Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 18

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.

Earlier that day, before the party, Nick had joked with Tom about being the only guy who could drain him dry. Now as they pulled away from the house, he decided to actually try it. It was late, but both of them had been planning on a late night anyway. Tom’s mom was staying with her boyfriend, and that freed up a house for both of them. Nick had gotten permission to stay over.

His parents seemed to appreciate the fact that he was telling the truth enough to ignore the fact that he was getting banged by the school’s quarterback.

As Tom drove, Nick reached over and pulled on the long, hard, rod in Tom’s pants. His cock snaked down his thigh, almost halfway to his knees. It was a monster, and Nick’s mouth watered as he felt his boyfriend up.

“How many times do you think you can cum?” Nick asked.

Tom shrugged, “I’ve got no idea. I’ve never gone for broke. Four or five, probably.”

Nick smiled, “You’re in for a rough night.”

Tom reached over, grabbed Nick’s neck, and pulled him his body. “We’ll see who’s tired out at the end of this. I’m still trying to decide if you’re going to be walking funny tomorrow or icing your jaw.”

“Maybe a little bit of both.” Nick said back. His ass twitched as he thought about getting pounded by Tom, again and again, unrelentingly. “On the other hand, maybe you should fuck me.”

“I’ll fuck you,” Tom said, “I was just wondering how many times.”

When they pulled up to the house, Tom led Nick to the door. They were both horny, neither of them could wait to pull off their clothes and take each other on. Fucking around with Erik had been a primer for what was sure to be an awesome night and morning.

The moon was full and shining on the front of the house. It cast everything in an eerie silver light. Tom took out his keys, but Nick grabbed his wrist before he touched the lock. He stood on his toes, stretched his neck, and kissed Tom on the lips. Tom kissed him back, deep and aggressively. This wasn’t a peck on the cheek. It was the opening salvo to a night of sex, cuddling, and talking.

Nick kissed Tom again and again, and his hands roamed across Tom’s muscular back. He felt each ridge and each bump of vertebrae as his hands slid down toward Tom’s ass. He remembered his goal of eventually getting Tom to shoot blanks. There was no sense in wasting time.

He moved his hands to Tom’s stomach and then slid one down into Tom’s pants. He had barely felt the top of Tom’s pubes when Tom grabbed his forearm with both hands.

“We’re outside.” Tom whispered.

“So, it’s the middle of the night.” Nick said.

He shoved his hand in further, past Tom’s coarse pubic hair and down to his cock. He kept feeling his way down until he got to the head. At this point he was elbow deep in Tom’s jeans and Tom had to unbutton the top button to make room. Nick played with Tom’s dick, fooling around with his foreskin, and hooking his fingers underneath it. It was weird touching a dick that he couldn’t see. It turned him on.

“Dude.” Tom said with a sigh. From the tone in his voice it was clear to Nick that his resistance had evaporated.

“Dude.” Nick whispered back as he stroked Tom’s cock. He felt precum leaking all over his fingers, and he pulled his arm out. “You’re leaking like a faucet. Someone needs to get off.”

Tom moved for the door. “Let’s go inside,” he said.

Nick shoved his finger into Tom’s mouth and Tom licked up his own precum. Then Nick pulled away and pushed his hand back into Tom’s pants. He didn’t fuck around this time. He grabbed onto Tom’s hard cock and pulled at it, stroking it with an iron grip and trying to squeeze the cum out of it. Every few strokes, he let go and played with Tom’s balls for a minute, just to keep him on the edge. Tom was groaning and thrusting his hips into Nick’s hand, trying to get off as quickly as possible.

While he stared out at the empty street, Tom’s hand snaked down Nick’s pants and he quickly found his guy’s asshole. He toyed with it for a second, then removed his hand and licked his finger. When he went back in, he shoved his middle digit straight into Nick’s ass.

Nick moaned, “Fuck yes.” He pulled on Tom’s dick harder, “Play with my hole, babe.”

“I’m getting it ready. I’m going to fuck you silly.” Tom groaned, “I want it so bad. You got me so fucking hot.”

Nick kept playing with Tom’s dick, and now he felt it pulsing all on it’s own. Tom was almost there. Nick took it in his hand, yanking on it, and shoving his whole arm into Tom’s pants while Tom had a hand down his. They kissed a few times in the moonlight. Finally Tom started to pant.

