Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 16

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

The next weeks passed in a blur. The relationship between Tom and Nick was more romantic and less sexual than usual. Tom had taken the relationship to the next level and made it much more serious than it had been. Nick in particular realized that he hadn’t really been thinking of Tom as a boyfriend but as more of a fuck buddy.

After Tom said he loved him, Nick couldn’t pretend that they were just screwing around. Tom was serious and that scared Nick almost as much as anything could.

From the start, Nick had thought of their relationship as being about him. Tom came to him, offered himself to him, and then made him popular. He felt like he owed Tom everything. Despite the affection Tom showed Nick on a daily basis, the relationship had felt, until then, like Tom was making up for the way he had treated Nick one morning months ago. Nick knew that he was in love with Tom, but he hadn’t considered that Tom might love him back.

That responsibility was a little overwhelming. He was as important to Tom as Tom was to him, and even though Tom had done a lot for Nick, Nick now realized that he had done a lot for Tom as well. They were both adjusting to this new reality.

In the past, they mainly hung out with the guys, before going home to screw around. Most of their one on one interactions were built around sexual encounters. They had gone on a few ‘dates,’ but the relationship was primarily about sex. Now, suddenly, both of them had a bigger interest in each other. They wanted to show their affection in other ways, talk about their lives in different ways, and just spend time with each other.

They still hung out with their friends. Austin and Chris were a regular part of both of their lives, and Nick was spending more time with Chris at the gym. He didn’t really have it in him to commit to “getting huge” the way Chris did, but he liked feeling accepted and the gym-time made him more confidant. Tom and Chris still had some problems, and the weirdness between them was often palpable, but it rarely infected Nick’s time with his friends.

He was hanging out with Tom before a big party at Austin’s house when Tom really caught him off guard. They were at Nick’s house, in his bedroom, going over some math homework. Tom’s letterman jacket was hanging on the chair at Nick’s desk. Nick had worn it about a million times since Tom gave it to him, but he’d never worn it out of the house. He liked putting it on, feeling the fabric against his skin, and smelling Tom’s cologne. As they talked about the party, Tom reached out and touched the sleeve of the jacket.

“You should wear this tonight.” He said flatly.

Nick stared at him. “You’re serious?”

“I’m ready if you are.” Tom said.

For the first time since they had met, Tom was being more daring than Nick. Nick assumed that people knew he was gay. His close friendship with the three most popular jocks at school had changed that perception a little, but Nick still considered his sexuality an open secret. Tom coming out would be a bombshell. The fact that Tom was ready to take that step before Nick was was a little scary.

“I, uh . . .” Nick paused, “I need to think about it a little bit. It’s a big step.”

“We could take it together.” Tom said. “With Chris and Austin too. They’ll be on our side. Even Chris.”

“Still. It makes it all pretty real. I just need to think it through.”

Tom leaned in and kissed Nick on the cheek, then whispered into his ear. “You think too much.”

It was one of Nick’s favorite lines. He used it whenever Tom disappeared into his own thoughts, withdrawing from Nick and contemplating the ins and outs of the next step in their relationship. Hearing it used against him was a new thing.

Nick hesitated and Tom felt his body get tense. He rubbed Nick’s back and shoulders, “You can take as long as you want, ok. I didn’t mean to pressure you.”

Nick looked at Tom and teared up for a second. He didn’t know why he was so afraid. Everything seemed to be coming at him pretty quickly. He wasn’t sure if he was afraid of coming out to basically the whole school or if he was afraid of admitting that he was totally and completely in love with Tom.

For the next few hours, Tom and him laid on the bed and watched TV together. They didn’t fool around. Nick just laid next to him, snuggled up against Tom’s side. He loved that Tom was bigger than him and could engulf almost his whole body. Then Tom left to grab dinner and change for the party.

Nick spent the better part of an hour showering and deciding on what to wear. Now that his body had some mass on it, he liked to show off. He wasn’t an adonis by any means, but he also wasn’t a stick. He could wear a t-shirt and his pecs looked solid and his arms actually filled the sleeves.

As he dressed, his eyes kept falling on the jacket, but he avoided thinking about it. When Tom pulled up to the house, Nick made for the door, and in a quick impulsive moment, pulled the jacket off the chair and put it on. When he got to the car, Tom was smiling.

“Guess we’re going to do this.” He said.

Nick shrugged. “I guess.”

“We’re doing it together. How many guys can say that? Whatever else happens, we can fall back on each other.” Tom said.

“You don’t do anything half-way, do you?” Nick asked.

