Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 13

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Tom woke up disoriented. He looked around, felt Nick’s head on his shoulder, and remembered where he was. He leaned over and kissed Nick, waking him up.

“I should go.” Tom whispered.

“You’re gonna sneak out on me?”

“If I don’t leave now you’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Guys stay over at each other’s houses, Tom.” Nick said, “And who cares if my parents know about you.”

“I guess.”

Tom laid back on the bed for fifteen minutes. He needed to get home to get ready for school, but he wanted to spend every minute with Nick, to spend the morning together. He cuddled up against Nick for as long as he could.

Tom climbed out of bed and pulled on his jeans. He grabbed Nick’s hand one more time, smiled at him, and tried to slip out of the house unnoticed. He was outside, walking down the driveway toward his truck, when Nick’s dad walked out of the garage. He was a rough looking guy, a little thick around the middle. Tom remembered Nick telling him that he worked construction or something like that. His stride conveyed friendliness, but also assertiveness and strength.

“Tom right?”

“Yes, sir.” Tom said, trying to be polite.

“Listen, I don’t know what you’ve got going on with my son,” he paused and looked uncomfortable. “But, he’s my guy, and if you mess him up, you’re going to have to deal with me.”

“I’m, uh, not going to mess him up, sir.” Tom said, “Really.”

“He’s changed since he started hanging out with you, for the better,” he said, “I hope you understand what you mean to him.”

“I understand, really.” Tom said. He looked at the ground and blushed. “He, uh, he means a lot to me too.”

Nick’s dad smiled. He took a step forward and grabbed Tom’s shoulder. “No more sleeping over, ok? House rules.”

“Yes, sir.” Tom said.

Nick’s dad broke away and walked back toward the house. Tom jumped into his truck, grabbed his phone, and texted Nick quick. Then he headed home.

They both had afternoon activities, so Nick met Tom in a quiet hallway after his last class where they could count on being alone. They’d become experts at knowing which parts of the school would be deserted at what times.

“Sorry about my dad.” Nick said.

“He was totally cool,” Tom said, “I’ve been meaning to give you something.”

“I hope you’re going to give me some dick later on.” Nick said, “That’s what I really want.”

“You’re such a cock-hound.” Tom said, “And you’re ruining my grand romantic gesture.” Then he reached into his back pack and pulled out a bundle of fabric. He unraveled it.

“You can wear it if you want. I can take the heat.”

Nick knew what it was without unfolding it; Tom’s letterman jacket. It had his patches on it and his name. Nick pulled it up to his face and smelled the collar. He took a deep breath. It smelled like Tom. His dick got hard immediately.

“Why are you always smelling my clothes?”

“I like the way you smell.” Nick said, “Don’t you like the way I smell.”

Tom rolled his eyes. “Just put it on.” Nick put on the jacket. It was too big for him, but he didn’t care. He knew he wouldn’t be able to wear it much outside of the house. He wasn’t ready for that yet, but the gesture was still pretty amazing. Tom pulled at the collar. “You in my jacket, that’s what gets me hard.”

When Nick put on that jacket, it was like a sign that he belonged to Tom. The prize was finally his for good. His dick throbbed. He wanted nothing more than to pull Nick into a corner and fuck him totally senseless. He leaned in and kissed Nick, whispering in his ear. “I might not be into the way you smell . . .” he started. His hand slid down Nick’s back and into his pants. “But I’m totally into your furry ass, and your sexy legs, and your cock.” When he said the last part, he slipped his thigh between Nick’s legs. “You’ve got me so hard, babe. I would take you right here if I could. Just throw you onto the ground and fuck you into the floor. You want that?”

Nick groaned and the noise reminded them both that they were in a very public place. Nick broke away and then took off the jacket.

“I meant what I said, Nick.” Tom said lustily, “If you want to wear it, I’ll deal with the consequences. It’s your choice.”

“I’m not ready yet.” Nick said.

“That’s cool.” Tom said. “You wanna run later. Around the lake or something?”

“Sure.” Nick said, surprised that Tom had so efficiently ended the encounter.

Three hours later, they were both in running shorts standing at a trail head in a nearby park. Nick was wearing a t-shirt. Tom, as usual, was shirtless. “Guess I’m going to have to take the lead,” Nick said, “If I have to stare at your body, my cock is going to be hard the whole time.”

