Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 15

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

It was dark already when Tom pulled up to Nick’s house.
They were supposed to meet up after Nick finished dinner with his parents, but Nick had texted Tom and told him he was running late. Tom sat outside of the house, the truck engine idling loudly, waiting for Nick.

The door opened, and Tom saw Nick in the light. He turned around to hug his mom, who waved to Tom. Tom waved back with a few fingers. When Nick jumped into the truck his eyes were a red, but he seemed like he was in a good mood.

“I told them.” Nick said before Tom could ask how he was. “Not much of a surprise for them, but it’s out in the open now.”

“Is that why your mom waved at me?” Tom asked.

“Yeah,” Nick said. He took in a big breath and let it out. Tom grabbed his shoulder and kissed him on the side of the mouth.

“You ok?”

“Definitely. Kind of exhilarated actually. I didn’t realize how nervous I was until after I said it. It still sounds weird to me to say that I’m gay. To say it out loud you know.”

“Trust me, I know.” Tom said.

“They were so cool. I don’t know why I was so nervous.”

“Your dad caught me staying the night. If they were going to freak out, they probably would have done it then.”

“I guess, but it was still there, you know.” Nick buckled his seat-belt and turned to Tom, “Where are we going?”

Tom slid around in the seat. Nick looked over and could see his cock pushing against the fabric of his jeans. Tom was one of the only guys Nick knew who could wear tight jeans and still have a visible bulge from his cock. He was clearly half hard, and the slab of meat was coiled up on top of his thighs. Tom grabbed himself with one hand while he put his truck into gear.

“We were going to meet up with Chris and Austin, but now I’m thinking we should do something else.” Tom kept rubbing his dick slowly, putting on a show for Nick. Nick reached over and grabbed it, feeling the heat coming off of his dick and his body. He stared at Tom as he drove with the street lights flashing across his face. He looked incredibly hot. There was a commanding casualness about him when he was behind the wheel. The seriousness that normally characterized his personality was gone.

Tom took a quick turn down a street that would take them toward the high school. The two of them had found about a thousand places on the campus to fool around or just steal five minutes to talk. At the very least, the parking lot would be completely deserted on a Sunday night and they would get a little bit of privacy. It was one of their favorite spots.

When Tom pulled into a parking spot, he pulled off his seat-belt and turned toward Nick. “I’m proud of you, you know.” Before Nick could respond, he kissed him on the lips. Tom’s tongue slipped into his mouth and then, as he pulled away, he sucked on Nick’s bottom lip. Nick was about to say something, but then Tom’s mouth was back on his. They made out, with Tom forcing himself into Nick, for a few minutes. Then Tom climbed over the center console and straddled Nicks torso. He kissed Nick on the forehead and ground his ass down against his hard cock.

“You’re horny.” Tom said.

Nick leaned forward and his hard, flat stomach pressed into the space between Tom’s legs. He felt Tom’s cock, hot and thick against his muscle. “Maybe you should do something about it.”

Tom kissed him along the neck, cupping the back of his head as he pulled him forward and into him. His hands slid down Nick’s neck and back, rubbing him through his shirt as their tongues wrestled. For at least five minutes, the only sound in the truck was the smacking of their lips against one another and the soft moans they were making. Nick lifted his hips against Tom’s ass, getting a little bit of stimulation on his cock. Then he reached between Tom’s legs and began to open his fly.

Nick slipped his hands into Tom’s pants and played with his junk. He loved that feeling, the feeling of moist, hot skin. Tom’s balls were loose in their sack, and Nick fondled them, playing around and scratching Tom’s skin. Tom moaned a little and kissed him even more aggressively. Then he broke away.

“Let’s wait.” Tom said as he pulled Nick’s hands out of his shorts.

“Nah.” Nick said going for Toms’ cock again, “I want it now.”

“So do I,” Tom whispered, “But my mom is at her boyfriend’s tonight. We don’t have to jerk each other off in the car.”

Nick moaned and whined a little. “Or we could jerk each other off in the car right now, and fuck later on,” he said while kissing Tom along his jaw. Romance worked better with Tom than only appealing to his cock. He had a soft side. “We haven’t been together for four days.”

