Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 17

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.

After Nick and Tom came out the response was mixed.
After a couple of days, it started to trend toward the positive. Of course, there were some people who gave both of them a hard time. For the first time in a year, since Tom had said it, Nick had been called a fag in school. It didn’t bother him. The people who seemed to have the biggest problem with him being gay were people he never really spent time with. None of his friends or acquaintances, none of the people he liked being around, seemed to care. Or, if they did care, they didn’t say anything.

Things were harder for Tom. He was accustomed to everyone liking him and looking up to him. If he failed or screwed up, he had enough positive accomplishments in reserve to cover his mistakes. He was a crummy basketball player, but he was good at football and that made up for it. On the rare occasions when he blew a game, people would be angry, but he knew he deserved it.

Now there were people who disliked him simply because of who he was dating. It felt unfair, and he became slightly depressed. Nick, in particular, tried to convince him that it wasn’t so bad. Almost everyone still thought that Tom was God’s gift to humanity and the girls were practically worshipping him now. Maybe a few people had a problem with him, but that had always been the case.

“You’re serious?” Tom asked Nick. They were eating lunch together. As people walked by, they both felt like they were zoo animals on display.

“I didn’t really like you.” Nick said with a smile. “I mean, I thought you were hot, but you seemed kind of arrogant.”

“I’m not arrogant.” Tom said.

“You’ve got a little bit of an arrogant side, dude.” Nick said back, “And don’t’ forget that you called me a fag and crushed me into a locker.”

Tom’s face turned bright red and he looked down at the table. “I’m still embarrassed about that. Like, I really regret it.”

“I don’t.” Nick said, “It turned out ok, you know.”

“True. So I wasn’t Mr. Popular before and I shouldn’t expect to be now.”

“No,” Nick said, “You were Mr. Popular before, but that doesn’t mean that there weren’t a few people who didn’t like you. Just relax, ok? You’re still a cool guy, you’re still sexy as hell, and you’re still a jock. Most people know that; the rest will figure it out. Just give them time.”

Tom nodded and took Nick’s advice. Over the course of the next week, things did seem to calm down. One thing that Tom hadn’t expected was the attention that he would get from the girls. They were, literally, all over him, and all of them were clamoring to be his new best friend. Since grade school, Tom had never been `friends’ with a girl. It had always been clear that he was pursuing them. Even when he was twelve or thirteen, his friends who were girls quickly turned into his girlfriends. On the plus side, the dudes at school pretty much followed the girls, so most guys were cool around Tom. It wasn’t popular to be a homophobe, not at his school and not around these girls, so the guys fell into line quickly.

Tom was completely at a loss about how to deal with all the attention. He didn’t want to become friends with a girl, because he was afraid that it might lead somewhere. The last thing he wanted at this moment was any resurgence of his old, heterosexual feelings. He’d finally figured out that he liked guys and come to peace with it, he didn’t want to fuck all that up. So, he tolerated the female attention, but played `hard to get’ with the girls who were looking for a new gay best friend.

Tom found himself in the cafeteria once again, sitting with Nick. While he didn’t feel like a zoo animal on display anymore, people were still staring at the only openly gay couple in the school out of the corner of their eyes.

“I’m ready to get out of here.” Tom said.

“I’ve still got a class,” Nick said.

“Nah, I mean this place.” Tom said, “I’m ready for college, you know, a fresh start.” He saw Nick’s face go slack. Even though they hadn’t talked about it, Tom knew that Nick was terrified that Tom was going to drop him when he got to college, “With you too. A fresh start for us. Without the past hanging around.”

“Yeah, I guess that’ll be fun.”

Tom looked down at his plate. Nick didn’t get it. Everywhere Tom went and everyone he met expected something from him. He was supposed to be one way, and it was a huge amount of pressure. He looked forward to the day when he could walk into a classroom and no one would know him. For the first time in his life, he’d be able to decide who and what he wanted to be.

“I, uh, got invited to a party tonight. On campus.” Nick said to Tom. He hadn’t even considered going until now. But if Tom was looking to escape the pressure cooker of their high school, getting away from that usual crowd might help.

“You’ve got a lead on a party and you didn’t tell us?” Tom asked, thinking about Austin and Chris too.

“I guess I was too nervous to think about going. That guy I met a while back told me about it.” Nick said.

“Yeah? Is he still in the picture?”

“We text.” Nick said, “And he sends me dick pics.” Nick pulled some up and shoved his phone over to Tom, who studied them like it was the first cock he’d ever seen.

