Erotic story: Old high school basement restroom

By Richard Williams.

While walking to classes several times
I have noticed guys walking down a set of stairs near the side entrance to the classroom building. I wondered what kind of classes were being held down there but never took the initiative to follow through until one stormy afternoon. My class on the upper floor had been cancelled for the day so I had time to study at the library or else head back to my apartment. As I rounded the bottom step I was heading out the side door when I got the sudden urge to follow the stairs down and see where they lead.

I felt somewhat nervous but headed down anyway. I landed on the bottom step and was looking around the hallway. The far wall had a door and a sign above that read “Guys Lockeroom”. On the opposite side was a set of restrooms, male and female. I decided that I needed to relieve myself so I headed to the restroom. I entered and was taken aback.

The smell inside was definitely cum and male testesterone. I walked over to the row of stalls and looked under. One of the stalls was occupied and I decided to try my luck at scoring some cock. I entered the stall next to him and lowered my shorts down to my ankles. I sat down and looked for any sign of interest.

Didn’t have to wait long as his foot tapped then mine and quickly he lowered himself down to the floor and under the partition. His cock was a real beauty. I think it was around 9″ and perhaps around 5″ in girth. I lowered down licking tonguing and sucking on his swollen cock. I slowly worked my tongue along his meaty vein tasting that hot jock cock as I worked down to his cum tight ball sac. I first worked one ball inside my hot mouth then the other.

I had him thrashing about on the floor needing and wanting more. I slowly kept working his hard cock as I repositioned myself around so that my hot tight ass was right over his massive weapon. I wet my tight hole then I took hold of his hard cock steadying myself as I lowered down onto his mushroomed head. OOHHHHHH GGOOOODDDD YYYEEESSSS. I can feel him spreading and splitting my tight hole open. I press down more feeling his totality in me. I love the feel of a massive cock working me over. I begin to ride him up and down over and over. He begins to thrust hard and fast meeting me making me feel that hes in power.

I love the feel of his swollen mushroomed head stretching me wide and the feel of his power fucking making me thrash there on the floor. He’s got my g-gland throbbing in overdrive. I watch as the precum begins to drip from my cock without me ever touching myself. OOOOOHHHHH fuck. His cock growing harder with each thrust in and out. I can feel it growing, pulsating and throbbing as he reaches around and takes hold of my aching hard cock. He strokes me urgently.

I can tell he likes the feeling of his stroking because it causes me to clasp tight and tighten down on his invading cock. OOHH God yes fuck me harder. I didn’t hear the restroom door open and several more hot studs had entered. They had lowered their jeans and were stroking their hard throbbing cocks listening to me getting the pounding of my life. One of them told the 2 of us to come on out of the stalls so everyone could play. We pulled apart and we both walked to the outside of the stalls.

My hot fuck mate was back on me like a fly to shit. He stepped up and wrapped his arms around me a thrusted his swollen man cock deep up inside me making me gasp from the sheer suddenness. His cock split me open like there was nothing to leave behind. His hands were now slapping my ass cheeks forcing me to whince in pain. He loved fucking me while the other watched. I looked over and they stepped closer. I reached with one hand and began stroking him. He told me to go slow because he wanted some of my hot tight ass.

The guy on my ass was now power fucking like no tomorrow. He reached up and pinched and pulled on my hard man nips causing me to whince and clench my tight ass cheeks. This reaction caused him to overload. He thrusted one final time and holding steady his cock hard cock began firing hot load after hot load of his man cream up inside me. His mushroomed head spasming still as he pulled free. No sooner had he pulled out then another one of those standing there took aim at my lubed man pussy. He grabbed my waist and thrusted inside.

Not waiting to see if I was ready or not. He raped my hot tight hole. He loved the savoring remnants of the hot cum drips lubing my hot hole. His balls start slapping my ass as he power fucks me while he leans into me licking and biting on my ear and neck causing me to go into sexual overdrive. I reach back and under needing to feel his swollen member as it drills me pressing on my g-gland and forcing me to moan and thrash.

My head is thrashing back and forth. I have hands on my hard taunt man nips forcing me to be under total control of these guys. OOOOOOFFFFFFFF GGGOOOODDDDDD. He’s exploding inside my tight hole. I am forced to clasp and clench tight milking the cum from his enormous member. He pulls out and one final spurt hits my thigh. I am quickly taken by one of the remainder guys. He pinches my nipples then slam fast and hard into me splitting and stretching me.

His hard cock must be 12″ or more. He’s literally raping my used ass. I can feel the cum oozing out and around his swelling member as it coats his shaft lubing it up as he continues this assault on me. My head is forced down and a hard cock is pressed to my mouth. I am forced to suck on it while my ass is tormented from that massive cock working me over. My ass is swollen with lust as the stud pummels my hole stretching it wider with each massive thrust. The cock in my mouth is throbbing and swelling as well. I need to be coated with their hot seed. I feel hands slapping my ass forcing me to suck and clamp hard down on the invading my mouth.

I work my hot tongue along the meaty vein feeling the shaft swelling, then throbbing and oozing forth sweet tasting precum. I hear and can feel the cock in my ass pussy swelling as well and throbbing. I can hear swishing noises and realize that the cock in my hole is spewing forth massive amounts of hot precum coating my inside. I can feel him wiggling back and forth forcing his swollen head across my g-gland making me moan. OOOOOOHHHHH GGGOOOD I need and want these 2 hot studs to breed me with their hot loads of man seed. OOOOOHHHH yeah man.

I can feel his shaft swelling and his mushroomed head pulsating. He’s reaching around stroking my hard cock making me tighten my ass muscles onto his massive penetrating cock. In and out over and over. His cock is growing to massive proportions. I can feel it swelling throbbing and pulsating. He holds steady. His breathing is erratic. He reaches up pinching my man nips making me clench harder onto his massive shaft.

I can my muscles milking the cum from his swollen member. OOOHHHH my. He thrusts hard and holds steady. His mushroomed head is pulsating and swelling uncontrollably. He thrusts again OOHH yea. I can feel his shaft fireing like a cannon. Volley after volley of his hot seed is seeding me. He holds steady regaining his breath. He pulls out.

Cum oozing down the inside of my legs, His friend quickly takes his place. He thrusts hard and fast into me. He’s pummeling needing to cum. His cock already swollen beyond description. He is close to seeding me as well. He pinches my taunt hard nips forcing me to clench my ass muscles. That’s all it takes. He thrusts one more time and I can feel swollen member pulsating and shivering. He slams once more and his seed is filling me. I can feel it mixing with the previous loads already deposited there. He pulls out glancing at me smiling.

Him and his friend tell me that they would love to connect with me again and we agree and exchanged phone numbers. Everyone is pulling their clothes back on and adjusting things as one by one everyone exits out of the restroom. I stop and look back around knowing that I will be coming back here for more hot sex. I exit.

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