“I know.” Tom said as he pulled off of Nick and rolled back into the driver’s seat. “Just think how good it will be. Let’s go hang out with Chris and Austin for a little while and then we’ll go to my house.”

“Fine.” Nick sighed.

They drove over to Austin’s house and joined the guys in the basement. Chris and Austin were working on some homework and looked up from the table with surprise. “We didn’t think you were coming.” Austin said.

“Yeah, we’re late.” Tom said. He smiled real big. “Nick told his parents.”

“No shit.” Austin said, “Good for you. Did it go alright?”

“Yeah, no problems. Some tears, you know, and shit like that. But they’re cool.” Nick said.

He walked over to the table and sat down. Chris, who was sitting next to him, reached over and grabbed his shoulder. “I’m happy for you man.”

Nick smiled at him. The relationship between the four guys had been thrown off kilter when Chris started dating a girl that didn’t like Nick and Tom because they were a couple. Chris had taken her side and avoided the two of them for a few weeks. After they broke up, Chris started to hang around with them again, but they’d never talked about it. Even though they pretended like they were getting along, Nick was fairly sure that Chris and Tom hadn’t talked to each other for over a week. They found ways of communicating through other people.

“Thanks, bro.” Nick said.

Tom looked at their laptops. They weren’t doing homework. “I thought you guys were working tonight.” Tom said.

“We are,” Austin said. “Chris is going to start bulking up again and he’s looking for a good workout.”

“And you’re looking at porn.” Chris said, “As usual.”

“I’ve got an above-average sex drive.” Austin said, “It’s not my fault.”

“You should find someone to fuck.” Tom said.

“I did.” Austin said. He was going to say, and then you took him away from me, but realized at the last second that that would set Chris off. So he covered up, “But, uh, she turns out not really to be game.”

“Couldn’t get it up, could you?” Chris laughed, “Too much porn, dude.”

They all laughed and Austin started to show Tom something on the screen. While they talked, Chris turned to Nick. “You know, you should bulk up with me. Eat big and get big. You’ll finally get some mass on that skeleton.”

“I don’t know.” Nick said.

“Come on. You could be a total stud, bro. You’re already good looking. You could be great.” Chris said. Nick knew it was an attempt to patch things up with him. This was Chris’s weird way of apologizing, by offering to do something like this together.

“Sure, I guess, when do we start?” Nick asked.

“Tuesday.” Chris said, “I’ll put together a meal plan, bro. We’re going to get ripped.”

For the next hour they smoked a little weed and hung out with each other. Everyone was sick of school, and they wanted to enjoy the last few hours of the weekend. For a while, Nick felt like things were back to the way they were. Everyone was getting along and nothing seemed weird. When it got to be nine-o-clock, Tom yawned and said it was time to go.

“Someone wants to get laid.” Austin said with a grin. Then he looked at Tom. “How do you know he’s going to put out? Maybe you should just stay here and hang out with us.”

“He’ll put out.” Tom said with a crooked grin.

“He’s right.” Nick added. “I’m an easy lay.”

“That’s the problem with girls.” Chris said. “They never want to fuck. Seriously, you gotta work so hard to just get one good lay.” He was talking to Tom, forgetting that they were still made at each other.

“Yeah.” Tom said flatly. “I guess that’s true.” Tom gave Austin a quick hug and glanced at Chris before he walked upstairs. Nick rolled his eyes, gave both of the guys a quick hug, and then followed Tom.

When they were walking across the front yard Nick grabbed Tom’s forearm. “You guys gotta fix this. You guys are acting like little girls.”

“He made this mess, he can clean it up.” Tom said.

“He’s trying.” Nick said. “Seriously, you’re being kind of a dick.”

Tom turned to Nick and took a deep breath, trying to stay calm, “This is a fight that I need you to stay out of. Chris has been like my brother for 15 years. It’s more complicated than just saying sorry.”

“Alright.” Nick said.

He leaned back into the chair, figuring that he had blown any chance of getting laid that night. When Tom turned the engine over, Nick said, “You can just take me home if you want.”

