Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 12

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

“Dude. Dude.” Tom said, “This is not a good time.”

Nick grabbed onto Tom’s hard cock, pulled at it, and massaged it through his jeans. “It feels like it’s a good time.”

“It’s the middle of the day. We’re in a parking lot.”

“You can’t text me all day long and not expect me to want your cock when I see you.”

“Yeah, but you can exercise some self-control, right?”

Nick sighed and then sat back in the truck. “No dick then?”

“Later. I’ll give it to you twice to make up for it.” Tom said.

Nick bent over and licked along the long, thick bulge in Tom’s jeans. With his head in Tom’s crotch, he sucked up the smell he’d come to love. Old denim, sweat, Tom’s musk. It was the best cologne ever. He licked along the bulge again.

Tom grabbed nape of his neck. “Nick, not now.” he groaned. “C’mon.”

Nick jumped back into his seat. “Fine.” he said.

Tom looked at him. Nick was thin and strong and athletic and he was starting to find him unbelievably sexy. After he got over his hang ups and allowed himself to appreciate another guy’s body, he found himself checking everyone out. He was suddenly surrounded by so many beautiful men and he wondered how he’d never noticed it before. He had spent a lot of time studying the naked bodies of his teammates, but he never thought of it as sexual. Just admiration. Now he knew that there was a sexual undertone to it all the time.

The tip of Nick’s dick popped out of the top of his nylon shorts. It was shiny with precum. Nick noticed Tom staring and pushed it back into his pants. His hard dick tented the fabric.

“I kind of love that.” Tom said, “The way you can see a guy’s dick through basketball shorts. I’d never noticed it before.”

“I don’t get that.” Nick said.

“Really? I’d have thought you’d be super into it.”

“Nah, I mean, I’m into that, but how did you never notice it before? Like you just suddenly started to see dick and like it. That’s weird to me.”

“I’m a weird guy.” Tom paused. “I was really good at making myself one kind of thing. So good that I kind of believed it. I wasn’t exactly denying myself, more like I was ignoring the obvious.”

“I’m glad you made the first move.” Nick said. “It changed my life.”

“Mine too.” Tom said.

Tom checked the windows. Then he bent over and licked the tip of Nick’s dick, sucking the precum off his thigh. Nick rubbed his back, and then Tom pulled the whole dick into his mouth. Tom had taken to cock-sucking like he did everything else. He wanted to make Nick feel good. Whether he was giving head or a good fuck, he took care of Nick. Even when he got aggressive, it was an attempt to give Nick what he wanted.

Tom pulled away. “Let’s ditch the guys and go home.”

“I’ve got Chris’ book from English. He needs it back tonight.” Nick said. “Wait for him and then we’ll find a way to bolt.”

“You think the guys are suspicious? You and I are spending a lot of time together.”

“Maybe Austin.” Nick said. “He told me he messes around with guys sometimes so his mind might go there. Chris? I think he’s kind of oblivious to everything.”

“Yeah. Who knows what’s going on in his head.” Tom said, “He likes you a lot though. Even if he doesn’t say it.”

“I’ve noticed that. He’s protective of me.” Nick said, “Not sure why.”

“He’s deeper than he looks.” Tom said. “But you don’t need a protector. You’ve got me.”

“Yeah? Big strong man to keep me safe.” Nick’s hand moved across Tom’s chest. It was hard and warm. He was so strong.

“You’re my guy.” Tom said. He pulled Nick into his body and they started to make out. Tom pulled on Nick’s lower lip, sucking it into his mouth, before he moved away and kissed the line of his jaw. Their arms were all over each other. Nick’s neck hurt from bending into the kisses, and he twisted so that he was sitting on Tom’s lap. He felt Tom’s giant cock pressing into his ass.

“When we get home, I’m going to ride you.” Nick said. “Get that big stud cock inside of me and just ride you until you blow.”

He pushed against Tom’s dick and twisted around. Tom leaned back and rested his head against the seat. “If you keep this up, my balls are going to be empty before we get there.”

