Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 4

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3.

The Monday after he had fucked Nick,
Tom had his mom call him in sick to school. His mind was still spinning, and it was impossible to concentrate. The last thing he wanted was to see Nick standing next to his locker. He didn’t know what he would say.

It was clear that he and Nick weren’t just fooling around anymore. What had started as a simple fuck, had morphed into a make out session more passionate than anything Tom had ever experienced. Nick wouldn’t walk away from that without wondering what it meant, and Tom wasn’t in a position to tell him.

There was no denying, not even in his deep confusion, that he had completely enjoyed what he’d done with Nick. Before, he could easily claim that when Nick blew him it was simply about getting his nut. Even when he was fucking Nick, he could have claimed that he was just pursuing an orgasm. He’d heard guys say “a hole’s a hole” before, and even if those guys weren’t fooling around with other dudes, the logic made sense. But when he started to kiss Nick, when he put his arms around him and their torsos pressed together, everything changed. This was sex with a man, and it felt good in ways that sex with a woman had never approached.

He tried to piece it all together as he lay in his bed. Whatever was happening with Nick, it didn’t feel romantic to him. He liked Nick, but he didn’t think that he felt anything more for him. He’d never been attracted to men before, and he wasn’t really attracted to Nick. Nick was just available, that was the conclusion that he kept coming back to, and Nick offered was a novel experience. It wasn’t any different from fucking a chick that was a little more freaky than most girls. It was different and a little forbidden. That kept him coming back for more.

On top of that, Nick worshiped him, plain and simple, and it was impossible not to get off on that kind of love. He knew what it was like to be admired. That was a normal part of his life. Nick’s worshipful attitude, however, came with the ability to control him. It was the best and scariest part about their relationship. If Tom wanted to, he could totally take advantage of Nick, totally destroy him, and Nick would willingly walk down that path. It meant that Tom was constantly walking a line between pushing Nick further and reminding himself not to go too far. He didn’t want to force Nick do something that he didn’t want to do.

Finally, there was an undeniable feeling of power that came from fucking a man. Tom hadn’t expected that. He respected Nick, and in most ways saw him as an equal. But in that bedroom on Friday night, there had been no question who the man was. The power trip was insane.

Tom didn’t have anyone to talk to. No one who would understand why he felt torn. He sent his older brother a few vague texts saying that he felt guilty about sleeping with someone. His brother told him to do what felt good if it didn’t hurt himself or anyone else.

On Tuesday, Tom managed to avoid Nick until they met in the weight-room after practice. They lifted together, but Tom didn’t go to the park with the rest of the guys, claiming that he still felt sick. Chris and Austin bought it, but Nick gave him a suspicious look.

Tom tried to text his brother who, like him, had fucked his way through most of the high school. He had to be careful not to reveal the exact nature of his problem, but he got across the point that he’d been leading someone on by fooling around with them.

His brother texted back. “Let the person know you’re not looking for a relationship. Then keep fucking.”

Maybe the solution was to be straight-forward with Nick. On Wednesday he waited at the park until the other guys had left. Nick glanced over his shoulder as the last car turned a corner and then sauntered over to Tom. He grabbed the front of Tom’s jeans and pulled on them.

“Nick . . .” Tom said. He could feel Nick’s hot breath against his face. Then he pushed his hands away, “Nick, stop.”

Tom moved away and sat down on the other side of a picnic table. With three feet between the two of them he could talk without Nick’s hands roving over his cock.

Nick sat down and smiled. He was getting used to these moments of hesitation, and he knew that Tom would work through it.

“Listen, man, what we’ve been doing feels really good. Friday night . . . that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, me too.” Nick said with a grin.

“It was the only sex you’ve had.” Tom replied flatly.

“Well, I think you set the bar pretty high.”

“Yeah, but I just don’t want . . .” Tom didn’t know how to articulate what he was trying to say. “I just don’t want you falling in love with me.”

Nick stared blankly at him. Tom saw this as confirmation that Nick was starting to develop feelings for him.

“I just want to be up front about this.” Tom said, “When I showed up at your house, I was trying to make things better with you. I don’t want to be the guy that fucks up your whole life.”

“You’re not fucking up my life.”

“Not yet.”

“Why do you think that you’re going to?”

“Cause Nick, you’re a cool guy. I like being your friend, and you know, I love the way you make my dick feel, but I’m not going to be your boyfriend.”

“You’ve said this a bunch before, dude. I get it. We’re buddies, and we’re fuck buddies. I get it. I’m not an idiot.”

“I’m just not sure that you, I mean, we, can keep it that way.”

