Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 14

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

“You wanna catch the football game tonight?” Austin yelled out to Nick and Tom as they walked from the school.

“Sure.” Tom said, “We got nothing going on. Is Chris going to be there?”

“Nah, he’s busy with his girlfriend.” Austin said, “I’m sick of hanging out by myself.”

Since Tom and Nick had come clean to the guys and Chris had found a girl of his own, Austin was feeling like a third wheel. Well, he felt like a third wheel when he was invited to something. More and more, even that wasn’t happening.

“You feeling lonely?” Tom said with a grin. He walked over to Austin and grabbed him around the neck, roughing up his hair and pretending to drop him to the ground. “Maybe you should get a girlfriend and we could go on a double date or something?”

“Yeah? Is that what you’ve been up to with Chris?”

“Jesus, dude, don’t be jealous. Nick and I will watch the game with you. We’re still your friends.” Tom said.

“Maybe I will get a girl.” Austin said, “Then we can all go out together. A girl would be into that, if you’re cool with it, you know.”

Chris and Austin were trying not to out Tom and Nick, though neither of them seemed concerned about being found out. Nick assumed that most people he met knew that he was gay. Tom, not so much, but the guy was so confidant and sure of himself, that he didn’t seem to care if people knew.

Tom shrugged. Nick looked over at Austin, “You never know. Chris’ girl is not cool with us.”

Possibly for the first time in his life, Austin saw Tom blush. “Fuck man,” he said, “And he’s still dating her?”

“It’s his life.” Tom said quickly. He’d been friends with Chris since grade school, and he felt like Chris had betrayed him. Now that Austin knew, Tom realized that he wanted to talk with him about it. He turned to Nick, “You think we can meet up later?”

Nick nodded and walked toward his car. Tom followed Austin to his truck and jumped into the passenger seat. Austin didn’t need to ask what was going on.

“Fucked up about Chris,” he said, “Still, it’s just the girlfriend, right. He’ll be back.”

“He’s totally taking her side.” Tom said, “He’s pissed that he found out the way he did. He’s pissed that I didn’t tell him first, and now he’s paying me back.”

Austin sighed, “Well, I’m on your side in this one man. If you don’t want Chris around, I’m with you.”

Tom stared out of the window and then looked back at Austin. “Thanks man.” he said, “You don’t need to ignore him or anything. It’s just fucked up.”

Austin had been friends with Tom nearly as long as Chris had, and he knew when it was time to let the guy blow off some steam. If he started to ask questions and pry into his personal life, Tom would close down. He believed he had to be strong all of the time, and if he felt vulnerable, he’d stop talking.

The silence lasted for a few minutes. “You know,” Tom said, “Pretty much everyone has always liked me. Like everyone. I’ve never even had to try. And now this girl hates me, and she doesn’t even have a good reason to.”

“Well, not everyone’s going to like you dude.”

“It’s just, is this like going to be my whole life? Like I’ve gone down this path and it’s all been great, and I’ve been thinking that all of these guys who say it is hard are just weak or something. But this is fucking hard man. And it could be anyone. Like what if my parents freak out?”

“Dude.” Austin said, “Your parents aren’t going to freak out. They love your brother and he’s a total fuck up.”

“I know. It’s just . . ” Tom paused, “It’s just I can’t really know until it happens.”

“Well, maybe you need to slow down a little. You don’t have to do this all at once. Look at Nick. He’s taking his time. Honestly, man, with this thing, he’s a lot smarter than you. He’s been thinking about it a long time. Follow his lead.”

Tom drew in a deep breath. When he let it out, it caught a little bit, almost like he was going to cry. Austin looked away. Then Tom said, “Thanks for this man.” Tom opened the door. “I’ll see you around kickoff time, at your place.”

“Cool.” Austin said.

A few hours later, Tom pulled up outside Nick’s house. His dad was working in the garage, and he waved at him. It was a nice reminder that people could be cool. Nick walked out and jumped into the truck. Tom glanced back at Nick’s dad. “You gonna tell your parents?”

“About us?” Nick asked, “I suppose sometime. You said they know, so what’s to tell.”

“Just thinking.” Tom said.

“You ok? You seemed out of it before.”

“This thing with Chris has been a total mind-fuck. We’ve been friends since forever. It’s tough to explain.”

Nick grabbed Tom’s arm and squeezed it. “Chris doesn’t care that you’re gay, Tom. He’s mad at you. He’s mad at me too. We’ll work it out. And when we do, he won’t put up with this girl. Trust me.”