Tom shrugged. A mile later he realized his mistake. Every time Nick took a step, the muscles in his ass flexed and then relaxed, while his perfect cheeks bounced. Tom imagined them without the covering of the thin shorts. The twin cheeks, defined with muscle but still a little round, furry and sweaty, moving as Nick moved. Drool was practically running out of his mouth as they rounded the far end of the lake. He felt like a wolf on the trail of his prey, about to take him down, hold him to the ground, and do whatever he wanted to to him.

Tom also started to notice the abundance of hot guys all around him. This part of him had been waking up for a while, but on the run he got to watch as Nick checked guys out. Staring them down and then turning as they passed to get a look at the dude’s ass. Tom, in turn, would turn to check the guy out as well.

Tom waited until they were in a secluded spot and then ran ahead of Nick and slowed down.

“Need a break?” Nick asked. He was a stronger runner than Tom and could run as long as he wanted to. Nick’s eyes drifted between Tom’s legs, where a huge tent had popped up between his thighs. “Are all these hot guys getting you hard?”

“One in particular.” Tom said.

He walked up to Nick until he stood only a few inches away. His dick poked Nick in the stomach, and the heat from his body was intense. Waves of it bounced off of Nick’s body as Tom took deep breaths. Tom looked him in the eyes and slid a hand around his back. He grabbed Nick’s ass.

“I can’t go another mile without getting some of this,” he said.

Nick looked around and then asked, “What’s gotten into you, man?”

“I’m horny and my boyfriend is a total tease.”

Nick smiled big. “So I’m your boyfriend now?”

Tom kissed him. “I thought that was obvious.” He slipped his hand into Nick’s running shorts and rubbed his furry cheeks. “My sexy, sweaty boyfriend.”

“Let’s go back to your place.” Nick said.

Tom’s hand moved between his cheeks and teased Nick’s asshole. “I”m a teenager. I’m not good at waiting.” Then he grabbed his own cock and rubbed it, “Especially when I’m dealing with this.”

He grabbed Nick and turned him around. For a moment, he put his mouth on Nick’s neck, dragging his teeth down his nape and onto his shoulder. Then he dropped to his knees and kissed the small of Nick’s back. He slipped his hands up Nick’s thighs and pulled the back of the shorts down.

“Tom, we’re out in the fucking open . . .” Nick started. Then he groaned as Tom’s mouth moved between his cheeks.

Tom dove into Nick’s ass, licking up the salty sweat. Nick moaned as Tom ate him out for a few seconds. Then Tom pulled away and held Nick’s cheeks wide open. He kissed Nick one more time and ran his tongue from the base of Nick’s balls all the way up to the top of his crack.

“You have no idea how much I love this ass.” Tom said.

Nick turned around and pulled Tom up to his feet. He ran his hands over his sweaty pecs, letting his fingers linger on his nipples for a moment. “I’ve got an idea.”

“I never felt this way about girls, you know.” Tom said, “I fucked them because it felt good, but I never got into it the way I get into it with you.”

“I’m sexy as fuck.” Nick said, with a big smile.

“You’re almost as arrogant as me.” Tom said. He put his hand back on Nick’s ass. “I’m going to tear you up today. I’m going to wait until you’re begging for it, and then I’m going to fuck you stupid.”

“I”m already begging for it.” Nick said.

Tom ran his finger over Nick’s hole one last time, teasing him. “You have no idea.”

“Here?” Nick asked.

They had been passed numerous times already. They had tried to cover themselves up and pretend like they weren’t doing anything, but it was pretty obvious to everyone that they were fucking around. The place was way too popular to start fucking in the dirt.

“No,” Tom said, “Let’s go.”

They ran back to the parking lot and jumped into Tom’s truck. As soon as the doors were shut, Nick was leaning over, playing with Tom’s dick. Tom was as horny as he’d ever been and his dick was drooling into his shorts. Nick bent down and licked the wet spot. Then he buried his face in Tom’s crotch.

“You want that cock, don’t you babe?” Tom teased.

Nick nodded and dug in deeper, pushing his face into Tom’s balls while he played with his mammoth dick. Tom could hear him breathing deeply through his nose and laughed a little.

“You like that.” Tom said as he rubbed Nick’s head, “Fucking hot, sweaty cock. All for you.”