“I’m not going to take you home.” Tom said, “I get that you want things to go back to normal, and they will, but it’s going to take a little while. I’m not going to wait until then to get it on with you.” Tom grabbed Nick’s thigh and ran his hand up the inside of his leg. The move made Nick’s whole body throb. “If you’re still up for it.”

“I’m still up for it.”

“Good.” Tom said. “You came out to your folks; we’ve got to celebrate.”

“What did you have in mind?” Nick asked.

“I’m not sure,” Tom replied, “But I’m going to start by kissing every inch of your body. You deserve a little bit of worship. You’re always doing it to me.”

“After you’re done with that, I’m going to eat your ass until you beg me to stop.” Nick said. Tom had been all over him lately, and in all honesty, Nick just wanted to bury his face between Tom’s cheeks and go to town.

“I guess we’ve got a plan, then.” Tom said.

As soon as they got to the house, they went up to Tom’s room. Tom grabbed Nick and pulled his shirt off without saying anything, then he tossed him down on the bed. Even when Tom was trying to worship Nick, he still had a tendency to take control of the situation, to play things out the way he wanted to.

With Nick flat on his back, Tom crawled between his legs. He put both hands on Nick’s torso as he dropped his face into his crotch. Nick was wearing jeans and Tom chewed on his hard dick through the thick fabric. Tom’s fingers found their way up to his nipples, and after licking the bulge of Nick’s cock for a minute, Tom buried his face in Nick’s balls and took a deep breath. All his gears got going as he inhaled the scent of his man. He removed his face and kissed his way up Nick’s stomach and across his chest.

He straddled Nick and kissed him on the lips. “I love you.” he said with a smile.

Nick grinned. “I love you too.”

They rolled around on the bed, making out for the next five minutes. Their hands moved across one another’s bodies, grabbing and squeezing, while their lips stayed connected. Nick pulled Tom’s shirt off because he wanted to feel the heat of Tom’s skin against his own. He pressed their chests into each other, and breathed in the light aroma of Tom’s cologne. There was a soft fuzz on Tom’s chest, he was letting it grow out, and Nick ran his fingers through it. Finally, they pulled apart. Tom was back on top, and both of their flies were open.

Tom rolled over onto his back. He was in his head again.

“I suppose that now that you’ve told your parents, I’ll have to tell mine too.” he said.

Nick almost rolled his eyes. He didn’t want to talk about this, not just when things were getting going. He felt his cock go soft in his jeans, but knew that Tom was going to have to talk his way through this.

When Nick looked at him, Tom smiled. “Sorry. Not very romantic.”

“You can do it when you’re ready, Tom. Don’t force yourself. No one is judging you or anything.”

“I want to do it, you know. I’m ready to.” He kissed Nick. “I want them to know about us. I’m not going to hide you anymore. Not from my parents at least.”

“Don’t push it.” Nick said. He ran his hand up the inside of Tom’s thigh, trying to wake his cock back up and put his mind to sleep.

It worked. Tom let off a soft purr as Nick’s hand wrapped around this inside of his leg and squeezed. “You’ve given me a lot, Nick.” Tom said as he rolled over to straddle Nick. His fingers were in his pants. “I know you don’t think of it that way, but you’ve done a lot for me. Putting this all together. It would have been horrible without you.”

Before Nick could reply, before he could deny it, Tom kissed him. He pressed his whole mouth over Nick’s and pressed their chests together. When he pulled away, he ran his forehead down the bridge of Nick’s nose and then slid down his body. While he kissed across the middle of his chest and licked at Nick’s nipples, his hands slipped Nick’s jeans off his waist. His mouth reached the top of his dick, just as the pants slid down. Tom kissed Nick’s cock twice, and then continued to kiss down his body until he reached his feet. He kissed each toe before looking up at Nick.

Nick smiled and Tom rubbed his calves with both hands. Then he started to kiss his way back up Nick’s body. He gazed into Nick’s eyes as his mouth came up underneath his cock. Then in one quick move, he engulfed Nick’s big balls. He licked up and down Nick’s sack, which had pulled up against his body. As he sucked, the skin softened and relaxed, and soon he was rolling Nick’s nuts around in his mouth.