“Stop.” He said. When Nick didn’t respond, Tom muttered again. “Seriously, babe, you gotta stop.”

Nick kept pulling, and soon he felt Tom’s mouth against the back of his head. Tom breathed out one last long sigh, and then his dick exploded. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” he muttered. Nick felt his dick get huge in his hand, swelling up as cum coursed down his urethra, and then Tom started to spasm against him. He shot his load into the leg of his pants, and it felt like a big one because his orgasm seemed to take forever. He bit the back of Nick’s neck as he came, and Nick never stopped working his huge, nine inch cock.

He knew Tom was done when he stopped moaning. His cock, of course, stayed hard. It seemed like it was pretty much always hard. Nick fell down to the ground, feeling Tom’s fingers slide out of his ass as he knelt down.

He pressed his mouth over the bulge in Tom’s pants and sucked hard. Tom’s cum oozed through the denim and into Nick’s mouth. He licked and sucked, eating the fresh load, while Tom caught his breath. It took at least a minute before Tom remembered that they were standing on the front steps, illuminated by the moon, in full view of the neighborhood.

“Babe,” Tom whispered, “We should go inside.”

Nick continued to suck at Tom’s bulge, making a slurping noise. Tom reached down, grabbed him under the arms, and pulled him to his feet. They kissed for a minute before moving inside.

“That’s two.” Nick muttered.

Tom grinned. “You know that this is a battle that you’re going to lose. I’m totally going to outlast you.”

“You think?”

“You’ve got no self control.” Tom reached out and grabbed Nick. He muscled him around, so that his back was against Tom’s chest. One arm wrapped around Nick’s body and the other pushed into his pants. Nick’s cock was hard, as was Tom’s, which pressed into Nick’s ass. Tom played with his dick and whispered, “How long do you think you could last? One minute? Two?”

Nick squirmed, “C’mon . . ” he moaned, not sure if he was begging Tom to stop or begging him to take him over the edge.

Tom pushed his hand down further, bending forward. He went for Nick’s balls and then his ass. He pushed a finger back into Nick’s asshole. “You think you could cum this way? Without touching your dick at all? I bet you can.”

Tom started to finger him. Nick moaned and pushed down against the thick digit. They were both still fully clothed, and they looked awkward as they played with each other. Eventually Tom pulled away.

“I’m horny again.” Tom whispered, “Time for you to get me off.”

Nick looked at him blank faced. Not only was Tom asking Nick to milk another load out of him, but he was apparently not going to help Nick get off.

Tom took a step forward, grabbed Nick around the chest, and tossed him over his shoulder, fireman style. Nick felt Tom’s body strain. He was strong, but not strong enough to manhandle a guy like Nick and without a struggle. Tom thudded toward the back door, slid it open, and hauled Nick out into the grass. He put Nick down and started to undress. Nick kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his jeans. When he was finished, he looked up and saw Tom standing there completely naked.

For the first time, Nick saw the naked form of a man, outside, illuminated by the moon. There was something about Tom in that moment, something about the bobbing cock that bounced in front of him, which made him look unbelievably masculine and animalistic. He advanced toward Nick, his cock bouncing with each step, and ran his hands up the side of Nick’s torso. As their chests came together, Tom’s hands slid down Nick’s back.

“You know what I’m after.” Tom said. Just as he said the last word, his finger plunged back into Nick’s body. Nick cuddled up against Tom, using the warmth of his body to offset the cool night air. Then he dug his head into Tom’s chest, pressing against the soft fur and listening to Tom’s heart thud away.

Tom toyed with his hole for a minute or two, gradually easing in a second finger, but never putting in a third. That was the way Tom liked him, just a little tight. He never opened him all the way up.

“I’m gonna fuck you right here,” Tom said, “In the moonlight.” He kissed the top of Nick’s head, and his free hand massaged his back. Nick was feeling up Tom’s muscular body, enjoying the movement of his muscles under the skin. He didn’t respond to Tom, but felt his fingers going deeper and his touch becoming more aggressive. The romance of the evening was perfectly offset by Tom’s demeanor.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” Tom said. Nick pulled his face away and looked up at Tom. Tom bent his neck forward and kissed Nick on the lips. Then he grinned mischievously, “We’re gonna fuck like animals, babe. And you’re going to love it so much, you’re going to cum just from my dick inside of you.”

