Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 6

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Tom woke up the next morning and found Nick laying next to him. His heart sunk. In a moment of weakness he’d wanted someone to sleep with, and now he’d fucked things up. He was sure of it. He rubbed his hand up and down Nick’s back and across his shoulders. His shoulders were thick and muscular. His whole body was getting hard from lifting.

It was a strange feeling. Nick was tight against him like a girl. The same vulnerability and passivity was there. At the same time, Nick was strong and more than capable of handling himself. It had slowly dawned on Tom that Nick was more in control than he was. Nick went with the flow and let hings play, while Tom tried, in vain, to set the pace and control the relationship.

He didn’t believe that sex had to mean something. He’d fucked plenty of girls with that mindset. But sex with Nick meant something because despite his best efforts, Tom made it mean something. He couldn’t help but think that the constant escalating encounters said something about him.

Nick stirred . His fingers moved across Tom’s hard stomach and Tom’s cock started to respond. He breathed in deeply and smelled Nick’s body. He smelled like a man, right down to his morning breath. As his warm, hard body pressed against Tom’s torso, Tom’s dick became painfully hard. He moved one arm to grab it, and Nick woke up against him.

Nick looked him in the eyes, “Hey.”

“Hey.” Tom said back.

Nick began to get up and then saw Tom’s dick. He grinned. “Morning wood.”

“Uh . . . yeah.” Tom said. He didn’t want Nick to know that he didn’t wake up with an erection. It came a little later.

Nick grabbed onto it. “My favorite kind of wood.”

“You don’t have to . . .” Toms said, but Nick had already spit on his hand and grabbed his rod. He milked it with a firm grip, pulling from the base all the way up over the head. It was slow, but intense.

Tom groaned and fell back into the pillow. Nick kissed his chest and then locked down on a nipple. Tom’s body was already primed. His abs rippled in what Nick had come to know was a tell-tale sign that he was on the edge.

A minute later and Tom was groaning loudly, and his strong hand gripped Nick by the wrist. Nick kept licking Tom’s chest and ground his hard cock into Tom’s leg. There was something a little demeaning about giving a guy a hand job while you humped him, but Nick didn’t mind and Tom didn’t seem to care either.

With no warning, Tom’s cock exploded. His body jerked in rhythmic contractions as his hot cum spilled out onto Nick’s hand. It wasn’t the most copious load ever, but the cum was thick and chunky. Nick lay his head on Tom’s stomach while he came and road the waves of his orgasm as they played out across his abs.

When Tom calmed down, Nick rolled over onto his back. His hand was covered in Tom’s cum, and he brought it up to his mouth and licked it up. Tom groaned.

“What?” Nick said. “I eat your cum all the time.”

“Yeah, but usually we’re, uh, still doing it.” Tom said, “Now you’re just eating it like it’s a snack or something.”

Nick rolled his eyes. He wanted to remind Tom that he’d had his tongue on Nick’s asshole, but didn’t want to send him into one of his funks. “I should get going.” Nick said.

“Yeah.” Tom said as he jumped out of bed. “Doing anything tonight?”

“Who knows.” Nick was already pulling on his pants.

“I might just stay home.”

Nick grabbed his shirt off the floor. “See you around.” he said as he left.

* * * * * * * * *

Nick had been certain that Tom would get horny and call him that night, but he didn’t. Nick shot baskets with Chris and Austin and goofed around outside. He got home around 11 and waited patiently for the booty call that never came.

When they saw each other on Monday, things were pretty normal. He and Tom hung out with the rest of the guys like they always did, and on Wednesday they fooled around in Tom’s car before going out with the rest of the guys. Nick had thought that spending the night would have screwed Tom up, but he didn’t seem phased by it.

Nick was standing by his locker talking to Austin on Thursday morning. The two of them had been hanging out a lot. Austin’s goofy, attitude and complete disregard for consequences had helped to pull Nick out of his shell. While Tom maintained his popularity through a kind of silent strength, Austin was popular because he was fun to be around. It was a welcome change from the more cerebral personalities Nick usually found himself around.

