Erotic story: Quarterback Keeper part 11

By Charlie. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

“This is a bad idea.” Nick said with a gasp. “Real bad.”

“Be quiet or we’re going to get caught.” Tom grunted. He shoved Nick behind a door in a chemistry classroom. The teacher had gone to lunch and both Nick and Tom had a free period. About ten minutes earlier, Nick had texted Tom saying that he was so horny we was considering jacking off. He hadn’t given himself a hand job in months, but he and Tom hadn’t been able to find a spare minute to get together for almost a week.

Now Tom had him pinned against the wall and was manhandling his dick through his pants.

“You said you wanted a hand job.” Tom said.

“I said I wanted sex.” Nick replied, “But would settle for a hand-job.”

“I could fuck you here, but that would be hard to explain if someone walked in.”

Nick groaned again. His dick was rock hard and leaking. He felt Tom’s huge cock running down the side of his thigh. He closed his eyes, leaned back against the wall, and took a deep breath. He smelled Tom’s deodorant, and the odor of the classroom. As Tom breathed against his skin, Nick straddled his muscular thigh and drove his cock into it, humping the stud in the middle of the empty classroom.

Tom pushed his hand down the front of Nick’s jeans, grabbing onto his hard, dripping cock. He worked the length of it, milking it and occasionally running a finger across the tip. He pushed deeper and began to play with Nick’s balls. He was being rough, really trying to get Nick horned up in a way that was new for both of them.

Then without warning, he pulled his hand out of Nick’s pants and stepped away from him. Nick took a step forward and tried to resume the make-out session, complete with leg humping, but Tom stepped back again.

“You’re going to have to wait for it. Until after dinner.” Tom said.

Nick groaned and rolled his eyes.

Tom smiled, “Plus, if I got you off like that everyone would think you’d pissed your pants. You cum too much.”

“You’re really going to make me wait all day.”

Tom nodded. “All day, no cumming.”

They went their separate ways after that. Tom had something going on right after school so he wasn’t hanging out with the other guys. Nick went to the park anyway, to joke around with Chris, Austin and some other dudes. He was nervous about having dinner with Tom. After Tom sucked him off, there was no doubt in his mind that Tom was seriously interested in him. There relationship definitely went from a gay guy blowing a straight guy to something else. It was also clear that Tom wasn’t like Austin. The fact that he wouldn’t let Nick blow him back, didn’t want that to be a part of the experience, showed that Tom was interested in giving Nick head rather than getting some in return. What had been a playful relationship with the occasional drama, had suddenly developed a serious undertone.

The change in tone was serious enough that when Austin came up to him, grabbed his ass, and asked him what he was doing that night, Nick decided he needed to shut it down.

“Listen, I don’t think we should fool around for a while. I’m, like, figuring some things out.”

“Are you turning straight?” Austin asked with his goofy, come fuck me smile.

“Yeah, probably.” Nick said, “Nah, just thinking that I should pursue things with someone who, you know, might like me back.”

“You’ve been talking to Chris.” Austin said flatly. It hadn’t occurred to Nick that the guys might talk about him when he wasn’t around. “He thinks that we need to find you a guy. I told him that I’m giving you all the cock you can handle, but he doesn’t think it’s the same thing.”

“Maybe it’s not.” Nick said, “And leave Chris out of it. This is totally my deal.”

“If you get a boyfriend, Chris is going to be totally thrilled. He’s really protective of you, he just doesn’t say it.”

“I don’t need a protector.” Nick said. He swelled up his chest, showing off the muscle he’d been building. He wasn’t a weakling any more.

Austin pounced on him before he knew what was going on. The guy had long, lanky appendages, and he had his arms around Nick in a flash. Then he pulled him to the ground and pinned him at the shoulders.

“You’re getting strong,” he said, “but you’re not strong yet.”

One of Austin’s knees was nestled between his legs and pushing against his cock. He was still boned up from the encounter with Tom earlier in the day and now he had the lean body of another stud holding him down against the ground.