“Austin told me to, so I will.” Tom said.

“I guess he’s not a total fucking clown then.” Nick said.

They pulled up at Austin’s house a few minutes later. Austin was in the basement, which he basically had free reign over. As long as they didn’t start a fire or something, Austin’s parents would leave them alone.

They sat down around the TV just in time to catch the kick off. After five minutes, Austin pulled out a pipe and walked over to the window. He took a huge hit and blew the smoke out before motioning to Tom and Nick. Both of the guys walked over. Nick wasn’t too big on smoking, so he took a small hit before passing to Tom. Tom took two long draws and then walked back over to the couch. He flopped down and spread out. Nick gazed at him before he sat down on the other couch. Austin sat between the two of them, with a small table between him and Tom.

The next twenty minutes passed in a blur as the weed took hold and they all mellowed out. The first two quarters of the game went by without comment. Nick was half asleep and both Tom and Austin were focused on the TV. When it was nearly half-time, Austin started to stir.

“Fuck,” he groaned as he straightened out.

“What’s up?” Tom asked.

“Weed makes me horny.” Austin said, “And I’m in a serious dry spell, so I’m like really horny.”

He stood up and the front of his shorts stood out a good six inches from his body.

“Nice tent.” Tom said. In the seconds that had passed, a dark spot had formed on the blue nylon. “Dude, are you free-balling?”

“I didn’t think I was going to pull a wet one in front of you guys.” Austin said. He looked at the TV, still standing between the two of them, and pulled on the front of his pants a few times. Slowly, his fingers grabbed onto his dick, and he gave himself a squeeze. He groaned and then pulled on his dick again.

“You gonna jerk off in front of us dude?” Tom asked. “Go put on some briefs or something.”

“Sorry man. I’m fucked up, you know.” He stuck his hand down his pants to rearrange his cock. When he pulled it out, there was precum on his fingers. “Fucking look at that, dude.” Austin said as he pushed his finger into Tom’s face. “I’ve been leaking like crazy lately.”

Tom surprised himself when he didn’t pull away from Austin’s hand. Instead, his nostrils flared, and he breathed in the sweet smell of Austin’s precum and the scent of his dick. Before he’d started to play around with Nick, he wouldn’t have known that that was what the smell was. But now it was clear; he was smelling Austin’s cock.

Nick perked up as the scene unfolded. When Tom looked up from Austin’s fingers, he saw Nick smiling at him, and he gave him a subtle nod. Nick nodded back. Then Tom looked up at Austin, who was staring at him with bright eyes that were daring him to do it.

Tom opened his mouth and sucked Austin’s finger in. He barely tasted anything, sweat than anything else, but he knew that he’d crossed the line.

“How’d that taste?” Austin asked with a laugh.

“Uh,” Tom said, then he blushed, “Sorry man. I don’t know what got into me.”

“You really do like dick, huh,” Austin said, “It’s not a big deal man. You know I fuck around with guys.”

“It’s different though.” Tom said.

“Not really.”

Tom looked at Nick, “Will you go get me some water or something,” he asked. Nick ran up the stairs. “It is different, man. You just like getting off and for some reason it doesn’t matter to you who does it. I got all sorts of shit going on in my head. I don’t want to think of my friends that way. It’s weird enough being with Nick.”

Austin didn’t say anything as Nick came bounding back down the stairs. “What’d I miss?” he asked.

“Tom thinks too much.” Austin said, “And he’s probably not going to suck my dick.”

“Yeah. He does that.” Nick grinned. He was still high and he was ready to play. “He’s got a nice dick.” Nick said to Tom.

“C’mon man.” Austin said. He grabbed the front of his shorts and waved his big erection back and forth. “You know you want this.”

“You’re such a horn dog. Can’t we just watch the game.”

“I’m the horn dog?” Austin asked. He pointed between Tom’s legs, where his massive cock lay across his thigh. “You can barely hide that thing when you’re soft. You think you can pretend you’re not turned on.”

“Fine, I’m turned on.” Tom said. He still hadn’t moved from his position on the couch.

Austin grabbed the front of his waistband and pulled it down. His hard cock, nearly seven inches of veiny meat, popped up. The head was shiny with precum. It looked totally different from Nick’s cock, and Tom was intrigued. He’d barely opened his mouth a crack when Austin pushed his dick forward and pressed the glans against Tom’s lips. Tom’s tongue slipped through and licked the tip, tasting the sweet and salty flavor of one of his best friends.