They were talking about a party that weekend at the local college campus. Austin’s brother was going to get them in. The guys, all of them, were stoked about the possibilities. Austin took off and Nick’s friend Jen walked up. She’d been hovering over him recently, and he was beginning to wish their lockers were farther apart.

“Still strong with your bros?” Jen asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah.” Nick said as he grabbed his books. He was mad at her. She’d been needling him about these guys all week. “Look, I know these guys never gave you the time of day before. And now you’re, like, pretty and lording it over them. Whatever. But just cause you can’t get what you want doesn’t mean that I can’t. These guys are my friends. Just lay off, ok.”

The words tumbled out fast, and he’d expected Jen to be angry. Instead she smiled and got real close.

“You know, you can lift weights and hang out with jocks, but it’s not going to change who you are. What are you going to do when they find out? You think they’re going to be hugging you in the hallway and joking around in the locker-room?”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“C’mon.” she said, “You know what I’m talking about.”

They’d never talked about it, but he knew that she knew. They’d spent nearly every minute together for years. She thought that he would come out when he was ready, and he had always assumed that she’d be the first one he told. He didn’t expect things to go the way they did with Tom and his friends. It was a kind of betrayal, telling them before he told her. In his current mood, he wanted her to hurt.

“They already know.” he said, “And they don’t care.”

She stared at him, trying to tell whether or not he was lying. She knew that he wasn’t. The remark cut to the core. She’d thought she’d be the first one, but she wasn’t. She stared at him blankly, and he knew she was upset.

“Tom and Chris, those guys?”

Nick felt proud. “They know I’m gay and they don’t care.” Now that he’d been spending time with the guys he’d grown more confidant. He didn’t worry about people finding out because he had friends that would have his back no matter what.

“You’re lying,” she said softly.

“Nope.” he said with a smile. “They’re totally cool with it. They’re cool guys, Jen. Like really cool guys.”

“Well . . .” Jen stuttered, “I . . . uh . . . I’ll see you around then.”

He could tell that she was upset, but he didn’t care. She’d practically abandoned him the last year and a half. Now she could feel what it was like to be on the outside.

* * * * * * * * * The party on Friday was on a piece of land in the country someone’s parents owned. There was a big fire in a clearing, and people were milling around, drinking and talking. Nick stayed with Chris and Austin, as Tom walked off into the crowds.

“Tom’s on the hunt again.” Chris said.

“Makes things easy for us. We just wait for the rejects to come falling our way.” Austin laughed. “We get laid with no work at all.”

The scene had played out so many times that Nick was bored with it. He came to the party, waited with butterflies in his stomach, and hoped that Tom would want to hook up at the end of the night. Sometimes he did and sometimes he didn’t. Nick just had to wait.

He looked at the ground. Chris noticed. “Aww” he said sarcastically, “Someone’s not getting laid.”

Austin jumped in. “There’s got to be a dude here for you. We just have to find him.”

Nick shook his head and went off to talk with some friends. Ten minutes later Austin walked up. “That guy that Chris is with is totally gay.” Austin whispered. “Go over there.”

“And do what?” Nick said. He’d never approached a guy before.

“Just go over there. You’re a good looking guy, hot even.” Austin looked him over. “Hell, I’m not gay and I’d play around with you. Just flirt a little, and he’ll take the bait in a second. You’ll finally get some action.”

Nick mustered up his courage and walked toward Chris, who smiled and immediately included him in the conversation. The guy was a freshman at the college. He was clean-cut and well dressed, a sharp contrast to the guys that Nick was usually around. He’d forgotten what a guy looked like when he didn’t devote every free minute to sports and athletics. Chris waited for them to get talking and then walked away to grab a beer.

They talked for a while. The guy stepped a little closer, and Nick didn’t step back. He liked the closeness and liked the game they were playing. He’d worried that he wouldn’t know how to respond, but the gentle banter back and forth was going well. He was starting to understand why Tom liked chasing girls so much. The pursuit was exciting.

“Your friends are watching us.” the guy said.

Nick looked over his shoulder and saw Austin and Chris staring at them. “They’re trying to set us up.”

“Yeah?” The guy ran a hand through his hair. “You interested?”