“I’m pretty sure your balls can hold more than one load.” Nick said. Tom’s balls were huge, almost grotesquely so. Nick loved them. “Fucking big stud balls. Maybe I’ll play with them before I climb onto you. You want me to suck on your nuts, stud?”

Tom groaned, Nick played with his nipples while they kissed. He was just barely holding it together. He broke away from the kiss. “Let’s just go. You can take him his book or whatever later.”

“I wish you would just fuck me here.” Nick said, twisting his ass on Tom’s dick again.

Suddenly, Tom sat straight up and pushed Nick away. “Oh fuck.” he said. There was panic in his face. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Did you blow?” Nick asked.

“No.” Tom was already jumping out of the truck. “Chris.” he said.

Tom pushed his dick down his pant leg as he jogged toward Chris, who was practically running back to his car. He heard Nick’s door open and turned, telling him to stay where he was. Then he ran toward Chris and grabbed his shoulder.

Chris pivoted.. “Don’t fucking touch me dude. I’ll lay you out. You know I could.”

Tom put his hands up. “I just . . .”

“You guys are fucked up.” Chris said, “You know, it’s just fucked up. Nick’s a guy who likes guys, and instead of helping him, you all just toy with him and use him. He’s an easy lay, happy to swing from your dick whenever, so you just use him. It’s fucked up. That’s all I got to say. And it’s not fair to him either. He’s supposed to be your friend, not your fucking booty call.”

“Listen man.” Tom started.

“Honestly, with Austin I wasn’t too surprised. That’s just how he is. But you, man, I can’t believe that you’re doing it too. You guys are assholes.”

Tom’s head was spinning. Something was going on with Austin too? Nick had never said anything. He looked at Chris and put his hands down.

“Dude, it’s not like that. It was, but it isn’t anymore.” Tom said. “We’re . . . I’m not just using him. You don’t understand.”

“Fuck you.” Chris said. He jumped into his car and peeled out of the parking lot. Tom ran back to his truck. Nick was standing next to it.

“Tom” Nick said.

“Are you fucking around with Austin?” Tom said. He was angry, and out of control. For the first time, Nick was afraid around him.

“I. . . uh . . I was, Tom, we stopped. When you and I got together, we stopped.” Tears streamed down Nick’s face.

“Whatever.” Tom climbed into his truck. “I’ve gotta talk to Chris. Austin can give you a ride home. Try not to suck his cock, ok?”

“Tom.” Nick called, but the sound of the engine turning over blocked out his voice. Tom drove away, and Nick was left sitting alone at a picnic table.

Five minutes later Austin showed up. He jumped out of his car and sauntered over to Nick. It was a sign of his emotional distress that he didn’t even find Austin sexy. His lanky, muscular frame was showed off perfectly in a tank top and basketball shorts. His cock bulge was clearly visible.

“Where the fuck is everyone?”

Nick considered telling a lie, but decided that he better just come out with it.

“Uh, so, Tom and I have had this thing going on for a little while. It’s sort of new, and we hadn’t told anyone. We were making out in the truck, and Chris walked up on us. He freaked and Tom took off after him.”

Austin wasn’t phased. “I figured you and him were fooling around.” he said flatly. “Chris’ll be pissed. He didn’t like that I was doing it, and he’s going to be worse with Tom. He thinks we’re taking advantage of you.”

“Yeah,” Nick said, “But when I say that Tom and I have a thing. It’s, like, a lot more than just that. We’re sort of dating.”

“Not just fooling around then?”

“Nope.” Nick said.

“Does Tom know about us?” Austin asked.

“He does now.”

“He’ll get over it.” Austin said. Then he smiled and shook Nick’s shoulder, laughing, “Nice job man. You’ve got the hottest boyfriend in school.”

“Had.” Nick stated. “You’re ok with this?”

“Tom being into guys is kind of a head trip. I didn’t see that one coming. I had no idea.”

“Neither did he, apparently.”

“I roll with the punches, you know. If you guys are together, we’ll make it work. Gonna be kind of weird, though. I’ve never had a bro who has dating another one of my bros, you know.”