Nick looked up at him a little embarrassed. “You think it’s weird that I like your body when you’re all worked up like this?”

“Different strokes,” Tom said, “You think it’s weird that I could eat your ass for days.”

“It’s just, I really love the way you smell and taste.” Nick crawled up Tom’s body and kissed one of his nipples. Then he moved to Tom’s armpit and started to lick it. It was salty with fresh sweat, and Nick rubbed his face against the wet hair. Everything smelled fresh and masculine. He loved it.

Tom pushed him away. “We gotta go babe. Like now.”

Nick got back into his seat. Tom could smell his body on Nick, and it turned him on more than he cared to admit. He had marked his mate with his scent. It was the most primal way of taking possession that existed, and it tapped into something deep within Tom’s psyche.

They got to Tom’s house and did a quick check to make sure that his mom wasn’t home. Then they ran upstairs to Tom’s room. Tom threw Nick onto the bed and pulled his shirt off at the same time. Nick was also undressing in a flurry, throwing his clothes in every direction. Tom pulled off his shorts and stood in front of Nick in a pair of gray compression shorts. Nick jumped off the bed and dropped in front of him. Tom’s cock, massive and engorged, lay across the top of his thigh aiming at his hip. Nick kissed it.

As Nick started to pull down the shorts, Tom grabbed his hands and pulled Nick to his feet. He pushed him back onto the bed and pulled Nick’s boxers off violently.

He held the thin fabric up to his face and took a deep breath. Nick wasn’t the only one that got off on the way his man smelled. He tossed the briefs to the side and stared between Nick’s legs, at the real thing. He moved up between Nick’s legs. Nick smiled, grabbed his dick, and pointed it down at Tom. Tom licked the tip, sucking up some of the precum, and then pushed it out of his way. He licked Nick’s balls, running his tongue over each of them. When they were good and wet, he moved lower, sucking and kissing Nick right underneath his balls.

“Oh fuck,” Nick said. Tom pulled away, looked up at Nick, and smiled from ear to ear. Then he buried his face between Nick’s legs.

Tom’s mouth was all over his ass. It was almost like he had three tongues. He would toy with Nick’s hole with the tip of his tongue, and then lick the inside of his ass cheeks, and then his fingers would be pulling Nick open. It was the most intense encounter he’d ever had with Tom. It was almost like Tom was trying to get up inside of him. At the same time, his dick was bouncing against his stomach. He knew that if he took his cock into his hand, he would cum in a second.

His fingers moved through Tom’s hair, which was still damp from the run. He mussed it up and then stared at Tom. He loved the way Tom looked when he wasn’t put together, like now or when he first woke up. There was something attractive about seeing him in these moments, which Tom, obsessed with his self-presentation, rarely let other people see.

Suddenly Tom pulled away from Nick. He grinned at him and bit the inside of his thigh lightly. Then Tom grabbed his hips and flipped him over. He slapped Nicks’ ass and kissed the top of it.

“The more you work out the better this gets, babe,” he said, “I’m going to have to start fighting off other guys if you keep doing all those squats.”

Nick looked over his shoulder, “You want me to stop.”

“Nah,” Tom said, “You keep working out, and I’ll take care of the other guys.”

Nick groaned as Tom went back to rimming him, kneading his cheeks as he ate him out. Nick mumbled incoherently into his pillow.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, watching me fight another guy for you?”

Nick wasn’t into physical violence, but he had to admit that the idea turned him on. He’d like to see Tom’s muscles flex and display their power as he pushed away another guy. As he thought about it, Tom continued to eat him out and talk dirty. Nick lifted his hips off the bed at this point and pushed back against Tom, slowly grinding against his mouth.

Slowly and deliberately, Tom pulled on Nick’s cock. It wasn’t enough to get him off, but it was getting him revved up. Tom’s tongue swirled around his asshole and pushed inside him just a little bit. When he pulled it out, Nick felt the emptiness inside of him.

“Fuck me, Tom.” He groaned, “I want your cock inside me.”

“I could eat your ass all night, babe.” Tom said. Then he grumbled, almost to himself, “So fucking in love with this ass.”

“Ugh,” Nick said, “Just fuck me.”

Tom ignored him. He continued to toy with his hole, and made no signs that he was going to change things up. Nick finally gave up. He turned over and smiled at Tom, then he grabbed his shoulders and rolled Tom over.