Nick paused. He wasn’t so sure. Nick wanted to be pursued, and this guy was too passive in their flirtations. It wasn’t attractive to him. He liked the way Tom led the charge, and he wasn’t going to date a guy that wouldn’t take the lead with. Then again, he didn’t have to date the guy. His eyes shot between the dude’s legs, and he noticed a decent lump.

Nick pulled his eyes up the guy’s body slowly, the way Tom did with him and with girls. He confidently and unabashedly checked the guy out. He knew how he felt when Tom did this, the feeling of being desired, and wondered if it would play well with this guy.

He knew he was successful when the guy blushed.

Across the way, Tom walked up to Chris and Austin and asked them what was going on. Austin pointed to Nick, “Nick’s trying to score. Think he can close the deal?”

“Seriously?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, we found him the guy and he moved in. He seems to have a pretty good game.” Chris said.

“Good for him.” Tom said softly. He could feel something welling up inside of him. It felt like anger and jealousy mixed together. Tom was envious of the other guy for attracting Nick’s attention and felt the need to interrupt them. It was irrational and kind of stupid, but it bubbled over quickly. Like a wolf defending his territory, he started to walk toward the couple.

“Dude, let them be.” Chris said as he grabbed Tom’s arm, but Tom shook him off.

Tom strutted up to Nick and his guy. His chest was wide open and his neck looked huge. Nick had seen this expansiveness before, but only when Tom was going to put the moves on him. “What’s up?” Tom asked.

Nick introduced him. He noticed the other guy wilt in front of Tom’s sexual prowess. There was no doubt who the top dog was in this trio. The result was exactly what Tom wanted. With two words he’d demonstrated his dominance. Nick could fuck this guy if he wanted, but he would do so knowing that he was passing up a chance with a guy like Tom.

“I’m going to take off. Early morning, you know. You need a ride?”

“Nah, I’ll find someone else.” Nick said.

As Tom turned to leave, he grabbed Nick’s shoulder. One last act of possession. As he pulled away, he trailed a finger down Nick’s arm. The act was blatantly sexual and Nick shivered. The other guy didn’t seem to notice, probably because he was staring at Tom’s body.

Nick turned back to him, “You know, I probably should ride with him, just in case. Can I text you?” They exchanged numbers and Nick ran after Tom.

He caught up and Tom grinned, “You could have gone home with that guy.”

“I still might.” Nick said. “You going home alone?”

“Maybe.” Tom said. “Probably.”

“You sure?” They were standing in the dark, and Nick wrapped his hand around Tom’s back and grabbed his ass. He dug into it, and then moved his hand up Tom’s back.

“You want me more than him?” Tom asked. It was the kind of affirmation he needed. He built his confidence on the fact that he could maintain control in these situations.

“Yeah.” Nick said. He wrapped his hand around Tom’s body and slipped it into his pants. He rubbed the top of his pubes.


“Because you’re Tom Johnson and he’s just some guy.”

It was exactly the answer Tom wanted to hear. So much of his attraction to Nick was built around the way Nick worshiped him. At times, he felt like Nick put him on a pedestal so high that he couldn’t stand on it. Most of the time, though, the worship was limited to sex, and in those cases Tom was happy to have someone who loved his body as much as he did.

They got into the car. “My mom’s home.” Tom said.

“Same at my place. We’d have to be quiet.” Nick said.

Tom groaned. Quiet was not something he enjoyed. Not with Nick at least. Plus there was a chance of getting caught. He wasn’t sure how Nick’s parents would react, but he didn’t want his mom to find him with a guy in bed.

Tom drove toward town and then took a hard right. They pulled into the parking lot of the park that they hung out at after school. “Want to risk it?” Tom said.

“Sure,” Nick said as he opened the door.

“I was thinking, like, in here, dude.” Tom said.

Nick smiled. “Go big or go home.” Then he slammed the truck door and walked toward the trees.

Tom hesitated, rubbed the huge bulge in his jeans, and then followed Nick into a patch of trees and brambles. When he caught up, he grabbed Nick around the neck and pulled his head into his chest. Nick went weak as Tom controlled his body, and Tom’s dick throbbed. It was still a mystery to him why Nick was able to get him so worked up.

