if he could get that monster into his throat, he’d be ready for just about any dick that life threw at him. He wasn’t quite prepared for Austin’s first attempt, and he coughed loudly. But he jumped right back onto the dick and let Austin push him down again. This time the Austin’s cock, smaller than he was used to working with, slid in to the base.

Austin groaned, “Oh fuck me,” then he let Nick back up. Almost immediately, he pushed him down again. His groaning turned into a kind of chant, “Fuck me, that’s good. Fuck that’s good.” As he let Nick bob up and down on his dick.

Nick was slobbering all over, and his own dick was painfully hard. Austin had shoved one of his feet between Nick’s legs and had his cock between two of his toes. It wasn’t quite a hand-job, but it was good enough. It kept his cock interested in the action and his mind on the prize. He did his best to jerk Austin’ off while he polished his knob, and Austin was groaning on the couch. He’d long forgotten that he was trying to dominate Nick, and instead let the stud service him. His dick started to jump between Nick’s lips, and it was clear that he was close.

Nick pulled away for a minute, not sure if it was time to bring Austin over the edge. “Get up here.” Austin grunted.

Nick sat on the couch next to his friend, and his dick was suddenly in Austin’s hand. Austin pulled on it, hard, and started to bring Nick to orgasm. Nick followed his lead and grabbed onto Austin’s dick, which was still slick with spit. They sat next to each other in silence, jerking each other off. All that Nick could hear was their own breathing and the slick sound of fapping.

As Austin neared his orgasm, he grabbed onto Nick’s hand with his free hand, and held it tight around his cock. The feeling of his strong hand and hard dick, seeing the roped muscles of his forearm, and feeling the way Austin was using his hand as a tool to get off, took Nick over the edge. He gasped and started to cum.

It had been a while since he had gotten off, and the novelty of screwing around with a new guy had his balls churning for over an hour. Nick unleashed one of the messiest orgasms of his life. Cum gushed from his dick like water from a firehouse and landed in thick wet ropes across his chest. It kept coming, pooling up in the ridges across his stomach and running down his sides. At least two ropes of cum flew past his head and hit the couch behind him. As things slowed down, the shots fell short, painting the base of his stomach. When he caught his breath and opened his eyes, he was soaked.

He glanced over at Austin, whose mouth was hanging open. He gasped and his own dick erupted; Nick felt it pulse in his hand. Austin’s nut bubbled out rather than shooting, and it ran down Nick’s hand. It was a thick load, and as he came, Austin kept pulling Nick’s hand up and down his hard cock. They whipped the cum into a frothy mess as Austin groaned softly. When he was finished, he fell backward into the couch and closed his eyes.

The room smelled like sweat and cum. It was unmistakable. As his sweat evaporated Nick felt cold, and the cum that coated his mid section was getting runny. He grabbed his boxers from the floor and wiped it up. He was about to wipe Austin’s cum from his hand, but then he noticed that Austin’s eyes were closed. He ran his tongue over the back of his hand. The cum tasted sweet and he took a second lick.

“Definitely gay.” Austin said with a laugh as he sat up.

“You knew what you were getting into.” Nick said back.

“You made a ton of nut. I’d have drown if you’d been in my mouth when that happened.” Austin said, “Better avoid that next time. I”m not really a fan of cum . . . unlike some people I know.”

Nick licked his hand again, unapologetic this time. Then he grabbed Austin’s hand and licked that too. His dick started to get hard, and Austin’s cock still pulsed against his stomach. “Next time?” Nick asked.

“There will definitely be a next time.” Austin said. “Let’s go shoot some pool or something.”

Nick pulled on his pants, amazed that Austin didn’t slip into a depressive funk the way Tom tended to after sex. They spent the rest of the evening together with no weirdness at all. For the first time, Nick went home totally relaxed, rather than conflicted, frustrated, or still horny, after sex.

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