Nick wasn’t disappointed; he was angry. Since things first started with Tom, it was clear that Tom was uncomfortable with everything. Nick, on the other hand, was doing ok. It wasn’t fair that every time Tom got hung up, he pretended to be the hero who was rescuing Nick. Nick wasn’t the one that needed rescuing.

“You know, you’re the one who kisses me and makes out with me. I’m not the one doing that.” Nick said.

“I get it.” Tom said back looking straight at the table. “I’m sending mixed messages. I get it.”

Probably not, thought Nick. For the first time, it became clear to him that Tom was wrestling with a lot more than a hang up about having sex with dudes. The way they made out when they were fucking didn’t send a mixed message. It sent a clear message. Tom was really, really into what they were doing.

“I gotta get going.” Tom said.

“Yeah.” Nick stood up and walked back toward his car, “Tom, you know, if you want to just talk about stuff, I’m cool with that.”

Tom smiled as he stretched out. Nick couldn’t help but stare at his wide chest and tight waist. He’d been hoping to get some of that today. “The last time we tried to talk, I ended up fucking you.”

“Well, I’m cool with that too.”

Tom grabbed Nick’s ass playfully before he jumped into his car. “You’re almost as horny as me bro, and that saying a lot.”

Even after ‘the talk’, Tom avoided screwing around with Nick. He waited until the weekend, when he knew that he would be able to get some attention from a woman, and then called up a girl he’d dated for a little while, knowing she’d be down to fuck. She gave him a blow job after the football game on Friday, but it was disappointing. He’d come to expect the best.

It wasn’t that Nick was all that skilled with his mouth. While he’d gotten a lot better, he was still learning. It was the worshipful attitude combined with the fact that he was male. In fact, as Nick put on some muscle and his body developed, watching him suck his cock turned Tom on even more.

Nick’s submission got his balls churning, and he’d never tried to push the envelope. As the girl sucked him, he imagined taking her head and pushing it down onto his dick, really controlling her skull as she bobbed on his pole. If he dared to try it with her, she’d be out of the room in an instant, but Nick would do it. There wasn’t a doubt in Tom’s mind.

And if Nick was ok with them fooling around, why should Tom stress out about it? At that moment, as he tucked his dick away after a disappointing orgasm, Tom decided to go with the flow from then on out.

The following Monday they were back at the park, and again when their buddies left Nick walked toward Tom. This time, Tom took a hand and put it on Nick’s shoulder. Nick dropped to his knees. “Good guy.” Tom whispered.

Nick smiled and put his mouth on the bulge jutting out between Tom’s legs. Tom was, as usual, free-balling in a pair of basketball shorts. Nick licked along the shaft and then put his hands on the elastic waist-band. He started to pull the shorts down.

Tom grabbed his hands and pushed them away. Then he cupped the back of Nick’s hand and pulled him into his crotch, humping his face gently. “You want that dick?” he asked. Nick nodded, pushing his mouth up and down against Tom’s junk, which was starting to get hard.

As Tom continued to grind into Nick’s face, he could hear Nick breathing heavily. He pulled him away from his crotch and looked down into his eyes, “Are you sniffing my junk bro?”

Nick nodded.

Tom wasn’t grossed out, instead he was turned on. He liked that Nick would get off on something as basic as the smell of his cock.

“You like the way it smells?” he asked.

“Fucking love it.” Nick groaned. He pushed his face into the base of Tom’s cock and breathed deeply. “I’m so fucking turned on right now.”

Tom felt the same way. The flow of precum oozing out of the tip of his dick had already left a quarter sized wet spot on his shorts. He could change them in the truck, but he was more concerned about getting caught.

“We gotta go somewhere. We can’t do this here.” Tom said. “Your house?”

“My folks are going to be home soon.” Nick said as he continued to push his muzzle between Tom’s legs.

“My place then.” Tom said. “We just can’t be too loud. My little sister might be around.”

Five minutes later they both pulled up at Tom’s house. Tom covered his crotch with his backpack as they went upstairs. Tom lead him up to his bedroom and opened the door. Nick found it fascinating to finally be in Tom’s personal space. Around the edges there were piles of clothes, though it looked like Tom at least tried to keep things organized. A bunch of junk, magazines, and stuff covered every surface. On the walls, there was a mixture of posters of football players, women, and awards that Tom had won over years of competing in athletics. On the door handle of the closet, a pair of compression shorts were hanging. Nick walked over to them and picked them up.