“You gonna sit on my face babe?” Tom asked as he licked his lips.

“I’m gonna sit on your cock.” Nick said as he grabbed the giant pole and teased it out of Tom’s shorts. Nick lined himself up with the leaking dick and eased down onto it.

Tom’s eyes rolled back into his head as Nick’s warmth and wetness surrounded him. He let go of Nick’s body and leaned his head back. He was completely relaxed. He could have gone on rimming Nick for an hour, but he couldn’t deny that this was better.

“Ride me, dude.” Tom said, “Get yourself off on my thick dick.”

Nick moved up and down on Tom’s cock, letting it sink all the way into him before he eased himself off. He squeezed with his ass muscles, tightening his chute around the pole inside of him.

“Fuck me.” Nick said. “Take me like you said you were going to.”

“Make me want it.” Tom teased.

Nick slowed down. He slid his body up and down Tom’s lower stomach, letting Tom’s cock move in and out of him by just a few inches. While he slowly teased Tom, he ran his hands over his chest and stomach.

He rode Tom for several minutes, looking him in the eyes at first and then turning around so that Tom could watch his round ass slide up and down his thick pole. He kept the pace as slow as possible, trying to taunt Tom into finally taking him. As he rode him, he struggled to maintain control. Every inch of Tom’s massive cock were inside of him. Each time he sat down on top of it, the head passed over his prostate and then the rest of it slid past. Then, on the out stroke, he felt his body collapse into the emptiness. Tom’s dick stretched him and opened him up, and precum was running out of his dick like water from a faucet.

Tom began to lift his hips in response to Nick’s thrusts. Nick put his hands behind him and did his best to hold Tom down. He didn’t want Tom to do anything that would help him get off. This was about getting him to put his money where his mouth was. Tom wasn’t going to get off if he wasn’t willing to fuck Nick like he’d promised.

Nick looked over his shoulder, “You want it yet?”

Tom grinned, “I’m getting there.”

“I could ride this dick all night.” Nick mocked him and lied at the same time.

“Liar.” Tom said, “You would cum first.”

Tom looked into Nick’s eyes. He could see the need in them and suddenly felt guilty about teasing Nick. This was all about control. He could care less if he got off or not. Instead, what was driving him was the feeling that he was denying Nick something, toying with him. Now he wanted to give Nick what he wanted.

“You really want me to fuck you, don’t you?” Tom asked.

“Since I woke up this morning and you left me with my dick in my hand.” Nick said.

Tom sat up and wrapped his arms around Nick’s torso. He slipped his fingers underneath Nick’s armpits and grabbed at his nipples. At the same time, he pulled Nick down onto him.

“I thought that slow and sexy was more your style. You’re not into romance?”

“Not today.” Nick groaned, “Just fuck me.”

Tom dragged his teeth across Nick’s shoulder. Then he pushed him forward and off of his cock. He stood up and pulled off his shorts, letting them fall on the bed. His cock, hard and pulsing, slapped against his stomach. He pulled it away and let it smack against his abs again. Then he cupped his balls and played with them. The whole time, his eyes drilled holes into Nick’s skull.

“I’m going to tear you up.” He said.

Nick, suddenly, felt a little frightened. He wanted it. He always liked it when Tom fucked him hard. He liked the display of strength and the feeling of Tom’s muscles as he covered his body and got his nut. Now though, seeing him standing there with his massive organ oozing and pulsing, he wasn’t so sure he could take it. He would undoubtedly be punished for toying with Tom for so long.

Tom took a step toward the bed. He grabbed the back of Nick’s neck and shoved him forward, pinning him down. Then he lined his dick up and pressed the head against Nick’s hole. Right before he entered, he ran his tongue up Nick’s neck and licked him along his hairline. It was a tender move. Then, with all his force, he drove forward with his hips and impaled Nick on his cock.

Nick grunted but didn’t cry out. He’d gotten used to Tom’s size. Tom went to work immediately, fucking Nick with punishing force and urgency. He was humping him into the bed, and practically smothering him as he pressed him into the pillows.

“Is this what you wanted, babe?” Tom whispered in his ear as he pounded him.