“Jesus fuck.” Austin said.

“What?” Tom asked, “You said you messed around with guys all the time.”

“I know. It’s just that until now, I guess I really didn’t believe that you did.” Austin said, “I gotta tell you, the thought of you sucking my dick is kind of awesome.”


“I don’t know, you’ve always been the stud and I’ve always sort of followed you. Now you’re sucking my dick.” Austin said.

Tom got up from the couch and tossed his shoulders back. His chest swelled up and he looked huge. He looked at Austin.

“I’m still the stud,” Tom said. Them he smiled. “I’m just a stud that sucks dick.”

Austin put a hand on one of Tom’s huge shoulders. “Yes you are.” He reached down and grabbed Tom’s cock. Tom didn’t flinch, and he didn’t relax. Austin ran his fingers down the whole length. “Some guys get everything, huh?”

“I guess so.” Tom said. He pushed Austin down onto the couch. Then he knelt between his legs and pulled his shorts off. Tom bent between Austin’s legs and took the tip of his cock into his mouth. Austin groaned as Tom ran his tongue around the ridge of his glans. Then Tom pulled his mouth off and ran his tongue down the length of Austin’s dick slowly. Tom couldn’t deny it. He liked sucking cock, and not just Nick’s cock. He breathed in deep, smelling Austin’s body and feeling his heat on the his cheeks. It felt good.

Tom took Austin’s dick back into his mouth and plunged down onto it. He didn’t bother looking up at Austin, but devoted all of his attention to the task at hand.

Austin looked over at Nick and patted the couch next to him. Nick stood up, dropped his pants, and then sat down next to Austin. Their legs touched and Austin put one hand on Nick’s thigh. “Man, I was thinking we wouldn’t get to do this anymore,” he said, “And this is even better. We get to relax while the stud does all the work.”

Austin grabbed Nick’s cock and played with it for a minute. Then he pulled Nick against his side and wrapped his arm around his neck. Tom sensed the movement and looked up at his boyfriend. Nick smiled at him. “You ok with this?”

“No kissing.” Tom said with a crooked grin. Nick could sense the aggression; Tom was right on the edge. The part of him that liked controlling situations was wrestling with the part of him that just wanted to suck a cock. Telling Nick not to kiss Austin was a last ditch effort to maintain some control over the situation.

Nick grabbed Tom’s shoulder and watched him work Austin’s cock. “You’re such a sexy fucking beast,” he said.

Austin guided Tom’s head away from his dick and over his thigh to Nick. He wanted both of them involved in this. He didn’t want Tom to think that what they were doing was about serving him. If he did that, he would get a good blowjob out of the deal, but Tom would never blow him again. As it stood, he was fine letting Tom explore his dick with his tongue and his legs with his hands. It felt good, and Austin was sure that it wouldn’t fuck things up between them.

As Tom engulfed Nick’s cock, Austin gazed at him admiration. Tom took that dick down like he’d done it a million times before, and he probably had. There was a moment when Austin felt like an interloper. He was literally watching these guys go at it, invading their private moment. It was a weird, almost voyeuristic, and he liked it.

He grabbed Nick’s shirt and pulled it off. Then he took his own shirt off. They were both naked, and Tom was fully clothed. Nick took the lead and grabbed the shoulders of Tom’s tee. His dick popped out of Tom’s mouth as the shirt came up over his head. Then, Nick grabbed the shaft before Tom could get his lips back around it. He tapped his dick against the tip of Tom’s nose and rubbed the glans over his open lips.

“Who’s the cock-hound now?” Nick asked with a smile.

Tom growled and took Nick’s cock back in his mouth. He sucked it down and Nick groaned in appreciation. Austin rolled his eyes.

“He’s as good at sucking dick as he is at everything,” he said, “I sort of hoped this would be the one thing he’s bad at.”

Tom pulled off of Nick’s dick and then jumped back onto Austin’s. He inhaled his cock, taking it all the way to the base in one blow. When he got down to the root, he shook his head and growled deep in his throat. Austin fell back against the couch. When Tom pulled off, a line of spit hung from his lip to the tip of Austin’s dick.

Tom grabbed onto both of their shins. “Stand up guys. I want both of you at once.”