Tom followed close behind, and he took the shorts out of Nick’s hand. “Pervert.” he whispered. Then he grabbed Nick’s shoulder and pushed him down toward the floor. “Time for the real thing.”

Nick grabbed Tom’s cock by the base through his shorts and put his mouth over the shaft. He bit down lightly as he moved toward the head. The front of Tom’s shorts were soaking wet; the outline of his cock and the ridge of his glans were clearly visible.

Tom stepped into Nick, pushing him backward. Nick moved as quickly as he could, but was soon backed up against Tom’s bed. Tom continued to move forward, grinding his groin into Nick’s face while his head was pinned against the mattress. Tom humped his face, his rock hard dick pressing into Nick’s skin as he struggled to breath.

Nick groaned loudly when Tom pulled away. “So fucking hot.”

“Get up here.” Tom said as he pulled Nick onto the bed. With Nick laying on his back, Tom straddled his chest and sat down. His weight pushed the air out of Nick’s lungs, but he didn’t seem to mind. Tom then pulled his shorts up so that his dick pupped out. He grabbed his massive cock and slapped it lightly against the bridge of Nick’s nose. Then he leaned forward and pushed his crotch against Nick’s face.

This time Nick’s mouth went up the leg of his shorts, and he was able to lick at Tom’s balls. Again Nick mumbled some words of approval. He wanted Tom to know he was enjoying himself.

“You like that, bro?” Tom asked, “You like it when I grind my junk all over your face.”

“Fuck yeah, man” Nick said back. Although Tom was always in control of their sexual encounters, this kind of forwardness and aggression was new.

Tom leaned forward as if he was going to kiss Nick, but then pulled away. The inside of his bottom lip grazed the tip of Nick’s nose.

“You smell like my cock.” Tom said.

“Best cologne ever.” Nick replied. He pushed his head up the leg of Tom’s shorts again and took a lick at Tom’s shaft before his head was pushed back into the bed.

“No freebies.” Tom said, “You’ve gotta work for it today.”

He arched his back and pulled off his t-shirt. Nick still hadn’t grown accustomed to Tom’s body: the hard stomach that rippled with every move, the boulder shoulders, or the slabs of meat that sat on his chest. He stared, practically drooling

Tom pushed his dick over Nick’s face one last time, just to let him know what the prize was, and then rolled over onto the bed. “Make me feel good.” he said.

Nick surveyed Tom’s nearly perfect body and tried to decide where to start. Some amount of time must have passed because Tom grew impatient and cupped the back of his head. He pulled it into his left pit.

“Start here,” he growled.

Nick’s tongue began to snake through Tom’s pit hair and his lips occasionally locked down and sucked on his skin. Tom groaned loudly. The feelings alone weren’t all that spectacular. What was getting him going was the sight of another man stuck underneath his arm, licking up his sweat. The amount of control Nick was giving him was amazing. Tom had not so much as kissed the guy in return. He put his hand on Nick’s head and then grabbed his hair, pulling it lightly. Nick moaned but also pressed his hard cock into the side of Tom’s leg. He pulled harder.

“That feels real good.” he said to Nick as he yanked him out. “Now do the other one.”

As he licked at Tom’s other pit, Nick slid his hand down the stud’s body. He rubbed his torso, feeling the ridges of his abs contract and tighten as he breathed. He could tell Tom was relaxed, comfortable even. It was so different from the first time he had touched Tom. That time, he had pulled away and tightened up. Now, he groaned and grabbed Nick’s wrist, pushing his hand into his shorts.

Nick rubbed Tom’s cock and then slid his hand down to Tom’s balls. He rolled them in his hand and massaged them, pulling them away from his body and squeezing them a bit. At the same time, he positioned his dick over Tom’s thigh and started to grind against his body.

Tom grabbed his head again. Cold air hit Nick’s spit and sweat covered face. When he looked up at Tom, Tom shook his head and laughed softly. “You’re humping me like a dog, dude.”

“Sorry,” Nick muttered. He thought Tom was mad at him, but something about the display made Tom feel more in control than ever. He grabbed Nick’s hand, the one that had been down his pants, and spit into his palm.

“Jerk yourself off.” Tom commanded.

Nick got up and pulled his pants off, careful not to lose the spit Tom had given him. Then he bent back over and started to lick Tom’s chest while he pulled on his dick. He was close, probably too close, and he didn’t want to cum quickly. Tom grabbed his hair again and pushed his head to a nipple.

“Suck on it.” he said and Nick started to suck, “Now bite a little.” When Nick did he felt Tom’s whole body jump and then Tom laughed with pleasure. “Fuck yes. Are you still jerking off?”