“There’s no point.” Tom said, “You can’t do anything if you’re not willing to see it through to the end.”

For a minute, Nick thought about the consequences this might have for Tom. Nick didn’t have far to fall. At worst, he’d go back to where he had started. Tom, however, was at the top of the social pyramid. Was he really ready to give that up?

“Hang on,” Nick said, “Do you really understand what this could mean? People aren’t going to see you the same way Tom. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Tom didn’t take his eyes off the road. “You’re not hurting me.” Tom said. “You’re helping me to do something that I wouldn’t be able to do by myself. I need you there, and whatever happens, happens.”

Nick leaned against him. He didn’t say anything. It was clear that Tom was pretty much the best guy in the world, and even though he exuded confidence, he was vulnerable.

Tom took an odd turn and pulled his truck into the back of a parking lot. He flicked the lights off and then grinned at Nick. “You need to relax, babe.” He said.

His hand slid between Nick’s legs, and he gripped the lump of flesh he found there. As he manipulated Nick’s bulge, Nick started to get hard. Tom unzipped his fly and reached into his boxers. He played with Nick’s cock for a second and then slid across the seat toward him. With his free hand he pulled Nick into him and their lips connected. Tom’s pushed Nick’s mouth open and then his tongue pressed against Nick’s. They wrestled back and forth for a minute, while Tom continued to toy with his cock. Nick lifted his hips upward into Tom’s hand and ran his own hands across Tom’s back. They pushed back and forth as Tom slowly fished Nick’s hard dick out of his fly. Then Tom broke away from the kiss and moved his mouth to Nick’s cock.

Because of the way they were sitting, Tom couldn’t take it all into his mouth. Instead he ran his tongue around the head, sucking hard and pulling up and down over the sensitive glans. One hand pulled on Nick’s shaft while the other squeezed his thigh.

Nick groaned loudly, almost shouting out. Tom was blowing him hard, and the sensations were almost too much, almost overwhelming. This was going to be a quicky, that much was obvious, and Tom was using all of his skills at once. Nick groaned again.

“Fuck yes,” he said “That’s fucking amazing.”

Tom kept bobbing up and down, working Nick’s cock-head with unrelenting force and speed. Nick bucked in the seat, unable to contain himself. It had only been a minute or two, but he was already on the edge. The speed of the blow-job, the total randomness of it, had made him horny as hell. His fingers ran through Tom’s hair, and as a new wave of sensation washed over him, he grabbed Tom and pulled.

His cock fell out of Tom’s mouth and Tom looked up at him. For a second Nick thought that Tom was pissed – that he was mad that he was being manhandled by Nick. But just as he started to worry, Tom grinned big. He kept jerking Nick’s cock and kissed across his stomach, burrowing under his shirt.

Nick couldn’t hold back anymore. His cock was ready to explode. Then he realized that he was going to cum all over himself and ruin his clothes before the party. He grabbed his dick and tried to point it at the floor of the truck. Tom’s grip resisted him. Nick started to moan and whispered Tom’s name and then, just as his cock head flared, Tom dove back onto it. He nursed on it as Nick got his nut, letting Nick’s huge load pool up in his mouth and dribble down Nick’s shaft. Then, when he had all that he could possible get into his mouth, he swallowed hard.

Nick was dazed and fell back against the seat. Tom licked his lips and then ran his tongue down the side of Nick’s still hard dick and through his pubes. He licked up all of Nick’s cum and then pulled away to kiss Nick on the lips.

Nick’s tongue pushed into his mouth. It was a total Nick move, one he wasn’t probably even aware of, but it was clear that he loved to taste his own load in Tom’s mouth. Tom pulled away and slid back into his seat. He adjusted his pants.

Nick reached over and grabbed Tom’s cock. It was hard as steel and snaked down his leg. He wanted it bad. He bent over, kissed the big bulge right where he knew the head was and grabbed at Tom’s fly. Tom pushed his hands away.

“Later babe,” he said. “We’ve gotta go.”


“Trust me, I’ll get mine later.” Tom said. He reached behind Nick and slipped a hand down his back and into his pants. His finger teased Nick right above his hole. “I’m not really in the mood for a blow-job tonight.”

Nick smiled from ear to ear as Tom started the truck up and put it into gear.

When they pulled up at the party, there was already a solid number of cars out front. Nick felt his stomach tighten as he opened the door still wearing Tom’s jacket. Tom walked over to him, put an arm around his shoulder, and smiled big. “Let’s do this, babe.”