“Get off me.” Nick said. Austin held him firm. “Come on man, let me up now.”

Austin started to move his knee and then he noticed Nick’s hard-on. He rubbed his knee against it. “I thought you said you weren’t interested.”

“I’m not, it’s just . . .”

“I’m too fucking sexy for you to resist. You get one look at my muscles and you get hard. Right?”

Nick slammed his head backward into the ground. “You’re such an asshole.” he said. He was doing everything he could not to nut in his pants. If Austin kept pressing his knee against his cock, he was going to be a goner.

“Admit it.” Austin said, “You think I’m sexy. I get you hard.”

“You’re sexy ok?” Nick howled. “You get me hard. You got me hard, right now. Now get off.”

“I think I should make you suck my cock before I get up.” Austin said. He grabbed the bulge in his shorts and shook it a little. “What do you think?”

“Dude, no more of that.”

Austin jumped forward and sat on Nick’s chest. Nick could see the outline of his hard cock in his shorts, the ridge along his head and both of his balls were clearly visible through the fabric. Austin pawed himself again and leaned forward. Nick smelled his musk.

“You sure?” Austin taunted.

With all of his strength Nick kicked his legs upward. As Austin fell off of him, he lifted his head and shoved it into Austin’s guts. He hit harder than he meant to, and he heard the air go out of Austin’s lungs as he fell to the ground.

“Fuck me.” Austin groaned.

“I said no, you asshole.” Nick said as he adjusted his hard dick and stood up. He put a hand down to Austin who took it.

“I was just joking around, dude. I wasn’t going to fucking rape you.”

“Whatever.” Nick said.

“Besides, you need to work out more, cause I could have raped you. Just saying.”

“I’m glad we’ve established that.” Nick said.

Austin pointed to the wet spot in Nick’s pants. “If you’re not going to get off with me, you better find a guy fast. You can only hide dick ooze like that for so long before someone notices.”

“Thanks for the advice.” Nick said, “I gotta go. You going to be around tomorrow?”

“Like always, why?”

“No reason.” Nick said. Really he wanted to know that there would be someone around if things didn’t go well with Tom. He wanted a friend to fall back on, because chances were that if he fucked this up, he wouldn’t have Tom around anymore.

As it turned out, he didn’t fuck things up. Tom picked him up around seven and told him that they were going to get dinner and then see a movie. Nick had never been on a date, and the plan sounded a little cliche. Tom wanted to see an action flick that had been out for a while, which didn’t really appeal to Nick, but Tom insisted. They ate at a decent restaurant, and once Tom was sure no one he knew was there, he relaxed a lot.

“Sorry, this is new to me.” Tom said.

“Me too,” Nick said back, “And it’s not like I’m totally out either. Really, you and the guys are the only ones that know.”

“That’s weird, dude. Your jock buddies are the only people who know you’re gay. Twenty first century stuff.”

“You guys have been awesome.” Nick said.

They talked about school and college. Nick didn’t try to understand Tom’s motives for taking him out or what he was thinking. After their last conversation, he knew that trying to pry into Tom’s thoughts wouldn’t be fruitful. Besides, he didn’t need dinner to know that he was into the guy.

Tom expected to be nervous, but he wasn’t. As he tried to figure out why he was attracted to Nick, he kept coming back to the fact that he was completely at ease with him. He didn’t worry about Nick judging him or interrogating him. Whatever he said or complained about or did, Nick accepted it. From piling onto him when he was having girlfriend problems to sucking his dick, Nick had been all smiles the whole way. He couldn’t imagine the other guys listening to him the way Nick did, and he wasn’t sure that he ever would have had the guts to get down on his knees in front of another man. Nick’s acceptance let him understand himself in ways that he wasn’t able to before.

They finished dinner and headed to the theater. There was only a smattering of people there. Tom pointed to the back row and Nick followed him up to the seats. After the first fifteen minutes of the movie, Nick felt Tom’s arm wrap around him. It was a sophomore move, but it worked. He relaxed into Tom’s body, taking in his warmth.

