Erotic story: Naked Nick part 6

By Patrick J. Check out part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

The air was pleasantly cool that night
as the four of us sat around camp, reveling in our nakedness. The crackling fire spit sparks high into the clear night sky, illuminating the sweat and grime on the guys’ toned bodies. Nick grabbed a bottle of bourbon, the only alcohol that any of us had brought, and we passed it around, taking generous swigs.

Free of inhibition, we joked, toasted s’mores, and played with our cocks in the orange glow, eventually engaging in an intense circle jerk. Mike, Dustin, and I blew our loads into the sizzling fire, while Nick chose to lean over and shoot his cum onto my chest. I had lost track of the number of times he had cum that day, but he still managed to leave me soaked.

Tired, aching, and a little drunk, we all climbed into the tent that Nick had set up. It was a three-person tent, but the four of us managed to squeeze together in a jumbled mass. Someone’s softening cock lay against my thigh, and someone else’s chin scruff pressed against my shoulder — in the darkness, I didn’t know who was who — and I quickly fell asleep.


I awoke to the sound of a woodpecker knocking against a tree. Stirring in the pale morning light, I looked around me. It was still very early, and no one else was awake. Nick lay on his stomach behind me, the globes of his tanned ass rising and falling as he softly snored. Mike slept next to him, his morning wood pressing into Nick’s side. The tent was saturated with the smell of semen and smoke from the previous evening’s campfire.

Sprawled directly in front of me was Dustin, his short cock sticking straight up. A large drop of precum glistened on the tip, and I reached out and smeared it around his wide cockhead. He moaned blissfully, but didn’t wake. The evidence of last night was plastered to his body — bits of marshmallow in his beard and cum matted into his tidy chest hair.

Becoming increasingly horny myself, I wrapped by fingers around his cock and jerked, massaging his hefty, smooth balls with my other hand. He moaned again, this time louder, and his eyes slowly opened.

“Mmmph,” he groaned. “Morning.”

“Morning,” I whispered, gesturing at Mike and Nick, who were still asleep.

“That feels good,” he murmured, lowering his voice. “Thanks, man.”

I continued stroking as he looked down and yawned softly.

“Hey Dustin — crazy question for you.”


“You ever had another guy suck your cock?”

He rubbed his eyes, his hair falling messily over his forehead.

“Nope,” he answered, smiling and folding his arms behind his head. He opened his legs wider and sighed. It was all the permission I needed. Without hesitation, I leaned over and ran my tongue around Dustin’s leaking cockhead. He watched curiously as I licked down his few inches of shaft, around his balls, and over his hot pink hole. He made a small noise and kicked involuntarily — I’d obviously caught him off guard, but he was enjoying it.

Pulling back for only a moment, I dove onto his now-throbbing cock, effortlessly swallowing it to the hilt. My nose pressed into a neat crop of trimmed pubic hair as I wrapped my lips around his girth.

“Goddamn, man,” he whispered. “Nick was right. You’re good at this.”

“Morning, dudes,” said Nick, startling me. I looked over to see him grinning. He had rolled onto his back, his erection resting against his flat stomach. Nick was slowly tugging on Mike’s cock as Mike gradually woke.

“That’s so hot,” I said, looking at Nick’s hand working his roommate’s long, hard dick.

“I thought you’d like that,” he said. “Keep blowing Dustin.”

I turned my attention back to Dustin’s cock, engulfing it with my mouth and swirling my tongue around the glans. Dustin growled and grabbed his nipples, pinching them hard.

“Fuck, Jeff!” he shouted. “Suck my cock!”

I glanced sideways at Nick and Mike, who had found my jar of Albolene and were jerking each other now. Mike still had my dried cum on his feet and legs from the handjob he’d given me the day before.

For a couple minutes, the tent was filled with only the sounds of greasy squishing and slurping as we all got into our own rhythms. Dustin sighed as I rubbed his asshole with a wet finger, and I tightened my lips around his shaft.

Suddenly, Mike started moaning, and I looked over in time to see him shoot off in Nick’s hand, firing thick, white spunk onto both of their chests and faces. Nick didn’t flinch as cum landed on his nose and chin. He was deep in the zone, fucking Mike’s fist with forceful thrusts.

“Hey horndog,” Nick cooed, reaching over to grab my pulsing cock. “What’s it like sucking Dustin after swallowing Mikey’s monster yesterday?”

I pulled off Dustin’s cock with a slurp.

“Different,” I said, panting. “It’s small.”

“Yeah, it is. I’ll bet it doesn’t even hit the back of your throat, does it?”

“Nope, but I’m not complaining.”

“Damn right you’re not,” said Dustin huskily, grabbing the back of my head and forcing his erection back into my mouth.

I enjoyed the facefucking Dustin was giving me while Nick worked my throbbing penis with his greasy fingers. Dustin and I moaned almost in unison as I felt Nick’s body tense behind me.

“Oh shit!” Nick cried, “I’m fucking cumming!”

Mike stroked fervently as Nick blew a huge load all over himself, screaming like a wild animal. Eight or nine shots later, Nick relaxed with a few deep grunts. After a few moments, his foreskin slackened and slowly took shape.

“Jeff,” Dustin groaned, “Keep going — I’m gonna bust.”

I worked my lips faster as Dustin held my head firmly in place. As the first shots of hot jism filled my mouth, I was overcome by my own orgasm. Struggling to swallow Dustin’s copious load, I ejaculated high into the air. The intense feeling of climax pulsed through my body like an electric shock. Milking firmly, Nick quickly aimed my spasming cock at Dustin, whose hairy abs took the bulk of my load.

“I — I — Oh my God,” wheezed Dustin, emptying the last of his sperm into my throat.

“That was fucking awesome,” said Nick. “Jeff, I think you’re the only one of us who didn’t get jizzed on.”

Scooping a puddle of cum off of his chest, he promptly rubbed it across my face, and we all burst out laughing.

“Thanks for that,” I chuckled.

“No problem, horndog. You were looking kinda dry.”

“Jesus, it stinks like sex in here,” said Mike. “I’m jumping in the creek to wash off.”

“I think we all should,” said Nick.

Struggling through the flap, we all piled out of the tiny tent and ambled toward the placid water. It wasn’t as cold as I had expected, and the four of us waded waist-deep to splash in the sun. We passed around a small washcloth, scrubbing the dried cum and sweat out of our bodies and hair.

“This is fucking great,” said Dustin to no one in particular. We all paused to look at each other in silent agreement.

“Hey Jeff, you sure you’re gonna want to go back to fucking your wife after this?” Nick quipped.

I could tell he was testing me in his usual smartass way.

“I dunno,” I said. “I thought maybe we could fuck her together.”

Nick beamed and slapped me across the ass.

“Don’t tease me, dude,” he said. “You know I’d be into that shit.”

“That’s why I said it. You never know — she might be into it.”

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