Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 5

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4.

“Hey, Nick, you coming to the party tonight?” Austin leaned against the locker where Tom usually stood. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt, and Nick ogled his huge biceps.

“I, uh . .” Nick said. He didn’t want to admit that he hadn’t been invited.

“Come over to my place at like 7. Tom and the rest of the pack will be there to pre-party.”


“Yeah, we’re bros now.” Austin said as he tossed his arm over Nick’s shoulder and pulled him in tight. Nick, who had now spent a couple of months around the guy, didn’t feel anything sexual in the hug. Instead, when he felt Austin’s hard muscles and wondered how long it would take for him to build a body like that.

“That your boyfriend?” a junior guy yelled as he walked by the locker.

“Maybe he is.” Austin yelled back. “You got a problem?” Then he rushed the guy, who took off running. Austin turned and winked before he walked off to class.

“You’re “bros” now.” Nick heard a voice behind him. He turned and saw Jen Gelman.

“Yeah, we are.” Nick said with an edge in his voice.

The two had been close friends since middle school. Then, about a year ago, she had stopped hanging out with him. It was the beginning of her transformation from an ugly duckling into a fox, and she had left him in the dust. Even though she still talked to him occasionally, she’d made no effort to invite him to parties or do anything more than get together one on one. She wouldn’t even sit with him in the cafeteria.

“Those guys are fucking with you.” she said flatly.

“Those guys are my friends.” he said back. “They like hanging out with me. I like hanging out with them.”

“So, Tom just took you into his pack of idiots for no reason?”

There was a reason, Nick thought. His dick got a little hard as he remembered their first time fooling around together. “He said you hassled him at a party.” Nick said, changing the subject.

“I guess I was just trying to protect you.” she said. She ran her hand through her blond hair and tossed it over her shoulder. Even Nick could appreciate how beautiful she was.

Nick rolled his eyes. “I don’t need to be protected from my own friends.” he said before he walked away. * * * * * * * * * Nick showed up at Austin’s house at seven. He was right on time and the only one there. Austin laughed, “You gotta be fashionably late man.” he said. He had just gotten out of the shower and was still in his boxers. Nick looked him over.

“You checking me out man?” Austin asked.

“No,” Nick said quickly.

“Not like I care if you do,” he stretched out his torso and showed off his cut stomach. “Take it all in.”

“You think I could get my obliques to show like that?” Nick asked.

“Definitely.” Austin said as he pulled on his jeans. “You’ll never be as bulky as the rest of us, but you’ve got a nice lean body.”

Austin pulled his shirt on, and they walked into the backyard. It was a little cool, and Nick rubbed his arms. Soon Tom and Chris showed up. When they all had a good buzz, they started to get ready to go to the party. Nick was a little nervous, but the beer helped him to relax. He was bringing some empties into the kitchen when Tom came up behind him and grabbed his ass.

“Your ass is unbelievable in those jeans.” he said. “Very fuckable.”

Nick turned around and quickly looked outside to see if anyone was coming toward the house. They were safe. He grinned at Tom, who stood about six inches from him. Nick could smell his body-wash. Something with coconut in it. On any other guy it would smell feminine, but it took the edge off Tom’s rough persona.

“I can change if you don’t think you’ll be able to control your self.”

“I’m just saying,” Tom grabbed Nick’s hand and placed it on his dick, which pulsed as Nick rubbed it. His groin felt hot.

Nick looked around. “You wanna go to the bathroom, and I could take care of it?”

“Too risky.” Tom said. “Plus, I don’t want to waste this energy. Someone’s going to get pounded hard tonight.”

“Chicken” Nick laughed.

Tom pushed his hips forward,grinding against Nick’s hand. Nick began to pull on Tom’s cock, yanking him back toward the bathroom.

“Stop it.” Tom growled.

Nick pulled his hand away. Tom sounded serious and Nick realized that if they got caught, Tom was the one with something to lose. He smiled at Tom and walked back outside.

They got to the party around 10. When they arrived, the group sort of broke up into pieces. Tom went off in his own direction, and Nick let him leave. He didn’t want to seem to attached to the guy, like a lost puppy. People knew that Tom had made Nick popular, and he wanted to prove that he was cool on his own.