Nick pulled Tom’s Letterman jacket off and then his shirt. When he went for the pants, Tom grabbed his wrists. “You want me totally naked?”

“Yeah, totally naked in the woods.” Nick said. Tom pulled his pants off and then stepped back into his shoes.

“You’re so fucking hot. I could look at you forever.”

“That’s not an option.” Tom growled. He took a step toward Nick and grabbed him around the neck. Within a second Nick was on his knees, licking Tom’s junk. Tom palmed the top of his head. “Do my balls, dude.”

Tom had huge balls. Even next to his big dick they looked massive. There was no way Nick could get them both into his mouth, so he licked and sucked on each orb as best he could. Tom moaned, “Yeah, man, lick my nuts.”

Nick dug in, burying his face in Tom’s crotch and doing whatever he could with his mouth. He felt out of control and almost wild. He wanted as much contact with Tom as he could get, to melt into him and surrender to him.

Tom grabbed the back of Nick’s head and pulled it into his body while pushing his hips forward. He liked the feeling of Nick’s skull against his body. He liked the way it felt to have a body pressing into him, trying to devour his junk while feeling his muscles, his body heat, and smelling his smell. Goose bumps broke out across his chest, and Tom grabbed his jacket and pulled it over his naked torso.

Nick looked up at him from the grass. He had a crazed look in his eyes. “You better be ready to fuck me like an animal, dude.” he said, “I want it bad.”

“I’ll fuck you stupid if that’s what you want.” Then Tom walked over to a tree and turned around. “But you gotta eat my ass first. That was amazing.”

Nick was practically drooling over Tom’s half-naked body. “You got hotter when you put that jacket on.”

“You’re talking too much.” Tom said as he thrust his bubble butt toward him. His muscular ass opened up as he leaned against the tree trunk and his hole peeked out. Nick’s mouth watered. What had happened to him that he salivated when he saw a naked man?

He buried his face between the cheeks as he grabbed onto Tom’s muscular legs. As he licked Tom’s hole, he felt his body twitch and get tense. Nick loved the feeling of Tom’s body against his own, and savored the hardness and heat of his muscles. He licked and toyed with Tom’s hole until he heard him panting and groaning. He reached around and grabbed Tom’s hard cock. As he expected, it was wet with precum. Nick ran his fingers down the slippery shaft.

Tom was groaned. He flipped around and faced Nick. The front of his jacket was open, and his light skin contrasted with the dark fabric. Nick was suddenly aware that he was fucking around with the high school quarterback. This was the guy that every woman in school wanted to get with. That’s who he was fucking around with.

“Come here.” Tom said. As Nick moved in to suck his dick, Tom grabbed his head and pushed it between his junk and his thigh. Nick licked along the base of his cock and sack while Tom rubbed his head roughly. Tom pushed him lower and soon his tongue was darting along Tom’s taint toward his asshole again. Tom leaned forward and practically sat on his face, putting a ton of his weight on Nick’s head. Nick pushed back, driving his face deeper into Tom’s groin.

After a few minutes of licking his junk, Nick pulled out. Cold air moved across his wet, sweaty face. He rubbed Tom’s rippling abs and stuck his hand under his jacket. Tom’s body was warm. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be relishing the sensations.

“You gonna fuck me?” Nick said softly.

“I could.” Tom said. He peeled his thick cock away from his body and then let it go. It landed with a thud on his stomach. “No lube though.”

Taking Tom’s cock on the best of days was rough, but with only spit for lube it was going to be nearly impossible. Even still, Nick was so horned up that he wasn’t thinking straight. He needed it inside of him. He needed Tom to finish this dance by shoving his manhood straight up into his body.

“Try it.” Nick said.

Tom looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He ran a hand through his hair and messed it up. “Seriously?” he asked.

“Just use lots of spit.” Nick said. He stood up and pulled his jeans off. Then he braced himself against a tree and stuck his bubble-butt out toward Tom. “Seriously, dude.” he said.

Tom snuck up behind him and grabbed his shoulders. “This is not going to be fun for you.”

He drooled into Nick’s crack and let the spit run down between his cheeks. Then he used his cock head to rub it in. He did this several times, coating Nick’s hole and the top few inches of his cock with a mix of precum and spit. Nick thrashed around from the stimulation and begged Tom to take him.