A few minutes later, Tom’s mouth was on his ear. He moved so slowly, that Nick didn’t know what was coming until after Tom licked his ear lobe. Then, in seconds, Tom was kissing him on the cheek, adjusting their bodies so that he could move down Nick’s neck. Nick turned into him and their lips connected.

They made out for several minutes. It was like their usual make out sessions which, though rare, never failed to get Nick off. This time, while Tom’s lips parted his own and his tongue poked into Nick’s mouth, Tom’s hand was between his legs, rubbing the bulge in his jeans.

Nick reached between Tom’s legs and found his cock snaking down the leg of his jeans. It was rock hard; Tom was into this. Tom pulled his mouth away and started to kiss Nick on the neck near his jawline. He chewed the skin and sucked. It was almost painful, but the hand on his dick took his mind off of things. He knew Tom was giving him a hickey, and he would be proud to wear it tomorrow. For now, he was just trying to avoid groaning out loud or cumming in his pants.

He leaned back. “Tom, man, I’m going to blow.”

“Blow then.” Tom said, “You’ll last longer when we go back to my place.”


“Take it out right here and beat off for me.” It wasn’t a request. It was one of those rare moments when Tom used his power over Nick in order to get what he wanted.

Nick looked around, but Tom was too quick. He reached into Nick’s pants and pulled his dick out. His cock bent into a weird angle and he groaned as Tom pulled on it.

“Start beating off dude.” Tom said. He leaned in and licked Nick’s ear again.

Nick grabbed onto his cock. A minute ago he thought that he would have busted a nut if someone had so much as breathed on his cock. Now, he wasn’t so sure. He was jacking off in a movie theater, and his anxiety was getting the better of him.

Tom grabbed onto the back of his neck and started to rub him. The massage was hard, almost painful, but also powerful. Nick relaxed into Tom’s hand and started to pull on his dick. He groaned softly and Tom licked his ear again. “Moan for me, Nick. Let me know you’re getting off.”

Nick moaned again, a little louder this time. As he got closer to orgasm, he became aware that if he got much louder, people would notice. One quiet moment in the movie, and everyone would look back at him and Tom. As he tried to be quiet, however, Tom kept massaging him and kissing him. He could feel Tom’s face bent upward in a smile. The guy was getting off on this almost as much as Nick was.

Finally, his dick exploded. As it did, Nick gasped loudly. Tom cupped the back of his head and pulled him into his body. Nick’s head was forced into the cleft between Tom’s ribs and his bicep, and as he felt the muscle against his face, he came hard. His load splattered all over the ground and the seat in front of him, and his body bucked against his own chair. When he was done, he relaxed into Tom and felt Tom relax as well. He pushed his hand in between Tom’s legs. Rock hard. He started to fumble with the zipper, dead set on giving Tom a hummer in the theater.

Tom pushed his hand away. “We gotta get out of here.” he whispered.

Nick zipped up and they walked out of the theater as if nothing had happened. As soon as they cleared the front door, Nick laughed. “That was fucking awesome.” he said, “Fucking awesome.”

“I thought it was pretty hot too. I can’t believe you did it.”

Nick hadn’t thought he had a choice. In his own head, it was something that Tom made him do. Saying no had never even occurred to him. It was his first insight into his love of submitting to the guy. Doing what Tom told him got him hotter than anything else he could imagine.

When they got into the truck, Nick leaned over and kissed Tom again. He was wearing cologne, and Nick snuggled into his neck. “You smell nice.” he said.

Tom started the car. He leaned over and kissed Nick quickly on the forehead. “Tonight’s been nice.”

“I hope it’s not over.”

“Nah, I just wanted to make sure I told you that.” Tom looked at Nick as he put the truck into reverse. His lips parted and his shining white teeth formed a perfect smile,. “Cause I’m going to fuck you so hard tonight.”

Nick was hard during the whole ride back to Tom’s place. His mom’s car was missing, a sure sign that she was either at work or with her boyfriend.