“We should go.” Tom said. He looked at Nick, who seemed hesitant. “We’re going. Wear something sexy, I don’t want you to embarrass me.”

Seven or eight hours later, Nick was ready to go out. When Tom pulled up, Nick was instantly put at ease. The guy was a natural in social situations, and he looked amazing. He was wearing khaki pants and a light blue shirt that pulled across his chest and tapered around his waist. No one would think that he was still in high school and everyone would want to get into his pants.

Nick jumped into the truck and Tom drove off. “You want to pre-party at my house a little? Then we could walk over to campus.”

Tom lived on the edge of the college campus that dominated their town. It was a good plan, designed to help Nick loosen up. When they got to Tom’s bedroom, Tom immediately pulled out his bong. He took a monster rip and then passed it to Nick. Nick just pushed it aside and grabbed an old bottle of vodka that Tom kept under his bed. He knew the weed would mellow him out to the point of being incoherent. He wasn’t able to function while high the way Tom was.

The two guys joked around for about ten minutes. Tom was fucked up and Nick was starting to get buzzed. Tom kept rubbing Nick’s neck and back, making him horny and causing a monster erection to form in his pants.

“You’re turning me on.” Nick said.

“Weed makes me horny, babe.” Tom said back.

He grabbed the back of Nick’s head and pulled him down into his crotch, pushing his face into his khaki’s. His rock hard dick pressed against Nick’s face. “You see how hard you’ve got me.” Tom laughed.

Tom caressed the side of Nick’s face, and then he slid his hand down Nick’s back and into his pants. He rubbed both cheeks and leaned back against the wall. Nick buried his face in Tom’s pants, rubbing against the hard cock. He knew Tom was high and that every touch was magnified ten fold. Nick started to undo the zipper on Tom’s pants, but Tom stopped him.

“Later,” Tom said.

He pulled Nick up onto him, so that Nick was straddling his waist and facing him. The two of them started to make out, rubbing their hands down each other’s backs and feeling each other’s muscular bodies. Nick quickly pulled Tom’s shirt off, messing up his hair a little bit. Tom responded by pulling Nick’s shirt off. They pressed their warm chests against each other while they made out. At the same time, they ground their erections into each other’s bodies. They stayed locked together like that for a solid five minutes before Tom rolled onto his side and took Nick with him.

With Nick now laying down on his back, Tom crawled over him and licked at each of his nipples. He continued to make out with Nick’s body, kissing his chest and then locking onto his neck. He kissed and sucked around the base of Nick’s jaw, while Nick made out with whatever he could get his hands one. He kissed the top of Tom’s head, chewed on his earlobes, and even sucked on his fingers for a while. They were both totally lost in the experience of the other’s body; more concerned with extending the experience and enjoying it than they were with getting off.

Exhausted, Tom took a breath and sank into Nick’s body. When he pulled away, he saw the bruises beginning to form on Nick’s neck. “I got a little carried away.” He said with a crooked grin.

Nick frowned, “Everyone is going to think I’m a slut.”

Tom touched the dark wet spot between Nicks’ legs. “You are a slut.” he kissed Nick once more, “Seriously, you’re kind of insatiable.”

Nick got off the bed and smoothed out his hair. “I’m the guy who managed to satisfy the great Tom Johnson. Nothing to be ashamed of there.”

Tom laughed, “The next time someone asks me how I knew I liked dudes, that’s what I’m going to tell them. I’m going to be like, all you girls, you couldn’t keep up with me, but Nick, he drained me dry.”

Nick walked toward Tom, kissed him, and then grabbed his hard cock one last time, “Like this beast has ever shot blanks.”

“We should try it sometime.” Tom said.

Nick smiled crookedly, “We could blow off the party.”

“No way. Tom said, “I’m ready to go.”

When they got to the party, they were surprised to find the house already packed. Nick said hello to the guy who had texted him, but he was busy hosting, so Nick and Tom were on their own. They wandered through the house and eventually hooked up with a group of guys who seemed a little like their crew in high school. They tended toward the jock look, but all seemed chill and easygoing. They were talking football when Tom interrupted them, and after a few introductions, Tom and Nick were as much a part of the group as anybody.