Tom lined up and pushed forward, feeling his hard dick arc as Nick’s body refused him. When he finally broke into Nicks’ tight hole, Nick yelped. Tom rubbed his stomach and spit onto his shaft again. He pulled out a little bit and spit again. Nick’s ass was felt rough against his sensitive cock, and he couldn’t imagine what this felt like for Nick. It took a few minutes of easing back and forth to finally get to where Nick and Tom were both comfortable.

Tom shoved forward, “You fucking took that like a soldier.”

“Ugh.” Nick moaned. His insides were trying to accommodate Tom’s meat and his asshole burned from the penetration. He wasn’t so sure he wanted to get fucked anymore.

“No turning back now, dude.” Tom said, reading his mind. He pulled out and started to fuck Nick. The burning pain was met with a kind of pleasure that only comes from having ten inches of jock cock gliding across your prostate. Tom’s mouth was on the back of his neck, nicking him with his teeth and sucking hard on the flesh.

Nick groaned and winced at the same time. The more dick he took, the less he was able to handle. He thought it would get easier, but instead it was getting harder. He started to slide down the tree.

“Going weak in the knees?” Tom said with a grin. He grabbed Nick’s body and lowered him into the grass. Nick lay flat on his stomach, his bare thighs pushed into the grass and dirt with Tom’s heavy body on top of him. Tom pushed down on his shoulders for leverage and started to pound him. As the big dick opened him up, Nick breathed in the smell of the leaves and the dirt. Everything was so animalistic. They were doing it like it was meant to be done. Quick and dirty, on the ground, in the dirt.

Tom grunted and shoved in harder. The environment was getting to him as well. Something about being in the trees and fucking in the moonlight made him lose control. He pistoned in and out of Nick, ignoring the occasional whine and the twitches that showed that it wasn’t all pleasure for him.

Despite the fact that Nick’s unlubed ass was being rubbed raw, something was happening to him that had never happened before. His dick was on fire with pleasure and it pulsed against his body. He felt like he’d been edging for an hour, but the fucking had only lasted a few minutes and so far he’d never touched his cock. He knew he was going to cum, but at the same time felt like it was impossible.

Then Tom’s tongue touched the back of his neck. Tom licked along his hairline before kissing him on the nape of his neck. Nick’s dick exploded, and his body rocked as he shot a load of fresh cum into the dirt.

Tom felt the orgasm rip through Nick’s body, felt it gripping his cock and pulling him in deeper, and leaned forward and sucked on Nick’s earlobe. He bit it a little, before moving back to Nick’s neck. Nick was moaning and grunting, and his orgasm seemed to last forever as Tom kept fucking him. Then Tom slipped his arms underneath Nicks’ and pulled him close.

“You just got off on my cock.” Tom said, “My cock and nothing else.”

“I know.” Nick panted.

“Fucking hot.” Tom said and then he picked up the pace. He drove into Nick with the only intention of getting himself off. Nick was taken care of and didn’t matter any more. It was all about getting his nut.

After a minute of solid pounding, Tom grunted and unloaded into Nick. His body shook as he drove in as deep as he could, and he held Nick tight throughout. He was wet and sweaty and his body felt warm against Nick’s cold skin. When he finished, he lay on top of Nick for a few minutes before pulling his still hard cock out and standing up.

Nick stood up too, his teeth chattering. He was cold and immediately pulled on his pants. Tom who was burning up after the workout, pulled off his Letterman jacket and tossed it to Nick. “Put this on.” he said.

The jacket was too big for him, and it was damp with sweat. Still, it smelled like Tom and it was warm with his body heat. Nick’s dick got hard again and he had to adjust it in his pants. Tom noticed.

“Fag.” he said with a smile.

“Hey,” Nick said as he pulled the jacket against himself, “It’s your cum running down my leg.”

“Guess you’ve got a point.” Tom said as he pulled his cloths on. “C’mon, I’ll drive you home.”

When Nick got home he collapsed into bed and fell asleep almost immediately. It wasn’t until the next morning that he realized that he was still wearing Tom’s jacket.

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