Tom purred softly before he moved up and took the head of Nick’s cock between his lips. He licked around the glans and then worked the shaft. It fell out of his mouth every so often, and Tom would fumble around with his lips to grab it again. His open palms pushed up and down the sides of Nick’s body, rubbing his skin and massaging him. Nick moaned gently, and his fingers were tangled in Tom’s short hair. He didn’t push Tom around, but he liked the feeling of Tom’s head in his hands.

After a minute of this treatment, Tom got restless. He grabbed Nick by the hips and flipped him over so that Tom was on his back and Nick was above him. The weight of Nick’s body pushed down into his face, and he buried his whole head in Nick’s groin.

Moans and groans filled the room, but Nick wasn’t getting off with his face buried in a pillow. He began to get up, to pull his cock out of Tom’s mouth, but Tom held him close, pulling his body against his own and refusing to let him up. Nick went loose for a second and when Tom released him, he pulled away quickly. His cock popped out of Tom’s mouth and the sound of Tom’s heavy breathing replaced the sounds of dick-sucking.

Nick turned around. He bent down over Tom and faced him. He smiled once and then leaned down further, kissing Tom once on the forehead and then once on the lips. He ran his hands over Tom’s muscular ribs, and smiled down at him.

“You’re my stud.” Nick said softly. “Fucking big strong man.”

He recognized and loved that difference between them. Tom was manly and stronger than Nick. Nick was softer than Tom, physically and emotionally. It was the contrast that attracted them to one another and made the relationship work.

“I try to be.” Tom said. He lifted his head and kissed Nick quickly before collapsing back into the bed. He reached up along Nick’s body and began to pull Nick’s hard cock back to his mouth.

Nick crawled forward on all fours until he encountered Tom’s waist. He pushed the pants down and Tom kicked them off with Nick’s help. Then Nick grabbed the big cock in his fingers and gave it a squeeze. Almost at that moment, Tom took his dick back into his mouth. Nick groaned and pushed his head down into Tom’s balls, tasting them and smelling them. He loved the smell of Tom’s body, it was so closely connected to everything about the man, and it made his heart pound almost as hard as his cock was throbbing.

As Tom worked his dick, Nick lifted his legs. He’d meant what he said earlier when he claimed to want to eat Tom’s ass. He’d been fantasizing about it for days.

“You want me to lick your ass, stud?” Nick asked.

Tom was silent. Then his big palm grabbed the back of Nick’s head and pulled him into his body. Tom felt Nick’s mouth smile against the skin of his ass cheeks and let go. Nick pulled away slightly to get a good look at Tom’s perfect butt before he ran his tongue over Tom’s hole.

Tom shuddered, “Fuck me, I forgot how good that feels.”

“I’m just getting started,” Nick said.

He jumped off of Tom so that he could better position himself between his legs. Tom lifted his ass up and put his calves on Nick’s shoulders, Nick buried his face in Toms’ ass again.

Nick loved eating Tom’s ass, especially liked this. He loved the feeling of Tom’s nutsack pressed against his forehead. The skin was always sticky and Tom’s big balls, the source of his masculinity, rolled against him while Tom’s cock danced against his skull. Above all that, he got to listen to Tom moan and hear him squirm while he ate out his hole.

Tom pressed Nick’s head between his thighs and pushed his body down against Nick. Generally, Tom wasn’t a very altruistic lover. He liked feeling good and he liked it even more when Nick made him feel good. But he did want Nick to enjoy himself, always, and he knew that pressing against him with his strength and maximizing the contact between their skin would drive Nick crazy.

‘You’re making me feel so good, babe.” Tom moaned. “Fucking amazing.”

One of Nick’s hands roamed up his thigh and Tom took it into his. Their fingers played together for a moment. Tom kept trying to close his hand around Nick’s and Nick kept fighting him. The soft feeling of their strong hands was almost as pleasurable to Tom as the tongue on his asshole.

He was playing with one of Nick’s fingers, milking it almost like it was a dick. Nick was being passive to him now, no longer resisting him. Tom had been considering making a final move with Nick for a while now, and he decided that tonight was the night to do it.