One guy, Erik, was clearly eying Tom from the get go, and the more he drank, the more audacious he became with his flirting. At first it was just an occasional hand on Tom’s shoulder, but soon he was touching Tom’s chest as well. He was a good looking dude, close to six feet, with a solid but thin build. His skin was olive colored and his hair was pure black, like he had some mediterranean or middle eastern blood in his background. His hair was styled perfectly, and he had a little bit of a shadow on his face. He was hot. Not the kind of guy you’d want to date, but definitely the kind of guy who looked like he would be a blast in the bedroom. He exuded sexuality.

Someone cracked a joke and everyone laughed. Erik took the opportunity to put his hand on Tom’s chest again. Tom grabbed him by the wrist and moved his hand away. “My boyfriend is right there, man.” Tom said.

“So, he can watch.” Erik said softly. Some of the other guy’s rolled their eyes and one looked at Nick and mouthed, “Slut.”

Tom just shrugged it off, but Erik moved his hand back to his chest. Tom pushed it away again, this time a little more violently. He didn’t like it when someone couldn’t take a hint. It threatened his sense of control.

Tom and Nick broke off from the group a minute later in order to refill their beers. The crowd was mixed between straight and gay, and both Tom and Nick felt completely comfortable being affectionate with each other. Tom kissed Nick and rubbed his back.

“Sorry about that.” Tom said, glancing over at the dark skinned guy.

“Actually,” Nick said, “It was kind of hot. I love watching other guys drool over you. It’s like it proves to me how hot you actually are and reminds me that you’re mine.”

“You only love me for my jacked physique, is that what you’re saying?”

“I love you for more than that.” Nick said, “But I drool over your jacked physique, and I like it when other guys are hot for what they can’t have.”

“I kind of love it when people talk about how great you are.” Tom said.

Erik wandered over to them and interrupted their conversation. He was handsy again, for the third time, and Tom was a little pissed. “Take a hint, man.” He said.

“Sorry,” the guy said as he slammed another shot, “but you’re a stud.” He glanced at Nick, “You’re a lucky guy, you ever feel like sharing, let me know.”

Nick was feeling confidant, “I don’t share Tom,” he said, “But if you’re lucky, we might share you.”

Tom looked at Nick and raised an eyebrow. Then he broke off from Erik and pulled Nick aside, “Are you serious or are you just playing around?”

“I don’t know,” Nick said as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, “I wouldn’t mind watching you drill another guy. I mean, I know what you’re capable of, but I never get to see it.”

Tom started to breath heavily. Nick knew he wanted a taste of something new, and this was one way for him to get it. “I want to watch you too, ok? You can’t just stay on the sidelines. Let’s pound this guy together.”

“Deal.” Nick said.

They walked back over to the guy, who was patiently waiting for them like a puppy dog. He smiled and said, “What’s the verdict?”

“You got a place to go?” Tom asked.

“Nice,” he said. It turned out that Erik lived in the house, and he took them up to his room. It was perfectly clean, with a long line of shoes by the door. Everything was put away and tidy. It was a complete contrast to both Nick and Tom’s rooms.

Tom didn’t waste any time. As soon as the door closed, he put his hand on the back of Erik’s neck and pushed him down to the floor. He fell to his knees without complaint and looked up at them with puppy dog eyes. He was cute in a way, even though his face was extremely masculine. Tom ran his hand along the side of the guys jaw.

“Pretty face, huh?” he said to Nick.

“It’s going to look even better when he’s drowning in my nut.” Nick said, and then he blushed. Tom laughed.

“He’s not joking,” Tom said, “My guy cums gallons. You better be thirsty.”

The guy opened his mouth to say something, but Tom shoved a finger between his lips before he could get out a single word. Tom shoved the finger deep into Erik’s mouth and then said, “I don’t think you really need to say anything else.”

He sucked on Tom’s finger for a minute and then Tom pulled it out. He started to loosen Nick’s belt and then pushed his jeans down. Nick’s cock, long and thin, popped up against his stomach. Tom grabbed Erik’s head and pushed him toward Nick. There was a flash in his eyes, and it was clear that Tom’s cock was the one that he really wanted. That didn’t deter Tom, if anything, it made him more excited about force-feeding this dude his boyfriend’s dick.

The guy started to lick the tip of Nick’s cock and soon had his mouth around it. Tom let him work it for a minute and then looked over at Nick and winked. Nick knew that Tom was trying to draw him out, to open him up to a part of his personality he didn’t see very often, and Nick gave in. He grabbed the guy right behind the ears and pulled him down onto his dick.