“We got the whole place to ourselves.” Tom said. As soon as they walked into the front hall, Tom turned around and pushed Nick into the wall. He kissed him hard, and nipped at his lip a little.

“You’re a little wild tonight.” Nick said.

“No more inhibitions.” Tom said. “I’m not holding back anymore. I hope you’re ready.”

“More than ready.” Nick said. He dashed up the stairs. His ass, solidly developed, firm and round, bounced in his jeans. Tom salivated and pounced after him.

When he got up to his room, Nick was sitting on the bed, getting ready to take his shirt off. Tom walked in and told him he had to go to the bathroom. When he got back, Nick was sitting on the corner of his bed, shirtless, looking into an open bag laying on the floor.

“Sorry. Brought home the football stuff to wash.” He said. He kicked the bag out of the way.

“Actually, could you . . .” Nick leaned over and whispered into Tom’s ear. “Just this once, you know.”

“Kind of a weird way to end a first date” Tom said.

“The best way. It would complete the fantasy.”

“The getting fucked by the quarterback fantasy?”

“Can you blame me?”

Tom raised his shirt and flexed his perfect abs. Since the season had ended, he’d cut his weight and every muscle was popping. Tom looked at his own body and smiled. “Nope.” he said.

He picked up the bag and went back to the bathroom.

About five minutes later he returned. He was wearing his shoulder pads and a tight jockstrap packed with a hard cup. He had socks pulled over his shins, but no shoes on. He’d wet his hair so he looked like he came off the field and wore eye-black on his cheek bones. He looked like he’d walked out of a porno.

“I didn’t put it all on.” Tom said, “I kind of think it’s hotter this way.”

“I’m going to cream my pants..” Nick said.

“And I don’t usually wear a jock. The cup fits into my shorts, but I . .”

Tom stopped talking as Nick slid off the bed and walked on his knees toward him. “It’s perfect.” he whispered as he ran his tongue over the hard front of Tom’s bulge. “Fucking perfect.”

“Yeah, you like being on your knees in front of me, don’t you?” Tom’s voice was gruff, deeper than usual. He was getting into the role as much as Nick was. He cupped the back of his head and pulled him into his body. “Lick my junk dude,” he growled.

Nick did as he was told. He ran his tongue over the nylon fabric of Tom’s junk and then started to work his way around it. He pushed under the edges, licking the crease between his leg and his groin. Then he moved underneath it, licking Tom’s taint and pushing under the cup to get at his nuts. Tom’s fingers were in his hair, pulling on it and pushing his head from one direction to the next. Then he dug in and started to pull Nick upwards.

Tom leaned down and kissed Nick on the lips, pushing his tongue into his mouth. When he broke away, he moved Nick to his chest, and Nick started to suck on one of his nipples. He rubbed the back of Nick’s head and groaned in pleasure. It wasn’t just the fact that Nick was doing a number on his tit that was getting him off. More and more, he was attracted to Nick himself. He liked the feeling of his short hair moving through his fingers and the hard press of his body against his own. There was some strength there, something more substantial and unyielding.

Nick licked up his pec and under the shoulder pads. Tom let him explore for a minute before pushing Nick into his pit. His body was clean and he smelled like cologne, and Nick enjoyed every second of licking his biceps and arms. “Next time we should go to the gym first.” Nick said.

“You’re a fucking deviant.” Tom said back. Then he pushed Nick back into his pit.

He let Nick work him over for a few minutes, before he pushed him backward onto the bed. Nick fell and caught himself with his hands. Tom looked down at him. His hair was mussed up and his hard dick popped out of his open fly.

“Sexy.” he said.

He grabbed onto the legs of Nick’s pants and pulled hard. He practically pulled Nick off the bed but managed to get the jeans off and took his boxers with them. Tom grabbed one of his feet and lifted it up to his mouth. He sucked on Nick’s big toe and then licked across the top of his foot. Then he slowly kissed his way up Nick’s hairy leg. Now that he’d given himself permission to enjoy this, now that he’d banished his guilt and confusion, he enjoyed Nick’s body. The hairy leg, the muscle, the dripping cock. They all turned him on.