“Well, we might not be dating anymore. He was pretty angry.” Nick took a step back, nearer to Austin’s car. “You think you could give me a ride home. I’m totally wiped.”

When Nick got back to his house, he went up to his bedroom and dropped onto the bed. He turned his phone off and buried his face in the pillow. He wasn’t crying. He hadn’t gotten to that point yet. He had a pounding headache and was trying to process things. Initially he was worried about Tom finding out about him and Austin. Then he realized that Tom was the one he should be worried about. He’d been outed to his friends before he was even really sure who he was. If they panicked and talked at school, Tom’s life would completely change.

He woke up four hours later when his mom knocked on his door. She said that Tom was there to see him. He hadn’t come out to his parents, but he guessed that they had a good idea. Whether or not they knew about the thing with Tom was anybody’s guess. So far they had given them lots of space and hadn’t pried into their friendship.

Tom walked in. He’d changed clothes since Nick last saw him. He was wearing a dark pair of jeans and a gray shirt. He pulled off his ball cap and walked toward the bed. Nick was expecting a confrontation, but Tom didn’t say anything. He sat down on the bed, and then put his hand out next to him. “Come over here.”

Nick sat down, and Tom pulled him into his side. “So that happened.” Tom said.

“It was my fault. I should have stopped.” Nick said.

“It’s done.” Tom said, “It would have happened sooner or later anyway.”

“Chris . . .”

“He’s ok. A little stunned. I told him I hadn’t really figured things out yet.”

“Austin was kind of stunned too.”

“Yeah. He texted me. He says he doesn’t care if I suck cock, but he’s mad I wasn’t sucking his. His best attempt at a joke, I guess.”

“Listen, about Austin.” Nick started. “It just sort of happened. And, I don’t know, I’m new to all this and you were sort of unavailable, and . . .”

“I don’t care Nick. Really. We weren’t a couple. You were a free agent.”


“Were.” Tom said flatly. “You belong to me now.” He smiled and kissed Nick quickly.

There was some silence. Tom seemed exhausted. It was like all the energy had gone out of him.

“I’m glad it’s done. It feels more real now. Like I can’t deny it anymore. I like guys. Maybe girls too, but guys for sure. My buddies know. They’re cool with it. It’s over.”

They sat together for another few minutes. Nick leaned into Tom, letting the bigger man hold him. He liked the feeling, the strength of Tom’s body against his own. And he took some degree of pleasure knowing that Tom was cuddling him.

Nick leaned into him and kissed his neck. Tom leaned backward, resting his head on the wall, and let Nick’s mouth move over his lips and across his jaw. Then Nick grabbed onto his shirt and pulled it up over his head.

He kissed his way across Tom’s chest, pushing his face against the smooth skin. Tom smelled fresh, like the shower, and his skin was soft under Nick’s lips. Nick crawled over and sat down across Tom’s groin. He pushed both of his hands up Tom’s chest and rubbed his thick, meaty pecs.

“We never got to finish what we started.”

Tom leaned up and kissed Nick. “We got distracted.”

Nick laughed. “At least Chris didn’t see me with your dick in my mouth.”

“He came close.” Tom said. His hands were between Nick’s legs, starting to open up the fly of his jeans. “He was interested in that, actually. He wanted to know that I was sucking you back. Apparently that was an important piece of the puzzle.”

“What did you tell him?” Nick asked as Tom pulled his hard cock out of his pants.

“I told him that I sucked cock.” Tom said. His hands moved behind Nick and rubbed his ass. “And I told him that I liked it.”

Tom pulled Nick forward and in one fluid movement sucked his dick into his mouth. He dropped his lips all the way to the base of Nick’s shaft as he engulfed the entire thing. Nick groaned loudly, and then checked himself. His parents were in the house.

“You’re good at it too.”

Tom spit Nick’s cock out. “Don’t tell Chris that. He’s still adjusting.”

“Fuck Chris.” Nick said.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you.” Tom said. He took a lick at the tip of Nick’s dick. “He’s kind of a stud.”

“His ass is amazing.” Nick said. He ran his hands over Tom’s chest.