He grabbing Nick’s finger and moved it around the back of his thigh. Then he pushed Nick’s face away from his body. He guided one of the fingers to his asshole and smiled at Nick.

“You’re serious?” Nick asked.

Tom groaned. He pushed Nick’s finger against his body and then into it. It stung horribly. He turned onto his side and grabbed some lube from the bedside. He tossed it down to Nick. “This is new territory for me, so be gentle.”

Nick wasn’t sure he wanted to invade Tom’s body with his finger, but he also knew that Tom wasn’t going to give up. If this was what he wanted to do, this was what he was going to do, whether Nick was a willing participant or not.

He lubed up his middle finger and slid it into Tom’s body. There was no resistance, and it didn’t feel like Tom was trying to fight him off. If there was any discomfort, Tom didn’t show it. As Nick toyed with him, with just the tip of his finger, Tom grabbed his wrist and pulled the next few inches in.

Tom let out a groan that sounded like a mountain rumbling. His whole body shook. Nick thought that he was in pain. His mouth was drawn and his eyes were closed. Then a smile burst across his face. He looked down at Nick, “That feels good.”

Nick pulled his finger back out, “You have no idea how good it can feel.”

He slowly pushed his finger back into Tom’s body. He wanted this to feel good for Tom so he didn’t press it. Slowly he curled his finger upward, hoping to drag the tip over Tom’s prostate, to teach him how good it could feel to have someone inside of you. He heard Tom gasp and then a long moan escaped his lips. Nick knew that he was on target.

“You want more.” Nick asked softly. He was slowly pushing his finger in and out of Tom’s body, while his mouth worked his cock and balls.

Tom nodded. Nick grabbed the lube in order to grease up another finger, but Tom grabbed his wrist. “I don’t want another finger,” he said.

Nick looked up at him confused, and Tom smiled while he waited for Nick to figure it out. Nick’s face went blank.

“You’re sure?” he asked.

“Of course I’m sure.” Tom said. He laughed. “You know me. I’ve been thinking about it and obsessing about it for like a month. I’m ready.”

Nick looked at the lube in his hands. He’d never fucked anyone. “I’m not sure I am.”

“You’re going to be great.” Tom said. He reached down and grabbed Nick’s cock, milking it slowly. “I want you inside of me, babe. It’s time.”

The idea that he could hurt Tom, in this way, freaked him out. Now that he thought about it, he wished he’d had a chance to practice on someone else. He wanted to be good. He wanted to be a stud in bed like Tom was, and he wasn’t even sure how this was supposed to work. He’d been on the receiving end a hundred times, but this felt totally different.

“I’m nervous.” Nick said.

“Trust me,” Tom said, “You’ve got nothing to be nervous about. Once you get going, your body will take over. It’s what a man is made to do. Just let it happen.”

Tom opened the bottle of lube and slathered it on Nick’s cock. He kissed him once in the center of his chest and then guided Nick’s dick between his legs. He wasn’t worried. He knew it wouldn’t hurt that much. If Nick could take a monster dick like his for his first time, Tom could handle Nick’s average sized manhood.

Tom felt the head of Nick’s cock against his opening. This time, he didn’t dare just pull Nick in. But when Nick hesitated, Tom grabbed his ass cheeks and gently moved him forward. He felt the pressure against his body, pushing against him, and then with a pop the head slid into him. Tom gasped and Nick froze up.

Tom looked at him, “It’s ok,” he grimaced, “Just a little weird.”

Nick was breathing hard. What he felt on his dick was unlike anything he’d felt before. Tom’s body was tight and hot. It wrapped around him and massaged him. He could feel all of Tom’s movements, all of the contractions of his body, through his cock. It was amazing. When he saw Tom calm down, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He pushed forward again.

Tom groaned and brought a hand up behind Nick’s head. He pulled Nick toward him as Nick’s cock slid into his body. It didn’t hurt, it just felt uncomfortable, and those feelings of discomfort were quickly being replaced by a new kind of pleasure. He realized that he could come to enjoy this, maybe not as much as fucking, but he could get into this if he tried.