It wasn’t a question, or even a dare. It was a statement. Tom was telling him what was about to happen.

Still holding onto Nick, Tom brought them both to the ground. When Nick was on his knees, Tom moved behind him. The grass was wet, and stuck to his knees as he got into position. The yard was fenced fairly high, and as long as they didn’t make too much noise, no one would bother looking.

Tom lined his dick up with Nick’s body and shoved forward in one, solid assault on his ass. Nick groaned loudly as Toms’ nine inches pressed into his gut and his body made space for the giant dick. His own cock throbbed as the girth of Tom’s cock pressed against his prostate.

“Oh fuck,” Nick muttered as Tom started to slide back out. “Fuck, give me a sec.”

He needed a moment to catch his breath, to calm down a little bit. Between Tom making out with him, the naked body outside, and the long buildup, he was ready to bust. Now, as Tom pressed into him, he could barely hold back.

“Tom, I need a sec.”

Tom leaned forward, kissed Nick in the center of his back, and pressed in. He felt Nick’s body go stiff, and then suddenly slack. Mission accomplished. “No self-control.” Tom whispered as Nick’s body spasmed beneath him.

He grabbed onto Nick’s cock, not because he wanted to jerk him off but because he wanted to feel Nick blow his load. His cock danced in Tom’s hand, shooting his load forward onto the grass underneath him and occasionally jumping and painting Nick’s belly. Tom waited patiently and enjoyed the feeling of Nick’s body sucking and pulling on his dick. When Nick was done, Tom rubbed his back and kissed him on the neck.

“Now we can do this for real.”

Nick purred as Tom started to fuck him. He grunted loudly each time Tom bottomed out inside of him, pushing against his insides. Tom rocked back and forth, building up a sweat in the moonlight. As his pace picked up, Nick moaned loudly and Tom grabbed a pair of boxers from the pile of clothes next to them. “Chew on this,” he said as he pounded Nick even harder.

Nick chewed on the underwear, biting down when the occasional flash of pain overtook him. Tom’s fingers dug into his shoulders and his cock drove in and out of him like a piston. Nick was barely coherent. He was getting fucked so hard that it was totally disorienting when Tom suddenly withdrew and flipped him onto his back.

“I like it this way better.” Tom said as he pushed his dick back into Nick. “You’re fucking beautiful when you get fucked.”

Nick stared at Tom and his mouth hung open. He didn’t even have words to explain how Tom looked. His muscular body was coated with a thin sheen of sweat that glistened in the moonlight. His hair was just a little messy and his eyes were entirely focused on the task at hand. He looked amazing, and powerful, and masculine. Nick reached up toward him and pulled him down by the neck for a kiss.

For a moment, Tom stopped fucking Nick. Their mouths touched and both of them wrapped their hands around the other one. They pushed their lips against each other and groaned softly before breaking off the kiss. Tom smiled at Nick “You ready for number three?”

“Fuck yes.” Nick said back.

Tom thrust into him like a rabbit, going faster and faster until Nick could barely keep up. His ass burned with friction, but the feeling of Tom totally using his body outweighed the pain. Then, suddenly, Tom drove all the way in and stopped. Then, the little short thrusts that always preceded his load started. Nick rocked back and forth, his hands roaming across Tom’s chest while he waited.

Tom leaned forward suddenly and locked his mouth on Nick’s neck. He licked, sucked, and bit, while he unloaded inside of Nick. Nick rubbed his hair and then grabbed onto his ass, pulling him in as far as he could. His legs were wrapped around Tom’s thighs, and with each pulse he swore that he could feel himself filling up with Tom’s nut.

When Tom’s body stopped shaking, he broke away and stared at Nick. He smiled, and then kissed him quickly on the mouth, pulling on his upper lip. Nick waited a minute, and then pulled Tom back down to kiss him some more. Slowly, Tom’s cock deflated inside of him. When Tom finally pulled out, Nick groaned as his body closed back up.

“So,” Nick said, “So far, three was the best.”

“By far.” Tom said back. He looked down at himself and his soft cock. Then he looked at Nick. For a minute or two, his eyes wandered across his boyfriend’s body. Then his cock came back to life, thickening and throbbing. Nick watched it grow. By the time Tom pulled him to his feet, nine inches of dick were standing straight out in front of him.

“I’m ready for four.” Tom said.