As he grabbed a beer, Austin came up behind him and put his arm around him. Nick breathed in, smelled his warm body, and then twisted out from under his arm.

“You gotta quit doing that, dude. It kind of gets to me. Know what I mean?”

“I’m hard to resist.” Austin said with a goofy grin.

“It’s not you.” Nick said. Then he laughed. “I mean yeah, you’re impossible to resist.”

Austin grabbed his shoulder. “I get it. Not a lot of action for a guy like you. Right? We’ve gotta find you a boyfriend.”

Nick glanced at Tom, who was standing on the other side of the room, talking to a group of girls. A boyfriend was what he really wanted. The sex with Tom was great, but over the last few weeks, that had become pretty mechanical. He could tell Tom was holding back, doing his best not to show any emotion or affection. The sensitive side, the guy who had kissed him, had pretty much disappeared. Nick was happy with the sex, but he wouldn’t mind having a guy who would hold him close.

He looked at Austin. He was so cool with Nick being gay that he’d wondered more than once if Austin might swing that way too. Maybe the guy was just oblivious. He was like a goofy golden retriever. He aimed to please and didn’t take anything seriously.

Nick put an empty bottle on the table next to him and grabbed Austin’s shoulder. “Gonna take a leak.”

As he waited in the dark hallway next to the bathroom, Tom walked up. “Having fun?”

Nick nodded. “I haven’t talked to some of these people since I was a kid.” Nick paused, “Any prospects?”

He asked more out of jealousy than interest. He wanted to remind Tom that these parties, which Tom used to pick up girls, usually ended with Nick going home alone.

“Not really looking.” Tom said. “Just enjoying myself. Waiting . . .”

“Waiting for what . . .”

“For you to say it’s time to leave. I told you, I want a piece of that ass.”

Tom leaned forward and pushed his foot between Nick’s. He ground his groin into Nick’s thigh, practically lifting Nick off the floor. Nick exhaled loudly. “I wanna fuck.” Tom whispered.

“Lots of girls here.” Nick said through constricted breath.

“Nah.” Tom said, “I wanna fuck.” He emphasized the last word and then glanced down the hallway. When he saw the coast was clear, he leaned forward and licked the side of Nick’s jaw and then bit him on the neck.

Nick felt his knees go weak. He’d only been fucked once, and it had been great. Lately, Tom had been more controlling and more aggressive when he got sucked. Nick couldn’t imagine what would happen if he let Tom fuck him in this kind of mood.

“You can fuck girls.” Nick said softly.

Tom grabbed Nick’s ass and squeezed hard. “Not like I’m going to fuck you.”

The door to the bathroom opened, and the two of them were bathed in light. Tom stepped away from Nick, slowly, so as not to draw attention and walked into the bathroom in front o f Nick. As the door closed, Nick reached down and squeezed his dick. He didn’t know why Tom was so horny, but it was getting him hot.

Nick continued to hang out with Austin while Tom made the rounds. Every so often they would see each other across the room and Tom would wink at him. Nick was having trouble hiding his boner.

Tom had decided to go with the flow and let things happen with Nick as they happened. He’d spent enough time trying to figure out what was going on, judging himself, replaying his encounters with Nick in his head, and trying to figure out what they meant. As long as Nick knew that the sex was just sex, Tom was going to roll with it. Now that he didn’t feel like he owed Nick something or had to give him what he wanted, their sexual encounters had gotten even better. He could do what he wanted to do without thinking about the signals it sent. The sudden realization had helped immensely. He and Nick’s friendship continued to grow, and the blow-jobs had become insane.

Around one, Tom was ready to go. His cock was perpetually half-hard, and he didn’t know how much longer he could hold out. Everyone was starting to look like a potential target. Not just the girls, but the guys as well. Each time he walked by a dude with a big round ass, he imagined what it would feel like to grab onto the guy’s muscular shoulders and pound him into oblivion.

Tom made eye contact with Nick and pointed to the garage. Nick followed him in. “Ready to go?” he asked as he grabbed Nick’s ass. He stepped in close, knowing that Nick liked to smell him. He saw his nostrils flare, but then Nick stepped back.