As Nick pushed the last inch of his cock into Tom’s body, their lips connected. Tom’s strong hands held Nick’s back, rubbing his muscles and making him feel good, while Nick kissed him with an open mouth. They pushed their tongues back and forth. Nick, maybe wider than Tom, didn’t move his dick around as he let Tom get used to the feeling of having a man inside of him.

Plus, if he pulled out and thrust even once, he was pretty sure he would blow his load.

When both of them had calmed down, when their bodies had adjusted to this new configuration, Nick slowly withdrew from Tom. Then he wrapped his hands behind Tom’s shoulders and pushed back in. Tom moaned softly, and Nick’s dick was wrapped with warm, awesome sensations. He pulled out and pushed back in again. This time Top opened his eyes and kissed Nick on the lips, then his mouth traveled to Nick’s ear. He toyed with the lobe for a second before whispering, “Make love to me, babe.”

Nick began to rock back and forth, pushing the last few inches of his cock in and out of Tom’s body. With one hand, he held Tom around the side, while the other reached between their bodies and fondled Tom’s massive hard on. Precum oozed from the tip, a sure sign that Tom was enjoying getting fucked as much as Nick was enjoying fucking him. They rocked back and forth slowly, their bodies perfectly in sync, as Tom brought himself down onto Nick just as Nick thrust upwards.

They made out and rocked together for a few minutes before Tom pulled his mouth away. “I want you to fuck me now, babe,” he said with a sloppy smile, “Fill me with your nut. That’s what I want.”

Tom was telling him to go for it. He’d been holding back, trying to be patient, but this was his first time and everything in his body was telling him to fuck Tom. He let his hips take over and soon he had a steady, fast rhythm going. Tom groaned occasionally, and flashes of pain appeared on his face, but he never took his eyes off of Nick.

Nick stared down at him. “Your body feels so good.” he said to Tom. “All of it. All of your muscles. Inside and out. You’re making me crazy.”

Tom grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down. He kissed him hard before Nick collapsed into his shoulder. Tom lifted his arm, and Nick dove into his pit, licking the hairy skin and running his tongue up Tom’s thick triceps.

The amount of pleasure running through Nick’s body was unbelievable. Then Tom pulled him close and whispered, “You’re taking my cherry, babe.”

It was too much for Nick. His dick exploded and a geyser of cum erupted into Tom’s insides. His whole body pulsed and he shuddered as Tom held him close. Nick’s hand was still on Tom’s cock, still pulling it, and he felt it throbbing. Tom was cumming too. As the wet warmness of Tom’s nut painted his stomach, Tom’s whole ass milked his cock. It was intense, more than he could imagine, and a part of him wanted to pull out. At the same time, he was shooting a gallon of cum up into Tom. Already he could feel it running out around the sides of his cock, and he wasn’t close to finishing. He breathed hard against Tom’s chest as his hips bucked and pushed the last of his load in. When he was done, he collapsed into Tom’s body.

Nick started to laugh. “That was so fucking amazing. You’re such a stud.” he said.

“It was good for me too, babe.” Tom said. It was good. Not great, not something he would want to do all the time, but good. More importantly, it was what he wanted for Nick. “I wanted you to be my first.”

Nick kissed him. His big man. Tom could be moody and unavailable, but there was a tenderness underneath his exterior that made it all worth while. They kissed with the thick slime of cum between their stomachs and slowly Nick’s cock slid out of Tom.

Finally, Tom sat up and Nick got up to wash up. When he walked back into the room he glanced at his phone. “Fuck, curfew. I’ve got to go.”

Tom groaned. “Stay here with me.”

“I can’t.” Nick said. He smiled, “I just told them I’m gay. It’s a little early to ask if I can stay over at my boyfriends house.”

Tom was pulling on his boxers. “It was almost better before they figured it out. You could say you were crashing at a friend’s house and they didn’t think twice. Now, they know what we’re up to.”

Nick crawled back up onto him. Tom held him tight. “I love you,” he said again, “Just in case you thought I didn’t mean it before.”

Nick had wondered if Tom had let the words slip in a moment of passion. Apparently he hadn’t.

“I love you too, stud.” Nick said.

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