He allowed Nick to lift his head just long enough to hear him mumble the word, ‘stud’, then he pressed him back into the bed. Tom’s hands moved over Nick’s body, and his mouth continued to lick Nick’s back and neck. He snuck up along the side of his face and let Nick up for a second so that he could kiss him. Their tongues tangled before Tom pulled away. He saw his compression shorts on the bed above Nick’s head. He grabbed them and then shoved them under Nick’s face.

“Smell my sweaty dick, babe, while I fill you with my nut.”

“Fuck,” Nick moaned. He took a deep breath and his nostrils were filled with the scent of Tom’s body. It was a smell he knew well, but here, on the still damp shorts, it was concentrated and amplified. The aroma went straight into his brain and made every thrust of Tom’s cock more intense.

Tom grabbed the briefs and positioned them so that the crotch was facing up. Then he shoved Nick’s face into them a second time.”That’s where my sweaty stud balls were churning while I watched your fine ass bounce up and down you fucking tease.” He emphasized the last words with an especially hard thrust.

He moved the briefs again. “This is where my dick was, leaking precum as I thought about fucking you stupid.”

Nick nodded and almost purred.

“Taste it. Suck up my sweat, babe.”

Tom was practically chewing on Nick’s neck as he drilled him, and he could smell the aroma of his own cock, balls, and sweat. It didn’t matter that it was his; the smell of cock was turning him on. And the more time he spent screwing Nick, the more he was turned on by it. The hardness and roughness of men was exactly what he’d been looking for when he was messing around with girls. He just hadn’t known it.

The constant thrusting had pushed Nick to the edge of the bed, and half of his body was hanging off. He put one hand on the floor to stabilize himself and moaned Tom’s name a couple of times to try to get his attention. Tom bit the back of his neck lightly and then wrapped his arms around Nick. With his dick still embedded deep in Nick’s body, he maneuvered himself and dropped both of them to the floor.

Nick was half delirious as Tom started to pound him again. The carpet was rubbing against his knees and elbows, and he knew they would be red tomorrow. Tom’s fingernails clawed at him and his mouth was all over Nick’s back. They were both getting close, panting and grunting, as Tom’s sweat dripped onto Nick’s neck. Nick lost it first, shooting his huge load all over Tom’s carpet. His dick was pressed downward, and his cum shot backward toward his knees, painting long lines on the floor.

As Nick’s body pulsated around his cock, Tom found that he couldn’t take it any more. Nick’s body morphed beneath him. He was no longer fucking his boyfriend, he didn’t care about that. Nick was just a thing to be fucked, and Tom fucked him with all his might. All he wanted, all he needed, was to get his nut, and Nick’s hole was there and ready for him. He pounded Nick hard, listening to him groan and babble incoherently. Tom grabbed onto him, squeezing his body as he thrust as deep as he could.

“Here it is babe,” Tom moaned, “Just for you.”

Nick felt Tom’s cock swell up inside of him. The head and the shaft became impossibly huge as his dick prepared to blast a load into his guts. Then the flood of cum, hot and wet, filled him up. Tom humped him, pushing his hips into the carpet, not speaking but licking and kissing Nick’s jaw and cheek. When he finished, he laid on top of Nick, grinding his hips slowly. His cock barely softened before it returned to it’s normal, rock hard state.

They had been locked together for so long that when Tom released him and crawled off, Nick felt exposed and empty. He crawled back onto the bed and sat next to Tom. Then he put his head on Tom’s shoulder and pulled him backward, snuggling into him as they both laid down.

Tom grabbed his pipe from the drawer next to his bed and took a long hit before he passed it to Nick. “That was fucking intense.”

“Probably the best yet,” Nick said. His head was pressed against Tom’s ribcage and he felt his lungs expand and collapse again.

“You like it when I fuck you hard?”

Nick didn’t look at Tom, but said, “I like it when you call me babe.”

“Yeah?” Tom asked, “I like calling you babe too.”

Nick’s cock was hard again. Tom looked at it. There was still some cum hanging out on the head and it bounced with every heart beat. Tom took it into his hand and started to rub it.

“Time to get you off.” he said.

“I already got off,” Nick said as he bent his head toward the massive puddle of cum on the floor.

“Time for me to get you off.” As he said it he bent over Nick’s body and sucked his dick into his mouth.

Nick put his hand on Tom’s muscular shoulder and leaned back against this pillows. He closed his eyes, focused on what he was feeling, and let Tom take him to an amazing place for the second time that night.

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