The reaction was surprising. Some people pointed, and some looked away, but after about a minute, everyone was back to talking among themselves. If they were talking about Nick and Tom, they weren’t going to do it to their faces. They would probably have to deal with the fallout later that week at school, but it looked like most people were going to be cool about it that night at least. Maybe, Nick thought, it was such a shock that no one knew how to react. On the other hand, it was totally possible that the more observant folks had picked up on the closeness between Nick and Tom and put things together for themselves.

Austin ran over to them, long, lanky and goofy as always. His hair was messed up and he was wearing a tank-top even though it wasn’t that warm out.

“Big entrance, bros,” he said as he touched the zipper on Tom’s jacket.

“You think people noticed?” Tom said.

“They fucking noticed,” Austin said, “But they know if they say anything, I’ll throw their asses out on the street.”

“Big man.” Tom laughed. “You would struggle to take most of the girls here. Seriously, dude, you’re slacking at the gym.”

“I’ll help him.” They turned and saw Chris standing there. He was wearing a black polo that stretched across his bulky chest and nice, tight blue jeans. Nick thought he looked hot as hell.

“I bet you would.” Tom said sarcastically. Almost immediately, Tom felt a hand on his neck, as Austin dragged him into a bedroom. With the other hand, Austin had Chris by the shoulder.

“Settle this shit.” Austin said as he slammed the door shut. He looked at Nick, “We could fuck while they’re in there. You know, if you’re looking for something to do.”

“You wish,” Nick said as he rolled his eyes.

Austin shrugged. “You’re a solid lay.”

Inside the bedroom, Chris looked at Tom and then sat down on the bed. Neither of them said anything for more than a minute. Then Tom broke the ice. “What’s your problem, dude?”

“I don’t have a problem, dude.” Chris said.

“Whatever,” Tom said as he walked toward the door. This was the last thing he needed. He had enough to worry about.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Chris said right before Tom opened the door.

Tom turned to face him, “Seriously, you’re still pissed that I didn’t tell you that I was fooling around with Nick?”

“That you’re gay or bi or whatever.” Chris said flatly. “I’ve been your best friend since we were in diapers. You couldn’t tell me what was going on?”

“I didn’t know what was going on. I told you that. This just sort of happened.”

“You just woke up one day and realized that you liked sucking dick, bro? I don’t get that.” Chris said quickly.

“Neither did I.” Tom raised his voice. “And the one guy I wanted to talk to about it fucking iced me out. You were supposed to be there for me and you disappeared.”

Chris looked at the floor. Then he looked up. “This is hard for me too, ok. Austin is all open and accepting and everything, but, I don’t know it’s a little weird. I don’t have anything against you man, but it just hit me out of the blue. It was like I woke up one day and didn’t know who you were.”

Tom was about to say something snarky but bit his tongue. He took a breath and said, “Listen, you can get to know me now. I’m the same guy, you’ll see that. Let’s just move forward, ok? I need you around for all of this”

“Deal.” Chris said. Then he smiled big, “You wanna go get drunk now?”

“You fucking read my mind, dude.” Tom said as they walked out of the room.

Austin was standing there. “Did you hug it out?” he asked, “Cause you’re not done until you hug it out.”

Chris walked up to Tom and gave him a big hug. “I love you, dude. You gotta know that.”

Tom choked up and hugged Chris back. Then Chris broke away. “Shots,” he called out.

Tom walked over to Nick as Austin and Chris headed off to find some booze. Nick didn’t ask what they had said to each other. It wasn’t his business, and he was glad that they seemed to have settled whatever was going on between them.

“My phone is blowing up.” Nick said. Tom pulled his out of his pocket and looked. He had a ton of texts.

“Do I want to look at these?”

“Mine are all cool. If people have a problem with us, they aren’t saying it to my face.”

Tom was flicking through his messages, and they were all positive. He grinned at Nick, “Let’s grab a drink.”

Chris was back in their faces almost immediately with shots of Fireball. They all tossed them back. Then Chris broke away, claiming that he needed to find a chick to fuck after all the drama. Tom and Nick goofed off with some of their friends. Nick confirmed that some of them had already been a little suspicious. Most of them, of course, were surprised about Tom.

Tom was standing against a wall while Nick was talking to someone across the room. Austin walked up to him. “You’re even more popular with the girls now that they think you’re bi. You think you’ll ever go back to pussy?”

Tom was staring at Nick. He couldn’t stop staring at him lately. “I don’t know man. Just look at that ass. You ever met a chick with an ass like that one.”

Austin laughed. “You’ve fallen fucking hard, bro. You’re totally in love with him.”