“I don’t know,” Nick said with a smile. “What are you offering?”

Tom moved in close. He pretended to kiss Nick for a second time and then breathed heavily on his face. “Playing hard to get doesn’t work when everyone can see that you want it.”

He reached down and grabbed Nick’s hard cock. Nick winced a little and then moaned. “Ok, I guess I’m ready to go.”

“Thought so,” said Tom.

They told a couple of guys they were leaving, and jumped into Tom’s truck. Nick could see the outline of Tom’s cock in his jeans, and his mouth started to water. He wasn’t thinking about getting fucked, if he had been he might have started to worry. Instead, he just wanted to get his mouth on it. His inhibitions lowered, he leaned over and put his head between Tom’s legs, mouthing his thick dick.

“You hungry?” Tom asked as he drove. Nick responded by biting down on his shaft.

Tom groaned, “I love the way you chew on my dick. Makes me feel like a man.”

Nick licked at Tom’s bulge, wetting the denim. “I could do this all night man.” he said.

“I’m gonna take you up on that sometime.”

When they pulled up to Tom’s house, Nick took his head away. The whole right side of Tom’s crotch was damp now. Nick followed him up the driveway. “My mom’s gone.” he said, “No one to wake up.”

They walked into the entry way, and Tom immediately turned. He grabbed Nick’s shoulder and pushed him downward. Tom pulled off his polo while Nick wrestled with the button fly. He paused for a second to run his fingers over Tom’s hard stomach, reaching all the way up to his nipples. He tweaked them before opening his fly. Tom’s pubes popped into view along with the top of his shaft. Nick kissed it, running his tongue through the coarse hair and inhaling Tom’s musk.

Tom leaned back and took in a deep breath. He knew what was coming and he knew it would be good. There wasn’t always perfect chemistry between him and Nick, but tonight they were completely in sync. Nick grabbed onto the waist of his jeans and pulled them down. He stepped out of them and then took a step back. Nick began to stand, but Tom held him down.

“Take your shirt off, dude.” Tom said. Nick pulled it off in a flash and then leaned forward. Again Tom prevented him from getting his mouth on his cock.

Tom took a step back. “Come and get it.” he said. Nick knew what he wanted. He crawled on his hands and knees toward him, never taking his eyes off of his huge dick.

Tom grinned from ear to ear and his teeth shone in the half-light. He stepped back a few more times before he sat down on the staircase. He curled one finger toward Nick, who crawled forward and buried his face in Tom’s junk.

Tom relaxed and groaned loudly. “Yes!” Nick’s mouth and hands were all over him. He’d pull on his massive balls while sucking his dick or jerk his dick while licking his balls.

He ran his fingers through Nick’s hair and rubbed the guy’s neck a little. He’d noticed that Nick had been going pretty far south lately, and he wondered how far he could push things. Nick was a little liquored up and the general mood seemed right. He rubbed Nick’s neck until he groaned and then he grabbed his hair tight and pulled him back.

“I want you to lick my asshole. Ok?”

Nick looked at him and didn’t say anything. He had been thinking about it lately, but thought Tom wouldn’t like it.

“No one’s ever done it. You’d be the first.” Tom said.

That did it for Nick. Finally he could give Tom something that all the sluts he’d banged hadn’t. He leaned forward and ran his tongue up the bottom of Tom’s scrotum. Tom smiled and lifted his legs up, so that his ass hung over the step. He let go of Nick’s hair and cupped the back of his head. Then he pulled Nick toward him and leaned back.

“Oh Jesus.” He groaned as soon as Nick’s tongue touched his hole. It was unlike anything he’d ever felt before, and he nearly lifted up and away from the intense feeling. As he eased into the sensation, he pushed back against Nick. Soon he was gripping the back of his head, pulling him in.

He wanted to tell Nick to eat his ass like he’d eat a pussy, but realized that it wouldn’t’ help. Instead he just let Nick do his thing, and slowly the guy started to move around a little, to tease him, and make him groan. Tom’s dick kept getting harder and harder, but he wasn’t any closer to orgasm. A steady stream of precum ran down the side of his cock, glistening in the light.