His cock slid down the dude’s throat without any resistance. It was absolutely amazing. Tom was pretty much the only person who sucked Nick’s dick, and this guy had the sorts of skills that only an experienced cum guzzler possessed. He was doing things to Nick’s dick that were out of this world.

“Better than me?” Tom asked.

Nick nodded, “You can’t be perfect at everything.” He grunted the last words as another wave of pleasure coursed through his body. He grabbed the dude’s head and pulled him down all the way to the root of his cock before letting him up. Then he shoved him over to Tom’s crotch. The guy started to eat the lump of flesh between Tom’s legs, chewing on the fabric of his pants.

“You know, I was totally straight until a few months ago. Not a lot of guys have gotten a taste of this dick.” Then Tom grabbed his chin and pulled his head upward, “You better not fuck it up.”

Tom opened his pants and let all nine inches of his monstrous dick roll out. He was hard, and his cock bobbed and jumped in front of the dude’s face. Erik stuck out his tongue and grabbed a taste. His eyes closed, and Nick knew what he was tasting and savoring. He was suddenly jealous.

As if he’d read his mind, Tom leaned over and started to make out with him. His tongue snaked into Nick’s mouth as his cock plunged into the dude’s gullet. They stood like that for five minutes while Erik worked first Tom’s dick and then both of their dicks together. They wrestled for space in Erik’s mouth while they kissed and pulled each other’s clothes off. Finally, they pushed him away. He sat back on his knees, looked up at them, and whistled.

“You dudes are hot,” he said.

“Let’s see what you’ve got.” Tom said back.

In a flash Erik removed all of his clothes. He had a little bit of hair on his chest and stomach that spread across his dark skin. His pubes were straight and a little thick, stretching up over his flat belly. He had some muscle, but was fairly thin and lean. Nick was turned on by his dark skin, and Tom was drooling over his litheness. He was only just starting to think about guys sexually, but he was definitely developing a type. He didn’t like big bulky muscular dudes. He liked thin and lean guys. Guys he could throw around if he wanted to.

“Nice.” Tom said. He advanced toward Erik, grabbed him under the shoulders, and then tossed him backward onto the bed. He landed flat on his back with his cock standing straight up from his body.

Tom looked at Nick, raised one eyebrow, and then they both advanced. Tom grabbed Erik’s hard cock, felt it’s heft in his hand, and then bent down and took it into his mouth. The whole maneuver still felt slightly foreign to him. It wasn’t something that he was used to doing, but he did it. He felt Nick’s hand on his back as Nick crawled up beside him and went for the guy’s balls. They slobbered all over his junk, pausing to make out every few seconds. Then Tom pulled away.

“Go feed him your cock, babe. I’m going to get this ass ready.”

Tom lifted Erik’s legs up high and spread his cheeks. His perfect, dark hole winked back at him. There was a thatch of dark hair around it that was surprisingly hot. Tom dove in, licking around his hole and then shoving his tongue inside. He rimmed him for a second, then spit on his whole and shoved a finger in.

“Fuck that’s tight.” He said to Nick.

Nick was above the guy, getting his low hanging nuts sucked. Tom grabbed Nick’s cock and gave it a couple of tugs. The he tweaked the dude’s nipple. “You like those nuts, don’t you? Those are real fucking baby makers. No joke. This guy could knock up a whole sorority in one night. You get him hot, and you’re in for a hell of a reward.”

Erik mumbled something. Tom grabbed Nick’s hand and pulled it between Erik’s legs. “Feel how tight this ass is, babe.” Tom said. Nick slipped his finger in and then grinned at Tom. “You ready to bust him open?”

“I’m ready.” Tom said, “Are you?”

Tom looked into Nick’s eyes and gave him one last chance to say no. Even though Nick had basically orchestrated this encounter, Tom wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t’ fuck things up. Nick nodded before he leaned forward and kissed Tom.

“You got any lube?” Tom asked.

Erik spit Nick’s nuts out just long enough to tell him where to find it, then he sucked the massive orbs back into his gob. Tom oozed the lube onto his dick, working his foreskin back and forth a few times for Nick’s entertainment, then he slid into the dude.

For a moment, he moved slowly, then he heard Nick whisper, “Fuck him.”

It suddenly clicked in his mind what Nick wanted. He wanted to see his stud, his fucking stallion, do what studs do best. He wanted Tom to throw this guy the best fuck he could, so that Nick could get off watching it all happen. Tom smiled to himself, pulled back, and then shoved in at full speed. Erik grunted as Tom gut punched him, and then braced himself for what promised to be a hard fuck.