Austin looked at Nick and mouthed the word ‘slut’ before he got up and placed his dick against Nick’s. The two of them rubbed their cocks against one another’s and poked their respective heads into the other guys balls. Tom grabbed onto both of them, one in each hand, and jerked them with an iron grip. Their dicks were different, both unique in their own ways, but they both looked good to him. He wasn’t sure what had come over him, but for the first time in his life, he felt a kind of burning desire in the pit of his stomach. He was so excited that his dick was bouncing all over the place in his shorts. He was worried that he was going to explode if he couldn’t get control of himself.

He bent forward and took Nick’s dick in his mouth. Then he pulled away and started to suck Austin. They tasted different. Nick was, well, Nick; familiar and comfortable. Nick’s dick fit inside of his mouth perfectly. Austin was different. His dick leaked precum like crazy, and he tasted salty. Tom licked around the head of Austin’s glans.Then he pressed the guys’ dicks together and slipped his lips over both of them.

Nick groaned and looked down at Tom. His lips were stretched by the two dicks that were inside of his mouth. Nick could see how much the Tom was enjoying himself. The corners of his mouth were turned up in a smile, and he was all over both of their cocks. Nick put a hand on Tom’s shoulder, and Tom pulled his mouth away from the two dicks long enough to smile at him.

For his part, Tom was experiencing, for the first time, complete sexual freedom. Whatever him last hang-ups were, they were gone. He couldn’t claim anymore that playing around with Nick was a Nick thing as if he wasn’t attracted to guys but was just attracted to something about Nick. He was totally into guys, and his infatuation with Austin’s body was proof of that.

Nick bent over and took Tom’s head by the chin. He kissed him quickly, their lips connecting on one side while Austin’s dick held Tom’s mouth open on the other side. Then they licked the cock together for about half a minute. Austin’s eyes rolled back into his head, and he sat back down on the couch with a thud.

“Fuck dudes,” he moaned.

Nick knelt next to Tom and kissed him along the side of his face, slowly making his way to his ear. “You’re so fucking hot right now,” he whispered. “You’ve got me so turned on.”

Tom grabbed onto Nick’s cock and pulled it a couple of times before snaking lower. He rolled Nick’s balls around in his fingers before he pushed under his ball sack and rubbed his middle finger against Nick’s hole.

Nick groaned, “Fuck me.” he hissed.

Austin looked up. “You’ve got that guy trained, don’t you.”

“You have no idea.” Tom said, “He loves my dick. Don’t you babe?”

Nick nodded. Drool was practically running down his chin as Tom fingered him. When Tom pulled away, Nick was hungry for more. He leaned into his guy and licked along his shoulder, trying to get his stud to do what he needed him to do- hold him down and fuck him.

Tom was back on Austin’s cock, though, and showed little interest in fucking. Nick gazed down his broad back to the twin globes that made up Tom’s muscular ass. There was a trail of light brown hair right above his crack, and Nick followed it down into Tom’s shorts.

Nick crawled behind Tom, and yanked down the back of his shorts. Tom’s hairy, perfect asshole winked back at him. Nick dove in, licking around Tom’s hole and pushing his tongue against it. In a flash Tom’s hand was on the back of his head, and Tom pushed his body back against Nick. Nick dove in, rubbing his cheeks against Tom’s flesh, doing everything he could do to drive Tom over the edge.

Tom groaned loudly and Austin’s cock fell out of his mouth. “God.” he said as he collapsed against the front of the couch. His face was right between Austin’s legs, and he could smell his best friends sweaty, spit covered junk. He started to tongue Austin’s sack, licking along the base and up the shaft of his cock. He was breathing hard; Nick had him on the edge like he’d never been before. The fact that he was only licking his ass and hadn’t touched his cock or balls yet was the one thing that was keeping Tom from exploding all over the floor.

Austin ran his fingers through Tom’s hair. He wasn’t into guys. He liked playing around with them because he liked sex, but he didn’t usually think of another man as attractive. With Tom, however, it was impossible to deny how good looking he was. He was pure sex and pure man from head to toe. Even with a set of balls in his mouth he looked like a stud.

Austin stood up. Then he leaned over and grabbed Tom by the armpits and lifted him to his feet. Nick kept his head between Tom’s cheeks and followed it as Tom stood up. Austin looked Tom in the eyes and for a minute Tom thought that Austin was going to kiss him. His heart thudded before Austin grinned from ear to ear. “I’m just fucking with you buddy,” he said as he dropped to his knees.

Tom gasped as Austin took his cock into his mouth. He was good, really good. Almost as good as Nick. Tom looked down at him. “You’re not as straight as you make yourself out to be.”

“I’ve had some practice.” Austin said. “Mostly on your guy Nick.”