He ran his finger up his shaft and scooped some dick ooze out of his foreskin. Then he pushed Nick’s mouth away and slipped the finger into his mouth. Nick moaned as he licked up Tom’s sweet precum.

“You’ve got me so turned on, dude.” Tom said.

“You’re the one who started this.” Nick said. Then he sucked Tom’s cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around the head. He savored the taste before running his tongue down the shaft and sucking the base.

“We gotta go upstairs.” Tom said as he scratched behind Nick’s ears. “I told you, I want to fuck tonight.”

Tom stood up, and Nick followed him to his bedroom. The bed was covered with clothes. Tom tossed them onto the floor and then turned to Nick. He grabbed onto his hip, pushed his hand behind his back, and then threw Nick onto the bed.

“You ready?” Tom asked.

Nick was still wearing his jeans. He looked at Tom and started to undo the fly. As soon as it was open, Tom grabbed onto the legs and yanked them off, nearly pulling Nick onto the floor.

“I’m, uh . . ” Nick said. The truth was, he wasn’t sure if he was ready. He’d only done this once before, and he didn’t know if he would be able to take it again. Still, his dick was hard and flat against his stomach.

Tom read the hesitation in Nick’s face and flipped him over onto his stomach. Then without warning Nick felt hands on his ass. He thought Tom was going to try to take him without lube, but then he felt the most amazing sensation of his life.

“Oh my god.” He yelled. His hips lifted involuntarily and his toes curled. “Oh fuck.”

Tom’s mouth was on his ass. Not just on it, but in it and around it. Tom was eating him out, without even a hint of hesitation or uncertainty. He was going down on Nick, opening him up, like he’d done with a couple of dozen of girls before him. He knew what Nick was feeling, and he knew how to make it good. Nick writhed around while Tom held onto him at the hip.

He kept it up for almost five minutes. He enjoyed the way Nick moved underneath him, squirming and driving his groin into the mattress. He did what he knew girls liked and hoped it worked as well on guys. He wanted Nick to relax, wanted him to be calm when Tom eventually smashed his ass.

Tom got what he wanted. Nick moaned loudly, “Fuck me.”

“What’s that?” Tom said.

“Fuck me.” Nick said louder.

Tom grabbed the lube that he had in his nightstand and squeezed it out onto Nicks’ asshole. He rubbed it in and toyed with him a little. “You sure you want it.”

“Put your fucking cock in me. Do it now, stud.”

“I don’t know. I liked you better when you were pretending that you didn’t want it.” Tom said. “I’m not sure I want to anymore.”

Nick groaned, and then he felt Tom get off the bed. Just when he thought that Tom was serious, he felt the strong, heavy frame come down on top of his back. He braced himself and tried to focus on the feeling of Tom’s body against his. Tom’s cock pulsed against his balls, bouncing up and touching them every so often. Tom gripped him hard around the forearms.

“You ready?” Tom asked, “Really ready?”

“Yes.” Nick whined, trying not to sound desperate.

Tom grabbed his cock and lined it up with Nick’s hole. He pushed forward, and this time it was an easy entrance. Either Nick was practicing or the rim job did the trick. He felt Nick’s body tense up, but he didn’t stop. He didn’t need to break Nick in. That was last time. This time he wanted to get off. He drove his cock in deep, and let Nick to work to accommodate it.

When he bottomed out, he started to pull back, “Now the fun starts,” he growled as he pulled away from Nick’s body and sat up on his knees.

He drove his cock in quickly. Nick groaned, and Tom growled as he started to fuck Nick slow and hard. Each time he thrust into Nick’s body he tried to go deeper than he had on the thrust before. The bed squeaked loudly and banged against the wall.

“No one to hear us this time,” Tom said, “We can be as loud as we want.”

“Then fuck me.” Nick said as he thrust his ass back toward Tom.

Tom put a hand onto the small of Nick’s back and drove back in. The slow steady pounding kept pushing Nick forward. Eventually Nick dropped down onto his chest. Tom grabbed his hips and started to fuck him harder, pushing in and out of his ass with short, quick strokes. He didn’t relent as Nick grunted and groaned.