Nick watched Tom pick up speed. He wasn’t even thinking about getting his dick sucked anymore, it was all about Tom. The striations in his shoulders and the veins over his biceps started to pop as he worked up a sweat, his skin was glistening, and his face looked focused. Looking around the side, Nick watched Tom’s obliques expand and contract and the muscles of his ass come together on each thrust. It was like watching a porno, and Nick was totally getting off on it.

He leaned forward and started to lick the sweat off of Tom’s chest. “You’re like a fucking animal.” Nick said to him. Tom grabbed him by the chin and kissed him once, and then Nick’s mouth moved to his cheek, sucking up the sweat that was running down his cheek. Nick licked the inside of his ear, and whispered, “Fuck him, babe. Fuck him for me.”

Underneath him, Erik’s body rocked back and forth. Nick was leaning so far forward at this point that the guy was sucking on the base of his cock. He reached between his legs and pushed his dick into Erik’s mouth. It slipped in with no problem and suddenly he was being deep-throated again.

Tom raised his arms behind his neck, showing off his body for Nick. Nick immediately dove into one of the armpits, planting his face deep into the sweaty, sticky pit. Tom brought his arm down, knowing how much it turned Nick on to feel his strength as well as the touch of his skin.

Then he felt Nick shudder. He hadn’t expected to take his guy over the edge, not this soon at least, but it was happening. Nick bucked and shoved his hips forward, planting his cock deep in Erik’s throat and shooting his first shot into the guy’s gullet. The second shot was more copious and more of a challenge, and Erik choked, coughing up Nick’s dick and taking the rest of that blast on his face. Nick’s cock flailed as he continued to cum. He shot two blasts across Erik’s chest before the dude got his dick back into his mouth, drinking the rest.

Tom was still rocking back and forth, and when Nick finished and moved away, Erik’s face and chest was covered with spooge. “Fuck,” the guy muttered. Tom smiled, “I told you he was a big shooter.”

The dude licked his lips. Nick crawled off of him and got down on his knees behind Tom. He dove between his legs and licked at his taint and the back of his balls. His whole face was buried in Tom’s sexy, meaty ass while Tom drilled the dude.

“Fuck, babe.” Tom said loudly, “Fucking hell, that’s good.”

Tom bent forward, planting his cock even deeper into Erik’s body, and started to lick Nick’s load off of his chest. This was the flavor he needed. It tasted like Nick. He rubbed his face in it, feeling Erik’s hard muscles, but relishing the smell and slickness of Nick’s cum on his face.

“Fuck,” he yelled.

He pulled out and started to jerk on his cock. He launched his cum onto Erik’s junk. It came out in thick gobs and his abdominals tightened in waves as it shot out. Nick rubbed Tom’s back and ate his bucking ass while Tom got his nut. When he felt his man go slack, he stood up.

Erik was laying on the bed in front of them totally wrecked. He had cum on his face, on his chest, and all over his still hard cock. Tom ran his fingers through the gobs of cum on Erik’s dick and then through Nick’s load. Then he fed the mixture of their cum to Erik.

As he licked it up, Nick pulled on Erik’s dick, using Tom’s cum as lube. The whole room smelled like sweat and cum and men, and it took about four strokes to get the guy off. Soon he was shooting his own load, adding it to the mix, and it arched onto his chest in long watery shots. Tom scooped it up almost as quickly as it fell and fed Erik his own fresh load.

When it was over, there was a moment of silence while they all caught their breath. Then Erik spoke, “That was fucking amazing. You sure you guys are still in high school?”

“Why?” Tom said.

“Cause you fuck like champions,” he said, “Seriously, that was one of the best lays of my life.”

When he didn’t get a response, he looked up. The two studs who he’d just hooked up with were locked in an embrace, making out while they toyed with each other’s flaccid cocks. For a minute he felt a sting of regret as he realized he’d just been royally used. He was nothing more than their sex toy, and this whole encounter had been about them. Then he smelled the aroma of cum and remembered his orgasm. Suddenly he didn’t care so much about being used.

When Nick and Tom finally dressed and left, they were giddy with each other, but they didn’t speak. When they got into Tom’s truck, Nick grabbed between Tom’s legs. “That was one,” he said, “How many more until you start shooting blanks?”

Tom couldn’t throw the truck into gear fast enough.

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