“So sexy.” Tom said again as he kissed past Nick’s dick and onto his stomach. He pushed Nick’s shirt upward and grabbed his chest. Each time Nick moved, Tom felt through his lips the ripple of his stomach muscles. Nick’s cock was pulsing against his chest, as he crawled up between his knees.

“Sexy as these are,” Nick said grabbing onto the shoulder pads, “They’re getting into the way.”

Tom pulled the pads off. Then he leaned back down and kissed Nick. His nut cup pushed against Nick’s thigh, and he pulled it out of his jock, tossing it onto the floor next to Nick. His room was slowly being trashed as they tossed clothes and gear from one end to the other.

Nick sat up and pushed Tom into a standing position. Then he started to lick Tom’s cock through the fabric. Tom let him take a few licks before pushing Nick back onto the bed. He climbed up on top of him so that they were in a sixty nine position. He pulled Nick’s hard cock away from his stomach and sucked it into his mouth.

The more time he spent with Nick’s dick in his mouth, and the longer Nick sucked him, the more he wanted to, needed to, get into his body. He grabbed Nick under his thighs and pulled his legs upward. He kissed at his balls, sucking each one into his mouth and rolling it around, before licking across his taint. He pulled away and looked down. Nick’s hole winked at him. It was pink and surrounded by a little bit of hair. Tom poked at it with his finger and heard Nick moan. He pushed in a little further and Nick moaned again.

“Yeah, you want my dick?” Tom said. He kissed the inside of both of Nick’s thighs.

Nick still had Tom’s dick in his mouth, and he mumbled. Tom reached down and pulled it out. “You want it?”

“Fuck yeah,” Nick said lustily. “Fuck me.”

Tom flipped around so that he was straddling Nick’s chest. He rubbed his thick, wet cock across Nick’s face. Nick was red from sweat and exertion. His hair was still messy, and his eyes were a little red. He looked ready to go.

Tom was still wearing the jockstrap, and he pressed the pouch against Nick’s mouth. “Lick it.” he said. Nick licked at his balls and the base of his cock as it jutted out of the side of his gear. Then Tom pulled the pouch away from his body so that his big ass balls flopped onto Nick’s face. “Suck my nuts, Nick. Get me ready to go.”

Nick pressed his face against Tom’s nuts and started to suck and sniff and snort. He was like a pig rooting around in the mud. Seeing him like that, on his back with a dick laying across his sexy face, put Tom over the edge. He grabbed the base of his cock, tapped it against Nick’s forehead a few times, and then jumped off the bed.

He pointed to the nightstand, “Better lube up. I’m coming for you.”

Nick squeezed some lube into his ass and onto his hand as Tom stepped out of his jockstrap. He was still wearing the eye-black, so he still looked like he had come out of the locker-room after a game. “You have no idea how fucking hot you look.” Nick said.

Tom looked down at his chest and flat stomach. Then he smiled. “I’ve got some idea.” he said.

“I hope you’re that full of yourself when you pound me.” Nick said back.

He lifted his legs a little bit. He wanted it bad, and he was sick of waiting. Tom walked forward and Nick took his cock in his hand, rubbing the lube into the shaft. He yanked it for a while and pulled Tom’s foreskin up and across the head. After a minute, he realized that he was staring.

“You love my dick, don’t you.” Tom said. Just as he said it a big glob of precum oozed out.

“Every guy after you is going to be a disappointment.” Nick said.

Tom didn’t say anything. He wanted to say that his cock would always be there for Nick. Even if he had other guys, Tom would give it to him when he needed it. He held back. This was their first date and his emotions were all over the place.

Tom let his eyes linger on Nick’s body. The guy had nice well developed muscles but wasn’t bulky at all. There was something smooth and lithe about him under all that body hair. It was a hot mix of masculine and feminine. Hard, but still a little soft. Tom grabbed him at the knees and lifted his ass. “You have no idea how sexy you are.” He said as he kissed Nick’s leg. He put all the emphasis on the word ‘you’. “Really, no idea.”