“More amazing than my ass?” Tom asked. He grabbed onto Nick’s shirt and pulled it off. Nick licked Tom’s chest, focusing on his nipples. He kissed his way up to Tom’s mouth and they made out for a minute.

“You’ve got a lot going for you.” Nick whispered, “But you don’t have an ass like that one.”

Tom kissed Nick again. “You better stop talking. You’re going to piss me off. I thought I was perfect.”

“You’re not.” Nick said. “You don’t have to be.”

Tom had a scar running along his shoulder from an accident when he was a kid. Nick ran his fingers over it and then kissed it. He liked this reminder that Tom’s body wasn’t perfect.

“That’s what I like about you.” Tom said, “You’ve never made me feel that I needed to be perfect. I don’t have to hide around you.”

Nick rolled off of him. “You’re in a romantic mood tonight.”

“I’m talking shit cause my brain is fried.” Tom said. The conversation with Chris had been hard. Probably the hardest conversation of his life. His old friend wasn’t shocked to find out that Tom was fooling around with a guy. That made sense. But when Tom told him that it went much farther than fooling around, Chris struggled to wrap his head around it. “Sorry, is it turning you off?”

“No.” Nick said. “It’s turning me on. I’m just worried that we’re going to talk all night.”

Tom flipped over so that he was on top. “Don’t worry about that.” he said as he unbuttoned his jeans.

He grabbed all of his ample manhood, pulling it out and letting it flop down on Nick’s chest. Then he inched forward so that his nuts were hanging over Nick’s face. Nick didn’t need any convincing. He sucked Tom’s huge balls into his mouth and started to tongue his sack.

“Fuck,” Tom groaned. Then he whispered, “I love a good ball job, dude.”

Nick knew. He kept licking and sucking, getting Tom’s balls wet and slimy. He loved the way they sounded when they slid across his slightly stubbly face. It was rough and wet and undeniably sexual. He tried to lick up underneath them but he couldn’t get anywhere because Tom was wearing pants. Tom was also trying to push down into Nick, but couldn’t. Finally, he jumped off the bed and pulled off his pants.

Tom climbed back onto Nick and sat on his face so that his balls were over his eyes and his ass was over his mouth. “Eat my ass, Nick.” Tom said softly.

Nick’s his tongue around his asshole and then dove in. He rubbed Tom’s muscular thighs as Tom pushed against his face. As he licked Tom’s ass, Tom grabbed onto his cock and started to tap Nick on the head with it, rubbing it through his hair. For Tom it felt great, but for Nick it was completely mind blowing. He had a dick on his head, balls in his face, and a hot ass over his mouth. He reached down and tugged on his own cock.

After a few minutes of rimming, Tom climbed off the bed a second time. He pulled Nick’s pants off and then laid down between his legs. He crawled up on his elbows and kissed Nick’s lower stomach, and then around his cock. As he went lower, he slipped his hands under Nick’s thighs and lifted them up. Nick’s asshole, tight and pink and surrounded by hair came into view. Tom dove in, not even thinking about what he was doing. Nick groaned as his lips made contact.

He licked Nick for a few seconds and then pulled away. “I fucking love this ass, man.” he said, “Whatever you think Chris has, I’m telling you you’ve got it too.”

Nick slipped his hand behind Tom’s head and pulled him in. Tom started to rim him again, but at the same time softly grabbed onto Nick’s hand and pulled it away. He held onto it as he ate Nick’s ass, their fingers entwining while Nick’s feet rubbed his back.

They stayed locked together for several minutes. Nick moaned softly, almost purring. When he looked down he saw Tom’s broad back laying in front of him. The muscles twitched along his spine. Below that his round ass rose and fell as he pushed his dick into the bed.

Tom pulled away and sat up. Nick reached down and grabbed his dick. He pulled it a few times and a big drop of precum oozed out. The tip was slimy and wet. Tom must have been super turned on because Nick had never seen him leak like this. He played with the sticky fluid, watching the trails of dog-water glisten in the light as he pulled them away from Tom’s dick. He yanked up and down on Tom’s dick and watched his hood slide back and forth over the thick, purple head.