Tom blushed, “I know, right. I don’t really know how all this happened, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been. It’s like my whole world makes sense when he’s around. Nothing scares me. Even showing up here tonight. I couldn’t have done that without him.”

“He’s a cool guy, that’s for sure.” Austin said.

They talked for a while longer, then broke apart and enjoyed the party. Tom had a good time, and managed to stay fairly sober. Nick had a few drinks and loosened up. Tom noticed how much Nick had changed. The alcohol had opened him up and he was having a good time. When it got late, he wandered over to Tom.

“You wanna take me home?”

“Want to? Sure I do.” Tom said. “My mom’s home though.”

“I’m not going to sleep until you fuck me.”

Nick was talking loudly and Tom looked around to see if anyone had heard him. “Shh,” he said, “I would, but . . . ”

“We can sneak into my basement.” Nick said, “We just have to be quiet when we go inside.”

“I’m not worried about making noise while we’re getting into the house.” Tom said.

“If I get too loud, shove your boxers into my mouth.” Nick said, “I’d kind of like that actually.”

Tom smiled, “The mood you’re in, I think it’s worth risking waking up your folks.”

“Good call,” Nick said.

They parked a few houses away, went in through the back door, and then down the stairs. The basement was half finished, and the air was cool and musty. There was an old couch sitting next to a TV and some exercise equipment. Nick leaned against the back of the couch, while Tom advanced toward him. He wrapped his arms around Nick, squeezed him tight, and then quickly kissed him.

“Tonight was better than expected.” Tom said.

“Just wait.” Nick said.

He slid down, kissing Tom’s chest through his shirt, until he was on his knees. He opened the fly, popping open two buttons, and then buried his head between Tom’s legs. He chewed on the big lump of fabric and cock, teasing Tom’s dick with his teeth, and biting just hard enough to turn him on. Tom groaned and ran his fingers through Nick’s hair.

For a minute, Nick worked his bulge. His mouth ran down what was now a hard rod across Tom’s thigh. He sucked on the tip before moving back to the shaft. Then he opened the jeans further and pulled them down. Tom was still in his boxer briefs, and Nick again buried his face in Tom’s junk.

He breathed deeply, sucking in the warm, masculine smell of Tom’s body. At the same time his hands wandered around to Tom’s muscular ass. He kneaded both of those globes while Tom moaned and ground his cock into Nick’s face.

Nick pulled his mouth away and stood up. Tom looked at him, frowned, and then grabbed his cock and shook it at Nick. Nick just grinned and grabbed Tom by the shoulders and pulled off his shirt. He turned him so that he was facing the couch and then pushed him down over the end. As he did, he ran his lips over Tom’s muscular back, down his spine, and to the base of his ass. Then he slipped the briefs down and pulled Tom’s cheeks apart.

Nick dove in between Tom’s muscular cheeks and licked his hole. He ran his tongue from the base of his balls all the way up the small of his back several times until Tom was moaning softly and begging for more. Then Nick shoved his tongue in between Tom’s cheeks and started to rim him good.

One of Tom’s hands darted out and grabbed the back of Nick’s skull. He hissed, “Fuck yeah, baby, eat my ass.”

Nick ran his tongue around the circular muscle before darting in. As Tom got worked up, he pulled his face away and dove deep, sucking one of Tom’s nuts into his mouth. Tom groaned as Nick reached up and grabbed his cock, pulling on it with a hard, firm grip. A drop of precum oozed from the tip and Nick milked it into his mouth.

Tom, already on the edge, pushed Nick away and sat down on the couch. Then he lifted his legs up high. “I want to see you while you’re making love to my hole.”

Nick dove between his legs and buried his face between Tom’s thick thighs. He loved this position. He loved eating Tom’s ass while his eyes and nose were buried in the stud’s huge balls.

Tom played with his cock, running the thick foreskin over the tip and tapping his shaft against Nick’s forehead. His favorite part of getting his ass eaten was that it could last as long as he wanted it to. It wasn’t like he was going to cum just from the stimulation.

He pushed his cock down until the leaky tip was against Nick’s face, right between his lips and nose. “You want my cock, babe?”

Nick smiled and nodded.

“How do you want it?” he asked.

“Hard.” Nick said softly. “Real hard.”

“One of those nights, huh?”

“I want to feel your body on top of me, Tom, and your cock all the way up inside of me. That’s how I want it.”

“I’ll think about it.” Tom said. He pulled his dick away from Nick’s face and pushed him back between his legs.