Nick nodded as he worked the erect tip of Tom’s pec. He looked upward, and Tom was staring straight at him. Their eyes locked for a minute and then Tom smiled from ear to ear, “You gonna cum for me bro?”

Nick nodded and then looked back down at Tom’s chest. Tom grabbed him by the hair and shook his head a little bit. “Keep looking at me.” he said before adding, “Cum for me bro.”

Nick continued to jerk off, sliding the slick length of his cock up and down through his hand. He chewed on Tom’s chest, sucking the skin and muscle into his mouth and licking it. The whole time he never broke eye contact with the stud, who gazed back at him. Then Tom twisted his hair and growled, “Cum now.”

For about ten seconds, the only sounds were Tom’s heavy breathing, Nick wincing from having his hair pulled, and the soft fapping of his cock. Then Nick groaned. Tom, felt the first blast of cum shoot over his thigh and up across his groin. Then another and another. It felt like he was getting pissed on. Nick might not have a monstrous package, but he could shoot like a porn star. Better than a porn star actually. The cum was going everywhere.

When Nick got control of himself he looked down at Tom’s body and saw the puddles of cum in the ridges of his abs. “Fuck. Sorry, man.”

Tom grabbed Nick’s head and lay it on his chest. For a second, Nick closed his eyes and began to relax. Tom’s heart was beating quickly and his body was warm. Then Tom pushed him down through the ocean of cum until Nick felt Tom’s pubes grind against his skin.

“You’re not done yet.” Tom said.

He didn’t need any instruction. Nick planted his mouth on Tom’s cock and started to suck. It was a different experience now that he’d shot his load. Usually sucking Tom was partly about getting himself off. This time, it was entirely about getting Tom off. It didn’t make the experience worse for Nick, but it definitely made it different.

He had been sucking for about a minute when Tom pulled him away. He’d gathered Nick’s cum from his torso and was pushing it down toward his dick. Then he scooped some into his palm and rubbed it into the shaft of his cock. His hand went back for more three times, and when he was done he’d rubbed Nick’s load all over his cock and balls. He held out his hand to Nick and waited.

Nick didn’t need to be asked. He licked his own load off Tom’s palm. Then he sucked one of Tom’s digits into his mouth. As he did, Tom pushed it down to the back of his throat, and explored his mouth. Then he pushed in another finger, opening Nick’s jaw and manipulating him. After all five fingers were licked clean, Nick felt Tom’s hands move around the back of his head and his mouth was pulled into Tom’s balls.

He sucked the big nuts into his mouth and rolled them around, tasting the salty tang of his own semen. Tom groaned as Nick gave him a stellar ball job, and Nick felt Tom’s fist knock into his head every so often as Tom jacked off. As he continued to lick Tom’s balls, he moved his head lower and started to lick the bottom of his sack. He had a sudden urge to go for Tom’s ass, something that he had never done before. He wanted badly to give Tom a kind of pleasure that he’d probably never felt before.

He was just about to make the move when Tom grabbed his hair and pulled him up to the base of his cock. “It’s time.” Tom grunted as he moved his hands away. Nick grabbed onto his shaft and licked at the tip. The glans seemed bigger than it had ever been before. It was engorged with blood, and Nick licked the tip as Tom’s foreskin slid back and forth. He saw the head flare and felt Tom’s hips raise up, and then he slipped his lips over Tom’s cock head. He was just in time. His mouth filled with Tom’s load.

“Oh fuck,” Tom grunted as his whole body shuddered. He fell backward and the headboard slammed into the wall. “Fuck, fuck.” he moaned as Nick drank his load.

“That’s right. Eat it. Eat my cum.” Tom said loudly. As the last drops pulsed out of his dick, he grabbed the back of Nick’s head and slammed it down, pushing his cock down into his buddy’s throat. Then he fell backward again, totally spent.

Nick kept Tom’s cock in his mouth as it softened. He nursed the tip and sucked on his foreskin while Tom rubbed the back of his neck.

“Another stellar performance, dude.”

“You too.” Nick said.

“I wasn’t too rough?” Tom sat up. “I’ve never done shit like that before.”

“It was kind of awesome actually.” Nick stood up and started to pull on his clothes. “I liked it.”

“You’re such a horn dog man. Best nut I’ve gotten in a while.”

“Good for me too.” Nick said with a smile. Then he zipped up his pants. Fully clothed, everything went back to normal. They were just two guys, hanging out. They talked a little bit and then Nick walked out of the house. Whatever Tom might have been feeling, Nick was thoroughly pleased.

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