Nick pulled away from Tom’s ass just long enough to mumble his agreement.

Tom didn’t think about it. He had a tongue licking his taint and the back of his balls and another mouth on his dick. He didn’t need to think. The feelings rushing through his body were enough for him.

The double blow-job went on for almost a minute until Tom couldn’t handle it anymore. His balls were churning. He felt Nick grinding against the back of his leg, rubbing his dick against the hairy flesh while he tongued Tom’s ass. It wouldn’t’ be long before Nick’s firehose of a cock coated the back of his leg. Austin was hard and dripping too.

“Back on the couch, guys.” Tom said softly. Austin didn’t let up. Tom grabbed him by the hair and pulled him away. Tom’s dick slapped against his stomach. “Let’s finish this,” he said as he pushed Austin onto the couch.

Austin sat on one side of Tom and Nick sat on the other. It took him half a second to press as much of his skin against Tom’s naked body as he could, and soon their legs and arms were entangled. Tom kept a little distance between himself and Austin. But when Austin’s hand went for his dick, he didn’t say no. Instead he reached for Austin’s cock with one hand and for Nick’s with the other. They did the same and soon Tom had one hand on his dick, one on his balls, and a cock in each of his hands. Nick was licking his nipple and Austin breathed heavily with his eyes closed. They sat in practical silence as they jerked each other off.

Between the sound of fapping, there was an occasional groan. Austin heard some sucking and opened his eyes. Nick and Tom were making out. He looked down at Tom’s hand and felt an urge to wrap his fingers around it. He closed his own fist around Tom’s and felt his muscles moving as Tom milked his dick. It was the closest the two buddies had ever been and Austin felt more love for his buddy than he had ever felt before.

“Fuck, I’m there.” Tom said.

Before Austin had processed the words, Tom’s dick swelled up in his hand. The head got huge, huger than Austin thought possible, and ropes of thick white jizz blasted across Tom’s chest. The cum was thick and it collected in the ridges of Tom’s abs. The smell hit Austin, and he felt his cock give way as he got his nut. Tom gripped his dick with an iron fist and pulled the cum out of his balls. It splattered up against the top of his chest, covering one of his nipples. Austin grinned as Tom flashed him a smile. They’d helped each other out in a way that they never had before.

Nick was thrusting his hips into Tom’s fist as he got closer to cumming. Both Tom and Austin looked on, because they knew they were in for a show. Nick came buckets on a good day, but when he was really turned on, his dick shot cum like a firehose shot water. Tom lifted his arm, letting Nick press his head into his armpit, then he brought his arm down on the top of Nick’s head. He knew that the pressure, the feeling of his muscles, would get Nick even hotter. Then he heard Nick groan and saw cum start to bubble from the tip of his dick.

They watched for five seconds as watery cum leaked from Nick’s dick. Then Nick bucked his hips and really let go. His load came out in a fast blast, coating his stomach with watery cum. Then another shot splashed up onto his chest. By the third, forth, and fifth blasts, he was hitting his face and shooting cum over his shoulder onto the couch behind him. There was cum everywhere, and Nick wasn’t slowing down. His dick kept pulsing for another ten seconds, and when he was finally finished, his load was running down the front and sides of his body. He smiled a crooked little grin when he looked at the mess.

“Fuck me, that never gets old.” Austin said, “You’re a freak of fucking nature.”

“I know, right.” he said. Tom ran his fingers across Nick’s chest, playing with the thin puddles of cum.

“That was awesome.” Austin said. “I haven’t gotten off like that for a while. Seriously. Thanks guys.”

Tom laughed and ran his hands through his hair, “I’m still high.”

Tom wasn’t one for pillow talk. At least not in the moments right after he came. Austin was all action, though. He was already up and putting on his clothes. Sex was business for him and when it was over, he moved on to the next thing. Tom shrugged off his post orgasm coma when Austin tossed a towel at him. “You two need to get cleaned up.” He grabbed some air freshener and sprayed it. “It smells like dick in here,” he said with a grin.

Dick and cum, Tom thought. He wiped himself clean and then pulled on his shorts and shirt. When he sat back down on the couch, Nick, who was wearing his briefs but nothing else, slid up against him. He pulled him in close, and leaned back to watch the rest of the game. He’d almost forgotten about what had happened when Austin reached out a fist toward him. Tom bumped Austin’s fist and smiled.

“First time for that, right bro?”

“Yeah. First of many, I hope.” Austin said in reply.

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