The house was absolutely silent except for the sound of Nick’s mouth between Tom’s legs and the soft moans of the two lovers. Tom closed his eyes and relaxed as Nick’s tongue danced around his balls and asshole. Occasionally, he reached down and let Nick suck on one of his fingers. Finally he was ready.

He pulled his finger out of Nick’s mouth, leaned over and reached down for Nick’s ass. Nick’s mouth moved to his dick, licking at the tip as Tom reached into his pants and started to toy with his hole. Nick moaned loudly as the tip slid in.

“Are you ready for it?”

“Fuck yeah.” Nick said.

Tom stood up and grabbed Nick by the neck. He maneuvered him so that his chest was on the couch. Then he knelt down behind him and lined his dick up with Nick’s hole. He reached forward again, letting his dick put some pressure on Nick’s body, and slipped a finger into Nick’s mouth. Nick sucked on it like it was a cock, and just as Tom penetrated him, he felt that moment of pain when Nick sucked down hard. Then Tom slid the rest of his dick into Nick’s body, slowly, inch by inch.

Nick moaned, “Oh god.”

Tom leaned against him, pushing every square inch of his flesh against Nick’s body. Their skin connected, hot and slightly moist, and then Tom kissed the back of Nick’s neck. His arms wrapped around Nick’s torso and he squeezed slightly before bringing his mouth up to Nick’s ear.

“Is this what you wanted?” he asked.

Nick turned and their mouths connected. They made out for a minute, with Tom’s pulsing dick shoved deep into Nick’s body. Tom’s hands roamed around Nick’s torso until eventually they found his cock. Tom squeezed it a few times, felt the slickness of precum, then brought his fingers to his mouth and savored the sweet liquid.

He eased his dick back out of Nick’s body. When he shoved back in, he did it slowly, but he pulled back out almost immediately, Nick groaned as he felt his ass try to hold on to Tom’s cock and felt the emptiness in his body. Then, faster, Tom plunged back in. Within five strokes, he had a solid rhythm going, Nick was moaning, and the sound of Tom’s thighs slapping against Nick’s ass filled the room.

Tom pounded him. His hands were on Nick’s hips and his fingers dug in deep.

“Is this the way you wanted it?” He teased as he shoved deep into Nick. Sweat was dripping off of his nose onto Nick back despite the cool temperature.

“Fuck yeah.” Nick said.

“That’s right. You like having a stud behind you, fucking you into the couch. Fucking your perfect, pretty ass.”

“Don’t stop.” Nick said.

“Fuck right I’m not going to stop. I’m not going to stop until your body is full of my nut.” Tom said. Then he leaned over Nick and ran his hands along Nick’s traps and biceps. “These muscles, they’re all a part of me. All of my cum, made into your muscles. Pretty hot, right.”

“Oh god.” Nick moaned. Tom was right. He’d eaten so much of the stud’s cum, taken so much of it up his ass. He’d been feeding on Toms’ load like it was going out of style.

“Well, get ready, cause I’ve got another dose of my homemade protein for you babe,” Tom grunted, “You want it?”

“All the way in me.” Nick said. Then he repeated it a second time. “All the way in me.”

Tom’s hands were all over his body now. His fingers danced across his skin and touched each o his muscles. At the same time, he slotted Nick, driving his body into the couch with each hard thrust.

Tom slammed into him a few more times before collapsing onto Nick’s back. He reached underneath Nick and grabbed his cock, knowing that Nick was always a few squeezes away from orgasm. Just as he started to unload deep in Nick’s bowels, he felt Nick’s cock flare in his hand. Tom bit down against Nick’s neck as his hips took over, and he humped his load into his boyfriend.

Nick groaned as he felt Tom’s seed fill him. Tom was so deep inside of him that their bodies felt almost joined. When Tom’s teeth scraped his neck it was too much and he blasted his own nut all over the couch. He came hard, shot after shot ripping through his body. Tom kept humping him with short thrusts, and his dick felt bigger than ever.

When it was all over, Tom rolled off of him and sat on the floor. His still hard dick draped across one thigh. Nick sat down next to him and leaned into his body.

“You should stay,” he whispered.

“I want to,” Tom said, “But I promised your dad. I don’t want my boyfriend’s parents to hate me.”

Tom kissed him on the forehead and stood up. He wiped up his sweat with his boxers and pulled his jeans over his naked ass. “We’ll get plenty of nights together, trust me.”

They left through the backdoor, and made out for a few minutes in the backyard before Tom wandered off to his car. Nick watched his dark form until he couldn’t see him anymore, then turned back into the house.

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