“Let’s take a shower first.” Nick said. They were both covered with dirt and grass clippings.

They ran into the house and upstairs toward the bathroom. Tom started the water and they goofed around while it got hot. Once inside, Tom had Nick stand in front of him, and he slowly soaped his body. He started at the top and worked his way down, playing with Nick’s asshole a bit as he moved toward his feet. Then he did the front, spending a little more time than usual on his dick before rinsing him off.

Then he grabbed Nick’s shoulders and turned him back around, “I kind of want to try something.” he said.

Tom sank to his knees and buried his face between Nick’s cheeks. He started to eat his ass, first tasting the soapy remnants of the shower, but then getting a tongue full of his own cum. It turned him on; he didn’t know why and he really didn’t care. He loved it, and he pushed in even deeper. Nick had both hands against the wall and thrust his ass backward against Tom’s face. He moaned loudly and then felt Tom’s hand on his hard cock. Tom jerked him off, pulling on his dick while he continued to eat his ass. It wasn’t long before Nick was moaning that he was about to cum.

Tom pulled Nick’s dick backward between his legs and moved his mouth to the head of his cock. He sucked on it for about ten seconds before his mouth was filled with the taste of Nick’s cum. He drank it down, savoring every drop, not thinking about what he was doing at all, but just enjoying himself. When Nick finished cumming, Tom nuzzled his face in Nick’s ass crack before standing back up.

Nick looked at him and raised an eyebrow. Tom blushed a bit. He knew he’d gotten a little crazy, maybe gone farther than he’d gone before, but Nick didn’t care. He was already soaping up Tom’s shoulders and chest, giving him the same treatment Nick had just gotten.

After Tom rinsed off, Nick dropped down to his knees. In a strange twist, Tom’s dick was only half hard, so Nick sucked the whole thing into his mouth and started to tongue it. Tom groaned and ran his fingers through Nick’s wet hair. Then he pulled his dick out of Nick’s mouth and rubbed it across his face.

Tom pulled on his shaft and his thick foreskin pushed up around the tip like a nipple. Nick started to play with it with his tongue, then sucked and pulled it away from Tom’s body. Tom groaned as Nick stretched his cock out. Nick then grabbed the shaft again, and this time just ran his tongue under Tom’s skin until he had his guy squirming and hard. When Tom’s dick reached full size, the skin slid back behind the purple head, and the tip oozed precum.

“Jesus, dude.” Nick said, “This thing really doesn’t have an off button, does it?”

“Do my balls.” Tom said softly.

Nick lifted up Tom’s cock and sucked one of his big nuts into his mouth. Tom kept his balls smooth, and in the hot water, they rolled around easily in his loose sack. Nick toyed with it, letting it flop around in his mouth before going for the other nut. He could tell that Tom was into the ball-job. He started to squat down over Nick, pushing his nuts into his mouth.

After only a few minutes, Nick heard the water turn off. “Bedroom” Tom groaned. They both dried off quickly and headed for the bedroom. As soon as they entered, Tom turned around, and pulled Nick down into his crotch. At the same time, he sat down on the edge of the bed and laid back. He opened his legs, and let his huge cock flop across his thigh. His big balls, twin orbs hanging down against the bedspread, presented themselves to Nick.

Nick crawled up between Tom’s legs and sucked the first of his nuts into his mouth. Tom groaned and Nick felt a hand on the back of his head. As he continued to suck and toy with Tom’s balls, Tom rubbed his hair and massaged his neck right at the neck line. Nick purred in enjoyment, and Tom leaned up.

“You like those nuts, don’t you?” Tom slipped a finger into Nick’s mouth and Nick sucked on it gently. When Tom took it out, Nick tried to suck his cock.

“No way, babe.” Tom said, “Go back to my balls.”

He pushed Nick into his nuts, exerting just enough force that Nick knew he was in control, but not so much that he was being bossy. Nick liked it, it was a gentle reminder that Tom was getting what he wanted. He kept licking Tom’s balls, letting them roll off his tongue, until Tom seemed pleased.

The moment came when Tom started to raise his legs. He wanted Nick’s mouth on his taint and his asshole. Nick moved between his legs, grabbing Tom by the thighs and lifting them gently. His favorite part of eating Tom’s ass like this was that he got to bury his whole face in Tom’s junk. His mouth was on his asshole, his eyes and nose were covered by Tom’s balls, and Tom occasionally tapped him on the head with his dick.