“Take my dick.” he said softly at first, then louder, “Fucking take my dick, dude.”

Nick turned around and looked up at Tom. Sweat was running down his chest. He reached up and touched him, running his finger through the sweat and then licked them. His eyes rolled back in pleasure.

“Your ass is so fucking tight, man.” Tom said as he picked up the pace. “I can’t get enough of it.”

Tom kept banging him until Nick’s groans turned to whines. He felt him pull away and though he wanted to grab onto his shoulders and make him take everything that he could dish out, he didn’t want to ruin the experience. He slowed down and then pulled out.

“You want more?” Tom taunted.

Nick turned and looked up. “More lube, yeah.”

Tom grabbed the bottle and pumped it into his palm. He greased his dick and then slid a finger into Nick’s ass. He pushed the finger in deep, and waited for Nick to start fucking himself on it. Within a minute, Nick was backing up against his finger and moaning like a bitch in heat.

Tom grabbed Nick by the thighs and flipped him over. Nick’s cock was rock hard and laid flat against his stomach. Tom had never really looked at it before, and it was bigger than he thought. “You’re enjoying this.” he said.

“I love it when you toss me around like that.”

Tom grabbed his ankles and pulled him to the side of the bed. “Good. Cause I like tossing you around.”

Nick reached down and grabbed Tom’s dick. He guided it toward his hole, and Tom slid right in. Tom pounded him for a few minutes and then leaned forward and pressed his chest against Nick’s. Nick thought they would start making out, like the first time, but instead Tom wrapped his arms around Nick tight. He smiled to Nick. “Hold on.”

Nick grabbed onto Tom’s broad back and then Tom lifted him off the bed. He slid down the strong body and impaled himself on Tom’s cock more deeply than ever before.

“Holy shit dude,” Nick mumbled.

Tom grinned and started to bounce Nick up and down his body. Nick groaned a few times and then moaned again, “Holy shit dude.”

“Feel good?”

“You’re, like, all the way in me.” Nick panted.

“Yeah I am,” Tom said with a grin. “Fucking big ass cock buried inside you. Fucking take it.” He rammed upward into Nick. After a few minutes, his arms started to hurt. He walked to the dresser and pressed Nick against it. He pounded him as hard as he could, trying to bring himself to orgasm. The dresser banged into the wall, and everything on top of it started to fall onto the floor.

Nick was panting hard. His face was against Tom’s shoulder and he could feel the hot breath and the occasional scrape of Nick’s teeth. Then he felt Nick’s hand between their bodies, pulling at his own cock.

“You’re getting close.” Tom stated.

Nick nodded and kissed Tom’s muscular shoulder.

“I can feel it dude.” Tom said, “I can feel your body spasming around my dick. Feels fucking good. Real fucking good.”

He carried Nick back to the bed and laid down on top of him, humping him hard. Nick’s fist worked his own cock as best he could between them. Then Tom felt the explosion of wetness as Nick’s balls dumped a gallon of cum onto their stomachs. Nick’s head fell backward and his mouth gaped open. Tom threw caution to the wind and kissed him.

As he pushed his tongue into Nick’s mouth, his dick exploded deep inside of Nick’s guts. His body thrashed, as he held Nick down at the shoulders and pumped into him. His mouth moved away from Nick’s, and he bit down at the base of his neck, dragging his teeth across the skin and leaving a red mark. His hips contracted all by themselves and the bed slammed against the wall. Nick took it, riding the waves of his orgasm and feeling Tom’s hard body rip into his own. He felt completely possessed by his friend, and he loved it.

When Tom finally finished, he rolled off of Nick. Nick waited to catch his breath and then glanced at the clock. It was almost three; way past his curfew. He pushed the crown of his head up against Tom’s torso, and Tom grabbed his shoulder with his arm.

“I gotta go.” Nick said before things got weird. Then he jumped off the bed and grabbed his pants.

Tom rolled into the empty space. He didn’t want to sleep alone. “You can stay here, you know, if you want?”

“Seriously? That won’t weird you out?”

“It all weirds me out, but I’m over it.” Tom said. “Just get back in bed.”

Nick texted his parents, and then crawled into bed with Tom and fell to sleep.

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