Then he grabbed his dick and lined it up with Nick’s hole. “Here it comes babe.”

Nick groaned as his body tried to accommodate Tom’s cock. Tom didn’t go all the way. Instead, once he got halfway, he pulled out and started to fuck Nick. With each thrust, he went a little deeper, pushing into new territory. Every hit was like Tom was opening him up again, and Tom got five good thrusts in before Nick got used to having him inside of him. It was amazing.

Nick was drooling. “Fuck me.” he groaned, “Fuck me.”

Tom’s arms were above Nick’s shoulders, and he used his leverage to pound Nick with everything he had. Nick grabbed his forearms and moved it Tom’s hands to his neck. He wanted Tom’s hands on his body. Tom took the cue, and started to move his fingers across Nick’s chest, occasionally grabbing him at the neck, or letting his hand move to his mouth. Each time, Nick would suck his finger into his mouth and run his tongue around it.

Tom slowed down and then pulled out. Nick looked disappointed as Tom laid down on the bed next to him. “Ride me, babe.” Tom said, then he smiled. “Fucking impale yourself on my cock.”

Nick stood up and then lowered himself onto Tom’s cock. He’d never taken it this way before, and he felt every single inch as it slid into his gut. Tom’s dick felt thicker this way, and Nick paused for a second.

“Just take it all at once, like a pulling off a band-aid.” Tom said with a grin.

“That would be a bad idea.”

“You never know until you try.” Tom said.

“You say that after you’ve had a massive dick up your ass, dude.” Nick said. He tried to pick up the pace. Tom was joking around, but Nick knew that he was horny as all get out. If he didn’t get what he wanted, he would take it.

Apparently, Nick wasn’t moving fast enough, because Tom grabbed onto his hips and put some light pressure on them. He pulled Nick down onto his dick. Tom’s hands were rubbing him, massaging his sides, and it helped him relax. Soon he felt his balls come into contact with Tom’s short pubes.

“Now ride me.” Tom said, “Make me feel good.”

Nick started to bounce up and down on Tom’s dick, gyrating his hips as often as he could. His hands were on Tom’s stomach, and he felt Tom’s muscles as he moved on top of him.

Tom grabbed onto Nick’s forearm and then reached up and tweaked one of his nipples. Then he ran his finger down his chest and grabbed onto Nick’s cock. Nick groaned.

“I’m real close, babe.” Tom said, “You think you can cum with me?”

“Oh yeah.” Nick said.

He was always on edge when he was around Tom. A few strokes were all it ever took. Now Tom’s huge dick was stretching him out in every way, and Tom’s hand was all over his dick. It was everything he needed.

Tom lifted his hips up, meeting each downward thrust with an upward hit of his own. His cock head was punching Nick in the guts, going deeper than ever. Nick groaned loudly. “You ready, babe. You ready?” Tom kept repeating. His free hand was all over Nick, exploring his tight body.

“I gotta cum.” Nick said, “Like now.”

Tom bucked up and pushed all the way into Nick. At the same time, Nick’s dick popped and he started to nut. As Tom shot his own load, rope after rope of thick sticky cum into Nick, he felt ropes of Nick’s copious, watery cum paint his chest. The stink of all the cum filled his nostrils, and if anything, it turned him on even more. He lifted his head to take a look at the pools on his stomach and chest and a final shot hit him in the face. He stuck out his tongue and licked it up. It tasted salty, and he laid back again to savor the taste. With a final thrust, he pushed into Nick before his body went limp.

Nick leaned forward to kiss him, and as he did Tom’s cock fell out of his body. He slid his chest up along Tom’s, letting his skin get covered with his own cum. They kissed for a few minutes before Nick finally rolled off of him and laid next to Tom on the bed. Tom took a deep breath, “Fuck, we’re a mess babe.” he said.

Nick grabbed one of his nipples, “Guess we’re going to have to shower together.”

“Guess so, Tom said. “Then he pulled Nick into his body. “Later though.”

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