The slurping noises that filled the room were intense. Tom was now bucking against Nick, lifting his ass up and then pushing it back down. Nick held onto Tom’s hips, doing his best job while Tom writhed and moaned on the bed.

“You like that baby,” Nick asked right after he had shoved his tongue into Tom’s ass. Tom groaned. “You’ve got me so hot, dude. Look at this.”

Nick pulled away. Tom’s cock was hard and throbbing, literally bouncing with each heartbeat. A steady stream of precum oozed from the tip and a pool the size of a quarter had collected on Tom’s abs. “I’m leaking like nothing else, man.” Tom said. “It’s never been like this before.”

Nick was impressed. Three orgasms in and he would have assumed that Tom was getting tired. Instead, it seemed like the guy was just starting to get fired up. He was as hard as he had been when they first started playing around with Erik hours ago. Nothing slowed him down.

“Get up here.” Tom said.

Nick crawled onto the bed. Before Tom could ask, he bent over and licked up the pool of precum. Normally he couldn’t really taste the stuff, but this time there was enough that he got the full experience of the sweet, sticky liquid. Then he took Tom’s cock into his mouth and sucked hard.

Tom let him bob up and down for a few minutes before pulling his dick out of Nick’s mouth. “Come up here by me.” Tom said.

Nick lay down next to Tom and Tom put his arm around Nick. He pulled the smaller guy into his warm body and then took Nick’s hand at the wrist. He guided Nick down to his cock and wrapped his fingers around it.

“Jerk me off, babe.” Tom said. Then he started to make out with Nick.

Nick pulled on Tom’s slimy cock while Tom’s tongue invaded his mouth and played with his own. Tom was moaning loudly now, and his whole body was twisting as he humped Nick’s hand. Eventually, the moans were interfering with their kissing, and Nick broke away.

He kissed his way down Tom’s neck and across his shoulder, eventually bringing his mouth to rest on Tom’s nipples. He bit down a little bit, teasing Tom, before he started to suck. As his mouth worked one of the nipples, his hand played with Tom’s dick. He pulled on it from the base nearly up to the tip. A little bit of spit had combined with the river of precum to make Tom’s cock wet and slimy. Nick continued to work it, while Tom bucked on the bed.

“Fuck, you’ve got me close, babe.” Tom moaned.

His eyes were closed and his mouth was just slowly open. Nick wrapped one of his legs around Tom’s thigh and pushed his cock against his skin. He wanted to maximize the amount of contact that Tom was feeling. His main goal was to press as much of his body against Tom’s as he could.

Tom’s hand was in between his ass cheeks, playing with his hole and working the flesh of his glutes. He was breathing hard now, his eyes still clamped shut, and his dick started to pulse. Nick stared at it, just waiting for that initial blast. His head was flat against Tom’s chest; he heard him breath and felt his chest rise and fall with each breath.

Finally, the head of Tom’s cock flared. The big purple tip got even bigger and the ridge around his glans swelled up. A solid rope of cum arched out of Tom’s cock, splattered right in front of Nick’s face, and then painted a line toward his pubes. The second shot was bigger and thicker. It landed on the side of Nick’s face and traced across his nose. Tom’s cock spewed a few more times before it settled down.

Nick let go. He watched Tom’s cock slowly loose his shape and felt Tom’s breathing slow down. Then he stuck out his tongue and tasted Tom’s salty load. He began to move, slowly licking his way down to the root of Tom’s cock, pushing and sucking up every drop of nut that he could find. Tom groaned as Nick took his ultra sensitive dick into his mouth and sucked out the last drops of cum.

Then Tom grabbed Nick’s head and pulled him up to him. Nick’s face was painted in his load. It still hung in thick and slimy ropes.

“You look hot covered in my nut.” Tom said. He stuck out his tongue and licked a line of cum off of Nick’s face. He did it again, and then again. He lapped at Nick’s face like a dog until every drop of cum was gone.

Nick kissed him and then grabbed at his cock, “You think you can go again?”

Tom laughed. “I know I can go again,” then he sighed, “Right now, though, lets just stay like this.”

They lay on the bed, wrapped together until they started to get cold. Tom pulled a blanket over them, and they fell asleep, arms and legs still tangled, with cum drying on both of their bodies.

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