“This is perfect.” Nick said, “A real stud cock.”

Tom ran his fingers across Nick’s forearm. “You want it inside of you.”

Nick shook his head then took it into his mouth. Tom’s dick tasted salty and a little sweet from all the precum. As he dove under Tom’s foreskin, it was a little tangy as well. Nick ate it all up. He loved the way Tom’s body tasted and smelled. He liked it so much more when they had sex like this rather than when Tom got prettied up and showered. Tom at the end of the day, smelling and tasting like a man was much more appealing to him than the freshly showered version of Tom.

Tom let him suck on his dick for a minute or so before turning Nick over onto his back. He leaned over, pushing his dick further into Nick’s mouth and taking Nick’s cock into his mouth at the same time. While he sucked Nick, he kept running his hand over his burly calves, playing with the hair.

He was starting to like giving head, really getting into it. The longer he spent between Nick’s legs, the more he enjoyed the feel of Nick’s cock in his mouth, the softness combined with the hardness. He tasted the occasionally blast of sweetness from his precum, and dove down as deep as he could go. Each time he made Nick feel good, he was rewarded with a moan from Nick.

Nick began to thrust upward into his mouth. Tom pulled his mouth off of Nick’s dick and started to work his mouth around his balls. They had pulled up tight into his body, just two big orbs sitting next to the root of his dick. He licked across them, toying with them. Then he licked lower, working his tongue over Nick’s taint. Nick moaned loudly.

“Better be quiet,” Tom said, “Don’t want your folks to know we’re fucking around.” Then he went back to Nick’s asshole, licking it and jabbing at it.

Nick moaned loudly again. “They’ve probably figured it out by now.” Then he grabbed onto Tom’s dick and took it back into his mouth.

Tom sucked him hard. He rolled his tongue over the head of Nick’s cock while he worked the shaft with his hand. Nick lifted his hips upward, gently thrusting into his mouth. A part of him worried that he would choke. He was still a beginner, and he didn’t want to look like an idiot, but Nick never got deep enough into his mouth to cause any problems. Tom kept sucking while Nick picked up on the moaning. Soon Nick’s fingers were in his hair, pulling at his head.

Tom jumped off of Nick, pulling his own dick away from him. Then he dove back onto his dick. Nick groaned and said his name, but Tom kept sucking him. He had to finish this. Suddenly, he felt Nick’s dick get big, swelling up between his lips, and then the first pulse. His mouth was filled with Nick’s huge load.

The salty flavor overwhelmed him. He hadn’t expected it to be so salty. Then the quantity hit him. His mouth was so full he either had to swallow or spit it out. He didn’t even think about it as he guzzled the load down. Then there was more, and more, and more. It was like it never stopped. When Nick was finished, Tom felt like he had drank a gallon of cum. Nick groaned without abandon. Clearly he didn’t care if anyone heard. His fingers were entwined in Tom’s hair as he dumped a huge load in his mouth for the first time.

When Nick was finished, he pulled his cock out of Tom’s mouth with a pop. Tom crawled up toward him and kissed him. He tasted his own cum as Tom’s tongue crept into his mouth. Then Tom straddled his face.

He grabbed his huge cock at the base and pulled on it. Nick, once again, watched the thick hood glide across the wet head. Then Tom’s glans flared and he opened his mouth.

Tom dumped his nut into Nick’s mouth. It came out in thick, chunky ropes. Nick played with it with his tongue, holding the whole load in his mouth while Tom jerked off. Seeing it, Tom pulled away as soon as he finished and leaned down to kiss Nick. They swapped the load between their mouths.

When they were finished, Tom pulled away and gazed down at Nick. “That was new,” he said.

“Fucking hot.” Nick said. He grabbed Tom behind the neck, lifted himself up, and kissed him. “Can you stay tonight?”

“Your parents won’t care?”

“I don’t care.” Nick said. “I’m done hiding this.”

“So am I.” Tom said.

They were both suddenly exhausted. All the drama of the day caught up with them and they slid under the covers. Nick curled against Tom as they fell asleep.
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